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typhlosion rocks
4th July 2006, 9:04 PM
i can do very good sprite recolours and am teaching myself mixes but i dont know how to post my pics could you tell me how and i would be happy to recolour a sprite for you.

order form:


body part 1/colour:

body part 2/colour:

body part 3/colour:

then i shall make it for you.

order list: 1.

P.S.i shall tell you when i am good at mixes and you will be able to order.

P.P.S. if you tell me how to make other stuff I shall try and I think i can do poke eggs and poke balls.

RaZoR LeAf
4th July 2006, 9:45 PM
Lets see... no. This is not the fan sprites forum.