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25th July 2006, 7:02 PM
This is my first fic. I'm rating it PG. the rating might go up later.


“Ladies and gentlemen”, the announcer cried, “today we have the final round to determine who will become the new champion of the Hoenn League!” The crowd jumped out of their seats and started cheering. The announcer sat and waited for the noise to die down. When the crowd was finally silent, the announcer yelled into the speaker, “Our first battler today is Steven Stone, the current champion defending his title. The second battler is Chris Kay, who’s moved up in the ranks at an amazing speed.” The crowd went wild as the announcer called out both names, but cheered a little louder for Steven, a crowd favorite.

The announcer shouted, “Let me explain the rules. The will be a two on two match with no time limit. No items may be used. Good luck to both battlers.”

Steven pulled a pokeball off his belt and said, “You are my most prized pokemon and have never let me down. Get out there and win this battle!” Steven threw a pokeball and a large, spider-like pokemon appeared.

Chris, who was wearing a blue shirt and black pants, turned his white hat backwards as he did for every battle. He thought to himself, “Steven’s using his Metagross. I’ve heard a lot about that pokemon. What do I have to counter it?” He finally made his decision and threw his pokeball. A human looking creature with no mouth and powerful legs came out and cried its name, “Hitmon lee.” Chris cried out, “Hitmonlee, you have been with me for my whole journey, don’t let me down now!”

The announcer shouted, “Both battlers have chosen their pokemon, on Steven’s side we have the large Metagross. Many challengers have lost to this foe. And on Chris’s side we have a Hitmonlee. Both of these pokemon are very powerful. Which one will be triumphant?” He held up his arms, then lowered them and yelled, “Begin!”

Chris made the first move, ordering Hitmonlee to perform an Earthquake attack.

The huge tremor threw Metagross into the back wall and greatly damaged it.

Steven shouted to Metagross, “Are you going to take that from him? Use a

Psychic attack to throw him into the back wall!”

Hitmonlee was also thrown into the wall for a hard hit.

Steven commanded Metagross to use its own Earthquake, expecting a KO,

but before it hit, Chris gave Hitmonlee a command.

When the dust from the Earthquake disappeared, Hitmonlee was still standing.

Chris shouted to Steven, “I ordered Hitmonlee to use a protect so your

Earthquake didn’t affect it! Now Hitmonlee, finish it off with a rolling kick!”

Hitmonlee started rolling towards Metagross and the instant before they hit,

he stopped rolling and hit Metagross with a kick using all his momentum.

Metagross fell to the ground and struggled to get up, but stopped moving.

The announcer stood up and cried, “Metagross is unable to battle. The winner of the first round is Chris!” The crowd stood up and started chanting, “Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris!” When the crowd finally quieted down, the announcer shouted, “Steven, send out your next pokemon.”
Steven looked at his pokeballs, trying to decide which one would do

best against a Hitmonlee. He decided, and then threw his pokeball. A large

metal bird appeared on the field. The announcer yelled, “Steven’s next choice

is his trusted companion Skarmory.” He dropped his arms and yelled, “Begin!”

Steven shouted to Skarmory, “Weaken Hitmonlee with a Steel Wing attack.

Skarmory’s wings hardened and then it slammed them into Hitmonlee,

damaging it greatly.

Steven called out, “Skarmory, use a Drill Peck to finish him off!”

Skarmory started spinning like a drill towards Hitmonlee.

Right before Skarmory’s attack, Chris shouted to Hitmonlee, “Use Endure!”

Skarmory hit Hitmonlee, but Endure allowed it to survive.

Chris told Hitmonlee to use Reversal, and at the same time Steven told

Skarmory to use Drill Peck again.

The two pokemon flew towards each other with their attacks.

They collided in the middle of the arena and made a huge cloud of dust.

When the cloud cleared, both pokemon were knocked out.
The announcer shouted, “I don’t believe it. Both pokemon have been knocked out! The new champion of the Hoenn League is Chris Kay.” When the announcer finished saying this, the crowd exploded into cheers and applause.

Yami Ryu
25th July 2006, 7:06 PM


Go read advice for aspiring authors and the rule thread. Then learn how to describe battle scenes, emotions, surroundings, and a **** load of stuff I have had to repeat over and over to MORE PEOPLE THAN I CAN SHAKE A STICK AT.

A prologue is no excuse for something that's as sorry assed as this.