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Eternal Daydreamer
8th July 2006, 12:59 AM
I have dug out my old Hocus Pocus Pokemon parody story. And revised it. It shall go even further this time around! Hopefully. Starring the Sensational Sisters! The reason why I used the name Kenji.......Tracey just doesn't sound 1600'sh.

Now without further ado is the story:

~Greenfield Village 1693~

Sunlight filtered through the window of the log cabin. It was an autumn morning, crisp and fresh. It landed on a sleeping teenager, who seemed around sixteen who was alone in a bed, and another smaller bed that seemed to be empty. He was laying half out bed, his chest bare, the tips of his fingers touching the rough woolen rug on the floor. A pink shape darted past the window. However, the teenager, Kenji, did not notice this.

Instead the morning light woke Kenji with a start. Getting out of bed he stretched and yawned loudly. “Ywaahaaaaaaaaa.”

After putting on a shirt and since he already had a pair of trousers on; he peered out of the doorway into the main room, trying to spy something. “Molly?” he asked noticing the other, smaller bed was empty. “Molly? Molly?! MOLLY?!!!”

Greatly worried, Kenji ran out to meet his father.

A middle aged man dressed in leather leggings and wielding an exe was laboring over some logs. Gently he leaned against the pile of logs, carefully making sure that none started rolling. Logs moving was no good. A black crow Pokemon was watching his every move on a branch. Looking at it, he wiped sweat from his brow and glanced at the bird Pokemon.

“Mukrow,” he muttered darkly. “Must be one of the Nosesational Sisters Pokemon.” The Nosesational Sisters was a trio of old hags, thought to have been witches. Some were saying they were taking young children away for some reason only known to themselves.

His son, Kenji suddenly ran out of the log cabin to meet him. “Molly,” he said breathlessly. “Have you seen Molly, father?”

The man shook his head. “Can’t say that I have seen her,” Kenji’s father said slowly. “Hath thee reason to worry, Kenji?” Kenji shook his head.

“Then the Nosesational sisters have taken her! Father, thee go warn the elders. I shall go get Molly!” Kenji was wanting to go to the shack where the hags lived to save his sister from some imaginary spells the “witches” were casting.

The older man shook his grizzled head. He knew the ways of younger men. “Nay, my son. Thee are too ambitious, Kenji.”

Kenji was about to interject but they heard soft singing in the distance.

“Come little children, I’ll take thee away into a land of enchantment. Come little children, it’s time to play in my garden of magic...”

The older man sighed. He knew what needed to happen. He gave a little nod to Kenji to say, “Yes, go ahead.” Kenji needed no second urging and ran. The Mukrow on the branch flicked an eyelid at this but stood where it was.


“Come with me, little child.”

The one who spoke it was an old woman - she had pink hair with gray streaks in it and was wearing a pink cloak with a hood. She was leaning on a great wicker broom. This was the youngest of the Nosestational sisters, Lily. Lily beckoned to the little girl with light brown hair to follow her. She turned her head away.

“I will not come with thee, old woman,” she said with a child’s politeness. She was Molly, Kenji’s little sister. She stood upright looking at the hag with bright eyes.

“I shall sing to thee if thee comes with me,” Lily said politely.

“I will not come with thee.”

Lily’s expression was covered with the hood, so Molly could not tell what the woman’s mood was. The older woman shrugged her shoulders, and leaned against her broom. She perhaps was a little frustrated at this treatment.

“Come little children, I’ll take thee away into a land of enchantment. Come little children, it’s time to play in my garden of magic...”

Molly stubbornly shook her head. She just didn’t want to go with Lily.

“I said come!” Molly once again shook her head ‘no’. Lily would not give up, however. Hags were known to be stubborn as mules at times. That was just the way they were.

Lily sighed. “I’ll give thee a Ponyta if thee comes with me.” Mi brightened at these words. She loved Pokemon and always wanted one for herself.

“Thee promises?” she asked curiously. “Aye.” Mi smiled and followed Lily when she left into the woods.


Kenji had fell down a couple hills in the forest, plus waded through several shallow streams. The way was rough but he would not give up. After what seemed forever, he came across a shack that must been the Nosesational’s residence. Laying low and keeping to the brush, he crept towards the shack.

When he was close, the shutters flew upon and an old woman with graying blonde hair stuck out her head. “What a lovely morning,” she said. “And I hate it! Violet, get out of bed ye fool!” With that, the old woman pulled her head back in and slammed the shutters.

Kenji sighed with relief. He was glad that the hag did not see him. “That must be Daisy,” he thought to himself. “For she was talking to Violet and Lily is the one said to lure children away.”

With that he started climbing the waterwheel which was near the shack. It was not an easy climb but he was determined. Soon, he was upon the top of the wheel and climbed in through a window, hoping that the hags were busy.


Lily soon came in through the door with Molly in tow. Violet -an old woman with graying blue hair- got out of bed yawning. Daisy was now at a bubbling cauldron and looking at a book which was on a lectern.

The youngest sister had lead the little girl to chair and had her sit down. “Now sit here,” Lily said and shot warning glances at her older sisters. “And after we are done, I’ll give ye a Ponyta.” With that, Lily went behind Mi and tied her up with a rope. Molly sat perfectly still and waited. Wether out of her own free will or a spell, we will never know.

“Now,” Daisy began and beckoned her sisters closer to her. Pointing to the opened book she said, “Now that we have the cauldron to full rolling bubble we need put in the herb that’s red.”

Lily shook her head and walked to the other side of the shack. She obviously had no will to help out. “Thee come back here!” Violet yelled, she had a short temper..

“Nay, I’ve brought the victim!” the younger one cried. Lily was rumored to be the simplest of the three, albeit the most charming.

“Quit thy bickering!” Daisy snarled. “Thee has done your part. Violet, give me the herb that’s red.” With that, Violet snarled but got the red herb. Lily snickered and Molly lifted an eyebrow.


Kenji was on the second story landing just above the three sisters, watching them carefully. He had snuck there quietly, and noticed the whole thing. The sisters had not noticed him.

Daisy had just plucked a hair from her head and added it to the cauldron. “Add a dash of Ninetales and a dead man’s toe,” said Daisy with a solemn tone. Lily grinned from ear to ear. She loved dead men’s toes. They were her favorite snack food.

Lily, still smiling, danced to a shelf singing the item’s name all the way. After she had gotten a basket of the said item, she danced back to the cauldron still singing. The youngest tossed a couple of toes into the cauldron. Seeing the snack item, Violet came and picked a toe and ate it. Lily ate a few too, and tossed one at Violet. She missed.

Lily got carried away and tossed another dead man’s toe at Violet, it hit her in the face. Violet wasn’t too happy and smacked Lily on the head. “Ack!” cried the youngest. Daisy glared at them.

“Stop that! We just need one more item. Just a bite of our tongue,” Daisy snapped. The other two sisters came to her. All of them bit their tongue and spit into the cauldron.

“It is done. Now we feed it to our captive,” Daisy said with a sly smile. Molly turned her head, looking at the cauldron curiously. Obviously she was wondering what she got herself into. Violet had taken a bowl from the table and dipped into the bowl. Lily coaxed Molly into drinking the liquid. Which, of course, the little girl did.

“How dare you!” yelled Kenji and bounded down from his hiding place. Lily was the first to respond. She licked her lips and moved forward, as if to hug him. Molly’s brother dodged the “hug”. The said little girl looked at this with a small smile.

Daisy turned around and sighed. She began raising her skirt and it was very shocking to see a woman’s ankle at that age. Daisy was going for a dagger that was strapped to her leg but Kenji, being young, thought she was flashing him. This shocked Kenji so much that he fell to the ground but knocked over the cauldron in the process. Daisy lowered her skirt again, she was pleased.

“The fool destroyed our potion! What shall we ever do!?!” roared Violet. Lily gave a small giggle and Daisy smirked.

With that, Molly started glowing. Daisy looked triumphant. “See? That be her life force! Now sisters, let’s suck the life force out of her and become young, once again!”

Kenji got up, his face red with fury.“Nay,” he gasped. “I won’t let you hurt my sister!” With that, Kenji shakily charged the sisters. Daisy wouldn’t let him get far, he soon was laid low with a slap to the back of the head with the magic book.

Lily licked her lips in excitement. “Let’s hang him up from the ceiling,” Lily began. “Then let me play with him!” Both Violet and Kenji made faces of disgust. Violet seemed disgusted that Lily was dirtying the name of their family.

“Sisters,” Daisy said as if to break up some future fight. “We should begin sucking the life of our victim at this moment. Or do thee wish for only me to become young?”

Lily and Violet grudgingly came over to their sister’s side. Kenji tried to get up again but stopped when Daisy turned her head to watch him. “Now, sisters,” Daisy said after she turned back her head towards Mi. “Give me your hands then we shall suck the life out of her!” With that the witch sisters began to suck the life out of Molly.

With each breath the sisters became younger. Breath, Daisy’s hair is golden now. Breath, Violet doesn’t have wrinkles anymore. Breath, Lily looks like a model once again. Molly grew limp, she was dead. Kenji snarled, but the sisters were not paying attention. Currently they were celebrating their success.

“I’m young again!” cried Violet happily. She touched her face. “Younger at any rate.”

“Hehehe! I’m young again! Don’t I look prettier to thee?” Lily giggled. She was the young, not as ancient as the other two. So the potion worked wonders on her.

Daisy had rushed to get a mirror. “Yes!” she cried in delight. “It has worked! We are younger!”

Violet gave a little smile. She was proud of her older sister.. “Let’s dance,” said she.

“Aye, why not?” replied Daisy carelessly. With that they started dancing in a circle around the cauldron.. Kenji, got to his feet and interrupted their dancing.

“If you took the lives of all the children of all the world you would be just ugly old hags!” he snarled underneath his breath. Violet looked crestfallen. Lily gasped and almost started crying.

Daisy actually laughed. “Ha, you think you defeat us! Just because we were just dancing does not mean we will not punish you for trespassing!” Kenji blinked in surprise.

“Book, come to Momma Daisy!” cried Daisy and the spell book flew to her open arms. The book flipped open and Daisy glanced through the many spells with an air of indifference. Her two sisters crowded, trying to see the spells.

“Let’s see,” she said before picking one. “Ah! I know what to do with you! You will live forever in your guilt!” Kenji raised an eyebrow and Daisy’s sisters looked confused.

“That would be a blessing,” Violet said carefully. Lily shook her head in agreement. Kenji smirked, he would get over this easily if he lived forever.

“Aye, but I don’t mean as a human,” Daisy said with a small smirk. “What are you going to transform him into?” Lily asked. “Thee will see soon enough.” Kenji took several steps backwards. Daisy began to chant this chant:

“Your hopes, this spell will dash,
With teeth to bite and claws to slash,
With fur white as cream,
To catch a meal will be your only dream.”

Within a minute, there was no teenage boy in front of the sisters. There was instead was a cream colored Persian snarling in front of them. Lily reached her hand out to him. “Ah, here little kitty,” she said gently. The Persian slashed at her hand! Lily drew her hand back fast. Persian flicked his tail irritably at the sisters.

“Lily, thee shouldn’t touch him,” Violet said and sighed. Daisy gave a cackle. Lily started rubbing her hand as if it hurt. The Persian circled them like a vulture, keeping to the floor.

Suddenly, there was a knock and a loud voice from outside. “Open up, Nosesational sisters! We know you kidnaped my daughter!” It was Kenji and Molly’s father.

Daisy, Violet, and Lily threw themselves onto the door. “We are just three old spinster ladies!” Daisy cried. “Yes, thee have the wrong shack!” Violet snapped and pushed harder. “Yes, we were just sucking the lives out of little children!” Lily cried hopelessly. The older sisters glared at her.


Now the three sisters were on a gallows with nooses around their necks. Kenji’s father was questioning them with Daisy’s book in his arms. “What hath thee done with Kenji?” he snapped. Daisy shrugged as best as she could. She obviously didn’t care.

“A Meowth’s got my tongue,” she said and burst out laughing. The man’s face turned red. “This be a serious matter, hag!” Oak snapped. The book flew out of Oak’s arms and onto the floor of the gallows. Daisy glanced to her sisters. Violet caught her gaze and winked.

The book flew out of Oak’s arms and onto the floor of the gallows. “Aha!” Daisy grinned evilly. “I curse this town! One day an unknowing virgin shall bring us back from the dead and we will have our revenge!” With this she started laughing and so did her sisters. The floor went out from under them and there they hanged, dead.

A Persian came from the shadows and rubbed it’s bulk against Kenji’s father’s leg. The man growled and shoved the cat Pokemon away. “Get away foul beast!” he snarled. The Persian slunk off as the villagers started to move away from the gallows. Under the shade of a tree, the Persian sat down as if it was waiting for something.