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11th July 2006, 1:30 AM
This is a friend of mine's fanfic. He didn't want to join just to post this fanfic, so he asked me to do it for him. There are 22 chapters already finished within this story, but I'll be posting them up sparingly so that my friend doesn't feel too pressured to make more. The story may also be found on Fanfiction.Net, but you don't have to review there if you don't want to.

Summary: Pokemon League Champion Gold of Johto and Kanto has just moved to Littleroot Town, how will his knowledge of the Pokemon world and prior experience help him along his journey?

Rating: T (PG-13)

Language, Some Sexuality

Well, hope you enjoy the fic.

Chapter 1: Moving Day

Fifteen year-old Pokemon Champion Gold was very ****** off. His parents were forcing him to move to some stupid-*** town far away from where he had lived his entire life. His dad, Norman, the reason he was going in the first place, had given him no choice in the matter. His mom, Gabrielle, had agreed with his father.

His father was the reason because his father was an aspiring Gym Leader; Norman wanted to become a Gym Leader, specializing in Normal-Type Pokemon. Since Johto already had a Normal-Type Gym Leader, Whitney, and since Kanto didn’t want one, Gold’s father had thought he was out of luck.

But just a few days after rejection, Gold’s father had been offered a job in the region of Hoenn, far away from Kanto and Johto. The Pokemon League there had contacted him, saying that the Gym Leader of Petalburg City had retired and that they needed a new leader. His father had, of course, accepted the offer.

And that was where Gold found himself now: forced to move to Littleroot Town, away from his friends. Friends like Prof. Elm, Lance of the Elite 4, Red, the former Pokemon Champion, and recently his rival, Silver, who had stopped being mean to his Pokemon.

Gold knew that he should be glad that his dad had finally found himself a place to work, and that it would make him happy. I’m going to miss New Bark Town. What am I supposed to do in Hoenn?

He guessed he could take the challenge there, since he was only Pokemon League Champion of Johto and Kanto. But that would probably be too easy, he mused. His Pokemon team: Feraligatr, Charizard, Alakazam, the Legendary Pokemon Suicune, Steelix, and Ampharos were all high levels, and probably too powerful for the Hoenn League.

But he did have some low-level Pokemon: his recently hatched Totodile and Charmander. I guess I could use them in the new league, and whatever the professor there wants to give me as a starter. With that settled, and Gold feeling slightly less mad at the possibility of a new adventure, he decided to start packing.

The first thing he packed was his PokeGear. He checked its number list first, deleting a few of the numbers he had registered and didn’t need anymore. The only numbers he left were Professor Elm’s, his mom’s and dad’s, Lance’s, Red’s, and Silver’s. Then Gold realized that his parents’ numbers would change when they moved, and he deleted the old numbers, keeping their names there for future additions.

Gold sorted through his room for personal items, finding it difficult to search because of the many large dolls his mother had insisted be kept in his room. He was actually glad he didn’t have a girlfriend at the time; a boy having dolls on his bed and on the table was very embarrassing.

It took about an hour to find all the things he needed; his bike, which had been stuffed behind a rather large Snorlax doll. His spare change, which had been stuffed in one of his desk drawers. He also found his spare Great Balls and Ultra Balls, which he had debated about for a while before deciding to take them. Behind some Clefairy dolls he discovered his favorite hat.

Gold figured that that was all he really needed, even though his mom would throw a fit about him leaving his dolls there. He began down the stairs to where his parents were already waiting with the movers, and turned back for a moment to his almost full room. Gold sighed, waved good-bye, and continued down the stairs with his pack and his bike.

His mother greeted him immediately at the bottom. “Hi honey-wait, is that all you’ve packed? Where’s your dolls?”

She had her hands on her hips, and was looking very sternly at him. Gold sighed for the second time, and replied to her,

“Mom, you know that I don’t like those things. I am a boy, after all.”

“But, but, but-” his mom stuttered, on the verge of tears.

“Alright fine, mom. Take them.”

She suddenly went back to being happy, and then she practically skipped up the stairs to pack the dolls she had bought for him. As she left the room, his dad muttered something about “mood swings” and then pulled him aside, the Machoke movers just finishing packing their refrigerator inside the van.

“Son,” his father whispered, “I know you aren’t happy about our moving, but please try to be happy for me. Plus, you can try to take the Hoenn League Challenge while you’re there. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“I am glad about you getting the job you’ve wanted for a while now, dad, and I had already planned on taking the challenge there anyway.”

Norman looked like he was proud of his son for a few moments, and then he let go of him, walking off to talk to the movers about something. Gold decided to leave the house for a while, just to get some fresh air and maybe have a chat with Prof. Elm about a few things.

A wave of warm, summer air hit him when exited his house. He just stood there for a few minutes, admiring the weather of New Bark Town for the last time. He took the time to look both ways, the sea route to Kanto on his left, and route 29 to his right. Behind him and to the right was his destination.

Gold knocked on the door three times before his call was answered. One of the Pokemon he had caught on his journey, but had not used, answered the door. Hitmontop spun inn excitement at seeing him, and then allowed him to come inside, leading him to Professor Elm. Elm was busy feeding another trainer’s Nidorino, and didn’t even notice Gold come in.

Gold coughed, and Elm practically jumped in surprise. He turned to the Pokemon Champion, his most favorite trainer of all the ones he had ever sent out, and smiled at him, nodding.

“I take it you’re here to talk about your move to Littleroot with me?”

Elm pulled out a chair for himself at a nearby table and sat down, Gold following with the same actions.

“You’re correct, professor. I wanted to ask you a few things.”

“Go on,” Professor Elm replied.

“Well, I was wondering if you’d be willing to take care of my old team for a while.”

“Of course,” Elm said energetically, “I take it you’re going to try the Hoenn League and that you don’t want it to be too easy?”

Gold smiled, and then said, “Thanks. And yes, I do want to try the Hoenn League. Do you happen to know anything about it?”

“Only a few small things,” Elm replied, “like the fact that there are all kinds of new Pokemon not obtainable in either Kanto or Johto.”

“Really?” Gold asked.

“Yep. From what I heard from my friend, Professor Birch, the leading Pokemon Professor there, Hoenn has over 130 new Pokemon for you to catch.”

“Fantastic!” Gold exclaimed, “Anything else?”

“Yes, there is. Hoenn is also home to two ecological terrorist groups called Team Magma and Team Aqua, who have been stirring up trouble as of late there.”

“Sounds just like Team Rocket. What have they been doing?” Gold said.

“Birch wouldn’t tell me, saying that they weren’t really too much trouble. Don’t underestimate them though, they could try to do the same things Team Rocket did.”

“I see. Is that it?” Gold asked.

“Yep, that’s it. What are you going to do now?”

“I guess I’ll be getting back home now. Good-bye Professor Elm, I’ll call you on the PokeGear when I get there.”

Gold waved to Elm as he left, and then went home, to find his parents had left already, but the movers were still there. One of the Machoke came up to him, handing him a note scribbled on a small piece of yellow paper. Gold read it.

Dear Gold,

Sorry about leaving without you, honey. You took so long to get back, that we decided to go ahead and get going. The human movers said that they’d let you ride in the back of one of the vans with the stuff. We’ll be waiting for you.

Sorry Honey,

Love Mom and Dad

So they left without me, huh? And I’m going to have to ride in the back of a moving van? This might suck. Gold crumpled up the letter and threw it into the nearby water. Sighing heavily, Gold went back inside the house, and saw his Totodile and Charmander bound up to him excitingly. He opened his arms, and they jumped up into them. Totodile nibbled affectionately on his ear, which sort of hurt, to say the least. Charmander nuzzled against him, yawning with a resounding “Chaaaaarrrrr”.

So Gold put his bike in the back of the van the movers told him to, his two sleepy Pokemon making it difficult for him to do one handed. After a few minutes of struggle, Gold managed to get the bike inside the van, and the human movers told him that he better get his *** into gear, lest they leave him there. Gold shot them a glare, and climbed in after his bicycle, Totodile and Charmander still in hand. He managed to pull out their Poke Balls and return the two to them. Gold sat down as the movers shut the door, and then the van took off. The items in the van sliding slightly from the sudden movement.

Guess they don’t care much about the condition of their customers’ belongings-or me, for that matter, Gold thought jokingly. He looked around at the van’s dark interior, no light coming through. He sighed for what seemed like the millionth time that day and decided that he might catch a nap, however difficult it might be to do so with the noisy movers and their bad driving.

Gold yawned, clapping his hand over his mouth slightly to stifle it, and then started to lie down, thinking about the region he would be living in for the rest of his days…


A rather large bump in the road shook the van a little, jolting Gold awake. He blinked a few times, trying to remember where he was. As his memory started to come back, and Gold stretched to waken himself further, he wandered just how far they were, and had the urge to ask the movers.

“Hey, driver, where are we now?”

Gold was expecting a rude reply from them, but was surprised when the driver actually spoke in a semi-nice tone.

“Oldale Town, kid. About a mile from Littleroot.”

“Thanks,” Gold replied. He heard a reply of “Yeah, whatever” from the driver.

Gold stood up, glad that the journey was almost over. He released his Pokemon, who almost knocked him down to the floor of the van in delight, and told them that they were going to be in whole new place now. They didn’t really seem to have a reaction to that, the two of them choosing to play with each other as the van continued on the road.

The van slowed down, and then came to a sudden stop, which sent Gold hurtling against a wall. “Ouch”, he exclaimed in mild pain before getting back into position. He rushed to the door, Totodile and Charmander in tow, and pushed it open. He jumped out and surveyed his new surroundings, which were quite different from New Bark’s.

Whereas New Bark Town had been largely un-forested, Littleroot had it in all directions. There was no sea nearby from what he could tell. Littleroot was also less populated too. There were only two houses, his new one and the identical one next to it, and Pokemon Lab resembling Elm’s to his right. More like a village than a town, Gold thought.

Totodile and Charmander were also eager to check out their new surroundings; he saw both of them sniffing at something in the trees. The animal looked like a red Caterpie, but it wasn’t. He pulled out his Pokedex, which just gave off a strange buzzing sound, indicating it didn’t have any information on this Pokemon. It must have been one of those new ones Elm had referred to.

Deciding that he would have to go out catching later, Gold decided to go inside his house, nearly getting whacked by a Machoke carrying his bike. His mom greeted him with a hug when he went inside, informing him that his dad was already in Petalburg. She apologized to him again for making him ride with the movers, to which he told her that it was alright.

“Maybe you should check out your room,” she said.

Gold went up the stairs, passing by a couple of bathrooms and his parents’ bedroom. At least the house was bigger than his old one. When he finally got to his room, he rolled his eyes at the decorations. All of his dolls were strewn about the room; his mom had clearly already designed the layout of his room without him. On his desk was his old computer, which he turned on to check out a few things.

His Hyper Potion count was low; that much he found out. He’d have to buy some more at a Poke Mart, if it sold them. His GameCube was on the floor in the middle of the room, hooked up to his TV. Not to mention his clock on the wall wasn’t set. He had just finished setting it to “3:05 PM” after checking his PokeGear, when his mom came up, telling him to hurry downstairs.

Gold ran downstairs to his mother, who was watching TV. He made it just in time to hear something about “…this report was brought to you from in front of Petalburg Gym”, when his mom turned to him, looking disappointed. “Sorry about that,” she said, “Your dad was on TV and I figured you might want to see him getting famous. So, do you like your new room? Do you like where you live now? Or do you still miss New Bark Town? I think its less noisy here, don’t you?”

“It’s no New Bark Town,” Gold said, “but I guess I’ll get use to it. Totodile and Charmander seem to like it,” he continued, pointing out the window at the two Pokemon, still chasing the red Caterpie-like creature.

“Glad to hear it, honey. The movers are done, and they left your bicycle by the window outside for you. Are-are you going to leave already?”

“How did you know I was going to leave?” Gold asked.

His mom laughed a little, and relied sadly, “It’s a new place, honey, with new Gyms to battle, Pokemon to catch, and new badges to win. I know how you are, my son.”

Gold laughed a little too, and said, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I am going to go out already. I’m ready for new adventure. I wasn’t sure if I should ask you this, but do you know where I should start?”

His mom answered him gleefully, glad that her son had actually asked her a question relating to his Pokemon training life, “Yes, actually, I do. Just before you arrived, Prof. Birch came over and asked if he could speak with you. He said he wanted to meet the Pokemon League Champion of Johto and Kanto. He lives next door, if you wanted to know.”

Gold nodded, and hugged his mom before departing. Outside, he called out to his Charmander and Totodile, but found that they were too busy at the moment.

He decided to check out Birch’s house first, to see what he wanted. He entered the identical house, and a kindly woman greeted him as he came in.

“Hi, may I help you?” she said.

“My name’s Gold,” he replied, “I’m here to-”

“Oh! You’re Gold, the Pokemon Trainer my husband was talking about wanting to meet. I’m sorry though, my husband’s out on an errand right now.”

“Oh,” Gold replied, “do you happen to know where I can find him?”

“No, I don’t,” she said, “my daughter might though. She’s usually on errands with him, and could probably tell you where he went. She’s upstairs now, why don’t you go meet her?”

“Alright. Thanks.”

Gold went up the steps, passing by the virtual opposite of his house’s upstairs hallway. Everything that had been on the left in his house was on the right, and vice-versa. He soon came to an open door at the end of the hall, and entered. The room was decorated how a normal girl’s room probably would be; pink wallpaper with different Pokemon featured on it, none of which Gold could identify. Dolls littered the floor and the bed, which prompted Gold to really get rid of those dolls in his room next time he found himself there. And then there was a girl, who couldn’t have been much younger than him, dressed in odd attire that was red in color. She seemed to be reading something and muttering words under her breath.

Gold cleared his throat, and the young girl turned to him, practically jumping up to greet him. She shook his hand after a brief introduction, and then engaged him in conversation. May, as she told him was her name, was a very energetic person.

“Ah, so you’re Gold! My father really wants to meet you, saying something about wanting to talk with a great Pokemon trainer. He’s going to be sulking that I met you before him. Ever since I heard about you, I’ve also wanted to meet you.”

May blushed slightly at her own words, and Gold smiled a little at her. He had seen that look on someone’s face before: it was a look of embarrassment that one usually gave when they liked someone and could barely hide it. Gold replied enthusiastically to the girl with a question.

“Yep, Gold, that’s me. It’s nice to meet you to, May. Are you a trainer?”

May was still flushing beet red, but replied anyway, “I am a trainer, thanks for asking. So, why have you come over? Was it to talk to my father?”

“Yeah, that’s why. Do you happen to know where he is?”

“He’s on Route 101, just north of here, looking for rare Pokemon. You can probably find him out there. I was supposed to meet him three minutes ago. Gotta go, bye!” May replied excitedly and then she left, brushing his shoulder slightly.

“Route 101,” Gold said aloud, and then he turned to exit the room, rubbing his shoulder slightly where May had brushed against him…

(There was no indentation in this story because I'm pasting it from the version on Fanfiction.net to make things faster.)

The Doctor
11th July 2006, 8:29 PM
This is a friend of mine's fanfic. He didn't want to join just to post this fanfic, so he asked me to do it for him. There are 22 chapters already finished within this story, but I'll be posting them up sparingly so that my friend doesn't feel too pressured to make more. The story may also be found on Fanfiction.Net, but you don't have to review there if you don't want to.

You mean Tyrannosaurus Cerato? It says a lot if he is unwilling to join to put his story. That's the whole point; you join to start something, not have someone slavishly copy and paste it. If he wants to get this story up, he can join, not ask you to do it for him.

Jaden, Champion Trainer
11th July 2006, 9:03 PM
Yes, my friend is indeed Tyrannosaurus Cerato. He didn't want to join because he doesn't have alot of time on the computer and joining a site purely to post a fanfic would be pointless.

If it makes you happy, he frequents the site when he can by looking at and studying the information to help him. If it'll help some of you picky people to read, I'll let you know that I co-write some chapters. Theses are usually the chapters involving romance, so if you want to blame someone on how bad the romance is, then blame me. Chapter 2 is also now below this message.

Chapter 2: The Start of a New Journey

Route 101 turned out to be little more than a quick jog from May’s house. Gold didn’t make it very far into the heavily forested path when he was knocked down by a striped raccoon-like Pokemon. The Pokemon bounded off of him quicker than it had flattened him to the ground, and Gold was about to pull out one of his Poke Balls when he realized that Charmander and Totodile were still messing around with that weird Pokemon.

Gold brushed the dirt off himself as he stood up, and looked around for the Pokemon. He saw it just a few yards away, terrorizing a young brown-haired man in a lab coat. Considering that the striped Pokemon wasn’t very menacing, it was an odd sight to see someone actually cowering and being frightened by it.

“Do you need help, Mr.?” He called out to the man.

The lab coat wearing man stared at him, and yelled back in reply, “Yes! I dropped my bag over there beside that ledge. Could you get one of the Pokemon out of there and help me out?”

Gold nodded, and jogged over to the bag. He fished around inside for a Poke Ball, and came up with one marked with a little leaf symbol. He pulled it out of the bag and launched it at the striped Pokemon. The ball landed just a foot away from it.

The ball split in half, releasing the Pokemon inside. “Treecko” it exclaimed as it arrived. Gold took a few moments to digest this Pokemon’s appearance: the Pokemon was dark green in color, with light pink coloring its underbelly. It looked very much like the gecko animal he had read about in school a few years ago. Treecko turned to him, waiting for his orders.

“Hurry up, please. I’m getting nervous here,” the man in a lab coat yelled to him.

The raccoon-like Pokemon had turned away from its quarry to face its new adversary. “Ziiiigggzagggg” the Pokemon yawned. Gold looked at the Pokemon called Treecko, trying to figure out what a Pokemon like it might have for moves. Its arms weren’t very large, so there wasn’t a chance of any fighting move being used by it. Grass moves were probably too advanced for its current level. Maybe the tail could be useful?

“Treecko,” Gold yelled, “use Pound Attack.” Gold hoped that he was right in assuming that was what the tail was for.

“Treeecko!” it replied, jumping and then landing behind the striped Pokemon. It raised its tail and then came down upon the opponent Pokemon, knocking it away sprawling in the dust a yard away. The “Zigzagcoon” , as Gold had decided to call it until he found out its real name, shook off the hit and rubbed its paw in the dirt, clumping it into its hands. Gold recognized what it was doing, and prepared Treecko for it.

“Treecko, close your eyes! The sand won’t get you that way.”

The gecko-like Pokemon obeyed, shielding its eyes as the “Zigzagcoon” launched its Sand-Attack at Treecko. The tactic worked, and Gold ordered the Treecko to try another Pound Attack on the opponent. This time, the striped Pokemon rolled in the dirt away, evading the Treecko’s attack.

The Pokemon reared its head and then charged, preparing to use its tackle attack on Treecko, which had only just landed back on the ground. The creature made it just a few feet away from Treecko, when Gold yelled out,

“Pound it when it gets next to you!”

Treecko didn’t say anything, just waiting for its opportunity. The “Zigzagcoon” got just right behind Treecko when the gecko-like Pokemon slapped it with its tail, sending it flying back at the lab coat wearing man. Its eyes didn’t open, and it didn’t get up. It was out.

Gold recalled the Pokemon, placing the ball back inside the other man’s pack. He walked up to him, giving the pack back to him. The man thanked Gold for the help, and greeted him heartily.

“Thank you, young man. My name’s Professor Birch, and you are-?”

“My name is Gold, Prof. Birch. You wanted to see me?”

“You-you’re kidding me, right? You’re Gold, the Pokemon League Champion of Johto and Kanto? I guess that explains how well you battled a second ago. But please, let’s go back to my lab, where we can talk more and not get attacked,” Birch said.

As the two walked back into Littleroot, Gold’s Charmander and Totodile rushed up to him, jumping onto his shoulders. They were clearly glad to see him. Birch petted them on the head as we walked side-by-side with Gold, explaining that he hadn’t seen either Pokemon outside of photographs before. Gold found this odd; a knowledgeable man on Pokemon and he hadn’t ever met a Charmander or a Totodile before? Then again, this man was scared of a little Pokemon that probably couldn’t cause damage to a Butterfree.

When they entered his lab, after pulling out a chair for Gold, Birch launched into a series of questions about him.

“So, what’s it like being the Champion of Johto and Kanto? And at your young age, too. Do you get special treatment all the time? I heard that you’re also best friends with Lance of the Elite 4 there and Red, the former Pokemon Champion of those regions. Is this true?”

Gold sighed; he had expected Birch to be inquisitive about his exploits, but to act like some fanboy? That was unheard of from a Pokemon Professor. Birch was definitely packing a few loose screws in his head.

“Calm down, professor. I’m just a normal teenager, that’s all. Despite my fame, I had hoped you would act reasonable around me. And yes, I am friends with Lance and Red,” Gold replied, a hint of amusement in his voice.

“Oh, well, oh, I see,” Birch said, stopping his rant of questions and sighing dejectedly. He nodded back at Gold, apologizing, “Sorry. I guess you get that all the time, huh?”

“You have no idea,” Gold said, before continuing, “is there any other reason you called for me here?”

Birch nodded for a second time, replying, “Yes, actually there is. Besides wanting to meet you because of your fame, which, again, I’m sorry for assaulting you with questions like that.” Gold nodded as he said this. “I wanted to invite you to have your own pick of the three Pokemon I give out as starters, since I suspected you might want to take the challenge here.”

Gold shook his head slightly. Was he that predictable? At least in battle I’m not predictable…

“Yes, you’d be correct, Professor Birch. And what are these three starters you wanted me to choose from?”

“Well there’s Torchic,” Birch replied, pulling out a Poke Ball and releasing the fiery chick Pokemon, which danced as it came out.

“Then there’s Mudkip,” Birch said, releasing the calm mud-fish Pokemon.

“And finally, there’s the Pokemon you used to defeat the Zigzagoon outside.”

So it was called Zigzagoon, huh? I guess I was pretty close. Treecko, the wood gecko Pokemon appeared as he thought this.

“Since I thought you battle so well against the Zigzagoon with it,” Birch told him, “I thought you might take Treecko with you wherever you’re going. You already have a Fire-Type and a Water-Type anyway. This Pokemon would serve best, don’t you agree, Pokemon Champion Gold?” Birch continued, his admiration slipping through.

Gold didn’t really have a choice in the matter, as the Treecko bounded up to him, jumped onto him, which almost pushed him over under the weight of Totodile and Charmander in conjunction. The Pokemon was already attached to him, and Birch was right. Having a team of the three starter elementals would be best in his journey.

Gold returned all three to their Poke Balls, after Birch gave Treecko’s to him.

Birch returned the Torchic and Mudkip as well. Gold turned back to Birch, who handed him a map of the Hoenn region. Gold checked the map well, finding Hoenn to be much larger and full of water than Johto and Kanto had been. Gold hadn’t expected such a large landmass.

“May I have your Pokedex for a moment?” Birch asked him. Gold nodded, and Birch took the Pokedex that very much resembled a handheld video game system he had, and placed it into a slot in his computer. After a couple of seconds, the Pokedex ejected from the slot, Birch picking it up and handing it back to Gold.

“That Pokedex had now been updated to recognize and record data on the Pokemon of this region. I figured you might like that.”

Gold nodded again, just as he heard the door of the lab open behind him. He turned back to see May walking up to them. Birch spoke as she arrived,

“May, this is-”

“We’ve met already, dad. I told him where to find you,” she interrupted her father.

“Oh, I see, what’s going on May?” Birch asked.

“Nothing much, dad. Just wanted to see if you still wanted me for what you asked earlier.”

“Huh? What do you-oh right, what I asked you about. Well, then, come over here.”

Gold watched, slightly puzzled, as May and her father walked over to the table he and Birch had sat at. The Poke Balls of Torchic and Mudkip were still on the table.

“So, May, which of them do you want?”

“What happened to the Treecko, dad?”

“Oh. You wanted that one? Sorry, but Gold here already has it.”

“I can give it to you if you want it-” Gold said, but May cut him off.

“No thanks, that’s alright. I’ll just get Torchic then.”

“Here you go, May,” Birch said, handing her the Poke Ball.

“Are you going to name it?” Gold asked her. Gold didn’t name his own Pokemon, but knew plenty of people who did.

“Yep. How’s Ciner for a Torchic?” May said, releasing the Torchic.

“I think it sounds great,” Gold replied.

“So do I,” Birch said, “and the Torchic, she seems to really like it.”

At his mention, the Torchic gave out a cry of “Tor-torchic” and flapped its little arms.

“Ciner it is then, eh sweetie?” May said to her new Pokemon.

“Torchic! Torchic! Toor!” It replied happily.

May returned the happy chick Pokemon to its ball. She looked to her father and Gold, whose expression was almost unreadable. Her father gave her five Poke Balls and a Pokedex that differed from Gold’s, before hugging her tight. A tear rolled down his cheek, and Gold thought he saw May roll her eyes slightly.

When Birch let go of his daughter, after telling her to be careful and train hard, May turned back to Gold, who was on his way out of the room and onto his journey.

“Wait!” she called, causing Gold to stop just as his hand touched the doorknob. He glanced back at her, a look of bewilderment on his face.

“Yes?” he asked.

“Can I-can I come with you? I don’t think I can travel alone. Please?”

Gold looked her up and down, trying to find some reason for her not to go with him. He found none, and said to her, “Sure, you can come. But you have to battle with me first. I want to see if you can keep up.”

“Uh…alright,” she replied. She didn’t think she could face the Pokemon Champion of Johto and Kanto, but if he wanted to battle her, how could she refuse?

“We’ll battle outside, follow me.”

May followed Gold outside to the low grass in the middle of Littleroot. He told her to stay where she was, and he walked about fifteen feet to the other side, the estimated distance of where trainers should be in a real battle.

“Go Ciner!” May said, throwing the ball onto the field. As her Torchic appeared, May looked to her left to see that her father and her mother were outside to cheer her on. May didn’t see a cheering section for Gold, but figured that his mother must have been busy; she knew his dad was the leader of Petalburg Gym and wouldn’t be around often.

“Go Charmander!” Gold yelled, releasing the lizard Pokemon with a fire-lit tail. “Chaaaaarrr!” it roared, which sounded more like a yelp at its young age.

“Charmander, use Scratch Attack!” Gold declared, his Pokemon complying by raising its little clawed hands and charging at the Torchic. Ciner braised itself, waiting for its opponent to strike.

“Uh…use Growl, Ciner!” May told her Torchic. The Pokemon reared back its head and let out a low screech, which sounded odd coming from the chick Pokemon. The noise slowed Charmander down, which would no doubt reduce the damage Torchic would take.

“Charmander, forget Scratch Attack! Use Dig!” Gold called out, ordering his Pokemon to use one of the moves it had inherited from its parents. His Pokemon complied by furiously raking up the ground with its claws, digging into the ground. In seconds the Charmander was gone, disappearing under the ground to attack Ciner from below.

May was worried. Where was the Charmander going to come out at? Would it pop behind her Pokemon? Or-

-and she was answered. Charmander came up underneath Ciner, sending the Torchic flying back to its owner. Its eyes didn’t open, indicating that it was out for the count. May rushed to her downed Pokemon, talking to it in soothing speech. The Pokemon let out a tired “Tor”, leaving May with the urge to cry.

“Here, take this!” Gold yelled, throwing a spray bottle to her: a Revive and Potion mix that Gold had come up with himself. He told May to use it on Ciner, which was almost instantaneous in its effect. The Torchic woke up, feeling refreshed like nothing had happened. May hugged her Torchic, thanking Gold for the medicine.

She returned Ciner to its Poke Ball, seeing that Gold had already returned his winning Charmander. Gold went up to her and shook her hand, a common practice for trainers after a battle.

“Sorry about that, but I didn’t want to use a Pokemon that would have given either of us a type-advantage. You just started after all,” he said to her.

“Its alright,” May replied, “So, can I come along?”

Gold smiled, and said, “Of course. You may not have beaten me, but I didn’t think you would. With more training you could become a good trainer. You’re coming with me, and I won’t take no for an answer.”

May smiled back, replying jokingly, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


After packing her things and saying good-bye to her parents, May joined Gold at the entrance to Route 101. He was on his bike, and May remembered hers was still in a shop on in Oldale Town. They would have to stop and get it on their way.

Gold went slow on his bike as they went through Route 101, allowing May to travel more closely. Dusk was nearing, and the duo knew that it would soon be time to stop and rest until morning. So they doubled their efforts to make it to Oldale Town, not stopping to battle any Poochyena, Zigzagoon, or Wurmple (Gold found out the name from his Pokedex on the red Caterpie-like Pokemon).

Just as the moon shone bright with the stars in the sky, they made it to Oldale Town, which consisted of a Poke Mart, Poke Center, and a few houses. They chose to get to the Center immediately, planning to wait for shopping and more travel until morning.

The center was small, consisting of only the Healing Chamber, some cots, and the Union Room where up to sixteen trainers were allowed to battle upstairs. Gold and May dropped off their Pokemon with the nurse there, and paid for a single night’s services in the Center. That sum was around 50 Poke Dollars each, which was no problem for Gold, who had plenty enough money to cover both of them. It had taken some time to convince May that he was being nice and it wasn’t a charity.

They set their packs down on beside their chosen cots, their bikes already stowed away in the back of the Poke Center. They had a late dinner, consisting of grilled hamburgers and french-fries, before it was time to sleep.

Gold stretched, taking off his shirt and placing it in his pack, which he noticed embarrassed May a little, as she had turned away, blushing. He smiled a little, slipping into the cot’s covers and turning over as May did the same. The lights went out, and soon all that could be heard was the sound of Gold’s snoring…

The Doctor
12th July 2006, 5:55 PM
Yes, my friend is indeed Tyrannosaurus Cerato. He didn't want to join because he doesn't have alot of time on the computer and joining a site purely to post a fanfic would be pointless.

That actually made me laugh. Didn't he join FF.net "just to post his fanfic"? If so, then surely one more wouldn't hurt. Anyway, it isn't just for fanfics, you can do other stuff here as well. Please, let TC post his own story.

12th July 2006, 6:04 PM
I don't want to spoil anything about this Fic, so I won't, but this is one of the best Fics I've read on Fanfiction.Net. It has a great plot, great Characters, everything. It has inspired me to write my own Fanfic on Emerald, but I'm waiting to get Emerald when I break up for the Summer in seven School days time.

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This is one great story!! Just ignore what The Doctor is saying and continue to post the story as long as its ok with the original author.

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