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7th July 2006, 2:17 AM
;384;chapter 1 A red rayquaza

"go to kanto"a old rayquaza said to child rayquaza"why grandpa, we'er in Hoenn?"he said "you'll see... go to orre and see celebi and lugia ,if they are not there go to johto.Then to kanto to see mew.Ok Coia"the old rayquaza said
"ok?"Coia said.Then he flyew away,......later..."AHHHHHHHHHHH!"Coia said flying away from master balls from trianer s.then it was night at 12:00 and at orre in agate vilege."celebi?"Coia said"here"celebi.Giveing him a red rayquaza satue."use this "celebi said.

mane pokemon s in story is:;384; ;151;
my pokemon team:;025;;258; ;004; ;381; ;380;

7th July 2006, 2:35 AM
Make your story longer than that, use Microsoft Word to correct your grammar and spelling and make more sense when writing a story!

7th July 2006, 2:51 AM
;249; chaper 2
"ok, whate...for what"Coia said , but celebi disapared. Then a red light apared behinde him, and a houndoom came out of the poke ball."houndoom, hyper beam!" a trainer said and houndoom attacks, but coia flys away. "almost"the trainer said and returned his pokemon.And Coia whent to johto."Now lugia....."and he whent to a tower to rest.The brunt tower!
and coia fell asleep, and the red rayquaza satue started glowing...Lugia
was comeing."the rayquaza...is in Johto"lugai said flying tored where coia was.

7th July 2006, 2:52 AM
RULES!!! (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=96993)

ADVICE FOR ASPIRING AUTHORS!!! (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=19)

Read them well.

Oh, by the way, work on your spelling

7th July 2006, 2:53 AM
Again, you need to reed rules and advice. The rules state a minimum length must be one page in a stanard word processor. I assume by looking at this that you are writing this is the text area when making the thread, which is just not good. Punctuation, grammar, and spelling is all unchecked and disheveled. This does not constitute a fic - or at least one that follows the rules.

I highly suggest reading other peoples' fics and, as said, the rules and advice threads before posting another fic that does not follow guidelines. Consider this a warning. Repeated offenses without any regards to such warnings will result in harsher reaction.