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18th July 2006, 10:36 PM
Marty is a Marill who lives in a forest near Cerulean City and has many friends althouh this isn't my first work of writing it is my first pokemon fanfic. hope you like. Can't wait for the reviews on the Prologue.

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Marty the Marill was walking down the streets of Cerulean City. Now Marty was in the area where this big giant rectangular thingy that sometimes shows big moving pictures (ok don’t tell me I’m not smart for not knowing what a TV is I mean the story is being told from a Pokemon’s point of view ok) and he started thinking that if he HAD to be caught by a trainer he hoped it would be the gym leader of this city. Marty takes a big risk walking down the streets of Cerulean what with all the kids wanting water type Pokemon and there parents trying to capture any one they can come in contact with to please there aspiring young trainer who wanted to be just like the gym leader. Marty was always careful though but today he was stuck in his thoughts when suddenly…

“I’ll catch you for my son” a man said throwing a pokeball, “and he will probably call you Fred”

Out of the pokeball popped a Jigglypuff which Marty could tell had either had no or next to no battle experience at all. Maaaaaaaariiiiiil Marty shouted blasting a bubble beam attack on the amateur Jigglypuff. Being pelted by an onslaught of bubbles Jigglypuff cried out Jiiiiiiiggggglllllyyyy it was easy to tell that Jigglypuff was getting weak and only after one attack. I knew it was low on battle experience but taking that much damage from one bubble beam come on usually they at least try to withstand more than that Marty thought waiting to see what attack the opposition would try to launch at him if it was a sing attack Marty knew what to do.

“Jigglypuff use your double slap attack” the man called out to his Pokemon.

Jiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggglllyyyyyyyypuff the Jigglypuff called out and jumped at Marty. Marty knew what to do to dodge an amateur Jigglypuff’s double slap attack and quickly jumped out of the way as the Jigglypuff started slapping rapidly. With no target to hit Jigglypuff lost its balance and stumbled giving Marty a chance to attack. Maaaaaaaaarrrriiiiiiiiillllll Marty shouted launching a water gun attack as the gushes of water spewed out of Marty’s mouth fainting the Jigglypuff as the trainer ran away the giant rectangular thingy that sometimes shows big moving pictures (ok I know the same description as before but like before I’m going to tell you that the flippin story is being told from a Pokemon’s point of view so don’t complain to me about it) flashed and a picture of a news lady flickered on the picture part.

“I now bring you to the Cerulean Gym entrance where Misty the elegant and beautiful Gym leader is going to tell us something” the anchorwoman said as the camera moved to a shot of Misty.

“Hi everyone” Misty said while giggling “today I met a new friend he’s a Marill and I rescued him from a falling tree last night and he followed me home I asked him if he wanted to stay with me and well he just lit up with excitement” Misty said in the most cheerful tone possible.

“Well you heard it here Misty has a brand new Pokemon how exciting is that I for one believe its fantastic” at this moment she puts her hand to her ear and states that “ooh sorry viewers but were all out of time” at that the giant rectangular thingy that sometimes shows big moving pictures (now I’m going to tell you one more time the story is being told from a Pokemon’s point of view so don’t hinder me) flashed again and the picture disappeared.

Oh man Marty thought while saying (in a low tone) Marill. He wanted to continue seeing the big picture of Misty. Marty always hoped to be Misty’s Marill well that is if he ever got caught. He even hoped to be caught by Misty but now that just doesn’t seem possible.

Out in the forest east of Cerulean City Marty was sluggishly walking in his favorite clearing when his best friend Perry the Pikachu walked up with a big grin on his face Hi Marty how’s it goin Perry said in poketalk. Marty just looked glumly up at his peppy friend for a few seconds and then looked down. Perry figuring it out said glumly oh.

What is wrong with Marty. Why did Perry seem so glum after Marty

18th July 2006, 10:48 PM
I bet the other one is called marty and his friends too.

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