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22nd July 2006, 8:19 PM
At the beginning there’s a bit of blood but only in mention so for the prologue I’d say 13 but for the first chapter it’s E for everyone


A Weavile ice skates across a frozen lake happily whilst a Psyduck watches from the edge enviously. The Psyduck tries to step on the ice again but slips and smashes its head into the ice. Cracks spread across the ice towards the unaware Weavile who is busy admiring the beautiful pine forest and the frosted winter flowers. As the cracks edge ever nearer to Weavile a shadow begins to circle underneath the sheet of ice. Psyduck begins jumping up and down whilst shouting out to the Weavile but by the time the Weavile hears, the ice splits open and the Weavile plunges straight into the icy waters just as the shadow is directly underneath it. The Psyduck starts throwing things at the hole in the ice, absolutely petrified.

About half an hour later a trainer cycles back to the lake to pick up her Weavile and Psyduck after popping to the pokémart just beyond the forest but when she arrives she only finds her Psyduck sitting by a old torn down pine tree, shivering. The Psyduck doesn't respond to its trainer when she asks him where Weavile is but merely stares at the gaping hole in the middle of the lake where the water and surrounding ice has turned blood red.

The trainer screams and drops all her shopping before retrieving her Psyduck and pedalling with all her might back to the small town with the Pokémart. But a shadow appears under the water and the hole slowly freezes over once more and turns the purest of all whites.

Chapter 1

Joe sat quietly at the back of his Pokémon tech class, scribbling down notes on Magneton’s Levitation ability. After about fifteen minutes the bell rang and Joe handed in his assignment on ‘Why Earthquakes affect Magnetons.’ As he walked into the canteen to grab some food he heard one of his classmates, Richard boasting about a new Pokémon that his father had bought for him.
“My father brought home an Eevee last night for me as a well done gift for doing so well in my battling classes,” he told the growing crowd of kids around him. When Richard spotted Joe he just sneered and started laughing.

Joe stormed back out and up to the Library where he grabbed a book on Pokémon evolution and thought to himself,
“It’s not fair! Why do rich snobs like Richard get to play with Pokémon when my mum won’t even let me near a Pokémon?”
Joe’s mum had always been terrified of Pokémon and would never let him anywhere near a Pokémon. She even sent in notes to stop Joe from attending battling class and Pokémon biology. The closest that Joe ever got to a Pokémon was through his text books.

As Joe flicked through the evolution book he spotted his favorite Pokémon, Castform and all of its special “temporary mutating evolutions” which changed due to exposure to certain weather. The librarian, Miss Agatha trotted over and spoke very quietly to Joe.
“Would you like to take that book out? It’s brand new in.” Joe quickly accepted and walked outside to his favorite spot under a tree where he could see the Viridian gym and all of the dense Viridian Forest.

Joe finished reading about Castform and pressed a button on the side which shrank it down to the size of a disk which he slipped into his bag. He laid back and listened to the sounds of Pokémon calling to each other in the forest and slowly slipped into a light slumber. When he awoke he jumped up in shock at what was sitting in front of him. A Wurmple sat, staring at him with it’s big yellow eyes. But everything was very odd: no Pokémon could get into the school because of the special repelling crystals, this Wurmple looked different, it was purple rather than red and finally, the oddest thing of all, Wurmples belonged in Hoenn, never in Kanto. Joe reached out to stroke its head and as he touched it his body went limp and he saw flashes of a young trainer with blue hair, the same trainer again, but running and a final flash as a Pokéball fell from her belt which he supposed was the Wurmple’s.

When Joe came out of the trance he stared at the Wurmple and wondered what on Earth was going on...

This is my first try at a fic so please tell me how I can get better.