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21st July 2006, 4:27 PM
What's your record for catching a really rare Pokemon? I don't hold any records, but a family friend of mine caught a Chimecho 10 minutes after he got to Mt. Pyre's peak.

21st July 2006, 4:41 PM
Chimecho was the first pokemon I found on mount pyre, for the record. I also found a feebas on my first try. A skitty was the third pokemon I found once I walked on route 116, after finding two taillows.

21st July 2006, 6:23 PM
Feebas on the first try

21st July 2006, 6:51 PM
Rayquaza with my frist ultra ball.

22nd July 2006, 1:40 AM
I once found a Chimecho as soon as I walked into the grass on Mt. Pyre.

Once on my sapphire, I went searching for Absol, and it was the first pokemon I found, so I caught it, took a few more steps and found another pokemon, which was ANOTHER Absol!

On my Leaf Green, I had just beaten the Elite Four for the first time and just got my national dex, and so I headed out of Palet Town out onto route 1. I take like two steps in the grass and voila! Raikou appears! Talk about luck.

22nd July 2006, 1:49 AM
^Wow that is lucky! I found bagon as my second pokemon once I entered the area, not sure if it's as rare as the others you guys had found.

22nd July 2006, 2:09 AM
My best pokemon... day

Trained Alakazam up 10 levels

while training, ran into shiny Parasect. caught it with my only ball-luxury

going to the PC to see it's stats, run into suicune on the way.

catch it on second encounter.

What a great day!

22nd July 2006, 2:54 AM
The first egg I hatchedf was shiny. Little did I know that shiny's were rare and so I thought it must've been a problem so I factory reset it (Why did I do it?).

22nd July 2006, 4:37 AM
You reset the game! It's okay at least you had one at the moment I haven't gotten a shiny since the Johto era (a krabby while fishing thats before I had internet.)

22nd July 2006, 4:38 AM
Feebas is quite easy for me to catch.

Walking Contradiction
2nd August 2006, 11:37 AM
I met Chimecho as the first pokemon at mt. pyre slope and Absol as the first pokemon next to fortree.

2nd August 2006, 1:42 PM
While Ev training Slakoth
Ran into an Shiny Wurmple Caught it....
*Still Ev training*
Ran into an Shiny Poochyena OMG
Wurmple looks kinda sick...
Poochyeena is gold so i sell him to my cousins

2nd August 2006, 1:51 PM
Found a female Relicanth with Rock Head as the first Pokémon I ran into when diving to get into Sootopolis. Absolute bugger to catch, but I got her in the end.

Dragon trainer
2nd August 2006, 3:23 PM
*Murkrow - same here, first dive i ever did on ermerald, i come across a non shiny female relicanth! i have never found anothe rone again, and i thought i wasn't going to catch it in the end, I'm trying to find some more but no luck suprisingly, i'm trying to bree for a flawless stats one soon. (attack and defense)

second time round on mt pyre i found a female chimecho i keep lookin and i now have 2 females and one male. i also found seveal vulpix but i fainted one accidently but i caught plenty though

2nd August 2006, 4:29 PM
Feebas: Third Try
Skitty: First Try
Shiny Sableye: Second Sableye encounter (Now gone forever)

Sir Marly
2nd August 2006, 4:46 PM
My shiny metapod was the first pokemon in viridian forest

2nd August 2006, 4:49 PM
Found a shiny wingull on my fifth try.

Moeteimasu Umi
2nd August 2006, 4:55 PM
feebas on 2nd try,chimeco in 3 min,Absol on first encounter and surskit on 1st encounter

Bonsly is pimp
2nd August 2006, 8:27 PM
i ran into three Ralts out of 6 pokemon

Sapphire Phoenix
2nd August 2006, 8:31 PM
Rayquaza with 1 ultra ball: 5minutes

Feebas after 5 pokemon:16 minutes 0_o

Wartortle 2000
2nd August 2006, 8:36 PM
In Leaf Green, I once ran into three Wobbuffets in a row on Island Six. I didn't catch any, though.

2nd August 2006, 8:56 PM
Once I went to route 113 and the first 3 pokémon I found were Skarmory. What's funny about that is I was trying to EV train something in special attack.
And no I didn't have anybody with magnet pull on me. Otherwise I wouldn't consider that rare.

2nd August 2006, 9:34 PM
Shiny Linoone was the second pokemon I saw when I was looking for a Manectric. I was stoked :P

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2nd August 2006, 10:34 PM
I saw two shinies in Granite Cave (gone forever). Caught a Latias in a Net Ball (one of the first encounters). I saw a Relicanth the first dive I did on Sapphire, but killed it and I've seen hundreds of Absols around Fortree.

3rd August 2006, 5:03 AM
First time entering pokemon tower in Lg (right after the game came out), ran into shiny gastly. Caught it with my masterball as that was my only ball.

My son caught Rayquaza, Groudon, and Kyogre all on the first ultraball. I have no idea how, but i watched him do it. Bah.

3rd August 2006, 5:12 AM
lol fastest for me was throwing a mastaer ball at rayquaza in emerald

longest was catching a groudon with a pokeball in my sis's ruby but did manage to catch it with a pokeball even tho it took a heellla long time

3rd August 2006, 5:22 AM
First Taliow I Ran Into was a shiny

3rd August 2006, 8:23 AM
When I got to the route just before Fortree city, the first pokemon I found was tropius.

4th August 2006, 2:36 PM
The first Pokemon I saw in Route 116 was a Skitty. The strange thing is, it wasn't even a swarm...


4th August 2006, 2:49 PM
Rayquaza - First hit with my swampert- 3HP, frozen!

Caught him with my first ultra ball, took about 20 seconds!

10th August 2006, 7:23 PM
mine is a feebas almost when i enter on water(i didnt know that is so rare so i dont catch it)

and the other is all unowns in 1 and a half day

and 4 shinyes on lg (3 on the seven island) , three in saphirre

~Kage Itachi~
10th August 2006, 7:27 PM
mine was a slakoth only 1 pokeball and i caught it in the first 15mins of the game.

10th August 2006, 7:27 PM
Found a Feebas in about 5-10 minutes of starting to surf.
Found a Chimecho about 10 minutes after getting to the top.

10th August 2006, 10:02 PM
i saw two plusles in a row on emerald

Shiny Metagross
10th August 2006, 11:44 PM
First egg I hatched was shiny.

Dark Trainer Ayrille
11th August 2006, 12:31 AM
When I was on Route 120 in Saphirre, as soon as I stepped in the grass I found an Absol and caught it.

11th August 2006, 2:13 PM
skitty...i was trying to avoid encounters but i accidentally stepped on one grass and there it is

11th August 2006, 3:06 PM
I went into Rusturf tunnel one day, and the first Whismur I ran into was shiny...

11th August 2006, 3:11 PM
found shiny bagon while looking 4 a lv 35 one. but it was my cousins game. >_>. found feebas in 10-15 min

11th August 2006, 3:12 PM
On Emerald I was headed to Fortree and found three Tropius in a row.

12th August 2006, 1:21 AM
in XD i caught a Zapdos with one ultra ball.

Emerald Vaporeon
12th August 2006, 2:16 AM
I don't know if this counts, but once I just threw a great ball at the Kyogre with full HP on my emerald version... and it caught it. I didn't think it would actually catch it, though.

Glitter Latias
12th August 2006, 11:01 AM
Chimecho on 2nd try

12th August 2006, 12:59 PM
Seeing Latios in the sea the minute after leaving Mosdeep city after flying to collect Beldum fron Littleroot.

Also, wasting30 Ultra Balls on regice and regirock, and then catching registeel with a great ball.

Russian May
12th August 2006, 1:02 PM
Feebas in 20 minutes
Mewtwo with Timer Ball om first throw.

13th August 2006, 1:44 PM
Skitty on my first try! And male non shiny relicanth second or third try.

14th August 2006, 6:14 PM
Seeing Latios right after I beat Elite Four in the Desert, right after I found a Cacnea (For some reason it took ages to find >_>). On second encounter, my Wobufett used Mirror Coat on it's Psychic which left it in red and then I caught it with my second ultra ball. Better yet, it was a Modest Latios :D

14th August 2006, 6:56 PM
I found Chimecho after about 5 minutes of searching. It was the second Pokemon I found.

And I found loads of Ralts when there was an outbreak of Surskit. O_o


15th August 2006, 4:00 AM
Feebas: First Try.
Latias: Was going to the safari zone and caught it was an ultra ball.
Moltres: First Ultra Ball.
Articuno: 3rd Ultra Ball.
Regice: 2nd Ultra Ball.

15th August 2006, 6:17 AM
Lessee...I haven't had many...but this is the best I've done:
A Ralts as like, my third wild Pokemon in Route 102 in Sapphire.
A Skitty as maybe my fifth wild Pokemon on its route.
Tropius right away (then another).
Shiny Tentacool while surfing around Mossdeep pretty soon after I got there.
Absols come to me. A lot. I see many Absols...@_@

But no Chimecho or Feebas (though I haven't really spent much time looking.)

15th August 2006, 11:06 AM
caught a Relicanth very soon while diving. ^^; is it so rare? I never knew =P on my emerlad rom ralts was the first poké encountering on route 102. but, isn't ralts common on emerald? well, encountered one while retraining a reparty. =|
don;t even like ralts or relicanth

Diaruga dude
15th August 2006, 11:27 AM
chimecho as first encounter on mt pyre

bagon as first encounter in the area

Moeteimasu Umi
15th August 2006, 6:35 PM
outside of fortree i was just walking into the grass to get the items in it then i found a wild kecleon and then i took 5 steps and i found a absol!i didnt use devon scope

15th August 2006, 10:57 PM
I just caught a calm Regice on my first ultra ball, also a timid Kyogre first ultra ball. I'll edit in the ivs as soon as I catch Regirock.

Munchlax Master
16th August 2006, 1:34 AM
2 pokemon chimecho

Dark Ray
16th August 2006, 7:44 AM
1rst Pokeball Articuno
1rst Great Ball Zapdos
2nd Ultra Ball Moltres

16th August 2006, 9:19 PM
Feebas and Chimecho on first try.

~Alexis Laistenna~
16th August 2006, 9:30 PM
Absol-first seen on Route 123. First ever seen.
I caught three Skitty in a row.
Tropius-third seen on it's first route. *Snuggles Tororo*

Mew King
16th August 2006, 9:54 PM
Feebas in my first try. Good Feebas in second egg.

Groudon in second ball - a Dive Ball

Rayquaza in first Ultra Ball

Zapdos in XD in first Ultra Ball.

More on the way...

16th August 2006, 10:30 PM
First time at Elite 4 Inside lake went like this:
*Faces the lake*hmmm...*Press Start,Pokemon,vaporeon,Surf.The Surf intro comes in and i step into the water and i hear a different sound when you find a pokemon.Looks at The Screen and i see a Shiny Gyaraodos*
Took me about a second to find it.LoL
After that i never Saw a single Gyarados at that place.