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16th July 2006, 10:05 PM
Here is my new script. I'll tell you what the characters look like later on, so you can think up your own looks for the two main characters.

WARNING: This is PG-13 for language.
__________________________________________________ ___________

Scene one: Bill is starting his adventure.

Mum: (soft) Wake up, Bill.
Bill: (turns off computer) I am awake…
Mum: Oh yeah, sorry. (Chuckles)
Bill: Why exactly did you just laugh? It wasn’t funny.
Mum: (enthusiastic) So where are you going on this fine morning, outside to play with your friends?
Bill: I’m going somewhere special. I’m going on my computer.
Mum: Listen, Bill. I want you to go on adventure; with your very own pokemon.
Bill: If you can give me a pokemon before my computer starts up then maybe I will.

Mum gets out a pokeball and throws it at Bill

Bill: Ow!
Mum: Sorry. (gets enthusiastic again) Go togepi!
Bill: Oh dear, my computer is on the desktop.
Mum: No it isn’t, don’t lie to me mister.
Bill: Mum, I have two things to say to you. Point A: I’m twelve, so I’m not really a mister. Point B: I don’t want a togepi.
Mum: Fine then, I’ll have it back. You can sit on your computer forever and grow fat for all I care.
Bill: (bored voice) Woohoo.
Mum: I’ll have to give Professor Oak his togepi back.
Bill: Mum, Professor Oak lives in Kanto. Kanto is one hundred miles away.
Mum: I know, and I walked all the way whilst you were sleeping.
Bill: Oh really? How long have I been sleeping?
Mum: Two weeks.
Bill: Yeah, right. (Looks at his watch) Holy crap!
Mum: Told you…
Bill: Mum, wait, before you walk back to Kanto, can I just quickly do something with togepi?
Mum: Sure (smiles and hands Bill his togepi)

Bill grabs togepi and throws it out of the window

Togepi: Yay! I’m a yolk!
Mum: (angry) Get out! Go on some bloody adventure and don’t come back! (Shoves Bill out of front door)
Bill: Ah, damn. I forgot my computer.

Bill walks towards a big building

Timmy: Hey there, I’m Timmy.
Bill: I know, it says that on the script.
Timmy: (confused) What?
Bill: Never mind… Get out of my way.
Timmy: You sound like a very negative person.
Bill: (sarcastic) I never knew!
Timmy: Didn’t you?
Bill: My God, you’re stupid.
Timmy: I’m going to get my very own pokemon. That’s what this queue is for. I’m going to get my very own pikachu.
Bill: Oh crud. I’m stuck. I don’t want my own pokemon. (Pushes forwards and back but is sandwiched between Timmy and some other excited children.)
Timmy: Hi there, I’m Timmy.
Bill: (very confused) what?!
Timmy: Ha, I’m very good at jokes, aren’t I?
Bill: Tell me that was rhetorical.
Timmy: What does rhetorical mean?
Bill: No! I can’t take this anymore (struggles but is still stuck)
Timmy: Yay, I’m up and I’m going to get my very own Pikachu!

Timmy runs into the lab. Bill tries to get away but is squashed against the lab door.

Bill: At least that stupid kid is gone (hears crying)

Timmy tries to open the door but Bill is crushed against it and it won’t open.

Bill: Stop crushing me! Ow…

Timmy smacks open door and the queue falls back like dominoes.

Timmy: (crying) Excuse me, Mister Person I Saw Earlier…
Bill: (sighing) Here we go again. I’m twelve, so I’m not really a mister. Also, my name is Bill.
Timmy: (still crying) He wouldn’t let me have a pikachu…
Bill: Ha! Loser!
Timmy: What?
Bill: I didn’t say anything.
Timmy: (still sobbing) I got a machop. But I hate machops…
Woman: You’re next.
Bill: No!

Woman pulls Bill into the lab and the person who was behind Bill got crushed onto lab door.

Birch: Welcome to my lab. I’m doing a test today; I’m trying to give people pokemon with similar personalities.
Bill: I’m not even meant to be in here, Professor. Goodbye.
Birch: Hmm… I’m judging you as a nice person…
Bill: (angry) What? Me, nice? You’re one pathetic Professor.
Birch: Now I’m thinking you’re a nasty person.
Bill: That’s much better. Good-bye.
Birch: Wait, I’ve got the perfect pokemon for you.
Bill: (intrigued) Really?
Birch: Yes, it’s a breloom.
Bill: I didn’t think brelooms were mean.
Birch: They’re not… But this one is…

Birch sends out breloom.

Bill: He’s giving me the evils already…
Woman: (whispers to Birch) They’re already friends.
Bill: Help, it’s punching me!
Birch: Another satisfied trainer.

The woman throws Bill out of the window.

Timmy: She’s doing that because the door is blocked.
Bill: (sarcastic) Wow.
Timmy: Want to battle?
Bill: No.
Timmy: Yay!
Bill: I said no.
Timmy: Oh…
Bill: I see what you mean, that place does give you very sucky pokemon.
Timmy: Can I travel with you?
Bill: Only if I can call you loser.
Timmy: Fine…
Bill: So where should we go?
Timmy: Let’s go to Oldale town.
Bill: What’s that?
Timmy: It’s the town right next to this one.
Bill: Rings no bells.
Timmy: That’s odd.
Bill: It’s probably because I spend most of my life on my computer.
Timmy: Well, it’s time to leave Littleroot once and for all…
Bill: Where’s Littleroot?
Timmy: You live in Littleroot.
Bill: Ah crud, I thought Timmy was meant to be the dumb one…

They walk away from Littleroot and don’t say anything to each other for ages. Eventually Bill sends out breloom.

Bill: I was bored…
Timmy: It’s giving me the evils.
Bill: Yeah, it does that.
Timmy: Ow, and now it’s punching me.
Bill: Yeah, it does that too.
Timmy: It’s stealing my pokeball!
Bill: Ooh, that’s a new one.
Timmy: My names Timmy, by the way.
Bill: Ugh…
Timmy: Ha, I’m good.
Bill: Never… Do that again.
Breloom: Here’s your pokeball, Timmy.
Timmy: Your pokemon looks like its trying to talk.
Breloom: Here’s your dammed pokeball, Timmy!
Timmy: Ha, it’s funny.
Bill: I never knew it did that either.
Timmy: It keeps doing it. I wish I could hear what it was saying.
Timmy: This is so funny. You’re lucky to have to have a pokemon that thinks it can talk.
Breloom: You asked for it…
Bill: I never knew it could do the thing its doing now either.
Timmy: What is doing now?
Bill: Aiming a punch for your balls.
Timmy: Oh crap.

Breloom wallops Timmy between the legs. Timmy falls on floor.

Bill: (laughing) You catch me up later, Loser.
Timmy: Ow…

Timmy sends out his machop.

Machop: Hey there, breloom.
Breloom: What the hell do you want?
Machop: I want to follow you.
Breloom: Only if I can call you loser.
Machop: Fine…
Breloom: Your owner is so annoying.
Machop: In what way?
Breloom: He pretended he couldn’t hear what I was saying…
Machop: That’s because humans can’t understand pokemon.
Breloom: What? I thought you were meant be the dumb one.
Guy up a tree: Darn. I missed the black haired kid. But this blonde haired one will suffer the wrath of my dreaded stink bomb. (maniacal laugh)
Breloom: Excuse me Timmy, but that man is about to drop a stink bomb on your head.
Timmy: Ha-ha, it thinks it can talk to me again.
Machop: What’s a hobbit?
Breloom: You know, that demented thing said it from the lord of the rings.
Machop: So you read to calm yourself down?
Breloom: Yeah, but it never works.
Machop: Maybe you need anger management classes?
Machop: Well, yeah.
Breloom: You asked for it.
Machop: Wow, I never knew you did that before.
Breloom: It’s called aiming a punch for your balls.
Machop: Oh… crap.

Announcer: So that’s it of the first episode. Stay tuned for another great one.
Bill: Since when do we have an announcer?
Announcer: I don’t know – now piss off you stupid kid.

Yami Ryu
16th July 2006, 11:19 PM
... ok you know what I am damn sick and tired of crap scripts popping up. Just because they look easier to make, does not mean that you don't put effort into them. I suggest you go read a real script fic, by the likes of Flaming Ruby, Typhlogirl or Cheshire Cat, and see what they did right, and you did horibly wrong.


RaZoR LeAf
16th July 2006, 11:25 PM
Uh.. yeah. Badly constructed scripts aren't allowed.