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23rd July 2006, 5:15 AM
"10 a clock 10 a clock" repeated a pidgey comeing out of a alarm shaped like a pokeball.

"O no im late!" screamed a kid with straight black hair and in his white pajamas with green stripes in the middle he then ran 2 his bath room and quickly got a shower and changed into a blue shirt with black stripes hair now spiked and grabbed his green bag and hurreyd down the stairs.

"where are you going Aj?" asked a woman shouting from the kitchen the woman had long black hair and wearing a red shirt and black pants with a apron on with flour stains on it showing she was begining 2 bake

"im going 2 professor birches lab you know so i could go on and start my pokemon journey remember?"

"o ya hunny here i packed u some stuff" She said as she hanged him a thurmas a couple of sandwiches wraped and also some money "Aj im so prouad of you i know if your dad was here he would tell you the same thing" she added trying not to cry.

"Dont cry mom ill come back and visit i promise..." He replied bak and after putting up all his things he then closed his bag " Ill call you when i get into odale town i promise mom bye" Aj added while running out of the door.

It wasnt that far of a run two get to professor birches lab so when he got two professor birches lab he heard something going on inside and walked in

"Um hello proffesor birch are you here?" he said peaking his head into the door way slowly

"Oh aj its you!" Professor birch said while avoiding thunder shocks comeing from a local magnemite u could see professor birch running in circles "Quick Aj take the pokeball on the tabel and make it return"

"Return Magnemite" he said right then a red flash came out of the pokeball and hit the magenmite and it returned to inside its pokeball

"Thank you Aj now i assume your here to get your starter pokemon correct?" professor birch said straightining out his lab coat

"Ya so wich one can i get!" Aj said really excited

"Well unfortinatnly your late see the other three trainers have already been here and gotten there pokemon"

"So you mean theres no other pokemon i can get!" He said quickly going from excited to disapointed you could tell as he began to get a frown

"Wait theres one pokemon avaliable I think infact i just caught it this morning" He then took a pokeball out and threw it out and a pokemon came out it was long and blue and had one red eye Aj could ownly stair in amazmient

" Is that a beldum!" Aj quickly said smiling again

"Yep and if you want its all yours" Professor birch said smiling

"Yes!" Aj said excited

"Now here are your..." Befor professor birch could continue he got quickly cut off as sand filled the lab "Who are you!?" professor birch said coughing

"Were team magma that dosent matter though just hand over your pokemon!" Two people in read hoddies and black pants said with two mightyenas

"Never! Quick aj tell beldum to use take down!" proffesor birch yelled as he grabbed the magnemite pokeball of the tabel and threw it

"Beldum quick take down!" AJ yelled
"Thunderbolt Magnemite!" Professor birch yelled.

"Quick mightyena iron tail!" One of them yelled.
"Shadow Ball mightyena!" the other 1 yelled.

After that there was a huge explosion.

two be continued part 2 comeing soon

now befor you review this was my 1st story and i dont care if u like it ill take all your reviews and just make it better :)

23rd July 2006, 5:45 AM
i dont mine like i said im willing 2 improve and i understand and ill try 2 make the story alot better and ill definetly read those sites