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21st July 2006, 3:19 AM
Rated E for Everyone!

(We open on a scene of Pallet Town, where we see Jessie, James, and Meowth frantically scrambling to grab various Pikachus skittering on the street.)

Jessie: Gotcha! (grabs a Pikachu, only to get shocked, making her drop her catch. The Pikachu hurries away.)

James: Got'em! (pounces on a whole group of Pikachu, but the combined static is enough to make James open his hands, allowing the Pikachu to get away. A group of Pikachus are nearby, cheering on the Pikachus that are running.)

Meowth: Remind me again why we're chasing dese Pikachus-- (gets shocked, making him drop the Pikachus he's carrying in his paws)

Jessie: If we can't catch the twerp's Pikachu, we'll have to settle for some other Pikachu, right? (reaches out to grab a Pikachu, but misses)

Meowth: If we can get'em to stop shocking--(gets shocked by the Pikachu he grabbed, which runs away)

(The three Pikachu that are cheering suddenly run away as James goes after them. Meowth chases another Pikachu into a tree stump.)

(In a house nearby the tree stump, Ash looks out a window, piqued by the scene. He sighs as the Rockets chase the Pikachus around)

Ash: Don't tell me they're going after everyone's Pikachus again... (Misty joins Ash at the window, interested in the chase down below)

Misty: Huh?

Ash: The Rockets have been chasing every Pikachu in town for days now--today's the third time this week!

Misty: Oh really? Guess they never learn, do they? (she and Ash turn to leave)

(Back on the ground, Meowth chases another Pikachu into the stump)

Meowth: C'mere, you little... (A Pikachu runs up behind Meowth and shocks him) YIPE!!!!

Pikachu: Pika pika pichu! Pika pika pichu!

(This angers Meowth, so he decides to chase the Pikachu!)

Meowth: I'll Slash ya apart, ya know! (as Meowth runs after the Pikachu, a second Pikachu with a sign that reads "Thee (badly drawn picture of Meowth) is stoopid" runs by. Meowth decides to chase this Pikachu instead, ultimately crashing into the tree stump. All the Pikachu peek out and stick out their tongues at Meowth, then hide.)

Jessie: Seems all they can do is run... (collapses in exhaustion.)

Meowth: I know...lemme taunt'em a little while they're not runnin'. (he gets up close to the hole in the stump) Is dat all you can do? Run, run, and run summore, you little Berry tieves?

(No sooner does Meowth say this, does a plank of wood come from the house's window and whap Meowth on the head. Misty giggles as Meowth stumbles about, tiny Pikachus with wings spinning around his head. He runs further away from the stump, then continues.)

Meowth: You're nuttin' but a buncha electric rats! (Meowth is whapped again by a longer plank of wood. He runs out onto a sidewalk across from the stump.) I mean dat, ya know! (an even longer plank of wood whaps all three Rockets on the head.)

(we look inside the house and learn that Ash was the one controlling the plank. Misty stands nearby, laughing as the dazed Rockets stumble off)

(Later, the Rockets pass a book store--and the book "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" catches their eye, especially Meowth.)

Meowth: Say...we could do the ol' Pied Piper routine and charm da Pikachu from dere little hidey-hole!

(James searches his pockets, only to come up with a few pieces of dryer lint)

James: First of all, I don't have a dime on me...

Jessie: And I'm not volunteering for Pokeflute lessons either!

James: So where are going to find a Pokeflute?

Meowth: Easy! (the three Rockets huddle together, discussing ideas. The scene shifts to show the Rockets in a classroom--Meowth plays a few scales on a whistle while his comrades listen intently)

(A "Several weeks later..." card appears)

(The three Rockets arrive at the tree stump, each one with supplies: Jessie carries a bottle, James some bongo drums, and Meowth, now clad in medieval attire, carries his whistle)

Meowth: Dere it is...here's da deal: James 'n I will perform a dancin' tune to charm the Pikachus out...which I finish, I'll whack'em on the head, and you put'em in the bottle. Questions?

Jessie: Did you two even sleep after practicing all night? (sighs)

(In the house, Misty watches from the window as the Rockets set up)

Misty: Oh brother, what is it this time?

Ash: The Rockets again?

Misty: Yeah, they look like they're supposed to be at a costume party! (she and Ash snicker)

(Inside the tree stump, the lookout, a male named Bolt, peeks outside, then runs to alert the other Pikachus)

Bolt: You guys! The Rockets are back! (all the Pikachus gasp and run to the entrance to see for themselves--then burst out laughing when they see what's going on. the leader, a female named Thora, is especially amused.)

Thora: Meowth's gone nuts in here! (makes a spinning motion by her head to illustrate her point. The other Pikachus laugh again.)

(Back outside, James and Meowth get ready to perform...)

Meowth: And a-one, two, tree... (leads James into a rousing tune. The music carries into the stump, charming Bolt and causing him to dance outside, where Meowth whaps him on the head at the song's conclusion. Jessie drops the stunned Bolt into her bottle.)

(The song begins again, and a second Pikachu comes dancing out, only to get whapped on the head and dropped into the bottle)

(The song begins again, and this time, Thora comes dancing out, while another female, Raika, tries to hold her back)

Raika: Don't go, Thora! It's a-- (both get whapped on the head and dropped in the bottle.)

(Ash, Misty, and Pikan, Ash's Pikachu; watch from the window, bemused)

Ash: So that's their little game, is it? The old Pied Piper routine...

Pikan: Ash, send me out there! The bottle looks big enough for me to fit!

Ash: Okay... (digs a few earplugs from his pocket and sticks them in Pikan's ears) These will allow you to not fall under the whistle's spell.

Misty: Good luck, Pikan! (waves as Pikan darts out of the room)

(Meanwhile, Meowth and James finish another rendition of their song and whap the Pikachu on the head)

Jessie: That's all of them, let's go!

Pikan: Not ALL of them! (Meowth whirls around and spots Pikan on the stump.) Now be nice and let my friends go!

Meowth: Try and make us!

Jessie: We dare ya! (uncorks the bottle and sets it on the ground)

Pikan: Here I come to save the day! (races inside the bottle, but as Jessie closes it, she is shocked to discover Pikan leading Thora back to the stump)

Meowth: Oh, that's your little game, is it? I tink you need to dance a bit! (he and James restart their song. Pikan dances over to them as if charmed, but when Meowth tries to whap him with his whistle, Pikan whaps Meowth with a plank of wood! He races in the bottle and rescues another Pikachu.)

James: So much for the Pied Piper routine...

Jessie: I happen to have a plan B! (the three Rockets huddle together, discussing ideas)

(Elsewhere, the Rockets hide inside a barrel, watching Pikan rescue the captured Pikachu)

James: Here he comes... (Jessie nods and lights a stick of TNT, but when Pikan runs by, he runs on the barrel for a moment, sending the Rockets hurtling down a street and into an alleyway.)

Meowth: Well, we know tings couldn't get any woise...

(No sooner does Meowth say that, does the TNT explode, charring the Rockets, sending them flying into the back yard.)

Jessie: You and your big mouth... (gasps as Ash approaches)

Meowth: You give us back dose Pikachu, or else! (he and James start their song in an attempt to charm Ash...but Ash grabs his own whistle and charms the Rockets out into the street, where they are whapped by a bus!)

Thora: So long, Rockets! Have a nice trip!

Bolt: How can we ever thank you, Ash and Pikan?

Ash: Well...you could say a whistle's always charming! (everyone laughs at this.)


Silver Arrow
21st July 2006, 5:33 PM
Ok, I've been reading most of your fiction(my faviorite being the mystirus(sp?) dungeon one)which you discontinued. One thing that i dont like about this one is the script format, another that, well, its weird. I think, it should be made into a proper story, maybeit will actract more people

21st July 2006, 6:23 PM
I know, the judges pointed that out in their reviews...but I was pleasently surpried that this even ranked in.

Sike Saner
22nd July 2006, 9:56 PM
as Meowth runs after the Pikachu, a second Pikachu with a sign that reads "Thee (badly drawn picture of Meowth) is stoopid" runs by.

And that right there was what I liked best about this. That is just an amusing mental image right there. And of course, my poor mind had to make the Meowth-doodle on the sign even goofier. XD

22nd July 2006, 10:17 PM
Thanks! I'm just glad it even ranked in considering I had it done in an hour.