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15th July 2006, 8:50 PM
One Sunday in late June, Mac was having a bad dream. Bloo was waiting around on the weekend but Mac didn't show on both Friday and Saturday. He decided to peek into Mac's window after an hour of waiting on Sunday to see what was up. He left Foster's, heading for Mac's house, and finally got around to the side where his window was.

He pressed his face against...air? The window was cracked and he fell inside Mac's room. What was going on?

"Mac..." Bloo whispered, since his mother did not want him around. "You there?"

He scooted over to the sheets on Mac's bed that had a clump of something under them...Bloo yanked away the sheets. He saw...a red fuzzball with sharp fangs. Mac had imagined some other friend!

"No Bloo..." The imaginary friend said menacingly, and shot a violet beam at him. It struck Bloo, who vanished. His scream rang throughout Mac's room...

* * *

Bloo landed in a city with a loud thump. A city with strange looking imaginary friends and large spread out clusters of buildings. Stranger than Wilt, and admittedly, Dutchess. A yellow, furry mouse friend examined him, and said, "PIKA!" Then Bloo passed out.

Mac, on the other hand, was on a ship. He had hit his head landing and fainted as well. An hour later, he woke up in the same spot. Clearly no people had been down here in a while, or he would've woken up to bug-eyed faces and people would ask him where he came from. He struggled to his feet cautiously, dusting off his pants. Why was he on a ship? As he was wondering this, a scruffy sailor approached him and asked, "You here for the cruise, or are you going to the Battle Frontier?"

Who the heck was this? "I dunno...uh..." Mac picked one. Maybe Bloo was here too. Why had he had that nightmare? That evil friend he imagined zapped him to this weird other world. "I guess I'm going to Battle Frontier." Sounded scary, he thought, but he didn't change his mind, or the man would get suspicious. Shaking his soft brown hair, Mac dashed up the stairs to see if anyone familiar was around. Nobody, at least not where he was at the moment. Maybe someone here would know where Bloo was.

"Hey," he said, approaching a boy that looked close to his age. "Have you seen a blue imaginary friend?" The kid's ink black hair swayed in the wind.

The boy whipped around, and so did a taller girl that was standing next to him on deck, watching the rather fat seagulls. The seagulls on this world were strange, and always said, "Pelliper!" Whatever that meant...Mac noticed the boy had soft features like he did, and was wearing black rimmed glasses. They looked to Mac like prescription lenses.

"Are you mental?" The boy asked him rudely. "Imaginary-"

"MAX!" The girl slapped the boy on the back of the head while saying this. "Don't be mean."

"Ow! Sorry, but did you hear him? May, you know imaginary friends aren't real."

"Maybe he's talking about a Pokemon," she guessed. When May looked around, the boy was gone.

Mac was now rushing off the ship, as it had just stopped at a walkway, which he hastily stepped onto. He was soon on the island, off the big ship, and alone. Then suddenly, a familiar voice was heard.

"MAAAAC!" Bloo, he thought instantly. Mmph...he thought to himself, making an unhappy face. Wait a second...

"BLOO?" Mac turned around to see Bloo running at him. What was happening in this creepy other realm? Then his imaginary friend stopped, panting, two feet away from him.

"I've been looking for you!" They said in unison. They both flailed their arms as they yelled this at each other.

"There was this boy who was mean to me when I asked about you-" Bloo cut Mac off.

"And there was a weird mouse thing that said "Pika" and then I woke up in a large room where even more weird imaginary friends were, so then I-"

"Left the ship to come on this island, and-"

"Here you are!" They finished their panicked rants at the same time. They both stared blankly at each other, shouting, "WHERE ARE WE?"

"You're at the Battle Fronteir, duh! There you are," said the older girl from earlier, then added, "who's we?"

"We're me and my friend Bloo." Mac stated in a matter-of-fact tone. "Who else could I be talking about?"

She squinted, but did not seem to notice Bloo. "I'm starting to agree with Max," the girl replied. "Are you suffering some kind of mental illness? There's no one there." The girl who the boy called May swept her brown hair away from her eyes with one hand.

Mac looked to his right, and there Bloo was. Bloo's face was scrunched up in confusion. "But I'm right-" Bloo waved a hand many times in May's face- "HEEEEEEEEERE! Are you blind?" Mac lowered Bloo's hand, which to May looked like he was impersonating a mime.

"You sure you're okay?" the boy Mac now knew was Max asked, approaching him.

"Yeah! Why wouldn't I be?"

"Because you're imagining things."

"EXACTLY! Don't you get it? I am standing beside my IMAGINARY friend." His tone had a tinge of exasperation present, which the two others seemed to ignore. Mac looked at them, showing he could hardly beleive how dense they were.

"There's nobody else here!" Max and May cried out together. Mac slapped a hand on his face in obvious annoyance, sliding it down his face.

"UGH!" Mac yelled, looking at a puzzled Bloo again. "Whatever. I'll find my way out of here by myself. C'mon Bloo."

With that, Mac stomped off angrily, all eyes on him, and Bloo was trailing behind him. Bloo spoke.

"Arrgh! The people here must not be able to see well," Bloo complained. "I'm so awesome, how can you not see me?"

Showing he wasn't in the mood to chat or hear Bloo talk about how the world revolved around him, Mac sped up. His fists were balled up tight!

One thing he was now dead-set on, was getting out of here. Wherever HERE was...

A yellow mouse ran up to them, pointing at Bloo when he stopped. "PIKA!"

"See, I told you." Bloo said.

"Told me what?"

"The IMAGINARY mouse."


"SOOO...I was right."

"Bloo, you are so full of yourself! I don't have time for your self-praise to boost your ego." He was stopped in his path by Pikachu.

"Hey, do you mind?" Bloo spat at the weird other-worldly mouse. "We need to get by."



"Pika pi? Pika!"

"Huh?" Mac asked.

"PIKA." The mouse seemed slightly irritated.

"What was that?" Bloo asked again.

"PIKA! PI-ka! Pikachu Pi, pika Pikachu!"

After yelling things they didn't understand at Mac and Bloo, Pikachu turned away. It began pitter-pattering off into the distance, and Max and May passed the two confused beings, shooting them creeped out looks as they followed. Then Bloo and Mac came to a conclusion.

This place was the worst and strangest! They would leave as soon as they could.

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