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Disclaimers: As much as I may want to claim ownership of these two productions, I can't because both Jackie Chan Adventures and Pokémon belong to a whole lot of different companies that I can't remember the names of at the moment. Any characters that appear in this fic that are not a part of either original series, belong to me so don't take them without asking first.

Summary: A Jade/Hsi Wu crossover fanfic. What if, during the 'Eighth Demon Door' episode, Hsi Wu did manage to make it to the gateway in time, just as Jade had almost completely crossed through it, and when both entered the gateway at the same time it malfunctioned and wound up sending the two to another dimension.

Author's Notes: Minor spoilers for the ending of the 'Eighth Demon Door' episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.

Forbidden Love
Prologue: Lost
By: Princess Star Neko

~Hsi Wu's POV~

I flew as fast as I could towards the demon portal, making sure to keep ahead of my brothers and sisters, as we all race to be the first to past through it and into freedom.

As I fly along, I glance over my shoulder to see which of the others were close behind, only to see that they were all fighting amongst themselves as they tried to catch up with me, and I smirk victoriously as I continued on my path.

'I'm going to finally be free to roam the human world again!!!' I thought gleefully as I turned my attention back to my destination, when a sudden thought hit me, as a chill ran down my body as something just occurred to me.

'Wait a second? Isn't someone missing from that picture?!' I thought frantically as I glance back at the others just to make sure, and realization hit me like a ton of bricks, 'Where the bloody hell is Jade?!!'

"Oh, Hsi Wu!!" Jade called out to me in a singsong voice, from somewhere in front of me.

"Oh no," I muttered under my breath, as I jerk my head back around in the direction that her voice had come from, and see Jade standing on one of the floating rocks, that was right in front of the portal, waving at him.

"Only one can go through," Jade said cheerfully, as she gave me a slight smirk, as she blew me a kiss before turning towards the portal and got ready to jump through it.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" I cried out in frustration as I started flapping my wings harder, and found myself putting on more speed, as the air currents blew past me, as I reached out towards the portal with one hand, as if I could hold it open with my strength alone, 'I won't be trapped in this place again! I just won't!!'

As I got closer, Jade had already stepped part way through the portal, and all I could see was the back of that orange jacket she's always wearing. I reach the portal just before Jade completely disappears, and I reached out and grabbed hold of the back of Jade's jacket, and get pulled through, as the gate sucks us both inside.

As we both went through, I could see Jade turning her head to one side to look back at me, and I could see the surprise and fear in her eyes when she realized that it was me that had her, when the pain hit us both.

The pain was completely unexpected, as my eyes widened in shock, as I felt extreme pain shooting through my body, as power hit me from all sides, the light within the portal seemed to turn a dark blood red color as we both fell through the gateway, my grip on Jade's jacket still as tight as ever.

As we fell further through the portal, the pain seemed to increase with each passing second, it felt like I was being torn apart. Through the agony cursing through my body, I could vaguely hear Jade's own screams of pain as she went through the same ordeal that I was going through, and I knew that I wasn't the only one suffering through what was happening to us.

'What's happening? It's not supposed to hurt...' were my last thoughts before my entire world became black.

~End Hsi Wu's POV~
~Jade's POV~

"YEAH!! No more Demon World!!" I cried out happily as I raced across the landscape, jumping from floating platform to the next, 'I love how there isn't any gravity here,' Jade thought cheerfully to herself, as a grin spread across her face, as she leaped for the next floating platform, 'it makes it a lot easier to get to where I want to go fast.'

Skidding across the surface of the platform she had landed on, she see's Po Kong come flying in her direction because of an attack by the Moon Demon, and Jade quickly went to the edge of the platform, and climbed down and allowed herself to fall to one of the lower ones, as Po flew overhead, completely smashing the platform Jade had just left, into little pieces.

Keeping to the lower parts of some of the platforms to keep out of harms way, when all of the demon sorcerers started flinging attacks and boulders at each other to try and keep each other away from the portal, I soon found myself standing on the platform that was facing the portal that would take me back home, and back to Uncle Jackie and the others.

Happy at my success, I turn around to see how much time I had left before the demons would be there, and I could see that Hsi Wu was the only one in the lead.

As I watch, I can see the smirk on his face as he glanced back to look at his brothers and sisters who were still fighting, thinking that he was the one who would be freed from their prison.

As I watched batboy racing this way, I could see him glance over his should again as if looking for something, and I knew then that he hadn't seen me in front of the portal yet.

Grinning a bit, I decided to rub it in first, as payback for what he put me through in the past, before I left and called out to him.

"Oh, Hsi Wu!!" I called out, making my voice sound sweet as I called out his name, as I waved at him.

His reaction to seeing me was hilarious. Even from where I was standing I could see his head snap back to look in my direction in disbelief, his glowing red eyes widening in horror as he saw me standing in front of the demon portal.

Smirking a bit, I lifted my hand to my lips and blew Hsi Wu a mocking kiss goodbye. "Only one can go through." I called out as a reminder, as I turned to face the portal, and started walking the few remaining feet to it, and got ready to jump through it.

As I leaped for the portal, I could hear Hsi Wu scream out in denial over what we both knew was going to happen once I was through the portal, and could feel my smile grow.

'Too bad, so sad, Hsi Wu. I'm going back home. And your going to stay here forever.' I thought happily as I felt the familiar tingling fill my body as I entered the gateway.

I was almost completely through the portal, when I felt a clawed hand suddenly grab hold of the back of my jacket, in a hard, tight grip, just as I was sucked all the way into the portal.

Feeling whatever it was that had snagged me being pulled along, I twisted around as much as I could, to see what it was, and saw Hsi Wu's glowing red eyes staring back at me, just before pain started shooting throughout my body, as the blue energy inside the portal turned red.

'Uncle Jackie, Torhu...' were my last thoughts as my world slowly became black.

~End Jade's POV~

On both sides of the Demon Portal, the humans and demon sorcerers could hear the duo's screams of pain, moments before the portal closed, without either one of the youngsters reappearing.
~Demon World~

"Hsi Wu?!" Bai Tza said quietly, her glowing red eyes widening in shock and disbelief at what had just happened.

The portal had closed, but not before all of the demons heard the combined agonizing screams of both Jade and Hsi Wu before the door had slammed shut behind them, causing the other demons to stop fighting amongst themselves.

"What just happened?" Dai Gui asked, as he looked at his brothers and sisters in confusion, as he got up from where he had fallen with unsteady legs, "What the hell happened to Hsi Wu?!"

Jackie, Torhu, and Uncle stared in open disbelief, as the Demon Portal slammed shut without releasing the youngest member of their group, as all three men stood still, visibly shaken by the sound of Jade's screams combined with the screams of someone else.

Meanwhile, Valmont was gleefully still doing his victory dance on top of the archway entrance of Hong Kong Moose World, over his newfound freedom from Shendu's procession, completely oblivious to what had just happened below him.

"Um... Was that supposed to happened? Where's Jade?" Torhu asked as he kept his gaze still on the spot where the Demon Portal once stood, and earned himself a kick in the shins by Uncle. "OW!"

"Aiya! Of course that wasn't 'supposed' to happen!!" Uncle shouted, as he started to pace, "This is not good."

"Uncle, what happened?!" Jackie cried out in panic, bringing his hands up to rub the back of his neck, before spinning around to face Uncle, "What happened to Jade?! Why was she screaming like that-OW!"

"How would I know!" Uncle snapped after twapping Jackie on the side of his head, as he scowled at the younger man for a moment, before he started pacing, "I've never encountered something like this happening before! There's nothing in the books I studied about this kind of situation"

"Can you reopen the portal and get her back, sensei?" Torhu asked worriedly as he stared back at where the demon portal once stood.

"Aiyaah! Don't you think I want to, but it's too late," Uncle exclaimed as he rounded on his assistant, his face becoming saddened, "It's just like what happened after I sealed Bai Tza's portal. Nothing will be able to reopen Shendu's portal again. And even if I could, I don't think Jade is even in Demon World anymore."

"But she could be in danger!" Jackie cried, his eyes bulging out as he stared at the older man in disbelief for a few moments, before starting to pace, "If the final portal is sealed permanently. Jade must still be in Demon World."

"I don't believe Jade may still be in Demon World any longer." Uncle said.

"What do you mean sensei?" Torhu asked.

"Those screams were coming from directly inside the gateway, which means if Jade was in the gateway when it closed she could be anywhere by now. And I don't' think she was alone when it happened." Uncle said as he also started pacing around in circles as he tried to come up with a solution for what had just happened. "But who did that other voice that we heard screaming come from? It sounded almost familiar."

"That's because that second voice you heard screaming was our brother Hsi Wu!" a familiar loud screechy voice called out from somewhere nearby, causing the three men to jump in fright, as they looked around in search of it's location.

"That sounded like the water demon, Bai Tza's voice," Jackie said, as he looked around in search of where the voice came from, but didn't see anything unusual in sight, "Where..."

"Over here you idiots!" another voice thundered.

Jackie, Uncle, and Torhu all turned around to look towards the car they had arrived in earlier, to see the windshield was now glowing, and was showing the floating heads of seven of the Demon Sorcerers.

"What did you do with our brother?!" Bai Tza demanded as she glared at the group of humans with narrowed glowing eyes. "He didn't come back on this side, when the portal closed."

"What did you do with my niece?!" Jackie countered, anger filling his own voice, combined with a hint of worry in his tone, "She didn't come back on this side."

"We don't have your blasted niece!" Dai Gui growled out.

Jackie ran a hand trough his hair uneasily, as worry appeared on his face, "Well we don't have Hsi Wu, either. Neither one came out of the portal on our side before it slammed shut."

"Well neither one came back out on our side." Tso Lan said in a reasonable tone, though you could hear the barely repressed anger and worry in his voice. "Hsi Wu grabbed hold of your niece just as she was about to enter the portal, and both were sucked in together. And we already know what happened after that."

"But the demon portal is supposed to only allow one person to go through." Jackie said incredulously, as he immediately rounded on Uncle with a questioning look on his features, "Uncle, do you think that's what went wrong? Because both of them went through the portal at the same time?"

"Aiyaa! Everyone be quiet! I must think about this some more." Uncle shouted, as he pulled open the passenger door of the car and sat inside. "I don't know how to explain what happened any better than you do, Jackie!"

"But Uncle-Ow!"

"Didn't Uncle just say he needed quiet?" Uncle snapped as he glared up at his nephew, as he lowered his hand back down, "There's nothing in my research that tells about something like this happening before! If the portal did let them out, they could be anywhere in the world."

"If we don't have them, and they don't have them, then who has them?" Torhu asked a few seconds later, when the two groups lapsed into silence once more. "Where in the world are they?"

"Or they might not even be in this world anymore." Tso Lan said.


"The portal could have sent two of them into another dimension, wouldn't you agree, brothers and sisters?" Tso Lan asked as his floating head turned towards his siblings for confirmation.

"What do you mean?" Jackie demanded.

"Even if he was simply lost somewhere there in the human realm, then something is wrong. If Hsi Wu was still in this dimension we would have been able to sense him by now." Tso Lan said, as he turned his attention back towards Jackie, eyes narrowing. "And I haven't felt anything from him this whole time we've been talking."

"That's a bad sign is it?" Jackie asked.

"What do you think Chan," Shendu snarled as he glared at Jackie and the others from his spot on the windshield. "Under the circumstances, if we are unable to sense Hsi Wu, it could mean one out of two things. One Hsi Wu is completely out of our reach in this reality, or he's..."

"Don't say it!!" Jackie yelled, visibly paling as he realized what the demon sorcerer was going to say next, 'If their telling the truth, then Jade could be...'

"We don't know for sure if Jade and Hsi Wu are dead, right?" Torhu asked, cutting into the conversation, as a worried looked appeared on his features as he looked at the stricken looks on Jackie and Uncle's faces. "They could still be alive, and the portal could have sent them anywhere. All we need to do is find a way to bring them back."

"Torhu is right," Uncle announced as he looked at Torhu, as a thoughtful look appeared on his features, "There must be a way to bring them back. All I need to do is some research on the matter."

Jackie nodded his head in agreement to Uncle's declaration, "I'm not giving into the idea of Jade being dead until I see her with my own eyes."

"We're helping too!" Po Kong's voice rumbled, though it was almost drowned out by the protests of her siblings.

"Why should we work with you?!" Uncle demanded, as he glared at the Mountain Demon's astral form, "You demons are evil, and no good will come from allying ourselves with the forces of darkness!"

"I don't see why not, Chi Wizard. By working together, all of us get what we want." Po Kong said simply, as she eyed Uncle, as a smug look appeared on her features as she smiled, before continuing, "If our working together works out, then you mortals will get your niece back, and we will get our brother back. It's that simple."

Before Uncle could say anything further, Jackie quickly jumped in.

"We'll do it!" Jackie announced, ignoring the shocked looks he was getting from Uncle and Torhu. Especially the angry look Uncle was shooting his way, as he quickly ducked one of Uncle's blows as he continued speaking, "I may not like it, but I don't see what other choice we might have, Uncle."

"Jackie! Don't go making deals with them! I don't need their help in bringing Jade home." Uncle cried out, as he glared at the demons floating heads in frustration, "Making deals with their kind will lead us down the wrong path!"

"I know that Uncle. Jackie looked over at Uncle uncertainly, as a pained look appeared on his features, "I don't like it either, and especially after everything we've been through lately. But..."

"What have you to lose from working with us, chi wizard?" Po asked, as she looked the old man over, seeing the tenseness in his body, "We are still trapped in the Netherworld thanks to you, so we can't do any harm to you from here, now can we?"

"You stay out of this demon!" Uncle shouted, as he turned his attention fully onto Po, eyes narrowing in distrust.

"We can discuss this further at a later date. It's already been settled, old man, so get used to it." Po said dismissively, cutting off Uncle's tirade, as her image along with the image of the other demons started to fade, "We have planning to do if we want Hsi Wu and Jade to return soon, and we can't waste another moment now can we?"

"Wait a minute! Nothings settled" Uncle started, but it was too already late.

The demons were gone.
Meanwhile back in Demon World, a heated discussion was taken place, between the older siblings.

"How dare you go around making decisions like that without consulting me first, Po!" Tchang thundered as he glared up at Po Kong from his perch, "As the oldest, I'm the leader of this family, so what I say goes! Not you!"

"Just what were you thinking, Po, to ally us with the Chans?!" Bai Tza exclaimed angrily once they were alone, "Those humans can't be trusted, especially that blasted chi wizard!"

"Quiet all of you. And don't give me that look, Tchang," Po chided as she glared at all of her siblings, silencing them instantly "We have as much at stake here as you Chans. Hsi Wu is our brother, and we won't give up on him either until there is proof of his demise."

"What?! No way! The runt can stay lost for all I care!" Shendu exclaimed, his eyes blazing angrily, ignoring the looks he was now getting from the rest of his siblings because of his choice in words, as he look up defiantly at Po Kong, "I would sooner die first before I'd work with Chan!"

"Well then, it's too bad that you're already dead now, isn't it, Shendu?" Xiao Fung commented cheerfully, though the glare he shot at the floating Dragon spirit made the cheerfulness sound false. "So you don't have much say in it, now do you?"

Shendu's eyes widened in shock at Xiao's comment, snarling angrily as he turned his heated glare on his brother, but remained silent.

"Xiao, Shendu behave!" Po Kong commanded as she glared at her two younger brothers, frowning at both demons, "This is no time for us to argue amongst ourselves."

"Well someone had to say it, Shendu," Xiao said, ignoring Po for the moment, as he grinned mischievously over at Shendu, Xiao turned his attention back towards Po Kong, cocking his head to one side as he looked up at her curiously, "Though I must admit, that I don't want to work with the Chan's either, Po."

"I don't see what choice we have at the moment," Po said, as her frown deepened, "As long as we are trapped here in the Netherworld, we don't have the resources that is needed to find Hsi Wu on our own," When Tchang opened his mouth to interrupt her, she quickly continued, "Despite what some of you may say to the contrary."

Tchang Zu grumbled to himself, as he glared up at Po Kong menacingly, before settling down as he realized that she was right for once.

"I agree," Tso Lan said, nodding his head in agreement as he looked towards Po, then back at the view screen that still showed Jackie and the others talking amongst themselves even though the humans didn't know they were still being watched, "I want to find Hsi Wu at all costs, even if it means having to work together with our enemies to do so."

"This could work to our advantage," Bai Tza said as understanding filled her, crossing her arms over her chest as she looked around, "If His winds up reappearing in the mortal realm, he can get us out of here, unless he gets caught by the Chans."
Meanwhile back in the human world, Jackie was in a heated discussion with Uncle and Torhu about the deal he just made with the demon sorcerers, as they got ready to leave the Moose World Theme Park and catch a ride back home to San Francisco.

"Jackie!! How could you make a deal with the forces of darkness!!" Uncle shouted, as he glared at his nephew angrily, after twapping him twice on the side with his finger, "Nothing good will come of it!"

"I know Uncle, but I don't see what other choice we have." Jackie said, rubbing his sore head as he looked, "It's Jade we're talking about here. We have to bring her back from wherever she is."

"Jackie are you sure you made the right choice in agreeing to work with the demon sorcerers?" Torhu asked, worry filling his voice, "What if something goes wrong, or they..."

"There's no telling what the demon door took her and Hsi Wu, and we may need all the help we can get in bringing them back." Jackie said, as he looked over at the spot where the doorway once stood, half hoping that the gateway would reappear and open back up to release Jade, with no luck, "The demons seem to want Hsi Wu back as much as we want Jade back, so I don't see what harm it could do to work with them for the time being."

"I say there, Chan!" Valmont's voice suddenly called out to them, causing everyone to turn their attention towards the crime boss. "A moment of your time if you don't mind."

They could see that he had finally finished with his victory dance and was now sitting on the archway, with his legs dangling over the side, with a worried look on his face, as he look down at them from his perch.

"I don't mean to be a bother right now." Valmont started, once he saw that he had the other's attention focused on him now, as a sheepish look appeared on his features, "But can you fellows help me down from here? I'm still stuck up here you know."

To Be Continued...

Author's Notes:
So tell me, what do you guys think? Should I continue this story? Or let it die a slow death here?

If you all think I should continue this, could someone send me a fanart picture of Teenage Jade and Hsi Wu (in human form with maybe his wings), if anyone's interested?

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Disclaimers: As much as I may want to claim ownership of these two productions, I can't because both Jackie Chan Adventures and Pokémon belong to a whole lot of different companies that I can't remember the names of at the moment. Any characters that appear in this fic that are not a part of either original series, belong to me so don't take them without asking first.

Summary: A Jade/Hsi Wu crossover fanfic. What if, during the 'Eighth Demon Door' episode, Hsi Wu did manage to make it to the gateway in time, just as Jade had almost completely crossed through it, and when both entered the gateway at the same time it malfunctioned and wound up sending the two to another dimension.

Author's Notes: Minor spoilers for the ending of the 'Eighth Demon Door' episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.

Forbidden Love
Chapter 1: The Return Home
By: Princess Star Neko

It's been two months since the incident with the Shendu's demon portal, and Uncle still hasn't found a way to bring Jade back, and grudgingly Hsi Wu too, even with the other Demon Sorcerers help from where they were in Demon World.

Jackie was looking disenheartened as he sat at another desk, flipping through the pages of one of the spell books that Uncle had him studying. It had been like this for the last couple of months.

Whenever he wasn't on an archeological assignment for a museum, or helping Captain Black, he was helping Uncle do research on trying to find a way to bring Jade back home, with little success.

Torhu was upstairs in his room with another stack of spell books at his side, as he searched for information on the Demon portals.

"Aiyaaa!! Uncle can't work like this!" Uncle wailed, as he flung his hands up into the air in frustration, as he sat he set aside another spell book that he'd been looking through, "It's too noisy in here for Uncle to concentrate!"

As he looked around the seemingly quiet shop in irritation, before his eyes settled on a nearby tv with narrowed eyes, which was turned off.

"JACKIE!!! Come remove tv from room!!" Uncle shouted, irritation filling his voice, as he continued glaring at the silent tv, "Electrical currents running in wires disturbing Uncle's concentration!!"

"Looks like Uncle is getting into one of his 'moods' again," Jackie muttered as a sigh escaped his lips, as he tiredly came out of his room to go downstairs to remove the tv, and passed by Torhu who had come out of his own room.

"You know how sensei is when he doesn't get enough sleep, Jackie." Torhu said simply, as a yawn escaped from his mouth as he stretched, "None of us have gotten any sleep since Jade's disappearance."

"If he keeps this up, we'll never get any peace unless he goes to sleep soon," Jackie said a few minutes later, as he made his way back upstairs, he stopped outside the door that lead into Jade's room. Opening the door, he stared inside the room, looking around sadly.

The room had remained untouched since Jade's disappearance, except for the few times Torhu came in to dust.

'Where are you Jade?' Jackie wondered silently to himself as he stepped further into the room, stopping at Jade's desk to pick up a framed picture of the two of them together in London. 'Are you all right? Are you even still alive?'

"Hey Uncle Jackie! Cheer up big guy, everything'll be okay."

"Jade?" Jackie asked, as he spun around in surprise, nearly dropping the frame, when he thought he heard Jade's voice, and for a moment he thought he saw her standing behind him, grinning mischievously as she always did, but then the image of her faded from view.

Blinking his eyes a few times as he tried to figure out if he had really seen Jade standing there, but when the image didn't return, he shrugged his shoulders.

"I must be more tired than I thought," Jackie said out loud, as he placed the picture back in it's spot, and yawned again as he shut the door behind him and headed back to his own room.
~A few days later~

A sudden flash of light lit up the night sky above San Francisco, making the darkening sky become as bright as day, as a swirling vortex appeared.

Moments later, four figures appeared from the portal, just as it closed behind them. As the light died down, to reveal a teenage girl around eighteen years old, with long black hair tied back into a pigtail. Slung over her shoulders was a large black duffle bag. She was dressed in a pair of black jeans, and a white t-shirt with white boots, and was riding on the back of what looked like a huge bird.

Flying next to them was a teenage boy with huge black bat wings protruding from his back, dark brown eyes, and three long strands of hair hanging in front of his face. He wore a red vest with dark green pants and a white shirt. Hanging over his left shoulder was a dark blue duffle bag.

Sitting on his shoulder was a small green creature with large blue eyes, that looked to be no bigger than his hand.

"I don't believe it! We're finally home!" The girl squealed in delight as she looked down at the city lights below them from the back of her Pidgeot, as she punched the air with a closed fist. "Yes!!"

"I can't believe the Weed actually had the power to do what we couldn't do with a simple spell." her companion muttered under his breath, as he also looked down at the city streets. "Look's like that little trip true time and space took a lot out of her."

"Bi!!" the little plant pokémon exclaimed indignantly as she glared at the demon who's shoulder she was resting on before, turning her little nose up at him, and flew over towards Jade.

"Hey, Hsi Wu! Don't call Bijou a weed!." The girl exclaimed as she gave the boy a dark look as she gently grabbed hold of the pokémon before it fell out of the sky in exhaustion, and placed it on her lap to rest, before turning back to the demon.

"This weed got us home if you remember correctly." Jade snapped angrily, though her expression softened a bit as she stared at her companion's embarrassed expression. "After all those failed attempts of yours, I was wondering if I was going to be an old woman by the time we ever found a way home."

"Oh, and like you were much help in that department, Jade." Hsi Wu snapped, as he placed his hands on hips to scowl at the girl before him, "You baby that Celebi too much."

"Whatever. She needs babying since she is still just a baby." Jade replied, before gently patting the Pokémon on the head get it's attention, "Stormy, go down please. And remember what I told you. Nobody's seen a Pokémon before, so we don't want to draw any attention."

"Like we haven't already drawn attention towards ourselves, from that light show we just displayed?" Hsi Wu said sarcastically, as he followed Jade and the Pokémon to the ground.

"So what do we do now? Where do we head first?" Hsi Wu asked, once he touched down to the hard concrete, his wings folded onto his back, then disappeared as if they never been there, while Jade recalled Stormy and Bijou to their pokéballs to rest.

"We go to Uncles shop." Jade said with a slight shrug of her shoulders as she dropped the balls into her backpack with the others, "I just hope it's still here after all these years."

As the two walked down the streets towards their destination, they passes by a newspaper stand, that still had copies of that days newspaper on display.

As they passed by, Hsi Wu happened to glance at one of the newspapers that were in view, and his eyes widened in surprise when he saw the date.

"Hey Jade look at the date on this newspaper." Hsi Wu demanded, as he stopped to snatch the newspaper from the stand and checked the date once more, "Do you think that's the right one?"

Jade walked back over to take a look, her eyes widen in surprise and worry as she checked the date, "Aw nuts. If that date's right, then it looks like we've been only missing two months here."

"At least we now know why nobody's come looking for us all these years." Hsi Wu said as he leaned against a nearby wall, crossing his arms across his chest as a low chuckle escaped from his lips, as he quickly ducked Jades swing. "What was that for?!"

"What's so funny?!" Jade countered as she glared back at the demon boy, "There's nothing at all funny about all this, Hsi Wu. It has to be a mistake we made. Bijou..."

"You just don't get it do you? If this was the weeds doing, why would she bring us two months after we left instead of the dropping us off on the exact day we disappeared?" Hsi Wu said, shaking his head ruefully as he straightened out his clothes, dusting them off as he walked over to her, and wrapped an arm around her waist "Time went by faster for us in the Pokémon world than it did here."

"But that'll mean that everyone's going to be expecting to see a kid version of me," Jade whined, as she looked down at her own body, while leaning into Hsi Wu's embrace, "Not teenage me They'll think it's all your fault, and Uncle will probably be going crazy trying to find a spell to change me back into a kid again if they don't believe what we tell them and..."

"You're worrying too much about this you know that? We might as well go " Hsi Wu said as he hugged her tighter, as he made his wings reappear and took off into the air with Jade in his arms, with her own arms around his neck.

"I'm kind of dreading going home right now." Jade said with a sigh, as she looked down at the street below, "Their not going like it that we're together."

"Oh and like I'm that eager to see my brothers and sisters again after all this time?" Hsi Wu countered, arching a brow at the younger woman, who snickered a bit at his question, "I'm going to have enough of my own trouble with them when they find out I'm back, and still free. I've gotten used to not having them around..."

"If they don't like it, then we can just go back 'home' once Bijou's recovered. It's not like I consider this world home anymore anyway." Jade said.

"Everybody's probably still trying to find the correct spell to bring us back from wherever they think the demon portal sent us too." Hsi Wu said, as he lightly kissed her neck, "If we know your uncle's, they'd probably stop at nothing to getting you back even after just two months."

"I'm more worried about what they'd do when they realize who you are. Unless I can convince them that your not the same as before," Jade muttered, a small pout appearing on her features, as she hugged "and that I'm not under some kind of spell, you're going to have a one way trip back to the Netherworld."

"That's not going to happen if I can help it," Hsi Wu growled as he thought for a moment, as he looked down at Jade, "I'm not going back to that place without a fight."

"Come on, we might as well get this over with already, and let my the guys know we're back." Jade said as she pulled away from Hsi Wu and started pulling him along behind her.
~Demon World~

Tso Lan was sitting on one of the floating boulders in the Nether Realm, busy working on some new spells, and was the first to feel it, and looked around for the source.

"It would seem that Hsi Wu has managed to return to us on his own." Tso Lan thought to himself as he set off to look for the rest of his siblings.

It didn't take long for him to find the rest, because they were already gathered in their usual meeting place talking amongst themselves.

"Tso Lan!" Bai Tza called out when she saw her brother approach, "Did you feel it also? Hsi Wu..."

"I know, Bai," Tso Lan said simply, as he settled on one of the floating rocks in the center of the group, "It would seem that our little brother has found a way home without our help."

"This is great!" Po Kong thundered from her perch on one of the larger platform, as she looked down at her siblings, "Now that he's back, it means."

"With Hsi Wu out in the human realm he can find a way to free us from this horrid dimension." Bai Tza cackled as she rubbed her hands together in anticipation of what was to come now that Hsi Wu was back.

"Unless those blasted Chans find out about his return and send him back here." Dai Gui said, as he sat on his boulder, "Hsi Wu had better not get himself caught by the chi wizard before he has time to come up with a plan to free us."
~Earth, Uncles Rare Antiques and Finds~

Uncle and Torhu were up late doing research on possible leads that would take them to where Jade and Hsi Wu were, and Torhu had turned on the tv to watch the news while Uncle studied.

After some hesitation, Jackie had finally decided that he needed a break from the shop and all the research and, after receiving a call from the city museum, had taken off yesterday afternoon to go work on a new archeological dig in Africa, and wouldn't be back until sometime Sunday night.

"...Just moments ago the night sky over San Francisco lit up in a huge display of lights and colors." A news reporter said, as he faced the news camera.

"Torhu! Turn the volume on the tv down!" Uncle shouted from the back of the shop, causing the younger man to jump in surprise, "Uncle can't concentrate with all that noise!!

"Sorry Sensei." Torhu said sheepishly, as he took the remote control and lowered the volume a few notches. "It won't happen again."

"That's strange," Torhu said, as he listened to the newscast with interest after bringing in a tray of snacks for him and Uncle to eat while they studied the books, "What do you think might have caused them, sensei?"

"Strange lights in the sky not important," Uncle said, as he glanced up momentarily to frown at Torhu, "Finding Jade and Hsi Wu is more important."

As the tv droned on, the silence of the shop was broken, by the sound of someone loudly knocking on the front door of the shop.

"Torhu! Go see who's at the door and tell them that we're closed for the night!" Uncle shouted towards his assistant, and immediately went back to his research with missing a beat, "I must not be disturbed tonight for silly customers who don't bother to read signs!"

"Yes, Sensei," Torhu said as he sighed, and he stood up from the chair he was sitting in and stretched, before walking towards the front of the shop, undid the locks, and threw open the door.

"We're closed for the night! Come back tomorrow during business hours!" Torhu ordered, not bothering to look at the two figures in front of him before getting ready to shut the door on them once more, when an nearly familiar voice stopped him, only taking time to barely notice that one of them was a girl with long hair.

"Wait Torhu, don't shut the door please. We've come a long way to get here." The girl pleaded as she thrust a hand out to try and stop the door from closing.

Torhu blinked down at the girl in confusion as he tried to figure out who she was and how she knew his name, as he tried to make out her face along with her companion, but couldn't make them out, through the darkness outside.

"Who are you, and how do you know my name?" Torhu asked, confusion filling his voice, as he tried to make out the figure's features, as he fiddled with the light switch that would light up the entranceway.

"Let us in, and we'll tell you. It's getting cold out here you know." The boy said rudely, only to yelp in pain when the girl stomped on his foot, "Hey!"

"Be nice, Hsi." The girl said as she glared at her companion for a moment, before turning her attention back to Torhu, though her face was still hidden by the shadows, "Geez, T. a girl is gone for awhile and everybody forgets who she is. I'm hurt."

"'T'? Why did you just call me by that name? The only one who's ever called me that was..." Torhu said, only to stop in mid sentence, as his eyes widened a bit, recalling that only one girl had ever to call him by the first letter of his name, but it had to be impossible. From what he could make out of the girl before him, she looked to be in her late teens, and not a nine-year-old child. It was just impossible.

Wasn't it?

But still...


"The one and only, duh." Jade said cheerfully as she finally stepped further into the light, giving him a full view of her, causing Torhu's eyes to widen even more, as soon as he saw her. "Hey, T, miss me?"

Her features hadn't changed that much over the years. Her body had filled out considerably, and had a more slightly muscled built, as she clutched the duffle bag with one hand. Her long black hair was tied back into a braided ponytail that went back down to her knees, while the top of her head just barely reached Torhu's shoulder.

While Tohru tried to figure out whether or not the girl before him really was the Jade he knew, the teenager looked directly up at him, and gave the large man her trademark impish smile that Torhu recognized instantly.

"Jade is that really you? What happened to you?" Torhu demanded incredulously as he reached out to pull Jade the rest of the way into the shop, and into a huge hug, "You got... big."

"Of course I got big, T," Jade said with a slight huff, as she tried to suck in some air, before she finally pulled out of Torhu's grip once he set her back down on her feet, "For me and Hsi Wu, it's been nine years since we last saw you guys."

"Hsi Wu? Where is he? Did he hurt you in anyway." Torhu exclaimed, as he looked around for the sky demon, but almost as soon as the words were out of his mouth, a loud sparking sound followed by a high pitch howl of pain could be heard, causing the two to turn their attention back to Jade's companion.

Spinning around to see what had caused the sound while pushing Jade behind him, he could only see a teenage boy hopping around outside the shop as he batted at his smoking clothes. He had long black hair and red-brown eyes, dressed in black pants, white t-shirt, and combat boots standing outside of the threshold of the entrance of the shop.

Torhu's eyes widened in shock, as he recognized Hsi Wu in his human form. Though it looked a bit older than when he last saw it.

"Hsi Wu are you okay?!" Jade demanded, jerking away from Torhu to check on her companion, concern filling her as she saw what had happened, "What happened?!"

"I forgot about the blasted anti-demon protection spell the old fossil put on the shop door to keep my kind out!" Hsi Wu snarled. The Sky Demon was now cursing in every language he knew, as he rubbed his burned arms, and dusted off the smoke trailing off his clothes, as he glared at the entrance of the shop. "You'd think that after all of us had been sent back to Demon World he would have taken it off by now... Jade if you wouldn't mind inviting me in..."

"Oh sure," Jade said as she started walking forward to do so, when Torhu's big hands grabbed her and held her back, pulled her away from the doorway.

"Jade stay back!" Torhu cried as he tried to grab Jade, eyes widening as he stared at demon in front of him, "You're not getting in here demon!" he declared, before turning around to yell for Uncle, while keeping both arms around Jade. "Uncle!! We need a spell to banish a demon!"

"Torhu wait!" Jade said as she tried to pull out of the giant's grip with little success, as she tried to calm him down, "It's all right. Hsi Wu's not our enemy anymore."

Before Torhu could respond, Uncle came rushing out of the back room, with his 'wand' ready, as he took in the situation, eyeing the girl Torhu was holding first, "Aiya!! What's the meaning of this, Torhu? Where's the demon?! And who's that girl?"

"Uncle, you're not going to believe this," Torhu said, as he looked uncertainly at Jade, before continuing, "but this girl is..."

"Hiya, Uncle. It's me Jade," Jade piped in, smiling brightly at the elderly man, cutting off Torhu's words, as she stared at the old man before her from behind Torhu's arms.

"JADE?!" Uncles eyes widened in shock as he took another look at the teenaged girl in Torhu's arms, "Aiyah! But how can you be Jade? Who are you really? You have to be lying! Jade is a little girl..."

"It's really me, Uncle. I've grown up, it's been eight years for me and Hsi Wu since we last saw you guys, but we're back now." Jade said, not realizing the mistake she had just made by mentioning the sky demons name, "I've missed you guys so much."

"Hsi Wu!!" Uncle thundered, anger replacing his shock at the sound of the sky demon's name, as he turned back to Torhu, "Torhu, is Hsi Wu the demon you were calling me out here to vanquish?"

"Yes sensei, it's Hsi Wu. When he tried crossing through the front door, your anti demon protection spell kicked in, and..." Torhu began, only to stop when Jade suddenly started kicking and flailing out her arms.

"Uncle wait!" Jade exclaimed as she started struggling to get free so she could stop the Chi Wizard before he did anything she would regret, "Before you do anything, I have to tell you that this is all really a BIG misunderstanding, you see..."

"I see that I caught you guys at a wrong time," Hsi Wu's voice came in from the other side of the entranceway, causing all eyes to turn on him, to see Hsi Wu, still in his human form, standing just outside the front door with his arms crossed, "I'll just be going until Jade explains stuff."

"Hsi, wait don't go yet!" Jade exclaimed as she looked back at the Skye demon.

Much to both Torhu and Uncle's surprise, Hsi Wu turned his gaze towards Jade, his expression softening when he stared at her before it hardened as he returned his gaze on the two men before him.

"Sorry Jade, but I am not sticking around while the old farts being chi spell happy with his magic blowfish." Hsi Wu said, as his wings appeared on his back, and he lifted off of the ground, "Don't worry, Jade I'll be back. If you need me, just have Houdini call me."

"Fine." Jade grumbled, as she glanced back at Uncle and Torhu, seeing the angry looks the two men were shooting at Hsi Wu, as the Sky Demon made a quick getaway into the night sky.

"Young lady you have some explaining to do!" Uncle exclaimed as he turned towards his now teenage niece, as soon as Hsi Wu was out of sight.

To Be Continued...

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