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25th July 2006, 5:30 AM
The Legendary War
An Ancient Pokemon Fable
Written by a Hoenn Poet at the end of the Great War

Doth flew Rayquaza against the brilliant sky,
Doth soar Deoxys in the light of the moon,
Doth slept Jirachi in the glow of the comet of Millennia,
Doth dreaming Mew in the warm summer sun,
Doth dreaming of days away…

Mew had becometh bored with the life of pleasure and fun he had been given,
Thee longethed for a companion.

From the mighty seas he drew from them their power,
And shaped those powers to his liking.

He named it Kyogre, king of all the oceans water.

But he longed for somebody to keep Kyogre in check, for Kyogre angrily destroyed land to make sea.

From the Earth he drew the breath of the magma and shaped it to his liking again.

He named it Groudon keeper of the mountains and land.

But alas the two continually fought, so Rayquaza had no choice but to intervene.

By his power as king of the skies he banished Kyogre to a valley sea of in Larel,
And Groudon to a Volcano in the land of Hoenn.

For now Rayquaza retreated to the sky pillar, his home.

But alas there was unrest between the two again, and they began to fight and wage war,
Land against sea,
Fire and ice,
Light and dark,
All were against eachother.

Rayquaza worried for his people.
He sent Deoxys to Kanto to form three guardians there.
Deoxys named them Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno.
The rulers of the elemental skies

He sent Jirachi to Johto to create three there,
Jirachi named them Raikou, Entei and Suicune.
The keepers of the elemental earth

He sent Mew to Larel to create three there.
Lucario, Parukia, Diaruga,
The keepers of the elemental beyond.

And he went to his home land to create three there,
Regice, Registeel, and Regirock.
The keepers of the elemental people.

So they all did their part in protecting this land,
But as the war became more aggressive Rayquaza lost all hope…

The Sky Pillar had been reduced to rubble.
The Black Fortress in Kanto was demolished.
The Tin tower in Johto was burnt to cinders.
The Great Larel temple was wiped off the map…

In his anger and sorrow Rayquaza split his soul into two parts.
He named one Latios meaning the keeper of all hope,
He named one Latias meaning keeper of all love.
So he set his children off into the world where they would find war.

He slowly fell into a sleep and crumpled into the sea along with the sky pillar…

Mew and Deoxys were enraged they forced an all out strike and Jirachi helped his brothers with medical and strategic planning.

Slowly the two retreated and shining with all the power of Rayquaza Latios and Latias put them into a slumber and sent them back to whence they came.
Kyogre became the spirit of the ocean and Groudon the spirit of land.

The 12 guardians of the 4 lands all banded together to heal the earth.
And from the Earth were born two new Pokemon.
Ho-oH and Lugia…

Doth lay Rayquaza at the hands of fate and time,
Doth wait Deoxys until he may rise,
Doth bring peace Jirachi so he may help those who were harmed,
Doth dream Mew of what he may do next,

Doth all of them sleep tonight…

25th July 2006, 6:49 AM
wow just wow it's a poem right. it definitely puts a weird twist to things. although if i'm right they did say in the anime that mew created all pokemon and the others evolved through natural selection. but its your *poem8 to write and i really thoroighly enjoyed it.

25th July 2006, 5:11 PM
I really enjoyed when you put the legendary pokemon in it... COOL.