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Shiny Umbreon
16th July 2006, 9:15 AM
Don't ask me where this came from. Seriously, just don't. Although I think it came from reading too much angst and from the dark corners of my mind and heart. Now, on with the story!

Forgotten Game


Seeping darkness, inching closer, suddenly erupted. All that anger, hate, and jealously finally came out. Pouring onto the canvas as the painter yelled out to no one.

“Look, already! I’m bored! Bored of this stupid world! Tired of being beat that stupid kid! Bored of listening to everybody saying his work is better than mine! I’m tired of it!”

The artist stopped to listen for a moment, to listen to the demon inside of him. ‘Create a game,’ it seemed to say. ‘Create a game where things are real, create a game where people get hurt and die. Make something that if they win, they can go home, but if the lose, GAME OVER. In both ways.’

The artist listened, and he liked it. Liked the idea of that game. So the artist put it into his painting, one streak of four different colors, each representing something.

Black was for darkness and shadows. Gray was for death. White was for bones. And the last color, crimson, was for blood.


“I am so freakin’ tired of this sh*t. All the newbie trainers think that training is a stupid blast, that it’s so fun. They’re wrong as all hell. Training is a nightmare.” A tall, lean girl of about sixteen was grooming her Absol, making the feline’s coat sparkle and gleam.

“Okay, since that about finishes my rant for the day, let’s go and beat that next trainer’s ***. Ready, Sammael?”

The Absol let out something that sounded a bit like a sharp bark, which to the girl, meant, <Of course. I could use something to bloody my claws with. Pity that the trainers always withdraw before I can taste their Pokemon’s sweet blood.>

The two walked down the metal-lined, human-made tunnel, into the bright lights, glory, fame, and as the girl put it, ‘sh*t.’


“Sammael, finish this with Aerial Ace.” The command was as swift and quick as the move itself, just a burst of air that sliced the Raticate’s dirty brown fur, blood now seeping from various wounds, mainly on the rodent’s back.

One paw twisted, bent that indicated it was broken. The tail’s tip completely slashed off. A quick lash from the Absol’s claws and the Raticate was blind in one eye. That trainer was right to forfeit.

“That’s why I love this league,” the girl murmured to her feline. “No rules. It’s attack, defend, or get ripped apart. Oh, and withdrawing, otherwise known as forfeiting. The thing only a coward would do. Return, Sammael.”

The ball’s bright light enveloped the Absol, and if one could crane their necks far enough for a glimpse, they could see the crimson streaks on the Absol’s sharp, large claws as he was being returned.

The teenage girl walked out in the same tunnel she came in from, awaiting the large crowd that would be in the lobby off the arena, waiting. Waiting for someone who had no interest in them, or anyone except herself and her Pokemon. The fools.

As she had predicted, Astarte was bombarded with questions and microphones by the time she had reached the end of the tunnel. Sitting down on one of the soft leather couches, the teenager ignored the questions being shot her way, and instead turned her gaze toward a picture on the deep royal purple walls. Astarte walked up to the painting, light footsteps on the red and black carpet, which was fringed with gold, barely heard over the waterfalls of endless chatter.

The frame was flawless, a golden masterpiece of emotions and swirls. But Astarte wasn’t interested in that. The painting itself was merely black, gray, white, and crimson spread over a canvas, painted sloppily, without care. But to the teenager, each blob of color, each streak held a letter within its grasp. And when the girl had unraveled them all, they spelled out D-A-R-K.


So, what did you think of it? Love it? Hate it? Neutral? Think it deserves to die and rot in hell? Ah, well, whatever you think of it, I've still got to work on the first chapter.

- Shiny Umbreon, out.