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7th July 2006, 2:15 AM
Yes, I'm doing yet another fic. I have so much free time on my hands that I can't get enough fics, so I'm re-doing my old attempt at a Pokemon/Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic crossover. This one will be better than the first. Enjoy!

Star Pokemon: Episode 1: Reign of Darth Malak


Five thousand, nine hundred and ninety years before the rise of the Galactic Empire, an army of clones led by Sith Lord Darth Sidious, there was a deadly war going on. This war compromised of two sides: the Mandalorians, a race of vicious clans, and the Jedi, a race of people and aliens that have the power of the Force.

The Force is in every being in the universe, though to most beings, the communication of the Force is a barely audible whisper. Other beings, however, can hear the Force in great detail, and obey its will.

The only beings that the Force did not exist in, however, were Pokemon. Pokemon existed even in the olden days of the Mandalorian War. There were many types of Pokemon, such as Fire, Water, Grass, and Flying. Jedi view Pokemon as equals, no matter their heritage, home planet, or type. Backup was well appreciated in the days of the War.

The Mandalorians, however, also had Pokemon, but they didn’t treat the creatures as equals. Rather, they treated them as slaves and servants, meant to obey and serve the will of their masters. Most Mandalorians had Dark-type Pokemon because, according to the Jedi, the Mandalorians stray closer to the Dark Side of the Force rather than the light.

Many great battles were waged, and many lives were cut short on both sides, but mostly the side of the Mandalorians. The end of the war came six years later, and should have brought an age of peace. The only problem being…

…it did not.

Although the Mandalorians were defeated, two of the Jedi had been exposed to energies of the Dark Side for too long. Four years later, those two Jedi became Darth Revan and Darth Malak. Revan was the stronger of the two, and could have defeated Malak in battle easily. Malak grudgingly assumed the role of Revan’s apprentice, secretly awaiting the day when he would become the Dark Lord of the Sith.

That day came when a squad of Jedi came aboard Revan’s starship. Three Jedi came aboard to capture Revan and Malak. Malak seized his chance, using his ship’s laser cannons to cause an explosion where Revan was standing. Whether Revan died of Malak’s attack is unknown.

A side-effect to Malak’s attack was that the explosion injured him as well as his master. His bottom jaw and neck were nearly destroyed, and had to be replaced with metallic replicas that served the same purpose as his original bottom jaw and neck. But it did not matter to him. With Revan quite possibly dead, Malak took the chance to usurp the mantle of Dark Lord and use the large and powerful armada of Sith troopers that Revan somehow built to challenge the main force for good in the galaxy, the Republic.

The Republic was a large organization dedicated for good. The Jedi allied themselves with them to further the Light Side of the Force, and bring an age of peace to the galaxy. All they had to do was defeat Malak and his armada. Doing this, however, would be the most difficult task the old Republic will ever face in this era. Malak had taken the Pokemon of his Sith soldiers and tainted their hearts with the shadows of the Dark Side, turning them into Shadow Pokemon.

The threat of the Sith troopers armed with Shadow Pokemon loomed over the Republic soldier’s heads. How will the Light trample the Dark? Only time will tell…


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The Great Butler
7th July 2006, 2:25 AM
Heh, I like this---combining two of my loves, Pokémon and Star Wars.....brilliant idea. Have you ever noticed how much the XD Cipher Peons look like Stormtroopers?

7th July 2006, 4:12 PM

KOTOR is an amazing game. great detail on the back story.

Twas a good idea of using shadow pokemon being tainted by the dark side, It fits in perfectly.

*thinks of playing on KOTOR*

Very good story up to now, I'd like to see how it develops.

7th July 2006, 9:47 PM
It's a good start, I'll keep an eye on it.

8th July 2006, 3:21 AM
I really like Pokemon and I love Star Wars, so I am hopefully gonna love this fic. The back story was very through, and this fic has potiential(sp?), I'll be checking back to see when chapters are up.

8th July 2006, 7:02 PM
Nice story. Great combination. the back story was very clear and well written and leaves me wanting to read more. I'll be watching this one.

21st July 2006, 6:11 PM
Thank you, all! And, Great Butler, the XD peons do look a bit like Stormtroopers...minus the face masks and the fact that the Stormtroopers are clones.

Okay, forgot the fic's rating: I'm better at video game ratings than movie ratings, so I'd rate this T for teen.

I have the first chapter here. Enjoy!

Chapter 1:

A large, grey starship was slowly traveling above the planet Taris, a world in the Outer Rim, a part of the galaxy farther from the other parts.

This ship was the Endar Spire, a starship named after an unnaturally large forest moon in another part of the galaxy.

The Endar Spire had large, grey wings shaped like a fish’s fins. These fins were mounted on the top and bottom of the two ends on the Endar Spire. It looked like a mirror image, almost.

At this moment, the Spire was being swarmed by small, silver ships. The smaller ships had a pair of large, blade-like areas on the sides that pointed forwards. In between these areas was a small, ball-like pod where the soldier was housed and piloted the ship.

The small ships were Sith Fighters, and they were firing orange lasers at the Endar Spire.

The red-and-yellow clad soldiers of the Republic were jarred out of many daydreams. Sith soldiers clad in silver-and-black armor appeared.

Three Republic soldiers were the first to stand in the Sith’s way.

“Go, Bulbasaur!” cried the first Republic soldier, throwing a red-and-white orb used to contain Pokemon.

A small, cat-like, blue creature with a green bulb on its back and no tail appeared from the first soldier’s Pokeball. It had red eyes, which showed as it hunched down on its two front legs and said “Bulbasaur!”

“Go, Armaldo!” cried the second soldier, also throwing a Pokeball.

A large, blue crayfish in armor with a pair of lobster-like claws appeared from the second Pokeball. It had bulging eyes coming from the sides of its head.

“Go, Magneton!” cried the third soldier, throwing yet another Pokeball.

A trio of metal balls with eyes and magnets appeared from the third Pokeball. They appeared to be fused together.

“Is that all you’ve got?” said the Sith Squad Leader, clad in red-and-black armor with a silver visor “An Armaldo and a Magneton for your strongest? And why doesn’t that soldier have a stronger Pokemon than a Bulbasaur?”

“I…it’s the only one I’ve got.” said the Bulbasaur’s soldier, showing hints of blushing.

“Well, no matter.” said the Squad Leader “Its defeat will just be quicker, in that case. Besides, it also enforces the reputation of weakness you Republic fools have. Go, Sudowoodo!”

A Pokemon shaped like a tree appeared from the Sith Squad Leader’s Pokeball. Its arms were branches, it had a wooden “Y” shape on top of its head, and it had a black aura. A black aura was the trademark of a Shadow Pokemon.

“Magneton, go first!” cried the third Republic soldier “Use Metal Sound!”

The Magneton separated itself, then smashed together again, creating a horrible screeching noise. This noise caused everyone, even the Republic soldiers on its own side, to clutch their ears and double over in pain.

“Sudowoodo,” said the Sith Squad Leader, recovering from the Metal Sound “use Shadow End to take apart that Magneton!”

Sudowoodo’s aura grew stronger and larger as it rushed towards Magneton. When Sudowoodo struck, Magneton was sent right into its trainer, sending both into the white walls.

“Bulbasaur, use Sleep Powder!” cried the first soldier

The Bulbasaur fired silver, glittering spores from its seed. The spores made contact with Sudowoodo, causing it to fall asleep.

“Arrgh,” said the Sith Squad Leader “Looks like I’ll just have to do this the Sith way.”

The Squad Leader pulled a blaster rifle out of his armor.

“Wha--?!” said the second Republic soldier “You can’t do that! This is a Pokemon battle! You can’t use…”

The soldier could say no more. He had been shot by the Squad Leader, along with the other, active soldier.

“Snagger, get up here.” commanded the Squad Leader

A Sith Soldier in blue armor with a blue machine resembling the upper part of a crab claw on his left arm came up to the Squad Leader.

“Yes, sir?”

“Snag the Armaldo. Kill the Bulbasaur, it’s too weak to be a Shadow Pokemon.”

“Yes, sir!” said the Sith Snagger.

The Snagger pulled a ball similar to a Pokeball out of his belt, only this ball had purple-and-white coloration with three silver scales on one side. He put it into his left arm, then said

“Dark Snag Ball, go!”

He charged up the Dark Ball with energy from the device on his left arm, then threw the ball at the Armaldo.

Normally, one cannot catch a Pokemon that already belongs to a trainer. When one has a Snag Machine, though, that is different.

The Dark Ball hit the Armaldo and sucked it inside. The ball shook once…


….three times. A Snag had been made, and the Dark Ball transformed the Armaldo into another Shadow Pokemon.

“Heh heh heh.” laughed the Sith Snagger “These Snag Machines and Dark Balls make this so much easier. Now all we have to do is take Pokemon from unsuspecting trainers. It takes a lot less time than having to search all across the galaxy for just one.”

“Bul…Bulbasaur…” said the Bulbasaur, backing into a corner.

“Don’t think I forgot about you, little Bulbasaur.” said the Sith Snagger as he opened his Dark Ball, unleashing the newly-created Shadow Armaldo “Armaldo…”

The Bulbasaur looked extremely worried.

“…..Shadow End.”


The sounds and shockwaves caused by the explosions woke Thresh Cral out of his slumber. He pulled himself out of his bed and looked around to see what caused it.

Thresh had short, blonde hair on top of his head. His main sleeping outfit consisted of grey-and-red jumpsuit.

A Republic soldier with pure white hair instead of the usual pointed helmet on his head rushed into Thresh’s room.

“Oh, good, you’re awake.” said the Republic soldier “Let’s go: Bastila needs our help! The Endar Spire is under Sith attack!”

“First off, I’ve noticed what the Sith are doing,” said Thresh “and, second, who’re you, anyway?”

“I’m Trask Ulgo, Republic soldier.” said the soldier “I’m your bunk mate on this ship. We work opposite shifts, I guess that’s probably why you haven’t seen me before. Now get your gear from that footlocker and come on! We need to fight our way past Sith troopers to get to the bridge!”

Thresh took Trask’s advice and went to a silver footlocker at the end of the room. Inside, there lay a red jacket with grey pants, a silver belt called a Stealth Field Generator, and a Pokeball.

“Your Pokemon’s in that Pokeball.” said Trask “Go ahead, open it. Let’s see what your first Pokemon is.”

Thresh picked up the Pokeball. It was small and compact, so small that it could be crushed in his hand if he had enough strength. He pressed a grey button on the black line between the red and the white, and the ball grew. He threw it onto the floor, and a bright flash of white light erupted from it.

The light began to take the form of a dog-like creature with large ears and a tail that looked as if it had crab claw with blunt, soft ends rather than the sharp and pointy on the end. As the light disappeared, the creature was revealed to have bright purple skin, blue eyes with a red jewel between, and blue insides of its ears.

“It’s an Espeon,” said Trask “the Sun Pokemon. It’s a Psychic-type that I hear can sense its opponent’s next move by using the hairs on its body to feel the air currents. It’s too bad that it can’t do it on the Endar Spire. There aren’t any air currents for it to feel, here. You might have to make do with regular Psychic-type attacks to fight the Sith and their Shadow Pokemon.”

“What do you have?” Thresh asked

“I have a Glalie.” said Trask “It’s an Ice-type that took a lot of work to raise, but it was worth it. Their bodies never melt, even when exposed to any type of fire. Not laser fire, though, that tends to kill them.”

“But, before we go, I need to tell you something first.” said Trask “I read your service records, about how you can understand a remarkable number of alien languages, even Shyriiwook, the Wookie language. Even about how you used to smuggle spice, blasters and other things. But the Republic thought that you’d be a good addition, so they hired you, since they couldn’t catch you.

“And I’ll admit, the Republic is in need of your talents.” Trask continued “Bastila’s probably on the bridge, it’s the most likely place to find her.”

“Hold on,” said Thresh “who’s Bastila, again?”

“Bastila’s the commanding officer here on the Endar Spire.” said Trask “Well, not an officer, really. But, she’s the one in charge of this mission. That’s why we need to find her!”

“Okay, let’s go help Bastila!” said Thresh as he shot a beam of red light from his Pokeball, recalling his Espeon

“We’ll have to stick together, Thresh.” said Trask “You’ll have more success with a party than on your own.”

“Because of the Sith attack, this bunk room is in lockdown,” said Trask “but don’t worry, because I have the codes to override it.”

Trask went over to the door and pressed several buttons. It opened, and a corridor appeared behind it.

“Come on,” the soldier said “Bastila’s not going to be able to wait forever!”

Thresh ran alongside Trask, and the two heard an explosion over on the right. Down a bit of a darker corridor, a brown droid with a flat head, one blue eye, four legs with wheels in the feet and brown plating had been killed by the explosion.

“That Utility Droid’s just one of the casualties on this ship,” said Trask “and it doesn’t do Bastila, or anyone else, any good if we add ourselves to that number.”

“This is Carth Onasi,” said a voice coming from Thresh and Trask’s portable communicators, located on their wrists “the Sith are threatening to overrun our position! We need to get to the escape pods!”

The man’s colors were distorted by a blue screen, but the facial details were clearly visible: Carth had a black beard going with untidy hair that had two bangs going down the right corner.

“That was Carth contacting us on our portable communicators!” said Trask “He’s seen more combat than the entire Endar Spire’s crew put together! If he says things are bad, you better believe it. He knows what he’s doing here.”

The two continued running to the door. Thresh attempted to open it, but it wouldn’t split open like all the wide doors did.

“That door’s locked,” said Trask “and I don’t have the codes to override it. You used to be a smuggler, so you should know a few ways to bypass security codes by hacking into the system.”

Thresh began fiddling with the door’s controls a bit, and then it opened.

A Republic soldier was visible, fighting with blasters alongside a large, blue nose-like creature with two stubby, blue pillars sprouting from the nostrils. Blackness surrounded the white eyes, which seemed to be closed. A pointy, red nose sprouted from beneath the eyes. This Nosepass’s eyes glowed blue for a bit, then its owner, the Republic soldier said

“Now, Nosepass, Zap Cannon!”

The Nosepass’s nose began to glow yellow, then a large beam of yellow electricity fired from it, heading towards the Sith soldiers across the hall.

A Sith soldier was standing alongside a rock with what appeared to be small pink branches sprouting out of its top. The top half of this creature was pink, but the bottom half, including the stubby little legs, was white.

“Corsola,” said the Sith soldier “Shadow End! Go right through that Zap Cannon!”

The Shadow Corsola obeyed, charging up a black aura and rushing into the laser. Miraculously, the Corsola powered right through, annihilating it completely and smashing Nosepass right into the wall.

“Whoa!” cried Thresh

The Shadow Corsola bounded back to its master, leaving the Republic soldier dumbfounded.

“Now, finish that Republic fool with a Shadow Storm!” cried the soldier

The Corsola’s spikes began to glow a dark color, as purple tornadoes emerged from each spike. The tornadoes absolutely decimated the soldier, reducing him to a pile of body parts.

Another Sith soldier, this one with a Shadow Pokemon that looked like a little midget with brown skin, a grey eye area, grey thighs and a leaf coming out of its head. It also had a long, brown, pointy nose. This Pokemon was a Shadow Nuzleaf.

“These Sith must be the advance boarding party!” cried Trask “FOR THE REPUBLIC!”

Trask sent out a light blue head with black horns, flat, shivering teeth, and blue eyes that was his Glalie to combat the Nuzleaf while Thresh released his Espeon to fight the Corsola.

“Espeon,” said Thresh “Psychic!”

The Espeon’s red jewel glowed blue as Corsola was surrounded by an aura of the same color. The Corsola was smashed into its Sith master, who was flown into the wall and killed by the Corsola’s spikes.

“Glalie, Ice Beam!” cried Trask

The Glalie opened its mouth, releasing a bright, light blue beam of energy that struck the Nuzleaf head on, freezing it solid in one hit. The Sith soldier drew a blaster, but the Glalie froze him with an Ice Beam, too.

“Let’s move on,” said Trask

They opened another door and saw a bald man with a black beard wearing grey armor fighting a woman with a tan robe, grey pants, and black hair tied up in a knot at the back.

The man was a Dark Jedi, and the woman was a Jedi Guardian, one of the three Jedi classes. On the Dark Jedi’s side was a Shadow Sudowoodo, while on the Jedi Guardian’s side was a blue plesiosaur-like creature with a purple, spiked turtle shell and a blue horn. This creature was called a Lapras.

“It’s a Dark Jedi!” gasped Trask “We’d better stay back: this fight is too much for us, all we’d do is get in the way.”

As the Jedi Guardian’s blue lightsaber clashed with the Dark Jedi’s red one, the Sudowoodo charged its body with dark energies and rushed at the Lapras, preparing for a Shadow Rush, only to be knocked away and knocked out by a Hydro Pump from the Lapras. Several lightsaber strikes later, the Jedi Guardian triumphed over the Dark Jedi, but an explosion killed her, preventing any more heroics.

“That was one of the Jedi accompanying Bastila!” cried Trask “Damn, we could’ve used her help!”

Two more Sith soldiers appeared, running to the Dark Jedi’s aid. Finding he was dead, they turned on Trask and Thresh, sending out a blue, UFO-like object with a pair of arms with three clawed fingers, red eyes, and a spike for a nose. This was a Shadow Metang. The other soldier sent out a creature like a small child with light blue skin, only with four, red, clawed fingers, a red beak, a lily pad on top of its head, and a green skin pattern making it look like it was wearing a toga. This was a Shadow Lombre. Thresh sent out his Espeon to fight the Lombre while Trask released his Glalie to battle the Metang.

“Espeon, Psychic!” cried Thresh

The Espeon surrounded the Lombre with a blue aura again, this time making it hit the Metang, smashing them both into the wall. The Lombre fainted, but the Metang was still active, what with being a Steel-type.

“Glalie, Crunch it!” cried Trask

The Glalie opened its mouth wide, revealing flat teeth, then it flew towards the Metang and bit it on part of its arm. Holding it there, the Glalie began crunching harder, doing damage to the Psychic-type half of Metang. The attack made the Metang faint. Both Sith soldiers drew out their blasters and fired, but Espeon used Psychic to redirect the blasts of orange energy towards the Sith soldier’s direction, killing them.

“Come on,” said Trask “the bridge is ahead.”

They reached the bridge, and opened the door. It was wrecked greatly, dark grey computers smashed, Republic soldier corpses littering the floor, and Sith soldiers still combating some of the mores skilled Republic grunts.

“Glalie, Ice Beam!” cried Trask, allowing his Glalie to freeze most of the Sith soldiers. The last Republic soldier standing was killed by another explosion, but it shattered the frozen bodies of the Sith soldiers.

“That was….gory.” said Thresh

“Hey, just be glad there wasn’t any real blood involved.” said Trask “Anyway, Bastila’s not here. She must have went to the escape pods. The Sith want her alive, but once she’s off, there’s no stopping them from blasting the Endar Spire into galactic space dust! We need to get to the escape pods!”

Going through several more doors, Trask then drew a katana with the ability to withstand a strike from even a lightsaber called a Vibroblade, then went up to another door.

“There’s something, or someone, behind here.” he said

The door opened, revealing another bald man with a black goatee, this one in black robes. He drew a grey lightsaber that was twice as long as the ones used by the first Dark Jedi, and two red beams sprouted from the ends, revealing it as a double-bladed lightsaber.

To the great surprise of both Thresh and Trask, a legendary Pokemon stood alongside the Dark Jedi. It was made entirely of rock, with many orange eyes dotting its head in a peculiar pattern. Grey pillars of stone were the hands, and red pillars of rock sprouted up from the shoulders. This Shadow Regirock stared the two down in a sort of evil manner, though it was hard to tell what emotions Regirock expressed.

“Damn, another Dark Jedi!” cried Trask “And he’s got a Shadow Regirock!”

Trask released his Glalie as he spoke.

“Glalie and I will try to hold them off!” said Trask “You get to the escape pods, go!”

Trask entered the door to challenge the Dark Jedi, followed by Glalie, preparing to fight Regirock.

Explosions followed Trask outside the door, blinding Thresh for a moment. When the smoke cleared, he saw that the door had closed.

Thresh opened the door leading to the starboard section of the Endar Spire, and, taking a moment to look back for a bit to remember the brave efforts of Trask….



“This is Carth Onasi on your portable communicator.” came Carth’s voice from the communicator “I’m tracking your position through the Endar Spire’s remaining life-support systems. Bastila’s escape pod is away. You and I are the last remaining members of the Endar Spire, apart from Trask. He’ll be remembered for this, I promise you that. Anyway, I’m in the escape pod section. You have to get to me now!”

“Got it.” said Thresh

“Be careful,” said Carth “because there’s a Sith Patrol just down the corridor. Use your Stealth Field Generator to sneak past him.”

Thresh obliged, pressing the green button on his belt, which cloaked his whole body and made him invisible.

He snuck down the corridor. A smuggler often has infamous luck, which took place as another explosion appeared, distracting the Sith soldier from his post. Thresh snuck by him without incident, and came upon a door.

Opening the door, a pair of Sith troopers remained standing in their posts, unable to see Thresh. Turning off the Generator, Thresh summoned his Espeon to take them out.

“Espeon, Psychic!” cried Thresh

Espeon surrounded the Sith with blue auras before they could have a chance to summon their Shadow Pokemon. Flinging one into the wall, Espeon telekinetically chucked the other on top of the first, defeating them both.

“Nice work,” said Carth “but there’s a whole squad of Sith troopers behind that next door. One of them is the only Sith Snagger on board, and he has a Snag Machine, a device capable of stealing another person’s Pokemon right out of a battle. He’ll steal your Espeon right from you and have the other soldiers kill you. You need to find some way to thin their numbers, or even take them all out.

“You could reprogram the damaged assault droid near you to help you, if you have enough repair parts,” continued Carth “but you could save parts and use up computer spikes by hacking into the computer and overloading the power conduit in the room. I recommend overloading the power conduit, since the Snagger could just take your Pokemon if you use the assault droid.”

“Right.” said Thresh

Thresh walked up to a grey device with three blue screens. He fiddled with the controls a bit, and then a camera feed appeared on-screen.

A pipe with a blue screen on it suddenly blew open, sending out several large streams of electricity that shocked all the Sith soldiers into death: even the Snagger, who had blue armor.

Thresh entered the door, and picked some things off the remains of the Sith soldiers: even taking the whole Snag Machine from the Snagger.

He entered the door and saw Carth, who had an orange shirt with yellow shoulders and black pants in addition to his facial features.

“You made it just in the nick of time!” said Carth “And you even got the Snagger’s Snag Machine! That’ll give us a big edge in the battle against the Sith. Let’s get to the escape pods and jet out of here!”

“Nice idea,” said Thresh “considering that no one wants to be blasted into space dust by the Sith.”

“Got that right.” said Carth as he entered the last remaining escape pod along with Thresh.


Just as the last of the Sith fighters prepared one final blast on the Endar Spire, one last escape pod jettisoned from the side of the Endar Spire. It sped away from the craft just as it exploded in a bright blast of fire.

The pod flew through the atmosphere of the planet below, into the southern part of a nearby city. It crashed into a bit of a hovering city, where many people gathered around it.

Carth was the only one awake. Thresh had been knocked out cold. In all the confusion, Carth managed to drag the unconscious Thresh Cral away, and into a apartment complex. There, he heaved Thresh onto a bed, and went out to scout out the planet.


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