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16th July 2006, 9:51 PM
This, ladies (gestures to Dragonfree, Typhlogirl, etc.) and gentleman (gestures to Iceking, PDL, etc.) is my first attempt at a horror one-shot. Hope you like it.

Spider-Man himself doesn't make an appearance in this fic but, as you will find out, the main characters will have a striking resemblence to two of his villains....three guesses.

Plus....it features the Trask Tower, so as not to confuse anyone.

Hatred, Power, and Death

Ruby and Sapphire were a bitter pair of Pokemon Trainers that absolutely despised each other. One would do almost anything to ruin the other’s life. They were about to get their chance at the destruction of one another, and it started with a normal Pokemon battle…

In the middle of an alley in a city known as New York, Ruby and Sapphire were having yet another Pokemon battle. On Ruby’s side of the field was a white, floating head with a small tuft of hair sprouting from the top. It had four little balls underneath the actual head, and it looked like it was wearing a little tan band across its eyes. This was his Castform, named Popo.

Ruby himself was a boy with a red shirt going with black shorts. He had a black headband and white, spiky hair on top of his head. Black shoes covered his feet, and black gauntlets made of fabric rested over his palms. His fingers were exposed.

Sapphire had a large, flame-colored, humanoid chicken with grey, chicken foot-like hands and a pair of tan prongs of hair on her side. It had a pointed face with yellow eyes, and three talons that pointed downwards from the feather-covered legs. This was her Blaziken, Chaka.

Sapphire herself had two prongs of brown hair going down from the top of her head at a diagonal angle. The top of her head was covered by a red bandana, which was the same color as her shirt. Her shorts had a white upper half and a blue lower half to them. She wore gloves with a white palm and blue fingers.

“You’re goin’ down for sure, Sapphire!” taunted Ruby “Popo, Rain Dance!”

Popo’s tuft of hair glowed blue, then a blue ball shot into the sky, where it turned grey and expanded, becoming a rain cloud. It then began to rain, sending thousands upon thousands of water pods to the earth.

On contact with these raindrops, Popo transformed into a ball of energy. When it became its new self, it had a raindrop for a head. It had used its ability, Forecast, to change not only its type, but the effectiveness of its signature attack, Weather Ball.

“You’re the one going down, Ruby!” retorted Sapphire “Especially since you wasted your turn by using Rain Dance! Chaka, use Sky Uppercut!”

“Dodge it, Popo, then counter with Weather Ball!” cried Ruby

“Damn it…” cursed Sapphire.

Chaka’s clawed hand glowed a light blue as it leapt towards Popo, its fist outstretched. Popo floated to the left, then shot a growing ball of water towards the Blaziken. The ball made contact, and Chaka fell into a nearby tree, defeated.

“Chaka….return…” said Sapphire as she pointed a red-and-white orb called a Pokeball towards Chaka. A red beam of light shot from the ball and absorbed the Blaziken into it.

“Popo, return.” said Ruby, also absorbing his Castform back into its own Pokeball.

A sudden gust of wind caught the two off guard. A large, grey, rectangular ship with four very large jet turbines at the corners pointing downwards hovered above them. A large hole opened in the ship’s main body, a rifle pointed out…

….and fired two darts, one into Ruby and the other into Sapphire.

Both the kids felt a bit woozy for a few moments, then they fainted. The ship edged closer, unleashing men in black suits to capture the pair.


It was much later when Sapphire awoke, her body strapped to a sort of operating table that was pointed at an angle. A mechanical, skeletal arm with a needle on the end pointed the needle into Sapphire’s arm, and injected a blue substance into her bloodstream.

It was then that she felt like she had a fever. All that she could think about was how much she loathed Ruby. Her skin began turning from white to blue, along with her hair.

Her pupils dilated and disappeared. She screamed, revealing that her teeth became sharper, her canine teeth had become fangs. Tentacles began sprouting everywhere from her body, and they snapped the bonds that held her down.

Her index and middle fingers fused together and became a sharp claw, her ring and pinkie fingers doing the same. Her thumbs grew, also becoming claws.

She had become a monster.

Sapphire used her newfound tentacles to lift up the operating table, then throw it into a wall. She ran for a mechanical pair of doors intent on finally killing Ruby…


Ruby had no idea what was going on. Sapphire had been taken to a lab somewhere, and he had been left in a cage, his Pokemon taken away from him.

It was then that the mechanical doors opened, and the monster that Sapphire had become walked out.

It was still Sapphire’s usual height, but her hair had been replaced by blue tentacles that hung from the sides of her blue-skinned head. Her eyes were much larger, and were pointed towards where her nose used to be.

She had three fingers, now, each one razor sharp, as were her teeth and fangs. Her feet still looked like they wore shoes, but each foot was still blue.

“Oh my God…” Ruby gasped in shock.

“RRRUUUUUUBBBBYYYYYY!!!!!” cried the creature.

“Wha…who are you!?” Ruby asked, still shocked.

“I was once Sapphire…” the creature said “now, I have been transformed! My name is still the same, however. I now have a new goal….KILL YOU!!!”

“Oh boy….” Ruby said before a tentacle from Sapphire’s back swatted him into a nearby locker.

The locker opened, revealing a beaker that tipped over and spilled a red substance onto Ruby’s unconscious body. The substance began spreading across Ruby’s body, bulking up any body parts it came into contact with. As it spread over his head, it made his eyes and teeth yellow, and gave him fangs, plus a long, pink tongue. The monstrosity that was now Ruby got up, and faced down Sapphire.

“Kill me, eh?” Ruby said in a deep voice “You shall be annihilated first, freak!”

Ruby’s first move was a swift uppercut to Sapphire’s chin. The strength of the attack sent Sapphire flying a good few feet.

To counter, Sapphire started whipping her tentacles around. Ruby approached her, intent on destroying her, but was suddenly thrown away—along with several pieces of machinery—by several swift hits from several of Sapphire’s tentacles.

Once again, Ruby attacked. He grabbed a nearby large piece of machinery, then threw it straight at Sapphire. Sapphire was hit, but not out.

The monster-girl then chose to attack in close range. She stood up on her tentacles and propelled her legs forward, striking Ruby in the chest. He staggered back, then shot a tentacle from the palm his five-fingered hand.

The tentacle grabbed Sapphire, and reeled her in. Ruby grabbed her on her head and her legs, then began pushing them both towards each other. Eventually, a sickening snapping sound was heard when Sapphire’s body folded over on itself.

Ruby dropped Sapphire on the ground, pointed his head up into the air, and roared. Sapphire, however, was not dead. She shot her tentacles up, latched them onto Ruby’s chest, then threw him straight towards the door that she had come through.

Ruby smashed right through the door, making a very large hole and sending shrapnel everywhere. Sapphire soon leapt through the hole, intent on finishing the job.

They were in a grey hallway, with large windows on the right side.

Ruby was not dead, though. He got up, shot out another tentacle, grabbed Sapphire, then threw her into the wall on the left.

Sapphire fell off the wall, and found herself—and Ruby—surrounded by officers in blue outfits.

“You are under arrest!” one of the officers cried.

Ruby merely morphed his right hand into a group of five tentacles, then swiped the tentacles around, knocking all the officers away as if they were mere insects.

Then, the battle resumed. Ruby grabbed Sapphire’s head, then smashed her face into the floor so hard that it made an impression in the concrete floor. Sapphire soon recovered, however, and swatted Ruby away with just a few flicks of her tentacles. She backed towards a window and sent her tentacles flickering around, preparing to attack.

Ruby landed on all fours, then leapt at Sapphire using them to propel himself. He grabbed Sapphire and tackled her through the window, shattering it into many pieces. The two then fell a very long fall from the thirteenth floor window. Their roars pierced the night as they fell, landing point blank on the black asphalt below.

Sapphire’s bones were shattered completely, killing the girl. She wasn’t alone in death, however. She had managed to stick a rather sharp tentacle into Ruby’s chest, skewering his heart…

…and his body.

A black shadow moved across from a nearby lamppost. The shadow, however, was spawned from no moonlight, yet it could move on its own. What was it?

The shadow suddenly rose from the asphalt, taking on the form of a black finger. The finger sprouted two white, skeletal arms from the sides. A skull face appeared at the tip of the finger as it looked more and more like a cloaked skeleton. One hand reached into the folds of the robe and pulled out a black staff. The staff suddenly sprouted a curved blade, making the staff suddenly become a scythe.

The cloak was suddenly punctured with holes and tears, making it look tattered and torn from battles. The hood was lowered by a pair of skeletal hands, revealing a whole skull. Where there would have been eyes in the skull, there were small, yellow balls of fire no bigger than a person’s index fingernail.

The Grim Reaper, also known as the incarnation of Death, had arrived.

“Hmmhmmhmmm…” the skeleton laughed to himself “I had always predicted that these two would end up killing each other. I did not, however, even begin to suspect that these two would kill each other as violent monsters. It seems that humankind has hindered my own psychic prowess. Ah, well. It just makes this all the much easier.”

Death lowered his scythe over the dead corpses of Ruby and Sapphire, and a blue energy slowly flowed from both their bodies, into the scythe. The Grim Reaper had absorbed their souls.

“Now, then…” Death said “It appears that it is time to deliver these souls to the underworld.”

The Grim Reaper suddenly began to melt into the ground by strange means, the scythe, now pulsing at the blade with a blue aura, also descending without touching the ground. Death descended back to the underworld…

…leaving Ruby and Sapphire truly dead.


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