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11th July 2006, 2:07 AM
a. Sandstorm Azurill x2
b.Aquapolis Marill X1
Sandstorm Marill X2
Neo Genisis Marill X1
Sandstorm Azumarill X1
Neo Genisis Elekid X2
Ruby and Sapphire Makuhita X1
Ruby and Sapphire Shroomish X1
Southern Island Jigglypuff X1
Machop X1
Blaines Kangaskan X2
Wigglituff X1
Promo Jigglypuff X1
Quilfish X1
Neo Revolation Farfetched X1
Hidden Legends Whismur X1
Delta Species Chansey X1
Aquapolis Blissey X1
Promo Meowth X1
Aquapolis Horsea X1
Basic Rattata X1
Neo Revolation Delibird X1

5. Trainers
Energy Search x4
Energy Removal X1
Energy Swap X3
Potion X4
Pokemon Breeder Fields x1
Berry X1
Moo Moo Milk x1
Mystery Plate O X1
Memory Berry x1
Stregnth Charm X1
Life Herb X4

6. Energy
Water Energy X16

This is an Azumarill deck that I'll use. It's sorta like Raindance, but it involves my favorite pokemon, YAy! On a side note, while it's charging up, my Blissey will keep it alive, along with all my Energy. And if it doesn't make 60 cards exactly, when I counted them, that's what it equaled up to. Whaddya think?