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The Great Butler
5th July 2006, 4:12 AM
I've decided that I need to consolidate all the information pertaining to my fanfic series into one place, so I made a website.

Pokémon XD: The Enigma Shadow Series Official Site (http://www.freewebs.com/thegreatbutler/index.htm)

I know it's a little bare right now, but I'm working on adding content to it. Right now I have two sections up, both of which were inspired by Serebii himself.

Home: Main page that will contain update news about the other sections of the site. Also features a ShoutBox if you want to leave comments.

Bios: Character Bios similar to those on Serebii for the fanfic series's characters.

I'm working on adding more to it, so I hope it comes out well when it's done.

~*Myuu the Ryuu*~
5th July 2006, 4:57 AM
I think it's good, but you may want to add images or descriptions. You could put sprites of each Pokemon by their names, and vary the size of the text. For example, names could be a bit larger than the rest to get people's attention, and bios could be a bit smaller.

It's a good start though, keep at it :)

5th July 2006, 6:07 AM
Yes! There need to be far more sites dedicated to a single fanfiction! I can't wait to see everything once it is up. I admit, it lacks a bit of style and personality at the moment. Perhaps varying the sizes of the fonts, you know one for titles and one for general could give it a more organised appearance!

10th July 2006, 2:18 AM
I had been looking at your site Great Butler and so far, so good. The only thing I would say would be to make the fonts a little smaller. Don't worry, I bet once everything is up and loaded, it will be a great site!

If you want, I can make a banner for the first Engima Shadow story you wrote. (Since you posted the whole story on the website). Also, I can make wallpapers for you too! If you need anything, let me know! ^^

;134;~Good night, and good luck~

The Great Butler
10th July 2006, 2:47 AM
The problem with the font sizes is, it jumps from too tiny to huge with no intermediate.

Bay, yes, I would like it if you could do a banner for "Enigma Shadow," please. On it I'd like Regirock, Regice, Registeel and (if you can make it) a Mewtwo with Shadow Lugia coloring. The background...I'd like something dark, with electrical bolts zig-zagging across. I want the title in a font similar but not identical to the one in the XD^2 banner.

I don't need wallpapers, but what I could use......can you do sketches or any art of the characters?

10th July 2006, 2:57 AM
Oh, I see. Well, I never tried freewebs before. I did have a webiste hosted by Tripod, but now I can of gave up on it.^^;

I actually liked the layout you put for the website. Where did you get that?

I will try to get the banner done probably tomorrow. Working on my fic right now.

Sketches? I am not really good at sketches. Sorry.

If there are any other banners, layouts, etc. you want me to do, then PM me m'kay? :)

;134;~Good night, and good luck~

The Great Butler
10th July 2006, 3:19 AM
The layout was premade by Freewebs. They have a whole selection, and you don't need to know HTML. It serves its purpose.

It's okay if you can't do sketches. Is computer art a possibility then?

10th July 2006, 3:26 AM
Oh, okay. It did serves its purpose then. :)

Sorry, no computer art either. I suck at drawing, both computer and sketching wise. ^^;

Well, good luck on your site! Hope you will be able to put up the other features like the shout out box soon!

;134;~Good night, and good luck~