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Land of the Glitches:
The Origins of Bad EGG

{Rated PG-13 for Violence, Situations of Peril, Language, and Mild Blood.}
{NOTE: Find some place relaxing as this Intro will be very long. A lot of the Intro will be in 3rd person.}

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The Beginning of Glitches & Blue’s Mysterious Disappearance

Professor Oak created the very first Pokedex in the hopes as using it for a storage system for data on a species known as Pocket Monsters, named that because these creatures can be captured so easily that they can be stored in your very pocket. But nobody on Earth knows how many Pocket Monsters exist, so when creating the Pokedex, Professor Oak had to estimate how many storage areas to create for storing data.

It took a few weeks to go over all Pocket Monsters research accumulated thus far by humans, and Professor Oak had reached a conclusion. He would create 255 storage areas for Pocket Monsters data. One for each Pocket Monster seen and captured. This Pokedex would be used throughout all of Kanto Region. For the world of Earth was divided into many countries, or Regions.

They were all on one continent, Pangaea. Each Region had a name, along with its own set of Pocket Monsters. The only known Regions to be discovered by humans and populated are the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Orre Regions. However, no wild Pocket Monsters roam the barren wastelands of the Orre Region. Pocket Monsters research was only situated in the Kanto Region for now as the other Regions have only be recently discovered and nothing is known about what Pocket Monsters exist at these Regions.

The Kanto Region has been around the longest and more is known about the Pocket Monsters that inhabit here then anywhere else. Professor Oak had to take all of this into account while setting up the very first Pokedex. This Pokedex would be given to Pocket Monster Trainers who would go around the Kanto Region and capture wild and untamed Pocket Monsters. The Pokedex would record the data of all captured Pocket Monsters.

Pocket Monsters are all raised after being captured and are often used to do battle with other Pocket Monsters so that they may grow stronger. Pocket Monster Trainers even battle each other to raise their Pocket Monsters. To become a Pocket Monster Trainer, a person must travel to Pallet Town, one of the southernmost towns in the Kanto Region. Here a Pocket Monster Trainer is given a Pokedex, 5 Pokeballs (tools used to capture Pocket Monsters), and a Pocket Monster to raise.

Capturing and raising Pocket Monsters is a brand new concept, regardless of the fact that humans and Pocket Monsters have coincided for ages. With the Prototype Pokedex ready to be introduced to the world, the concept of Pocket Monster Trainers can finally be grasped. People came flocking from around the Kanto Region to become Pocket Monster Trainers after the idea was released into media about how to properly raise Pocket Monsters and befriend them.

The Golden Age of Pocket Monsters began the day Pokeballs and the Pokedex were invented. When people came to Pallet Town to become Pocket Monster Trainers, they were given one of three starter Pocket Monsters to begin with for their journey to capture and raise more Pocket Monsters. These three Pocket Monsters were Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. Trainers chose one of the three starter Pocket Monsters and then were given 5 standard issue Pokeballs along with the Pokedex.

Pocket Monster Trainers would then set off to capture and raise all Pocket Monsters within the Kanto Region, and those who manage this amazing task would be known as Pocket Monster Masters. Pocket Monster Trainers started out normally around the ages of 12-15, however the age limit was generally over 10 years of age. Over the years several Pocket Monster Masters have arisen, claiming to have captured at least one of every known Pocket Monster in the Kanto Region. When Professor Oak spoke with these Pocket Monster Masters, they told him 151 different species of Pocket Monsters exist in the Kanto Region.

Since numerous Pocket Monster Masters all gave this reply, Professor Oak knew it had to be true. These Pocket Monster Masters would then go on to the other known Regions, capturing and raising other Pocket Monsters. All of this with the aid of people situated within these Regions; not Professor Oak. Professor Oak went back to the Main Blueprints of the Pokedex; and his Main error. Out of the 255 storage areas within the Pokedex, only 151 would be used. That was the moment when he realized that something had to of been done with the 104 storage spaces.

Professor Oak tore apart the Pokedex in an attempt to find out what the other storage spaces were being used for. He then came to the analysis that 10 of the extra spaces were used for data on the Kanto Region Cities visited. 14 of the extra spaces were used as data on other areas within the Kanto Region that the Trainer should visit trying to become a Pocket Monster Master. Of that 80 left, 47 were used for Trainers met on the journey, 3 for Upgrades to the Pokedex’s hardware system, and the last 30 for Glitches or empty space.

Professor Oak sent this information to other Pocket Monster Researchers around Pangaea. The Glitches could pose a problem if left alone. But there was no way to remove them from the system. Knowing this, Professor Oak ignored the Glitches and hid away his findings and reports. All of his research and the Glitches he found was covered up and kept away from the media.
The only other people who knew about this were the Researchers he sent his findings to, Professors Ivy, Elm, and Birch. They were situated in other Regions. Elm lives in the Johto Region, Birch in the Hoenn Region, and Ivy lives in the Orange Islands, a series of islands located south of the Kanto Region. They are not considered a whole Region but are not apart of any Region either. Professor Oak is a kindhearted person, but warned these other Professors to never reveal what research he sent them, and they agreed not to.

The danger of the Glitches could ruin all Pocket Monster activities within the Kanto Region. Professor Oak would have to re-create the Pokedex from scratch and with the data he compiled from various Pocket Monster Masters. Later that year, Professor oak created what he liked to call, the VR Chip. It was an upgrade to the Pokedex that rendered all data in 3D. Forgetting of the Glitch dangers purposely, he had it installed on every Pokedex distributed in the Kanto Region. VR stood for Virtual Reality, as the Pokedex now had the ability to create Virtual Realities from the data it withheld.

Basically, the VR Chip changed all graphical data such as Pocket Monster Images into 3D along with any other graphical data stored. Furthermore, the VR Chip gave the Pokedex the power to create Virtual Cities and Towns based on what data the Pokedex had stored within it. Not to mention Virtual Pocket Monsters and Trainers, too. All made with the Pokedex’s memory. It further encouraged people to go out and become Pocket Monster Trainers in the Kanto Region. The next Generation of the Pokedex had begun.

Little did Professor Oak know that the VR Chip gave the Glitches power to become 3D, too. Trainers who encountered Glitches in 3D often mistaken them for a new breed of undiscovered Pocket Monsters and captured them. These Glitches would then begin to cause problems with the Trainer’s Pokedex, often destroying all data within it or disabling the VR Chip’s power. Glitches even can harm a Trainer’s Pocket Monsters. Glitches vary in damage intensity. Some Glitches are nearly harmless when captured while others can even be deadly to Humans or Pocket Monsters.

Something has to be done in real life that triggers a Glitch to appear virtually out of a Pokedex. Mostly when a Trainer causes the Pokedex to malfunction, Glitches occur within the system, and the Glitches gain access of the VR Chip when being placed in certain Storage Areas of the Pokedex. Depending on what type of Storage Area the Glitch manifests, the VR Chip sees it as a possible Trainer, Pocket Monster, or Town and materializes it before the Pokedex’s owner. The Trainer may or may not realize this when capturing the Glitch.

When Glitches materialize as Pocket Monsters, they respond like Pocket Monsters. They usually have their own set off attacks along with stats. However, their behavior is completely random and Glitches normally disobey a Trainer’s commands. Some Glitches are very weak while others are potent in power. But Trainers rarely are able to control Glitches thus rarely use them for battle.

Glitches are captured just like Pocket Monsters, with the use of the Pokeball. However, Glitches are considerably harder to catch and are even known to be able to break free from a Master Ball. The Master Ball is the most powerful form of the Pokeball which is used to capture and store Pocket Monsters. The Master Ball can catch a Pocket Monster without fail, but Glitches don’t hold true to that.

Therefore, it takes a experienced Trainer to capture a Glitch. Trainers who recognize the Glitches know not to catch them because of how dangerous they can be. Captured Glitches have the ability to ruin the Pokedex and destroy data within the Pokedex. A worst case scenario would be a Glitch that wiped all data within the Pokedex clean and even destroyed the VR Chip’s functions.

Glitches captured can even be as dangerous as to being able to go in and out of Pokeballs at will, even their own. Once in another Pocket Monster’s Pokeball, Glitches can even insert their data into a Pocket Monster’s mind while erasing a Pocket Monster’s memories, driving a Pocket Monster mad and even making it into a Glitch itself. Glitches can turn on a Trainer’s other Pocket Monsters and harm them out in the open, too. This makes Glitches especially dangerous to even the most skilled as Glitches can commit their acts unnoticed after being captured.

Glitches can even harm or kill their Trainers at will the same way Glitches harm and attack Pocket Monsters. Glitches are infamous for impersonating their Trainers after disposing of them by either going into them and using their bodies or going into their minds and taking their memories. But these are the worst known cases of Glitches being captured and raised. Some aren’t very harmful and are raised like Pocket Monsters and act like them.

Some Glitches in the Pokedex may be interpreted as data of a Pocket Monster Trainer met by the Pokedex’s owner. In which case when the Glitch has gained access to the VR Chip, they materialize into a Trainer, Gym Leader, or anybody the Pokedex owner has met that owns a Pocket Monster. The Glitch would act on the data of the person and even use the same Pocket Monsters in battle. This is the third known way a Glitch can impersonate a human. However this method doesn’t result in death.

The last type of Glitch is one that takes the form of, or partial form of a Town or City the Pokedex owner has visited. Once the VR Chip makes the Glitch 3D and it materializes out of the Pokedex, it becomes a actual city the Trainer has visited, except without the inhabitants and the city is often beyond recognizable. Since the data the Glitch absorbed in always impartial or incomplete, the city usually looks like a messed up computer screen. Building covered with random digits and letters. The sky above the city is a mixture of random colors. This Glitch is known highly as Glitch City.

Maneuvering around Glitch City is nearly impossible as many buildings cannot be entered and if are, the Trainer becomes trapped within the building. Glitch City is normally surrounded by water so if a Trainer tries to head towards the end of Glitch City they become immersed in water. Reports have been known of trainers being able to swim on land in Glitch City. That includes on buildings and everything. Trainers who have been to Glitch City know that there is no way out of Glitch City. The only way out is by having a Flying Pocket Monster that can Fly its Trainer safely out of Glitch City. By trying to exit Glitch City North, South, East, or West a Trainer becomes trapped in what appears to be a invisible wall that cannot be seen. This immobilizes them completely.

In the end the Trainer eventually dies of starvation and dehydration after days. Sometimes after walking through the city for a while, it may transform into a endless sea of water. In this case, unless the Trainer has a Water Pocket Monster that can swim, the Trainer is trapped on a speck of land which is all that’s left and eventually dies. If the Trainer can swim off with aid from a Pocket Monster, they would still be in Glitch City which would now be a endless sea. Meaning they would still be trapped.

Once in Glitch City, the location appears to not be in any location. Attempt to locate Glitch City on the World Map causes the Pokedex to malfunction, but only when trying to locate Glitch City from within Glitch City as the Pokedex cannot find where the Trainer is at. It is advised that Trainers avoid Glitch City and never enter it, for many disappearances of Trainers have been linked with Glitch City and the Glitches brought forth by the Kanto Pokedex.

Some rare accounts of Glitch City claim that the Glitch that creates the city can reproduce other 3D Glitches based on data copied from other Glitch data within the Pokedex. The Glitch that becomes Glitch City goes through any Trainer’s mind that walked into Glitch City and reproduces any Glitches that the trainer has ever encountered, often leaving them in the form of eggs.

The eggs are completely white and are the size of a two liter bottle of soda. Inside is a Glitch made to impersonate either a Trainer or Pocket Monster. These eggs are said to take a long time to hatch, but when they do, they hatch into the most dangerous forms of Glitches. Usually killing the Trainer that is there to see them hatch by absorbing them or going into them. They then completely destroy their Pokedex and absorb any Pocket Monsters the Trainer had making them into Glitches, too.

These eggs are known as Bad EGGs. However, only one Trainer is known to have found one and recorded his findings. The same Trainer is the only to have claimed that Glitch City can spawn other Glitches. This Trainer claims that Glitch City isn’t the only way to acquire a Bad EGG and that it may be received through the Pokedex, too. The Trainer’s name was Blue, and he gathered more research on Glitch City then any other before him. However, Blue disappeared while conducting more research on Glitch City to send to Professor Oak, whom was gathering more and more research on the Glitches and was leading a team of Glitch researchers along with Blue at the time.

They are working to get to the bottom of the Glitches and their actions along with the mysterious Glitch City. Blue was born in Pallet Town and became Pocket Monster Trainer just when Glitches were being studied. Professor Oak knew the Glitches were getting out of hand, and when Blue went to Professor Oak to become a Pocket Monster Trainer, Professor Oak needed his help and revealed everything he knew to him. Blue agreed to help and they’ve been working together ever since.

Blue in turn told his friend Red everything about the Pokedex and Glitches so Red also helped Professor Oak. Red was also a Trainer just like Blue. Together the three of them became a team of Glitch Researchers. They gathered more members and began to grow. The team spent months studying Glitches and recording everything they find, sending to Professor Oak who goes over it and holds on to it. Blue had done the most research thus far and was moving onto studying Glitch City.

He found out a lot about Glitch City and was going to do a full assessment before he vanished, his whereabouts thought to be linked with Glitch City. Blue contacted Professor Oak before entering Glitch City to make an assessment and that was the last Oak had heard of Blue. Contacting people in and out of Glitch City is disabled by the Glitch itself. When Oak realized that the team has suffered a casualty, he contacted Red and two other members to find Blue and whatever he discovered while making his assessment. Oak knew he was putting the lives of his team in jeopardy, but Oak needed to know what Blue found so Oak sent them regardless.

Red and his two partners used their Pokedexs and entered Glitch City to find Blue. Several other members of the Glitch Researching Team were told of what happened and alerted the media and press of what had happened. Soon after they had entered Glitch City, Professor Oak was put under arrest for the disappearance of Blue and endangerment of several Pocket Monster Trainers, and all of his research was confiscated. The rest of the Glitch Researchers went into hiding after Professor Oak revealed their names to the press around the Kanto Region. All Pocket Monster Trainers were for the time being to hand in their Kanto Region Pokedexs until authorities could find out what Professor Oak knew about the Glitches he claimed were responsible for most recent Trainer disappearances.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

The prologue will be coming soon. This Intro gives you a background story on Glitches redone to fit the Fan-Fiction. This Fic follows closely with the Pocket Monsters Manga and Video game series. Notice I call them Pocket Monsters and not Pokemon. This is a reference to when Pokemon first started and everyone would call it Pocket Monsters. It was then people would buzz about the Glitches. As of now Glitches aren’t as much talked about anymore. This Fan-Fiction takes place during the time of Red, Blue, and Yellow as many of you can tell by reading.

This also tells of the events leading up to Chapter One. Meaning I’m not saying what the prologue will be about. You’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully most of you can guess what it will be about. Anyways, Post all comments and suggestions as I need them with this being my first Fan-Fiction. I hope you enjoyed a sample of it. I apologize for it being a bit long but I had a lot to tell and get across. The prologue won’t be nearly as long as don’t worry about that length. I hope you like what you’ve read thus far and Thanks for Reading so far. I’ll get to the Prologue quickly. Give me a few days to say the most. I think I’ll have the Intro go with the Prologue, Chapters, and Epilogue. So I deleted the old Thread and moved it to the Fan Fiction Forum. Sorry about that for those who were reading it.

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Prologue: No Sunset in Blue Hell

It has been several days since Blue first entered Glitch City. He explored it’s every nook and corner. Blue has taken photographs and even done sketches of what the city looks like. Blue was resting in front of a small brick house holding a small sketchbook, going over everything he had seen when a large egg materialized before him. It was large and white, but Blue could still hold it in his very hands.

Blue stared at it for several seconds before coming to realize it was indeed a Bad EGG. Knowing not to touch it or pick it up, Blue continued to go through his sketch book at all of the 3D Glitches he had sketched. He removed a Blue backpack off of his back and set it beside him. He unzipped the top most pocket and placed the sketchbook inside. He was running low on food and water so he should be heading out soon.

He zipped his backpack up and unzipped a second pocket slightly lower than the top pocket. Inside was a camera that immediately develops photographs and some photos Blue had taken earlier that day. He examined each photograph carefully to try and make something of them. He then placed the photos back in the pocket of his backpack and zipped it up.

He went back to the top pocket and removed several sheets of notebook paper and a wooden clipboard and a metal clip at the top. He attached the papers to the metal clip and removed a pen from the bottommost pocket and began to write a short essay summarizing his findings at Glitch City and about the Glitches. The essay only took several minutes to write and after he finished Blue placed all documents in the top pocket and his writing utensils in his bottommost pocket and zipped his backpack shut.

Blue stood up to face a very tall skyscraper in front of him and looked down at the Bad EGG even closer to him. Blue sighed as he leaned down to pick up his back pack. As he picked it up and hoisted it over his back, lightning flashed over the sky before thunder reigned through Blue’s ears. Blue clasped his hands over his ears briefly to block the sound. The thunder caused Blue to flinch.

He opened his eyes and let go of his ears to look up at the colorful sky and the lightning engulfing it. Thunder not as loud as before could be heard in every direction. Blue smiled briefly, noticing how beautiful the destructive sky was compared to the pale and ugly metropolis below. “Looks like there is no sunset in Blue Hell” Blue muttered under his breath. Blue snatched a Pokeball off of the brown leather belt he was wearing and threw it near the Bad EGG.

It opened up to reveal a red light which materialized to a Fearow. Fearow was a large flying Pocket Monster the Blue befriended long ago when Blue first became a Trainer. The Pokeball that held Fearow flew back into Blue’s hand. He attached it back to his belt and stared as Fearow stood in one place flapping its wings in the air. It was slightly above the Bad EGG which remained motionless. Fearow started to fly towards Blue when he noticed something oddly peculiar. Fearow’s eyes were completely white with what looked like small dots.

Blue stepped closer to see those white dots were actually random numbers and letters. He knew immediately that it was taken by a Glitch and that what he was looking at was no longer his Fearow, but either a Missingno. or an M-Block, two of the most well known Glitches. Fearow lunged at Blue swiping him with its razor sharp talons, drawing blood and scraping through the White & Blue t-shirt he was wearing.

Blue fell to the ground in pain as M-Block continued its onslaught against blue, now drilling him in the chest with its beak. Blue managed to reach his belt where he removed another Pokeball from it. Blue dropped it trying to get up. He managed to start flailing around with his hands causing Fearow to back up slightly. This gave Blue a chance to jump and grab the Pokeball on the ground. Fearow moved in again and went for Blue’s eyes. It was too late, for Blue threw the Pokeball at Fearow’s face which bounced off Fearow’s beak and opened up into a Blastoise.

Blastoise blocked Fearow from getting near Blue to the point where Fearow couldn’t even see Blue. “Hydro Pump, Blastoise!” shouted Blue as two small silver cannons came out of Blastoise’s large orange shell and released torrents of water that slammed into Fearow. The Hydro Pump sent Fearow right into the foundations of the skyscraper Blastoise was facing. Blue could here moaning coming from the foundations of the building.

“Cease your attack Blastoise!” called out Blue quickly before the skyscraper collapsed. But it was too late for just as the water stopped flowing from Blastoise’s cannons the bottom of the building started producing huge cracks. Blue took a Pokeball off of his belt and called back Blastoise as the foundations crumbled before his eyes. The skyscraper then started leaning towards Blue’s direction and began to fall. Blastoise didn’t destroy the entire foundation; just part of it. The part on Blue’s side of the building.

Enough to make it fall down. The skyscraper began to fall all around Blue. He tried to run away from it but to no avail. Blue was crushed under large amounts of steel and stone. The building’s fall kicked up a lot of dust which surrounded the area and rose to the sky. As the dust rose into the lightning-filled sky, dust cleared around ground zero, the area of the collapse. The upper part of Blue’s body could be seen not crushed. It was right where he was standing. Everywhere around him were remnants of the once colossal building. The house that was behind him was also nothing more, replaced by the roof of the skyscraper.

Blue managed to opened his eyes as tears of blood streaked down them and blood began to come out of his mouth. The Bad EGG which was near him before rolled by his arms and stopped. Blue noticed that it was unharmed while he was bleeding to death. Blue was able to remove his backpack off of his back. He took out a small knife from the bottommost pocket on his backpack and tossed his backpack aside.

Lightning reigned above him followed by loud booms of sound. Blue clutched the Bad EGG in his hands tightly and began to chisel writing on the Bad EGG in the form of Braille. He wrote as much as he could before his eyes shut and he succumbed to death and he bled out beneath the rubble around him. The Bad EGG rolled out of his hands and stopped beside him. His small knife dropped out of his hands as blood started seeping from the part of the building which covered Blue. Blue’s knife sailed away with the pool of blood that now covered Blue until everything faded into darkness.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

This is definitely the bloodiest part of my story, so that is why I won’t be bumping up the Rating to R. However, if Moderators still deem the material as rated R, then they will have to change the rating on the Title while I change the First Post’s rating.

6th July 2006, 10:32 PM
Wow. This fic is so cool. It adds a complete new view of the glitches and even if you've altered it you've made it seem alot better as a plot. The main plot still isn't out yet though but then again that was only the prologue wasn't it? Anyway it's still pretty good.

6th July 2006, 10:32 PM
Wow, great story, can't wait to read more! ^-^

6th July 2006, 10:36 PM
Yes, this is all before the Main Plot. Chapter One should be up soon. The Main Plot should deal with Red's exploits of Glitch City and Professor Oak in jail. :p Not to mention Blue's Glitch Pocket Monsters are still around. But that's all I'm saying thus far. More will play out as the story continues.

RaZoR LeAf
6th July 2006, 11:18 PM
Have you considered that Black text on the Dark style makes your fic unreadable?

6th July 2006, 11:23 PM
It depends on what Forum Skin you use as my Fic has had several replies already. However, I will change the Font in later chapters since you're having problems reading it.

7th July 2006, 3:34 AM
Interesting fic. I like it. Original concept. The only thing that really hurts the overall product is the bad grammar. Try to look over the chapters for tiny mistakes like using the wrong word or tense. There should be used for describing a location, their should be a possesive word. I noticed that a lot in the prolougue.
Another thing that would really help this fic a long would be a little more description. It all seems a little bland and you're mainly telling us what we see. Show us what we are supposed to see.
Another thing I don't like though tis not my place to complain about though i'm doing it anyway, is your character names. It really irks me personally that you use blue, red and yellow. I just think you could give them real names and not the names of the games. But tis my opinion and doesn't need to be heard.
One final thing that just annoys me a little is you using Pocket Monsters. I know your reason for using it, but it's really a mouthful/mindful to read and Pokemon would be a better thing to call them. But that's just my taste.
Well hope I helped and I hope you can improve. not that you are bad or anything, it just needs a little improvement.
jirachiman out ;385;

7th July 2006, 4:40 AM
I call them Pocket Monsters instead of Pokemon because this Fan-Fiction takes place when the first Pokemon were still being discovered. Hence then they were being called Pocket Monsters. Also, using the names Red, Blue, and Yellow makes a reference to the Manga series so that won't be changing either. But, the names of all other characters in this Fan-Fiction will sound more realistic and won't be named after colors. :p As for detail, I'm working on that for that is my weakest spot. So I will improve on that starting with Chapter One. Thanks for the suggestions and comments. I could always use more, though. :D

Jirachi Chick :)
28th July 2006, 7:53 PM
this is awesome, but how will we know when u get chapter one up? maybe u should do a PM list or something.

28th July 2006, 8:11 PM
I'll do a PM list. I haven't been up to working on Chapter One lately. I'll try to get it up soon. :(