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19th July 2006, 6:49 PM

He proclaimed himself a god amongst men, the Messiah to those who sought unlimited power within the confines of darkness.

Exuberant wealth at his very fingertips, an empire attentive to his every command, and a fearsome army at his disposal, the dark, mysterious face behind Team Rocket, Giovanni, was the epitome of criminal genius. His cold stare could unsettle even the most stout of hearts. His cold, unfeeling voice expressed his will to dominate the world and his wrath to those who dared hinder his progress. Whether his business was legitimate or otherwise, there was no denying that the world of Pokemon only revolved if his hand willed it. The son of a merchant father who left the family when he was but a child and a cold, neglectful mother who established the throne he would eventually inherit, little is known about the man Giovanni himself. Much like the reclusive legendary Pokemon in the world, Giovanni is a man shrouded in a veil of legend, mystery, and shadow, using Team Rocket as his chess pieces in a never-ending game of conquest.

With outstretched hand, he could bestow grace upon his subjects or smite those who defy his law. Such was the iron-fisted rule of Giovanni, affectionately called “The Boss” by his underlings, addressing him as if he were their beloved father. Unwavering loyalty, fanatical obsession, and a restless adherence to their duties as members of their esteemed organization, Team Rocket embodied the very sins and indulgences in the world, and though the rest of the world denounced such evils, little did they know that they were slowly buying into the grander conspiracy, the Team Rocket behind the veil of robberies, poaching, kidnappings, and twisted experiments. This was the Team Rocket that Giovanni personally had his hand in. Behind Team Rocket, the Criminal Organization, there was Team Rocket, the Worldwide Business Corporation, Team Rocket, the Government Lobbyists, Team Rocket, the International Trade Organization, and Team Rocket, the Trustee and Ally to the Capitalist Majority.

Though the truth of it is hard to fathom, Giovanni indeed possessed such power over the free nations of the world. Owning majority shares in several prominent companies, such as Viacom, Silph, Devon, and other companies, he ensures the financial security of Team Rocket in its endeavors towards world domination and dominion over all Pokemon. He also has a hand in politics, funding campaigns geared towards furthering the goals of Team Rocket and lobbying congresses, parliaments, and other government bodies to sway the balance of power in his favor. His power over the system is so influential that he even funded a presidential campaign that went on to win the country’s leadership. The resulting aftermath of that election was apparent in the sudden schism of the country into strictly divided party lines as both sides argued over issues regarding the establishments of their forefathers and the documents that held these establishments so dear. With his power in threat in that country, Giovanni did something unprecedented by using Team Rocket the Criminal Organization as an outlet for the president’s gain. Terrorist attacks by faceless monsters, robberies and kidnappings by merciless soldiers, all of these used to strike fear and obedience into the people of the country, urging their leader to defend them in their hour of darkness. All over the news, the country hailed the patriotism of their leader and created an atmosphere of fear, creating fantasized villains and phony wars against an organization synonymous with “evil”. The president easily secured re-election, and Giovanni relished in the thought of having his own country to bend to his awesome power.

This was the Grand Rocket Conspiracy at its finest, an unseen power dominating the unaware and the unprepared. The only time this conspiracy was at risk of being unveiled was in Team Rocket’s botched takeover of the SilphCo Building in Saffron City. This was quickly covered up, however, with hush money passed around every which way, the hero rewarded with a special PokeBall, the Master Ball, and the whole situation soon became back page news along the lines of “Team Rocket – Criminal Organization” rather than the Grand Rocket Conspiracy that it is now. Team Rocket, hidden under the “legitimate” business company named GioCorp, a “cardboard corporation” established by Giovanni himself, remained a top shareholder in SilphCo, and Giovanni’s success was even publicized with Fortune Magazine naming him amongst the top 100 Richest Men in the World. In his profile, in which he is currently ranked Number 25 (though, in reality, he is the richest man in the world, but public knowledge of that may make his elusiveness all the more difficult), he is described as “passionate, dedicated, and mysterious”, and it even lists several of his philanthropic investments in smaller communities and impoverished locales, proclaiming him a “generous benefactor to the lowly”. The people of the world were quick to purchase this pack of lies from the hand of Giovanni himself, and thus hiding his true self all the better, a man who serves no man but himself, a man who would scoff at the sight of the lowly and weak, and a devious entrepreneur bent on conquering the world, whether by militant force or by the almighty dollar. His true self, Giovanni the Warlord, Giovanni the Criminal…

Giovanni the God.

Thus our story begins here, an epic tale of how a group of young “mortals” dared to challenge a “god” and expose the Grand Rocket Conspiracy, a conspiracy so deep, that one would say that it reaches into the depths of Hell itself.

That's the Prologue chapter for y'all. Tell me what you think so far. I'm currently formulating characters for this, but I hope to have the first chapter up soon. At the moment, the rating is PG-13.

21st July 2006, 2:18 PM
Very well done I love your discription of Giovanni. I see no spelling mistakes at all, grammer is correct. The flow of the sentents are beautful.

You have won me over can you PM me when you post the first chapter.
5/5 for the prologue