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Shadows Follower
8th July 2006, 11:30 AM
Well here it is, the discussion thread for our RPG. You can give idea's for your characters, plot events etc. I'm sure I don't need to remind you that this is NOT a chat thread, thats what PM is for. So anyway here it is:-

Ok incase some of you don't know how to begin, all you have to simply do is:-
1) Get into some situation where you get your gauntlet. You could have it before this all began.
2) You put the Gauntlet on, thereby releasing your first spirit into the world.
3) They will then explain what they are, and although they don't know about the other spirits being released, they do know something is wrong.

Where you go from there is up to you. You can get to know them better or begin to find spirits or possibly get into a fight with another gauntlet user. Its your choice

Spirit Capture
Ok, you will of course gain your first spirit with your gauntlet. They too will have a card in which you can call them back to.

Now, of course you will have to find a spirit in order to capture. Who they will be will be explained later. They will either be in hiding, using their powers for mischief, trying to use them for good purposes like before and other situations. Where they can be I'll also leave to you but don't have them just a few metres away from you standing about. Some will just be confused or lost and might join you for safety but most you will have to "persuade" to return.

When battling, you can combine/break up from any amount of spirits you have with you and use their powers to help you weaken them but take in mind spirits have limits too and will weaken if they are damaged and will eventually need to return to there card to gain back energy. On that thought, although spirits don't need to eat or drink, doesn't mean they don't want it and still have feelings as much as other people.

The Evil Side

Although I so not want to reveal too much at the moment, people wearing all black with hoods (no, not Nobodies) have begun to appear across the city, wearing purple coloured gauntlets with green glyphs all over them. They use strange tainted magic that can be quite deadly to both spirit and human. They are searching for something and I'm sure it won't be long before they will cross your path. Be careful.

Capturable Spirits

Now, to stop clutering up the actual RPG thread, I will post the current available spirits to capture here every week, updating each week or sooner, depending on how soon they are captured.

Now, here I will ask for your assistance as eventually I will run out of ideas for new ones and I ask for you to PM me you ideas for new spirits. If they are good, I will post them here and they will become an official spirit up for grabs. Bare in mind if you do, the spirit you designed will be available to any person and not just for you. If you guys want the same spirit then you'll have to work it out amongst yourselves.

Here are the first three that will be available to you at the beginning. I will more than likely have more up soon so keep coming back to check for new ones.

Name: Drizzle
Gender: Female
Element: Water

Description: She is small in height, only about 3' 5" with a fair complexion. She has long aqua blue hair that comes down her back and her light blue eyes only make her more cute looking. She wears a drooping pointed wizard hat on her head with a bell on the end of it which is also light blue. The sleeves of her white shirt with a red love heart are too long for her and so leave her hands hidden. She wears a normal blue jacket over that which also is too big for her. She wears white pants on her legs and wears a pair of brown leather sandals on her feet.

Personality: Drizzle has the mental age of a child even though she is older than many things. She can get easily upset and burst to tears and likes to be cared for by others, especially her chosen master. She likes things to be done for her like a child would ask a mum. She is an innocent spirit at heart and comes out as cute and adorable to others. Although it takes a bit to care for this certain spirit, she is loyal to the end.

Powers: She has the ability to summon rain at her chosen location. Her emotions effect the range and power of her ability, most destructive when mad but pours down hardest when she's sad.

Other: She has taste for cookies.
(Taken by Shadows Follower)

Name: Shade
Gender: Male
Element: Dark

Description: There is not much to describe about Shade, standing 5' 7" always covered in thick long black robes from head to toe. His face is never seen through the hood, coming out as perhaps the grim reaper. Some fellow spirits think it is sometimes best not to see. What he hides is best left for Shade to only know.

Personality: Shade is a spirit of very few words, making even most loner types look bad. When he needs to, he will say the occasional word but that will be all for awhile. Besides his anti- social exterior, he is a very loyal spirit who will obey his chosen master to the word. He keeps his mind on the job and thats really all, never really one to un wind and relax. To make Shade laugh is a true miracle.

Powers: Shade is able to meld straight into and with the shadows, allowing him to hide and travel through the shadows himself.

Other: N/A
(Taken by Nylf)

Name: Grain
Gender: Male
Element: Earth

Description: He stands about 5' 6" and his body is made completely out of sand. Despite this, he has features and clohes that transform with him. He has short black spiky hair that shoots out all over. He has two ember coloured eyes that always have a small twinkle within them. He wears a simple black shirt and a black sleeveless jacket over that. He has brown fingerless gloves and grey shorts on his legs. He wears nothing on his feet as he allows likes the feel of the ground underneath his feet.

Personality: Grain has allows been a joker, trying to make witty puns about sand and jokes that never really get a laugh. He is a spirit that enjoys entertainment and fun which can usually get him into trouble. He likes to make impression with his power which are pretty good. Although he doesn't always agree with his master, he obeys them from the promise he made to Titan hundreds of years ago.

Powers: He can dissolve into sand and shift his body's shape and size by using more sand around him. His arms can change into a number of melee weapons.

Other: N/A
(Taken by Shadowfaith)

Well thats it for now. Any other problems, just post them here. This will start from tomorow.

Saffire Persian
10th July 2006, 3:29 AM
No wonder you said it was Card Captors-esque (loved the show). Now all I need to do is write up an RP - it'll probably debut tomorrow. Thanks for making t his, I hope it does all go further that most RPGs. ^^

Raposa Dalua
13th July 2006, 4:52 AM
Ironic that I was in the middle of rewatching the Card Captor Sakura series when I saw the sign-ups for this RPG. ^^; Anyway. I'm not going to have access to a computer starting July 14th and ending either the 22nd or the 23rd. Just letting people know that my characters won't be responding to anything for a good week or so. o_O;;

Shadows Follower
16th July 2006, 2:56 PM
Hey fellow RPGer's, your game master here with yet more spirits looking for a home. Check them out:-

Name: Pyro (Oh thats original)
Gender: Male
Element: Fire

Description: Pyro is a tall spirit, well built and ripped with tanned skin. His short hair is made of fire that burn as brightly as the twinkle in his ember eyes. His arms are large with black mark tattoos across them. He wears an sleeveless unbuttoned shirt which is black with a fire pattern on it. His shorts are of the same design. On his feet he wears

Personality: Pyro is like his element - a fiery temper. He is easy to anger if something is upsetting him and isn't afraid to use his fists to quiten down the insulter. He likes to think of himself as a bodyguard who protects their boss. If something upsets him and can't use force, he'll merely try to get them back in another way. Pyro always gets his man/woman.

Power: By thought, he is able to set objects on fire. He is unable to set natural creatures on fire, merely make a small fire instead. The more angry he is, the more destructive and greater his fires can be.

Other: N/A
(Taken by Kev Chi)

Name: Bushido
Gender: Female
Element: Metal

Description: She stands about 5' 11" and is basically a suit of armor with a feminine shape to it. Through her helm appears a human face, shoulder length straight blond hair coming out from all side and has ocean blue eyes. On her hands are two long metal sword blades. On the right one is a well crafted picture of a dragon and on the left is a picture of a phoenix.

Personality: She is a proud and noble spirit who thinks its her duty to do the right thing and protect those weaker than her. She takes delight however in showing up boys and proving she is suprior to them. She is a loyal spirit but may disobey orders to do the noble and right thing.

Power: She is able to warp and configure her body to use all sorts of sword and blade type weapons. Combining her arms together may result in longer, larger or more powerful blades.

Other: N/A
(Taken by The Burnt Shadow)

Name: Mimic
Gender: Male
Element: Light

Description: This spirit is 6' 2' tall with fair skin and an average build. He wears a white hood with a plain metal mask with two eye slits. Through the hood you can see tufts of white hair. Around his neck is a creme coloured collar. He wears white and creme coloured robes over a black shirt. He wears black pants with a pair of white sandals on his feet.

Personality: He is a very heavy thinking spirit, always questioning everything and asking why its like that. He has a deep pain from the fact that he doesn't have a face of his own through his powers and asks why all the time. He is friendly spirit and is always willing to talk. He even likes to make jokes when the times right but the his most desired question's answer is what he's always looking for.

Power: He can take on the physical form of anyone he has met or seen that day and gains their physical strength too. He is however, unable to use their powers or other special abilities that aren't his own.

Other: N/A
(Taken by Saffire Persian)

Well thats for now. PM or say if you need anything else.

Saffire Persian
16th July 2006, 6:27 PM
Hmm.. Mimic will be interesting. >.> Even though I have a Light, I'm going to capture that one in the post I'm writing up. Just a heads up.

Shadows Follower
16th July 2006, 6:42 PM
Heh, in truth Mimic is the only one left but it doesn't matter if your first capture spirit is the same as your starter one. The Burnt Shadow is capturing a metal spirit even though the first was metal. Well seeing how everyone has picked a spirit I'll update this again soon later this week. At least its taking off now and getting interesting.

EDIT: I forgot there where eight of us instead of seven. My bad. Here are two more for now.

Name: Surge
Gender: Male
Element: Thunder

Description: He stands 6' 7" with an average build and pale skin. His hair is a yellow/blonde colour that is spiky like thunderbolts. His eyes are light brown with a sense of seriousness about them. He wears two normal gauntlets over his hands with spikes on them and an opened army shirt across his chest over a black shirt. He wears boots which look a fairly polished and on his legs he wears a pair of blue pants with a white sea serpent on both legs for decoration.

Personality: Surge is a serious spirit, prefering to take his time and get the job done right. As one of the older spirits, he looks down on the siliness of the younger ones. He does what he's told without question like a soldier and is always reminding people to stay focused.

Power: He is able to take elecricity from one thing and redirect it somewhere else, usually to overpower over machines or power does that have run out. They can also just be fired as bolts of electricity.

Other: He likes it when the younger ones mess up for not following the rules as he an then go - "told ya you should have listened to me."

Name: Echo
Gender: Female
Element: Wind

Description: She wears a simple grey dress across her body with long sleeves. Around her neck are several different coloured and sized necklaces with beads, metal and other things attached to them. On her hands she has several rings and on her wrists she wears a set of three bangles on both. He hair falls down her back and is a lovely silver colour. He eyes are crystal clear which give a scary look to this innocent spirit's face.

Personality: Echo is a very timid and easily startled spirit which doesn't go well with her power. She is very quiet most of the time and tends not to speak up. She likes company but is usually over talked by the louder ones. She is sweet to know and very kind but is quite scary when she becomes frightened.

Power: She is able to create sonic vibrations by shouting or wailing. These shockwaves can hurt peoples ears and even throw them away from Echo. Larger vibrations can move larger objects like cars and move the ground below.