View Full Version : Haven't played for 6 years, rate my deck?

12th July 2006, 10:18 PM
Well, like I said.. haven't played for 6 years and all I know about is pre-Rocket sets, lol. Although I'm buying some newer cards, if you can suggest any of the newer cards that are really helpful, and that could work with my deck, please do so. Thanks!

My general strategy is to use trainers that'll get me a lot of cards quick.. then it's mainly built around Blastoise and raining down the energy. In the process, if the Oak's discard energy, Feraligatr would be good to go and put all that energy back into the deck.

Although, I'm thinking about swamping out a few lines in place of a Swampert family.. he'd allow me to do the water version of Energy Trans (Venusaur), as well as putting in a few different Pokemon like Croconaw from UF who can bypass resistance, same with Marshtomp and Swampert. I also thought about putting in Horsea/Seadra/Kingdra (Rocket Returns). Horsea can bypass resistance, Kingdra can erase my weaknesses.

I should also look into new trainers, too.. Prof. Elm's Training Method or Wally's Training, possibly Prof. Birch, Pokemon Breeder, Resistance Gym and Lanette's Net Search.

Anyway, tell me what you think.. this is the deck I used 6 years ago, and it managed fairly well back then, although I don't know about today's standards, what with Grass types with Water resistance. So, don't be too hard on me.. lol.

4 Squirtle (Base)
3 Wartortle (Base)
2 Blastoise (Base)
3 Totodile (Neo Gen. lvl 8)
2 Croconaw (Neo Gen. lvl 41)
1 Feraligatr (NG lvl 69)
2 Magikarp (Rocket)
1 Gyarados (Base)
3 Seel (Base)
2 Dewgong (Base)
1 Articuno (Fossil)
22 Water Energy
2 Gust of Wind
2 Great Ball
2 Prof. Oak
4 Bill
2 Switch
2 Bill's Teleporter

12th July 2006, 10:36 PM
a fine deck for water. you should put revive aswell. and prof birch.

12th July 2006, 11:33 PM
In case you can't get your hands on Blastoise, try to get Sandstorm Azurill, Marill, and Azumarill. You'll thank me :>

13th July 2006, 12:11 AM
Thanks, dak, I'll consider those as well.

As for the Azumarill family.. I see what you mean. o.O I could be flipping coins for days, lol.

I'll consider those along with my other cards.. since they're only .39 cents.

Thanks again!^_^

Jimmy P.
14th July 2006, 9:43 AM
According to some certain members, it's best if you have a maximum of 16 or 17 energy cards in your deck. So if you want my advice, take some out before either of those members come in here and yell at you. ;)
EDIT: w00t! Soul Trainer!!