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18th July 2006, 1:34 AM
Chapter 1
today is the day i become a trainer. i must go see prof. brich to get my first pokemon. here i am now then time to pick my pokemon ummmmmmmmmmmm...... i pick mudkip. “ok austin here he I”. “thanks prof. birch”. anytime good luck on your journey. lets check where i must go next oldale town thats strait up form here. wait theres something moveing in those bushes. a dog like pokemon. let me check my pokedex, so its a poochana well time for are first fight poochana used growl raised atk power mudkip used takel it hit poochanna used takel it hit mudkip used takel it poochanna faint go pokeball!!! it hit the pokemon 1...2......3 you caught poochana!! mudkip learned watergun. good gob mudkip. we should not be far from oldale there we can rest there............................... it
was getting dark."ok lets camp out here tonight"austin said. the wind was blowing and howling.austin could not sleep thinking of what adventure will lie ahead. on a rock on a hill he saw a dog with a blue stone on its head in shape of a crystal. he was thinking "what is that" the dog look at austin with those eyes that were bright.the wind made a howl larger then before and fog came in. when he looked at the rock again it was gone................
the next morning after that sight austin could not stop thinking about. his mind was rushing with new thoughts yet the old ones came back. he had fainaly reached oldal town that after noon. he stoped by the pokemon center to heal his pokemon. he had to call prof. birch about this sight he saw this is how it went.
prof. are you crazy
austin no i acctully saw something
prof. you just started your journey maybe you saw something
austin no i did not i saw this strange dog
prof. maybe your right may your wrong
austin i now what i saw
prof. fine all trust you on this one
austin thanks prof.
this is my first story please give me your opinion thanks!!!

18th July 2006, 1:36 AM
Please read the fanfic rules before attempting to post something. Capitalize and paragraph properly, write chapters of decent length, only post one chapter at a time and for the love of God use quotation marks.

I really don't have time to go into depth since I'm going to Australia early tomorrow and should be going to bed to get some sleep, but do read the rules.

18th July 2006, 1:37 AM
Okay, Hon, if your going to post a fic, put effort into it and read the rules. This is quite nicely put....lazy slop. You don't just put a fanfiction together in two seconds and expect us to love it just like you don't draw a few stick figures for fanart and expect people to love it.

Read the rules before you try again, you broke several rules with this fic