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2nd July 2006, 8:34 AM
Hello, I am the creater of the famous "Pokemon Cooldude". You may never heard of it, but that's only because you've probaby missed it looking around, no big deal, trust me... I know how it is in a big forum place, and you just skim through a whole bunch of names, I know how it is.

Chapter 1: The Century of Time

Pokemon Cooldude was awake, he didn't have much sleep last night.

Pokemon Cooldude - Hello?
Pokemon Cooldude looked around, he couldn't see anyone! He said hello again.

Pokemon Cooldude - Hello?!
All of a sudden a box jumped out from nowhere!!!! Silly cat, must have losthis tail again... Darn kids.

Pokemon Cooldude - Hello?
All of a sudden a hippo came out, he said.

Pokemon Cooldude - come down mr. hippopotumas, I know you can't see me but you will some day...
Pokemon Cooldude then disapeared.

Mewtwo - Oh my gosh, where did you *** from? How was your day at work?

Pokemo Cooldude - I was at work which was not too bad.

Mewtwo - Oh my gosh!!! Didn't you forget to get sally?

Pokemon Cooldude - Isn't Sally dead?
A tear trickled down mewtwos face.

Mewtwo - I thought you said you were going to pick up sally today?!!!?

Pokemon Cooldude - Whatever, go to bed...

Chapter 2: Spotless Time

The next morning Pokemon Cooldude was refreshed from work. He decided to take a nice warm shower... But, that silly mewtwo was in there!

Pokemon Cooldude - Mewtwo, what the heck do you think your doing? You know that showers make your knees itchy!
Mewtwo felt really sad, he slowly turned off the shower, and hoped as he walked past pokemon cooldude.. he'd think his tears were just water...
Mewtwo began to run...

Mewtwo ws very sad.. He couldn't help but kick a few things on the way..

Pokemon Cooldude - That stupid kid... Thinks he owns the place.

Chapter 3: Time of the ages

Pokemon Cooldude was at work again, he was trying to uncover a secret!

Pokemon Cooldude - Man, this place is spooky.
Pokemon Cooldude walked over to greet a Haunter.

Pokemon Cooldude - Man, this place is spooky.

Chapter 4: Cryptonite and a Time

He warped home again, this time he was sleeping..

The telephone started to ring!
Mewtwo - OH MY GOSH!
Pokemon Cooldude - Answer it, instead of just standing there with hands on your cheeks!
Mewtwo answered the phone.
Mewtwo - Hello?
????? - Yes, I'm looking for a pokemon trainer by the name of pokemon cooldude, he is wanted for stealing a pokemon from a facality.. And he stole team rocket shoes!
Mewtwo - Ummm.. Umm... OH MY GOSH!!!! No, he doesn't live here.. He's sleeping.
Team Rocket - I'm just joking!
Mewtwo - Oh My Gosh! You joked me! haha, well... He's not sleepig actually I'll get him.
Team Rocket - I fooled you again!
Mewtwo - Oh My Gosh! How could i be so stupid? When it was me he stole? Darnit.
Team Rocket - I joked you.! haha
Mewtwo - Oh My Gosh! Your a trickster.!
Team Rocket - Well bybye!

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2nd July 2006, 11:25 AM

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