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25th July 2006, 9:42 PM
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Prologue: The Astroid Approaches
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Episode 1: Running Errands
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Episode 15: Private Tutorial
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Episode 16: Show Me What You've Learned!
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Episode 20: Rape Isn't Funny...

The Shadow Nebula

A large, silver satellite with the symbol of the common nebula on it floating in space above Earth with the usual faces- the scientists there laze and slack there as if they had nothing to do- imagining their life back home but getting even bored since monotonous scenes are what they loved- completely unaware of the events to come.

“This is kind of boring, right?” a worker with a lab coat was lazing in a moving chair with his arms as pillows. “I’m sure this isn’t what I signed up for…”

Another scientist came along. “Well its still work. You better keep at it and monitor that screen before something bad happens. You never know what could come.”

“Didn’t you have any dreams when you decided this was the place for you?”

A third scientist came along with blue hair, small eyes with glasses on. “We all had dreams when we decided to work here. This IS what I expected.”

“It’s still kind of boring, but you wanted this…?”

“We all did,” the third one said. “We all expected big things, but we still have fun.”

The second scientist walked by one of the screens with an unexpected face, the same neutral one as the bored scientist. “Nothing new, but the Earth looks nice from here.”

One of the many huge screens began flashing an astonishing red, demonstrating the words “ASTROID APPROACHING” And the proof along with a vast asteroid heading to the Earth at this very moment!

“Oh no! This can’t be!” the second scientist pointed and yelled at the originally bored one. “This is your screen, so go and do something! Now you can have some fun like you wanted to earlier!”

“Now the party’s getting started, and you better be there to stop it!” ordered the third.

“How could I know? Even if I did, how could I stop it?”

“It’s the end for all of us…unless…” The second researcher came up to the screen and pressed some buttons, quickly but skillfully- the camera zoomed in to show a closer examination of the impending asteroid reveals that there is some strange lifeform clinging to the approaching rock.

The scientists all clutter up together and think of a plan to stop the impending danger just realized a few seconds ago, and they all understand they have no choice but to resort to an infamous yet brilliant scientist. The name is unspoken, and the three leave the room with a look of rushing fear on their faces. The screen fades away…

25th July 2006, 9:43 PM
Episode 1: Running Errands

A boy with brown hair in a wave and in scarlet pajamas with pictures of Charizard on them wakes up in a bed with pictures of Eevee and its evolutions on it, stretching out his arms and yawning in the light of a fresh day, getting out of bed. He quickly changed out of his pajamas and went into a red blazer with a black undershirt.

“So what time is it?”

He protected his eyes from the sun’s rays of the window beside him by putting his hands over it, then walked over to a desk beside him and reached for a PokéBall and the high-tech P*DA, immediately getting an email from someone with a ring-ring tone. He opened it and an automatic voice came out of the person sending it, as it was advanced technology in his hands.

A fatherly light voice came out and said, “I left something for you on the table, as you can see. If you don’t already know what it is, it’s called the P*DA, and you can use it to call your friends and family anytime you want, consider it a mailbox of sorts. It also has a strategy memo just in case you ever need it, so have fun and thank your mom for letting me buy the thing for you! Well, it was actually one of the devices in the lab, but see ya!”

“So dad got me something for my birthday? Thanks, I guess.” He put the P*DA away.
The boy walked downstairs and saw his mom, with red hair and a light lab coat on along with gentle eyes of a mother. “Jaden, can you look for your little sister Mana? She’s probably playing at the Kaminko Manor. Since you have rollerblades, I think it would be quicker if you were the one to look for her.”

“Sure thing, mom!”

As if he was able to conjure a spell, he slipped rollerblades out of a thin, black backpack with a green zipper out and slipped them on as in-lines. He skated out of the lab with some of the other scientists astonished of his sudden rush.

* * *

His skates graced the open road with trees on fine dirt on the left side of him, and he was soon at the Kaminko Manor to experience ironic scenery compared to the road- what looked like a haunted house with a silver, rusted fountain lost of water in front of him, topped with random thunderbolts causing loud noise, but not actually hitting anything.

“This place looks creepy…why should I care?” Jaden headed into the wooden and creepy doors of the house to see a much more merrier scene- like a playground. A screen was slapped in front when he entered and two doors one on left and right.

A tall lady with blue hair in a beetle wearing a lab coat walked out along with a sibling in her hands, but not an infant, with pink hair and a glossy dress on.

“There you are, Mana!”

The blue haired lab put down the petite girl, and Mana loped over to Jaden in bliss, hugging him as if he saved her. “There you are, big brother!”

The scientist walked over. “She’s nice, and I can see she loves you.”

“Of course she loves me, I’m her bigger brother!”

The scientist frowned. “And then some?”

“Yeah, I forgot about you,” blushed Jaden. “Right aunt Jovi…”

Mana halted hugging Jaden and began leaping in joy. “I love the both of you!”

An old man with tall white hair ending in spikes with a long beard, along with glasses with whirls in the middle, his hands behind his back struggling to walk came over to where the three were. “My greatest assistant…and best choice ever!”

“Who and what…?” asked Jaden.

“Jovi here has been a great assistant since the day she began coming here to annoy me and Chobin. It turns out her annoyance sprouted new ideas.”

“Thanks, but Michael always came and took me back to the lab,” added Jovi.

Chobin was hiding behind a corner, his hands over his mouth in shock and walked in a short nerdy way backwards more from the scene. “What does he mean Jovi is his greatest assistant? No, Chobin is! Chobin is the number one Kaminko Aide!”

“Well as you can see--”

A snotty Chobin interrupted Kaminko. “Enough! How rude…no more of these words, at least when Chobin's here.” He left the room, mumbling.

“What’s with him?” wondered Jovi.

“Mom’s waiting for you, Mana.”

“Okay. Bye old man! Bye Jovi!”

When Jaden was outside and back to the fearful scene, he got an email from his P*DA shocking him as if the machine was obsessed. Opening it, another automated voice message from his dad said, “Hey, I’m kind of waiting for you back here in the Pokémon Lab HQ, so come home as quickly as you can, okay? I want to show you something cool I found when I was looking back inside my old closet.”

Jaden slapped on his in-line skates, and had Mana on the back of him ready to take off back to the Pokémon Lab HQ. Mana was laughing and moving like a rampaging washing machine, making Jaden worry he might trip.

* * *

Jaden and Mana made it back to the Pokémon Lab HQ, and Jaden rollerbladed up the railing of the stairs defying gravity and went into the doors of the lab, the scientists amazed yet scared at the speed and accuracy. Jaden’s mom was still smack in front of him, as if a stop sign halting him to stop his agility.

“I was worried about you, Mana! You’re supposed to tell me when you’re going to leave this early in the morning and not just go off without leaving me anything to know you’re going to be okay. There are a lot of bad things happening lately and I don’t want one of those events happening to my own daughter. Thanks, Jaden.”

Mana got off Jaden’s back. “I’m here, I promise I won’t stay out too late anymore, okay? If I worried you, then sorry!”

“Well alright, but at least you’re safe right now. Jaden, your father called you a few minutes after you left and he’s still waiting for you upstairs.”

“Okay mom. Be up there in a second. I already got an email message from him a little while earlier.” Jaden rollerbladed into the elevator, which was already there for him.

* * *

It took him to a room with a counter in it. Jaden’s dad was sitting on the counter, he had red hair held up by goggles and a carefree face, jeans, and a labcoat on like the other members of this facility. “Hey, I was waiting for you. Turns out five minutes after you left, I was already five minutes too late!”

“So what did you want to show me?”

“You ever heard what a Snag Machine is?”

“I read something about it in school. It said devices like that were originally used for evil, but it saved the world from evil organizations numerous times, right?”

“You got the facts straight, but I’m wondering if you already know what one can do.”

Jaden nodded. “Sorry. Have no idea.”

“It’s used to steal Pokémon from other trainers, but in the past it has been used by heroes to steal the ones belonging to evil trainers to make them good again. As you can see, Pokémon are only ‘bad’ when they obey trainers when their owners are evil, but that doesn’t mean they’re ‘evil’ themselves. However, numerous organizations in the past have actually been able to break that rule and in fact make them ‘evil’.”

“Nice story, dad. What a waste of time. I wanted to go back to sleep after helping mom find Mana at the Kaminko Manor.”

“You better not go, if you want your real birthday present today.” He took something out from a random desk drawer and held it out. The silver, metallic, mechanic object was shaped like a bionic arm with red patterns a round circle in the middle of the hand.

“That looks kind of cool, but I don’t have a broken arm—is that what I think it is?!”

“Whatever you set your mind to, Jaden.”

“It’s a Snag Machine?”

“That’s right, and it’s going to be your final birthday present. I’m trusting you to take over for me someday and I know someone like you would make me proud.”

“Thanks, but…” he accepted the present from his dad’s opening hands and wore the Snag Machine comfortably on his left arm and moved it around a little, realizing the hand part was simple as a glove and he could still move the left hand. “It fits fine!”

“The one I used many years ago to destroy Cipher after its rebirth is rusted in more ways than one, but this version is more compact for the sake of it not being too thick, and small is what you kids these days consider ‘cool’, right?”

“Thanks!” Jaden rose up with energy and struck a heroic pose. “And now I shall protect the Pokémon World from terror and destruction from all those who seek to create it!”

“First you should—” Michael grasped the stool hastily in surprise as he felt a powerful tremor strike below him, and Jaden almost tripped with his legs doing tricks not to.

“INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT!” an alarm began ringing loudly and making Jaden and Michael’s thoughts mixed in disclosure.

“Jaden, go and find out what’s going on! I have to stay up here and make sure nobody got hurt from that sudden shake and nothing was knocked over! I’m trusting you!”

“Right!” following the obvious rules of a safety procedure, he rollerbladed left and headed down the emergency escape stairs, rollerblading down the railing in a scuttle.

* * *

Jaden ran into his mom, who was running about and saw him at the right time. “There’s a person out there trying to steal all the data, please help us! I know you can!”

“Where is he?”

“He’s in the Purify Chamber, right now!”

“Looks like I better get there!” he rollerbladed off.

Getting to the nearby room with a glowing circle in the center with matching patterns leading out of it in perfect formation and some waves of light coming out of it. Some female scientists and a Blissey were there, scared at the situation. A PC and healing machine was also there.

A scientist backed up. “Someone help us!”

Jaden arrived in the room. “Hey you, stop this now or else!”

The person causing the problem was a man dressed in a purple monster outfit looking like a Heel NetNavi in MegaMan Battle Network, having silver spikes appear out of his outfit and a chakra styled face of darkness, along with a threatening stance. “You don’t boss me around.”

“Looks like you’re gonna have to learn this the hard way.”

================================================== =========
Pkmn Trainer Jaden vs. Heel
================================================== =========

“You think you can beat me, little kid? Well just try it! Go Machop!” Heel sent out the superpower fighting humanshape.

“You don’t scare me! You better get out of here.” I have no idea what the heck’s in this PokéBall, but there’s no time like the present. [i]“Go!” his PokéBall released the normal evolutionist Eevee. “That’s new…”

The Snagger’s Aura Reader sensed a shadow coming out of the Machop ahead. “Does that mean it’s a… ‘Shadow Pokémon?’ What can that mean?”

“A fighting against a normal? My battle, and you look new to boot. Use Shadow Rush!”

[I]“Shadow Rush…? I never heard of that before…” he commanded, “I don’t know what attacks Eevee can do, but here goes: Eevee, use Take Down!”

Eevee charged in, while Machop did the same thing but with a shadow aura, which badly damaged the new Eevee, while the superpower being suffered little.

“That’s what you get.”

“What do you know?”

Jaden’s dad approached the room amid a hastening appearance. “You have to use your Snag Machine to capture Machop! Go and use it now! All you have to do is use one of the PokéBalls you already have with you.”

“Okay dad, I guess I have no choice but to trust you.” Jaden reached into his pocket, and took his hand out to no avail of a PokéBall. “I don’t have one!”

Jaden’s dad tossed over a red and white PokéBall, which Jaden caught. “Here you go!”

“What do you think you’re doing interfering?” requested the Heel.

“Be quiet already. The PokéBall began charging and had an aura around it with an energy Jaden never felt before. He tossed it for a first.

The PokéBall rocked once…twice…thrice! Machop was caught.

“I better get away while the going’s good!”


“That wasn’t a good thing that just happened to me. I need the data on Shadow Pokémon in the past, so hand it over!”

“Make us,” Jaden’s dad taunted.

“Empty threats aren’t going to get you anywhere, and I snagged your Shadow Machop! Get out of here!”

“You haven’t seen the last of the organization…” the Heel left in a black flash.

“What did he mean by the organization, dad?”

“I have no idea, but the Shadow Pokémon are probably going to rise again. You don’t have to worry about anything bad happening, because they rose many times in the past and they always got their backsides spanked in the end, anyways.”

“I hope you’re right…but if you want me to catch more Shadows for you, then—”

“Here’s a PokéBall generator. Every time you encounter a Shadow, it should transport a PokéBall from somewhere in the lab to where you are. It’s the lab’s own invention!”

“Thanks! I can catch regulars also, right?”

“They’re not common in the Orre region, but there are some places you can…anyways, I’m going on a business trip tomorrow to the Tech region, so do you want to come?”

“Sure…as long as I won’t be a bother to you…”

“Then I’ll give you the Tech ticket right now, but I’ll let you go between Tech and Orre, so don’t worry.” He handed over an advanced silver ticket with data rainbows on it. “Your mom called you earlier before the fuss, so get to her, okay son?”

“Sure, and thanks again!” he rollerbladed his leave.

* * *

Jaden got to his mom, sweating from the event occurring earlier but merry everything’s backed to normal. “I need for you to do me a favor really quick: Can you go to Gateon Port and get me some package from the postal office? I can’t get it right now…”

“Sure, I feel like battling some trainers there also.”

25th July 2006, 9:44 PM
Jaden’s mom smiled. “Well don’t forget to get the thing, or no dinner for you!”

Jaden’s face showed believing looks, a worried one. “You’re kidding, right?”

His mom laughed after looking at her son’s façade, then stopped and put her hand on top of him in a polite way. “Of course I am. Be careful for the sake of it though, okay?”

Jaden felt relieved, then rollerbladed off outside. “I knew you were. See ya!”

* * *

After swiftly riding his way through the gentle parks of western Orre, he arrived in Gateon Port, a beautiful seaport beckoned with ships by the side- some coming from the guidance of the lighthouse ahead while the others leaving with the last few passengers or just friends and family who want a gentle ride around the harbor. Streets were showered with stunning white marble bricks not dirty, and walking on them were populated with sailors having a rest and from the distance; a restaurant shaped like a Krabby could be spotted along with bulkier sailors lying there in the healthy white and blue shine of the sky, with some Wingull flying overhead in circles and other formations to welcome the people and the ships. The lighthouse tall, white and blue were decorated with some people up there just to see the marvelous view from above.

“There’s stairs here, and I have skates…hmm…that’s a problem…but not one too big for me that is!” he jumped onto the railing, which had little protection as one mistake would send him falling for 12 feet down with other people there, but his bravery sent him sliding down like a train on a railroad and he made it to the bottom, which had a big, square stone, but he vaulted over it with little effort.

One of the people walking around was shocked at the skating. “Don’t you know doing something like that’s dangerous?”

“Yeah, your point?”

The other person walked away after those words.

“Well know I’m supposed to go to the postal office opened in Gateon Port a few weeks ago.” He walked up to a map with many arrows on it and building shapes, pointing over to a blue colored house with the symbol of a mailing letter next to it. “That obviously must be the place I’m supposed to go to…”

Gateon Port was a great place to get mail even though they just made the location a few weeks ago, it has already became a place known in the Orre region to get the information you wanted. It was also the perfect location since incoming ships carried cargo for the people in Orre- and information sent by associates, friends and family over from over other distant lands. As if a new block of land was added over to the Gateon Port, the postal office was to the left of the Krabby Pavilion.

Jaden got there, noticing there were some people walking and standing there with no idea of what they’re doing, and some going inside. There wasn’t much of a line considering it was huge and there were many aisles there. He went inside and noticed large chunks of packages being imported and exported to the people. Going up to a random receptionist, he asked the woman wearing an easy light-blue blazer. “Can I get the package for my mom right now? She told me to come here and get it for her because she was too lazy to get it herself, so there.”

The woman had a dashing smiling face. “That’s not nice to talk that way. Of course, but first I need to know the name of your mom before I can hand anything to you.”

“Her name is Marcia.”

“The famous reporter is your mom? She gave some of us a phone call earlier about how you were going to come here and give her the package when you get back home. Your name must be Jaden then, am I right?”

“Yes. Can I get the thing now?”

“Just a minute.” She went a little to the back, which had hundreds of other packages littered all over the shelves, and grabbed one with a metallic color to it, going back and handing the parcel over to the waiting Jaden. “Here it is.”

“Thanks! What’s in it, though?”

“I don’t really know. It’s not nice to look in other people’s packages, so we didn’t. We’re probably not even allowed to, but the breaks are nice.”

“See ya, and thanks again.” He waved goodbye and skated out of the room, some people there with a look of wind rushing through their face, and even wondering why the boy was allowed to skate indoors. “I should get back to my mom before too long, but first I think it’s a good idea to get in some battles first.”

* * *

When Jaden reached outside, he saw some sailors but was already skating at full speed and crashed into them without being able to brake, these were the big ones that didn’t even notice the impact of the innocent kid, but was able to snap a kid’s bones in one try and would get angry easily, and they had empty eyes, as their uniforms were big. One of them clenched their fists while the other snickered and held his large hands over the little boy to the worry of Jaden and he feared being hurt by them, especially since this was too early and he wanted to get back home to his mom to give the parcel back. They were bullies and had muscular faces and arms.

“Leave the boy alone.” A man with hair in curls rushing down the left and right sides of his face to cover part of his left eye, along with his right eye in the shape of a microscopic glass glowing in the sun with dark red rims came along. He was wearing a white coat, in the fashion of a lab coat but wasn’t exactly one with purple streams going into patterns and a red rim in the end of the coat for his serious hands; the man was quite tall, wearing dark purple pants in a tone. The part of his eye seen had a square and empty look with but a small pupil in the middle. He walked by with the emotionless look on his face. “If you want to battle somebody, then battle me. My name is Dr. Regal.”

The two sailors stopped their threats on Jaden and approached the man, wishing he would have the same fate they were about to put upon for the boy. “You’re going to wish you never interfered!” they both said.

Dr. Regal vs. Sailor #1 and Sailor #2

“You’re going to wish you never met with us!” the first sailor sent out Poliwrath, a dark-blue Water and Fighting type with an angry look on its face and a spiral in the middle with white fists ready to battle. The second sailor sent out Vaporeon, the Bubble jet shaped like a mermaid with its long tail and beady eyes.

[Dr. Regal walks into the field, the emotionless look, and when he stopped, his teeth snickered fearfully and the microscope/binocular lens glowed red in the center] “You two are no match for me, go PokéBall!” not saying the name of the Pokémon he was releasing, he sent out the head of one, shaped like a robot with blue and white rims patterns on it and green triangular eyes, along with a mouth staying shut. The head was floating eerily and the sailors ahead were laughing at it, as it was so small.

“What’s that?” Jaden took out his P*DA and directed it towards the floating head. No information available. “No information…? I wonder what kind of Pokémon is it…if is a Pokémon…”

“Poliwrath, use Water Blast!” “Vaporeon, use Water Jet!”

Poliwrath shot out a huge blast of water from the center of its whirl while Vaporeon charged at the head with the form and speed of Quick Attack, except the streak behind it was the color of water and bubbles. The head didn’t do anything and was hit with both attacks, but no damage seemed to do anything to the floating head as it remained emotionless as usual and nothing but ‘CLANK’ and ‘PING’ sounds were heard when those moves hit the head directly.

Dr. Regal had a confident and casual look. “Kill them…Head of Duo.”

“Duo, what’s that?” wondered Jaden. “I never heard of it…”

The ‘Head of Duo’ hovered in the air with a green aura as strong as the glow on its eyes and went above Poliwrath and Vaporeon. Without even blinking, it dropped its head down on them to the ground where none of them were hit, and a white barrier was formed around the ‘Head of Duo’ which obscured the rest of the field, not allowing the sailors to see their Pokémon, and Dr. Regal blind to what ‘Head of Duo’ was doing, even though he crossed his arms and didn’t care.

The glow got brighter and brighter, hurting Jaden’s eyes. “What kind of attack…”

The glow began fading, even though the three Pokémon in the attack still couldn’t be seen. After the entire barrier erupted in a wave, Poliwrath and Vaporeon were prone on the ground, and their bodies were being digitized like a data stream. Duo had the same look on its face and returned to Dr. Regal’s PokéBall.

A computer voice out of thin air said, “POLIWRATH, DELETED” “VAPOREON, DELETED.” Then the two water types were gone.

“We weren’t really going to hit him!”

“Our Pokémon. They’re gone…!”


“What did you do to our Pokémon?”

“Yeah! Where are they right now?!”

“Do you two want to die?” asked Dr. Regal nicely.

“No!” they both ran off, their Pokémon gone and PokéBalls light.

Jaden walked over to Dr. Regal, shy and scared of the power he just saw but kind of grateful the man stopped him from being killed by the two sailors. “Thanks, I guess.”

“No thanks needed, those two got what they deserved. They shouldn’t have attacked you in the first place, and their Pokémon suffered the price for it.”

“So where did you make them go to?”

“Let’s just say, they’re in a better place.”

“Ohh…tell me that’s not what I—”

“Actually, they’re alive and well. I can’t let two Pokémon like that die, right? It’s just that they’re not with those pathetic sailors anymore. They’re in a fun place!”

“I see…well I have to get going right now.”

“I have something for you, and I’ll prove quite useful while you’re purifying Shadow Pokémon, and I’ll make your team better to boot. Take this.” He took out a disk, like that of a TM, and it was flavored with many different colors. “It’s called ‘Many Lives.’”

“Is that a song or something?” Jaden accepted the disk. “And how did you know I’m a Snagger of Shadow Pokémon?”

“No, but I’ll prove useful to you later. I’ll give you a clue to what it does: It brings out the full potential of your Eevee.”

“And how did you know I have an Eevee?”

“Just a hunch. Goodbye.” The man walked a little, then shot up into the sky as a beam of blue light stretched his body, then disappeared.

“And how did you—”

As Jaden began rollerblading again, questions showered his mind like a rushing waterfall or river, and he began to ponder these ideas: Who was the man he just saw? How did the man know that he was a snagger? How did the man know he owned an Eevee? What was the Pokémon, the ‘Head of Duo’ was and how did it ‘DELETE’ those two Pokémon? How did the man teleport away without the help of technology or Pokémon? And finally, what was contained in the disk handed over to him.

The people around him were oblivious to what just happened at the smiling harbor, with the sound of more ships coming in riding on the salty waters which led the air to smell as good as it did right now. While the other people continued on doing what they were doing, amid the crowd was a boy named Jaden pondering all that happened today, including what happened earlier when he snagged the Shadow Machop. Also, tomorrow he would be going on the trip with his father to the ‘Tech’ region, a land he has never been to. For now, besides the many questions scattered in his mind, he only wants to go home and give his mom the parcel he got from the postal office.

Moonlight Locust
25th July 2006, 9:46 PM
Reveiw for past epis you just posted:

Description: Use it. Please? Ok this is just a past review as I can't just say what I want to say.

Oh thsi si an R! Now I can't read it! I used to becaue it was a PG-13! Aw amn! Yeah that's what I wanted to say. Bye...you've jsut lost one of your fans....
!~Moonlight Locust~!

25th July 2006, 9:56 PM
It's only R because of one episode.

25th July 2006, 9:57 PM
Episode 2: Legendary Power

Jaden goes home after the event at the Gateon Port, and arrives at the Pokémon Lab HQ with the parcel in hand, when he suddenly gets an email. He opens it, reading it.

PokéBalls Back In Stock!
Orre City Council, Government

As you all know, PokéBalls have been out of the region for several weeks due to production and transportation problems, but now they’re back and being sold in the places they have been in the Orre region! Go get them and catch the Wild Pokémon from that PokéSpot or other region you’re planning to travel to!

“Well I guess that’s a good thing, but I already have a PokéBall generator, so that probably won’t make much of a difference.”

* * *

Jaden goes inside and upstairs to notice your dad is in his bedroom along with his mom packing up things for tomorrow. Jaden’s mom was busy helping the man pick out the clothes from the closet, and both of them were getting exhausted from the work.

“Hey Jaden,” welcomed dad. “Since there’s going to be many different types of PokéBalls back in Orre other than the regular one you used earlier, you probably already guessed you’ll be able to transfer any type of Orre existing PokéBall over to you, right?”

“So you’ll be going off tomorrow along with your dad, Jaden…I’ll have nobody to hang out with other than your little sister Mana, but have fun! Anyways, how’s that Eevee doing with you? I kind of left it on the table for you when you were sleeping.”

“But why, mom? I already have a lot of Pokémon with me.”

“Your dad’s first Pokémon was an Eevee, and it was one of the heroes that stopped Cipher in its tracks a long time ago. I was looking forward to seeing how you managed to use it, and so far, I’m pretty sure you’ll do a good job with it.”

“Thanks I guess…I’ll make sure it’ll become a good member of my team!”
“Okay, but I think you and your dad should go and get some rest before tomorrow, because it’s getting kind of late right now.”

“Sure!” Jaden and his dad agreed in unison.

* * *

Jaden and his dad went to sleep in the warm and comfortable blankets of their beds, along with Mana constantly walking around and sometimes poking at sleepers as the curious little girl she was, and even gave Jaden a good night’s kiss. Jaden’s mom was preparing packing all night and soon, the sun rose.

Jaden wakes up and gets out of his pajamas into his blazer as usual, and notices his dad is still asleep from the work yesterday, while his mom was downstairs cooking for herself, his little sister Mana, and some of the other scientists ready for work. He went downstairs and ate a plate of bacon, eggs and cheese with a sense of delight.

“That was a good meal, mom! How come dad’s not up yet? He should eat a plate before we leave for the Tech region.”

“Thanks for the compliments, dad’s not up yet because he’s the kind of person to procrastinate when he wakes up. You don’t need to worry because the flight is at 3:00PM and it’s only about 6:00AM right now- you woke kind of early.”

Mana began tugging on Jaden’s blazer. “Hey Jaden, can you take me to Agate Village so I can visit Eagun and Beluh? It’s funny cause they’re so old!”

“Heh…it is isn’t it…?” Jaden began thinking of the family timeline. “At the top of the chain are Eagun and Beluh, whose granddaughters are Lily and Rui. Below that is Michael- my dad, after Wes marries Lily after Rui leaves for a long time…that’s great-grandson so far…and then my dad marries mom, which makes me their great-great grandson, the fifth generation! They were able to live that long?”

“So can we go already?”

“Fine, but don’t you think they’re too old and could conk out any second?”

“They’re not ‘too old’! They’re our family and I love them! I especially want to play with that Pikachu they have with them! I heard that it’s really old and can tell us a lot of cool stories in it’s ‘Pikachu language! Let’s go Jaden, please, please, please?”
“Okay fine, but only because I have nothing else to do until later this afternoon and I’m doing this for you as a favor, okay?”

“Okay sure! Bye mom! I’ll see you later after I head over to Agate Village!”

“Be careful you two while you’re out there!”

* * *

Jaden had the cute little Mana on his back, and began skating through the road with the gentle park on the side of him with an easy brown gate protecting it, there were some benches for citizens to sit on along the way, and he was soon there. From above, the town of senior citizens could be seen from above along with the beautiful green glowing shrine for worshipping reasons. A vast array of clouds surrounded the edges of the towns with rocks miraculously floating in the sky- people on them sniffing the fresh air, which made the town suitable for people looking for a rest. It was a green luscious town full of plants; mostly tall trees providing welcoming shade for the people and even a waterfall flowing across the town in certain places for a nice little foot dip. Gentle and convenient slopes were shortcuts for the people, as the entrance Jaden was now in.

Jaden rollerbladed slowly through the town, making sure the innocent and slow-walking senior citizens wouldn’t get hit by the speed he was used to. He arrived at a large house strangely formatted into the shape of a tree and walked in, as the door was open; the house was like the kind you would see in a fairy tale.

Inside, there were all sorts of furniture, including a staircase that lay smack in front of them like a stick, and two paths to go when entering. An old man and woman saw them and welcomed them, being their ‘great-great-grandparents’ – Eagun and Beluh The two kids sat down and had a drink of tea prepared already.

“I’m Beluh, and this is my husband Eagun. It’s nice to meet our great great grandchildren. We’re so old but we stay alive in more ways than one!”

“What brings you two to our wonderful abode? Is there some sort of a problem somewhere? I hear that you two are the fifth generation if we’re the first.”

“I always wanted to meet you two old people!” exclaimed Mana.

“Wow…amazing how you manage it…” mumbled Jaden. “I’m afraid to tell you this, but the rise of Shadow Pokémon are back…”

“Is that so? What can we do, Eagun?”

“My Pikachu has been taken down more than once from these organizations, and we have won many battles back in our day, but now I know our kids can do the job better than we ever could…you really don’t have to worry. Cipher has attempted to conquer Orre three times in the past, and Enigma Shadow failed twice as well. These unimportant organizations shall go down like the rest.”

“Are you sure about that? Maybe you’re right, I did manage to snag a Shadow Machop pretty easily, but I should still stay on my guard. They could be strong and for that point they were just beginning.”

“My big brother Jaden’s good because he managed to snag a Machop! I love him so much, and I love you two also!”

“I think that Jaden’s right, Eagun. Every single organization that came our way was stronger than the other, so we should prepare them for this one.”

“Of course, Beluh, fine. Jaden and Mana, can you follow Beluh wherever she goes? I need to do something of my own right now.”

“Sure!” said Jaden and Mana in unison, then Eagun left the room.

“You two follow me upstairs, and I have something for you.”

Jaden and Mana went upstairs with Beluh as the lead and got there. It was actually a bedroom, having two beds there and the usual furniture in the middle. On the lightly flower decorated walls of the room, next to the stairs was a portrait of Torchic could be seen, along with another picture of an Azumarill with its kids Marill and Azurill.

“So you have toys for us?” asked Mana. “You’re always so nice!”

“I bet it’s something more important than that, Mana.”

Beluh was looking inside a box and she took out something that resembled an egg. It was a beautiful green and yellow egg with religious flavors on it. The box whence it came from looked like an honorable shrine itself and was festooned with bells and nature. “Take a guess of what this is.”

“A PokéBall…?” guessed Jaden.

“A protector of the world?”

“You’re right about it being a PokéBall, Jaden, even though it may strongly resemble an egg. The truth is that what’s contained within it is obvious, but not decisive, the protector of time and space. Eagun and myself found it 15 years ago when the poisonous art of Shadow Pokémon was just beginning to practice, while Eagun was training at the Relic Forest and some members of Team Snagem and Cipher were trying to steal it, but don’t take them the bad way because time has passed; Team Snagem is no longer evil and supports good, and most of Cipher has began to benefit the society.”

“It looks so cute!” exclaimed Mana. “When it’s gonna hatch?”

“Yeah, granny…and why would we need it?”

“That’s a question I can’t answer, because it’s been with us for 15 years and even a hammer’s not going to do anything, so I’m trusting you two to hatch it when you find out some way to make that happen, okay? It shall hatch at the right time…”

“Okay! I’ll be sure to take good care of it!” Beluh handed over the egg to Mana, who was hugging it and treating it with warmth and love like a mother would.

“Thanks, granny. Now we should get going back home so I can get ready for the trip with dad, okay Mana?”

“Okay!” Mana began walking, followed by Jaden.

“Wait you two!”

The two kids halted. “What happened?”

“One thing that you should know is to never go to the Pokémon Cemetery in the back of Agate Village because if you do, you might disturb the resting Pokémon there and then they’ll attack you with a strong force that can possess you for a long time!” Beluh looked over to Jaden. “My husband Eagun is over at the Relic Forest right now, so can you go there and have a battle with him? He wanted to battle for a long time.”

“Sure, I’ve been itching to battle with my Elemental Heroes for a while already.”

“I’ll watch because it’s fun to watch things happen!”

“All you have to do is go past the Relic Cave, and in order to get there take a slope down to the left side of the Pokémon Center. The cave’s easy and isn’t dangerous, and the forest is peaceful with light, so don’t worry about anything bad encountering, okay?”

“Okay. See ya!”

Jaden and Mana left the ‘tree’ house and was outside inside the lushly smell of nature as he began to rollerblade down the many slopes the town had to offer, seeing many gentle Pokémon along with their respective trainers- all senior citizens, as they went. Some regular middle-aged people were also in the town, battling with the seniors and losing all the way. He arrived at the entrance of the Pokémon Center, and noticed the slope Beluh entered earlier, noticing there wasn’t enough space for two people to go through on, so Mana climbed onto Jaden’s back and they rushed down to the bottom with a screech in the end, noticing the waterfall dropping to the river in front of them when they saw the entrance of the cave with an everyday farmer of Agate Village protecting the entrance. The man seemed to not let Jaden go inside for some reason.

Mana got off Jaden’s back and walked up to the man. “Can you move out of the way please so that me and my bigger brother can go in and battle Eagun?”

“Oh yes, that’s right…Eagun did tell me he wanted to battle you, Jaden.” The man moved out of the way and the path was clear for Jaden and Mana to enter.

They both entered the cave, but this hole wasn’t the kind of place you would fear getting lost in or scary in any sense of the word. The light could be seen just ahead and there was a lot of spacious there, with some pools of water dug in the ground moving around nicely to the nature of the cave, and the cries of Surskit and Masquerain were also there as they walked on and even saw the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. The harshest it was in the cave was the occasional and common bump on the foot. They arrived on the other side, getting to Relic Forest and noticed it was a pattern of rocks on the ground. Beautiful and unbelievably tall trees surrounded the place they were standing on, a path of rocks leaving to a standing stage of stones round in the center of the location they were in with the Relic Stone sitting in the middle, along with Eagun waiting over there.

“So you have made it here at last…I see Beluh gave you the egg…”

“I did, and you said you wanted to battle me?”

“Yes I did,” Eagun’s Pikachu suddenly appeared and then walked beside him, appearing next to him. “My friend here hasn’t battled for a long time, but now it’s time to put you to the test. Time for our long awaited battle!”

“Go bro!”

Pkmn Trainer Jaden vs. Myth Legend Eagun
[Eagun walks onto the field with a look of pride, his cape blowing in the wind as he lifted his arms and threw two PokéBalls] “Go Pichu and Raichu!”

“Those little mice, eh? Go Clayman and Sparkman!” Jaden sent out two Pokémon standing humanoid, one was huge of brown built like two solid blocks of clay while the other one was yellow resembling a wire and had two charging needles for hands.

“Pichu, use Volt Tackle on Clayman. Raichu, Thundertackle on Sparkman.”

“Clayman, Protect! Sparkman, Shining Surge Flash!”

Clayman put up a green barrier to defend itself. Pichu charged up quickly with an electric-flavored streak behind it as it scuttled, it hit Clayman but then bounced back, with no recoil damage since Clayman didn’t take any in the first place. Sparkman’s pointers charged up with energy and glowed, causing the rays to damage everybody on the field with its Light-type attack; Clayman was still protected. Raichu tackled Sparkman with force and sparks flew from it suddenly, damaging both Pokémon, but little since they were both Electric-types.

“You have some pretty good defenses there, using Protect, and getting Sparkman to use Shining Surge Flash to lower my Special Attack. Good, and I won’t fall for that again. Pichu, Thunder Random and Raichu, Thunder Tail!”

“You’ve changed your plan, so Clayman use Clay Defense to help the team, and Sparkman, Thunder Needle!”

Pichu made a lightning strike travel through the ground, circling all the battlers like roulette, and when Eagun snapped his fingers the lightning stopped and struck Raichu to make the bigger rodent glow. Sparkman charged up both of its needles and stabbed Raichu twice, causing even more damage to it and making it glow again. Raichu for some reason had its Special Attack rose by four levels already and struck Sparkman, with its charged tail, making it faint.

“How did your Raichu become so strong when it was hit so many times?”

“The special ability of my Raichu specifically is Thunder Pack, which increases its Special Attack points by two every time it gets hit by an electric attack. That’s why Pichu using Thunder Random and me making the roulette stop on Raichu to unleash the Electric attack on it was part of my plan, and when you used your attack you made it ever more stronger. Don’t you go thinking that what I did was cruel, because Raichu are used to getting hit by thunder to the point they like it.”

“You can still do it, big bro!”

“Thanks Mana. Return, Sparkman,” he returned it. “That attack caught us off by surprise, but you still did a good job weakening Pichu and Raichu with your moves. Go Burstinatrix, Pichu and Raichu are vulnerable now!” he released what looked like a female lady wrapped around in flames standing elegantly.

Clayman rolled around twice and made a brown-toned shield appear around itself and its partner Burstinatrix, protecting them and making Eagun worry.

“That’s a good move you made there, Jaden! Using Clay Defense increased the Special Defense of your Pokémon twice and makes them completely shielded against Electric-types, but don’t think that I’m too obvious with those moves. I’ve been battling before your grandfather was born! Pichu, activate your special ability, Battery Box on Raichu, and Raichu, use your Iron Tail!”

Clayman, use your special PokéBody: E-Hero Preserve! Burstinatrix, Burstfire!”

Pichu warped into a white ball of energy after charging up and went into the body of Raichu, increasing Raichu’s Special Attack and Speed to the max. Raichu’s tail glowed silver and almost sliced Burstinatrix, but Clayman jumped in the way to protect its partner, taking the full hit and getting knocked out, as it was a rock-type. Raichu jumped back and Pichu appeared, fainting from the energy it supplied over to Raichu of its own, and both it and Clayman were returned.

“Good battle so far, Jaden. How were you able to protect your Burstinatrix with your Clayman? That was a technique I have never seen in my years.”

“Clayman’s that much of a good guy, he'll preserve his Elemental Hero colleagues at any cost, and that gave his PokéBody the name Clay Body, allowing it to jump in whenever an ally is the target of an attack that would knock its friend out. But on with the battle, I choose Avian!” Jaden sent out Avian, which wheeled through the sky when it was sent out as a blue and elegant humanoid with wings and standing body when it gently flew down to the center of the battleground.

“I shall choose my best friend whom I have battled with for a long time, and now we shall grace the field again. Pikachu, I choose you.” Eagun’s Pikachu, which was already out, walked beside him ready for battle with a flex of its small body.

Burstinatrix used Burstfire, making a huge explosion of flames appear and knocked out the already damaged Raichu with its fire, since the big rodent already wasted a lot of health charging itself up for more Special Attack.

“Return Raichu, for doing a great job by taking down Clayman even though that wasn’t your main idea, you deserve a nice long rest,” Eagun took out another PokéBall and threw it. “Go Pikachu!” he summoned another Pikachu with the same look as his own friend, except there was something different about the air’s environment around it…it was a Shadow Pokémon!

Mana screamed at the sight. “That thing looks evil Eagun! Like an evil doll!”

“Eagun, that’s a Shadow Pokémon, you’re not supposed to have one! If you do, then does that mean that you’re…?”

“No I’m not what you think I am at all! This Shadow Pikachu isn’t evil and there’s no way I could have it to do anything bad to it.”

“From what my dad said to me and my bigger brother, Shadow Pokémon aren’t bad because it’s not their fault their hearts were artificially shut by the person that created them, but the person owning them is because the only reason why they would own one of them in the first place is to do bad things!”

“I found it being used by some purple, pointy looking guys trying to steal the stone earlier, that’s why I’m here for the moment- to look after it for a few hours. It doesn’t act evil like regular Pikachu and seems to be struggling against the powers, and I think a battle might be able to allow me to know what’s wrong with it for the meantime.”

“In that case, fine then. Avian use Featherbreak and Burstinatrix use Flame Heart.”

“Pikachu use Thunderbolt and Shadow Pikachu, use Shadow Bolt.”

Avian was the quickest so it climbed to spin three times and scattered many sharp feathers to hurt the Shadow Pikachu. Pikachu used Thunderbolt on Burstinatrix, which did some damage. Burstinatrix jumped, then she unleashed a huge flame in the shape of a heart, which infatuated the regular Pikachu with a burn scarred on the little electric mouse as well, burning Pikachu. Shadow Pikachu for some reason was holding its body down, trying not to attack, but felt like it had to; it was holding itself down, but couldn’t so unleashed a dark bolt at Avian for super-effective damage.

Mana cried when she saw Avian get hit. “Shadow attacks are so scary…and evil…”

“So now I know the problem with you, Pikachu…the power of the shadows isn’t what you want and you’re trying to escape it…I’ll do my best to help you. Pikachu, Thunder; Shadow Pikachu, Shadow Storm!”

“It’s combination time! Featherbreak and Burstfire combination: Firestorm Breaker!”

Avian and Burstinatrix combined their attacks, with Avian releasing hundreds of feathers into the air and Burstinatrix burning all of them by flying through them. They all flew with the two Pokémon’s gust into the air and were above the field, beginning to powerfully rain down on both of the Pikachu and also Eagun, still down there on the ground, with a beautiful firestorm made out of blazing feathers, landing on all of the plants but for some reason not destroying them. Both Pikachu fainted.

Eagun was down on the ground, his body shaking, “We tried our best, my friend.”

“Thank you for the battle, Jaden. I’ve never had one that good for a long time. You’ve also helped me on finding a way to help my poor Shadow Pikachu.”

“Jaden, you won! I’m so happy!”

“Good luck on wherever you may go, Jaden! It was a pleasure to meet you!”

“Yeah…and now I have to get going to a certain region…I’ll see you later, too.”

25th July 2006, 9:58 PM
Jaden and Mana both left the Relic Forest and Relic Cave, arriving at the front of the Pokémon Center, still thinking about the battle Jaden was just in.

Mana already sprouted a new idea. “Let’s go to the Pokémon Cemetery next! I want to make some friends with the ghosts there!”

“We can’t do that, Mana! Remember what Beluh said that if we went there, we might disturb the resting Pokémon and then bad things can happen to us?”

“Fine then, but can we go there for a minutes? I heard that dead things smell good.”

“Alright, but only for five minutes, nothing more than that, Mana.”

“Thanks, Jaden!”

Mana was leading the way to the gate of the cemetery along with Jaden walking behind, not willing to go but only doing this as a favor for her little sister. They arrived at a silver-colored gate wrapped with vines and showered with pink flowers to welcome anybody daring to go there, but looks like those ornaments didn’t work as seen in the inside was nobody of a chance. Some gravestones were scattered across the ground, but it wasn’t the stereotypical cemetery where everybody would be frightened and fog would suddenly come out, because there were a lot of full objects next to some of the graves.

“I told you this place was nice, Jaden!” Mana began walking inside with no thought of what could happen. “Follow me, Jaden!”

“Wait up, Mana! You have to be careful and I’m the one in charge.” He walked in slowly, still not wanting to go along with this.

* * *

The inside was completely ironic to the sight of the cemetery on the outside, as the nice air to be seen outer quickly turned into a losing fog, making Mana leap in joy and Jaden even more concerned about his little sister as it got worse and worse. The ‘pretty flowers and vines’ on the outside looked completely dead on the same location seen in the cemetery, and the sound of eerie Pokémon like Murkrow could be seen, and even frightened the worried boy even more as they flew above. More things were even missing as he moved and notice the gravestones had no more objects next to them as seen on the other side, and he moved slowly to notice the sounds of footsteps walking other than his own, sparking fear into the boy. The sun now completely died out and he couldn’t see anything, until a white hand suddenly landed upon his shoulder!
“Get off me, whatever you are!” he forcefully pushed the hand off and to his surprise and anger, realized it was Mana playing a joke on him, Jaden was sweating and his heart beating to the astonishment his little sister would do something like that.

Mana almost fell, but rose up laughing. “You fell for my prank, Jaden! You were so scared, and the look on your face was so obvious!”

“You wanted to come here just so that you could scare me?!”

“No, the truth is that I did really want to explore the place, and it’s nice so far. I noticed you were already scared before I did that to you,” she was still giggling.

“That’s because I was worried about you! I hope you know if you get lost, mom’s going to chew me out, and then some.”

“Fine then, let’s get out of here.”

They both left the creepy and still foggy cemetery, finding the entrance out of the place quickly, but not noticing a figure with red eyes was watching them…

* * *

They were outside, Mana still jumping up and down from random and unexplainable enjoyment, tugging Jaden endlessly.

“Let’s go to Mt. Battle next!”

“Didn’t we already go to enough places, Mana? I’m already too tired to go on the flight later with my dad, and it’s already 11:00AM! We’ve been hanging out for four hours!”

“Be that way, but then I’ll tell mom you made me cry.”

“FINE. But this is the last place we’re going before we’re going home- I still need to get a little more ready before I go.”

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Jaden got a P*DA message:

Subject: Be careful but have fun
From: Mom, Pokémon Lab HQ

Message: I already packed all of your stuff, Jaden; so don’t worry about going home and doing anything. All you have to do is get over here by 1:00PM so you can leave for the airport, which has the flight going out at 3:00PM. Have fun for the rest of the time here and make sure Mana stays safe, okay? Love you, goodbye!

“That was pretty redundant…” Jaden put the P*DA away.

* * *

They headed over to Mt. Battle, this time passing over many sticks and stones as they crossed the desert of Orre full of rocks traveling north over to the mountain, and some sand occasionally pushing over as Mana held her hands over her face while bracing on to the back of her bigger brother Jaden, who was rollerblading across the sand with the skates picking up speed. They arrived at Mt. Battle, noticing the top of the huge volcano in the sky covered by many clouds, the rushing lava floating down the side of it and many platforms could be seen on the higher levels if you had a good eye. Mt. Battle was destroyed many years ago, but most of it recovered after the time passing. They were at the entrance, with the two blocks of trees one on the left side and right and the athlete traveling around it, along with the set of stairs leading inside at the end of the middle.

“There…I’m guessing you’re really happy now, right Mana?”

Mana got off Jaden. “Yeah, this place is so cool!”

A man with red hair with sunglasses on wearing scarlet, gray and black robes walked by and noticed Jaden, stopping to greet the boy. “My name is Eldes and I’m a fellow trainer, and you appear to be one as well.”

Jaden shook hands with Eldes, but had some strange feeling about him. “Where have I heard your name before? Are you a famous trainer or something?”

“I guess you can say that. I’m one of the members responsible for the defeat of several organizations in the past, like Cipher and Enigma Shadow, if that’s good enough. May I suggest a battle between two honorable trainers?”

“Another battle, Jaden? Yay! I want to see.”

“In that case, fine, I accept. Let’s battle right here.”

Pkmn Trainer Jaden vs. Supertrainer Eldes

[Eldes leaps into the air, spins around, and strikes a ninja-like pose. He then sends out a mammal looking like an angry dog ready to strike with flames on its back and hair flowing like jel; a creature looking like a pig ready to strike with seaweed floating on its head as hair and all over its mane, having the disgruntled face of an enraged pig]

“So you have some really rare Pokémon there, Eldes…” Jaden took out his P*DA, pointing over to the two Pokémon and scanning them for information.

“Barklame, the fire dog Pokémon. Type is Fire/Rock, and the evolved form of the Zuki Fire starter Flaruff. They have worked beside humans for many years in helping save lives at stake at the hands of rampaging fires, and are known to even risk their lives to get the people out of the burning buildings, even though its rock hard body makes it impervious to most flames. However, it will only stay loyal if its trainer shows generosity to others like it does so.”

“Seaweedo, the Seaweed Pokémon. Type is Grass/Water, and the evolved form of Weedsea. It is known to make much of the seaweed in the Zuki waters, where it came from, more nutritious and powerful in the sense of the word of healing and even supplying others with power from the roots. In addition to that, using attacks like Sea Stumper can even create more water bearing the food for the Seaweedo and its family. Seaweedo are also greatly useful for sushi chefs as it can hunt out the seaweed.”

“Those things are pretty rare, Eldes. But that doesn’t mean they’re not gonna win without a fight! Go Avian and Sparkman!”

“Barklame, use Super Hot Flame and Seaweedo use Status Shield!”

“Avian, use Aerial Ace on Seaweedo and Sparkman use Needle Surge!”

Avian was the quickest, striking Seaweedo with a sharp slice from the sky and doing major damage to it, as the target was a grass-type. Barklame’s flames became super hot and white, and released shining rocks that shattered on all Pokémon on the field, making Avian and Sparkman burned from the scorching hot stones. Barklame and Seaweedo however weren’t damaged at all, and to the surprise of Jaden, Seaweedo had a green aura.

“Oh no, big brother! Jaden, are you okay?”

“How did my Pokémon get burned but your Seaweedo wasn’t affected? I saw those rocks hit the thing directly!”

“The effect of status shield doesn’t allow my Pokémon to obtain a status effect, or even get hit by a move involving them in any sense of the word, so yours are burned while mines are protected. Now you see the early strategy I have planned for you.”
Sparkman’s needle hit Barklame, doing a lot of damage and making it paralyzed, but then it backed up, tired after the strike.

Jaden’s turn began, and both of his Pokémon had a flame go through them from the burn before he ordered the next attacks to them. “Sparkman may have done a lot of damage, but it’s going to have to recharge for one turn. I might as well protect myself before they take anymore damage, Avian use Safeguard!”

“Why put on a raincoat when you’re already soaked? Barklame use Flamethrower on the defending Sparkman and Seaweedo use Healing Leaf.”

Avian glowed and put a light barrier surrounding Sparkman and itself to protect against status conditions. Seaweedo was much quicker than Barklame due to its partner’s special condition, so it quickly made its many leaves glowed intensely, and then one of them fell into the center of Barklame, suddenly making the dog lose its status condition. Barklame was now refreshed, its flamethrower was much more stronger than usual and knocked out the resting Sparkman without a hitch.

“Return Sparkman. How was that Flamethrower attack so powerful?” Jaden released the blocky Clayman from his PokéBall.

“Easy, I’ve been training my friends for a long time ago, so that was nothing compared to what I have in store for you. When you used Needle Surge, you activated the special ability of my Barklame, Blaze. It makes Fire-type attacks much stronger so a Flamethrower was the best bet to shut yours down.”

“Big brother lost Sparkman? Come on, you can do it!”

“Barklame, Volcanic Burst and Seaweedo, Leaf Protect.”

During the beginning of Jaden’s orders, a burn flashed through his Avian. He knew Safeguard protected against status conditions in the future, but there was no way it could life the ones affecting the poor bird now. “Avian, Featherbreak take down Seaweedo once for all and Clayman, Rock Slide.”

Seaweedo quickly put a green shield with surrounding leaves around it, protecting it. Avian unleashed a sword of feathers somehow breaking the shield of nature and crushing Seaweedo, knocking the pig out.

Eldes returned Seaweedo. “How did you do that, Jaden? Good move. Go Daggerator!” Eldes sent out a dragon-like creature with three ninja stars split into its many tails and the blades of swords coursing through its back. It had some scars coming out of it along with the blood remaining, courtesy of the razor-sharp claws it had on its blue body. It finished off with an angry face of blood along with a yellow Mohawk on its battling face.

“Jaden’s going to win, Eldes!”

“I’ve been studying up on my attacks lately, and Leaf Protect is a move that shields the user indefinitely like Protect, but it doesn’t get cut in half each turn when used. However, if the user of Leaf Protect is attacked by a move super-effective against Grass-types, then the barrier is broken and I can attack.”

“Daggerator, the Dagger Pokémon. Type is Dragon/Warrior and is the evolved form of Sharpoile. Daggerator are able to practice the art of ninja, using many different sharp tools around them appearing to seem harmless but have the capability to destroy many things easily. Even the tail isn’t innocent; it can slash through steel with ease.”

“Good moves you’ve done so far. That was a mistake on my account, Jaden. Barklame, it’s time to use Super Hot Flame on Avian while Daggerator uses Triple Star on all!”

“Avian, Aerial Maneuvers and Clayman, protect!”

Clayman put up a green barrier around it to protect itself while Avian immediately moved super fast around the field, increasing its Speed and Evasiveness to make Barklame’s white ball of energy miss its mark. Daggerator was ready to attack, jumping in the air and throwing three ninja stars glowing in the center randomly at Avian and Clayman; Clayman was protected with its attack so Avian kept flying away, but the stars chased it until the flying humanoid was hit three times, knocking Avian out.

“Avian’s out too…you can still do it Jaden!”

“How were you able to hit my Avian with all three of the stars? I thought Triple Star hit random, and even if you did choose the targets of those attacks, they should have missed because Aerial Maneuvers makes sure all attacks miss for one round!”

“I’m brushing off on my skills and no longer taking any more chances, so this attack does let me control the targets, but in addition to the effect, it never misses. Sorry…”

“It sure is fun battling you, Eldes.” Jaden returned Avian and released what looked like a tubby little kid in a baby-blue diving outfit, having a green visor and a tube above him covering his spoiled looking face with big pink lips. “Go Bubbleman, Bubble Chase Barklame, and Clayman, Mud Shot whatever you think is right!”

“You didn’t give some good orders with your moves…Barklame, Smokescreen. Daggerator, Dagger Slasher.”

Barklame unleashed a cloud of gray smoke onto the field to shroud it and make the humans cough a little. Bubbleman unleashed many bubbles from the tube above it from where it was standing without moving and they began approaching the enemy, along with Clayman shooting a mud ball out of its mouth to hit Daggerator for some damage. Daggerator leaped in the air even with the smoke still on and slashed Clayman head on for some damage, but not too much considering Clayman had great defense.

“I knew Bubble Parade wouldn’t get its way there, Jaden. Mud Shot was also a random hit, so it didn’t make much of a difference.”

“Just watch for a little and you’ll see what I mean!”
The smoke cleared to allow the people watching to see what Jaden meant, and the bubbles approaching the Barklame got more and more quick until they hit Barklame many times, pushing the dog back until it fainted.

Eldes was surprised. “Good move you did there, but how did you manage to do something like that? The bubbles should have lost their way in the smoke since they didn’t have any direction from the one using it. Tricky one you pulled off there.”

“Well as I could have told you earlier, when a Pokémon uses Bubble Parade, the bubbles are unleashed on the first turn, but after all the attacks made by the Pokémon are over, it startles the target with them at the last second!”

Eldes returned Barklame. “Very smart, I knew you were one of the trainers able to think for himself. Go Magnetrivu!” Eldes released an Electric-type looking much similar to Magnetric, except most of its body was more curved like wires, having its tail longer and sleeker, along with a head having a silver armor helmet on complete with the body set.

“Magnetrivu, the Electric Wire Pokémon. Type is Electric/Steel, and is the evolved form of Magnetric due to high energy levels of electricity in its fur and the power of Metal Coat. Magnetrivu are known to make electric currents travel for miles due to sources in its armor and can even make other attacks hit due to the ability. Since it can attack from a far distance from energy transfers, attacks can hunt down food and destroy whatever it wants even when it’s asleep or at an immense vastness.”

Mana was amazed, “So where’d you get that? It looks cool and cute, Eldes.”

“It evolved from my Shadow Magnetric after it was purified. I never wanted it to fall in any condition such as being a Shadow, and raised it with love when it was one and before any of the business happened, so here it is, in front of you today.

“Let’s see if it’s as good a battler as it is good in looks. Clayman, Mud Shot Magnetrivu and Bubbleman, Bubble Bomb!”

“Daggerator, Swords Dance and Magnetrivu, Energy Dance.”

Magnetrivu glowed with many colors and orbs surrounded it, increasing its Special Attack by two levels while Daggerator performed a ritual with its tail, increasing its Attack level by two as well. Bubbleman ‘swam’ in the air with the same motions as if you were in a pool or the ocean and unleashed a barrage of water orbs, crashing into Magnetrivu several times but seemed to only increase its Special Attack as the beast glowed and conducted electricity from the water, then got hit by a thunderbolt and was automatically fainted as if the attack somehow went against it in more ways than one- a shock on Jaden’s face. Clayman threw a ball of mud at Magnetrivu, hitting it directly but somehow bouncing off the advanced armor, even though the other effect of Mud Shot still lowered the Speed of its target by 1.

“How did my Mud Shot not do anything to your Magnetrivu? It’s an Electric so it should have been super-effective, and being Steel won’t help. What happened?”

“Once again you have underestimated the abilities of my Pokémon. When any physical moves hit Magnetrivu, the damage of the move is completely negated thanks to a PokéBody called Wire Armor. In addition, its Conduction PokéPower automatically knocks out any Water-type attacking it, as long as the attacker can be hit by Electric moves. Another side note is that if it’s hit by a Water attack, regardless of who did the move, the user is paralyzed, meaning if it was raining, you would have had it in for you.”

“Pretty powerful thing you have there.” Jaden returned Bubbleman and sent out the flaming woman Burstinatrix out of her PokéBall. “Burstinatrix, Burstfire on Magnetrivu and Clayman, use Protect!”

“Daggerator, Sword Clash and Magnetrivu, Thunderbolt Burstinatrix.”

Clayman used Protect to create a green barrier around it. Magnetrivu was unleashing a powerful Thunderbolt on Burstinatrix, but Clayman jumped in the way by activating its PokéBody: Clay Defense, and taking the hit. Since it was a ground type, no damage was done to it and its preserved was safe. Burstinatrix was making a round wall of flame grow bigger and bigger, then flipped it at Magnetrivu to make the armored dog faint, since Fire was good against Steel.

“Return, Magnetrivu. You made a very surprising move with your Clayman, protecting your attacker was a good plan, and makes for a good battle. Go Flygon!”

Daggerator attacked Clayman, possibly because Thunderbolt was meant to defeat Burstinatrix, but the slashing attempt on the clay statue failed since Protect was still activated from earlier.

“New round then, right Eldes? Clayman, Ice Beam on Flygon and Burstinatrix, attack Daggerator with Dragon Claw!”

“Flygon, Fly on Burstinatrix and Daggerator, Battle Clash!”

Flygon flew high into the air, making Clayman’s attempt at Ice Beam miss, and it would have did a lot of damage considering Ice moves do four times the damage against Flygon and Vibrava. Burstinatrix charged up her claws with dragon power and rushed to slash Daggerator, but the lizard had more plans- it waited until after and while the fiery lady was attacking before it charged in on its own, causing a battle of power in the center of the field. Dragon Claw’s type advantage took down Daggerator, but the charged up strength of Battle Clash thanks to Swords Dance a few turns ago blew the lady down for the count, both defeated and returned to their PokéBalls.

Mana was astonished. “Now both of them are down? This battling thing can get really complicated, but it looks kind of fun…I’m definitely being in the next one!”

Jaden was smiling at his sister’s enthusiasm. “Battling is fun, and I’m learning a whole bunch from Eldes over here!”

“I’m getting a lot from you too Jaden. Kids teach also, don’t forget, and we’re down to our final two Pokémon so let’s make this a good one!”

“Sure! I choose Wildman!” Jaden sent out what looked like a warrior. He had a wolf-like face showered with what was more like fur than hair. Wildman carried a sword behind his back, no clothes for the top of his body with huge muscles and abs.

“My final Pokémon shall be the one I have obtained when I was a child, back when I began training…go Hikarijask!” Eldes sent out a creature that looked much like a Ninjask but with a shining white aura around it.

"Hikarijask, the savior Pokémon. Type is Bug/Flying. Hikarijask evolve from Ninjask when the Ninjask's trainer has done a selfless deed to help others. Many consider it to have near-legendary status. It has the power to wipe evil from hearts, and is said to be able to instantly purify Shadow Pokémon."

“That thing’s pretty good, Eldes…did Hikarijask originate from a Nincada you owned?”

“Something like that, thanks for the remarks. Let’s see if you can stand up to the power of Hikarijask- Hikarijask, Time Bell.”

“Clayman, Rock Slide on Hikarijask, and Wildman, Reverse Claw on Flygon!"

Hikarijask gave off a sound that was not unlike that of an angel's singing. Both it and Eldes's Flygon were powered up by the sound, as their Attack and Speed rose by one. Flygon used Fly, diving from the air with force and hitting Wildman, but for some reason the target of the aerial attack didn’t take any damage- Wildman’s claws were glowing for the attack it was about to use, but didn’t do anything yet. Clayman caused many rocks to roll and hit Flygon, doing little damage and Hikarijask, doing little damage strangely.

“How did my Clayman’s Rock Slide not knock out your Hikarijask? Shouldn’t it be a Bug and Flying, meaning it would take four times the damage?”

“On the contrary Jaden, no. When Ninjask evolves into Hikarijask, it gives up the Flying type for Light, making it only take twice the damage. The true point is the special ability of Hikarijask, Light Boost, recovers its HP by half the amount done to it after the attack, so it just got it back, and it will continue gaining back that exact amount of points every turn until another move dealing damage hits it.”

Hikarijask glowed and gained back the HP it lost from Rock Slide.

“Since the entire round is over, time to activate the effect of Reverse Claw, which was just beginning the moment your Flygon struck my Wildman. What happens is the type of Reverse Claw is the one of the attacker, and then some.”

Wildman’s claws glowed, then attacked with orange and white glowing claws, doubling the power of Reverse Claw and striking Flygon with Dragon-type damage to faint it.

“Jaden’s going to beat you now, Eldes!”

“Return, Flygon. Now I’m down to one Pokémon, but not for long, because Hikarijask’s Light Boost heals it a chunk, then the ultimate move: Reverse Bell!”

“Reverse Bell…what’s that? Anyways, time to finish Hikarijask off- Clayman, Rock Slide and Wildman, Aerial Ace!”

Clayman and Wildman obeyed and jumped, getting ready to use their respective attacks, but just before they would both hit Hikarijask directly, unbelievably out of the blue Barklame and Seaweedo appeared onto the field to intercept their attacks- but with the strong difference they were glowing white with ghostly flavor! Clayman and Wildman failed in their attacks, and the ghostly figures were still there to Jaden’s surprise.

“Those things are so scary…make them go away, Jaden.”

“How did you get your Hikarijask to make them appear? Ghosts don’t just appear out of nowhere like that…okay, so what they do, but there has to be a reason.”

“Just like I would defend my Pokémon from anybody at any cost, they would do the same thing for me to win a battle, and that bond is what allowed my Hikarijask to learn Reverse Bell- a move permitting me to summon the hearts of my defeated Pokémon after all five of them are having a rest- Hikarijask being the only one left. You’ve put up a good fight, but now feel the full onslaught of my entire team!”

Daggerator, Magnetrivu and Flygon appeared in the same glowing and ghostly form, charging energy to do their attacks. They were ready, and all beat Clayman along with Wildman with their charged power, making both of them faint. The ghostly figures disappeared in a flash and Hikarijask returned itself back.

“A good battle you put up, Jaden.”

“Pretty good one…better get to training.

“Big brother, you lost,” Mana ran over to Jaden almost crying as tears dwelled up inside her brown eyes. “What happened…?”

“Don’t worry about it, Mana. It was just a fun battle and not the kind you’re in to help save the world like the ones we’ve seen in movies and books. I’m pretty happy you brung me here, because I got to fight Eldes- a great trainer!”

Eldes walked over, smiling at the thought of the battle they just had. “Speaking of which, there will be a big battle soon…I don’t know how, but for some reason I have the idea you are going to be related to it in some way, and possibly even one of the battlers. Very good battle you gave me, Jaden. I think I learned a lot from you, thank you for that.”

Jaden chuckled, brushing his hair back. “I learned a lot more. Just because a person’s down to one Pokémon and facing two doesn’t mean anything now, does it? Normally that happens a lot when you lose a Pokémon first.”

“You’re pretty nice, Elmo!” giggled Mana. “Elmo’s world!”

“His name is Eldes- don’t be rude, Mana. Mom wouldn’t like that.”

“Don’t worry, Jaden. It’s nice to see your little sister has a sense of humor…I have to go now, and you probably have other things to do as well.”

“No he doesn’t! All he has is free time with me, his little sister. Next we’re gonna go to the top of Mt. Battle and beat the person in charge, then Jaden’s going to take over the place and we can make it our funhouse!”

Jaden looked inside his pocket, grabbing out his P*DA and began pressing many buttons on it to get what he desired.

“That might not be a bad idea, Mana. Your brother would do fine. I already took down the Mt. Battle Master, and he almost beat me, so there’s a good idea there.”

Jaden looked at the P*DA, shocked. “It’s 1:00PM right now! I have to get my stuff over at the…oh wait, mom already gave the things to dad…but I still need to go over to the airport, which is going to take about an hour, then we have to go through the security process, registration and other airport stuff! I’m going to be too late…”

“I can give you a ride there, Jaden,” offered Eldes.

“But you don’t have a car with you or anything! It’s gonna take forever to hail a cab…”

Eldes snapped his fingers, and suddenly out of the air a large maroon helicopter made a landing quickly behind him, startling the other people there, surprising Jaden and Mana.

“I can offer you a ride, and we’ll be there in about ten minutes.”

25th July 2006, 10:03 PM
Episode 3: Just in Time for the Ride!

Jaden and Mana climbed into Elde’s large red helicopter and it immediately went off with a trail of wind behind them blowing on the people below.

Jaden looked down at his watch, relieved. “Thanks a lot, Eldes. I would’ve been late without you and then dad with have flipped over me doing something like that.”

“So what you’re saying is you want me to drop you off at the airport, then you can get to your father in time for your flight, am I right?”

“That’s right!” remarked Mana. My big brother’s going to the Tech region, where there’s super-cool things to touch and play with! I’m going with him.”

“No you’re not, Mana. Mom doesn’t even know where you are right now and she even trusted me with her, so you have to go back over to the lab. Besides, we didn’t plan on you coming along.”

“So you want me to drop Mana off over at the lab, Jaden?”

“No no no! I want to come with Jaden over to the Tech region!”

“You can’t,” ordered Jaden, “and besides, mom said she was going to give you something later…”

“The airport’s a little more closer to where we’re going right now, so let’s head over there first so you can get with what you want to do with the flight, then I’ll drop Mana over at the lab when you’re ready, agreed?”

“Fine then, but I’m coming with you next time, Jaden.”

“So what’s your main purpose of going over there, Jaden?” asked Eldes.

“Dad told me to come there for some reason, but he didn’t tell me yet,” answered Jaden. “Maybe he just wants someone to come along with him for the ride? School’s over, but he always has work, so he probably wants me there for that reason.”

“Then he should bring me along!” yelled Mana.

“For the last time, mom said she had something cool to give you earlier, and besides, someone needs to entertain her at the lab.”

“I see,” said Eldes. “A surprise is always something to be happy about… we’re going to be there in a few seconds, so don’t worry…”

Jaden and Mana could already feel the helicopter arriving at the location of the airport, at the arrival of planes where a helicopter was an outcast compared to the other planes around, and they would come out in the white tube of the entrance and leaving. The other planes were scattered around, and some of the employees working there noticed their ‘unique’ ship, but didn’t take any care to it, continuing on their woes of work. The door of the red ship opened, and they walked through the tube ironic to the path Jaden was supposed to be taking the other way, and arrived in the waiting room. There was already Jaden’s dad in one of the seats, looking at his watch with thoughts of when Jaden would arrive as they promised earlier, and also a peculiar man the hero met earlier named Dr. Regal was there as well, to his surprise.

Dad walked over to Jaden. “So you’re finally here, Jaden. I guess you managed to avoid the security process by going over this way, and that’s going to make your life easier- it took me an entire hour to get over the boring thing. Anyways, I see Mana’s here, and a person I don’t even know but looks so familiar…”

Eldes walked over to Michael. “I feel as if I have met you earlier before as well, although it may have been so many years ago…were you the one who saved the world from the impact of Cipher a long time ago?”

“Yes, and now I think about it, I do remember you. Your name is Eldes…and you’re a former Cipher, now turned to the side of good and greatly benefiting the frontier. Truly helpful and there whenever we need it. I also remember facing you in the Orre Colosseum long ago, as rivals- not enemies.”

Mana hugged her dad. “So I’m guessing you two are friends or something? His helicopter was so cool and I had a really good time riding on it.”

“You were riding in Eldes’ helicopter?”

“Yes, I decided to let them come along when Jaden told me he wouldn’t have made it in time by just rollerblading there. I have also battled your talented son, and he gave me quite a fight, using strategies I have never seen before.”

“Thanks for letting my son and daughter ride on it. Michael looked down at Mana with a confused look. “Mana, aren’t you supposed to be with your mom…?”

“I was with Jaden all day and he was so much fun to be with,” Mana tipped her feet around a little before asking: “I don’t know if it’s too much of a bother, but can I come along with you to wherever you’re going?”

“We didn’t plan things out for you to come along, Mana,” replied Michael. “I would take you along, but there’s a lot of things going around and you know…”

“I’m going to be too much of a bother to you and Jaden, right?” finished Mana.

“No…it’s just that…” started Michael.

“I’m going to get all of you into trouble and then some, right?”
Dr. Regal, who was standing by at the receptionist right after going through the security system, walked by with two people by his side. One of them was a pale-green complexion with yellow eyes, a goatee, and fangs finished with pointy ears for his face; he wore what looked like a red cape with black lines going through it along with sharp feet, overall resembling a vampire. The other had a visor on his face and a big ‘U’ magnet on his back, a completely metallic black body with glowing blue lines traveling through his veins- the three-pointed feet as the other. They walked over with the two in front as if they were his protection, and up to Michael.

“I see you’re going to the laboratory as well, my friend,” greeted Dr. Regal. “Well, I look forward to seeing the plan you have set for the incoming danger.”

Michael noticed Dr. Regal, and they both shook hands. “My amigo, Dr. Regal! Nice to see you, and you can read me like a book- I am going over to the lab over there. We need to do something about…”

“About what?” interrupted Mana.

“It’s nothing, just an experiment gone astray,” finished Michael. “Jaden, can you come over here, and if you want, come over as well, Eldes.”

“For what?” asked Jaden, walking over anyways, along with the silent Eldes.

“This is Dr. Regal,” introduced Michael. “He is a friend of mines, and…”

Dr. Regal walked over to Jaden, giving him a handshake. “Nice to see you again, Jaden. I see you’re related to a great mind…”

“Nice to see you again as well, Dr. Regal. So you’re going to be on the same flight me and my dad are as well?”

“How did you know…” began Michael.

“I was helping mom by going over to the postal office earlier, and I was ambushed by some thugs. He helped me greatly with his Pokémon- I can still thank him!”

“Who’s the creepy looking man…?” mumbled Mana.

Eldes introduced himself: “I am Eldes, former member of Cipher and now member of the Pokémon G-Men.”

“So you are?” asked a curious Dr. Regal. “I would trust my life with you along with my two friends here if anything were to happen, then.”

“I guess so, but some people still don’t trust me whenever they see my face. Even after a decade my name is still poisonous to some ears.”
“I’m sure they’ll get over it someday,” reassured Dr. Regal. “Let the man get a second chance…even though he never intended any vilification, right people?”

Dr. Regal, his bodyguards, Michael, Jaden and Mana all said in unison, “Right!”

A group of men dressed like the Heel in the lab Jaden battled earlier appeared, and suddenly they all grabbed Dr. Regal with surprise and force. Dr. Regal struggled to escape, and caused attention around the room.

“Let go of me, monsters!”

“Let the human go…now,” ordered the Vampiric looking one.

“Battle us instead,” challenged the one in the visor.

“Fine then,” the Heels let go of Dr. Regal.

Bodyguard Crusher vs. Heel Estel
“Face the power of my dogs! Go my two Poochyena!”

“Crobat and Crice…” Crusher sent out his Crobat and a freezing standing icy looking vampire with his claws over his body and teeth shaking in the frost. The red eyes of the icy one stared with fear.

Crice, the Fallen Angel Pokémon. He is sadistic, delighting in the pain he deals on others. He is the frozen counterpart of Devince, shooting ice from some parts of its body to induce torture on random people. Not much is known about it.

“Poochyena #1, Crunch. Poochyena #2, Poison Fang.”

Crusher leaped and flew like a bat with his wings to the path of the attacking Poochyena, taking both of the attacks with his wings guarding his body, but no damage was done to him. After the ‘hit’, his body was a shadow and led back to where he was standing.

“How did you do that?” asked the Heel.

“Something you’ve never understand…Crobat, Air Cutter. Crice, Double Ray…”

Crice made a wave of rainbow energy starting from a spellcasting spotlight on the floor raise up over Crobat. Crobat sent out blue rays which both knocked out the Poochyena.

“Return, Poochyena. Face the power of more of my friends!” he threw two more PokéBalls which released another double-Poochyena.

Crobat attacked with another Air Cutter, which knocked them both out.

“Gah! Man’s best friends didn’t defend me!”

“How were you able to take both of those attacks by getting in the way?” asked Jaden.

“Wasn’t that cheating?”

“On the contrary, it wasn’t…” answered Crusher. “They wanted a street fight, well they got what they deserved…”

“What do you think we are, chopped liver?” one of the remaining Heels rose up and walked over to them.

The visor-wearing bodyguard rose up. “Join us…”

Bodyguard Crosser vs. Heel Zamb
“The other guy thought he was cool with his dogs, well live up to the power of insects! Go Silcoon and Cascoon!” he released his two cocoons.

“Stop offending us with your wimps… Go Magneton and Mechadra!” he released Magneton and a dragon appearing to be completely covered in metal- a massive chimeric style monster with huge claws and machinery.

Mechadra, the Machine Pokémon. Type is Machine/Dragon. He is a Machine Digimon with seemingly unlimited power. Built from the parts of various cyborgs, his body is 95% composed of metal. Being chimeric, he possesses the head armor and right Booster Claw, the helmet on his kneecaps, the enlarged Psycho Blaster (times two) on his back, the trident arm, and the jaw. He is fueled only by the urge to destroy. His intelligence and strength overwhelm his opponents.

“I’m not going easy on you like the last goon!” he took out a blue and green bomb, throwing it directly at Crosser.

“Pathetic. Starbreak Laser!” Crosser released a twirling laser from the two ‘magnets’ on the back of him and completely destroyed the bomb, then caused part of the ceiling on his side to break apart. Rocks began to fall on the Heel’s side of the field and soon, Silcoon along with Cascoon were knocked out to Crosser’s laughter. “Before the battle even began, it already ended…”

“Return, Silcoon and Cascoon. This guy can attack as well…?” he released Metapod and Kakuna next after recalling the other two. “Harden, both of you!”

“Defensive attacks don’t get past these moves. Magneton, Magnet Booster and Mechadra, Giga Cannon!”0

Magneton charged with electricity, and then released it on Mechadra to increase its Special Attack points, followed by the dragon releasing energy blasts from the cannons behind it, destroying both Metapod and Kakuna.

“I have two more! Go Beautifly and Dustox!”

“Giga Cannon hits ALL Pokémon when they’re sent out…”

Mechadra released more energy blasts, destroying the evolved insects.

“They’re not evolved enough…”

“Gah! How are they defeating us…?” the Heel who just lost ran over to the other three in a worried way. “They’re not gone yet…”

Two more Heels stepped up and said in unison, “Maybe it’s because we never got a Shadow Pokémon yet…?”

Heel #1 whispered to Heel #2, “Maybe we should ambush the kids…?”

“Sure…sounds good…” they both rose up, then ran over to Jaden and Mana with a streak, making the two worry.

“What do you want with me and my big brother?”

“Don’t worry…I’ll settle this.”

“NO! LET’S MAKE THIS A TWO ON TWO!” they demanded.

Pkmn Trainer Jaden & Baby Sis Mana vs. Heel Somn & Heel Nambt
“Gah, they’re little kids! Go Syako!” “They’re so small! Go Haguru!” one of them sent out a water-type resembling a clam, while the other was a golden and silver cog.

“Use the Eevee I lent to you, Jaden!” advised Michael. “Good luck, Mana!”

“Okay! Go Eevee, show them something!” “Go Clovescarf, wash them away!” Mana sent out what looked like a huge flatworm with a carefree face and a crown on, a yellow and blue body dazzling to the people watching it.

“Syako, Black Pearl Shot!” “Haguru, Darkness Gear!”
“Eevee…Bite…?” “Clovescarf, Magical Flood!”

Syako shot a black pearl, which hit Eevee, but for some reason, nothing happened as it passed through. Haguru shot a dark gear at Eevee as well, doing no damage.

“How did that Eevee…?” “It stopped our attacks!”

“Dad, what happened?” “That Eevee’s so cute!”

“We know those Pokémon are either artificial or you somehow created them out of thin data, and Eevee can stop them!” explained Michael. “Data, Vaccines, Viruses and Binaries can’t attack Eevee.”

Clovescarf sent out a wave of light, which knocked out Syako and Haguru. Instead of returning to their PokéBalls, they both went off in a data stream.

“Useless data! Never trust computers…” “I thought they were viruses!” they both threw two more PokéBalls, releasing Poliwag and Zubat.

“Good, they’re regular…” started Michael.

“No! Think again!” his Aura Reader showed they were both Shadow Pokémon and the aura was seen for the rest of the people. “What am I supposed to do again?”

“Wah! They’re Shadows!” complained Mana. “Are they going to hurt us…?”

“Not if you Snag them,” answered Michael.

“Enough talk, Poliwag, Shadow Darkside!” “Zubat, Shadow Beam!”

Poliwag made the field extremely dark, preventing anybody from seeing anything, then Zubat shot out a powerful beam at Eevee, knocking it out, then Michael saw his Pokémon on the ground defeated.

“Oh no…now what?” Jaden was about to reach for Eevee.

“You can still use its special ability, Evolution Booster!” directed Michael.

“Okay then…Eevee, activate your special ability, Evolution Booster.” Eevee responded by glowing with a shadowy aura, and then glowed with darkness to evolve. After the glow faded, Eevee was different, having fangs and spiked, silver fur all over- a monster with glowing red eyes and the shadowy aura.

“Oh no…maybe it was a bad idea…” groaned Michael. “Your Eevee is now Shadeon for the rest of the battle…when you used Evolution Booster, Eevee evolves into a Pokémon of the same type of the move fainting it, so be careful: it’s a shadow-type. Use its attacks and give them a taste of their own medicine!”

“What happened to your Eevee?” asked Mana. “It looks so…evil…”

“Don’t worry, Mana.” Jaden turned over to his dad still with a look of confusion shattered on his face. “What kind of attacks can it use?”

“I don’t know…” Michael felt like a fool for having Eevee evolve into a shadow creature, but not knowing the skills it could utilize.

“Shadow Drain…” answered Dr. Regal.

“Are we invisible or something?” “Make your move before we do!”

“Fine then, Shadow Drain, Shadeon.” “Help out, Clovescarf, with Guarding Wall!”

Shadeon glowed with shadows, and suddenly Poliwag along with Zubat were drained over to Michael’s side and the aura from both of them was absorbed and added to Shadeon, along with all of their HP until they only had ONE left.

“It’s a good time to snag them now…” recommended Dr. Regal.

“Okay! Snag Ball, go!” he charged up a PokéBall appearing from the transporter, and threw it at the Zubat.

It rocked…once…twice…thrice! Zubat was snagged.

“Do I have to do everything? Poliwag, Shadow Sky.” “Gah! My Zubat is snagged. I have to use a regular…? Go Poliwhirl…” he sent out a regular Poliwhirl.

Poliwag sent out an orb of shadow energy, which exploded in the sky. At the beginning of Jaden and Mana’s turn, the orbs began falling, no damage done to Shadeon and Poliwag since they were both shadows, but hit Poliwhirl. Clovescarf put up a water barrier, which somehow protected itself from the orbs.

“How did your Clovescarf not get hit by my Poliwag’s Shadow Sky?” “You made my Poliwhirl get hit, idiot!”

“The attack Clovescarf used protects itself from all moves which do damage other than attacking regularly!” explained Mana.

“Snag Ball, go!” he threw one at Poliwag and it landed on the ground.

It rocked…once…twice…thrice! Poliwag was snagged.

“I have to use a regular now? Go Golbat!”

“Have Shadeon use Shadow Noise…” directed Dr. Regal.

“Okay then. Shadeon, Shadow Noise!” “Clovescarf, Protect!”

Clovescarf created a green barrier to protect itself. Shadeon unleashed huge shadow sound waves out of its mouth, which destroyed both Golbat and Poliwhirl on the spot when they heard the sound, and all the people in the room braced their ears.

“We had Shadow Pokémon!” “How can we lose?!”

Jaden’s Shadeon returned back to its original form. “That was a strange experience…good thing my Eevee’s back to normal…”

“That guy has a weird Eevee!” “We have to tell the boss about this…” the two ran off with the other Heels and mumbled to each other.

* * *

“Good battle you two put up, Jaden and Mana,” complimented Michael. “You managed to Snag two Shadow Pokémon already…”

“Thanks dad, it was fun battling with Jaden- he’s so cool…” Mana looked down at a PokéBall in Jaden’s belt. “That Eevee was so…different…”

“Mana, you weren’t so bad yourself, nice protection stuff you had there.” He took out the PokéBall of the Eevee he used and held it in his hand, “You’re right, it was kind of strange. Dad, what makes this Eevee…so…you know?”

“All Eevee are united in the art of evolution in some way, even though its relationship to change may be different from the other, as if the ability to change into many other forms normally isn’t already strange enough,” explained Michael. “The unique difference about this one is that it can evolve temporarily into a form when it’s attacked depending on the type of the move used against it, similar to the ‘Color Change’ ability Kecleon possesses. Nothing so poisonous about it though, other than the form it just changed into.”

“I see you were able to master the ability of shadow attacks,” remarked Dr. Regal. “I never thought one like you would be able to use them so effectively…maybe you shall be the next person to save the world from destruction should evil ever rise again, as long as you are able to keep the power under your control and not release it to the earth.”

Michael turned over to Mana. “So, now that all of the stuff happened a little while ago, doesn’t look like you’re going to be able to go back home after it, right? Since you already got past the security system along with Jaden, I guess you can come with us if you want to, okay Mana? Be careful if you do want to though, okay?”

“Yay! I can come along!” Mana jumped up twice her size and kissed her dad in the face happily, going back down. “So we’re gonna have so much fun when we’re there?”

Eldes strutted over as well. “So looks like you’re getting the chance to go somewhere else with your bigger brother, Mana- have fun…I only wish I was able to have some enjoyment with my brother- never do…best of luck…”

“What do ya mean you don’t have fun with your brother, Eldes?” asked Mana. “Everybody should have fun with their family all the time- that’s the main reason why I wanted to come along in the first place!”

“It’s a long story, it seriously is. Many years ago, back when I was with a ‘certain group of friends’, my big brother was ‘hanging out with us’. When those ‘friends’ left the group, my brother went somewhere and entered other ‘sports teams’ and I’ve never been able to have any time with him…well I have met him several times before with those ‘ever changing friends of his’, but things kept ‘getting in the way’…”

Mana understood and nodded. “I think I know what you mean…best of luck with the situation you’re in, then! You already made friends with the lot of us over here.”

“You could come with us to the Tech region if you want to, Eldes,” suggested Michael. “Since we all already got past the security system, and usually the system’s the time to see if you can ride or not, go and have some fun with us!”

“Sure…I guess,” replied Eldes. “You’re sure I won’t be a bother, will I?”

Michael gave Eldes a pat on the back. “The more the merrier, I always say.” Next he whispered something over to the red man, [I] “I bet you can help us with the work over there, seeing as you’re a member of the Pokémon G-Men.”

“I’ll try my best,” answered Eldes. “I have heard of the situation over in Johto and I’m more than willing to contribute whatever I can.”

The intercom suddenly spoke. Ding, dong! The flight from the Orre Airport to Tech Airlines is about to depart; passengers please get on the plane before the leave. We hope you have a good ride on the Pokémon Airlines.

“That’s our flight,” stated Dr. Regal. “Let’s go.”

25th July 2006, 10:05 PM
Jaden along with his dad Michael and little sister Mana with their friend Eldes, followed by Dr. Regal and his two strange bodyguards got onto the plane the moment it arrived, eager to explore the insides and get to where they were supposed to be.

Mana looked around in the plane with its silver walls and many seats, sitting in one of them before knowing where she was supposed to go on, “This place looks so much fun! I bet we can play hide-and-go-seek here all day!”

“Come on, Mana,” urged her dad. “Our seats are this way, and they’re going to be something I know you of all people would be excited about.”

“Where are we going again?” asked Michael. “I get it…”

They all entered the first class section after a little bit of walking- which composed of two couches facing each other, a television set in the middle and a refrigerator on the side of gentle welcoming plants, accompanied with more of life’s comforts: Jaden, Michael, Mana and Eldes in one set; Dr. Regal and his bodyguards on the other.

Jaden took a soda from the fridge by his side. “How did you manage to get one of these super-cool first class seats, dad? I always wanted to be in one of these but I’ve only seen them on TV by one of those rich guys or families.”

Mana was eating an ice cream bar from the fridge as well. “Yeah dad, I’ve seen these pretty things on TV, but yay! A TV’s right over there!” she turned on the TV, revealing an episode of Pokémon on at the time.

“Seeing as I’m on a business trip, a certain person over in the Tech region arranged the trip for me, and was generous enough to offer this perfect plane setting for me,” clarified Michael. “I’ll spill the beans…Dr. Regal’s paying for me.”

“I could have gotten a free trip completely for you, instead of having one of your friends do it for you,” offered Eldes. “Being one of the Pokémon G-Men gives you an edge on life, although wasting it with blindness greed isn’t what I want…”

“How did Dr. Regal pay for you?” asked Jaden after a sip of his soda, then getting another can from the fridge. “He must be that rich!”

“At first, I thought he was at the Tech Space Center already, but when I met him here at the port in Orre, it was pretty much a surprise to imagine, and then some,” explained Michael. “Friends back each other up, even when you’re a grownup!”

“What is it you want me to help you again with, Michael?” asked Eldes. “I’m completely willing to for the sake of it, but a good idea of what I’m to be doing would be helpful, and maybe I can prepare for the task more easier.”

“It’s what you can call, an ‘experiment’, but something’s gone wrong.” Answered Michael. “It will either be fatal or beneficial- I’ll explain the rest later. There’s going to be more than the number of people you think will work- some of which are my good friends, and the job shall be simple with alliance of skilled trainers.”

“But we’re skilled trainers!” exclaimed Jaden and Mana in unison.

“If you two like doing chores, than come with us, because this isn’t something too much fun to be happy about,” explained Michael. “You can have fun while we’re doing something else, besides- that’s the main reason why you two wanted to come along.”

“Work is boring, right Jaden?” asked Mana.

“I guess you’re right!” agreed Jaden.

A flight attendant walked by with a cart carrying different sorts of foods and drinks on it and stopped near the four. “Would you four like something to eat or drink? We have lots of things here, and because you decided to travel on first class, you get much more than those other people, so choose whatever you want and you’ll get it in a second!”

“Can we get some double-triple-cheeseburgers?” asked Jaden and Mana in unison.

“Can I get a sandwich sub?” asked Michael.

“I guess I’ll have ramen,” said Eldes.

“Coming right up!” the nice flight attendant took food out of the cart as if they were just magically made and handed them over to the respective customers, a smile on her face as she did so, also handing out one of those super-hot refreshing towels you would get in a sushi bar to make yourself unbelievably relieved. She left happily, “Enjoy!”

“We will!” they all said in unison.

“I never knew you were a ramen fan,” wondered Michael. “I should have asked for some…my loss…” Michael bit some of his sandwich.

“There’s a lot people don’t know about me,” said Eldes. “Even after all of the things happened a long time ago, I kept myself undisclosed to most people, just because I’m the kind of person doing so…” he ate some of his food with his chopsticks.

Both Jaden and Mana gobbled down the ‘double-double-cheeseburgers’ in a matter of seconds, satisfied of the taste. “Those were some good thingies we just ate!”

Suddenly, on the plane everyone felt a slight tremor below, even making the emotionless sounding Dr. Regal show some feeling in the shake as he pulsed. The four were a little surprised before they held on to their seat just in case anything worse would happen, and some contents of Michael’s sub even fell off!

A female voice was heard from the intercom: Like, sorry people for all of the fuss, but there’s NO WAY something like that’s gonna, um, happen again, so like, don’t worry, because with our super-cool staff members on this plane, nothing’s gonna happen to any of you, so like, chill back, and I’ll go and shop- I mean ship.

“That was kind of scary,” complained Mana.

“Don’t worry, Mana,” comforted Jaden, “that was pretty much nothing.”

Another tremble occurred, this time knocking Jaden’s soda and many of Mana’s chips down to the floor as they all flinched a little.

That was so cool! I mean, sorry for the turbulence because there’s a lot of happy people on the plane jumping up and down, so like, SCREAM! Just kidding, if you really want to be safe and enjoy your time here, go have fun shopping, or better yet, like, fasten your seatbelts because that’s COOL and the way TO GO!

“Jaden, Mana,” called Eldes. “I think it might be a good time right now to fasten your seatbelts before something like that ever happens again, because you two were standing and some things fell; I know you don’t want to make a mess, right?”

“I like making messes!” informed Mana. “Just kidding, I need to go and do number one and two because of all the things I ate already.”

“You didn’t need to tell us that…” groaned Jaden. “Come back quick, because I need to go also, okay?”

“Don’t wander off, Mana,” advised Michael. “If there’s a lot of turbulence on the airplane, then it just might knock off nature’s call onto—”

“Don’t say it!” ordered Mana. She ran off in her always so cute rush, heading over to the bathroom in a hurry and going inside.


After a relieved sigh, she left the bathroom, which was especially near the door to the cockpit, and already the next thought on her mind, but before she could do so, another bump of air turbulence struck, making the little girl fall this time.

“That’s so annoying,” whined Mana. “Wish that would stop happening…”

Attention people, ya having fun with the super-cool turbulence happening around here on the plane? Well it’s going to get worse because I’m going to go more and more quicker to get ya there, have fun people already! If you didn’t already buckle your seat belts in time for the ride, I suggest you do right now before things get ugly!

Michael, Jaden and Eldes were sitting on their first class spaces, with their seat belts on. Dr. Regal and his two bodyguards Crusher and Crosser were amazingly gone without a sound, not anywhere to be seen as a problem arises.

“Mana’s taking too long in the bathroom,” grumbled Jaden. “And I really, really, really need to go right now, so she better get out of there quick.” He prepared to get up, but noticed the seatbelt he was wearing wouldn’t come off. “There’s a problem here- my seatbelt won’t come off right now!”

Michael struggled along with Eldes. “Oh no…” they both said.

* * *

“I’m going into the cockpit!” declared Mana, opening the big door in front of her surprisingly to her height. “It’s gonna be fun!”

Inside you could see all of the commands along with the sky ahead, and a girl with pink hair in two split ponytails and white outfit on rather than the right pilot attire. She turned around and it showed her eyes shielded with goggles, and waved at Mana. “So what are you doing here, you little cutie?”

“I just thought the cockpit over here looks so cool! Me come here to have fun”

“Well you’re not allowed to go here, honey, so yeah. Go on and have fun somewhere else before I make ya!” she pointed over to the door leading the other way, like yeah.

“You’re a funny lady, girl. I want to play with you!” Mana jumped and held on to the girl, not letting go and making the lady jolt in rage.

“You better get off me now before I make this plane crash because you don’t want to, and I’ll cause another one of those—nothing…now just get along…little girl!”

“The name’s Mana! If you don’t play, lady, I’m telling my big brother and daddy!”

The plane suddenly jolted even worse and it showed the altitude decreasing rapidly, making the pink-haired girl with goggles laugh. “The name’s Lovrina, and you’re gonna be gone way before this plane crashes! You wanna play? Bring it on!”

Baby Sis Mana vs. Nebula Scientist Lovrina

[Lovrina steps forward, waves both hands, spins around, then stands with her hands on her hips]

“Teach that oh so tiny girl a lesson! Go Bevadam and Bubbitar!” Lovrina released Bevadam was a large, brown beaver with a lot of logs for a tail, the same way that a Sceptile had many pointy leaves for its tail. With one side looking excited for battle, and the other one looking ready to have a nap; Bubbitar was like a snowman, the head looking like a bear as the bottom part was filled with white fur and eyes crossed looking down at its bear-shaped nose in curiosity. The torso was like a dark blue bib for a baby with red and pink bubbles scattered, the arms were reached out like after a hug and the nails used to be on it was gone like trimmed.

“Yay, a battle! Go Raichu and Chansey!” Mana smiled as her Pokémon came out.

“Bevadam, Toxic on like, Chansey- and Bubbitar, Bubble Trap!”

“Raichu, Thunderbolt on that cute Bubbitar and Blissey, Seismic Toss Bevadam!”

Bubbitar jumped in the air, and then released two pink bubbles materializing from its skin and surrounded Raichu and Blissey. Raichu was next as it stood on its tail ready for an attack, then shot a bolt of electricity to strike, breaking the bubble but only a few centimeters before the attack hit Bubbitar- a look of surprise on Mana’s face.

“How did Bubbitar not get shocked by my cutie’s attack?” Mana noticed waves going down Raichu lowering its Special Attack and Special Defense.

“Bubble Trap’s gonna do that to you, honey. While it’s on the field- for two turns, your babies can’t switch but if it’s popped by a move, the attacker loses Special Attack and Special Defense, and in addition to that, if it’s a Special Attack, stops in its tracks. Maybe next time baby, if there is one, like yeah. Perfect defense!”

Chansey used Seismic Toss, popping the bubble and having its Special Attack and Special Defense lower, but managed to deal some damage over to Bevadam-, which reacted by badly poisoning Blissey on the spot after the attack.

“Bubbitar, Bubble Trap on Bevadam and Raichu- yeah, I can choose two targets, and Bevadam, Mimic after Bubbitar!”

Raichu took some damage on the poison from Toxic. “So that’s your plan? Raichu use Thunderbolt on Bubbitar and Chansey, Seismic Toss on Bevadam again!”

Bubbitar released two more bubbles, wrapping Bevadam and Raichu- the electric rodent using Thunderbolt again to no avail as the bubble popped to lower the mouse’s Special Attack and Special Defense once again, and the bolt not hitting. Chansey ran to attack Bevadam, but the bubble popped instead, making its attempt nulled and the beaver’s Special Attack and Special Defense lowered as well.

“Let me guess…Bubble Trap can protect the Pokémon inside of it from being hit by anything at the cost of stats, right…? I want my mommy…”

“It’s not like Special stats matter to it! Now Bevadam, keep going!” Bevadam’s orb of energy copied Bubbitar’s Bubble Trap move as its own.

“Now that I have the power to use two Bubble Traps, so like, Bevadam use it on Raichu and Blissey, followed by Bubbitar the teacher doing the same! Happy time, baby!”

Chansey took some more minor damage from poison. “So I can’t use any damaging attacks once one of them hits… that ruins everything I wanted to do…” thought Mana. “Fine then! Raichu, Thunder Wave on Bubbitar and Chansey, Aromatherapy!”

Bubbitar unleashed another layer of bubbles to cover Raichu and Chansey, followed by Raichu using Thunder Wave to immobilize Bubbitar. Chansey unleashed a scent in the air to relieve it of Toxic (even though it was still 3/16 damaged). Bevadam also released another set of bubbles to wrap around the two.

“Raichu, Thunder Wave on Bevadam and Chansey, Light Screen- we need to keep our Special Defenses high since those meanies lowered it!”

“Your Pokémon are SO stuck on that position, because of my move. Now I think it’s time for my strategy at hand: Bubbitar, Taunt Chansey and Bevadam, Surf!”

Bubbitar’s Speed was slowed down thanks to Thunder Wave so Raichu struck first this time, releasing a jolt of energy to paralyze Bevadam, followed by Chansey putting up a light shield to increase herself and ally Raichu’s Special Defense a little. Bubbitar, with a wag of its finger made the usually happy Chansey glow red with anger; Bubbitar used Surf- not doing any damage to the opponents but breaking the first layer, lowering both Raichu and Chansey’s Special Attack and Special Defense even more now (Raichu lost three levels of stats while Chansey lost two).

“Bubbitar, Energy Stream and Bevadam, Mimic your partner!”

“Raichu, Protect! Chansey’s affected by Taunt now, meaning it can only use moves that do damage, and I can’t use any Special moves because they won’t work…mommy, I wish you were here…Chansey, use Seismic Toss on Bevadam!”

Raichu put up a green barrier to protect itself, followed by Chansey being forced to use damaging attacks against its will as it tossed Bevadam up in the air, almost knocking it out this time. Bubbitar unleashed a rainbow wave of energy, not hitting the guarding Raichu as the shield blocked the bubble from being destroyed as well. Chansey, however, was knocked out by the move and sent back into its PokéBall.

“My Chansey was almost fully healed, so how did you knock it out in one hit? It may have its Special Defense kicked down a lot, but they’re still known for being able to take a lot of Special Attacks deducted from their HP! No fair!”

“Actually, it’s fair as fair goes, little girl- Energy Stream does 60 damage, FIXED damage, that is, for every stat lowered on the target. Do the math (Special Attack –3 + Special Defense –3 = Stat Total –6 | 6 x 60 = 360), so unless your Chansey’s at a really, really, really high level, it goes bye-bye!”

“Go Laprax!” Mana released a metallic version of Lapras to the field; it had a fire jet behind it along with its shell, which were actually missile launchers. The eyes were shown as if it was wearing a mask, and fins as turbines.

Bevadam unleashed a glowing orb traveling around Bubbitar and then back to it, which melted inside its head, allowing it to learn Energy Stream as well.

“Time to rid the field of your Bubbitar by having Laprax use Psychic on it- and since it’s fresh on the field, there’s no crap to stop it from hitting you! In addition to that, your paralyzed Bubbitar’s not gonna make things better yeah, let’s go! Raichu, Thunderbolt Bevadam now that you don’t have those annoying things around you!”

“Oh darn, she’s right…Bubbitar, Energy Stream and Bevadam, same thing!”

Laprax’s eyes glowed purple to make Bubbitar have the same flavor in its eyes, followed by a powerful lift, then the metal rider let go to faint Bubbitar before it could use any other attacks to faint Raichu.

“Oh darn, return Bubbitar and go Bellossem.” She sent out a Bellossem, which had an angry look on its face the moment it was out, along with an aura…a Shadow Pokémon (strange at this specific time because no Aura Seeker was needed to find out what it was)! Mana had to face it alone without Jaden at the scene!

“You’re gonna make a little girl like me face a Shadow Pokémon?”

“How’d you know that it was… oh yeah…the new brand of Shadow Pokémon have their aura revealed to intimidate people…and make them better…nah-nah-nah-nah-nah!”

Raichu unleashed a Thunderbolt, this time with nothing to stop it- except for the fact its Special Attack was way down in the dumps thanks to previous stat lowering moves and Bevadam was able to survive because of that idea. Suddenly, the Shadow Aura around Bellossem began to spread around the field, slowly covering everything in sight, as it got darker and darker…

“What are you doing, Lovrina? Shadow Pokémon may be WEIRD and strong, but they can’t do things like this- not from what I’ve read…”

“What you read, or like, read in a book, or um…see on TV isn’t so always true, little girl, so be a little nice one and watch the show as the field gets murkier and murkier…”

* * *

Back in the first class seating room, Michael, Jaden and Eldes are still struggling to get out of their seats, but to no avail. They tried their best not to yell, but more and more worrying made them go even more nervous.

“I have to get out of here and use the bathroom…a little,” grumbled Jaden. “Not that much, but I still want to move around a little…”

Michael struggled even harder. “How come these things won’t budge? I need to get out of HERE so I can find Mana, and besides, you’re not the only one here who needs to go use the bathroom, you know…”

Eldes was busy trying to reach for a drawer ahead. “I don’t have anything sharp on me, but if we try to get something good, we can even slice through these seat belts…there’s something going on here and I think we need to investigate…”

Michael stopped battering, “I hope Mana’s okay…

Eldes was still trying to reach. “I hope everything works out…

Michael was still moving as ever. “I hope I get to the bathroom!”

The intercom suddenly began again, We hope all of you super-cool people are like, enjoying the ride because it’s about to get faster and faster and faster, because that’s SO COOL, and I know you people love COOL things, like the way the seatbelts are working right now. Turns out some COOL things are happening to make you go there. ALL of you PEOPLE seem to be so ATTACHED to your seat, so stay there and be some good people while plans are working in the cockpit- ISN’T THAT A FUNNY WORD?! COCKPIT, as in C*CK, I hit your C*CK, and the PITS! Bye-bye now!

Eldes stated, “So there is something going on…we have to go and put a stop to this before anything else happens. Some people might get hurt.”

“Yeah, but first,” Jaden struggled again. “We have to- urg- get out of these- urg- stupid seatbelts! I knew it- they kill more than they save.”

“Those are airbags you’re talking about,” informed Michael. “Besides, it’s not the seatbelts fault- that honor goes to the person behind this entire thing in the first place, and that’s the one we need to go and stop before anything else bad happens.”

The plane could be felt getting faster and faster, including a huge altitude change as they can see outside with the clouds rushing up from them, then stopping in an instant to regain normal speed, which made the people onboard halt in an uncomfortable stop. Shakings like that occurred more and more as moments passed on.

“I think that it’s getting more ‘bad’ by the moment,” pointed out Eldes. “We better do something NOW, and don’t do anything hasty…”

* * *

“What did your Shadow Bellossem do to my cute little Raichu and Laprax?”

“Pay some attention and you’ll find out honey…the little dancing critter used Shadow Mist, and I think you know what that means, duh!”

Mana noticed waves going down Raichu and Laprax. “Oh no! You lowered their Evasiveness! Your Pokémon are so mean!”

“That’s right, and Bevadam’s about to use Energy Stream to finish off Raichu!”

“Fine then, Raichu, Thunderbolt on Bevadam and Laprax, Surf them!”

Raichu was the quickest due to Bevadam’s Paralysis, so it made a jolt of lightning appear and knocked out Bevadam before it could do anything.

“That was like, so mean! But now you’ve let me do this…” she threw a PokéBall after returning her Bevadam and it released a Shadow Breloom.

“Another one of those Shadow thingies? That’s not nice…”

“Who in the world said I was ever, ever, ever playing nice, like no! And since you decided to be a meanie to my Bevadam and Bubbitar, I’m afraid I’m gonna hafta go back ta my old plan- Breloom, Shadow Seed on Raichu and Bellossem, Shadow Seed Laprax!”

“My Raichu’s still quicker than your Pokémon, even though they’re not paralyzed- but they’re about to: Raichu, Thunder Wave on Breloom and Laprax use Body Slam!”

Breloom rushed with amazing speed among a streak of shadowy waves and shot out a seed from its tail to attach to Raichu, making a Shadow Aura surround it. Raichu was about to charge energy, but couldn’t due to strangle of vines.

“Your Breloom was so quick when it attacked…but my Raichu should have been quicker…explain yourself!”

“When I told you the Shadow Pokémon were better this time around, noooooo… you didn’t believe me, so like, you felt the bad things happen. Instead of just having Shadow moves, we decided it might be nice to add some abilities as well, and here’s one for ya, baby: Breloom’s Black Speed ability makes it so that ALL Shadow Pokémon on my side of the field attack really, really, really quick, so Bellossem’s about to become super, super, super quick now!”

Bellossem lived up to its words of Breloom’s special ability and had attacked rapidly, unleashing a seed over to Laprax, which attempted to entangle the Steel-type, but for some reason, the seed was nulled and destroyed.

“Attacks that don’t do damage don’t work on my Laprax because of its special ability, Reverse Fire! So looks like your Shadow Seed’s getting reversed back to ya.”

Laprax made the seed reappear and then it was shot back to where the Shadow Bellossem was standing, but the seed vanished the moment it hit the dancing blossom. Laprax then proceeded to use Body Slam, doing major damage over to Bellossem.

“How did this ‘Shadow Seed’ of yours not work…let me guess…it’s because you can’t use it on Shadow Pokémon, right?”

“You’re soooooo pretty good at knowing things for person your age! Shadow Seed only works on regular Pokémon, and if you take a look…”

Mana noticed shadow energy orbs being taken from Raichu, landing on Bellossem afterwards and healing ALL the damage done to it earlier.

“NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH! Thanks baby, and because you did SO much damage over to Bellossem, it gets healed that much, YEAH! Shadow Seed rules!”

“She’s right…I may have one more Pokémon than her, but if she can keep those mean combos up, I’ll never see mommy again…” *sniff*

“You’re about to go down with this ship thingie, and so is everyone else!”

25th July 2006, 10:06 PM
Episode 4: You're Going Down, in More Ways than ONE!

I have to find a plan before her Shadows slowly diminishes my Pokémon…and I really need to go use the bathroom again… “Fine then, my move! First Raichu, use Rest to heal all the damage done to you from Shadow Seed, and Laprax, Metal Wave!”

“That’s is soooooo not gonna do ya well at all, honey, and now I’ll show you why: Bellossem use Shadow Hold and Breloom, Shadow Half!”

Breloom, thanks to its special ability it was able to strike first, and did so by striking ALL the Pokémon on the field with shadow energy to lower their HP in half. Bellossem unleashed shadow cages, which made Raichu and Laprax unable to switch.

“I guess it’s a good thing my Raichu’s slower than your Breloom and Bellossem, because now it’s my Raichu’s turn to rest!”

“Duh! Don’t you think I KNOW that already? Go ahead and knock yourself out!”

Raichu closed its eyes, causing a white aura to appear around it, healing its entire set of HP, now asleep and vulnerable to attacks for a while. Laprax used Metal Wave, causing a metallic version of Surf to crash onto Bellossem and Breloom, doing moderate damage.

“Your damage’s gonna be ya undoing, because the more damage ya do ta my cutie Shadows, the more HP’s gonna be drained from your babies and added to any super-cool Shadow Pokémon on the field, yeah!” My plan is really, really, really working! Thanks to the Shadow Half my Breloom threw earlier, her Pokémon’s HP were halved, and so were mines! Then when she got her Laprax to attack me with a Metal Wave, that soooooo damaged them. “Time for your Raichu to go!”

More and more shadow energy orbs were drained from Mana’s Raichu, intensely lowering the electric rodent’s HP and going over to Lovrina’s side of the field, landing onto her Bellossem and Breloom- causing their health to increase, all the damage caused earlier fading away as seconds passed. Since Lovrina’s Pokémon took so much damage earlier, and the more damage caused to them meant more HP drained from the one afflicted with Shadow Seed, Raichu fainted and Mana jumped in astonishment.

“Raichu couldn’t make it this time, but you made a good battle,” she returned it and threw out another PokéBall, releasing a sea serpent having its whole body was a rich golden color with its tail fin having a mirror-like shine. “Make me proud, Melodic!”

“Are YOU SERIOUSLY thinking that oversized Weedle’s gonna take down my Shadows? NAH, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!”

“Just try me, Lovrina! You’ve been annoying me like hell since this battle began, but don’t think anymore antics of yours are gonna work again!” Now let’s see. She has two Shadow Pokémon on the field completely fully healed, thanks to my Raichu when it was sapped by that Shadow Seed thingie. Shadow Seed doesn’t work on Steel-types or other Shadows, but it would work on Melodic since it’s a Water-type…I have to try and take it down this turn before its too late!

“If you’re done already, then allow me to show you why little girls shouldn’t be wandering off to places they shouldn’t be, because that’s bad for cute girls and they could get hurt by baddies like me! Breloom, Shadow Seed on Melodic, and Bellossem, Shadow Hold them! Make sure those annoying things go away, go away!”

“Your Pokémon are about to be the ones going away, Lovrina! Time for a battling comeback already- Melodic, use your ultimate attack, Mirror Storm! Next up is Laprax, use Thunderbolt…on Melodic!”

“What do you think you’re doing, little girl?! You’re attacking your own Pokémon! And that’s gonna be your downfall because Shadow Seed’s gonna take the rest of the HP that oversized Seviper has- attack now!”

“It’s nothing you’d ever understand about trusting your Pokémon, Lovrina. I’m gonna save daddy, brotherly, Eldes, and everyone else on the ship!”

“You may think so, but don’t forget the special ability of my Shadow Pokémon, duh! - It and ALL Shadow Pokémon on the field attack first, thanks to Black Speed, and that means there’s no way for you to protect against my babies!”

Breloom, with the special ability, struck first and unleashed a Shadow Seed from its tail, which wrapped around Melodic, already tangling shadow roots and vines around it to incapacitate the sea serpent a little. Bellossem finished Lovrina’s round off by releasing shadowy whips to hold down Laprax and Melodic from switching over.

“Now that your turn’s over, it’s time for my Pokémon to put on a cute little magic show for you, and it all starts from when Laprax uses Thunderbolt…on my own Melodic!”

Laprax began charging electric energy between its metallic head, making waves of power go through the field as it became bigger and bigger.

“What are you thinking, Hon?” All you’re doing is attacking your Melodic; if this is a magic show, then I want my money back!”

“Now watch as my Melodic, disappears- as it puts itself into a magic box to protect!”

Melodic put up a transparent crystal shield with many faces on it; if you came up close, you could see your reflection a little; the crystal barrier glowed blue and a sight to imagine as Lovrina braced her eyes from the shimmering image.

“That thing’s getting to bright…I can barely see anything, you little brat. I like, so don’t like this show and I think you better stop before your Pokémon are dead.” What does that girl think she’s doing? Putting up mirrors for an attack…wait! She’s, like, trying to reflect the thing back at me…? Oh crap…I better do something really quick.

“Now it’s time to show them our magic, Melodic! Laprax, attack with Thunderbolt and make it a good one. Let’s make this a good act!”

Laprax was fully charged and released a HUGE bolt of energy to where Melodic was, hitting the entire crystal shield directly and making the barrier glow even more intensely, Melodic on the inside glowing golden and Lovrina brace even more. The aura of the crystal changed from blue to white, and small spears were stabbing out of it, growing more and more close to the other Pokémon on the field.

“What’s gonna happen to my Shadows…?”

“Show them what you’re made of! Mirror Storm!”

The white spikes and spears interconnected into the air with great speed, forming a barrier around everybody, then all of them fell onto Laprax, Shadow Breloom, and Shadow Bellossem were forcefully struck by the glowing projectiles, and the number increased by the moment until all of the shots were a whole bunch of straight lines paralyzed in the sky, rainbow completely and moving around like a hundred lasers shot from a person above, the formation of a ritual. All of them eventually hit the other three Pokémon at least once and then they shattered into glass; a few seconds later, they regained their normal forms and were fainted on the ground- all three of them. The crystal shield disengaged after the attack, crushing into glass and Melodic was also shattered as well, regaining its normal form- all four Pokémon fainted.

“Thanks for doing that for me, Melodic and Laprax,” Mana returned them back into their PokéBalls. “So how’d you like my act, Lovrina?”

“Nope, sorry, not for a bit, annoying girl. What the freak did that thing of yours do to all the Pokémon on the field?”

“I have a name, you know, so call me by it! The effect of Mirror Storm activates when another Pokémon on the field attacks the user with a special attack, and it strikes last. Since you had two shadow gullies, I knew you wouldn’t attack me with any of those moves considering all they knew were shadow moves, so I decided to get my own Pokémon to attack Melodic, triggering the special effect of Mirror Storm and cleaning the field of your Shadow Pokémon, along with a laser show. So did you like it?”

Lovrina was jumping up and down, angered at what she just saw. “What do YOU think, cornball? Magic acts are supposed to be safe , not capable of making the things participating in it shutdown!” Lovrina returned her Shadow Bellossem and Shadow Breloom, still angered at what happened as she jumped in fury. “Besides, that fancy move of yours cost both of your oh so annoying Pokémon, so there, little brat! And I’m not calling you Mana, little girl, little girl!”

“Well you shouldn’t be attacking a little girl like me in the first place, so there. I hope you know that I didn’t cheat or anything, or used any annoying moves like you.”

“What you call annoying is what I call strategy, so can it, little girl! Besides, look at what you did when you pulled off that ‘cool’ attack of yours!”

“What are you talk-- ” a quake jolted heavily below her and she almost fell, getting back up and regaining her breath. “What just happened, Lovrina? Did you do that?”

“You’re playing the blame game? No! I didn’t do that! As a matter of fact, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that you did that! Now lets get on with the battle.”

“What do you mean me ? I’m the one standing next to the door leading outta here, and I woulda been somewhere else already if you didn’t force me into this battle. YOU’RE the one next to the control panel for this plane, so boohoo!”

“Well why don’t you take a look at this?!” Lovrina pointed over to the control panel behind her, and it showed some sparks ticking on the machine- along with the spikes and spears from the Mirror Storm attack her Melodic used.

“Uh oh…our attacks must have accidentally hit the machine…”

Lovrina wagged her finger in a disagreeing matter. “No honey, don’t put the blame on me, cause it wasn’t me, it was you .” Another quake occurred right after Lovrina talked, knocking the valley girl off her feet this time.

“Ha, ha, ha, that was so funny! You fell, Lovrina!”

“Duh! I can so see that, little girl. But you fell a whole bunch of times already, so you better not be talking or else, and besides, soon that’s gonna happen to everyone on the plane and even the plane itself! You made my job, so much easier because of your attack, and now I think you’re still gonna lose!”

* * *

“Did you feel that quake, Jaden?” asked Michael.

“How can we feel a quake on a plane, dad? We’re in the sky right now!”

“It’s called turbulence,” informed Eldes. “Normally, it should be like when a car hits a bump, except it would be the same condition for a plane, but for some reason it’s getting more and more worse, so we have to do something, and quick.

“We need to get out of these stupid seatbelts,” said Jaden. “I told you wearing these things weren’t cool…”

“But first we’re gonna need something sharp in order to get outta them. You have any ideas, Eldes? I don’t have anything with me that works right now.”

“I do have something.” Eldes reached for something under the table in front of him, pulling out a dining knife. “This should work, and hopefully it’s sharp enough to cut us out of here so we can do something…”

“Where’d you get a knife?” asked Jaden.

“The flight attendant gave it to me when she gave me my food,” responded Eldes. “I guess it was a good thing she did.”

“Weren’t you eating ramen a little earlier?” asked Michael. “I’m sure you were…”


“Why would you need a knife to eat ramen, Eldes?” inquired Jaden. “I never heard of that style of eating…”

“I needed a knife because…okay, you wanna be here all day or something? I thought you two wanted to get out of these seatbelts so we could get going already.”

“Good point,” said Jaden and Michael in unison.

* * *

“Err…come on, be fair, Lovrina! Stop the plane right now before someone gets hurt.”

“You must be an idiot to say that, Mana, because if you stop a plane in midair, then bad things will happen. Besides, it’s ALL YOUR FAULT the plane’s making these annoying quakes, so let’s get on with the battle already, loser. I’m sick and tired of hearing you talk about how great your ‘magic show’ was, so get.”

“Why don’t you send out your Pokémon first, Lovrina? Your Shadow Bellossem and Shadow Breloom went down before mines did, so the honor should go to you.”

“What’s the point? Like, we’re both gonna be sending out our last two Pokémon so there’s no way a person could, get the advantage!”

“Those are the Double Battle rules, just do it, Lovrina!”

“Fine then, but you’ll so regret those words…my little babies, end this up with a bang- go Beautifly and Lovantic!” Lovrina released her Beautifly…a Shadow Pokémon, and Lovantic, a Pokémon closely resembling the cuteness of Luvdisc but in the form of a cupid, complete with bow and arrow held in its hands and a white flowery garment wrapped around its head- it had small legs and arms in a chibi form, looking up cutely.

“That Lovantic thing of yours is so cute, Lovrina! I want to hug it and make it give me boyfriends and play with it all day!”

“Well you’re not gonna, stupid. Go and choose your Pokémon already, I already sent out mines like you ‘told’ me to, so go already, go already, go already!”

“Fine…don’t go and rush me! Go Ludicolo and Clovescarf!” Mana released Ludicolo, along with Clovescarf- a huge flatworm with a carefree face and a majestic golden crown on, a yellow and blue body dazzling and sparkling to the scent of the room.

“Ludicolo, Ice Beam that Beautifly, and Clovescarf use Attract on Beautifly!”

“My other strategy didn’t work, so let’s go back to my old one: Lovantic, Love Arrow on Clovescarf- you can’t beat me at the annoying game!”

“Then we’ll just see…”

* * *

“Finally we got those killing devices off,” said a relieved Jaden. “Thanks Eldes, those things might have strangled us if they were on us any longer.”

“No problem.”

“For one thing, Jaden: airbags are the things killing people all the time; seatbelts are there to protect us. Now…do me a favor and stop bringing that up.”

“So then why did they strangle us, dad?”

“Err…that’s because they were super-locked just in case an accident happened and somebody clicked it by accident…when they were sleeping…”

“That sounds very unlikely…” Jaden laughed a little. “Anyways, we have to go and fix whatever was causing the plane to jump so much earlier.”

“Good idea. The problem must be in the cockpit, so let’s go there,” anticipated Eldes. “I sense this is more than an accident.”

The three began walking, and then Jaden looked above him and noticed a huge stack of baggage was about to topple the three as it tipped more and more.

“Watch out!” Jaden pushed Michael and Eldes out of the way, getting hit with full force by the items, but more comically than real as he chuckled getting up quickly. “Oww…my back…you two alright?”

“Why are you asking us?” wondered Eldes. “You’re the one who fell, are you okay?” Eldes and Michael gave Jaden a helping hand and lifted him back up to his feet.

The intercom spoke, this time not with Lovrina’s valley girl voice, but a more professional and serious voice, all passengers please remain seated with caution. The minor turbulence has turned into a threat for the plane and is going worse than we could imagine- the turbine engines and some parts of the control panel are damaged. We will be making an emergency stop in the middle of the ocean, close to the Tech region the destination of this plane would have went to; you will take a ship to take you to the airport at hand.

“Oh no…it’s that serious…? What are we gonna do, dad?”

“Stay calm, Jaden. Let’s go over to the control panel.”

Eldes looked focused. “It is someone I know…”

BOOM! The couch they just got up from, along with the table and refrigerator glowed with energy, and then exploded into a powerful and loud crash. Particles from the furniture flew and some of them hit the three, making them brace.

“What the heck was that?” speculated Jaden, his arms still bracing his face from the flying particles. “Things don’t just blow up when they want to…”

“Don’t worry, Jaden,” optimized Michael. “At least we weren’t there when it happened. A lot of harmful things here are happening…”

BOOM! CRASH! AHHH! You could now hear many random explosions coming from the other rooms- the business and coach sections of the plane. Jaden peered through the door, and noticed a lot of people got hurt from the chancy blasts.

Attention passengers, please stay calm while we try to fit the situation. Apparently a virus has snuck into the main control panel in addition to it being destroyed by an attack, and we need to-- the sound speaker, which the voice was coming from itself shattered and made itself on the ground.

“Well that didn’t help,” smirked Jaden. “Let’s keep going.”

The three ran for the cockpit.

“But first I need to go to the bathroom,” told Jaden.

“NO!” Michael and Eldes both said.

Jaden already opened the door, and he saw the toilet was completely demolished, followed by the water dripping to his feet, along with the back of the plane completely opened in the bathroom as it tried to pull him out, but he closed it just in time.


The three opened the cockpit door, a shimmer of light was there before it showed was inside- Mana and Lovrina battling with their Pokémon out already, along with surprised looks from the two battlers- Mana was happy; Lovrina got angry. Mana attempted to run away and hug Jaden, but…

“Don’t think you can just run away from this battle, missy! We’re in the middle of something here, and it’s not over until it’s over!”

“I knew it would be you…Lovrina,” Eldes spoke in a low voice. “I thought you were already gone, but you’ve come back for more.”

“So what, Eldes? You’re so on the wrong side. You should join up with Nebula, like that super-cool and super-cute brother of yours! Come on, Eldes!”

“Ardos is with you?!” Eldes was appalled, but not surprised. “I should have known he would do something like this…well stop this battle already before someone gets hurt.”

“Why should I? I’m having so much fun here playing with this cute little girl who decided it was so COOL to budge in here and play piggyback with me.”

“Let go of my daughter now!” demanded Michael. “She didn’t do anything to you, and besides, you shouldn’t even battle in here- it's dangerous with all the controls!”

“Well it looks like curiosity killed the cat, and she’s the cat, NAH! She should’ve went back to her seat after going to the bathroom, so there.”

“People are going to get hurt if the battling doesn’t stop,” Michael explained, looking at the damaged control panel with blue sparks flying out of it. “I see something happened and the control panel got destroyed…it must have been YOU, Lovrina!”

“Great, always blame it on the cute little girl with the super adorable eyes who was behind it…I’ll admit I was the one who hacked into the computer system and then destroyed the plane turbines, along with the wings, and then the…but who cares what else I destroyed? That little bratty girl over there used Mirror Storm, which destroyed the control panel without taking a hit, and because she did that, there’s like, no way to fix the thing, so this plane’s going down, baby!”

“Is that true, Mana?” asked Michael.

“Sorry, dad, it was. When we were battling, my Pokémon’s attack literally destroyed everything on the field, and the control panel was no exception,” admitted Mana, almost crying. She then pointed over to Lovrina. “But still, you’re the one who generated a virus into the system in the first place, you meanie!”

“By the power of the Pokémon G-Men, I declare you under arrest, Lovrina,” declared Eldes, holding up a gold plated badge spelling ‘Pokémon G-Men’ on it. “You have already endangered the life of many people on this ship.”

Lovrina stuck her tongue out at Eldes. “Well guess what? Too bad, cause I don’t wanna go with you, cutiepie, and this thing’s gonna be going down one way or the other, baby!”

“Fine then, if that’s the way you want it, then let’s battle,” stated Mana.

Lovrina giggled. “You read my mind!”

Lovantic slided through the field, being the quickest one, and shot out a red arrow with a heart at the tip targeting Clovescarf, hitting the majestic critter and making anime-style hearts appear in its eyes, leaping and dancing happily.

“Oh no! My Clovescarf!”

Jaden was astonished. “Look what happened to Clovescarf!”

“Mana’s going to have to rely on luck to get out of this one,” believed Michael. “Let’s just hope Clovescarf doesn’t have any crazy ideas about Lovantic.”

“That’s a right, guys! When anything is hit with Love Arrow, it automatically becomes infatuated with any other Pokémon on the field, and just to make sure that thing doesn’t do anything crazy to my Shadow Beautifly, I’m making it love that one!”

“It may be infatuated, but don’t think that it’s not gonna get damaged by another one of my babies! Ludicolo’s up at bat!”

Ludicolo shot out an icy beam at Beautifly, but the blast stopped a centimeter before it actually hit the flying beauty, with perfect control as the beam faded away and the attack was nulled for the moment. Beautifly was charging shadow energy.

“How’d you like that? How ‘annoying’, right? Beautifly, now that you ‘interrupted’ that Ice Beam, use Shadow Wing and give it a juicy taste of life!”

Beautifly’s wings glowed a sinister ray, then unleashed a slate of darkness from it which combined into one line, the tip of the attack becoming sharp; it was moving quick and then Ludicolo was hit with the attack, dealing a big chunk of damage.

“How did your attack hit Ludicolo while Mana’s was trying to make it’s own attack?” asked Jaden in confusion. “Unless you’re cheating…”

“How dare you think I would cheat of all people…?”

“Umm… you attacked all the citizens of this plane, you’re ambushing a little girl, and you’re working for Nebula…” listed Eldes. “Those were just some lucky guesses.”

“Fine then.” Lovrina pointed over to Ludicolo and Beautifly. “Shadow Wing is an interrupting attack, like the way Snatch works after the opponent makes their move, this works when the opponent attacks with anything. Sure Ludicolo gets to attack now, but who cares? It was really, really, really, so much fun to interrupt things.”

Ludicolo continued its attack by unleashing a blue beam of ice out of its mouth, targeting Beautifly this time, and hit the flying beauty with powerful force considering it was a Flying-type. Clovescarf tried to attack with its own attracting move as it slided forward quickly, but it was immobilized by love for Beautifly, sprouting those comical relief hearts in its eyes as it went back to its original position.

“So what’s next?” wondered Michael. “Mana’s attacks are being cancelled by the second, and a lot of other annoying things are happening…”

An outside image of the plane shows the vehicle shifting left and right- but not on purpose, as if struggling to make its way to where it should be, as a flock of Fearow avoided the jet from crashing onto them with its random accuracy. Suddenly, the tail of the plane exploded into ashes, making the people in the ship jolt back in pain as the vehicle tilted in all four directions at once, trying to command itself. The battle was shaking and the control panel- worsening by the second. Eldes, Jaden and Michael were pushed to the back of the cockpit, where a shock welcomed them.

“You wanna know what’s next, peoples? Next, the plane’s going down, and there’s like, no way you’re gonna stop it!” Lovrina laughed evilly and valley girly.


25th July 2006, 10:07 PM
The plane was trembling rapidly like a salt shaker, and in the coach section of the plane, loads of luggage was flying out of the storage compartment, some of them hitting the terrified passengers directly on the head- appalling them of the horrifying situation they were already in even more. The busy flight attendants were very worrying of their passengers, running back and forth to lift the suitcases back to where they came from with a look of running sweat down their faces. The passengers held onto each other as if they had known each other for years, while the others may be looking out the window- noticing the speed of the plane was jolting back and forth, along with the clouds rushing past them- up and forward. Others began to cry at their friends and family from the explosions, which harmed the people onboard.

Both of the plane’s already damaged wings were rocking back and forth like a broken kid’s toy, this time sparking out dangerous blue electricity, causing the turbines to edge even more and the cockpit’s control panel to send out small explosions. Another ‘earthquake’ occurred, knocking the spectators off their feet and crashing onto the closets and clothes hooks of the room, while the battling Mana and Lovrina stood their ground, eager to shut the other one down.

“You have to stop this battle now before any other people get hurt! Don’t you know that our attacks are making the situation even worse?”

“Yeah, I like, know, and I so couldn’t give a damn. We’re still in the middle of a battle, and it’s on, little girl!”

“Fine then, bossy girl!” Let’s see…when my Ludicolo attacked her Shadow Beautifly, it got really because that meanie had it use Shadow Wing, which damaged it a lot. However, if I don attack that bug, then the attack isn’t triggered in the first place, and I’ll be safe for a round…but then again, my Clovescarf’s attracted so I’m gonna have to do something…I’m gonna have to take a risk here…

“If you’re umm, done making your move, then I’m so gonna make mines: Lovantic, Heart Crush on Clovescarf and Beautifly, you know what to do!”

“Oh no, Mana!” yelled Michael. “If Heart Crush works on Clovescarf, then it’s automatically knocked out!”

“Why, dad?” asked Jaden. “Clovescarf’s not even damaged, yet.”

“Because since Clovescarf is in a state of attraction right now, if its hit by Heart Crush, then it’s gone without a doubt,” explained Eldes. “However, there is a way Mana can get out of this- she just has to use the right move.”

“I hope so for her sake…” muttered Jaden.

“Don’t worry guys, I have the perfect plan out for the tall strange-talking lady!” She’s about to regret making that move, and once she does, my Clovescarf’s gonna go back to the wonderful normal Pokémon it is, while her Beautifly gets caught in a net! “Let’s do this right, guys! Ludicolo, Luring Dance and Clovescarf…Ice Beam…on Beautifly!”

“What does that girl think she’s doing…? Why would she use Ice Beam on Beautifly when it’s clearly gonna go down? Like, she’s nut, that’s it…wait! Like, could this be involving that other attack whatchamacallit she ordered?! “I’m onto your plan like stink on elephant, little girl, and it’s so not gonna work!”

“Well then we’ll just see, won’t we? Ludicolo and Clovescarf, end this battle!”

“Lovantic, crush her heart!” There’s no way she’s gonna be getting outta this, because Heart Crush automatically destroys anything on the field that’s attracted, and Lovantic’s Love Arrow made Clovescarf attracted, so there…

Ludicolo began glowing a pinkish color, and then a wavy aura appeared around it. Lovantic charged up black heart outline surrounding the edges of its body, then it rose above it and became a huge orb, starting to move; it launched itself at Clovescarf with speed and an evil aura of crushing, but stopped instantly right before the light-type flatworm, standing still as if time just stopped.

“What did your stupid things do to my beautiful attack? That was like, so unfair and it so ruined what I wanted to do. TELL ME, TELL ME, TELL ME!”

“Whoa, what just happened?” wondered Jaden. “That attack just stopped!”

“Ludicolo’s move must have stopped Lovrina’s!” speculated Michael. “Good move.”

“Look’s like you’re going down,” shouted Eldes. “Keep at it, Mana!”

“You’re pretty much blind, are you Lovrina? My wonderful little bundle of joy was dancing a cute little routine at the beginning of the round, and that dance was called ‘Luring Dance’, which activates first in the round! Thanks to it, all attacks are now redirected over to Ludicolo, meaning nothing’s gonna happen to any of my little buddies! What do you think about that, huh, tall lady?”

The huge orb from Heart Crush filled with dark hatred of the loneliness from having your heart crush began moving, and it directed itself towards Ludicolo this time. The dancing fellow was still doing its routine, and right before the attack hit it, the darkness faded right before the aura, shattering into glass and so was Lovrina’s plan.

What just happened…? “How did my oh so beautiful attack get negated?! I targeted your Clovescarf, not that poor excuse for a dancer!”

“How dare you call my Ludicolo a ‘poor excuse for a dancer’, Lovrina? Maybe if you were paying attention to the battle- and what I said earlier, all attacks on this round are redirected over to Ludicolo! And since Heart Crush only works on Pokémon that are attracted to another one on the field, it doesn’t work on Ludicolo since you didn’t do anything earlier to make it fall in love, so there! I may be younger than you but I’m smart enough to read the Pokémon manuals back at the labs, you know!”

“That was a really good move Mana made there,” complimented Eldes. “I’ve battled a lot of people in training areas so I know a downfall to the move Lovrina used: when Heart Crush is utilized, all Pokémon on the field- even if they’re not targeted by the attack, are no longer infatuated with another, meaning Clovescarf can now attack Lovrina’s Shadow Beautifly with whatever it wants!”

“And once that Shadow Beautifly gets knocked out of the battle…” started Michael.

“I’ll be a two-against-one fight!” finished Michael. “Go Mana!”

“That’s right! Now go my Clovescarf, and destroy Beautifly with your Ice Beam attack!”

The hearts fitted on Clovescarf’s eyes were no longer there, and the flatworm began charging up a crystal beam of energy on the crown he wore.

“Don’t think that we’re going down with a fight, little missy! I can so swear that one of your Pokémon’s about to go down this round!”

Clovescarf’s Ice Beam was fully charged on the top of his crown, unleashing it with a jolt at the Shadow Beautifly about to go down- the spectators sure this attack would take down the fluttering bug, but then…

Clovescarf’s Ice Beam froze directly in front of the Shadow Beautifly as if time had stopped, but nobody seemed to notice…except Eldes.

“If Beautifly’s going down, it’s taking something with her!”

“Oh no…” muttered Eldes, “Is this what I think it is…?”


“Fine then, bossy girl!” Let’s see…when my Ludicolo attacked her Shadow Beautifly, it got really because that meanie had it use Shadow Wing, which damaged it a lot. However, if I don’t attack that bug, then the attack isn’t triggered in the first place, and I’ll be safe for a round…but then again, my Clovescarf’s attracted so I’m gonna have to do something…I’m gonna have to take a risk here…

“If you’re umm, done making your move, then I’m so gonna make mines: Lovantic, Heart Crush on Clovescarf and Beautifly, you know what to do!”


“You look concerned, Eldes,” pointed out Jaden. “What’s wrong? Mana’s about to take down one of Lovrina’s Pokémon easily!”

“We’ll see if she can,” replied Eldes. The Ice Beam of Clovescarf is obviously going to be able to take down Beautifly, but Mana’s gonna have to pay a cost…”

“What are you up to, Lovrina?”

“You’re about to find out- while you were so worried about what would happen when I used Love Crush, I decided to have my Shadow Beautifly throw a surprise at you, and you so fell for it! Shadow Wing!”

“Oh no!” everybody else said at the same time.

While the Ice Beam was still frozen in front of the Shadow Beautifly, she began charging a shadow blade in front of her- when it was fully formed, she launched it at Ludicolo, forming a spear shaped wing at the dancing critter. Hitting it painfully, Ludicolo couldn’t take anymore and fainted without delay.

“Oh no!” Mana returned Ludicolo back into the PokéBall. “Great, a sneak attack, good one, Lovrina…nice one…guess I fell for it…”

“That’s what I was worried about,” said Eldes. “I remembered when Lovrina ordered it earlier and she wanted to take Mana by surprise.

“So that’s why you were concerned?” asked Jaden. “Oh well…”

Michael still had a bright look on. “You two don’t have to worry about Mana, because her next attack’s going to take down Beautifly. Don’t forget Shadow Wing only stops it for one moment so the user can attack, and that moment passed so now Mana’s in the clear. That’s good news for you.”

“Yeah, go Mana!” cheered Jaden. “You can do it!”

“Thanks, you guys!” I may only have one Pokémon left, but that one Pokémon’s good enough to take her down! “Clovescarf, get rid of that Shadow Beautifly once and for all with your Ice Beam, yeah!”

The Ice Beam frozen directly a centimeter away from Beautifly suddenly turned back to life like a light bulb turned back on by a switch, crashing onto the fluttering beauty and dimming it as the bug fell down to the ground, fainted.

“Return, Shadow Beautifly,” Lovrina returned her Beautifly, not throwing anything out this time since it was her last Pokémon. “You’re like, so better than I thought you were in the first place, little brat, but I’m still gonna win.”

“So it turns out to be a one-on-one battle to the finish. Wow, I never knew my daughter could get that far in a six-on-six battle…”

“You don’t have to underestimate us, dad! Me and Mana, we may be young kids, but we pack a punch in battle.”

“He’s right, Michael. Me and my brother Ardos were battling as little infants, and it was fun in every sense of the word, but then…”

“What, Eldes?” asked Jaden and Michael.

“Nothing…you don’t need to worry about it…”

“I never thought a super little girl like you could be able to, like hold me off this long from making this plane crash into the ocean, but…”

Mana gasped. “You’re trying to make this plane crash into the ocean, Lovrina?”


“Sheesh,” said Jaden. “Get a chill pill…”

“Where did you come from? You three, are like, not even supposed to be here so go somewhere already, go somewhere already, and go somewhere already!”

“Let’s just finish this battle already, Lovrina!”

“Fine then, Lovantic use your Love Arrow on Clovescarf!”

“Clovescarf, Pot Smash on Lovantic!”

Lovantic was the quicker one, so it charged up an arrow with a heart tip at Clovescarf, spearing the flatworm- but doing little damage as a Light-type attack wouldn’t do much to a Pokémon of the same kind.

“Now your Clovescarf is so, ‘in love’ with my adorable Lovantic!”

“Clovescarf, go on with your attack!”

The light flatworm glowed golden, then a pot of gold of the same flavor materialized above it, floating until it was above Lovantic, exploding to make all of its contents fall on the cupid- gold coins and such, but doing little damage as Pot Smash was also a Light-type move. Jaden and Mana picked up the coins along with Lovrina, suddenly excited.

“Yay, yay, yay!” exclaimed Lovrina happily. “Your Clovescarf’s Pot Smash attack’s gonna make me rich! Now I can go shopping in all the malls I see for clothes and sunglasses and accessories and…”

“Enough!” interrupted Michael. “Nice attack you used, Mana.”

“You never told us your Clovescarf knew how to use an attack like that before, Mana!” said Jaden. “If you did, I woulda got all the things I wanted…”

“How’d you guys think I always get the charm of the people I meet and always coming home full and always getting so much…well you get the idea, right?” answered Mana. “Besides, if I did tell you guys, you’d be begging me to get to use my wonderful Clovescarf, and I don’t like to see my Pokémon being used like that.”

Eldes picked up a platinum coin. “Very nice…” he put it in his pocket.

“What am I, chopped liver?!” yelled Lovrina.

“No, my friends here we just celebrating while you were picking up more coins than all of us combined. ”

Lovrina got up and waved her hands in front of her embarrassingly, along with a comically appearing sack of money behind her. “Let’s get back to the battle, then. Thanks Clovescarf, you were really, really nice.” She examined Clovescarf’s face and noticed something, which completely changed her emotion. “Hey, how come that super generous Clovescarf of yours isn’t attracted to my cute Lovantic? Sure if it was it wouldn’t be able to be that generous, but still, like yeah…”

Eldes was holding up another coin he picked up from the attack, looking at it and explaining to Lovrina: “I thought you would know the annoying effects of your own attacks, Lovrina, but I can see that even you don’t know those ideas yourself: Love Arrow may be an infatuation move allowing you to do both damage and status abnormalities, but you can only choose another Pokémon on the field to fall under its spell other than the user- and since Lovantic’s your only chance left against the one Clovescarf you have to face, there’s no other effect for your attack. In addition to that, being a Light-type probably won’t help considering Clovescarf’s one as well.”

“Are you making up these dumb rules as you go? Because who said a cupid’s arrow can’t make its target so completely conk out on the sender?”

“If you read the manual for Pokémon attacks, you’d know,” explained Mana. “Wow, we’re arguing over something like this…”

“Well since you’re all so knowledgeable of my Pokémon more than I am, then I guess I’ll just hafta surprise you guys with something you’ve never seen before: Lovantic, show them the super irony out of what you’re gonna do next with a heart piercing Devil Charm attack!” Since they know nothing and don’t appreciate the love of love, I’ll show them the complete opposite- hate and anger!

“What does she mean by that?” wondered Jaden. “It’s probably just some empty threat.”

“I don’t think so,” responded Eldes. “If what she just said is literal to the sense of the word, then it’s going to do the opposite of Attract!”

“So that means Clovescarf’s going to be hating Lovantic?” asked Michael. “Sure that might mean something, but what’s the effect?”

“That I don’t know,” answered Eldes- everybody anime fainted, and then got back up.

Many black hearts generated quickly, surrounding Lovantic and moving in an eerie matter as to what they would do next: run over to Clovescarf in the same matter an Attract attack would do and hitting the light-type for no damage, but made dark hearts appear in the eyes of its target- building up rage by the second and the fury only the wrath of a Shadow Pokémon would unleash, minus the aura. Anger spilled around Clovescarf as its eyes then became red, looking down at Lovantic.

“You don’t want a romantic story, Mana? Well then that means my Lovantic’s gonna be giving you a tragedy, and something you’re gonna be so remembering!”

Michael looked closely at Clovescarf, noticing red and orange rays rising on the serpent- the kind showing a Pokémon’s Attack stat rising whenever they used an attack or was hit by one, increasing Mana’s Light-type’s Attack to the max. “Strange…why would Lovrina use a move increasing Attack power like that? I know it doesn’t have the same effect as Swagger- confusing so that it does damage to itself every turn, along with the boost of power for increased pain, but there’s something going on.”

“Eh, don’t worry, dad! All Lovrina’s trying to do is write a bad soap opera using the battle as the stage, and I don’t think it’s gonna work.”

“How dare you call my Pokémon’s attack a ‘bad soap opera’? You’ll pay for that by having that annoying little sister of yours pay!”

“All I see is that your Lovantic increased my Clovescarf’s Attack power, so thanks for the power boost, tall lady! Now that you’ve got more power, use Pot Smash and throw a little more celebration onto the field!”

“I so don’t have to worry about doing anything harsh, because that thing’s not making a move, and I’m so sure of it. Lovantic, use Water Arrow!”

Clovescarf was materializing a golden pot above it like before, but this time, instead of levitating the pottery over to the other side and dropping it on the opponent for some damage, it immediately let loose right where it started- in front of it, letting out a river of coins like before, allowing Michael to pick up many as he was closest and Lovrina picking up little as she was far away, but Mana surprised and frozen at the sight.

“How come Pot Smash didn’t work on your Lovantic? Sure it would’ve done a little bit of damage, but still! You must’ve did something again…”

“Like a broken heart looking at their lost crush, your cute little Clovescarf can’t bare to look at the one that rejected it…” Lovrina was pretending to cry to add to the scene. “Since your Clovescarf was already attracted by one of Lovantic’s attacks earlier, using this attack breaks its heart, and I get to increase your Attack to any level, and I chose to the max- it’s no use because your oversized Seviper can’t use any physical attacks, and along with that, it can’t bare to see the one that rejected it. In addition to that, since ‘the max’ is six levels, the amount of turns it can’t attack its rejecter is doubled- 12! So while your stubborn snake turns into a sitting duck, I’ll slowly lower its HP!”

“But that means Clovescarf’s going to have to try and take 12 attacks in a row!” yelled Michael. “It can’t take that much!”

“But I thought all Lovantic can use are Water and Light moves- Clovenscarf’s types, so doesn’t that mean each one of those hits are gonna do little damage?” asked Jaden. “Plus, those attacks have little base power to start with!”

“It’s not that easy,” stated Eldes. “Low power Water and Light moves may do little damage over to Clovescarf, but they’re going to be adding up!”

“Enough playing, Lovantic, go and use Water Arrow to weaken Clovescarf!”

Lovantic aimed its bow and arrow again, this time the tip of the weapon glowed a powerful blue, and bubbles were emitted from the edge, moving slowly away from the head and blowing up around it; Lovantic then unleashed it with a grip at Clovescarf- the target unable to defend itself thanks to the conditions it was in right now. The arrow bounced off its target, doing little damage as Clovescarf shook it off with some littering bubbles, still having an angered look on its face from the effect of Lovantic’s attack.

“Clovescarf, try to do something! Use an Ice Beam!” encouraged Mana, but Clovescarf just stood there, not doing anything thanks to Devil Charm.

“While it’s a sitting duck, Lovantic, Water Arrow!” Lovrina ordered happily as another Water Arrow did very little damage and bounced off its target.

My Clovescarf is under the spell of her Lovantic, and it can’t do anything because of that…what to do now…? “Please, just try to move, Clovescarf,” begged Mana- this time, Clovescarf moved a little, and unleashed a beam of energy collapsing a little away.

“Its no use…the spell is too powerful…” said Eldes. “But she has to keep trying…

“Don’t try, little girl! It’s really embarrassing, I mean, really. Lovantic, add a little more bit of suffering to the critter- Water Arrow!” ordered and then another arrow.

“I can’t do anything right now…please…stop…”

“Don’t give up, Mana- we know that you can do it, Clovescarf!” chanted Jaden, Michael and Eldes. “You can do it! You can do it! You can do it!”

“Yes I can, and now Clovescarf, go and give Lovantic the best Ice Beam you got!”

Clovescarf struggled to move, fighting against the force holding it back…and then it did it- Clovescarf broke the spell, with a wing and a prayer, it dashed out of the magic and shattered black glass, shedding the control of Lovantic off it. Charging up Ice Beam in the crown above it and just about to unleash it…

“How dare you break the spell of my Lovantic? Really…no fair, no fair, no fair! Well then it’s time to use up the remaining nine turns, so yeah! Water Arrow! Water Arrow! Water Arrow! Water Arrow! Water Arrow! Water Arrow! Water Arrow! Water Arrow! Water Arrow! Take Clovescarf down once and for all!” she jumped in fury with each time she said that- almost losing her valley girl personality.

Lovantic charged up again, and after nine pulls of the rod, it unleashed nine powerful arrows to hit Clovescarf, each doing little damage individually, but adding up to one humongous attack to knock out Clovescarf on the ground. Bubbles surrounded the entire setting around Clovescarf to the midst of fainting.

“Oh no!” yelled everybody except Lovrina.

“Your oversized snake-in-the-water fainted, really! So now this plane goes down!” she took out a button and pressed it, making the ground start to break.

“It’s not over yet,” declared Mana. “You were a really big meanie to my Clovescarf, and I think it’s time to pay you back!”

The vapor around Clovescarf disappeared, and it showed the sea serpent still up, but badly damaged as it tried to breath through the blue mist still surrounding it. The Ice Beam it began charging up last turn was still there, growing bigger by the second, until it launched it and directly- also critically, hit Lovantic, knocking it out. Clovescarf collapsed after the attack- the battle between Lovrina and Mana ending in a draw.

“You were really good Clovescarf…thanks…”

“No fair, no fair, no fair!”


“How dare you tie against me, little girl? Like really.”

“How dare you try and destroy this flying thingie, big lady?”

“Are you like, calling me fat? And besides, I already pressed the button thingie- this plane’s gonna go down either way, baby!”

The floor began to crack even more, causing the engine damage under the plane to worsen and split apart. The barely working sign above displayed the speed of the plane: only 100 MPH, and the altitude wasn’t much to desire: 2000 feet left. Everybody could feel the plane slant even more than it was before, and soon the wings began to fall apart little by little, causing people to shake back and forth of the struggling. More things in the jet exploded as the danger continued from the power of the switch Lovrina passed.

“Hey guys,” called Lovrina. “Don’t think you’ll be seeing the last of me, even though I think this is gonna be the last of you- really…” she held up a device of what looked like a cellphone or a morpher with a screen in the middle, and the gadget along with the girl glowed pink, teleporting her out of the dying plane.

Attention all passengers: Please follow these directions for your safety- the plane will be making an emergency stop in a piece of land stationed in the middle of the ocean due to damage from every part of the ship. Please remain calm as we arrive and do not get up, as sparks from the generators are dangerous. The arriving will be rough, so I advise all of you to brace yourself and make sure no dangerous equipment is next to you. You will be taking a ship to the Tech region a little while after you remain there.

“So we’re gonna hafta make an emergency stop?” asked Jaden.

“Looks so…” replied Eldes.

All four of them rocked back onto the back of the cockpit- the place where the most sparks were coming from and somehow managed to survive the electricity. The control panel was no longer there, but broken through to the air away from the screen ahead, trying to pull them over to that direction. Mana almost slipped from the intense wind, but Jaden managed to grab onto her before anything could happen- all of them bracing for themselves as they noticed the plane breaking apart.

A releasing noise could be heard from above and ahead- countless parachutes were set out from hidden compartments in an attempt to stop the plane, and looking out the window they could see the island the announcer spoke of, and they were spinning around there- the balloons at least making an effort. The plane crashed with an unimaginable screech as it slowly halted to a stop, machine pieces falling apart, completely destroyed.

Michael and Eldes barely raised, holding Jaden and Mana, asking: “Are you two alright?”

“Yeah,” they both replied, “But barely…”

25th July 2006, 10:08 PM
Episode 5: What a Turn of Events!

Mana with her brother Jaden along with his dad Michael and friend Eldes, were in the demolished plane’s Nebula Scientist Lovrina invaded and destroyed. Debris could be seen all over as many people were evacuating the station, damaged and sad of what has happened to their shortcut for the next region they intended to go to; many of them were hurt from the random explosions the devious valley girl decided to put off, and had black marks of pain all over them as they moved. Luckily nobody was permanently hurt, but the destroyed luggage, injuries, and the like were enough to make the former passengers of this plane fear ever going onto a flying vehicle ever again. Mana had just tied in a Pokémon Battle with Lovrina, still looking at her defeated and victorious PokéBalls for the slow and annoying pain they have endeavored during the fight.

“Are you alright, Mana?” asked Jaden. “You look kinda sad right now- why would you? We made it alive at least.”

“Why would I be sad, Jaden? I’ll tell you why: I just lost and won a super-annoying battle and now we’re stranded on some place we don’t even know about…and then some…”

“Don’t worry, Mana,” calmed Michael. “At least we made it. Now we can find out some way to get to our original destination…”

Eldes looked around, noticing a pink colored ID card on the ground, picking it up. “Hey guys, I think you may want to look at this.”

“What is it, Eldes?” asked Michael.

“It looks like some kind of card key, I just picked it up. From the looks of it being pink, and if I know her, this belongs to Lovrina.”

“It looks kind of pretty.” Eldes handed over the ID card to Mana. “I wonder what it’s for, though…maybe it’s a gift card?”

“Nah…probably something more.” Mana handed over the card to Jaden, who looked closely at it and noticed a small button in the middle. “There’s a little switch here, I’m gonna press it, okay guys?”

“Careful now,” warned Michael.

“I know.” Jaden pressed the center button, and a hologram image appeared beyond the four…of Lovrina and a silhouette of a vampire.

Hey, vampire guy! So what’s the mission?”

“Shh…shh…I want you to take a certain person for me…” he said in a very mumbling way.” So can you do it for me…shh…”

“Whatever, like yeah, as long as I get my pay. Really, I’m so hungry right now for those magical things, like yeah.”

“You’ll get one from the master when your task…is finished…”

“Yeah, whatever. So like, what’s the task, vampire-kind-of-guy?”

“Take them down…they’re in the air, they’ll be going back up there after this mission…the plan must…succeed…shh…”

“Okay, I get what you’re talking about! Really…”

“After that, alert the other Darkloid of his mission- the one at the Nebula DarkChip Factory…it is our first, but protect it at all costs…”

ZZZZZZZZZZZZ… The message halted to a stop…

“So what’s that all about?” Jaden turned off the screen, which was now making white noise. “That was…kinda weird…”

“Getting attacked by Lovrina was weirder, so yeah…”

Michael put his fingers in a thinking position. “They mentioned something about a DarkChip Factory, right? I have no idea what this ‘DarkChip’ is they speak of, but it’s probably the Shadow Pokémon Factory- the source of the ones Lovrina used!”

“First, I think we should leave this dump,” directed Eldes. “It’s getting too dusty in here from all the debris, and we’re probably going to get trapped if we don’t do so.”

“Okay!” the others agreed. They walked to the broken wall in the first class seats and jumped off the plane, as they didn’t take the stairs next to it since they were still full of people from the other classes trying to get out of the destroyed vehicle.

Outside, the floor was made out of completely cleaned marble with squares separating each other, the reverse of what they just got out from. A large building with clean mirrors and many people inside could be seen, along with yellow marquee signs telling the dates of when ships would arrive and leave- a seaport, but not like the kind Gateon Port was, as there were many small woods behind them with large buildings taller than the trees. Across the field, they could see a beach with many kids playing on it, people swimming around and even bridges above them as if they were swimming through dangerous waterways, minus the threats. The last of the people from the plane just left, and were the opposite enjoyment of the faces other people living here had. Jaden and Mana lit up, ready to run off from the crowd and into the waters with their clothes still on.

“Wait!” called their dad. “Where are you two going?”

The both of them halted to a stop. “Sorry, dad…” they walked back over to him slowly than when they were eager to get into the water.

“We can get to the beach later. While I was talking to Eldes, his P*DA showed we’re actually on the borderline of Tech- looks like our plane barely made it to a place accepting aircrafts, so consider us lucky. Besides, we have somewhere to go already, remember that, Jaden and Mana?”

“Oh yeah…okay!” Jaden and Mana began following their dad, suddenly eager again.

They went into the building with the yellow marquee. The inside was even more busy than what it looked in the exterior- there were people everywhere walking about with their luggage and sorts, many stores and restaurants (like McDonalds and Burger King along with White Castle) could be seen on the sides of the halls with many buying food and accessories for their own personal whims. There were many levels inside, and you could see all of them if you looked up, including a beautiful glass screen at the top with pictures of the legendary Lugia and Ho-Oh- very fitting to the seven story mall they were in at the time. They kept walking, and soon they saw someone lying in a water massager, comforted with more than they could ever want, along with a beautiful water fountain depicting Azurill with its older members Marill and Azumarill.

“This place is so big!” exclaimed Mana. “It’s so pretty also!”

“I know what you mean Mana, this place is so cool, dad! Where’s Eldes?”

“Earlier, when you two were running off, he told me since he’s a part of the Pokémon G-Men, he has access to easy transportation at anytime we desire, so he’s getting one of his own helicopters to come over here to where we are right now, then we can get going on to our new place directly without any fuss. He told me it’s going to take him at least a few hours, considering we’re in some random place right now.”

“Okay, but what are we gonna do for the meantime?” asked Jaden. “I want some action!”

“Sure this place looks super-cool and super-cute, but we can’t do anything if we don’t have any you-know-what…”

“What, Mana?” asked Michael.

“You know…” started Jaden. “Yeah…”

“Can we have some…?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about…just kidding!” he looked in his pocket and took out some PokéMoney, handing it over to both Jaden and Michael. “Now if you two get lost…head over to the--”

“Thanks, dad!” the two already ran off before he could finish, quickly splitting up in two different directions after doing so.

“Water fountain…” Michael sighed. “Well, I guess they’re both smart enough to do things by themselves without having me on their back…I guess so…”

* * *

Jaden was still running along, heading six sets of escalators until he got to the seventh floor- where the entire level was full of people eating food from different types of dining for themes all over the world- the center of the level had a huge round stage surrounded with stairs leading up with people sitting there and eating happily, where the top was full of Light-type Pokémon like Lovantic, Clovescarf, and Beluck- a happy looking being resembling a golden bell with small hands reaching out, also the evolved form of Chimecho. He headed over to an elevator this time, seeing as there were no more escalators for him to scale, and waited for it. It came and he entered, clicking the rooftop button as if he’d known the place for years, and it rose quickly to the top level, the beautiful glass wall before him.

The elevator arrived, and Jaden rushed out, not noticing the hundreds of spectators there he would soon be looking at upon. The entire setting was beautiful, with many ranks of crystal colored seats rising up to the top, where there was a gate so people wouldn’t fall off the building. The floor was just as beautiful, now explaining the light-blue glow of water you could see from below on the lower levels- there were five transparent crystal-colored circles on the field, two of them were small and would be the trainer’s box, and the huge one in the middle where the Pokémon would fight; the ones on the left and right of the bigger were extra jewel lands. On the four edges of the field, watercourses were spraying down from a wall like a waterfall where the spectators wouldn’t get wet, adding to the rest of the shining water on the battlefield.

Jaden rushed out, now noticing what kind of situation he would be in, but didn’t care as he shined his face and raised his hand in glory. “Here I am, everybody!”

“Now, everyone give a hand to our challenger, a young boy who’s name we have no idea, versus the champion…Tower Tycoon…Miror B.!”

A man with a huge Afro designed like a PokéBall wearing dark sunglasses along with an open blue shirt walked out in a dancing matter, blowing kisses to the crowd whom was cheering for him full blast. “Groovy, everybody! What a great day for a battle as I go up against someone, I like, have NO IDEA WHO IS! But I’m sure it’s gonna be a groovy fight and he’s gonna give me the best he can, because the head of the Tech Tower isn’t gonna go easy on him! Start the music!”

“So are we gonna be dancing here or something…?”

* * *

Mana was rushing through the hall, which had a rushing stream of water running through the middle assisted with beautiful brown, oriented flavored bridges for the people who wanted to go to one side of the hall for its pleasures. Instead of choosing one side of the bridge and staying put, being the person she was, she ran over to one side, then to the other, then back again in an enjoying effort to entertain herself- also intertwining paths with the other people she ran by. Finally, after the run, she finally stopped at an ocean-blue sign with matching pictures, decorated by many water-type Pokémon followed by the same themed fireworks spelling “Contest Stadium this way!”. There was a rather large escalator leading downstairs to a crystal colored door. She entered and saw a receptionist along with many other trainers and their Pokémon out; as if they were invisible, she ran past them and into another beautifully fashioned door into another room…one much larger than the others.

It was beautiful, as if everything was made out of ice from the finest waters- the entire place was covered by a wonderfully constructed dome of ice, sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow as she walked and noticed the many spectators in the stands sitting in crystal colored seats cheering on the many trainers in the center of the stage- one as beautiful as the scenery around it as the floor was so clean you can practically see your face in it. Wonderful crystal statues of Water-type Pokémon were also there, greeting the people as they came in since they were cornered around the room facing each other and shining with hope as if they were alive. She ran into the middle of the stage where the other people and their Pokémon were as if she was meant to be there from the start, and the stadium glowed a light aura one can imagine in dreams.

The Pokémon Contest theme music began playing the moment an orange-haired lady in a blue swimsuit came out with a microphone. “Welcome all to the Marine Harbor Contest Hall! We want all of you to enjoy the spectacular appeals these wonderful coordinators will show you soon! As we all know from the rules of Marine Harbor, only Water-type and Ice-type Pokémon are allowed to use in this competition on the crystal clear field! Three beautiful rounds of appeals are set in the quarterfinals, semifinals, and final round formation- and every round three-quarter of our contestants go home! Now to introduce our judges: First up is our head judge, Contesta!”

“I am honored to be a part of this competition.”

“Head of the Pokémon Fan Club, Sukizo!”

“Happy…to be here!”

“And Marine Harbor’s…very own Nurse Joy!”

“Why thank you!”

“As we all know, even I’m allowed to enter, so yeah! Now if we’re all ready for some Water and Ice Pokémon action, here we…”

“GOOOOOO!” the crowd finished, and with that shout the coordinators went to a back room to get out of the way for the performances.

* * *

“So are we gonna do this or what?”

“Let’s dance, baby!”

Pkmn Trainer Jaden vs. Tower Tycoon Miror B.
[Miror B. spins on his head for a little while, then jumps 20 feet in the air, throwing two PokéBalls while aviated before landing, sending out Ludicolo and Shiftry.]

“You wanna dance, then let’s boogie down! Go Bubbleman and Wildman!”

“Ludicolo, Dazzle Dance and Shiftry, Nature Dance!”

“Fine then, you want a dance off, do ya? Bubbleman, Bubble Dance and Wildman, Dragon Dance!”

Wildman was the quickest, spinning around dramatically and rapidly to make orange streaks rise on its body, which raised its Attack and Speed. Ludicolo danced in quick-motion, making yellow stars appear to hit Bubbleman and Wildman, confusing them. Shiftry made a green spellcasting circle appear beneath it, and it rose to hit all the other Pokémon on the field, poisoning Bubbleman, paralyzing Wildman, and putting its partner Ludicolo to sleep as well, to the surprise of Jaden, but Miror B. was acting like he was expecting it to happen.

“And all the Pokémon on the field fall under a status condition, except for Shiftry! How will Jaden get out of this dance act?”

“Hey, you put your Ludicolo to sleep- what gives?”

“It’s all part of me groovy plan, but me telling you is a no-no!”

Bubbleman was confused, but managed to avoid getting hit by the side effect and began dancing with a move involving lifting left foot, right foot up and down in an annoying way, also holding its hands up as if they were holding something heavy rather quickly, and the body moving like a waterbed. Soon bubbles came out of the dancing bubble boy, increasing its Special Attack and Speed.

“Looks like Bubbleman got lucky this time, how will Miror B. counter?”

“My sleeping Ludicolo can move fancier than you, and I’m about to prove it: Do the Sleep Walk, oh yeah…Shiftry, Leech Seed on the bubble boy!”

“Fine then, I guess this confusion’s gonna slow me down, so…return Bubbleman and Wildman, and say hello to some new faces: Necro Darkman and Edgeman!” Jaden sent out two new Pokémon, Darkman resembling a purple and black man with a cape having the collar reach far over the head and green sinister eyes to finish him. Edgeman was a sharp looking warrior carrying a spear in its hand, along with sharp points on its body and cape giving him its name.

Ludicolo began dancing in its sleep (or rather sleeping while dancing), and moved rapidly as usual, and hitting Necro Darkman directly, but not doing any damage, however, the attack hit Edgeman, doing some damage, but not too much. Shiftry used Leech Seed, directed at Necro Darkman, but it was deflected as Darkman turned into a forest-green color- resembling the Grass-type.

“Looks like both of Miror B.’s attacks proved futile against Rich’s Necro Darkman, so how will he manage to take it down? Looks like the newcomer has some tricks!”

“Hey…are you cheating? How come Sleep Walk didn’t work on your Darkman, and why didn’t Leech Seed work on it either?”

“That’s because Darkman’s a Ghost-type, meaning your Normal attacks won’t work on it. And oh yeah, when it’s attacked by a move, right before any damage and effects are applied, it automatically turns into the attacking type thanks to its Darkness Shift, making your Grass-type move not work on it since it’s a Grass-type itself. And making my Necro Darkman into a Grass-type means some more tricks are gonna be coming outta it!”

“What a groovy move! Ludicolo, Sleep Walk and Shiftry, Torture Dance!”

Torture Dance…what’s that? “Edgeman, Sword Edge and Darkman- give him a taste of your new Grass-type powers: Petal Dance on Shiftry!”

* * *

“Since I’m already on the stage, why don’t I go first? Go Vaporeon!” she released Vaporeon with a spin, and blue glitter was upon her Eeveelution. “Vaporeon, Water Pulse, then Ice Beam!”

Vaporeon nodded before doing the appeal, it quickly charged up a blue ball of energy in its mouth, then released several rounds of them into the air, flying quickly the way all Water Pulses should work. The fins of the mermaid-look-alike shined white, followed by a charging of a crystal ball of energy for an Ice Beam attack. Fully ready, it shot one large beam out which froze all of the water balls in the air, slowly hovering down in the midst of the beauty as they lined up like a deck of cards.

“Now use your Double-Edge through the middle!”

Vaporeon listened, spacing out for a moment before rushing at an incredible rate onto the formation of frozen balls, almost to the center; as it looked as if it would crash and crumble at the sight of the huge orbs, it bashed right through the middle to send big spears of ice flying across the field slowly enough to not hurt anybody. It kept going through the others at full speed, and when it was over to the other side, big loops of frozen water were before it, and it was soon to head back as it jumped into the loops again and ran back to the other side in perfect formation, not touching the ice even once; soon back to its coordinator, they both took a bow.

“I can’t believe I’m MC-ing for my own appeal, but let’s take it over to the judges as they see my…wonderful or horrible performance!”

“Very artistic and you put up quite a performance- your Vaporeon able to come there and back without any directions, good job. I thought the ice shards might have hit somebody though, but looks like everyone enjoyed it.”

“It was…remarkable! Good one, Jillian!”

“It proves that MCs can hold their own, also! They’re not all talk.”

The screen above lit up and Vivian’s score in bright gold was a perfect 100, glittering down as if a faultless number meant confetti.

After many more appeals passed…

“Looks like we’re finished with the first round, as all 64 coordinators have already made their wonderful and impressive appeals!”

“No…” said a voice, “You forgot me!” Mana jumped out from nowhere and landed with a perfect pose in the center of the crystal stage.

“Oops! Looks like we have one more coordinator before this round ends, and the name of this young girl is…um…” she put the microphone next to Mana.


“Aww…” everyone said in a she’s-so-adoring way.

“Okay! Now let me bring this appeal to a close with…Melodic!” she released a PokéBall, releasing a sea serpent having its whole body was a rich golden color with its tail fin having a mirror-like shine, amazing the crowd as it glowed naturally with the love of its trainer. “Make me proud, Melodic!”

“And Mana has chosen Melodic, which is said to be more beautiful than the most beautiful Pokémon in the world!”

“Use your Mirror Storm!”

Melodic did as asked and materialized a dome of crystals around it, completely shielding the sea serpent as the crowd watched, mystified. The reflections of other crystals bounced off it, making the serpent shine even more brightly, and naturally, the dome glowed a beautiful blue onto the field to show the power and splendor of the attack, shining more and more brightly until it began forming spears on the layers of the shield. The spears rose up as if controlled to the top of the arena, hanging up there like impending knifes, and to the shock and amazement of everyone in the stadium, they rained down quickly, but stopped a centimeter before hitting Melodic in perfect control. The shield and spear shattered, revealing a glowing Melodic, which calmed the hearts of every person in the stadium, and soon diminished to bring the glowing appeal to an end.

“Wow! Such a young coordinator put up such a beautiful show! Now let’s see what the judges think of that stunning light show!”

“It was wonderful, and the surprise of a young infant’s voice shows love in the Pokémon she used. At first I thought the rays were going to hit Melodic, but the intensity- and risk, of those contest moves is what makes it enjoyable and heart stopping.

“It was shiningly, simply, sharply, remarkable!”

“A beautiful display of a Pokémon’s shine!”

“And that FINALLY brings our first round to an end,” Jillian announced as she pointed to the scoreboard showing Mana got a perfect score. “Now look to the crystal-expensive screen as we show the 16 coordinators out of the 64 making it to the next round!”

Mana’s shot appeared first (ironically since she was the last to make an appeal) followed by Jillian and the 14 other coordinators who made it.

“Yay! I made it! My first appeal!”

“Looks like Mana’s appeal was better than my Vaporeon’s…oh well,” she said low.

“Your appeal was great, adult lady!”

“Yours was better, never underestimate a kid by her size… and age, I guess!” they both gave a high-five to each other before Vivian went back to the center of the crystal stage.

“That adult lady’s really nice…what Pokémon should I use next round?”

“The second round of this contest is about to start, and more ice-loving and water-kind-of-lovers are gonna love what we have to offer as the next round commences. If we’re all ready, here we…”


* * *

Michael was walking down the hall of the third level of the mall, wishing aside for what he wanted to do as he ate a hot dog, but soon noticed a familiar looking girl having pink ponytails, green eyes, teenage white shirt with no sleeves, and anorectic…

“Hey, you’re the one that destroyed the plane…Lovrina! You better pay up for what you did to my daughter and the passengers of the ship.”

“And you’re the daddy of that oh, so annoying girl! I guess I’ll get rid of you before her.”


25th July 2006, 10:09 PM
The battle in the watery stadium above was still on, with Miror B. sided with his Ludicolo and Shiftry battling Jaden with his Edgeman and Darkman.

Earlier, Ludicolo was told to use Sleep Walk, and as it did so as it rushed through the field still with its eyes closed, going through Darkman, as the big bat was a Ghost-type, and dealing moderate damage to Edgeman. Shiftry was next as it spun around in a hovering way to initiate Torture Dance, making black beams shoot out at EVERY other Pokémon on the field.

“Shiftry has used Torture Dance, and we all know what that means: Every Pokémon on the field can’t use the same attacks twice in a row!”

“Why’d you do that, Miror B.? Doesn’t your Ludicolo need to use Sleep Walk every turn to make it useful while it’s dozing off?”

“Groovy question, there. We’ll just see!”

Edgeman was next, unleashing the power of its sword onto Shiftry at full force and doing loads of damage to it, but not knocking it out.

“Looks like Shiftry has some fight left! But will it manage a hit from Necro Darkman?”

Necro Darkman still had a green-tone around it, forming pink and dark petals around it to his Shiftry, knocking the wicked Pokémon.

“And Shiftry’s down for the count!”

“Return, Shiftry- cool effort! Go Snorlax!” he released it, and then commenced with the next round. “Return, Ludicolo go Dragonite!” he returned Ludicolo and threw out Dragonite. “Snorlax, end this round with Explosion! Surviving is a no-no!”

That’s strange…why would he do that? He knows my Darkman can’t be damaged by that move because it’s an explosion attack, and Edgeman’s gonna survive because of what I’m gonna do next, so that means both his Dragonite and Snorlax are conking out this turn, so what’s his plan? “Darkman, Dark Slash Snorlax and Edgeman, Protect!”

Since Protect always goes first, Edgeman put up a green shield of defense to keep after itself; followed by Darkman speeding up to slash Snorlax for little damage, considering what high defenses the big lug had.

“Both of Jaden’s Pokémon are now protected, so what is Miror B. up to?”

“Groovy question, and you’re about to find out! Blow up for a party!”

Snorlax took in a deep breath and let go a yellow force of energy onto the entire field, causing an incredibly loud noise for its Selfdestruct attack and damaging the entire field- Dragonite was instantly knocked out as it had no defense, Necro Darkman protected from it being a Ghost-type, along with Edgeman shielded with Protect.

“Looks like our Miror B. didn’t have a trick up this time!”

“That’s where you’re wrong, announcer dude that needs a better job! Thanks to Snorlax blowing our minds away, I can do this: Dragonite and Snorlax, give them a finale with some monster…err…Pokémon Fusion!”

“What does he mean by fusion?”

Dragonite along with Snorlax both were lifted in the air, then intertwined with each other as they both ran to the center of the field in unison, warping into a twisting hole which twirled both of their bodies together, and then a new Pokémon came out: this one was a big tub of lard dragon of blue.

“What in the Pokémon world…”

“Looks like Miror B. had a surprise for us after all, as he fused Snorlax and Dragonite together to form a new creature named…err…what’s it called?”

“It’s a new skill I developed, and for Snorlax and Dragonite it only works when both of them are knocked out, why I did the speedy and groovy way by using Selfdestruct! So all welcome to the field, Chubbonic!”

“Well looks like that move of yours cost you two Pokémon to do, so don’t think you’re getting past my Necro Darkman and Edgeman!”

“That’s right! Miror B., send out a new Pokémon!”

“Bubbilicious idea: Go Bolron!” Miror B. released what looked like an angry cloud onto the field, hovering after it did so.

“Finally something I can PokéDex…”

Bolron, the Angry Cloud Pokémon. Type is Electric. Bolron come out during thunderstorms to recharge them, and being short-tempered, they are not afraid of shocking random people below where they are which seem to either aggravate them in some way, not like them at all, or for just some random reason. However, if Bolron is angered while close to the land, it will automatically cause thunderstorms to gather- the strength of the weather being its rage.

“Now time for you to see my rage! Chuubonic, Earthplosion! Bolron, Thunderbolt whatever comes out next!”

“You’re really cocky to think that both of my Pokémon are kicking breath next turn? Well you better think again because they’re gonna hit you before yours does!” For my sake, what he said is gonna be an empty threat. “Now Necro Darkman, Ice Beam on that tubby dragon! Edgeman, War March!”

Necro Darkman released an icy beam of energy, hitting Chuubonic on target but not fainting it, like a Dragon and Flying should.

“And Miror B.’s Chuubonic makes it out from the Ice Beam! But this is strange…shouldn’t the power of an Ice Beam be ultra effective against a Dragon and Flying? This is phenomenal!”

“Dance to the beat, oh yeah…and your attacks aren’t in the right rhythm, Jaden! When you fuse a Snorlax and a Dragonite together, they so don’t have Dragon and Flying, but the myth and the legend, or in other words, Dragon and Ice!”

“So the Ice characteristics were enough to bounce the attack off…well I still have one more attack for you!”

Edgeman used War March, creating transparent white images of Jaden’s party at the present moment whom were still in their PokéBalls- Bubbleman, Wildman, Burstinatrix, Sparkman; they fell into Edgeman to make the warrior glow, then came back out, all hitting Bolron and Chuubonic- but not fainting them. Suddenly Bolron sparked around Necro Darkman and Edgeman, and then unleashed a jolt to paralyze them.

“Looks like Miror B.’s Bolron has a trick up its sleeve!”

“What did you do, Miror B.?”

“I thought you read that PD*A thing of yours, and I thought you were in the wave enough to take it to mind while battling- when Bolron are attacked by a move doing less than 50 power OR hitting it more than once, no matter how much damage was done it won’t get knocked out, instead your dancers get paralyzed! Oh yeah, and before you ask why Chuubonic survived, it’s because it has super high defenses, okay? Get it?” Miror B. snapped his fingers. “Time’s up for your Pokémon! Chuubonic, do your thing!”

Chuubonic jumped in the air, and then pulsed back down forcefully to make the marble around Necro Darkman and Edgeman explode into bits (but as shown in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness whenever a Pokémon uses Earthquake, the ground quickly heals). Chuubonic shattered into pieces after the attack. Bolron was unaffected as it floated. Necro Darkman and Edgeman both were defeated and returned to their PokéBalls.

“A powerful attack, and at the cost of one Chuubonic, both of Jaden’s Pokémon are down to the count, but the newcomer still has a lead! Who knows what more dazzling surprises Miror B. has to make a comeback? What will they send out next?”

“Both of your Pokémon just couldn’t do the shake before mines needed a rest, so why don’t you send out your next performers?”

“I’ll be my honor! Go Bubbleman and Burstinatrix!” he released the lady Burstinatrix and Bubbleman, the bubble boy looking much different this time as he was much larger in size with a bubble wrap armor on, and also cannons with other dangerous weapons on his back. “See how you fare against my Neo Bubbleman!”

“Jaden’s Bubbleman seems to have made a turn for the better- having a different look and possibly a different style of battling! Let’s see how our star, Miror B. counters this!”

“Let’s give tribute to the Hispanics! Go Severine!” Miror B. released a being the size of a human, baring big beautiful eyes and wearing long flowing light hallow dress, long legs no feet, brown skin with long hair weirs an arabianish vail has spikey teeth underneath.

Severine, the Fire Dancer Pokémon. Type is Fire/Psychic. Severine are known to live in the harsh conditions of deserts, and save any suffering living being it sees in the dangerous sands. At nighttime, they dance a beautiful fire ritual with the light and flare being seen from miles away, which heals the condition and energy of all those witnessing the marvelous sight. They are said to be able to turn torture into enjoyment, and can sense the darkness of an evil being.

“Miror B. has sent out his final Pokémon- a Severine! Let’s see what he can do!”

“My fire dancer gonna give you an encore after it’s done!”

“We’ll just see…”

* * *

Back in the clothes shopping store of the mall…

“What do you want, Lovrina?”

“You like, wanna know what I want? I want you!”

“But you could get any guy you want in whatever you’re with!”

“No silly! It’s like, a part of my job! So be a good little scientist and come along now.”

“What if I refuse?”

Lovrina giggled. “Well then it looks like I have no choice!” she snapped her fingers, then you could hear the sound of a falling object coming from the open part of the mall- where if you kept falling you would land in the fountain.

“What do you mean…?”

The sound was heard approaching, and suddenly in a blur something grabbed onto the edge’s decorated railing with athletic ability, ripping off the work used to make it as the entire barrier shattered completely- some people hanging on to the object almost falling a few levels down to the fountain. Whatever grabbed onto it jumped hugely into the air, and you could see a red blur with shiny teeth on. It was as if the man was aerial- not stopping once he made it safely to the floor, but was still hanging onto the walls of the stores Lovrina got her new brought items from, hanging onto the escalator and jumping on it immensely to break the entire thing. After shattering some glass of the stores, the alarm went off and some security came out, eager to grab the man. The man forced himself onto the ground- breaking parts of it away.

“That’s right! Face my boyfriend!”

“Yeah! Honey…did you buy all the things you wanted…?” asked the man, pounding his chest and leaping wildly as he did so.

Michael sweatdropped. “Who are you…?”

“Don’t worry, Gorigan! I brought everything I wanted! By the way, do me a favor and get this guy while I go and get a lunch, okay!”

A security guard came by behind Gorigan, putting a set of handcuffs on him. “Hey, you’re not supposed to be destroying the mall like that, so come with me- consider yourself under arrest!”

Gorigan chuckled, stretching his arms and completely destroying the handcuffs. Next he turned around to the security officer. “Mind your own business, because Nebula’s not going down!” he punched him directly in the stomach, knocking the man down and forcing the officer to spit out blood. He took the fallen man and threw him across the balcony- killing him as he drowned in the fountain.

“What do you think you’re doing?!”

“Taking you to the Nebula DarkChip Factory- what else? But since you put up this much of a defense, it’s time to battle!”

“Fine by me!” Michael already took out two PokéBalls.

Pkmn Professor Michael vs. Nebula C.E.O. Gorigan
[Gorigan does three backflips in the air; going so high it protruded the ceiling and ruined the flooring of the next level, then came back down to Earth to throw two HeavyBalls.] “Time to come with me, sucker! Go Clopper and Icelom!” Gorigan sent out what looked like a Tauros with angelic wings and a completely white Golem with spears sticking out.

“Fine then, go Jolsteon and Flaredreon!” Michael released Jolsteon- what looked like a Jolteon with armor and a spear, and Flaredreon- looking like a more draconic version of Flareon as it wore head armor. Both were humanshape. Michael had a PD*A of his own, taking it out and examining the opponents.

Clopper, the Taurus Pokémon; Type is Psychic/Fighting; evolves from Tauros when one dies. Found only in Ytria, these demons Pokémon roam the land, haunting all that is left. They are said to be ghosts of all dead Pokémon. A legend states that all Pokémon that die evil become these creatures.

Icelom, the Snow Pokémon; Type is Ice/Rock; evolves from Graveler if climate is cold enough. Icelom is found in any cold climate, especially the Glacier Islands. It evolved into a snow version of Golem for adaptation to the icy climate.

“Gah! Clopper, Earthquake! Icelom, Earthquake! Now, Earthquake!”

“What do you mean three attacks? Jolsteon, Thunder Joust, Flaredreon, Fire Wing!”

Jolsteon, being the quickest following from the pre-evolved form, Jolteon, materialized a sword crackling with blue lightning. It then charged towards Icelom- not being a Ground-type anymore unlike its last form, Graveler; Gorigan chuckled at the sight, and soon, Jolsteon halted a centimeter in front of Icelom.

“How did your…”

“Ha, ha, ha! I always had the offense, but now I have the defense! My Clopper’s special ability’s Shimmer, and it makes it so all moves doing contact don’t work anymore, so looks like your Jolsteon isn’t going anywhere! On the other hand, Earthquake isn’t a contact move, so you just wasted your entire turn!”

Flaredreon did the same thing its partner did, materializing a fire sword in front of it burning with blue embers, charging at Icelom the same way as if a replay was happening with a different being, and stopped all the same; it came back to Michael’s side, failed.

“Hey, Gorigan!” called Lovrina. “I have some coordinating to do, so take care of this guy for me! Time to get revenge on that super-annoying girl that beat me!” I can’t believe her appeal was better than mines…grr…”

“Whatever you want, honey! I’ll beat this lab guy up!”

Lovrina left, walking her girlish way as usual.

“Time for a taste of our Earthquake!”


Icelom jumped high into the air, then landed back down to make a powerful Earthquake occur, as Jolsteon and Flaredreon were automatically knocked out- also damaging Michael in more ways than one. Icelom’s partner Clopper wasn’t knocked out as it flew into the air, levitating.

“Icelom may not be a Ground-type anymore, but even without STAB, I can still take you down! And thanks to the PokéBody ability of my Clopper, Levitate, no Ground-type attacks work on it whatsoever, so give up!” Gorigan pounded his chest.

Michael returned both of his Pokémon. Looks like I need some Defense to stop his Pokémon, so… “Go Glaceon and Ghouleon!” Michael released Glaceon, what looked like a Vaporeon with glaciers along with jewels elegantly wrapped around it as it approached the field in a beautiful shine; followed by Ghouleon, appearing as a ghost tail when it moved to the field, lighting up its body in a moon glow to show the fearsome eyes it held, then having regular legs; both of them were humanshape.

“So you’re bringing out more wannabes, eh?”

“I have no idea what you want from me, but you’re not getting it!”

* * *

“Now, the beginning of the second round for the Marine Harbor Pokémon Contest! Let’s begin with our number one contestant, Mana!”

Mana walked out onto the stage, adding a spin and a kiss as she did so, showing out her PokéBall and brilliant baby-blue eyes. “Let’s show them how to dance- Go Ludicolo!” she released her Ludicolo aside her, who immediately began dancing the moment it came out to the attention of everyone in the stadium, along with doing a huge flip in the air as it landed back down perfectly. Ludicolo spun a couple of times before stopping and jumping over Mana’s head.

“What a wonderful entrance, dancing like that! Now let’s see if Mana can continue to amaze us like she did last time.”

“Ludicolo, wanna dance?”

Ludicolo nodded, running elegantly back at Mana as she gave it her hands, and they began dancing in a happy motion. Instead of staying in the same spot, they moved around the crystal field, making wonderful moves as they did so- as a matter of fact, they were dancing in a circle going around in a circle. Mana constantly jumped above Ludicolo and back, so did the dancing critter as it moved and did motions.

“Everybody clap your hands!”

“Ludi-ludi-Ludicolo! Ludi-ludi-Ludicolo! Ludi-ludi-Ludicolo!”

The entire stadium, complete with judges and the M.C Jillian, joined in with the clapping along with the chant happily doing so.

“What a wonderful strategy, as Mana brings the crowd into the action!”

“Let’s wrap this up--Ludicolo, dance to the center and use Water Spin!”

Ludicolo did a huge jump to the middle with Mana as its passenger on the top of its ‘hat’. Ludicolo’s ‘hat’ then charged up with a blue energy, then exploded into a beautifully organized water twirl like the blade of a blender, except Mana was lifted up into the air as the top of the ‘hat’ made the water rise more and more. The water was spinning itself as Mana was lifted and soon she was almost at the top of the ceiling, deciding to stand in a dangerous but accurate way.

“What a daring appeal! Mana had her dancing Ludicolo lift her into the air, and now they’re taking a huge risk…let’s see…”

The water suddenly went to an immediate stop, and everybody in the entire room stopped clapping and chanting as they looked in fear of what would happen next: Mana was comically standing in the air, closing her eyes and still waving at the crowd happily as if she wasn’t about to fall in a few seconds. She then fell, still waving her hands, and then lied while amid the air as if it was a bed, yawning to the fear of everyone else. Ludicolo was still on the ground, not noticing anything, and as if it went back to its senses, it caught Mana in its arms at the last second- inches before she hit the ground. Everyone in the room gave signs of relief, then all applauded. Mana opened her eyes, and then jumped back on Ludicolo’s head, giving a bow to everyone.

“Wow. That was really scary! I thought you were about to get hurt there for a second, Mana, but it was amazing, taking a risk like that to make a wonderful appeal. But what if Ludicolo wasn’t on time?”

“I did that appeal because I trusted Ludicolo enough to not let me fall. Back home, I always had it for a trampoline, and we always had fun without either of us getting hurt!”

“Nice…now let’s see what our judges think!”

“A very risky move even most of the strong and the brave wouldn’t dare to pull off. The tension was rising, and the perfect trust you and your Ludicolo share is amazing.

“It was frighteningly, yet amazingly remarkable! Bringing the crowd into the act was a good move as well as making them fear for your safety.”

“It might have been horrifying if you got hurt while making that appeal, Mana, but then again, I’m only saying that because I’m a nurse.”

Lovrina was backstage, waiting for her appeal. “I so wish she did get hurt…”

Back at the stage… “And the score is…another 100!” Gee…are they doing this for her because she’s overly talented for an eight-year-older…? “Yeah! Now time for the second appeal of this contest, so welcome…Jillian, the second place winner of the last round! In case you didn’t know who that is yet, it’s me!” she walked to the center of the stage, then threw a PokéBall to release Frezeon, what looking like an Eeveelution with white glacial particles on it, along with the freezing air- moving and roaring as it did so in the body almost blending to the white of snow.

“And Jillian sends out the sparkling Frezeon!” announced the ecstatic lady in third person. “Now use Freeze Shield a couple of times into Freezing Light!”

Glaceon generated a barrier made out of complete ice around it, then another one to cover, followed by more and more, until there were many layers of ice on Glaceon. Next, the center core began glowing yellow, making the other layers glow the same way one by one, until the entire barrier was completely brilliant with light. The shimmering of ice could be sparkling in the powerful light generated by the attack, as it glowed like the sun minus the pain to the eye as the light waded, increased, waded, increased…

“How shining…now, the finishing touch…Safeguard!”

Glaceon closed its eyes in the wonderful defense it had presently, and the center core glowed white along with its body- but this time it wasn’t like the other move; instead of just an aura, the shining seemed to move around the user like a wave across the surface of the skin, then caused the same effect to the rest of the barriers. Soon the top one illuminated with a white shine along with yellow, and waves made wonderful loops dance until they got to the crowd, enchanting them. Soon after, the shield had a planned shattering; both Jillian and Frezeon gave a bow.

“So I wonder how you guys liked that!”

“The shine waded and increased so we would be able to see it, and the waves were as if they were real. Very imaginative…”

“It was…shatteringly, shiningly, simply remarkable!”

“Adding more and more ingredients to the pot…it tasted sweet…”

“And my score is a…100…yay…” Jillian rose up again. “Now will contestant #3 come to the stage…Lovrina!”

“I’m here everybody!” she was walking out in her usual ‘girly’ way.

* * *

“Your Pokémon are about to be left in the dust, lab boy!”

Clopper jumped in the air, followed by a dangerous landing as the floor broke from the Earthquake to somewhat damage Glaceon and Ghouleon- the warriors getting back up quick; however, Icelom wasn’t so lucky as it took the blow directly and fainted.

“Looks like you didn’t have any defense for your Icelom this time, and considering it is a Rock-type, it went down. However, the famous defenses of my Glaceon and Ghouleon should be enough to stand you for a while.”

“Who cares? Return Icelom and go Appalloy!” he made the switch for Icelom; Appalloy looked somewhat like a ghastly but with lots of bits of metal orbiting it's center, including an aggravated look.

Appalloy, the Miner Pokémon; Type is Steel/Ghost. Appalloy are said to be a miner’s spirit after one died trying to look for the sought after treasure, forced to live in the mines eternally. When they are freed from the miner’s tunnel by a trainer, they will steal as much as they can from the being, including anything and anybody around it until it gets the treasure it hunted for so many years ago, and is said to trade minds with one who even dares to steal what so little it has.

“My move’s not over yet! Earthquake! You’re about to go down!”

“What do you mean, Gorigan? It’s the start of a new round already!”


25th July 2006, 10:10 PM
Episode 6: Triple-Threat Takeover!

The match with Pkmn Professor Michael vs. Nebula C.E.O was still on…

“You’re coming with me once this battle’s over, Mike!”

“Not if I have anything to do with it! Besides, round two’s about to start, so don’t get your hopes up.”

“Who said this round’s over yet? When I gave my first set of orders, I said three Earthquakes, and I meant three Earthquakes.”

“But how? Both of your Pokémon already attacked already, and you don’t have any items to do anything…unless you…”

“That’s right! This isn’t one of your everyday Pokémon Battles where you sit back and let your cronies do the work for you! I’m attacking myself!” Gorigan pounded his chest even more, making gorilla noises, and then jumping extremely high into the air…

“Don’t do this, Gorigan!”

It was already too late, in a quick blur, he forced himself onto the ground, causing an Earthquake with a similar appearance to the ones his Pokémon already used, and on the same wavelength, did the same effects as well since the ground was damaged- along with Michael’s Pokémon- and Michael himself; somehow, both of Gorigan’s Pokémon managed to hover gently in the air right before the attack hit, avoiding all damage as they slowly came back to the ground, Gorigan residing back to his original spot.

Dust was all around him, as Michael covered his face and some of the bruises caused. “What in the world was that…?”

“Now that’s an attack, and because Earthquake isn’t a contact move, as I’ve shown you before, the Shimmer special ability of my Clopper doesn’t kick in. Don’t think this is your everyday battle where you just stand there, because I can assure you this isn’t. And thanks to the PokéBodies of both my Clopper and Appalloy, I’m afraid Levitate is gonna stop the damage in its tracks!”

“Well it’s the start of a new round now, about time! And even though you may have been able to catch me off guard from an attack like that, the superior defenses of my Glaceon and Ghouleon protects them from being knocked out.”

“Fine then, why don’t you give the orders first since I just attacked?”

“Whatever you want,” I can’t use any contact moves because thanks to the special ability of Gorigan’s Clopper, Shimmer, they’re cancelled out, so… “Glaceon, Crystal Beam on Clopper, Ghouleon use Spirit Slash on Clopper as well!” If Crystal Beam works, then his Clopper’s special ability won’t work anymore, allowing my contact sword moves to hit “Let’s go, Gorigan, your move!”

He thinks he can use the special effect of Crystal Sword to stop my Clopper’s special ability, does he…? Well he’s in another world, because that ain’t gonna work… “Let’s go, Clopper and Appalloy, Earthquake! Time for a new move, Ultimate Fate!”

Michael, voiceover, He’s going to use another move again himself!

Glaceon shot out a crystal colored beam running towards the opponent, blasting Clopper with it, a lighter image of it appeared and shattered into glass, ridding the special ability it possessed; Ghouleon was next to go, materializing a smoggy sword wavering like a ghost- it flew over to Clopper and slashed it, destroying the Taurus Pokémon.

“Lucky you, over there…” returning his Clopper, he released Yyonfly, a spherical body, but now the eyes are white outside and have black pupils, but they are still circular. It has big wings; a smaller silver-colored wing through the bigger transparent one. Out of the body’s sides come out 6 legs (First they are thin and skinny and then become scythe-like claws), but they are silver-colored and have golden tips. The body is the same silver color and has gold-colored markings near the top. There is also a small, green tail coming out from the back of the body.

Yronfly, The Iron Fly Pokémon; Type is Metal/Bug; Even though it is made of metal, it can fly at great heights. It is quite rare to find in the wild, as it can only be spotted in the deep murk of forests, and rarely there.

“What an interesting Pokémon…”

“I’ll show you how! But first, the round’s not over! Earth-quaking time!”

Appalloy jumped in the air, the ghostly body appearing and disappearing as it did so, and then bolted back down to the ground to damage Glaceon along with Ghouleon once more, but not knocking them out as usual. Yyonfly survived the attack as it levitated on the field slowly before coming back down.

“Let me guess…”

“That’s right! In addition to being a Bug and Metal, Yronfly’s has the Levitate ability! You think you can just get your wannabes to stay on the field after all those Earthquakes we threw at it?!”

“Yes I can, because they have superior defenses compared to many Pokémon.”

“Fine then, idiot! I’ll activate my own special ability, and to tell you one thing, I can only do this once per battle! By offering up both of my Pokémon, I’m allowed to use Ultimate Fist, destroying every Pokémon you have on your side of the field!” he dangerously laughed at the situation. “Now how do you think about that? I bet you regret them surviving because of their superior defenses, now do you?!”

Michael, voiceover, “It has to be a bluff…sure even trainers can work out and train with their Pokémon to become as skilled and powerful as their friends, but nothing like this…but then again, if he’s able to pull out an Earthquake attack similar to the one he did earlier, I don’t have a clue of the other things he could do, so I better keep my guard up…for now, I have to trust the defenses of my Glaceon and Ghouleon can keep up to what he has planned for them.

“If you’re done doing nothing over there, allow me to demonstrate the special ability I possess, and don’t go thinking I have some strange device allowing me to do so, because I can assure you I don’t.” he pounded his chest, making gorilla sounds as he did so.

“We’ll just see…”

Gorigan made a huge leap, the one of supernatural jumpers like him as he went between his two Pokémon. “First of all, in order to use Ultimate Fate, I have to give up both of my Pokémon, so there.” He grabbed both his Appalloy and Yronfly into his hands, snickering and jumping like the wildlife he is. His hands glowed red- the fate both of them would feel eventually, as they tightened on the victims in his hand- the Pokémon he had emotionless. They shattered like glass; energy was transferred into him.

“What did you just do to the both of them?!”

“You’re a so-called head professor, but I can see you’re as ignorant as the rest of them…I offered them up as a tribute, and since two of mines are gone, I can do damage to everything my path equal to what they’re worth!” his entire body glowed with energy, charging up and roaring angrily as he rose- a shadow above Michael.

“What’s happening next…?”

“What happens next is that both your Pokémon are destroyed!” his words were true- he landed with a quake much more powerful than the other attack, causing an extremely loud blast which caused a smoke explosion to occur, smashing directly into Glaceon and Ghouleon on a blow so powerful they were knocked to the opposite side of the hall. Michael was blown back by the wind and knocked back on the ground as well; Glaceon and Ghouleon shattered, returning into their PokéBalls.

“What power does he have…?”

“Now that’s what I call, a battle!”

“No, it’s what I call not being fair in a battle! You know they’re not good enough for you so you attack yourself! What kind of reckless trainer are you?”

“The one that’s gonna beat you and take you back to the lab at someplace I don’t even know!” Gorigan pounds his chest.

“We’ll just see about that…”

* * *

Back at the Marine Harbor Contest Hall…

“Hi little kiddies, because I’m so gonna blow you away- really!”

“The third place finisher, Lovrina…how will she manage this appeal?”

“I’ll show you!” she did a great spin, throwing a PokéBall high into the air, releasing her Bubbitar along with a large number of pink and red bubbles while the bubble Pokémon was slowly decreasing to the ground, spinning as it did so. Bubbitar was still twirling as if it was able to defy gravity.

“A great entrance with the spinning! Now how will the teenage do it?”

“I’m so gonna blow everyone away, like, Bubbitar, let’s show them the bubblicious goodness we’re made off! Red bubble, pink bubble, everywhere a bubble-bubble!”

As to her words, she took out a wand with Lovantic as the tip- a bubble maker, and began blowing to make bubbles appear along with her Bubbitar creating the color everyone was hoping for. They were spinning as they did so, the force of the wind blowing back the bubbles instead of popping them onto the audience into a wonderful stand. The entire stadium was filled with bubbles, the shimmering crystal as the scene glossing while the number continued to increase- the eventual popping adding to the shine.

“What a spreading appeal, covering the entire stadium in spinning bubbles- and Lovrina adding to the participation shows true coordinating!”

“Let’s show them what we’re made of, Bubbitar- Energy Stream!”

A yellow flash sparked around Bubbitar, then many shines from all directions moved out like the turning light of a lighthouse- spinning around Bubbitar’s body as they enveloped the entire field, shine, no shine, shine, no shine, shine, no shine…bubbles were sparkling even more as the field shined from the beauty, and the crystals glossed in the glow, creating an even more vivid scene. Because of this magical shine, the bubbles released earlier took on more colors than just red and pink, but rather all the colors of the rainbow in a shining appeal to impress everyone touching it as well. Bubbitar stopped, Lovrina and her Pokémon taking a bow and everyone cheering.

“What a wonderful way to end the appeal, as the shine showed the true light of the Pokémon within…now let’s see what the judges think!”

“The creative use of many colors was rather interesting, and being able to participate in the appeal itself was a true bondage as well. However, it may have gotten a little too bright in the stage and could have been seizure-inducing…

“As with the other appeals, it was shiningly, sparklingly, simply remarkable!”

“I agree also, even though I say the overwhelming light could have hurt some people…”

“What?!” screeched Lovrina at the downsides of the appeal she made.

“And Lovrina’s final score…is a 95- the third highest so far, and a shining one to boot! Now onto contestant number four…”

Lovrina walked backstage. That was like, so unfair, and yeah, I should’ve gotten 100 like the other two! This is so unfair, maybe because I’m too good for them…eh, who cares. I’m winning this thing either way! Lovrina took out her ‘cellphone’ looking like the advanced PET from MegaMan NT Warrior and spoke in it. “Snattle, I think I got this plan in the bag. Soon, I’ll win this contest and a lot of money’s gonna come to me! What’s your side of the story?”

Snattle was standing on literally the tip of the stadium where Jaden and Miror B. were battling. There was a wall for the rising seats in the back, and Snattle was standing on the tip of it, where even the slightest error would send him tumbling down seven levels, but even through his obesity, he managed to stand up there perfectly. “I hope you get the job done… fwhoo, fwhoo, fwhoo…because I’m the brains of this operation…besides, I’m about to ambush that little Jaden kid down there…I heard he’s the son of the one we’re trying to snatch…Michael…”

“Good thing then, because I’ve already gotten my so cute BF Gorigan to battle Michael, and knowing him, it’s already so over. G2G!”

“What’s BF and G2G mean?”

“You know how to hack into the strongest security, but you like, don’t know what cute Internet shorthand is? BF stands for ‘boyfriend’ and G2G for ‘got to go’, duff.”

“I knew that already, Lovrina. Who said I didn’t know what they mean? I don’t know anyone who asked…did you, Lovrina?”

“Hey…you’re the one that asked me. Really!”

“Whatever… but just make sure that human-gorilla gets his mission done, because I’m wanting us to get those things he offered.”

Lovrina was insulted by that remark and shook her hands in fury. “What do you mean, ‘human-gorilla’? You better take that back!”

“Um, he IS a human-gorilla, Lovrina. I thought you knew that already. You met him in HabboHotel and his user title was ‘mutated human-gorilla’, remember?”

“Oh yeah, I do! Oops, my bad! See ya, Snattle!” she hung up…

* * *

“The battle between Jaden and Miror B. rages on, as the challenger has four Pokémon left while our star only has two- will Miror B. be able to turn the tables on this match?”

“Yes I will, because Severine uses Fire Dance while my Bolron trips a Thunder Dance!” [I] Since I’m down to my last two Pokémon, I might as well go back to my groovy strategy, because that always spins me on the dance floor!

Looks like the dancing-lover’s going back to his old strategy, so might as well get ready for what he’s gonna bring next… “So it’s back to the dancing floor, right? Bubbleman use Bubble Dance, and Burstinatrix, Fire Shield on Bolron!”

“And the challengers attack with supporting moves instead of head-on! Will this be a good move, or will it be one of their downfall?”

Snattle was still standing as a statue behind the waterfall’s tip, completely invisible to the spectators of the crowd. Once one of them goes down, I’ll kidnap that Jaden kid, and Gorigan will have already won, so I’ll be a father and son reunion! Snattle snickered, his mood ring shifting from purple to glowing red.

Burstinatrix created a red barrier decorated with the rage of flames around it, protecting it from what was to come: Severine did a Hispanic dance to conjure fire as it did so, roaring over to the other battlers on the field- burning Bolron but not Jaden’s Pokémon.

Sweet! That Fire Dance move he just used was practically useless, since all it hit was Neo Bubbleman- who could easier heal itself with another move- and that move was to the disadvantage of harming its arm partner “Don’t forget my Burstinatrix isn’t burned because it’s a Fire-type itself, and that plan of yours made your own Bolron get burned, so it’s gonna take damage every turn!”

“Me not knowing the special effects of my babies is a no-no! And as you can see, since a groovy move not dealing damage was done, my Bolron’s special ability goes and makes a shot on the dancing floor; I think you know what that means…”

“Looks like Miror B.’s strategy’s about to kick in, and it were a surprise to Jaden as he wasn’t expecting harm to ones partner could actually benefit!”

That means my Pokémon’s gonna take a big toll from that special ability, at least Neo Bubbleman has high Special Defenses thanks to the temp evolution, and the effect of Fire Dance should protect my heroes from any non-damaging moves… “Wait, Miror B.! How’s my Neo Bubbleman or Burstinatrix gonna get effected by any of your moves if they’re already protected by Fire Shield? It doesn’t make any sense…”

“Miror B. seems to be forgetting the special effect of Fire Dance…or is this what he wanted to do from the beginning?”

“I’m not forgetting anything, and making my Bolron get burned is all part of my plan, because then the grooviest part of Thunderstorm’s getting unleashed!” First Bolron’s gonna shoot a not-so-groovy Thunder Counter, but it doesn’t matter.

Bolron floated over to Jaden’s side of the field, causing major amounts of non-damaging static electricity to come upon that side of the field; Burstinatrix spread the Fire Shield over to Neo Bubbleman, and they were both protected since the shocks simply bounced off the fire, doing no effect. Bolron floated back over to the other side of the field.

Bolron became more and more red by the second, its eyes steaming up with limitless anger as the top of it generated sparks, shooting onto the sky as a dark cloud came about it to the fear of everyone in the stadium since slight sounds of sparks began to crack. Bolron floated higher and higher until it fused with the cloud, adding the face characteristic to it, and while shining its teeth down to the field, there were sparks of electricity glowing at them, ready for the next part of the attack.

“Look at what Miror B. has done to the field! Since his Bolron used Thunderstorm, well…a thunderstorm’s arriving to the shock of everyone on the field! What will it do and how will Jaden manage against that?”

“So…care to fill me in, Miror B.?”

“I’ll tell you about the amazing dance combo I just did. Because my Severine used Fire Dance, every other Pokémon on the field able to get burned were afflicted with the hot condition; Bolron’s already devastating if it gets hit by an attack that doesn’t do damage over 50, but if it uses Thunderstorm on the same turn, things get really over on the field- and not just my side of the field but yours as well! So watch as the special effect of Thunderstorm knocks out something nicely.”

Bolron shot out a blue thunderbolt out from the sky at Burstinatrix.

“Is Miror B’s attack the end for Jaden’s Pokémon?!”

“Oh no, watch out!” warned Jaden.

The thunderbolt stopped right before Burstinatrix- about one centimeter at most, to the relief of Jaden and the expectation of Miror B.

“You see, Thunderstorm automatically conjures up the kind of weather you’d go outside to get your groove on, and thanks to the Burn condition of my Bolron, it’s invincible while using this attack for five turns, so don’t think anything you have can stop it. In addition to that…” Miror B. pointed over to the Thunderbolt just ready to come back to life and knock out Burstinatrix. “A thunderbolt will move around the field during the beginning of every round, and you better stop it on a target that can dance, because anything it strikes is automatically destroyed, so there!”

“Looks like Miror B. is taking a big risk here to try and even out the number of Pokémon! But will Jaden lose by hax?”

“Thunderstorm was just used, Jaden- so go make your choice!” and with those words, the thunderbolt above Burstinatrix rose several meters into the air, extended tenfold into a long running laser, moving around the field with rapid speed.

“The laser’s moving around the field Jaden! Now which groovilicious Pokémon will the beam destroy? Will it be my Severine, your Neo Bubbleman or Burstinatrix?”

Snattle, voiceover, This match’s about to be over sooner than I thought. Soon the rise of Snattle shall rule upon the land!

As the laser moved rapidly around the field, Jaden thought, So whatever I make it stop on, that Pokémon’s outta the fight, so I better be careful it doesn’t hurt mines…

“The laser show’s about to turn on, Jaden- are you ready? Choose already!”

I guess I have no choice but to make a decision now…I just hope it doesn’t destroy my Pokémon… “Thunderstorm! Stop now!”

The thunderbolt whisked past Severine, worrying Jaden, then back, then back again; until it was slowing down, ready to hit Miror B.’s, putting a look of worry. Slowing down over Neo Bubbleman…stopped at Burstinatrix. It was hit by the bolt in the flash of an eye, shattering it, knocking it out for the count.

“And Jaden’s Pokémon goes down for the count, leaving him with three left against Miror B.’s remaining two!”

Looks like Miror B. got lucky there. thought Snattle.

“Wow, Miror B. What you said was actually real! Good move there.” Jaden returned Burstinatrix back, releasing his Sparkman afterwards.

“Told ya my babies’ dance moves would take you down for the count, Jaden! I’m hoping the rest of the battle’s gonna be grooving as much as it is right now.”

“I’m sure it will- Sparkman, Thunderbolt on Severine, Neo Bubbleman, Bubble Parade it for a surprise!”

“Bolron, do your stuff and Severine, Burn Power!”

Severine danced a spin, then all of a sudden, itself was set on fire, glazing red was dazzling all over it, as it seemed to enjoy the sensation. Next, Neo Bubbleman unleashed a barrage of bubbles, which homed into Severine, but didn’t actually hit it yet; Sparkman released a bolt of lightning to moderately damage Severine. Suddenly, Miror B.’s Severine blazed a stronger burn, and the damage from Thunderbolt faded.

“Jaden appears to not know the special ability of Severine, and his first attack was just a waste as Miror B.’s Severine just healed itself!”

Snattle, voiceover, Looks like this battle might take longer than I wanted it to…

“What did you just do, Miror B.? Thunderbolt damaged Severine, but for some reason, all the damage just left!”

“You weren’t aware of the hit-on-the-dance-floor ability of my Severine, and that’s one of the main reason why I decided to use an attack to burn it: Burn Dancer completely heals all the HP of my Severine whenever it’s damaged by an attack’s base power, in other words, you have to use one strong hit to knock it out in one try! And now that this round’s over, time for us to dance on!”

“Fine then, so I randomly choose the target again, right?” the whirling thunderbolt began moving again rapidly around the field. I hafta try and get it right this time…

Severine, Neo Bubbleman, Sparkman! Severine…Neo Bubbleman… Sparkman… Severine…Neo Bubbleman…Sparkman…SLOW…Severine! SUH-SLOW…Neo Bubbleman…SLOWMO…Sparkman! SLOW-SLOWMO…BOOM! The thunderbolt stopped and Miror B.’s Severine was the target, but the bolt stopped right before…

“What did you just do, Miror B.? It can’t have that many special abilities!”

“Looks like Miror B.’s Bolron stopped dead in its tracks, but how?”

Oh my god…this battle’s going to take forever… Snattle moaned.

“My Severine may not have the ability to do that, but I do!” Miror B.’s Afro was spinning as if it was a mechanical head, and after that, the reds and whites of the hair were reversed to the shock of everyone. “You see, with one twist of my afro, I’m allowed to do this for every Pokémon I have knocked out- that’s four times there! In other words, I’m allowed to change the outcome of luck in any shape or form I desire- top that!”

He’s not part of Nebula…how can he have a special ability like that…?

The thunderbolt about to hit Severine rose up again, and continued to spin like before. Miror B. was able to slow it down to make the selection obvious and untimely requiring in a counterclockwise direction, stopping it directly over Sparkman as he was too inpatient to wait for Neo Bubbleman. Sparkman was knocked out by the striking thunderbolt even though it wasn’t very effective.

“No, Sparkman!”

“And that strike leads this battle down to both battlers only having two Pokémon left!”

“I’ll give you a dancing clue, Jaden! I’ll win because my groovilicious special ability can be used three more times while my Bolron way up there in the rafters three more times the effect as well! So consider yourself already defeated!”

Snattle chuckled. “This is over soon enough, but Lovrina and Gorigan better get their missions right, and know I’m the leader of the elite trio!”

* * *

“Looks like it’s two more Pokémon for the rest of us, Michael, but I have the power of three attacks per round…I don’t think you can stand up to that power…”

“I may not, but I’ll manage somehow…” I know you can do this, my friends…

Soon, I’ll accomplish my mission, then the master will be pleased enough to give me more of those things…this fool’s about to feel my Shadow Pokémon!”


25th July 2006, 10:13 PM
Professor Michael versus Nebula C.E.O Gorigan continues…

“Since all four of our Pokémon went to the scrapyard, we both start out with a fresh start, so send something out already!”

“You’re the one who sacrificed your own Pokémon first, so Gorigan, why don’t you send out your next two so we can get going already?”

“Fine!” Gorigan pounded his chest and threw out two Power Balls, which were brown and had veins soaring through the pattern. “Go Machamp and Kabutops!”

“Those are your last Pokémon, so that means…”

“That’s right- I could’ve taken you down with them a long time ago, but now you’ve made me mad!” Gorigan pounded his chest. “Time to die!”

“Let’s just see…Go Zeneon and Eeveon!” Michael released Zeneon; evolved Espeon with mystical scales shining on its back; Eeveon, a more buff version of Eevee looking like a lion of sorts and a mystical crown worn.

“Time to turn it up!”

“Those two are shadows, right?”

“Took you long enough…”

This definitely isn’t a good situation to be in at all. Both of his Pokémon are shadows, and I don’t have a snag machine with me…what can I do?

“If you’re done doing nothing over there, allow me to show you why you should’ve went with me before I could smash you- Machamp, Shadow Hole; Kabutops, Shadow Hide!”

I’ve encountered many Shadow-moves in the past, but never have I heard of those…this organization must have took them and revolutionized them… “I’ll still manage- Zeneon, Zen Power and Eeveon, Evolution Power!”

He’s using evolution power…? Hmm…I wonder what Pokémon’s he’s gonna choose to drain the effect…? “Your moves don’t scare me, and thanks to my Kabutops’ Shadow ability: Dark Speed, all shadow Pokémon on the field attack first no matter what the condition, and I don’t see any of them on your side, so attack!” Thanks to Shadow Hole, I’ll take him down with style…

Kabutops was the quickest due to its special ability; in a blend and a wisp, it glossed and became invisible to the spot; Machamp generated a black hole in front of it, which held on place. Zeneon quickly glowed golden, then ran over to where the invisible Kabutops was- its attack missed.

“Thanks to the Shadow Hide attack Kabutops used, I’m afraid your Pokémon’s attacks don’t do a thing to it every other attack starting with this one!”

“That’s exactly what I wanted!” Michael pointed over to his Zeneon, and it begin attacking over and over again.”

“What did you just do?!”

“The effect of Zen Power makes it so that whenever it fails, it keeps attacking recurrently until it hits once, so you can say it just fell into my trap!”

“Oh no!”

Zeneon got one hit in before retreating back again- Kabutops turning invisible; Eeveon began its move, making a ray of dark energy suddenly get transferred over to itself from Machamp, turning into a dark being.

“What did you just do with my Machamp?”

“Using Evolution Power allowed me to turn Eevee into the type of whatever it drained, so say hello to Shadeon!” Eevee morphed from a shadowy aired Eevee into the mystifying and threatening Shadeon.

“You hypocrite! How dare you use a Shadow Pokémon against me?”

“It’s only for the remainder of the battle, so I don’t think anything you can do will be able to stop it. However, all in all, I know shadow attacks aren’t good against themselves from past experiences, so becoming a Shadow Pokémon negates the effect of whatever Shadow Hole could’ve done to me a little while ago!”

Damn it, this guy’s as annoying as he was when I fought him years ago…Shadow Hole only works when one of his cronies aren’t shadows, so that’s outta the question…and Shadow Pokémon are able to bypass the evasive capabilities of Shadow Hide and attack them head on…this isn’t gonna work for me unless I come up with something else… “Whatever, now it’s time for me to attack, and by that, I mean it literally!” Gorigan pounded his chest.

Gorigan’s about to use another one of those direct attacks…I can’t do anything now since both my Pokémon already attacked! Let’s just hope it wasn’t as powerful as the last time he knocked out both of my Pokémon. “Just try me, Gorigan!”

“Alright then, let’s try another move- one you’ve never seen before: Ultimate Knuckle! Your Shadeon may be a Shadow-type, but it’s still a dark-type!” And using a Fighting-move’s definitely gonna kill it for all it’s worth… Gorigan flew into the air and charged up his fist, ready to slam it on Shadeon.

“Not so fast, Gorigan- Activate Dark Shade, Shadeon!” Shadeon suddenly glowed a purplish aura, which stopped Gorigan in his tracks the moment he was about to collide, the monkey man struggling to break through the shield.

“What did you just do?!”

“Being a Shadow-type itself, you should have known it would have a Dark ability of its own, so I activated Dark Shade, which protects it for up to five attacks!”

“Oh sh*t.” Gorigan was flipped back and landed on his behind. “Fine then, new round!”

“Good job you did there, Shadeon.”

“Whatever, on with the match: Machamp, it’s been a round already, so use Shadow Hole again and this time, aim on Zeneon! Kabutops, Shadow Slice that Shadeon!” Zeneon doesn’t have any protection against non-shadow-moves, so it’s gonna get drained into the hole; Shadeon can’t be damaged for four more moves, so time to prick away on its only defense- I’ll just prick it away! Now it’s time to destroy the defensive capabilities of your Shadeon- I’ll use Brick Break!”

What’s he thinking, using more moves on Shadeon? He’s probably trying to waste the amount of times it can defend itself so I’ll be wide open to one of his Fighting-type moves, so I better stop him before he can do something about it! I still don’t know what Shadow Hole does, so I better keep on my toes. “Zeneon, Zen Protect; Shadeon, Shadow Ball on Machamp!”

As usual, the Dark Speed ability of Kabutops allowed Gorigan’s Pokémon to attack first, and so they did as Kabutops made a gentle slice on Shadeon- only to have the attack in a null and a void by the special ability of Michael’s strange Eeveelution (three more defenses). Machamp’s Shadow Hole suddenly sucked in Zeneon into the vortex, removing it from the field to the gasping of Michael.

“What did you just do to my Zeneon?”

“I’m afraid Shadow Hole puts it outta commission for three rounds, but if that takes too long for you…take down Machamp and you’ll have it back right away, but you’re not in any position to be getting anything back!”

It’s a good thing my Shadeon still has some defenses for facing against his Pokémon, but I better do something quick before they both get ambushed! “Grr…”

Shadeon unleashed a black blob from its mouth directed at Machamp, doing moderate damage to it and its turn ending quickly- it was now Gorigan’s turn.

“Time for me to blast your Shadeon into next week!” Gorigan pounded his chest and began charging up his arms for a Brick Break.

“You can’t get past Shadeon’s special ability!”

“But I’ll weaken it, so watch out!” Gorigan vaulted himself into the air like last time, smashing into Shadeon and another hit to the special ability (Shadeon can block two more attacks).

Shadeon’s defense is running low, so I better take Machamp down for the count this turn before Gorigan has anything to make the situation worse. “Time to take down your Shadow Pokémon once and for all!”

“Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is, lab boy? Machamp, Shadow Punch and Kabutops, Shadow Slice!” Two attacks should be able to take down the last defense he has, so… “While I use this- Brick Break!”

Kabutops laid a powerful slice where Shadeon was, taking down another level of its Dark Shade defense, while Machamp destroyed the last level, leaving it a neutral state as if the ability didn’t begin yet.

“Oh no, my Shadeon’s wide open to a direct attack!”

“That’s right! Time to finish that flawed Shadow once and for all!” Gorigan did the charging again, slamming down onto Shadeon with incredible force, causing debris from all directions to fall down onto it and Gorigan; the monkey boy leaped before anything could hit him and went back to his side of the field.

“I don’t think you realized what you just done!”

“I know exactly what I just did: I beat your Shadeon and now you’re coming with me!”

“Just try me…” with those words, Shadeon rose up from the dust horribly damaged, and was glowing a dark aura like never before. “Time to take you down- when you attacked Shadeon, you allowed a counterattack to come upon! Shadow Reverse!”

“Oh sh*t!” That’s why he didn’t give out an order earlier…

“Now the damage you just did to my Shadeon is also afflicted on your Machamp and Kabutops, meaning this battle’s over!”

Shadeon released a black energy force combined with the fighting aura and brown of Gorigan’s Brick Break attack fused into it, unleashing a force of fighting to hit Golem and Kabutops directly where they deserved it, knocking it out. After the attack, Shadeon along with the other two shattered, fainted.

“Look what you just did, Michael! You knocked out both my Pokémon and yours, meaning you lost!”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Gorigan. The battle’s not even a tie, but to my victory, and you wanna know why? Your Machamp’s Shadow Hole gives me back my Pokémon after it’s destroyed, so I have Zeneon back, meaning I win!” Zeneon appeared back on Michael’s side of the field, unharmed as when it was drained into the vortex.

“Gah! That means I have no Pokémon left! I still won, though…”

“What do you mean? You have nothing to fight with! And my Zeneon can destroy you with one hit…unless…”

“That’s right- even though all my Pokémon are gone, I now have the full pleasure of destroying you with the most powerful weapon I have- myself.”

“But that means…”

“Yes…and you’re about to feel a power more stronger than anything you’ve ever experienced before…” he took out what was a purple computer chip with evil patterns, finished with a yellow orb in the middle with black energies twirling inside.

“What is that…?”

“You’re about to find out…”

* * *

Pkmn Trainer Jaden vs. Miror B. on the mall’s top continues…

“Good move you did there, Miror B., using your special ability to counterattack my decision before it could take down one of yours- sweet! I don’t know how you learned how to do something like that, but after the battle, you better teach me how!”

“You can’t just ‘teach’ a skill only a dancer can use, more specifically, me! I know in other regions, making a dance move like that can get you disqualified quicker than you can say ‘shake’, but in the Tech region, all that’s perfectly legal.”

“But doesn’t that harm the Pokémon, Miror B.?”

“You seem to be forgetting that Pokémon Battles aren’t cockfighting, Jaden- because that wouldn’t be groovy at all. As a matter of fact, being able to participate in the battle with your best friends can actually bring the bond between trainer and Pokémon grow even more! Think of it: if you’re able to treat your Pokémon like a pet allowed to sleep in your bed, dance with them on the disco floor, or just have fun with them in any way, then battling with them would be an even greater test to prove the friendship, for the Pokémon and the trainers in more ways than one, don’t you agree?”

Miror B. does make a good point there. Too bad I don’t have any crazy special abilities of my own to assist my Elemental Hero team. “Oh well, good speech you made there, Miror B., but I’m still determined to defeat you, even with that special ability from the big afro of yours. Let’s get our real game on!”

“You’re a really good trainer, Jaden. Now when your turn begins, another one of your Pokémon goes down in the dumps, so don’t you trip, little boy. But in order for you to ‘get your game on’, you hafta send out another one of your dancers.”

“I’ll manage, Miror B. Go Wildman!” Jaden released Wildman.

“Alright then. Now you already know at the beginning of every round, Bolron automatically strikes a random Pokémon on the field depending on your roulette count, right? Keep in mind that my groovy afro can control the outcome three more times, one for each of my Pokémon fainted, and even though I already used it once before, your Pokémon are tripping on the dance floor before they can do anything. As for now, Severine will give some respect with Fire Dance!”

Fire Dance could burn the both of my Pokémon if I’m not careful, so I’m gonna hafta build up my defenses, and only Neo Bubbleman can do that. Sweet! “I’m onto your little burning trick! Neo Bubbleman, use Bubble Trap on yourself and Wildman! Wildman, use Speed Help on Neo Bubbleman! Neo Bubbleman’s Speed rating’s low, so I hafta use Speed Help to increase it. Even though if Neo Bubbleman or Wildman attack with a special attack or by an opponent’s move, their Special Attack and Special Defense are lowered in exchange for any damage, I don’t have to worry because I’m not planning on using those stats, and as long as they’re in those bubbles, they can’t be affected by status conditions.

Wildman was speedy and aerial, as it performed a wave-rising ritual to make Neo Bubbleman’s Speed increase to the max, and with its newfound speed, Neo Bubbleman produced two bubbles to shield itself and its partner.

“Jaden had his Neo Bubbleman put bubble protection on his allies, so how will Miror B.’s Severine attack work? Will it be wasted?”

His bubbly dancing Neo Bubbleman may have put a shield, but I think Fire Dance doesn’t plan in my strategy, rather filler for this turn, and adding moves to his fear!

Severine spun twice, making twirling fire figures materialized and spread over to Jaden’s Neo Bubbleman and Wildman, but not popping the bubbles or doing anything.

“I’m afraid non-damaging moves aren’t gonna have any effect when it comes to doing anything as long as Neo Bubbleman and Wildman are in those shields, meaning they’re protected from the burning effect of your Severine’s Fire Dance!”

“That doesn’t matter, you know remember the special effect of Bolron, right? It’s time to get your groove on and randomize!”

“I know…” And this time, it’s working for the better… Jaden watched as Bolron’s thunder laser ran around the field, ready to strike at his command. His sign language pulsed it to a stop over Severine, again. “Yes…but no…”

“Remember I can use my special ability to reverse the direction of Bolron’s attack!”

“Miror B.’s about to activate his own special ability again, but which one of Jaden’s Pokémon will he target?”

“This should be fun,” mumbled Snattle standing behind the waterfall.

The thunderbolt ‘roulette’ began spinning again; when Miror B. snapped his fingers, it pulsed to a stop above Wildman. The thunderbolt crashed down and failed, but the bubble was destroyed, followed by the decrease of Wildman’s Special Attack and Special Defense from the bubble’s downside protection.

“Looks like Miror B.’s reversed attack on Jaden’s Wildman failed!”

“That’s not groovy- what did you do?”

“Bubble Trap may reduce the protected Pokémon’s Special Attack and Special Defense, but it was all worth it to make your attack stop dead in its tracks, sweet!” Two more guesses left, and Miror B. can only use his ability two more times, but the special power of Wildman’s gonna shock him one way or the other! “Now that it’s the start of a new round, Neo Bubbleman, destroy Severine with Bubble Stream! Wildman, Slash!”

“Bolron, do your thing next round; Severine, Attract on Wildman!”

Severine made Wildman have comical-relief hearts, infatuating it. Wildman fell for the spell and couldn’t do a thing; however, Neo Bubbleman rose up to the action, shooting a powerful stream of bubbles to knock Severine out once and for all- at the cost of its bubble protection including the lowering of his Special Attack and Special Defense.

“Miror B’s Severine goes down for the count, leaving him with only one more left! But will Jaden survive the next round starts?”

“Do they have to say the obvious…?” mumbled Snattle.

“It doesn’t matter! But how did you…?” Miror B. returned Severine.

“Sweet move, right? You told me that the key to defeating your Severine while its special ability was active was to knock it out all at the same time, so having Neo Bubbleman use the most powerful bubble attack would be sure to take it down for the count.”

“Groovy idea, Jaden; but my Bolron has two turns left of invincibility, and I’m allowed to use my skill an equal amount; from the looks of things, you only have two more Pokémon, with no protection this time…so, what you’re gonna do about that?”

“Thanks for reminding me! Neo Bubbleman, activate your special ability: Bubble Shield!” This should keep it safe for a round, and the PokéBody of Wildman’s gonna surprise him. “Whenever Neo Bubbleman attacks with a damaging Water-type move, it has a 1 HP shield around it- but it could still take on your Thunderstorm!”

That kid does have a lot of defense, but my Bolron can get past it… “Alright, since both of your babies attacked already, and I have nothing on the field to actually use a controlled attack on you, I guess it’s time for Bolron to do its stuff!”

And when he does, I’ll be ready. “Bring it on, Miror B.!”

* * *

On the stage at the Marine Harbor Contest Hall…

“The final round of the Marine Harbor Contest is about to begin, and the four winning contestants to get here are…Mana, Lovrina, McKella, and your very own M.C, Jillian! Or me if you don’t know whom I’m talking about…” she pointed up to the big screen, and it showed Jillian, Mana, Lovrina and the background girl. “As we all know, the final round contestants get scored by the judges, but the person winning the entire thing is selected by you, the audience! So get ready for a crystal clear set of appeals!”

Everybody clapped.

“So if you’re ready…here…we…”


“Our first contestant will be…me!” Jillian ran over to the center of the stage in an almost naked position considering her clothes. “Let’s go, Breezeon!” she released what looked like an Eeveelution inside the white fuzziness and warmth of a sifting breeze as the clothes surrounded it; the aerial Eeveelution was floating in the air.

“I thought you were only allowed to use Water and Ice friends!” pointed out Mana, standing on a side of the stage next to the other coordinators.

“It’s okay as long as you have a Water or Ice theme in your appeal, Mana,” answered Jillian. “Don’t worry…you’ll get more as you compete.” She turned her head back to her Pokémon. “Now where were we at…Breezeon, use Sky Attack into Blizzard!”

Breezeon rose into the air and made a spinning pattern three times, growing quicker each time. In a few moments, as if air had friction, Breezeon glowed with intense gold and soon, it was a moving bird of fire in the stadium, making the crystal ground shine with gold from the contradicting colors as its air magnificently adjusted the air with beautiful golden dust accumulated, being at the top of the stadium. Soon after that, the glowing ‘phoenix’ blew out a large and graceful range of crystal blue from the top, filling the entire air with silver and gold. It soon dived down into the beautiful crystal flavors generated, and soon its entire body from the top was decorated with blue, followed by the rest of its body, turning into a beautiful ice statue when it landed in front of Jillian, sparkling in the many lights given out.

“Now let’s give that move a little shake to get it off ya!”

Breezeon took that to the sense of the word, and rapidly yet elegantly shook off the beautiful crystal shards scattered all over it, spreading it all over the stadium for everyone to see, along with the golden and silver shards decorating the entire place with a flurry of colors, cleaning itself as well. Breezeon had a look of accomplishment, completely shining on the stage, slowly reverting back to its regular form; they both gave a bow.

“That was really cool, how it transformed into a phoenix…” complimented Mana.

“Who cares what you think, little girl?” insulted Lovrina.

“Now let’s see what the judges think?” she pointed over to the panel.

“A performance like that leading from stage to stage was beautiful, from a tiny, elegant cloud to a raging phoenix, along with the display of rare colors would be one to look forward to. The shaking cleansed the field and added the final touch.

“It was colorfully, creatively, and cravingly remarkable!”

“A wonderful display on how something so small could make an appeal to decorate the entire stadium- a very good way to start out the finals!”

“Now let’s see what I got…” Jillian pointed to the scoreboard. “Yay! A perfect score, 100! I got three 100s in a row! Try and beat THAT, you three!”

“Wha…” muttered Lovrina. “You’re like, the M.C, so you’re not supposed to look down on us like that! Well, you’re not supposed to be arrogant, like really.”

“I’m a coordinator also, that’s right, a COORDINATOR!” replied Jillian. “Anyhoo, it’s time for the second coordinator of the finals, welcome the first timer, MANA!”

“Hi everyone! Happy to be here!” Mana did a backflip onto the stage.

“Aww…” said the crowd in a ‘you’re-so-cute’ way.

“Now how should I start…I know!”

* * *

“So Michael, where were we at?”

“Don’t try me, Gorigan. I already won the battle.”

“The thing I’m holding in my hand disagrees with your words…”

“Don’t try me…”

Gorigan still held up this black and purple patterned computer chip in his hand- the darkness of a Shadow Pokémon, with an evil-looking orb in the middle having spinning energies twirling with wonder as he held it; the chip was shining in the air. “You have any idea what I’m holding in my hands, Michael…?”

“What is it, then?”

“Why don’t I just show you myself?” he took out what looked like a P.E.T from the MegaMan Battle Network series (a brown-yellow-striped cellphone with a screen in the middle for Gorigan’s specifically), and slotted in the chip. After a few moments, the dark aura, which surrounds Shadow Pokémon, appeared behind him along with a grinning face, infused into the monkey man. “RRRRRRAAAAAAWWWWGGGGGHHHHH!!!”

“What’s happening to him…?


25th July 2006, 10:14 PM
Episode 7: Bomb Me Away!

Gorigan had just used some strange device, which has made an evil aura appear before him the moment he slotted it into his P*DA. What could it be, and how will the defending Michael work against it?

“I’m asking you again, Gorigan. What was that thing you played?”

“Heh…like I’m gonna tell you…?”

“Fine then, be that way- but let me remind you I still have Zeneon and Shadeon to fight against you, so don’t think you can do anything to me without getting past them.”

“I’ll destroy them and you at the same time…AND NOW I’LL SHOW YOU HOW!” Gorigan jumped in the air high as usual due to his ‘powers’, and was ready to slam down on the three targets with a guessed Earthquake.

“I felt your ‘Earthquake’ already, and my Pokémon’s defenses can easily block it, especially something so reckless!”

“Whoever said I was gonna use an Earthquake on you?” Gorigan materialized a huge drill in front of him, rising with the dark aura he had all over. “You wanna know what I can do, right? DarkDrill time!”

“A drill attack? You can’t stop me with that…”

“I’ll show you!” he attacked Shadeon with the drill, bashing directly through the body and causing all sorts of ‘devices’ to spatter around it. The first hit barely did anything- but the next nine did a lot, enough to knock it out. “See?”

“My Shadeon!” Michael returned Shadeon back. “What in the world do you have in your hands, Gorigan? Stop attacking them so brutally! What am I saying…Zeneon, attack Gorigan directly with Psychic!”

Zeneon did so, glowing blue with the orbs on its head, then Gorigan glowed a similar color, but nothing happened to him.

“How come Psychic didn’t work on you?! You’re supposed to be a Fighting-type!” Isn’t that weird…? I categorized him as a Pokémon…

“The power of these ‘fun-making-devices’ turn the user into a Dark-type for a little while, so I’m afraid your Psychic-moves aren’t gonna do much to me…however…I DO HAVE SOMETHING ELSE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU!” he took out another one of those computer chips with the same aura and pattern as the drill and slotted it in; soon he materialized the drill again, angrily holding it.

“Not again…you know you can’t beat me in a battle so you decide to hide and cower by attacking me head on like this, even though your Pokémon are already fainted?”

“Yeah, because you show no resistance against me other than tell me I’m doing something wrong; besides, I’m only going through all of this crap so I can get my paycheck- and in order to do that, I have to make sure you don’t breathe!” he jumped up again high into the air… “DarkDrill!” With those words, he drilled directly into Zeneon multiple times until it was knocked out, bleeding all over.

Michael returned Zeneon. “Fine, Gorigan. You ‘won’ by beating me unfairly. You little ***, I can’t believe after all these years you still never found the error of your ways. Go get a life already, idiot.”

“Oooooh…tough talk from the little scientist, eh? Well there’s only one thing that matters in the end: Is gots to gets my moneys, so you’re coming with me!”

“What if I refuse?”

“Looks like you have NO CHOICE. You already lost all of ya pokes, and the master’s waiting to see you…yoink!” the drills shattered and he pulled Michael up into a net, holding him and jumping many levels…

* * *

Jaden vs. Miror B. continues…

“Alright, Miror B.! Just try and get past my defense!”

“I’d like to, but it looks like your Wildman can’t dance to the groove in that case!” And if Bubble Wrap does what I think it does, I can’t attack his Neo Bubbleman cause it won’t work, and that’s not nice at all. So if Bolron targets Neo Bubbleman, I’ll just use my special ability and redirect it to Wildman…what a groovy idea!

“Alright then, Neo Bubbleman, just use Hydro Pump at Bolron while Wildman, go use Aerial Ace on it as well!”

“Don’t you know my Bolron’s invincible to your attacks for a couple more rounds?”

Neo Bubbleman charged up a ball of water inside his mouth, then released it at Bolron in a large blast of water, but of course, being so high up in the air, the attack missed. Next, Wildman used Aerial Ace, jumping high into the air in an attempt to get Bolron- but not high enough as that move doesn’t support a powerful height range.

“Both of Jaden’s attacks missed on Bolron! How will he manage to take it down?”

“Looks like this quick round’s over already, so time for spin the bottle again!”

“Yeah, I know.” And I have just the perfect defense to go up against it, so he better watch out before it catches him off guard. “Alright then…” he pointed over to Bolron as it began to move around again, and soon signaled it to stop as it was above Neo Bubbleman, charging and ready to strike it.

“Not so fast! Your Neo Bubbleman has this freaky defense in the way, so I’m afraid I can’t let my baby do anything to it! Don’t forget I still have my special ability!”

“Miror B. is going to use his skill again to redirect the attack over to Wildman! But will it work? Let’s see!”

“Do they have to say the obvious…?” mumbled Snattle on top of the stadium’s edge.

“You may’ve protected your Neo Bubbleman, but it looks like your Wildman’s wide open to an attack, and it’s the only other thing anyways, so redirecting time!”

“Oh no…” faked Jaden. He’s about to be in for a surprise…

The thunder laser started moving again in a circle, but slowly as for Miror B.’s special ability and now was above Wildman, ready to strike it. The laser quickly became a bolt, rushing down on the ‘defenseless’ Wildman, and when it was shocked directly, everyone in the stadium gasped…the bolt stopped, and Wildman was still there.

“How’d your Wildman survive my groovy ability? Bolron’s Thunderstorm in this condition should be good enough to knock it out in one hit, so you better explain yourself!” Something funky just happened…

“Bolron’s attack just failed on Wildman, how would Miror B. get past this defense?”

“Heh, heh, heh…” chuckled Snattle. “You should know things are more than the obvious. What a loser…once they go down, I’ll take them…”

“By attacking me with Thunderstorm, you just activated the special ability of my Wildman! You see, it prevents any and all traps from targeting it, and I’m afraid a move like Bolron’s fits into a continuous trap condition.”

“Looks like Wildman’s special ability makes it invincible to Thunderstorm! How will Miror B. fare against this?”

“So you did have a defense…totally not groovy…” That crap just put me in a horrible situation! Bolron can’t attack with nothing but Thunderstorm, and only on the standby phase- if it attacks Wildman, the effect’s negated since it’s a trap, but if it strikes Neo Bubbleman, the only thing it’s worth is destroying a 1 HP shield, so that’ll be a waste. My special ability won’t mean anything if he can block against it. So the only thing I can do is attack his Neo Bubbleman and hope after it loses its invincibility, a regular electric move can knock it out once and for all!

My plan’s working pretty well. Every single turn so far, I’ve been able to waste his offense onto this point, and since there’s nothing else on his side of the field to give Bolron another special condition, there’s no chance of another crazy Thunderstorm- all I have to do is get past this round, and I’m in the clear. “Alright then. Time for the second-to-last round! Neo Bubbleman, Hydro Pump it and Wildman, Slash!”

Neo Bubbleman again charged a ball of water into its mouth, then released a river of rushing liquid into the air, but again…failed from the lack of height coverage; Wildman charged up its nails and rose up in the air in a failed attempt to slash Bolron, as the same per last turn, returning back into its position.

“Another failed attempt by Jaden’s attacks, but Miror B. doesn’t look too happy!”

“Stalling for time never helps anyone. Miror B. is a fool…” mumbled Snattle.

“I can’t believe this is happening…” After next turn, he’s gonna take me down! I hafta make sure a groovy hit’s good enough!

“Next round, right?” Jaden was confident as the roulette began spinning again, and he was one to stop it directly over Wildman. “Oh well, I guess…”

The bolt ran in and was about to stop as usual…

“Not so fast!” What’s the point…? “I now redirect the groovy bolt over to your Neo Bubbleman!” This is my last shot…funky stuff…

As with Miror B.’s command the bolt redirected its target like it did for the other turns and went over to neo Bubbleman, hitting it hard, but because of the bubble shield protecting it, the bub was protected at the cost of the wrap popping. After the move, the anger and altitude of Bolron quickly decreased back to regular level, where anything could get at it easily- it was now regular colored as well.

“Sorry to hand you over the news, but your attack only popped Neo Bubbleman’s bubble, get it? Wow…I just made a joke…Anyhoo that means your attack was wasted. You ran outta Thunderstorm and you ran outta abilities, leaving you wide open!”

“Looks like the champ’s about to go down!”

“How pathetic…it was expected, though…” snickered Snattle.

“Good battle you gave, Miror B., but it’s just about time…to see you go down!” Sweet! Now his Bolron’s no longer invincible. I knew the perfect balance of offense and defense, and it worked out for me! However, in order to prevent anymore harm from coming from Bolron, I’m gonna hafta hit it with something strong, so that means… “Neo Bubbleman, Hydro Pump and Wildman, use Return!”

Neo Bubbleman was the first to go as it charged up the similar water ball inside its mouth, then released on a full blast stream of water to greatly damage Bolron; Wildman brimmed with light energy, then smashed Bolron head on with Return to create hearts around it; Bolron was finally defeated, the Elemental Heroes returning back.

“And the champ goes down…for once!”

“That wasn’t too groovy…”

Miror B. was crying as Jaden walked over.

“Don’t tell me…you’re not serious, are you…?”

“Just kidding!” Miror B. stood up and ‘wiped off his tears’. He then grabbed for something in his pocket and gave it over to Jaden- it was a metal with a design shaped like his afro- a PokéBall. Jaden accepted it.

“What’s this, Miror B.?” Jaden flashed it up in the air, trying to find out what it was.

“It’s a metal, to prove you’ve beaten me in this groovy battle, so take care of it. I’m wishing you luck in your other stadium challenges, alright?”

“What do you mean, other? There’s gonna be more battles I have to fight? But I just wanted to have a fun battle with you!”

“Well I hafta say it was a lot of fun. Especially since that was my first loss for a long time! I can’t believe you managed to get past my invincible strategy. But there’s gonna be a lot more facilities out there for you to dance at, so I’m hoping you make it all the way, alright? The Bolt Metal…your first one?”

“Yeah, thanks, I guess…”

“Your strategy of offense and defense combine’s gonna take you far- good luck!” Miror B, gestured Jaden to shake hands, and they both did.

“Even through the battle, the true sportsmanship!”

Jaden walked off the stage, the field with water replenished.

Snattle was sitting down on the centimeter edge as if it was easy to and considering his massive size it was unbelievable. “Heh…next shall be phase two…”

Jaden kept walking, and stopped when…

“Fwhoo…fwhoo…fwhoo…hoo…ho…” a laugh came out.

* * *

In the Marine Harbor Contest Hall, the fans were roaring at the excitement for the next appeal, as Mana walked up to the center of the stage all ready.

“How will the talented newcomer do in the final round?”

“I know how! Go Clovescarf!”

She spun around as she threw her PokéBall elegantly in the air, releasing the beautiful sea snake in midair, but the laser didn’t particularly free it on the ground, but rather high in the stage. The carefree serpent began moving down, slowly and elegantly, causing a wave of glitter to appear around it as it moved slowly, showing its colors to the audience. Clovescarf soon drifted on the ground, a perfect entrance.

Contesta remarked, “What a great opening, releasing it from the top literally and allowing it to glister down to the stage, very original.”

“Healingly remarkable!”

“A wonderful way to release a PokéBall!”

Lovrina grinned. Wow…that’s not so great- she just released her so annoying Clovescarf and now they’re acting like she won the contest, oh my god…

“Let’s go on with Ice Beam up in the air and do it with a spin!”

Clovescarf listened, closing his relaxed eyes slowly and mystically as his crown shined with a wonderful blue, releasing a wonderful crystal beam of ice into the air, spinning elegantly as it did so; so fast and strong it looked as if the laser was about to demolish the ceiling as it created a spiral of spinning ice like a slide, but stopped right before it hit; soon it slid all over the field willfully, making the generated slide go into even more patterns as it sparkled more than anything could ever before. Ice patterns could be seen from a children’s playground up to a mini-amusement park while the dancing snake closed its eyes, drifting on the clear crystal as if it was water- a wonderland growing more into business while the appeal was going on. Spinning randomly may have appeared, but every movement put into place the decoration.

“Wow! It looks like Clovescarf generously created a wonderful park for us! A sparkling one that looks like we can play in it all day!”

“Alright! Let’s end this with a bang- Clovescarf, use Purity Light!”

Clovescarf, still relaxed and looking as if he was sleeping, made the position from where he was glow golden with even more passion than ever, the frozen ocean of blue altering to a rare golden sea, waving over all of the beautiful creations it made, gracing them with gold as the entire field- the ice, the seats, everything, was encased in shining gold. The ‘amusement park’ shined even more and sent out bright streaks of light strong enough to be amazed, but controlled not to induce seizures. The crowd looked on as if magic was being created, and the vessel of illusion was generated- the ‘amusement park’ rides suddenly started up, beginning with the wheel of wonder, gracing the entire field and even sounds of crystals were heard. The sound of play couldn’t get any better, and soon everything faded away, with Clovescarf drifting over- Mana and her Pokémon, a bow.

Lovrina literally cried at the sight. “It was so beautiful…I love life so much…why did it have to disappear…? I want to ride…”

Jillian was crying as well. “…The most wonderful appeal we had yet! I can’t believe I’ve ever seen anything so magical in my life…it was perfect…”

The audience and judges were crying as well.

“I can’t criticize that one bit…Mana and her Pokémon have used so many wonderful appeals so far…I can’t even say how much I want to be young again…”

“It was nostalgically, make-me-want-to-relive-my-youth-tingly, perfectly, remarkable!”

“I’ve never thought an appeal would make me cry like this…but I miss when I was young and with my other sisters…it truly touched our hearts…”

Jillian wiped one last tear. “I think we all know what the obvious score for this appeal is…” she pointed up, and it showed a shining 100, but not even close to the shine of Mana’s appeal as confetti fell. “Wow…she got three perfect scores also. The other coordinator is…Lovrina! It’s your turn!”

“I’m the ‘other’ coordinator? How rude can you get, lady? Anyhoo, go Lovantic!”

Lovrina walked over to the stage in he usual girly way, and threw a PokéBall high into the air as she jumped, her pink hair flowed in the gust of speed; releasing Lovantic, it immediately began moving around the field in an illusionary matter, amazing everyone.

“Let’s show them how much cute and better we are than all of them with a dazzling and so pretty appeal of Attract!”

“Lov…” Lovantic did three hovering spins in the air slowly and magically made hearts appear in the faces of everyone else in the stadium- including the judges. She was moving around in the field slowly; as if her movement was a magnet, the people in the audience moved to her waving and hypnotic position as well, falling for the spell she castled around the field in a scary motion. The air filled with the dazzle of the hearts unleashed as well, followed by Lovantic and Lovrina jumping on two of the ‘pillows’ to have a rest, both of them moving their legs around like a prostitute flirting in front of many horny men. The ‘showing off’ continued, as Lovantic and Lovrina had their ‘pillows’ flew over to the side of the crowd, making the attracted people want to grab it and do ‘things’ to it, but she slapped each and every audience member trying to grab them.

“How dare you people try and touch my Lovantic, especially when it made all of you boys get wet under! I’ll like, show you why- Lovantic, use Devil’s Charm and show them you’re not just an object to be touched!”

“Lovantic!” she listened to the advice, and soon went back to the center of the stage, where all the colorful red and pink hearts were surrounding. Soon, as if hell fell over, all of the flying objects became poisoned with darkness starting from the top; not only were they now black and stale, but the condition worsened as they all burned into fire, setting a chain reaction and death-causing feeling over to the audience. The anime relief of shattering occurred in the hearts of the people in love with Lovantic as they fell to the ground crying in pain of the ‘rejection’. It was too much for them to stand, shattering glass could be heard as the souls of people in the crowd turned into darkness, causing arguments and more misery to come upon them. Soon, Lovrina and Lovantic were laughing, slapping and kicking the members of the audience, then a bow.

Jillian and the three judges were all arguing and fighting with each other; even the fourth contestant not appealed yet. The only one in the entire stadium just standing there confused about the situation was Mana, scared of the sight.

“Why the F*CK did you do that, Contesta?! No wonder you’re a virgin!”

“Shut up, Jillian! You’re always the B*TCH saying the obvious. Why don’t you get a new job other than talking with your dumb*ss loud mouth already?!”

Sukizo was yelling as well, “Wanna have sex, SL*T?”

“How dare you, man *****?! F*G!” replied Nurse Joy.

“So…” giggled Lovrina. “You like my appeal?”

“Shut up, SL*T!” replied someone from the crowd.

Lovrina got angry, so she ran into the crowd and bashed the head off somebody, blood splattering all over- the judges too ‘busy’ to notice. Lovantic shot rapid arrows at a handful of people’s necks and killed them.

Mana began welling up tears. “SSSSSSTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Everybody in the stadium froze to a stop: someone with a club in their hands held down; a thug with a gun dropped it; and another with a knife halted; even the contest staff- Jillian, Contesta, Sukizo and Nurse Joy froze.

She held back her tears. “What in the world are all of you doing? Are you such big meanies you hafta try and kill the other person? It was just an appeal, and a good one too, but you turned into a riot! You should all be ashamed of yourself!”

Everyone looked down, sad of the wrongs they just committed.

“Now stop this and we can get on with the contest already.”

Jillian rose. “I guess…we’ll just see what the judges think…I guess…”

“Even though it turned into one of the worst riots I’ve ever seen, I have to say the creativity of one attack into an unexpected one was sure to be good, adding to the originality separating the elite from the average. My head hurts.”

“It was painfully, petrifying, and stupidly yet perfectly remarkable.”

“I never thought I would see myself cursing like this today, or even my friends here do that, but it was meant to be good, and I see the love between you two, I guess…”

Jillian pointed over to the scoreboard, and showing on it was a perfect hundred. “Eww…she got a hundred…? Whatever, next appeal, who cares, though…”

Background character appeal…shade of Blastoise using Hydro Cannon…90…

“The Marine Harbor Pokémon Contest is about to come to a close, as our four remaining Coordinators have made their appeals! Here is the order for how well they did, but the score doesn’t determine who gets our ribbon, because the choice of who’s the best all depends on your votes, yes, that means…the audience!”

The screen had the mugshots in this order: Mana…Jillian…Lovrina…McKella…and after the pictures were shown, you can see the scrollbar on the bottom having percentage marks, increasing from zero slowly and slowly. Mana looked worried she wouldn’t win, while Lovrina smirked at Mana; Jillian and the background girl looking normally. A ‘BING!’ sound hit as it hit a hundred…and Mana’s picture slid over to the top, followed by Jillian, then McKella, and Lovrina.

“Lovrina gets fourth place, McKella gets third, I get second, and…Mana, please come to the stage and accept your ribbon!”

The crowd applauded and roared with passion at the cute sight of the girl.

“Thanks!” she ran over to the center of the stage, where Jillian was.

“You’re pretty good, Mana. You’ve probably gotten many ribbons already around the region, am I right?”

“Nope! This is my first one!” Mana jumped happily.

“Well you deserve this.” Jillian took out a blue ribbon with pictures of boats and flowing water on it, handing it over to the little girl. “You’re gonna do great in the upcoming contests, Mana- I know it. There’s others around the region if you wanna compete more.”

“Really? Yay!” she jumped in the air and spun, with her three competed Pokémon- Melodic, Ludicolo, Clovescarf jumping in the scene as well as they danced in the air, she winked and exclaimed: “I won a Marine Ribbon!”

* * *

At the summit, Jaden was still enjoying the view as there weren’t any battles active at the time…but in a second and a whisk, a huge blurry vision of purple and white went past him, a centimeter in front of him before the wind sliced through many people, inflicting pain. Whatever did that, landed heavily on the center of the huge and round white marble stage, with unbelievable weight and strength, the entire field cracked in the center- broken into half; the field was like two broken blocks of ice traveling away- until the point they tripped over and drowned in the water.

“What in the Pokémon world are you doing?!” exclaimed Jaden, running down the aisle without any care of the people he toppled in rage of what happened.

The man was fat, wearing purple and white. “I am Nebula Secretary Snattle…time to die…”


25th July 2006, 10:15 PM
The shock of everyone in the stadium of the obese man destroying the entire field still stood them stiff in their face, as Jaden stood up from amidst the crowd trying to find out who the man was, both of them staring at each other.
“I don’t know who you are or what you want, but why are you here?”

Miror B. ran quickly, then comically almost tripped over to the edge of the field to the deep pool of water, angered at the sight of the man. “You can’t just go getting funky by destroying my field like that- that’s not groovy at all!”

Snattle chuckled. “Well I’m here for one simple reason…to take you away, because I can’t have people like you interfering, right?”

“I don’t even know you, so how can you say I’m interfering with whatever you’re up to?”

“For once thing…this little girl- your sister, ruined our plans to destroy and kidnap everyone on the plane…and you’re the son of Michael, the one we need…”

“How’d you know that?”

“Who is this man?” asked Miror B.

“Let’s just say impressing the world of science would most be useful for our plans, and he is one of the powerful few to stop what we have in mind…so you better come with us if you don’t want anything to happen to him…”

“Fine then, battle me fatty!”

“It would be futile…I’ve seen you battle already, and by the condition of your Pokémon, you’re not in any position to make challenges…”

“So you’re scared, right? That you’ll get beaten by a little boy?”

“I don’t fear anything, for once I claim control of Tech, everything will be run by me and you shall all heed my every word…”

“Fine then, if you’re so tough…let’s battle!”

“You can’t Jaden! That groovy battle weakened some of your Pokémon!”

“Well it’s a risk I’m gonna hafta take, so it’s on! He destroyed your entire field, and the pride of this place, so that’s good enough a reason for me to take him down!”

This little child honestly thinks he can get past the power of Snattle? Well soon he shall die… “Fine by me…you shall be my first conquest…”

Pkmn Hero Jaden vs. Nebula Secretary Snattle
[Snattle holds his hands up with pride, making his mood crystal glow purple, then releases Blastoise and Electrode with a showing throw]

“Go Bubbleman and Wildman!”

“Fwhoo…I shall take you down in one turn…Blastoise, Protect; Electrode, Explosion.”

Bubbleman, Bubble Shield and Wildman, Slash Electrode!”

Blastoise put a green barrier around it with metal pinging around it to defend itself, followed by Electrode charging up for Explosion- it then blew up and both of Jaden’s Pokémon fainted, along with Electrode, but Blastoise didn’t take one hit.

“I win.”

“My Elemental Heroes…no!”

“You literally couldn’t even survive one round with me, boy. How could you think you even had a chance of taking me down? Now the entire scraper shall perish because of your acts, or thrive, for it is now under my rule!” Snattle had teleported away.

“That battle was kinda funky, Jaden. I told you there’s no chance of you winning, especially after a good battle with me.”

“Well I had to at least try, right?”

“Groovy point, but he’s gonna cause funky havoc now…”

“It’s probably just an empty threat, don’t worry. But for now, I should call Mana, then tell her what’s up.”

* * *

Back at the Marine Harbor Contest Hall, where Mana just won her first ribbon, sitting in the waiting room with nothing else to do…

RING, RING, RING! A sound was triggered inside Mana’s pockets; she took it out, appearing to be a Hello Kitty style cellphone. “Hey, who is it?”

On the other line was, “It’s me, Jaden. I just won a…”

“I just won a Marine Ribbon at the Contest, Jaden! It was so much fun and I’m gonna enter a whole bunch of other contests, then participate in the whatever-it’s-called!”

“Congratulations, Mana! Well just to tell you a piece of good news, I won a Bolt Metal, and I’m gonna participate in other facilities too.”

“Best of luck, then.”

“Thanks! By the way, if you happen to see a fat guy wearing purple and white having a silly hat on, DON’T TALK TO HIM, DON’T WALK TO HIM, DON’T EVEN LOOK AT HIM, okay? He did something bad a little while ago.”

“But you never care about danger and safety Jaden! You usually rush into things without thinking…why should I believe you this time?”

“Mana…I’m serious about this. He blew up some ‘friends’ a little while ago.”

“Fine, but only because you’re my bigger brother and I know you’d always be there for me, okay? Be careful also, okay?” she hung up.

After the call, Eldes walked into the locker room with his usual serious look, except this time he had a little frown on his face, but not directed towards Mana as he approached normally, but sternly to the marble of the floor.

“Good afternoon Mana. Did you see your dad lately?”

“Hi Eldes! No, sorry. I was in a Pokémon Contest today, Jaden was in some cool competition, and I think dad was shopping for something, right?”

“I’ll try and trust your words, but I’ve never seen him anywhere so far since when we got to the mall and I had to check out something for the ride to your new home.”

“We’re moving to a new home? Yay! But I’m gonna miss the other one…”

“No, it’s just where you and your family will stay for the summer, especially for the fact this can be considered your abode for the Tech region.”

“That sounds cool…I hope dad comes back, because I’m hungry and I think I’m too little to be going anywhere by myself for now- wanna hang out with me?”

“Of course, Mana. I’ll ‘hang out’ with you.”

Quickly as if from an invisible speedster, a black square cube appeared next to Mana with ten seconds in dangerous red and a picture of skull & crossbones marked on it counting down. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…

“What’s that?”

“Mana, get out the way!” Eldes pushed Mana out of the way, then the bomb continued ticking, with a louder radiation occurring.


Eldes braced himself back as the widespread bomb demolished everything in the room, Mana covered by Eldes as he took the full blast. The smoke waded, and Eldes wasn’t too hurt, while Mana was tearing up from the event. Snattle was seen in a brief second after it faded away, to the anger of Eldes as he rose.

Mana sent out some tears down. “Are you okay, Eldes?”

“I am…are you hurt?”

“No, only emotionally.”

Eldes froze, remembering the flash of the man in the flash snickering and running away after the blast. “I think I know who’s behind this.” And if I know him for as well as I think I do, he is about to set up many terrors in this place- I have to stop him.

“Who did that?”

“I’m about to find out- follow me.”

Eldes began walking with Mana following from behind while they left the room through crystal clear moving doors and vaulted up the wide and marble stairs to get back to the ‘surface’. The fountains with Water-type Pokémon were before them- but to a surprise: a similar looking bomb was perched on it with one minute left. Eldes ran over to it, to the fear of Mana, and saw three buttons on it.

Upon approaching, a similar sounding voice came up from the box:
Until I am measured
I am not known,
Yet how you miss me
When I have flown.

“A riddle…? That’s strange…” So I have to answer this one to disarm it, and I have less than one minutes. It’s running out on me… “I need more time!”

DING-DING! The bomb stopped dead in its tracks and exploded, but only the box and not anything around it. And you’re running out of it… said the voice.

“So the answer was time…very nice…”

“What happened Eldes? Were you playing a game?”

“Don’t worry…it wasn’t much to be concerned about…”

Eldes and Mana continued on and ran up the escalator, and they saw another one of those boxes attached to the handle of the machine, ready to blow if it was to go through the ‘end’ part of the escalator.

“Not another one...” Eldes approached it, and it activated with one minute.

With thieves I consort,
With the vilest, in short,
I'm quite at ease in depravity;
Yet all divines use me,
And savants can't lose me,
For I am the center of gravity.

“This one makes no sense at all…”

“What does? Only Go-Go Silvia can use her brainpower to stop this! If only I had a V…”

The bomb deactivated at her words, and then exploded a small blow.

“The answer’s V? Good job Mana!”

“Watch…oh well! Let’s have more fun!”

Mana and Eldes ran at the end of the escalator, but they noticed a stand for hotdogs, and attached to it was another bomb. Eldes and Mana approached it, then…

I never was, am always to be,
No one ever saw me, nor ever will
And yet I am the confidence of all
To live and breathe on this terrestrial ball.

“Is this gonna last until tomorrow?!” complained Mana.

The device deactivated like the others, and spoke, You don’t even have until the end of today to solve this, let alone tomorrow… the machine shattered and exploded like the others, knocking the food out of some people.’

A seafood stand was their next designation, as the next danger was right next to the door out of the mall. Eldes and Mana walked by it, and…

Alive without breath,
As cold as death,
Never thirsty, Ever drinking,
Clad in mail, Never clinking,
Drowns on dry land,
Thinks an island, Is a mountain,
Thinks a fountain, Is a puff of air.

Mana touched some of the food. “Look at all the cute little fish!”

Deactivated, small explosion, muttered, Let’s go fish… As for after that bomb, Snattle could be seen running through the doors out of the mall.

Mana and Eldes ran through the sliding door, and saw some brochures on the stand, and a chain of coconut trees ahead…with a bomb as a wonderful fruit. Approached, activated…

The cost of making only the maker knows,
Valueless if bought, but sometimes traded.
A poor man may give one as easily as a king.
When one is broken pain and deceit are assured.

“A promise, and one I’ll keep to make sure you don’t get hurt, Mana.”


Deactivated, small blast, creepy saying: “Did it taste good?”

Snattle was seen right ahead. “Desire to stop me? Follow me!”

Mana and Eldes ran past the coconut trees, despite the ‘DO NOT WALK IN GRASS’ signs obviously there, and were now on the brinks of the beach, wading in the sand while Mana was rolling in it, until she hit something hard- a seashell, and what did you guess…

This thing all things devours:
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
Gnaws iron, bites steel;
Grinds hard stones to meal;
Slays king, ruins town,
And beats high mountain down.

“There’s no more time…and that’s the answer…” slicked Eldes. “This isn’t funny, so we better move on and stop that madman…”

Deactivated, small explosion, muttered: you’re just in time for the hardest battle you’ve ever experienced…your final battle…

Mana and Eldes were now on the beach, extremely close to the ocean now. Everyone having fun with their lives and barely dressed just for the water, but standing in the sand was a heavily dressed, strange-haired, overweight…

“Snattle!” yelled Eldes. “Stop there right now!”

“Who’s the clown-faced man?”

“He was the one setting the bombs trying to destroy the mall Mana.”

“Oh no! He’s the big, bad guy? I’m scared…”

“Ho, ho, ho! Looks like I’ve been found out already. Well did you like the six wonderful tricks I set for you? I’m sure it was fun, even though considering if you missed even one, they would have killed so many people. Nice one, right?”

“What you just did was life-defying and completely illegal, Snattle. For that, with the power of the Pokémon G-Men, I hereby declare you under arrest!”

“Yay! So he’s gonna be gone, Eldes?”

“Not if I have anything to say about it! I have worked too hard to let any meddling fools like you two get in my way, and soon I shall be promoted to the Governor of Tech, where everyone shall listen to my ranting without replies! Land ho!”

“What did you just call me?” asked Mana.

“Nothing you shall ever understand little girl. Now get out of my way before I destroy all of you, as I have defeated Jaden, and Gorigan defeated Michael!”

“Fine!” agreed Mana and Eldes.

“Soon you shall be my first followers for my conquest of Tech…”

Supertrainer Eldes and Coordinator Mana vs. Nebula Secretary Snattle
[Snattle holds his hands up with pride, making his mood crystal glow purple, then releases Spikle, A spiked green turtle with a machinery feel, along with red sharp hair and white empty eyes with no appeal, along with weapons popping out of its shell; Scarabeus, A scarab of red and brown, huge and glowing in the sun above- It's round and is separated in the middle line for the wings; with a showing throw]

“I never saw those big things before…Eldes, you have a P*DA?”

“Good idea.” Eldes whipped out a red and brown P*DA and then…

Spikle, the Metal Spike Pokémon; Type is Metal/Water; Spikle are known to stay for long lengths of times inside their shells; the longer they remain in there, the more power they charge for their weapons. If they're disturbed, they'll attack with the weapons hidden within their shells.

Scarabeus, the Ancient Protection Pokémon; Type is Bug/Ground; Scarabeus are worshipped by people as they are said to control part of the radiance of the sun, and can even use its presence at will for its attacks and defense. Its hard body armor prevents it from having any trouble against a tough opponent.

“Go Chansey, it’s time for you to shine!” “Barklame, let’s stop this menace…” they released their respective Pokémon.

“Let’s make this battle quick: Scarabeus, Sunny Day; Spikle, Mechanical Defense.”

“You’re playing by defense? Chansey, Thunderbolt on Spikle!” “This should be fun- Barklame, Flamethrower Scarabeus!”

Barklame blew a strong stream of fire over to Scarabeus, causing a powerful inferno to envelop it; the flames faded, and Scarabeus was still there, undamaged.

“That doesn’t make sense.” “How did my Barklame’s Flamethrower not work?”

“The best defense is the best offense…err…or the other way around; but, to secure my victory, no Special Attacks can harm Scarabeus thanks to Black Armor, preventing any of them from hitting. They don’t call it the ‘Ancient Protection’ Pokémon for nothing!”

Next, Chansey did a dance with its finger to conjure a Thunderbolt, striking Spikle with a big chunk of health from super-effectiveness; Spikle spun after the attack made contact, and a flurry of spikes flung back at Chansey, causing fixed damage.

“My Chansey!” “Let me guess…”

“That’s right! A good defense is the best offense, as I have said before…err…except this time it was hit…so counter…yeah! If you didn’t already find out, whenever you attack Spikle, it unleashes a 60 spikes back to do damage to you one each, so Chansey took a big chunk of load there…fwhoo…”

“Chansey has good HP…but it’s gonna add up…” “Don’t worry, Mana- it just started.”

Spikle went back into its shell again, spinning several times again, but not unleashing any terror like last time; as it did so, its body turned from green and blue to a hard iron color, making the spinning noise sound more painful. Halting, it shined and waves went to show Defense and Special Defense was greatly increased.

“At the cost of a sharp decrease in Speed, I’m allowed to increase its Defense and Special Defense!” And just to my plan to wipe them out…

The sunlight is bright: No change on the field…other than Scarabeus glowing yellow followed by its partner in the light, then a power surge through their body…

“What was that?” “A stat increase!”

“The ancient power of the sun supplies my Scarabeus with unmatched power, as for its presence the increase of my lovely and its ally for all its power!”

“That sounds cool, Snattle!” “But why would he want to do that for…?”

“For you shall find out! Scarabeus, Protect; Spikle, Spike Bomb!”

“Chansey, Thunderbolt Spikle!” “Barklame, Extremespeed on Spikle!”

Scarabeus put up a green barrier with pinging sounds to shield itself. Chansey shot out a bolt again, while Barklame rushed with multiple images to hit Spikle- however, both of their attacks failed miserably.

“For the massive Defense and Special Defense of Spikle is unmatched from its Mechanical Defense, and even more supreme from Scarabeus’ Sun Gazing! And for attempting to test its power, you shall pay!”

Spikle went back into its shell and spun with a screech unlike ever before, causing the ground to burn up; soon all the spikes on it were unleashed with burning fire, along with itself as it crashed onto Chansey and Barklame with full force, exploding down with its shell- all three of them knocked out.

“The powers of Spike Bomb increases from 300 by 20 for every stat increase (300 + 7 from Sun Gazing – 2 Speed + 2 Defense + 2 Special Defense x 20 = 480) looks like you two are down for the count!”

“Not if I have anything to say about it! -Go Raichu!” “Your reign of bombing is about to come to an end - Go Seeweedo!”

“Let’s blow them up, my Hipopo!” Snattle released a rocky looking hippo with crags of leaking water all over it; the head has many shattered cracks, and had a Wingull perched on top of it picking away at the crag.

“It’s so cute!” “Let’s see…”

Hipopo, The Hippo Pokémon; Type is Water/Rock; Hipopo are known to make loud hungry sounds to lure others to its way, but when used on a human, can hypnotize them. They love the company of other birds, and symbiosis occurs between them- including their teamwork in battles.

“Can I play with it after the battle?” “Be careful…don’t judge it by its looks…”

The sunlight is strong; like last turn. Scarabeus’ Sun Gazing increased all the stats of itself and Hipopo’s by one level.

“Hipopo, Hippo Song; Scarabeus (+2 all stats so far), Sun Dance!”

“Hippo Song? That sounds so Kawaii! But Raichu, use Thunderbolt on Hippopo ~ cute name!” “Seeweedo, Leaf Sliver on Scarabeus!”

Raichu unleashed a Thunderbolt on Hipopo, but suddenly both Hipopo and its defender glowed a white aura- Hipopo still got hit, but not as much damage expected, while the glow disappeared from Raichu with no effect on the electric mouse.

“My Raichu’s Thunderbolt should’ve knocked you out!” “It must have amazing Special Defense to get past that- when did Snattle care about defense?”

“I heard that, and you activated yet another special ability, and this one’s Hippo-Friendly, and what it does is half the damage it would’ve done, and the other would go to you, but it looks like you’re too healed for the bonus.”

Seaweedo used Extremespeed, going so fast you could see multiple images of it until it hit it, but for some reason, no damage was done to it.

“Let me guess...I love hippos!” “What now, Snattle?”

“You activated the PokéBody of Scarabeus, Holy Dark Shell, a technique we worked on in the deserts of Orre, and what it does is heal the HP of Scarabeus if the attack’s super-effective! You can’t use Special Attacks or effective moves! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! And now my Sun Dance shall increase their political powers even more!”

Scarabeus spun twice in the air, making the rays intensify, then itself along with Hipopo glowed yellow, and the streaks of all stats increasing by one rose in their bodies. Hipopo continued the terror, by moaning a beautiful yet horrible sound out on the field, and suddenly Raichu and Seaweedo fell asleep, a look of terror.

“Sleepy time! Don’t stay up late! Your Pokémon go to sleep if they don’t have any stat bonuses from listening to my beautiful music, so night-night to them, while my babies pick off yours…one by one!” Soon, they’ll feel my terror…literally!


25th July 2006, 10:16 PM
Episode 8: Yeah, Ecstatic, Invigorating, Mind-Blowing!

The battle of Coordinator Mana and Supertrainer Eldes vs. Nebula Secretary Snattle after chasing him down throughout the mall and outside continues…

“Thanks to the power of Hippo Song, both of your Pokémon are snoozing ahead while mines rise in political power, but I think I should show you the strength we’ve inherited from this next round when your next set goes down.”

“Our Pokémon are sitting ducks now!” “I never thought someone like him could get this good…bring it on, heathen- we’ll get past you one way or the other.”

“Hipopo, Symbiosis and Scarabeus, Sun Dance!”

“We can’t do a thing, but we can still try- Raichu, Sleep Talk!” “Seaweedo, try and wake up to use a Leaf Silver on Hipopo!” Eldes, voiceover, Since Leaf Silver’s basically a Grass version of Extremespeed, I’ll be massively effective against Hipopo considering the fact it’s both a Water and Rock type.

Seaweedo tried to move, but it failed as remaining standing while sleeping, contradicting to the possible speed it could’ve pulled off.

“Looks like your attack failed!”

“My turn then big fat man! Raichu, do your stuff!” “I trust you, Mana.”

Raichu began mumbling its name to itself, then unleashed a powerful Thunderbolt from its bright cheeks while still sleeping, targeting Hipopo and then was unleashed, traveling at a rapid speed, and then…

“You activated my trap!”

“What?! No fair.” “What is this you speak of?”

The Thunderbolt instantly froze in the air, directly in front of Hipopo as it could be electrocuted by the incoming shock, the target standing in place.

“But you already activated all of their effects!” “What is it you’re up to?”

“I may have shown you all the abilities of my children, but I have not shown you my own yet, so behold, the power of Mood Crystal!”

“Trainers can’t attack!” “They’re not allowed to!”

“That’s where you’re wrong, kids, because here in the Tech region you’re allowed to unite with your friends here during the battle, whether it be a handsome looking foe like me, or the stereotypical trainer you see on the streets thinking regular Pokémon can win without any trainer in the sense of the word. You shall lose thanks to the Mood Crystal I wear around my neck, and as my situation changes, it allows me to change the condition of your Pokémon, so wake up, Raichu- it’s time for you to ‘chill’ a bit.”

Raichu was instantly woken as if it was pretending to sleep as it quickly opened its eyes; Snattle’s Mood Crystal on his coat turned into a frosty blue, and then from the bottom up Raichu was completely immobilized in ice, solid as a stone, frozen.

“What did you just do to my adorable Raichu?!” “It must have something to do with the mood crystal he is wearing…we must stop it to win…”

“Are you so deaf or dim you cannot understand the creative way I speak to you? Then I shall explain it to you again: The wonderful power of my mood crystal allows me to change the special condition of any Pokémon you have whenever I want to, considering they already have a Special Condition, Sleeping fits the bill quite nicely. Now that your attacks have been wasted, time for my babies to rule the field!”

Scarabeus spun twice in the air while hovering, making the rays intensify for the moment to cause an aura of energy to surge through Hipopo and Scarabeus’ bodies, increasing each of their stats by 1 (Hipopo +2 all stats | Scarabeus +3 all stats). Hipopo made a blue aura appear, and suddenly shadows of itself and its partner appeared, traveling into the other’s bodies, then coming back; after that, rays of increase were indicated on them.

“The effect of Symbiosis as indicated increases the Attack and Special Attack of both the user and its partner, what teamwork!”

“What a great contest combo…” “But this doesn’t make any sense at all- how come Hipopo got two of each stat while Scarabeus only got one?”

“If you notice the wonderful Wingull deciding to join in the battle, you shall get how that happened, because since both of them are considered to be on the field at the same time, Wingull gains the bonus, but it’s transferred over to Hipopo instead!”

The sunlight is strong (two more turns), thus increasing all the stats of Scarabeus thanks to its Sun Gazing special ability, along with its partner Hipopo (Scarabeus +4 all stats, +5 Attack and Special Attack | Hipopo +4 All stats, +6 Attack and Special Attack).

“As you have witnessed from last round, the everlasting symbiosis of Hipopo and the generous Wingull allows the bonus increase to be applied twice, and a new round means more defeats for you, as Hipopo uses Symbiosis once more to maximize whatever comes out next after Scarabeus leaves the stage!”

“Leave the stage…?” “That can only mean one thing: he’s either returning his Scarabeus back for another in order for the maximum benefit of Symbiosis…or…Self-destruction!”


“The ancient power of the sun supplies my Scarabeus with unmatched power, as for its presence the increase of my lovely and its ally for all its power!”

“That sounds cool, Snattle!” “But why would he want to do that for…?”

“For you shall find out! Scarabeus, Protect; Spikle, Spike Bomb!”

“Chansey, Thunderbolt Spikle!” “Barklame, Extremespeed on Spikle!”

Scarabeus put up a green barrier with pinging sounds to shield itself. Chansey shot out a bolt again, while Barklame rushed with multiple images to hit Spikle- however, both of their attacks failed miserably.

“For the massive Defense and Special Defense of Spikle is unmatched from its Mechanical Defense, and even more supreme from Scarabeus’ Sun Gazing! And for attempting to test its power, you shall pay!”

Spikle went back into its shell and spun with a screech unlike ever before, causing the ground to burn up; soon all the spikes on it were unleashed with burning fire, along with itself as it crashed onto Chansey and Barklame with full force, exploding down with its shell- all three of them knocked out.

“The powers of Spike Bomb increases from 300 by 20 for every stat increase (300 + 7 from Sun Gazing – 2 Speed + 2 Defense + 2 Special Defense x 20 = 480) looks like you two are down for the count!”


Eldes, voiceover, This could just be another one of his attacks to knock out our Pokémon, and considering the increased stats Hipopo raised, the defeat would be inevitable, so we better watch out…

“Once this round is over, another two of your Pokémon shall fall!”

“Whatever, fatty- Raichu, Sleep-” [I] Wait, it’s frozen…I can’t use that attack now…what can I do? “Raichu, Thunderbolt!” “Seaweedo, Water Pulse on Hipopo!”

Raichu stood there, frozen in ice without motion, followed by Seaweedo with a similar fate as it stood there sleeping without any thought to the battle.

“Looks like they were nothing but a bunch of stiffs…finish them off!”

Scarabeus flew up in the air in a strange matter for its species, then began to turn red as if overheating, steam flew out of its body and it began to proceed forward and forward towards the center of the field where it would strike; eventually, after a powerful jolt, it crashed down to where they were, setting off a huge fire explosion, knocking out all three of them, causing all sorts of smoke to arise.

“No, Raichu!” “My Seaweedo…”

The smoke slowly cleared, revealing Scarabeus and the opposing side’s to be knocked out, as they were returned, but to the shock of Mana and Eldes…Hipopo was still on the field, not taking any hit of the powerful explosion, rather, the Wingull perched on top of it shattered into glass without a doubt.

“Snattle, that’s not fair!” “How come Hipopo wasn’t knocked out?”

“Well as you can see, the Wingull perched on top of it was just destroyed, so why don’t you go out on a limb here and say something?”

“It ran away because it was scared I’ll be crushed by your bigness?” “Well, since Wingull was on it with no difference, and now since it was destroyed and Hipopo survived the attack, it would mean the bird took the hit from the blast instead!”

“Now you’re beginning to catch on to events- when Hipopo was just sent out, it had a special ability allowing it to conjure a random Flying-type Pokémon to the field, in this case, it was Wingull. By offering up the delicious bird as a tribute, I was allowed to spare my Hipopo from being destroyed, so what do you think of that?”

“Next turn, it’s going down!” “Fine then, but you can only use your special ability once, so now it’s wide open to one of our attacks!”

“Well my old friend, if you think you can stand a chance against its already mighty defenses, then I suggest you two send out two new Pokémon, for the power of Scarabeus’s Fire Bomb was devastating enough to destroy them.”

“Fine then, Go Laprax! Time to take the stage!” “Let’s go Daggerator! Now take your own advice and send out another Pokémon, since your powerful attack may have destroyed both of our Pokémon, it was rather costly.”

“Whatever you want, fools! Go mighty Jackion!” Snattle released what resembled a white carved pumpkin with a sinister face composed of triangular eyes having no feeling and a burning mouth full of razor sharp teeth; it went up to Mana to scare her, then came back with a frightening laugh, hovering around the field.

“Help me, Eldes!” “How dare you do that to her?”

“It was nothing- besides, she really needs to learn how to take a joke, because the arrival of my wicked and cute Jackion isn’t the only thing she’s gonna be scared off…”

“It’s not? Then what should I be scared of?” “What are you up to?”

Jackion, the Jack-o-Lanturn Pokémon; Type is Magic/Fire; Jackion have no emotion in their eyes, rather most of their feeling goes into the dark abyss which is their mouth, burning with fire and can even destroy entire fields to its enjoyment, then devouring any lifeform it sees slowly with its razor-sharp teeth.

“You see, Eldes? It is scary!” “Don’t worry, Mana, it won’t be there for long.”

“And if you thought the amazing entrance was frightening, wait till you see what my Jackion can do! But this round isn’t over yet- not by a mile! My Hipopo still didn’t show you what true teamwork is…let’s go!”

Hipopo made a blue aura of friendship surround itself and Jackion, increasing Jackion’s Attack and Special Attack by 2 and Hipopo none.

“It still looks scary from here…” “I’m afraid that move of yours is not going to work, because Hipopo already has +6 Attack and Special Attack, meaning you can’t use anything else to bypass the limit, so half of your move was just wasted…but how did your Jackion get a bonus of two? That doesn’t make sense!”

“Sorry to spread the news, but I’m afraid it does, because whenever a Pokémon on the field uses a stat increasing move to help any other than itself, the item Jackion’s holding, Drain Chi Lantern, ‘drains’ the stats away from it even if it wouldn’t increase anymore so what would’ve been a waste of an attack just went over to my baby; if you didn’t already figure it out, that includes you and your Pokémon too!”

“What a scary effect…” “I can’t believe you of all people would use all these special abilities and items! But you’re not smart enough to do that, you know.”

“What do you think I am, deaf or something? If you have an intention of knowing how I mastered battling, then go find out how hard it is to break out of jail when you try and destroy the entire Orre government- that’s enough training for you!”

“And why do you want so much power?” asked Eldes.

“Because in the end, isn’t that all you want? Why else would I try to conquer Orre? Because doing so would bring me great power, and power means control, and control means destruction. That’s why I decided to join Nebula, so I could get that power.”

“So that’s what you want, right Snattle? What a power-hungry freak you have become, even setting up time bombs around the mall for your amusement…you think doing an act like mentioned is humorous to you? Don’t you know about all the people you would have killed if Mana and me didn’t stop them before they were unleashed? Why would you target an innocent location like that? Your main goal…?”

“Every word you have muttered contradicted to the other…who said you disarmed all the bombs, so called Hero? You may have missed one or two…and even one can cause so much destruction to the entire location…maybe even your brother, Mana, may have gotten hurt…you ever thought of that?”

“My big bro would never get hurt by the likes of you, Snattle!”

“Well then why don’t you look at this?!” Snattle’s mood crystal hovered in the air as if it had a mind of its own, floating in the middle of the field, beginning to glow brighter and brighter until a screen hologram was shown…


“Well it’s a risk I’m gonna hafta take, so it’s on! He destroyed your entire field, and the pride of this place, so that’s good enough a reason for me to take him down!”

This little child honestly thinks he can get past the power of Snattle? Well soon he shall die… “Fine by me…you shall be my first conquest…”

Pkmn Hero Jaden vs. Nebula Secretary Snattle
[Snattle holds his hands up with pride, making his mood crystal glow purple, then releases Blastoise and Electrode with a showing throw]

“Go Bubbleman and Wildman!”

“Fwhoo…I shall take you down in one turn…Blastoise, Protect; Electrode, Explosion.”

Bubbleman, Bubble Shield and Wildman, Slash Electrode!”

Blastoise put a green barrier around it with metal pinging around it to defend itself, followed by Electrode charging up for Explosion- it then blew up and both of Jaden’s Pokémon fainted, along with Electrode, but Blastoise didn’t take one hit.

“I win.”

“My Elemental Heroes…no!”

“You literally couldn’t even survive one round with me, boy. How could you think you even had a chance of taking me down? Now the entire scraper shall perish because of your acts, or thrive, for it is now under my rule!” Snattle had teleported away.


“Now you see what a pathetic fool your brother was, trying to challenge me? It doesn’t matter what I have done…if he won, I would have told him the truth about what had happened a few hours ago…but he shall never know for losing to me…”

“What were you gonna tell him, meanie?” “Since you couldn’t tell him, at least tell it to us right now…you madman…”

“Thank you, Eldes. Well the reality of the situation is, for the fact…there are two truths, each one important to the will of the good, as you would say…”

“What in the world is it?” “Tell us!”

“The first one is of too much importance…however, the second one is a reason I can shout in the ears of everyone in the mall and not worry about any of their feared reaction, for the outcome of their lives don’t even matter to me…but then again…”

“Stop talking like that already!” “Reveal your secret Snattle.”

“Fine then, but you will be shocked…the outcome of your discarding task had no meaning, for those bombs were only to stall for time, for my true intention lies in the core of the mall…where the largest bomb which wields a strength more powerful than all of the last put together, tenfold…shall explode and kill everyone in the entire mall, or better yet…capture them for our plan, then they shall die.”

“We have to stop them!” “Snattle, this battle’s over!”

“Not if I have anything to say about it…” Snattle’s hovering crystal fell back in place where it was originally, then flashed purple for a moment. “As you can see, if you do anything against my will, which for now is to battle and destroy you, this mood crystal shall automatically transmit a command over to the bomb, and soon your friends and family shall be nothing but skeletons…would you like that…?”

“Jaden…dad…no…” “Don’t worry, Mana. We can still win this battle and stop Snattle’s plan before it gets set. I promise you they’re going to be okay- Snattle’s not about to get away with hurting anybody in the mall- not your brother, not your father, so keep your hopes up and we will win this battle together.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, my friend…because even when this battle is over, it shall be too late for you two to go inside and rescue them, for they have to find a path themselves…by answering the most dangerous riddle thus far…another hint…your father has something to do with the other secret I’m keeping from you…”

Mana got up, wiping off her tears from what she just heard. “Eldes, thank you…I needed that talk, and I appreciate it…” “Good job, Mana. Now let’s show him what the power of teamwork can take us…and how far it is!”

“First you’ll have to get past me!”’

“And we will!” declared Mana and Eldes in unison.

* * *

At the marble top of the mall, Miror B. was still there amazed at the battle he witnessed, while Jaden considers it water off a duck’s back.

“So…what are ya gonna do now, Jaden?”

“What can I do? For some reason, I feel like my sister and a friend’s in trouble…”

“What a funky feeling, right? Exactly what level are you on?”

“You know what I mean…when someone from your family feels uncomfortable, and for as long as you’ve known them, you can somehow sense what they feel at the same time…and she’s worried…herself and a friend…”


“What was that?”

“Oh, that’s just my PokéNav ringing…I wonder who’s calling…?” he opened the screen up and held it in front of him. “What’s up Jillian?”

“You’re probably not gonna believe me, but there’s something really strange here over at the Marine Harbor Contest Hall I think we should be concerned about…”

“You’re telling me strange? This big guy came over here earlier and flunked the place up, and now we’re gonna hafta get a new stadium…I don’t know if I can though…”

“That’s strange, because when I went to the Coordinator’s locker room, the entire place was destroyed, along with a little white note someone left…”

“What’s it say? I bet it was from a certain person me and Jaden just met…”

“So the same thing happening over here happened over there also?” asked Jaden. “Wow…there’s really something going on- someone’s trying to screw the other person.”

“So what’s it say Jillian?”

Jillian read the note out loud:
It’s the beginning of the end,
Yet the end of the beginning,
You go through it once,
The last drop of the end,
But a new beginning…

“Tell me that’s not what I think it is…”

“It’s a riddle,” pointed Jaden. “We have to solve it, I think…”

“Fine then, being the super-cool freak I am, I shall solve this riddle! It’s what every organization brings upon…the good and the evil, the mighty and the weak…happens all the time…I know the answer!”

“What’s the answer?” asked Jillian.

“The answer…is death!”

From Jillian’s side, the paper blew up into a white smoke, covering the image of the cellphone, but when it stopped, a sound could be heard out of nowhere… Death is the end but a new beginning…time to experience that…

“What?!” yelled Jillian. She ran over to the crystal stadium and saw a small silver orb directly in the middle, then moved the screen over to the item so Miror B. and Jaden could see it, mystified of the fact the overhead scoreboard was counting down from an hour like it would in a Contest Battle but with more time.

The voice emerged from the silver orb, For your raging curiosity and solution to the trick has emerged a new challenge…the lives of all in this wannabe mall shall be drained to the end, never again…shall they peek…of what we seek!

Vivian was terrified. “Can you two come here--”

“Right on it! Right, Miror B.?”

“Yeah, I guess. Let’s dance down to the hall and stop that thing!”

Jaden and Miror B. began running, rushing down the elevator seven levels to the first floor, entering the transparent collaged sliding doors and running down the vastly wide and everlasting marble set of stairs to the Contest Hall- with Miror B. almost accidentally tripping on Jaden, where they saw the terrified Jillian running around in circles with no idea what to do. They ran by her side to relief her of worries.

“I’m NOT relieved of worries, you two! Not until you manage to find a way to stop that ticking thing! But you better not be hasty…”

“Hey, you called me and Jaden down here for the dance, so don’t complain. Besides, we’ll find a way to rid this mall of the funk.”

The voice emerged… This isn’t your common bomb- its brand…get it right, it’s disarmed; get it wrong, you’re disarmed, and dislegged…along with the lives of everyone in the entire place, so do it now and don’t be late!

“What does that mean?” wondered Jaden.

The answer lies in your beckoning call; choose yours right, or death to all! One by one, you can try, but the truth is…you shall all die!

“The beckoning call? That must mean our Pokémon! Let’s show them how we dance by releasing them, so do the same Jaden and Jillian!”

“Right!” they both replied; Jaden taking out all six of his PokéBalls and releasing Bubbleman, Sparkman, Wildman, Burstinatrix, Necro Darkman and Edgeman; Jillian released Vaporeon, Glaceon, and Breezeon; Miror B. followed his own advice, releasing Ludicolo, Shiftry, Dragonite, Snorlax, Severine and Bolron.

“So what do we do now?” asked Jillian.

“What did the thing said again?”

“The funky device said to use our Pokémon, but if we get into da groove and attack it ourselves, the thing’s gonna blast us, so I don’t think having our buddies here smash it’s gonna help us in any way…”

* * *

“Snattle, you don’t scare me anymore! And I’m about to show you not to mess with a little girl and her friend!” “Let’s get on with the battle! Time to show yourself to justice, Snattle- we’ll win this battle!”

“You may win the battle, but can you win the war?”


25th July 2006, 10:18 PM
Mana and Eldes vs. Snattle continues…

“Alright, we’re back in action!” “That’s the way to go, Mana.”

“Not so fast- our Pokémon may have already had their turns already, but it looks like I didn’t have my turn yet…don’t leave me for a stiff trainer like you two…remember what I did to you the last time…?”


“I may have shown you all the abilities of my children, but I have not shown you my own yet, so behold, the power of Mood Crystal!”

“Trainers can’t attack!” “They’re not allowed to!”

“That’s where you’re wrong, kids, because here in the Tech region you’re allowed to unite with your friends here during the battle, whether it be a handsome looking foe like me, or the stereotypical trainer you see on the streets thinking regular Pokémon can win without any trainer in the sense of the word. You shall lose thanks to the Mood Crystal I wear around my neck, and as my situation changes, it allows me to change the condition of your Pokémon, so wake up, Raichu- it’s time for you to ‘chill’ a bit.”

Raichu was instantly woken as if it was pretending to sleep as it quickly opened its eyes; Snattle’s Mood Crystal on his coat turned into a frosty blue, and then from the bottom up Raichu was completely immobilized in ice, solid as a stone, frozen.

“What did you just do to my adorable Raichu?!” “It must have something to do with the mood crystal he is wearing…we must stop it to win…”

“Are you so deaf or dim you cannot understand the creative way I speak to you? Then I shall explain it to you again: The wonderful power of my mood crystal allows me to change the special condition of any Pokémon you have whenever I want to, considering they already have a Special Condition, Sleeping fits the bill quite nicely. Now that your attacks have been wasted, time for my babies to rule the field!”


“So he’s gonna use Mood Crystal again?” “No, both of our Pokémon don’t have any status conditions right now, so he can’t be doing that…” “So what you think he’s gonna use?” “That’s what I’m worried about…”

“Time to give you two a magic show!”

The ‘hat’ he had glowed yellow, then suddenly the clouds above became dark with stormy patterns, becoming more wicked and making the other people on the beach thinking this battle was just one for fun worry about the weather suddenly changing so quickly. The waves moved quicker than usual, and suddenly huge surf was somehow summoned upon them, crashing onto the many vacationers on the beach and slightly damaging Laprax, but moderately hitting Manetrivu for some good damage. The wave reduced itself, Mana and Eldes wet.

“Yay! Let’s go for a swim!” “But how can you control nature?!”

“If I can control status conditions, then I can control anything, alright? The special ability of my Moody Hat allows me to summon a partial power of nature to attack you, depending on the location- for example, we’re on a beach, so sea water, of course!”

“Wow…you can make cool waves?” “Very impressive…”

“Wanna see something impressive? Hipopo use Symbiosis once more, and Jackion utilize the lantern to steal bonuses from Symbiosis before the attack, then use the attack Razor Shed to show them the stat increasing power you have!”

“Laprax, Surf!” “Magnetrivu, Lightning Rush on Jackion!”

Magnetrivu used its super-quick attack to form a streak of lightning behind it, rushing with a white strip of energy behind it to attack Jackion amid a thunder-charged attack, knocking it back; Jackion began glowing red and had confusion birds twirling.

“It’s confused now!” “That’s a good thing usually, but Lightning Rush’s only effect was it hits first…what’s the deal?”

“Like all my other explosive Pokémon, Jackion comes with a defensive ability as well, and when you attack it, it automatically gets confused!”

“Thanks for doing that, because now we have the edge on it!” “Be cautious, Mana, we don’t know what his plan is if he wants it to be confused.”

“Well then you got it all wrong! For every turn Jackion is attacked while being confused, it and all of my Pokémon’s stats increase by 1, including the turn you attacked it in! But let me just change that condition, with my special ability- Mood Crystal!”

Snattle’s mood crystal glowed purple, followed by him then Jackion, then his fearful Pokémon had twirling purple waves going from under it and rising up showing it was Poisoned, no longer confused.

“What…?” “Ha! Now your ability won’t work!”

“Don’t forget I can change the status conditions to anything I desire of a Pokémon on the field already being affected by one, so I take away confusion for Poison! Oh, and I forgot to mention my ability works for any status condition, so prepare to go down!”

Laprax unleashed a wave of water, dealing little damage to Hipopo considering the Special Defenses it had, and moderate damage to Jackion- however, Hipopo was already hit multiple times in the past, now landing to the red zone to activate the power of Salac Berry, increasing the Speed it had to unimaginable lengths.

“Time for me to show you this! Hipopo, unleash your power, and thanks to the power of Salac Berry, it’s quicker than ever!”

Hipopo glowed power, increasing the Attack and Special Attack of Jackion by two (+4 Attack and Special Attack) due to the draining of Draining Lantern’s power, but for it something happened…

“Now before that attack goes to waste, why don’t you use your item of Draining Lantern? I’ll make you so much stronger than you already are…”

Jackion’s held lantern glowed green, draining a wave of power for even more bonuses than the last one (ratings for Jackion on screen reveal +6 Attack +6 Special Attack; +4 Defense, Special Defense | Hipopo +4 Attack and Special Attack; +0 Defense, Special Defense). Energy surged as the Jackion cackled.

“It’s so strong!” “Jackion’s stat ratings are going off the charts! What’s happening?”

“I can’t let those hard earned stats go to waste, now can I? That’s why I drained all the stats to the maximum for Jackion except for Speed so they don’t go to waste after Hipopo faints in battle, so sorry! Time for yours to go as well!”

“No…that’s not fair…but that can only mean…” “Something’s about to self-destruct again! And we can’t stop it because of Hipopo’s speed!”

“You two are smarter than I thought, but now, Jackion, show them your power as a draining lantern with Razor Shred!”

“That sounds nasty…” “But what special effect are you going to use?”

“What do you mean…?”

“Razor Shred has two effects, one doing the damage, while the other lets you weaken our Pokémon, so choose already so we can get on!”

“Oh yes, of course. I knew that already- use the second ability!”

Jackion materialized a sword being stabbed through the back of its head, making some of the pumpkin juices slowly spatter out like blood. Its head was tilted down so the sword was facing the opposing two, shooting out a dark beam of energy to reduce all of their stats by one level, kneeling down before Jackion after the attack. Mana and Eldes were surprised at the ratings their Pokémon were showing, looking down as the two got up, weakened but ready to move on- but not aware of the true strategy Snattle was planning to release on them next.

The next round arrived, Jackion suffering from the self-inflicted Poison.

“A new round, a new terror. Jackion, Protect and Hipopo, Water Burst!”

“That cute Hipopo’s too fast for our Pokémon!” “And the increased Special Attack’s not helping us in anyway…”

Jackion put up a green shield to protect itself; Hipopo jumped in an extremely speedy matter to the center of the field, making a blue orb materialize from on top of its body, growing bigger and bigger to in a slow-motion way. The orb of water quickly exploded in an extremely loud surfing wave sound, causing Laprax and Magnetrivu to take the full blast while Jackion was protected. Water was spattered everywhere on the sand, and Hipopo quickly fainted to be the three Pokémon returned.

“Your foolish attacks are making this too easy! If this were a regular six-on-six battle, I would have already won at this point- I can’t believe a former top Cipher Admin like you Eldes could be losing like this. How pathetic.”

“Well at least I’m not treating my Pokémon like illegal explosives to hurt the tourists on the beach, along with your earlier schemes!”

“Who cares about my Pokémon? All they’re worth is ending a battle like this quickly and going to the dumps. That’s what Pokémon Centers are for!”

“What a meanie! Pokémon Centers are there to heal your Pokémon after they had wonderful battles and appeals, not so you can dump fainted Pokémon and expect them to be recharged like Game Boy SP’s to waste the energy again!” “She’s right. Using a self-destruct strategy can formulate a victory, but you’ve lost respect on the way.”

“Who cares about respect? If anybody I don’t like walks into my office and causes a fuss, I’ll just take an Electrode bomb and throw it at them--look how easy things are!”

“So you’re treating them like broken toys? How dare you!” “Well let’s just win this battle so we can get going already- send out your Pokémon!”

“Why don’t you send out yours first? They were knocked out, after all.”

“Whatever, you big not-treating Pokémon-nice man.” Mana released Melodic.

“I’ll choose Gengar!” Snattle released Gengar, and then…

“Mana, be careful, that’s a Shadow Pokémon!” “So we’re supposed to do something with it?” “We’re supposed to Snag it with a Snag Machine, like the kind Jaden has, but I’m afraid we don’t have one with us right now, meaning we have to destroy it.” “I hope it doesn’t get hurt…oh well, it’s ‘evil’, right?”

“Why don’t you stop talking already you two, and send out your Pokémon, Eldes? It’s a new round and I think it’s one for destruction as per the previous rounds!”

“Go Daggerator!”

A new round, and Gengar’s Attack and Special Attack increased by 1.

“Gengar, Shadow Grave and Jackion, Defense Masher!”

“Melodic, Sing!” “Daggerator, Slash on Jackion!”

Daggerator jumped up and slashed Daggerator with its tail, dealing little damage considering the defensive powers it had. Gengar made some tombstones out of the ground, which then opened to release two Shadow Duskull onto the field and attacking Melodic and Daggerator respectively; it then went back into the two graves, then shattered. No damage was inflicted on the two, but wave lines went down to show they lost some kind of stat.

“Don’t forget the massive stat increase my Jackion has cannot be bypassed! And thanks to the effect of Shadow Grave, I get to conjure up two Psychic, Ghost or Dark Pokémon each turn and attack them with a move they know.”

“That’s not fair!” “What did it use?”

“In this case, it was Shadow Down, a move decreasing the Defense of both Pokémon attacked by it for two points, decreasing their power even more for my next move!”

Melodic sang out a beautiful tune, making music notes travel over to Jackion’s face to put the laughing Gengar fall into a deep sleep.

Snattle chuckled. “It doesn’t matter what you try and do, because I’m allowed to change the status conditions of my Pokémon once per turn at anytime I desire, remember? And for this time, I shall make Gengar poisoned!”

Gengar woke up immediately, then some blending poison waves traveled through it, but quickly shattered afterwards, no condition inflicted.

“But as you can see, my Gengar is a Ghost/Poison type, meaning it can’t be affected by Poison, so basically I just rid it of its sleeping condition!”

“But that means I can’t status affect it!” “Good strategy he made, he knew the poison condition didn’t work on a similar type. He has changed for the worse, though…”

“Now you shall feel the power of continuing wrath from Jackion!” My plan is simple-All I have to do is further weaken their Pokémon’s already diminished Defenses, then I shall be able to use yet another bombing move to destroy them, provided they don’t have anything up their sleeves, this should work perfectly…

Jackion made a large barrier of energy shatter on them, revealing wave marks lowering the Defense and Special Defense of both its targets (Melodic and Daggerator, -2 Defense and Special Defense).

A new round, and Crazy Aura kicked in to increase Gengar’s Attack and Special Attack (+2 at this point).

“I have a plan, but it’s gonna rely on you, Eldes. You know what Mirror Storm does, right?” “Yeah…I get your plan- let’s do it.”

Snattle’s ‘hat’ twitched a little. They think I didn’t hear that, but what they don’t know is special effects don’t work on Gengar…so they’re attacking themselves… “I’m up to your plan- I have funny hats, you know. Now, Gengar, Shadow Illusion and Jackion, Sword Rise!”

“Let’s get our game on- Melodic, Mirror Storm!” “Let’s make this work- Daggerator, Thunder Tail on Melodic!”

Melodic glowed a powerful shine, radiating and making a beautiful rising voice while it became longer and formed a barrier around it. Daggerator followed the attack by charging its two-pronged tails with lightning before striking down on the barrier at full force, making the crystal glow a bright light- but Snattle chuckled.

“That won’t work on me at all…”

“We’ll just see!” they both declared, “Miror Storm!”

* * *

Back at the crystal Contest Hall, Jaden, Miror B. and Jillian were pondering on how to destroy the extremely compact silver bomb able to explode the entire mall, with 36 minutes already chipped off at the present time. Their Pokémon were out.

“Think about it…an ability that stops self-destruction,” said Miror B.

“I don’t have any,” replied Jaden.

Jillian slumped down to the ground. “I don’t either.”

The voice of Snattle’s came back on:
30 minutes of the hour or 30 seconds of a minute.
Balanced tourney- preliminaries, qualifying, quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals.
Midlife crisis occurs around this part of your life.
What the heck am I talking about?

“I know this funky riddle- after all, I always throw time limit tournaments…half! I’m right, right? Groovy…now we won’t die for a moment…”

That’s right and your award for answering this riddle correctly…is that you have…half the time left to complete it! The machine snickered making the three look in terror as the timer went from 24 to 12 minutes in a flash.

“That’s not fair!” complained Jillian.

“Why’d you answer that, Miror B.?”

“Because if I didn’t, even worse things can happen than that- think about the funky consequences! But for now, let’s dance out the ability- and I know what it is!”

“So…come on…” they urged.

“The answer is that…we need to dance to the beat…oh yeah…”

“WHAT?!” Jaden and Jillian anime-style fainted. “THAT’S NOT FUNNY!”

“Alright, alright, just kidding! We need a Pokémon with the Damp ability. The thing said we couldn’t attack and needed a skill able to disarm bomb, so this is groovicicious!”

“But we don’t have any Pokémon with that ability!”

“Jaden’s right-- we don’t. So your plan’s not gonna work if we don’t have the stuff.”

“But I do!” Miror B. took out another PokéBall, releasing Golduck. “You see this dance of mines has that skill, so dance on, baby, oh yeah! Now Golduck, use your ability!”

Golduck ran over to the ticking silver bomb, and then made the area around it dark and misty, a shattering sound could be heard from it. The mist cleared up and the bomb was in pieces, the three happy of the sight it was destroyed.

“You did something right for once!” cheered Jillian. “Good job!”

“And what the funk do you mean by that…?”

“Oh nothing, you may be annoying to the point I wanna kill you, but sometimes you put that brain of yours to good work for once…”

“I don’t have a brain-- my Afro does all the thinking.”

The voice came back, you took more than half-an-hour to think of the way to destroy the bomb and now you’re celebrating on how ‘well’ you did? Well the party’s over, and the mall’s about to destruct everyone in ten minutes! Bombs began sticking out from the ground in an anti-matter way, dozens appearing in the room. They all began ticking down from ten minutes to the terror of all of them. If even one goes off, then you shall all die in a flash, so you better do something or else.

“That’s not fair! Miror B. already stopped you! What the freak?!”

“Stop whining Jillian! Miror B. can stop them again!”

“Leave it all to me!” Miror B. was running around the stadium comically with his Golduck, destroying all the silver bombs in an instant, but with every one destroyed, more took its place for an unknown reason. “For the meantime, you two better boogie on outta here and take the top route to do so!”

“But what about you?” asked Jillian, “come with us already!”

“I’ll be fine, this could be my encore presentation! Here, take a chopper I own to get outta here already. It’s up to me to protect everyone in this place, considering the fact I own it, so here!” Miror B. threw a card key over to Jaden, who caught it.

“We hafta get outta here before it’s too late-- let’s go Jillian.” Jaden grabbed her hand and began running as quick as he can.

Jillian resisted and stopped in her tracks. “But what about--”

“Just go!” Miror B. ordered.

“Okay…” Jillian reluctantly ran with Jaden, quickly exiting the hall to go into an elevator taking them to the summit.

They ran outside and everyone else was confused. Jaden revealed a card key slot and slipped in the card Miror B. gave to them, allowing the welcome of a chopper arriving immediately without a seen pilot as if it was already there.

The colors on the panels lit up, and asked in a feminine automated voice, “What is your destination?”

“ACDC Town,” replied Jaden, making the automated chopper rise from the ground with a small gust of wind to the stadium before flying away.

“Why ACDC Town?”

“Because that’s where my ‘home’ is, and once we get there, we can settle down and find out what we have to do next. Besides, I trust Miror B. enough to not let anybody get hurt down there, and we can be away from the dangerous location.”

“I guess so…I just hope Miror B.’s alright.”

“Don’t worry. Knowing him, he’s probably having fun right now-- he’s always the kind of person to keep himself in a good mood even when times are tough.”

“I guess you’re right. Thanks for making me feel better.”

The chopper flew away in sight quickly, traveling to the designated location Jaden picked out, where worries would reduce but not completely diminished.

* * *

Back at the battle, Eldes could feel a powerful jolt go through his body as he limped down and began breathing hard. “I feel as if something horrible is about to occur…”

“What is it Eldes?” asked Mana.

“I don’t know, but I can feel it…Snattle, what are you up to?!”

“What in the world could you be asking me? Oh yes, I know. Jaden and your other friend along with Miror B. helped destroy the bomb, so I decided I should do something to keep them entertained…the game never ends.”

“If they solved it, that means they’re safe, right?” “No, knowing Snattle, he has a feel tricks up his sleeve, and the kind you would not want to enjoy…”

“That’s right, you fools. Because they managed to destroy the first one, my powers allowed me to generate even more into the mall, now Miror B.’s on a wild goose chase to destroy all the bombs in the place-- and if he misses even one, the entire mall will be vaporized by the bomb…unless he takes their place.”

“Stop hurting people already!” “Snattle- that is sick, what you’re doing.”

“On the contrary, I’m feeling perfectly fine, and if you want this wretched building to stay in place, then Miror B.’s about to take the place for them. He will be ours, and soon even more for our plan. Time for you two to die!”

* * *

Back at the crystal stadium, more bombs were appearing in an infinite number, Miror B. and his Golduck destroying each and every one with their arrival.

“Don’t mess with my groove, blasters!” Miror B. shot a beam out of his afro to destroy a huge range of bombs, but they rematerialized.

Snattle’s voice came back up.
One by itself to match all the others.
Is it worth your being?
A cost of truth, for the others to survive.
Give in, and I promise…
No one else will die!

A huge crystal appeared in the center of the stadium- to the top even, and began ticking down from ten seconds, a loud shine appeared with every passing one.

“If I have to give myself up and save everyone else, then okay…” Miror B. danced over to the crystal and touched it with will and heart pounding…

A white flash…with no sound heard at all…growing and spreading more and more…the seconds stopped, and the entire crystal stadium shattered into pieces, but nothing else in the mall was destroyed…the center of the debris was Miror B. on the ground and blackened all over- his body dematerializing like broken data as parts of his hair fell off and his face began to melt, along with blood on the floor.

On Miror B.’s face was a smile, even though blood was dripping from his mouth into the melted face liquid. He chuckled as he saw his body with dematerializing data. “I saved everyone from that funky stuff…at least I’ll go to a better place…how groovy…”

A computer voice was heard: Miror B., deleted. Miror B. shattered.


25th July 2006, 10:19 PM
Episode 9: The Welcoming Party

“Whoa, did you just feel that?” asked Jillian. “I felt a weird shock go through my body.

“I have no idea what it was, but yeah,” Jaden answered. “What was it?”

“This might sound really cheesy, but I think it’s because we just lost a friend trying to help us, you know where I’m getting at, right?”

“Why would any of our friends get hurt? And besides, if they do, I’m gonna be the one to get the bad guys and destroy them!”

“Duh! Remember when Miror B. decided to stay behind so we’d go and be safe? I told you he should’ve come with us. Now something really bad happened to him.”

“But how would you know…? Is there something going on?”

Jillian blushed, comically slapping Jaden on the back. “Of course nothing’s going on, we’re only friends, after all.” She stopped blushing. “But seriously, I do have a lot of friends- you don’t know that, and if they get hurt, I feel their pain.”

“I know what you mean. Let’s just hope Miror B. didn’t get really hurt; I bet he’s just celebrating his saving people and getting so excited even we can feel it.”

“Sure Jaden, I’ll hope for the best.”

The chopper continued on during the screen with the empty sky traffic, making a small turn and drifting away as they saw the huge buildings ahead.

* * *

“I know you just did something bad, meanie!” “What did you just do?”

“What do you assume me of doing, for one thing? All I’m trying to do is easily win a 2-on-1 battle, and I’m afraid it’s working. If winning an unfair match is considered a crime, then I’ll go with you…” Snattle laughed evilly. “But then again, nothing actually looks destroyed from the outside, so please don’t accuse - it’s rude.”

Eldes, voiceover, I know this freak just did something a few moments ago, that’s why Mana and me felt a jolt go past us. A person like him would never be able to feel that considering he doesn’t have any true friends, but the person that was assaulted was a friend for some reason…I don’t know whom…but that doesn’t matter!

“Let’s get on with the battle, you fools. If I recall correctly, your Melodic was about to use Mirror Storm to terrorize the entire playing field, right? Well then stop talking about it and show me this magical storm you have set up- I need to be entertained.”

“Why do you sound so confident, old guy? Let’s…go!” “Confident or not, our combo can’t be taken down by him since he didn’t activate any strange abilities so far.”

The white spikes and spears interconnected into the air with great speed, forming a barrier around everybody, then all of them fell onto Daggerator, Gengar, and Jackion, whom were forcefully struck by the glowing projectiles, and the number increased by the moment until all of the shots were a whole bunch of straight lines paralyzed in the sky, rainbow completely and moving around like a hundred lasers shot from a person above, the formation of a ritual. All of them eventually hit the other three Pokémon at least once and then they shattered into glass; a few seconds later, the attack was over. The crystal shield disengaged after the attack, crushing into glass and Melodic was also shattered as well, regaining its normal form- Jackion, Melodic, Daggerator fainted, but…

“How did your weird Gengar escape my nice Melodic?” “Grr…I knew it was a trap. You were up to something, right?”

“Yeah, I think it’s a good idea if I thank you two for what you just did, because by activating Mirror Storm, both of your Pokémon fell like flies. However, my Gengar stays on the field better than ever thanks to the way it just is!”

“But that doesn’t make sense at all…you cheater, cheater, cheater!” “I thought not only does Mirror Storm drains a fixed amount of HP, but doesn’t it take twice the amount from a Ghost or Dark type? There’s something up!”

“You two are so right, yet you always end up making the wrong moves - Gengar, being the lucky Shadow Pokémon it is, and considering the way my wonderful boss did things to the critters, the boss and some Darkloid made it so not only do they have Shadow moves, but Dark abilities to further aid to their powers-- and the one you just triggered is Shadow Body: Shadow Guard, which prevents any move that has a type technically super-effective to it to not work on the owner at all; considering the fact Mirror Storm was a Light-type, I say that fits the bill. Time for some new faces!”

“Let’s go…Ludicolo!” Mana eagerly released Ludicolo. “Be nice and since this is the Double Battle rules, send out your Pokémon next, Snattle!”

“Whatever…I choose Castform…” he released it, but then…

“Mana, don’t ask me how I know this besides the fact the Castform he owns has this purple and black aura, but it’s a Shadow Pokémon, and don’t forget to think about the Shadow Powers and Bodies these gremlins decided to add to them. It looks like they’re back and stronger than ever now. Go Flygon!”

The field was now refilled with Ludicolo, Flygon, Castform, and the same surviving Gengar from the last round.

“Maybe it’s time for me to show you what happened a little earlier…it just might answer your suddenly getting-jolted by ‘feeling’, if you get what I mean.”

“Fine then, let me guess…it really hurt,” complained Mana.

The crystal orb worn my Snattle began to float again like before moving to the center of the field before projecting a large purple ray, slowly altering the colors until it was the flash of a movie projector so Mana and Eldes could see it.


A huge crystal appeared in the center of the stadium- to the top even, and began ticking down from ten seconds, a loud shine appeared with every passing one.

“If I have to give myself up and save everyone else, then okay…” Miror B. danced over to the crystal and touched it with will and heart pounding…

A white flash…with no sound heard at all…growing and spreading more and more…the seconds stopped, and the entire crystal stadium shattered into pieces, but nothing else in the mall was destroyed…the center of the debris was Miror B. on the ground and blackened all over- his body dematerializing like broken data as parts of his hair fell off and his face began to melt, along with blood on the floor.

On Miror B.’s face was a smile, even though blood was dripping from his mouth into the melted face liquid. He chuckled as he saw his body with dematerializing data. “I saved everyone from that funky stuff…at least I’ll go to a better place…how groovy…”

A computer voice was heard: Miror B., deleted. Miror B. shattered.


The strange glowing orb froze at the last second of the screen, the terrorizing appearance striking fear to Mana and Eldes when they figured out the reason why they felt a sudden jolt- for a person destroying their life just so he can save all the other people. It stopped glowing and began moving back to its owner, like last time, it fell right back into place as the magical crystal orb it happened to be.

“So someone most people didn’t even know went boom-boom just so we and the others could be saved…?” “He’s not really…is he?”

“Believe what you want, because this is real life, fools. Not your Saturday cartoons you wake up and whenever someone dies comically, they come back. Life is a ticking time bomb, and that’s true in more ways than one. But speeding up that tick is better.”

“Well your time’s just about done, fatty!” “You took the words right out of my mouth.”

“But how did you two…recover so quickly right after you just saw that screen? It doesn’t make any sense…grr, you die now!”

“I have no idea who that cool-looking guy was, but if he’d go through that much to save people he didn’t even know, then I’d consider him a friend.” “I don’t believe he’s truly gone, but in anyway, I’m avenging him for the sake of you going down!”

Snattle was strangely clapping his hands. “Bravo! Bravo! I have never seen a talk like that before. Normally breaking the spirits of my foes like the Jaden clip earlier usually gives me the advantage in battle- at least now I have a real opponent. Oops…wrong words…a little girl and an evil reject!”

“For one thing, my name’s Mana, not ‘little girl’! And now we’re about to show you how we’re gonna win-- Ludicolo, Rain Dance!” “Good move, Mana, and good recovery. Let’s surprise things with a Giga Drain…on Castform!”

“You fool! I know what you’re up to.” They’re making this too obvious. First, they want to use Ludicolo’s Rain Dance to turn the field rainy, which in turn activates Castform’s Forecast PokéBody- but they don’t even realize the fact thanks to Nebula, it doesn’t even have that skill anymore…and another fact they should keep in mind is that Ludicolo has a lower speed rating than Flygon, meaning their combo move won’t even work until next turn-- but by then, it will be too late…what fools… “I’m onto your common strategy, and it’s not about to work anytime soon-- Gengar, Shadow Punch on Ludicolo; Castform, Shadow Ball on Flygon!”

Ludicolo did a quick dance to summon a torrential downfall; pouring on the field and making all the other people run away from the sudden storm.

“But that’s impossible…Ludicolo’s Speed rating is much lower than Gengar or Flygon…you must have cheated!”

“Wow, he’s right Eldes. How did Ludicolo get so quick? A long time ago it used to always slack off and such…pretty weird…even though I shouldn’t be complaining on this at all.” “Don’t worry. I knew your Ludicolo would be quicker than my Flygon and his Gengar the moment you sent it out. It was pretty easy on why.” “But how could you know that?” “When you released Ludicolo, there was something different about it…a Marine Ribbon was on it, and here in the Tech region they promote stats to the one it was rewarded to.” “That sounds pretty cool.” “It is, and for this ribbon doubles the Speed of whoever possesses it- or as fast as the best swimmers in the seas, if you get my drift.”

Grr…so they did have a plan…but no matter- Castform’s PokéBody isn’t Forecast, so they can’t have it change to a Water-type Pokémon, meaning their plan’s going down. “I’m onto your plan, and as you can see…what?!”

“That’s right, funny man!” “I knew from the moment you released Castform, it would have a surprising special ability- so I came prepared! Knowing even someone like you is smarter than he appears to be, you were planning on our attack backfiring against us because of your Castform’s Shadow Body, right? Well wrong, because now I activate…my Flygon’s special ability.”

“Oh crap! So you did have something up your sleeves…grr…”

“I trusted Eldes enough to know he could pull off a cool combo like this without having tell me directly- now that’s what I called trust.” “Yep, and now its power will devastate you- Flygon, use your Rainbow Storm!”

“And just what in the world does that do?”

“Eldes, what does it do?” “When a Pokémon on the field uses a move causing a weather condition, for that one turn, my opponent’s Pokémon will be devastated by a move with all types--super effective against every Pokémon.”

“Holy $hit.” But will this work…? Let’s just see…

* * *

Back at the chopper, which was now hovering over ACDC Town with its many normal happy citizens. Jaden and Jillian could see the small houses and the fact there were no city facilities at all like buildings or factories- and the closest thing to city facilities was a subway station. The grass was completely green, undamaged, and smooth as if it were fake, along with the many trees in a small park having a Sentret as its mascot and an advanced-looking store in that very same area. On another block was a blue house with a red door, while the one to the left was pink and purple. A large mansion with huge lawns was on the right side of town, along with a long two-story school by it, and ironically an extremely small house next to the mansion. The atmosphere was completely nice, the kind of place where nobody would get hurt.

The chopper arrived in the middle of the park, where a squinted-eye, glasses nerdy looking guy with brown-bushed hair, a white collar, and a red tie on rushed out with slippers and yelled at the sight of the vehicle, blowing intense wind and even knocking out a big chunk of ‘computer chips’ down to the floor.

“Come on, let’s go Jillian!” Jaden grabbed Jillian’s arm and they jumped out of the chopper onto the grass…it was real, just in best condition.

“Where should we go?”

“I don’t know, let’s just run around in circles!”

“Yeah, whatever.”

Jaden and Jillian ran over to this tech colored three-story place with transparent light-blue glass like a business kind of place (but not too industrial for the city), having seats inside and such- even an automatic door, but nobody was inside. Inside they could see a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room, a silver door to a bathroom, and a staircase leading upstairs…could this be…

“I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say this is my place. Pretty cool for a first sight, if I do say so myself- sweet!”

“Yeah, pretty cool place. Wait…is this place even yours? We just barged inside for no reason whatsoever. Come on, don’t trespass.”

“Pretty long story, but I was on vacation with my dad and little sister, and we’re living here for the summer, so yeah. I’m heading upstairs to check out the rest.”

“Sure, be careful or whatever…”

Jaden ran up the large set of stairs, and the second level had the kind of atmosphere in a business place- like a hospital or lab. A room to the left led to the bathroom, while there were three opened doors ahead, and inside of them were beds and other accessories. The transparent glass on the right which took over the entire wall gave a nice sight of the place and beside it was a large marble staircase leading up to another level. He was about to head upstairs, but stopped when…

“Ahh! Somebody please help me!” it was Jillian’s voice. “There’s someone at the door and he barged in and then…”

“Shut up lady, and give me your money…” went a thug’s voice.

Jaden ran downstairs, and noticed four thugs- two were holding Jillian tightly, while the others were searching in the furniture of the other rooms. But they were more than just thugs…they were Heels.

“Hey, let go of her!”

“Why should we…?” they snickered.

“Because you’re not supposed to trespass into people’s houses!”

“So…? We couldn’t give a damn.” They took out a cannon and some dark cannonballs, slotting them in and taking aim for Jaden. “Time to die, idiot…”

Out of nowhere, a person’s hand stuck out from nowhere and released fire and water out of it, without the face being shown. It was as if the path of those attacks were able to be controlled, redirecting themselves and directly piercing the Heels through the middle of their bodies, killing them. A computer voice went HEELS, DELETED.

“Who in the world did that…?” wondered Jaden.

Jillian felt relieved. “At least nothing really bad happened.

Another Heel walked through the door, this one was completely charcoal black and his armor shined when he arrived, even though all the other characteristics was the same as the other Heels. “How dare you destroy my Heels, whoever you are…”

From the opened sliding door was an unusual, calm looking man with neat, pale blue hair wearing a casual blue blazer and such along with his jeans. “Hey dude…you shouldn’t be heading into other people’s places like that. It’s just lame.”

“Who’s that?” wondered Jillian.

The man flicked his hair. “If you must know, the name’s Garrett, Pokémon Coordinator.”

“You destroyed my Heels while we were on a mission to take out this lab guy’s place and info, so it’s time for you to die, right now! I’ll coordinate your arse!”

“Just try me…”

Coordinator Garrett vs. Heel Commander Dakra
[Garrett walks out onto the field with his nice sifting hair while closing his eyes in true passion, his blazer blowing as if he was a legend in a wind of portraits, then released his Swampert and Dragonite.] “This is unnecessary…why the violence of a battle?”

“Shut up! Go Onix and Camerupt!”

“Let’s make this quick…Swampert, Moody Flood; Dragonite, Trice Beam…”

“Onix, Iron Tail on Dragonite; Camerupt, Eruption now!”

Dragonite combined its energy with ice to create a strong ice beam coming from the eyes and the mouth; it instantly knocked out Onix with its icy strength.

“Gah! Return Onix, go Venusaur!”

“Don’t make this painful by sending out a Grass-type…please…”

Dragonite again used ice to create a strong ice beam coming from its eyes and mouth, instantly knocking out Venusaur with the encore attack.

“Whoa, it attacked twice!” exclaimed Jaden.

“That’s pretty ‘cool’, right?” punned Jillian.

“How did you…go Flygon!”

“You should know how this move works by now…”

Dragonite once more used ice to create a strong ice beam coming from its eyes and mouth, instantly knocking out Flygon with the powerful blast.

“My attack works three times…as long as the target faints…so there…”

“Gah! Go Magcargo!”

“Look at that! Another knockout!” yelled Jaden.

“Pretty cool, right?” replied Jillian.

“Wow…you really want to lose, right?”

Swampert use Moody Water, using the overwhelming power of water to attack the two enemies and knocking them out.

“A Double Knockout! See that Jillian?”

“And it’s still just the first round, Garrett’s cool.”

“How do you do that?”

“Moody Water’s power depends on the emotion of my Pokémon, and apparently, they’re quite happy right now- especially when they’re destroying scum like you.”

“$hit! Go Machamp! Time for me to attack!” he took out a cannonball and threw it in the air, directing at Garrett himself.

“One more left, but be careful!”

“He’s gonna hit you, watch out!” warned Jillian.

“You disgust me, attacking like that.” Garrett stopped the cannonball right in front of him. “It’s a Metal-type, so I’ll become metal as well.” With those words, Garrett’s entire body became metallic, and then the cannonball hit him, doing little to none.

“Gah! How’d you do that?”

“Did you see that Jillian?”

“Great Contest coordination!”

“If you didn’t already know yet, it’s that I can change my type whenever I desire, so metal shouldn’t do much. Now it’s time to take you out, and for trying to hurt my Pokémon, and me you’ve made me angry. Water Frown time.”

“$hit! I’m gonna lose!”

“Of course.”

Water and Fire flew out of Garrett’s hands and attack the targets- the Machamp and the Heel himself. The Machamp was knocked out.

“Whoa! He won in one round!” called the excited Jaden.

“He did it with beautiful attacks too,” replied Jillian.

“I thought the mission was supposed to be easy!” a computer voice after those losing words said, HEEL COMMANDER, DELETED.

“That was fairly quick to say the least…so, are you two alright? Did he hurt you in anyway or were you accidentally caught in the battle in any sense of the word?”

“No, we’re alright. But awesome battling you did there! It was cool how you beat that creep in less than one round- I’ve never seen that before. You wanna battle someday?

“I’m not a battling kind of person- more of a coordinator.”

“But you do battle, right?” asked Jaden.

“This was one of my few…Contest Battles, many though.”

“Thanks for rescuing me when those guys held me in a weird way.”

“Hey, that’s what you get for wearing a cute outfit. Well from my point of view it looks like you’re not wearing much at all.”

Jillian blushed at Garrett’s words. “Well I was kinda hot and better like this…”

Jaden and Garrett gently laughed at Jillian’s innocent words.

Jillian was confused, “what’s so funny…? I don’t get it…”

* * *

Back at the other battle with Snattle right before Flygon was about to use Rainbow Storm and devastate Snattle’s side of the field.

“Now Flygon…use Rainbow Storm!” ordered Mana and Eldes in unison.

More and more rain collected onto Flygon’s wings, making it glow a brilliant blue followed by the rest of its body in a brilliant shining to the intensity of the present raining. With a powerful glow and a huge elegant flap of its huge wings, Flygon unleashed many powerful slices of winds and tornados with the same idea as the name, moving around in a beautiful rainbow pattern like dumping random water paints onto a palette with ironic perfect precision. They blew with elegant and strength at the same time, with people back in their hotels looking out at the battle and the people deciding to remain at the beach regardless of the powerful raining conditions watched as their eyes glowed with the same beautiful color. Blowing wind damaged many things; the colorful attack was over, everyone amazed. But Castform and Gengar both were…

“But that’s not fair! How come your friends didn’t go down?” “How could anything escape the power of Rainbow Storm? That’s not possible!”

Snattle chuckled, holding up a silver cellphone with a screen in the middle, along with a purple chip with the picture of a person dematerializing. “You’ll see soon enough…”


26th July 2006, 5:26 AM
sorry about getting your old thread on this closed (is my fault) but i liked the new chapter OMGZ A CANNON (runs away in fear) i got a big laugh outta dat one!

put more hilarity (just a teeny bit don't over funny) and i will like and admire this fic tons more hurray.

it'd be real funny if harley was the main enemy it'd be real funny if he was i'd laugh my head off. can't wait for next chapter! again good one.

(i'm in a bad mood points gun to random persons face then puts it away gaining control over self) yeah if i had a gun that's how i would be but thank the lords i don't

again sorry about getting your last thread closed i couldn't get on before it was sorry i see you deleted your spam posts i wasn't in time (beats a punching bag so hard it falls apart and i beat up person holding it unknowlingly in rage) but really sorry man.

27th July 2006, 12:58 AM

1. Don't worry about it, I got my own thread closed.
2. I'll add more humor- I'm planning to.
3. Harley's my fav character, but not the big bad guy for this fic.
4. Next chapter up.
================================================== =======
The battle continues…

“That pretty Rainbow Storm should’ve knocked you and your Pokémon into next week, so what happened?” “Those Shadow Pokémon have much more abilities than I thought they did before. Everytime we attack, they find a way to get back at us…”

“You wasted such ‘a powerful ability’ using your Rainbow Storm, and because of that, you two shall pay for even having the weird thought of taking out Governor Snattle! You see, even though Rainbow Storm is composed of all the types, meaning normally they would cancel each other out upon contact with my Pokémon, you also stated the special ability of your skill makes every attack super-effective, right? So that means…”

“No fair! Our attack didn’t work.” “I’m a fool…I should’ve remembered…”


“How did your weird Gengar escape my nice Melodic?” “Grr…I knew it was a trap. You were up to something, right?”

“Yeah, I think it’s a good idea if I thank you two for what you just did, because by activating Mirror Storm, both of your Pokémon fell like flies. However, my Gengar stays on the field better than ever thanks to the way it just is!”

“But that doesn’t make sense at all…you cheater, cheater, cheater!” “I thought not only does Mirror Storm drains a fixed amount of HP, but doesn’t it take twice the amount from a Ghost or Dark type? There’s something up!”

“You two are so right, yet you always end up making the wrong moves - Gengar, being the lucky Shadow Pokémon it is, and considering the way my wonderful boss did things to the critters, the boss and some Darkloid made it so not only do they have Shadow moves, but Dark abilities to further aid to their powers-- and the one you just triggered is Shadow Body: Shadow Guard, which prevents any move that has a type technically super-effective to it to not work on the owner at all; considering the fact Mirror Storm was a Light-type, I say that fits the bill. Time for some new faces!”


“So as you can see, wasting one good attempt after another isn’t going to work unless your plan is to waste your own power, my friends. Ran out of ‘powerful’ attempts?”

“We still have a lotta power to fight against someone as weird as you!” “What doesn’t make sense is how your Castform got out of it! Wait, what’s wrong with your Castform?”

Eldes looked at Castform, having the shadow aura even bigger than before, and the fear of it all was the fact the floater was transparent, angry looking as well.

Snattle was holding up his silver ‘cellphone’. “Ha, ha, ha! When you attacked, you felt right into my trap! As you can see in my hand, this is what you would call a Battle Disk, but here in the Tech region they work quite differently, and this one is called DarkInvis, something allowing my Pokémon to be unable to be targeted for three turns.” The ‘disk’ on the inside had the picture of a certain character losing his body, and it was dark.

“So your Castform can’t be attacked?” “Don’t worry, Mana. Even though Snattle may have strengthened tremendously, I still have a way out of this situation.”

“It’s not like I can even give you enough time to get out of this right now, you fool. Castform can’t be destroyed for three turns, and you don’t even have enough time to stall for half that long, and don’t forget those moves won’t even work on Gengar. But now it may already be too late, because since both of your Pokémon were somehow quicker than mines, time to attack you!”

Flygon flew at Castform’s direction, sharpening its teeth and attempting to drain Castform’s HP, but because of the ethereal, it didn’t work.

“You see how invincible my Castform is? And thanks to that, my favorite Pokémon shall take you down completely!”

Gengar threw a Shadow Punch at Ludicolo for some damage while Castform generated a Shadow Ball around it, and then unleashed it at Flygon for some damage as well. They hovered back down, snickering.

“Fine then you meanie, we’ll just have to redirect our attacks over to that Gengar, but they can’t be special attack, so Ludicolo use Ice Punch on Gengar!” “Flygon, Steel Wing on Gengar as well! This should take it down.”

“How futile…Gengar, Shadow Punch on Ludicolo; Castform, Shadow Ball on Flygon!”

Ludicolo punched Gengar an icy fist, doing little damage; Flygon used its wings to become silver and slice Gengar, adding up more damage for the previous one. Gengar punched Ludicolo a shadowy fist while Castform shot out another Shadow Ball for moderate damage to Flygon.

Fu…fu…fu…” Snattle took out another ‘disk’; this one had a picture of a small ball in the air after a huge purple blast on the ground, along with the ball itself darkened with many people in the background destroyed from the impact. “You know what this is?”

“It looks just like that other chip you used to make Castform invisible!” “Mana, this one looks a little different than the other one- let’s be careful.”

“For my turn, I shall give my Gengar the power to use this- and now it’s time for Dark Bomb, slot it, download!”

Snattle’s Gengar gained an aura even stronger than it already was, yelling as its eyes glowed with darkness and snickering after the effect, looking down onto the ground as in its hand materialized the same looking bomb as on the ‘disk’ itself.

“Is that what I think it is?” “It is…brace yourself.”

“You’re about to feel the true terror of my team!”

* * *

“So…what are we gonna do now…?” asked Jaden.

“I don’t know why we came here in the first place!” whined Jillian.

“Didn’t you two come here for a reason at least?” wondered Garrett. “But then again, if you two didn’t come, this place would’ve been trashed. That wouldn’t be cool.”

“But then again, if we didn’t come over to my dad’s place, you would’ve been able to stop those guys from ruining the place, right?”

Jillian eyes-dropped pointing at Jaden. “And I wouldn’t have been in the situation I was in when they were looking up where they shouldn’t been looking up.”

“Actually, dude, I came here because I heard this totally cute gal screaming, and I was ‘bombdiggety, a girl’s in trouble!’ so I ran over here and stopped them.”

“Err…” Jaden mumbled to himself.

“Well thanks again…I guess…”

“No thanks needed, but dude, if you ever see any other people getting a double-whammy, give me a call and I’ll make sure they bite the dust, alright guys?” he threw two calling cards at Jaden and Jillian, who caught them (Jillian blushed). “See ya, cool dude and gal.”

“Wow…that was a strange experience…”

“Wait Garrett!” Jillian ran outside. “Don’t leave yet- you’re so--”

“Cute? Yeah, I get that a lot, even though I know I’m not. Gotta go skate and coordinate over at my crib, see ya dudes.” Garrett walked off, hanging his hair back while doing so.

“How’d he know I was gonna say…”

“~Jillian. There’s something in paradise!”

“What do you mean?”

“You blushed, you were about to say he was--”

“I didn’t say he’s cute!”

“No, but you blushed, and you were about to. ”

“Okay, fine, whatever. What are we gonna do now?”

“I don’t know- let’s just run around in circles, then. That might be kinda fun, or we can have a battle, or we can--”

“Or I can go get ready for my next contest- don’t forget, I’m still a contest M.C.”

“Or you can go get more dressed so something like that doesn’t happen again.”

“Or you can go over to one of those shops over there and get a more advanced PDA. Why not? Yours is kinda outdated if you ask me.”

“What do you mean ‘outdated’? The PDA lets you get on the Internet anytime you want in a compact display! How can that be ‘outdated’?”

“Yeah, you’re pretty much outdated anyways. Why don’t you go over to one of the shops in this town and exchange yours for a new one?”

“Why should I?”

“Because then you’ll never come even close as that other guy, Garrett. You see, here in the Tech region, battles work kinda differently. For one thing, trainers are allowed to attack alongside their Pokémon for a stronger sense of bond, so that’s something to remember, right? However, if you can’t attack on your own, you might as well update your PDA so you can assist them in battle with helpful items- ones that you can use over and over again instead of being onetime used like the other countries.”

“That sounds pretty cool. I remember when I was battling Miror B. earlier he was able to use attacks of his own, but if I could do that, that would be sweet!”

Jillian began walking. “Head over there soon, alright?”

“Sure! See ya!”

Jillian raised her hand while walking the other way, kind of happy and still blushing a little, but recovered for her job as a Contest M.C.

* * *

“Time for you two to experience the true power of bombs! The power of Dark Bomb shall devastate the entire field! And now, Gengar, show them the true power of a Shadow Pokémon along with the capabilities of an evil item!”

Gengar threw the bomb onto the center of the field, which exploded a huge blow of dark smoke damaging everything on the field, Mana and Eldes bracing as they couldn’t see a single thing on the ground, Snattle blown back but not caring.

“I can’t see a thing!” “What’s happening to our Pokémon?”

“You may not know what happening to your Pokémon, but I know perfectly well…they’re about to go down once the smoke clears! Fufufu…”

The smoke cleared up slowly, and they noticed Ludicolo, Flygon, and Gengar were on the ground, shattering from the attack and returned to their PokéBalls.

“All three of them were knocked out?!” “But we should’ve survived- you didn’t use any stat enhancers for this set of Pokémon.”

“Very perceptive of you, but the power of Dark Bomb does fixed damage to every available Pokémon on the field, 500 to be exact, meaning Gengar went down with you two, but that doesn’t matter.”

“And his Castform can’t be attacked for another round…” “Time for our plan.”

“I don’t know what are these plans you speak of, but whatever you have in mind is going down for the count, so don’t try it on me you fools. Two against one ends with my win.”

“Not good enough, Snattle, because we still have some fight left in us! We’re gonna stop you whether you like it or not. Go Clovescarf!” “Time for your plan to work against you, and once it does, it will destroy you! Go Hikarijask!”

“Oh crap, that fool has a Hikarijask?!”

“Yeah, and it’s about to hurt you a lot!” “Not pain, but rather with light.”

“My Gengar’s gone, meaning Light-type moves are about to work. That means…”

“That’s right!” “Time to go down! And I forgot to mention, the powers of Hikarijask’s moves have the ability to pierce invisibility due to the Light-type special effects!”

“No!” They managed to get around it…but…hey, one more turn of raining, means one more turn of my horror! “It’s time for you two to blow up! Now as an insane last resort, I shall destroy Hikarijask with my Thunder attack!”

“He can still attack…I forgot!” “Mana, in order for the plan to work, can you take a fall?” “Sure, Clovescarf, if you please…” “Thanks, Mana.”

“Time for you to die for making a calm and handsome man like me get so angry!” the ‘hat’ he had charged with yellow, conjuring powerful thunderbolts to strike from the sky. “Time to go Hikarijask!”

The bolt struck, but Clovescarf got in the way, ruining the attack and getting knocked out along in the way. Snattle was enraged.

“Now it’s time for you to go, big man!” “You took the words right out of my mouth, so it’s time…” they both said in unison, “Hikarijask, Reverse Bell!”

“How dare you stand up to my power!”

A wonderful sounding bell was heard in the background, along with the elegant Hikarijask glowing with the tone. Barklame, Seaweedo, Daggerator, Magnetrivu, Flygon, Chansey, Raichu, Laprax, Ludicolo, Melodic, Clovescarf; appeared in the same glowing and ghostly form, charging energy to do their attacks. They were all ready and released large massive waves of energy to strike Castform and Snattle, blowing them back and Snattle’s Castform shattering. The images disappeared, and Eldes returned Hikarijask back into his PokéBall, walking towards Snattle.

“You have been defeated, now come with me downtown.”

Snattle had an insane look on his face. “You may have won, but don’t think that means I lost, you fools. I told you people were about to die, and I meant it.” Snattle got up, his mood necklace glowing more than ever before.

“You have the right to remain silent.”

“How dare you, little boy. You’re much younger than me, so be quiet. Besides, this entire battle was just to stall for time, so the real bomb can be activated.”

“No!” yelled Mana. “All of them are gone!”

“Says who? Says you, little girl. The stalling appeared to has worked, for now every single person in that mall, and on this beach shall be under our control.” The mood ring glowed even more. “You see, back when you were searching for me back at the mall, the bombs you disarmed were nothing compared to what I wanted to do, and those were the weakest ones. However, the most powerful ones were completely invisible to you and wouldn’t give off any ticking sound at the risk of you knowing. Miror B.’s futile efforts were for no reason, and because of that, they shall all be in ruins.”

“Empty threats, Snattle.”

“It’s 5:59 PM right now, and in ten seconds, watch out. Now you shall hear…”

A feminine automated voice came off. Detonation bomb will be going off in…




“Stop scaring us!” complained Mana.




“You’re coming with me, Snattle.” Eldes put handcuffs on Snattle, who wore them without struggling, rather he was laughing manically.





“Everybody is about to start a new life…” started Snattle.

Zero…all lifeforms being captured and digitized.

“Heh…” Snattle turned into a block of data and traveled to the sky in a stream of pixels, snickering as he did so and a computer voice went, Snattle, logging out. The handcuffs worn dropped down to the sands of the beach.

“Damn it, he got away.”

“Don’t worry Eldes, you’ll get him next time.”

The sand beneath them began swirling a little, causing Mana and Eldes to run away, the people of the beach along with their vacationing devices began to digitize into data, shattering after they became and melting into the sand. A computer voice went, Humans, captured. even the sand was being taken.

“We have to get out of here, Mana!”

“I know!”

They both began running, and to their increasing fear the entire mall from the top to bottom was being digitized into data, along with the airport and every plant around the place. Soon, a loud shattering could be heard as people tried to escape, but captured by digitizing as they ran, transmitted as data now. Moving airplanes in the sky around the diameter began to disappear, while Mana and Eldes ran for their lives. People trying to catch up before the sand could destroy them were drained like quicksand before they had the opportunity to. Literal number for tons of water and the lifeforms were being shattered and captured as well, along with the cars in the sidewalk vanishing. Mana and Eldes managed to cross a street into a safe block, where many people looked at the disaster confused, the two breathing hard, but relieved.

“Everything I tried to do was futile…”

“Eldes don’t worry. We tried all we can- the best we can.”

“I don’t think the ‘best we can’ managed to save anybody back on the beach, mall, and airport, Mana. I tried and failed. Nothing worked out.”

Mana comically took a hammer out and bashed Eldes on the head. “Eldes, why are you looking down like this? If that was his plan from the start, that means we can’t do anything to stop him now. Learn from mistakes okay Mr. Cool-Guy?”

“But those people died from the deletion…remember what Snattle said? There’s no way to get them back now…I can’t do anything right.”

“You’re right, you can’t do anything right!”


“Just kidding, what I mean’s that you’re wrong about them being deleted, remember?”


“Everybody is about to start a new life…” started Snattle.

Zero…all lifeforms being captured and digitized.

“Heh…” Snattle turned into a block of data and traveled to the sky in a stream of pixels, snickering as he did so and a computer voice went, Snattle, logging out. The handcuffs worn dropped down to the sands of the beach.


“That voice said they were captured. Besides, if they were deleted, there would’ve been more aftermath appearance anyways.”

“Wow, you’re pretty smart- and you’re only a little girl so far!”

Mana took out another hammer and smashed it on Eldes comically. “I’m eight years old, Eldes- that’s pretty experienced, and to show it, I’m in the eighth grade!

“For some reason, I believe you on that…”

“My big brother’s ten years old and he’s only in the fifth grade- I don’t know why he got left back. I hope he catches up.”

“He’s not left back…he’s ‘average’, guess you’re not.”

“You’re calling me a freak?”

“No, you’re above average- that’s good.”

“You’re calling my big brother a freak?”

“No, I’m saying you’re…never mind- let’s just find out what to do next…”

“Let’s go back to my house! You have a ride for us, right?”

“Yeah, about that…you see, the helicopter was…”

* * *

Jaden, voiceover, Hey…things seem to be all better now, aside from the things happening back over at the airport and mall with Snattle destroying random things with his fat arse and such…now, what to do next…? Jaden began walking randomly, having nothing to do and not aware of what could happen next.

He went back inside, and lied down on one of the couches, and turned on the television, with a broadcast for some news.

“We bring you here at the Tech City broadcast station on an astonishing and terrifying feat: three terrorists have been responsible for the destruction of Tech Airport and Mall- seemingly using technology to erase everything on sight, and are now on the run.” There were three mugshots behind her of the members- Lovrina, Snattle, and Gorigan.

“Hey, but that’s the guy who destroyed the stadium, Snattle! And those other two are in the world book of criminals dad showed me…that’s weird…”

The screen turned to the point of the now airport and mall, completely empty and perfectly clean as if nothing was ever built over there- ground shaved in complete flatness and the marble floor clean as if the place was beginning to be built.

“That looks sweet, well the flat neatness. But if those three could do something like that, then that’s pretty sweet and horrible. Wow…better keep on my toes.

“As you can see, the three criminals completely destroyed the place, and everyone in the locations were digitized and captured by advanced technology.”

“Oh no, that means Mana, Eldes, and dad are in trouble!”

“Next, we’ll show you a terrifying report happening in the middle of one of the town’s skyscrapers, where the gorilla like man of the three criminals happens to be holding a scientist captive tied on a lightning rod of a tower in Elec Town named…”

A look of shock ran through Jaden’s face. “Dad?!”


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ay first to review i'm awesome! anyway great chapter and i am in a bad mood so i didn't get part of it but great job

27th July 2006, 2:10 AM
Lovrina, Snattle and Goirgan being called terrorists well that adds a interseting twist to this fic.

I'm quite interseted to see what happens to anybody that's digitzed. And also nice job on the work of this chapter.

27th July 2006, 2:17 AM
oh yeah i forgot about the digitalization thing very nice twist at the end. yay they made it out of there wohoo! (dances a jig) [by they i mean mana and eldes) you said on the old thread that miror b won't stay dead (mean snattle going against his word now kidnaps all of shadow nebula and makes them watch embarrassing moments of snattle on recorded tv)

Helpful Critic
27th July 2006, 3:22 AM
You know how I said that 1% of his character wasn't right. Well here is a word I wouldn't think would be in his vocabulary: ‘bombdiggety'. No offense.

Nice twist. I didn't expect them to tie Jaden's Dad to a Electric Rod. Does Garrett disappear for a long time, then reappear, or will we be seeing him soon?

27th July 2006, 3:46 AM
^Bombdiggety? My bad, I was thinking about Viewtiful Joe, my second favorite show, because Joe's cool and Silvia's hot. By the way, yeah, he's gonna appear again, don't worry. He IS a G-Men/Coordinator, after all- and there's so much potential for his other Pokemon, along with contest intros.

Jaden's dad is like the clone of Lan/Netto's dad, don't you think?

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Alright Helpful Critic, but you don't mind if I have him skateboard and all that right? Making him a Coordinator's a pretty great honor, considering the fact I'm more of a Contest kinda guy than a battler. You could notice I also make him say words like "dude". If there's anything wrong with his character other than what you already stated, tell me and I'll fix it in the next handful of chapters. By the way, yeah, he's in the next chapter, alright?

27th July 2006, 10:58 PM
Whoever said I wouldn't be able to recover after my other thread got closed due to a lot of SPAM better get their heads checked, because I'm back, and better than ever! This chapter has the cute Jaden battling again (yeah, he looks exactly like the one from GX).

Gorigan is NOT the one Jaden's gonna be battling, because that would be repetitive, now wouldn't it?

Have fun reading, and tell me what the battle resembles!
================================================== =======
Episode 10: Shocking, Isn’t It?

Jaden was in the living room of his new ‘house’, looking at the television screen in shock as he saw his dad being tied on top of a lightning rod, guarding Michael.

“I hafta get there and stop him!”

On screen was the reporter, going up to Gorigan and asking him, “What is your purpose for trapping this man up here in this tower?”

“Eh, he’s acting like a stubborn little *** so I’m keeping him here until he can learn to give me some answers so I can get my pay.”

“What does he want?!”

“Hey you there, freeze!” went a group of cops, holding up tranquilizer guns aimed at him. “Release the man now!”

“Let me think about this cheese-balls…nah- I think I’ll play with him for a little while.”

“Alright men, let’s aim for his neck and take him out,” directed the lead officer. “Ready, aim, fire!” they released the trigger and sent three tranquilizer darts flying at Gorigan, landing directly on his neck.

”And the gorilla-like man takes a hit, meaning he’s down!”

“Man, you think you can treat a guy with superhuman powers like that?” Gorigan said as he got up, taking out the tranquilizers and throwing them down. “Try me, you little rats don’t get it, do you…?”

“How did he get outta that?”

“You’re just little fools not knowing the terror of Nebula, and the immense power they have given to us. EARTHQUAKE!” Gorigan pumped his hand full of power, then jumped down at the guards 30 levels down, smashing them, their car, and everything else around them into the earth in a second. “Wow, not even a challenge…

“How did he do that…?”

“But you, little reporter lady, you have a lot of nerve trying to show this to the world, and for this you must die…now…”

On the screen showed the backside of the reporter lady, yelling in pain and agony for whatever Gorigan did to her, and soon the screen crumbled, although a voice came out of it during the static. This is what happens when people decide to mess with Nebula…come to the Elec Town and meet me there if you want him back…”


“Elec Town? Better get there, and quick. Jaden slid on his rollerblades in a second, then ran outside to where he would have no idea where to go. “The best way to get to town would obviously be…the subway!”

Jaden ran down the subway station, worried about the time he had left, and was about to jump over the turnstile before…

“Hey you, stop there!” went a worker. “You’re not supposed to ride--”

“I’m ten years old, my dad’s in trouble, and the train’s right there, please make an exception because I need to go right NOW.”

“You’re ten? Should’ve said so…proceed.” The man left.

“Thanks, I guess…oh shi+, I forgot about the train!” the door was right about to close, but he managed to slide in just in time relieved for the moment. “That was lucky…”

“Ahh! Somebody help me!”

“What was that?” Jaden began running to the end of the car, opening the slide so he could go to the next, and there he saw many Heels holding…

“Jillian, why are you always getting into trouble?”

“Because the next contest I’m supposed to M.C. in is at Elec Town and when I left I was stalking Garrett and he said he was heading over there also, so I decided to…”

“Stalk him?”

“Yeah, exactly, you get the idea, but he’s not here, help me!”

“You’re not gonna help her,” went the Heel. “Hey, are you…you’re that guy’s son! We better stop you before you get there…”

“Hey you, stop!” went a voice, making everyone in the train look at the opposite direction where it was coming from.

“Dude, you wouldn’t hurt a gal like that, would you?”

“Garrett! You came to rescue me again!”

“How’d you know we were here?” asked Jaden.

“I’m heading over to Elec Town to save your dad.”

“How’d you know he’s my dad?”

“Dude, he’s world famous for saving the world that many times, there’s nothing on his world record of science and heroes that don’t say things about him.”

“He’s the guy the other big guy told us about!” exclaimed the three Heels. “Run!”

“Hey dudes, you know it’s totally not cool to run away like that, right? It’s just not right, but I’ll show you three…Water Rage!” Water and fire shot out of his arms and directly through their bodies, shattering them to pieces.

Computer voice, Heels, deleted.

“Wow, you saved me twice today,” pointed out Jillian.

“Yeah, I know- stay cool lady-that-dresses-like-a-wh0re. By the way, Jaden, we have to save your dad quick. It’s getting to seven afternoon right now, and there’s gonna be a thunderstorm soon, and if we don’t get there soon, your dad…”

“I know. Let’s go already then!”

The train stopped, and outside were pillars spelling ‘Elec Town’ in yellow with many lightning bolts stacked on it.

“Jaden, let’s go.”

“Wait for me!” yelled Jillian, as she caught up with them.

The three ran upstairs, and they could see the huge industrial city before them, filled with many cars on the road aside of them not worrying about the speed limit considering nobody would dare go to the middle of it unless they were idiots- where there was no sidewalk across the street, and many shops with people inside. More people were getting in and out of the subway at the second, and even a vending machine was next to the station. The buildings towered over the skies, often having random little shops either completely busy or just begging for a customer. A gate could be seen at the end of the block they were at with barbed wires- this did the kind of place need them. Businessmen were walking alongside, where some in the computer stores- however, during a 90 degree turn on the same block, they could see many people looking up…

“I think that’s where my dad’s--”

“It is, let’s head on over to there, guys,” started Garrett, with the other two following as if he wanted to rescue Jaden’s dad more than Jaden did. They eventually crossed the street, and saw the same duo of cops smashed a hole into the ground, bleeding even through their protective attire and not even making a sound- dead to the crushing strength Gorigan possessed from even a slight enragement and three tranquilizers.

Gorigan was high in the tower again, laughing. But when he looked down, he saw the three and sweatdropped, It’s that kid and G-Men guy…what the freak…? Didn’t those guys in the train manage to stop them…? What losers…

“Hey, can you two fly?” asked Garrett.

“What do you think?” remarked Jaden, “Only superheroes can fly…”

Garrett frowned at that remark. “You know…”

“Oh yeah…”

“I’m gonna soar the skies with my hero!” shouted Jillian.

“Climb on then!” Garrett materialized a blue cape like the kinds dragon masters and heroes had, and they both held on to him as he hovered up to the top, dropping them off over there and the garment shattering.


“Jaden!” Michael replied. “I’m so happy you’re here! I was battling Gorigan earlier and won, but then he decided to--“

BUZZ…ZAP…SHH…Michael took a thunder-bolting shock.

“Why’d you do that to my dad, Gorigan?!”

“Don’t look at me- I don’t have a remote control shocker in my hand-- look at him!”

A rather teenage-aged ‘let-loose’ man with smooth yet horrible bushy brown hair set on purpose with glasses and a yellow hat baring the symbol of a lightning-bolt shadowing over his face, wearing a red and orange sweater with an electrifying aura on his blue jeans, chipping on a toothpick on his mouth walked in through a door with hands in his pocket, snickering as he spat the pick out.

* * *

Mana and Eldes were walking alongside at a sidewalk across from the ‘airport’.

“Seriously Eldes, I really wanna get home.”

“Yeah, about that. You see, back when we were battling and won, Snattle obliterated the place, including the transportation we were about to take, and…”

“So we’re stranded here?! I really want my mommy!”

“Too bad we can’t get in contact with her…”

“Actually, we can! I have a P*DA, remember? I’ll just call her and tell mommy the situation we’re in, then she’ll come and help us with it!”

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, clicked Mana. The ring tone came on, once…twice…

“Good afternoon! Pokémon Lab HQ, how may we be of assistance to you?”

“Mom, it’s me!”

”Oh hi, Mana! Where are you? I’ve been waiting for you to come home for a few days already- you need a ride home or something?”

“Mom, yeah, about that…you see mom, I’m in another country right now, and…”

“You’re not even in Orre right now?! I’m gonna kill your dad when I see him for not telling me he took you with him…where are you exactly right now?”

“I’m in Tech airlines, but the entire place is gone for some reason…it just disappeared.”

“What do you mean ‘gone’? Locations don’t just disappear when…”

“Can I take it from here?” asked Eldes.

“Sure.” Mana handed over the P*DA to Eldes.

“Hi Eldes, haven’t seen you around for a while.”

“Me and Mana, we were chasing after a criminal setting bombs all over the place, and when we defeated him, he vaporized the entire place and was kidnapping everyone in the entire location, but me and Mana escaped after defeating him.”

“You put my kid into all of that trouble, Eldes? She could’ve been easily hurt if something happened…whatever, wait or do something and I’ll use my private jet from the HQ to get over there and find Michael, then I’ll give him a good spanking!”

Mana reached over to the P*DA. “Mom, I’m hungry, can you bring something?”

“Okay, but in the meantime, try to get something to eat over there or whatever, then I’ll bring something with me also…Michael’s always been reckless…see you!”

BEEP! She hung up.

“Wow, I’ve never seen mom so mad like that…”

“I have seen worse, let’s find somewhere to eat.”

* * *

“Who are you?” demanded Garrett.

“Hey people, scientist extraordinaire…is in the house. Name’s Terry Spark if you get where I’m going at, and besides, Gorigan was nice enough to pull this guy out into the open…nice idea, don’t you think? A storm’s about to go on over here and that on…”

“So what are you trying to do again?” asked Jillian.

“Oh man, no wonder blondes or close to blondes are dumb. You don’t get our plan, go and ask someone else you swimsuit-wearing-lady.”

“Let go of my dad!”

“Hey kid, I feel your pain. But if I let this guy go, me and my main-man Gorigan won’t get paid by the boss, and that wouldn’t be cool, would it?”

“Then how can I get my dad back?”

“If you beat me in a fight over at my terms, maybe we’ll talk, but if I win, then he’s mines, still. But under my conditions.” He snapped his fingers, and four openings on the floor showed a metal wire rising up.

“What’s that?” asked Jaden.

“You’ll see…” they were actually statues on the stones, the kinds looking like a yellow robot with two lightning rods as its hands sizzling against each other to conduct electricity, its face like a mettool and evil sinister face shimming its eyes.

“Whoa, what are those for?” wondered Garrett.

“This battle’s about to be more shocking than you can imagine, thanks to the rules I decided to set up for this battle, you fools.”

BOOM! Went a lightning in the background as a flash in the sky, startling Jillian to hold Garrett tightly, and a flash on Michael’s face.

Garrett looked up into the sky. “The lightning already started…? Dude, that’s not cool. Looks like Jaden better be more careful than he thinks he should.”

“Hey Terry, or whoever you are. I don’t think it’s good to battle right now; it’s about to rain. Why don’t you let go of my dad and we can settle this later?”

“No can do, Jaden. You see, the lightning’s exactly what I want to do right now. After all, being on top of Jomon’s electric building is shocking, don’t you think? Besides, the roof looks like a pretty open place to battle, right?”

BOOM! Went another lightning flash, making the tied up Michael flinch once again.

“Hey, look at the bright side: when it rains, we won’t have to take another shower.”


“Alright, so now that the terms are all ready, I think its time to battle! Gorigan, be useful and act as the judge for the battle, alright?”

“Whatever…” Gorigan walked over to the center.

Jaden and Terry walked over to the opposite edges of the fields, looking at the other- Jaden with anger and Terry smirking over back, another crashing.

“Jaden, be careful!” warned Jillian.

Garrett looked at the sky as another lightning crashed down, this time to the middle of the metallic floor, where the shocking almost electrocuted Jaden and Terry. “Jillian, even during this battle, I think we’re gonna have to be careful- it’s not cool right now.”

“We should just go and rescue Jaden’s dad, not wait for it over a battle!”

“I wish we could do that, but look at those statues- they have some lightning rod effect, and if we move over to them, they could electrocute us- and Michael. We have to stand our grounds and somehow cheer on for Jaden.

“Hey Jaden, think the lightning’s too much for you?”

“Nothing’s too much for me when I’m saving someone I care about, so let’s just get this battle over with already!”

Gorigan pounded his chest. “Yeah, Terry, go and beat the crap outta him so we can haul this lab guy back to the headquarters!”

“Oh shut up, gorilla-man!” ordered Terry. “Just judge already. By the way, Jaden, there’s gonna be some special conditions in this battle, so you better watch out.”

“What are they?” Jaden asked.

“Don’t feel like telling you, so let’s go.”

“I hope Jaden’s gonna be alright…” worried Jillian. “Go Jaden!”

“Let’s battle!” they both declared.

Hero Jaden vs. Darkloid Robotics Terry
[Terry walks onto the field with a smirk look, holding his hands together, but then released them open into an arc of electricity and machine parts- including two PokéBalls, which released: Purice, an icy spirit kind of being with a ghost tail; Porygon3- a humanoid fighter Porygon.]

“Purice looks like it could make a great appeal,” stated Jillian.

Garrett nodded. “And that Porygon3 looks pretty technologic.”

“Alright, those look like some pretty weird things, but I’ll manage to beat them- go Bubbleman and Necro Darkman!” he released them. “Time to get some info on these guys just in case…” he whipped out his P*DA, and…

Purice, the Purity Spirit Pokémon; Type is Water/Electric; when a water or ice Pokémon spirit was trapped in a cave while trying to rescue her family, she was trapped along the way although the others made it through. From her great deeds she was awarded the power to exist alongside those who love her, helping those along the way, and it is said whenever one of pure heart is in danger of the raging seas, they will appear to rescue that person from harm and shield them for life.

Porygon3, the Virus Pokémon; Scientists trying to develop another version of PORYGON named this prototype before it was attacked by a virus via email. It was unfinished so you still see it's code and has a few programs that need to be edited. It hacks anything causing disaster.

“If you’re done using your half-rate technology, then I’ll start off the battle, with this! Satellite, slot in!” he revealed a ‘disk’ with a picture of a satellite on it, then slotted it in. Suddenly, one of the same images appeared on the field and coursed through it with quick speed, doing little damage to Necro Darkman and a chunk over to Bubbleman.

“Wait, that’s not fair- that move didn’t come out of your Pokémon, it came out of something you did! You just cheated…”

“Its not cheating, you idiot. Get on with the times you old-timer, because the battling style in Tech is as legal as it can be! Try and get past that!”

“What? But only the Pokémon are supposed to attack!”

Jillian shook her head in dismay. “Sorry to tell you this, Jaden, but that guy’s kinda right about being able to do that. It’s how the battling style works here.”

“Sorry to tell you this, but the almost naked lady’s right for once,” added Garrett. “You’re supposed to have the advanced P*DA in Tech with you at all times when getting ready for a battle- don’t you already have one?”

Jaden held up his, “Sorry, but I only have the old model- err…it’s the new model in my country because it has Internet access and all that…”

“Well I guess that’s all you get to use then,” informed Jillian.

“Yep, she’s right for once, but I’m sure you can get through the battle with your Pokémon alone if you try hard enough.”

“Fine then, Bubbleman, Bubble Wrap and Necro Darkman, Bat Wing!”

“Purice, Thunderbolt that fatty; Porygon3 Cable Lash Necro Darkman!”

Purice used Thunderbolt, shooting out a bolt of lightning at Bubbleman and knocked it out, but that wasn’t all it did as one of the statues…

“AHHHHHH!” yelled Jaden, on the ground.

“Jaden!” Michael, Jillian, Garrett shouted.

Gorigan picked on his head like a confused gorilla. “I don’t get it…”

“What did you just do?” demanded Michael.

Terry was laughing. “This is the ‘special condition’ I told you about at the beginning of the battle, and it looks like the Sparkman statues I put up seem to be working already. As you can see, whenever one of our Pokémon suffers damage or faints, the trainer feels the same pain as a lightning shock, so now you see why the metallic field and thunderstorm’s what I’ve been wanting to get. Feel fried to a crisp, Jaden?”

“Terry, that’s taking it too far!” hollered Garrett. “The trainers attacking themselves alongside with their Pokémon is okay, but you’re sinking down to a whole new level- this isn’t okay, so stop it now or else someone’s gonna get hurt!”

“Jaden, are you okay?” asked Michael and Jillian.

Jaden got up, the smoke vanishing, and stretched as if he just woke up. “Ahh! That feels much better. Thanks, I needed a little lightning shock.”

“What?!” went Jillian and Garrett.

“A little shock’s not gonna hurt my son.”

“How did you…whatever, the second hit should take you down, because my Porygon3’s about to slice and dice you! But first, send out your Pokémon already!”

That shock was just what I needed to snap back to my senses. He got me worried when he attacked with that satellite thing of his, but now I’m back! Alright, since both of his Pokémon are electricity related, I’ll go with Clayman! “Go Clayman!”

“That’s good,” said Jillian. “Clayman should have a type advantage.”

Porygon3 used Cable Lash, making a whip of cable lines slice both Necro Darkman and Clayman for little damage, and then…

“AHH! AHH!” was two rather small lightning strikes to Jaden.

“Jaden!” the two spectators and Michael yelled.

“I’m alright, no sweat, you guys. Especially when I’m fighting for someone I care for!”

‘BOOM!’ The storm shouted.

“Now it’s time for my Necro Darkman to give you a taste of your own medicine! Go and attack both his Pokémon and him if you can!”

Necro Darkman without a sound opened up his large wings and released a façade of small bats at Porygon3, Purice, and Terry directly multiple times, dealing large damage to them as each one was destroyed on contact, but added up.

“Now your plan works against you!”

ZAP…ZAP…ZAP…ZAP…ZAP…ZAP…many small lightings hit Terry as weak ones for each bat released, and after they stopped, steam was coming out of him in terror as he even glowed yellow a little, looking down at the flooring.

“That’s showing him, Jaden!” cheered Michael.

“Thanks a lot for that- I needed it…” he chuckled. “I like it when sparks fly, so don’t think that stupid move of yours helped in anyway…it helped…me…”


27th July 2006, 11:06 PM
I see this is even better than the last couple of chapters. Can't remember what this resembles though.

27th July 2006, 11:24 PM
Here's where I got the idea from, but I trust people not to click on the spoiler so it's fair game:

Yu-Gi-Oh/GX. Why? Because you notice in some duels whenever a monster's destroyed/lose Life Points, something bad happens like pain?

Oh yeah, by the way, this has got to be the worst chapter I've ever written so far. I had to add so much filler diologue and break my head trying to expand it, but if whatever I'm doing's right, I'll keep at it.

28th July 2006, 3:48 PM
i liked it 2nd time having to ype a post for this chapter (i was kicked before i finished) anyway it was awesome keep up the great work. and the greatness your awesome. i like it jaden batttling a new character (i think) very awesome

28th July 2006, 4:09 PM
The new character is a new character, well how unoriginal for me to cross him over from another franchise (clue, MMBN4). I got a little tired of using the funny Cipher Admins, so I decided to throw these favorites in. But believe me, Terry is NOT one of my favorite characters and getting around the way he acts was kinda hard. Besides, the next boss is gonna be way better than this guy, I mean, Terry- he's one of the most minor character in another franchise (grr...)!

28th July 2006, 4:28 PM
mmbn4? sorry no clue what that is. but you put in a character from another franchise cool i like it. now i think theres 3 or 4 diffferent franshises

28th July 2006, 4:58 PM
Actually, my story does originate from many different franchises: Pokemon obviously; you can notice the battling style's a lot like GX thanks to the overwhelming amount of talk; MegaMan because of that certain character along with the locations. It mostly originates from MegaMan due to the amount of concepts, such as the DarkChips Snattle and Gorigan used, including the evil organization terms Nebula and Darkloid. It's fun, but kinda flawful if you ask me.

30th July 2006, 1:40 AM
Terry was on the ground after experience many shocking due to the multiple hitting force of Jaden’s Necro Darkman. He was rather chuckling than moaning.

“Hey Jaden, thanks for doing that. I feel much more powerful now that I’ve ‘had a taste of my own medicine’, except I’m not about to be a cheeseball like you and think it’s rejuvenating me or anything…”

Jillian giggled. “Wow, he must’ve been hit on the head really hard by that, right Garrett?”

Garrett shook his head. “Even though I may be one of those people who think other people are always just playing around, for some reason I think he’s serious about this.”

I don’t know why, but Jaden better be careful, thought Michael. “Hey Jaden, be careful down there, I think he has a trick up his sleeve!”

“Don’t worry dad- he’s just bluffing probably!” I hope he is, because even though he took a big shock to the head, those two Pokémon he has are barely damaged.

Gorigan, thinking, is this guy nuts or something? Empty threats, probably. Whatever, he better finish this battle, and quick so I can gets my pay.

“Hey, that big shock to my head did more than knock me back into the battle, you know, because now I can do this!” he raised his arms high, and suddenly a purple aura began emitting from it, and electric rays sparked through his hands.

Jaden sweated. “I think you did get more sense from that shocking, or maybe you’re just kinda delirious right now from being hit a lot, right?”

“Actually, I don’t think so! Because now I can activate one of my new powers, because you’ve gotten me angry right now and ruined my good hair!”

Jillian loose-eyed, “Good hair…? He better take a look in the mirror…”

“Alright, since you managed to attack me, why don’t I give you another good shocking taste of life? Time for a literal taste of your own medicine: Shadow Darkside!”

Jaden sweated, “Did you just say Shadow? But you don’t have a shadow Pokémon on your side of the field right now!”

“Hey Jaden!” called Garrett. “Remember that in the Tech region, trainers are allowed to attack alongside with their Pokémon, alright?”

Michael, voiceover, But that means Jaden’s going to have to take a direct attack from a shadow move- something he’s never experienced before…

“You’re all so right, because this is about to be my own shadow move!”

“So now they’re up to making humans shadows?”

Terry’s hands began charging with more and more power, this time adding dark electrical shock waves for the true literal of the word shadow, and suddenly parts behind Jaden began shaking a little his inner self-raging with the courage to leave by his side. The shadows behind Jaden and his respective Pokémon began to shake a little, and soon living three-dimensional shadows of Clayman, Necro Darkman, and Jaden himself were standing in front of their comers, a dark mirror image.

Jillian wiped her eyes in amazement. “Is it just me, or am I seeing double? Because from the looks of things, it looks like Jaden’s gonna hafta face a lot of things at once!”

“It’s not just you, because I’m seeing the same thing too!” replied Garrett. “Terry’s power must have duplicated Jaden and his Pokémon!”

Michael, voiceover, I’ve never seen those kinds of shadow attacks before? And now the trainers are allowed to use them as well? So many evil possibilities…

Gorigan, thinking, Five on three? This should speed things up.

“If you didn’t already know, Shadow Summon allows me to ‘summon’ copies of what’s already on the field, but those people and Pokémon have to be on what you call the ‘good side’, and if you didn’t already find out, these copies are on my side of the field, and they can attack as if they were my own Pokémon!”

The three copies on Jaden’s side of the field teleported away and went to Terry’s side of the field, in the same appearance as their respective owners.

“By the way, you don’t have to worry about them lasting on the field for long, because each one of them only have 1 HP, keep that in mind while calculating your odds.”

“1 HP, eh? That should be easy to take down, but then again, I think there’s something up if I attack them with the originals.”

“Oh no, I promise you, nothing really magical if you attack them…oh wait, there is…only if they attack you! Purice, attack Necro Darkman with Ice Beam; Porygon3, attack with Cable Lash; Clayman and Necro Darkman, give them all a taste of their own medicine! I’ll amplify my forces with Shadow Summon!”

“Whoa!” exclaimed Jillian. “Look at all those attacks!”

“Jaden, if you wanna get outta this, you better defend yourself!” warned Garrett. “Your Pokémon can’t stand up to all of those attacks!”

Michael voiceover, There is something he can do with that Elemental Hero Clayman of his- I just hope he remembers.

“Don’t worry, guys! I know exactly how to get outta this- Clayman, use Protect; Necro Darkman, Dark Wing! Now you’re in for a surprise!”

“Yeah, right! You’re about to get another big shock!”

Clayman put a green barrier of light to protect itself. Porygon3 and Purice were all charging their attacks, ready to strike; the three shadows prepared to attack their respective owners, and a centimeter away from each one, they all froze in sight after about to make another knockout. Clayman was glowing brown.

“How did you stop my quadruple onslaught?”

“I activate, the special ability of Clayman!”

All five of Terry’s battlers redirected themselves over to Clayman, doing their attacks with the green barrier deflecting each and every one of them.

Michael, voiceover, Good, he managed to get out of it.

“Nice defense, blocking all five of my attacks, now fill me in on what you just did, even though escaping that would be near impossible.”

“Right before your attacks managed to hit, I activated the PokéBody of Clayman, Clay Defense, so whatever attack you use against me for that turn doesn’t work! However, that doesn’t mean my attacks don’t work, because Necro Darkman’s about to strike you!”

“Alright!” cheered Jillian and Garrett. “Keep at it!”

Necro Darkman again opened his wings, then released an army of bats which ambushed Purice and Porygon3 so much, they were destroyed, along with the true fact of the shadow clones having 1 HP, who shattered as well.

“That’s the way to do it, Jaden!” encouraged the tied up Michael. Now all I have to do is try and get loose from these stupid ropes…

“Jaden took out both Pokémon!” yelled Jillian, “So that means he has the lead now!”

“Let’s hope he can keep this up for the rest of the battle,” finished Garrett.

“AAHHHHHH! AAHHHHHH! AAHHHHHH! AAHHHHHH! AAHHHHHH!” yelled Terry with each lightning bolt striking him. The original shadows from Jaden and his Pokémon regained themselves back to their respective owners. “How dare you do that? Well I’m just gonna give you another shocking taste of power!”

“Alright! We just got our shadows back! So now we can beat Terry without having to worry about battling any clones or such!”

“Watch out Jaden!” warned Michael. “He’s about to do another attack…this time’s about to be one he’s doing on his own!”

“You’re good at knowing what I’m about to do, right? Well then time for you people to experience twice the fun! I activate Shadow Summon again!”

“Try a little originality for once!” shouted Jillian. “Jaden’s gonna destroy their evil twins again, so whatever…never mind, easier to win I guess…”

“I have a feeling Jaden’s not about to be his targets again,” finished Garrett.

“I’m using Shadow Reverse, just like I did last turn, but this time there’s a difference because I’m using it on myself and my Pokémon!”

Gorigan scratched his head. “Um, sorry to boss you around, but if you wanna do it on your own Pokémon, you’re gonna hafta send out two new ones…I think…I’m not used to being a referee yet as you can see…yeah!”

“Whatever- go Strophire and Phantmor!” Terry released Strophire, A big steel sea urchin; Phantmor, a metallic version of your stereotypical phantom.

“What are those?” Jaden flipped out his P*DA, and…

Strophire, the Steel Urchin Pokémon; Type is Steel/Poison; When certain water types drift to the bottom of the sea where there are metallic remaining from ships and such, and they cannot survive or swim through the powerful water pressure, they absorb the items into their bodies and become one with the metal, becoming Strophire. Radiance from their new life allows them to hover across the ground, and even fly to other places, although it is not advised to hitch a ride, as they are spiky.

Phantmor, the Metal Phantom Pokémon; type is Steel/Ghost; Phantmor are created from rusty robotic parts or other types of metal existing for years on end, manifesting its new body as this Pokémon. They are expert mechanics and can create robots and other technology using even the damaged parts consisting in their bodies. If their bodies ever get harmed, they can regenerate parts by finding other metals and parts. Being generous and otherwise beneficial to society, they can be powerful if turned against.

“Wow, you really do like robotic things, right?”

“Yep, and as a matter of fact I like them so much, these machine Pokémon are about to be candidates for my new shadow clones! So watch as my powers make more copies of these wonderful beauties!” with the raise of his arm and more electrical currents, the shadows of his two new Pokémon along with himself emerged from the ground and appeared directly in front of their real counterparts- including himself. “If you can’t get your math right, then here’s something for you: I have two originals and two shadows, one real me and another real me, try six on one for that!”

Jillian sweatdropped. “Wow, what a mismatch…and to make things worse, he can’t use Protect for Clayman again so it can block because Clayman gets weaker every turn…”

“I wouldn’t worry too much, because knowing him, he’ll find a way out.”

Gorigan chuckled, “Hey, six on three’s my kind of odds…but this battle would already be over if this guy let me fight…after all, I got the professor for him…”

“Hey, I’m honestly not scared of your army of fakes, not one bit!”

“Well you will be, once they all attack you!” with those words, all five of them readied their attacks and were about to smash Jaden and his Pokémon, but…

“I activate Clayman’s special ability to protect my side of the field!”

“What is he thinking?” wondered Jillian. “His Clayman has no defense this turn!”

“It’s better than taking a full hit, right?” replied Garrett.

Clayman got in the way of the five attacks and took a beating for each one, finally getting knocked out after the endurance. The shadows went back to the other side of the field.

“Hey, it’s a close match now, don’t you think?” Jaden returned Clayman.

“4-to-4,” informed Gorigan. “Now Jaden, send out your Pokémon!”

“Yeah, I know. I choose…Edgeman!” Jaden sent out Edgeman.

Jillian, shocked, “Is it just me or did Jaden just send out a Sword-type Pokémon against two Metal-types? It’ll go down quicker than you can say…I got nothing…”

“Not only that, but I don’t even think Jaden realizes the kind of boosting power those Pokémon Terry has are renowned of,” stated Garrett. “He better be careful.”

Michael, voiceover, If I know Jaden, he’s about to use the type disadvantage to his advantage, even though I’ve never seen him use this twist before…

Gorigan chuckled, “Hey Terry, he has a huge type disadvantage, why don’t you attack him already so we can get going?”

“Because you and your pea-sized brain probably don’t know the strategy of Pokémon goes beyond types,” Terry replied. “Either that or he just doesn’t know any type advantages or such. I’ll win either way.”

“Sheesh…you don’t have to be so harsh on me,” said Gorigan. “Whatever, just continue the match or something…losers…”

“Alright then, Jaden! You think you can stand my army of shadows, right?” the screen moved far, showing him and his five minions. “I’ll even let you go first.”

“Fine by me!” Let’s see, those shadows only have 1 HP each with three of them on the field while I only have two attacks I can use, so I’ll just use a move that hits all of them at once- yeah, that’ll work! “Necro Darkman, use Dark Wing!”

Necro Darkman unleashed yet another army of bats, aiming at the defenseless Pokémon and ready to scrape all of them again for another shocking.

“Dark Wing’s about to destroy all of the shadow clones again!” cheered Jillian. “Terry’s got no chance against this move!”

Terry snickered.

“Well then why’s Terry snickering?” wondered Garrett.

“Instead of attacking this turn, I’ll activate this!” Terry slotted in another ‘disk’. “I activate my trap, Elec Aura, meaning all attacks under 100 power don’t work on me for a few turns, meaning your attack’s not about to work!”

All the bats released were just about to hit the barrier, but right before they did so, they froze in place as if time around them stopped.

“Don’t think I wasn’t there already, because my Edgeman’s about to break that barrier! Edgeman, use Double-Edge!”

Edgeman made a blue aura surround it as it floated in the air, then streaked at the yellow aura and shattered it, taking backlash damage.

Jillian clapped her hands. “And a little 25 damage won’t do much to that big and strong guy…go Jaden! Destroy his Pokémon!”

Garrett smiled as well. “Since Edgeman’s speed is technically higher than Necro Darkman, the big bat gets to attack in a replay!”

The bats redid their attack, destroying the three shadow clones and barely damaging Strophire, but moderate to Phantmor (Dark -> Ghost, but Steel cancels it out).

“Hey Terry…I think I got this match in the bag.”

“Why would you say that…?”

“Because even though I may not know much about this battling system or what you could do to shock me from where I’m standing, but I’m about to go out on a limb here and say you can’t use that special ability to make shadows again, right?”

“How would you know, you little kid? I have a lot of other things up my sleeves.”

Garrett added, “I don’t know how you already knew that, but good job! He can’t use another attack because he already wasted his turn making the Elec Aura, remember?”

“Thanks, lucky guess, I think…oh yeah, and by the way, I think your shocking technique’s about to turn back on you again!”

‘ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! ZAP!’ was a loud crash for everything attacked by Jaden’s Necro Darkman, the bats retreating.

“Now you know doing a cruel vice like that goes against you!” added Michael. “By the way, I think the storm’s getting a little worse…”

Terry got up, stretching as if he woke up from a good nap. “Thanks for another one of those shocks, I really wish you’d stop giving me a massage by attacking me.”

“What?” went everyone else.

“Hey, if I’m smart enough to come up with a field like this, where the weak gets shocked as much as the Pokémon do, then I should at least know how to prepare, right?”

“But Jaden got in more shocks in your body than you did to him!” informed Jillian. “So if you ask me, I say you’re the weak one.”

“Hey lady, don’t call me weak, because so far your friend did nothing but attack me with little midget bats, and he’s not about to win with quality over quantity, alright? Besides, there’s a lot he should worry about other than the shocking to him…”

“I don’t think the rain could get any worse, except more rain of course,” said Jaden.

BOOM! The rain fell even more serious and rough, making loud thunder noises flashing in the face of Michael, still tied up.

‘RING, RING, RING…’ went the sound of a P*DA…

“Where’s that coming from…?”

Michael was struggling to reach for something in his pocket. “If I can just get these ropes loose…why are they so tight…”

“Dad, who is it?”

Terry laughed, “And that’s the clinger; his final acts will be picking for his cellphone!”

Gorigan scratched his head, confused, “Mind filling me in here, pal?”


In the flash of an eye, thunder struck the lightning rod Michael was tied to, electrocuting him more painfully than ever before, so much you could see the flashing of his skeletons at moments, screaming for his life. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME! WHAT THE FREAK IS THIS?!?!”

“Michael!” exclaimed Garrett and Jillian.

“It’s his own fault…” stated Terry.

The P*DA fell to the ground, still ringing, ‘BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!’

“Dad! No!” Jaden rushed over even though the battle was still on, terrified of the shocking his dad took, but then…

Gorigan slid over to Jaden, wagging his fingers and shaking his head. “Sorry, can’t leave until you win, which you won’t.”

“Tell me you’re kidding…”

“Guess you better get back to your box before--”

“Later man.” Jaden punched Gorigan comically in the face and ran over to his dad, who fell from the lightningrod to the metal surface, bleeding and smoking out. “Dad, are you alright? What just happened?”

Michael could barely move his mouth, and struggled trying to lift his hand, singed from the shock and blue static still radiating. “Jaden…it’s alright…”

Gorigan pounded his chest, then ordered Jaden: “Hey you, back to your trainer’s box before you lose, before your pops gets--”

“What, hurt? He already is! What did you two do to my dad?” Jaden threw the P*DA, which Jillian caught and almost dropped it.

Jillian waved her arms. “I’m gonna see who’s calling, alright?” she clicked on the receiver, and spoke, “Hey, who is it?”

Terry laughed. “Hey, I think you better get back to where you’re supposed to be, before your dad gets even more hurt than he already is…”

“He can’t get anymore hurt! My dad’s in no condition to even be moving right now, so I’m afraid this battle of yours is over whether you like it or not?”

“Wanna bet, you fool?” he raised his hand, and even more lightning began to strike.

“Hey Jade, watch out!” warned Garrett. “Who am I kidding, I better save them!” he ran over to where the sparks were raining, and pushed the two out of the way, taking the full assault of the lightning directly, in pain but not screaming. “You two alright?”

“I am, but my dad’s not- he really needs some medical attention right now.”

The other side of the P*DA was speaking to Jillian. “Hey, is this Michael? Because if it is, he’s gonna pay for letting Mana go--”

“Michael’s really hurt right now, and I don’t know who you are, but you better show some concern because he’s steaming from the thunder--”

The other line interrupted, “Whoa, Michael’s hurt? What happened to my husband? Did he get hurt or something?”

“It was some kind of freak accident, and then he got shocked directly while being in a lightning rod, and then Jaden had to go and--”

“Where are you right now?”

“Me, Jaden, and another friend are at the top of a skyscraper in Elec Town- it’s a place called Jomon’s and you can’t miss it. But it’s really thunderstorm-ish around here…”

Terry began to walk towards Jaden and his father. “Hey you two, it’s not nice to have a fuss during the middle of a battle like this, so I’m afraid now I’m required to use my statues to kill the both of you.”

“What?!” exclaimed Jaden.

“Too bad, you went against the rules.” Terry took out a dark remote control with a yellow button on it, and pressed it.

The four statues surrounding the field sprung to life, and began charging up a small rolling satellite in their points, then released it all at the same point- where Jaden and his dad was. Garrett jumped in the way and formed a blue shield to block all four of them, even though the orbs fought through and pierced it, damaging Garrett.

“I thought you’d already know this already, but my statues are electricity based, meaning your watery defenses do little to nothing against them.”

Garrett was on the metal floor, sweating and static flying. “I know, but why are you trying to hurt them? They didn’t do anything to you.”

“I’m not trying to hurt Jaden, or Michael. It’s just that they decided to get in the way, and if they do that and me and Gorigan head back to the base, our boss won’t give us our money, so I’m afraid it’s over for the little Jaden friend of yours!”

Jillian spoke in the P*DA, “If you’re really concerned, get here really fast, alright?”

“Alright, I’ll be there in a second, Michael, wait for me…” BEEP, she hung up, Jillian still holding the P*DA in her hands before running to Jaden.

Gorigan charged up his hand, “Hey Terry, can I teach them a lesson?”

“Sure whatever, and by the way, I think there’s a pretty good solution to get out of this- Strophire, Phantmor, do me a favor and…attack Jaden’s Pokémon!”

The both of them sliced Jaden’s Necro Darkman and Edgeman, making the statues form even more lightning strikes to hit Jaden and Michael, damaging them even more and now they were almost unconscious.

“This battle’s over!” declared Jillian, picking up the two PokéBalls Jaden dropped on the metal beside him and returning his Pokémon back to their respective ones.

“Oops…I don’t think so…” Gorigan jumped high in the air, charging up a brown force in his arms before slamming down on the four, but the metal managed to stand his power, even though the four were knocked back, Michael and Jaden bleeding all over.

“Your dad’s coming with us, Jaden!” Terry demanded. “And to give you the proof, I’ll give you a little taste of my Spark Wave!” Terry materialized two metal spikes replacing his arms, then clashed them together to create a large electrical wave bouncing off the walls side by side until they were ready too…

“I’m not about to fall for that again!” Garrett raised his hands, then a fire shield formed around the four of them, blocking the electrical wave from hitting.

Jillian kneeled down. “Jaden, Michael, are you alright?”


“…” Michael spat out some blood.

“I think they’re a little dead right now,” said Gorigan. “You think we should move on outta here while the outing’s good?”

“What do you think, numbskull? Hell no, let’s take them down.” ‘BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!’ Went the sound of someone’s P*DA, more likely from Terry’s pocket.

“It’s not Michael, so I wonder who it could be,” said Jillian.

A sound of familiar came out, you fools…failures…


30th July 2006, 1:44 AM
A lot of people aren't even reading my story anymore, poor me. By the way, there's a lot of PMs coming to me on people who want to be in the story, so from now on if you have any ideas for my thing, PM me instead of putting it here if it's going to be a brief description, because if it's big I'm going to notice it but if it's small I'll just confuse it for another random reply. From now on, if you want me to stop PMing you or PM you, because I do that for all the readers, state so in your post as a reminder, alright? Favors are nice to do.

30th July 2006, 1:53 AM
Okay that was pure dark, bloody evil. Which is really something I need to see more often in fanfics. {Yeah I'm that weird}.

I don't understand why this story isn't getting more reviews. Cause this is really good work.

30th July 2006, 1:55 AM
I think it's getting less reviews because remember the last thread? It started off with VERY little reviews until it started kicking off in the hundreds section- it might take a little while, but I think the number of chapters is a little overwhelming and people are going like "this fic has that many chapters but only 20 replies? Oh it must suck I'm not gonna read it". The other thread had an overload of SPAM, so it was closed- I just hope this thread kicks back again, and I know for a fact that it will because the same thing happened to the other one, right?

The Great Butler
30th July 2006, 2:03 AM
I'm still reading and trying to keep up, but I'm falling behind because I'm so very busy with my fic at the time.

30th July 2006, 2:06 AM
Sorry if I was rushing you or something, but the thing is that I'm just used to PMing people whenever I have a new chapter up. It's getting closer and closer to the endgame for your fiction so I can't complain, and I hear a lot of people are getting more excited, right? I noticed you manage to find some spare time between yesterday and today. I do have a question I need to ask you: May I use some characters from your story, like *gulp* Rich? It's okay if you say...

The Great Butler
30th July 2006, 3:14 AM
Thanks for being so understanding, HarleyScarow. When you get to the best part of a fanfic you're writing, you get a rush and it really takes over your mind. Oh, and if you like bloody evil like this most recent part, you're gonna love what I've cooked up for Rich's final battle :D

I sent you a PM in regards to your request.

30th July 2006, 5:13 AM
sorry i haven't been posting. i have been real busy with my computer recently. i had to wipe the darn thing it was so messed up. anyway on woth the review! ok now i think one very gory. two very good (as always). and last but not least three very spoooky in the end. whats gonna happen to gorigan and terry. i don't know but it's awesome can't wait!

Helpful Critic
30th July 2006, 2:32 PM
I am still here and reading. The person in the end who said "you fools", is probably the boss or the next (next best ranked person)person higher on "the chart".

I just wanted to remind you without using up a PM. Have you considered the long idea I sent in a PM yesterday, for the end of this battle? Will it work with the story?

Moonlight Locust
30th July 2006, 4:09 PM
Fina-Darn-ly! I caught up with this at last! Your desription's better and improved and I just love the blood, gore an evilness! You have now inspired me for near the end of Project XD. Thankyou!

30th July 2006, 6:34 PM
It's just gonna get more and more evil from here, and soon I'll have to ask a mod to change the rating to something else, which is gonna hurt. Helpful Critic, I don't remember getting a PM from you so if you're nice enough can you make another one? I'm gonna check again, so don't worry. If you want to resend it, go to your sent messages folder to copy and paste the same message onto a new one, then give it to me, alright? *me tired because of Contest Hall*

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This is officially the most boring chapter I have up to offer, I swear, I was sweating and sleeping like hell while I was writing it. But then again, you do have to remember every story has one of those chapters you have to just lie back and be bored to death because of it. Although it's tedious as hell, it's not a filler because our friend Garrett here explains a lot of the concepts of a certain DarkChip we all love from the MMBN 4 & 5 series. Enjoy, yeah right.
================================================== =======
Episode 11: ‘New’ Home Sweet Home

The standoff, with a big bolt to the brain as Jaden and Michael lie on the floor hurt while Garrett and Jillian try to defend them from the hurtful antics of Terry and Gorigan…

“What do you mean ‘you fools’ boss?” Terry replied to his P*DA.

“Pathetic…tell Gorigan to head back to the base, you come later…”

Gorigan shook his ears. “Did I just hear my name?” he leaped over to Terry in all fours and took the P*DA away from him.

“Your other two collogues…Lovrina and Snattle…are with me…come to get your reward for the destruction of…”

“Hey, I wonder who that is?” asked a curious Jillian.

Garrett whispered, “I think we should focus on getting out of here…”

The voice rose, “Fools! There are others amongst you?!”

Gorigan juggled the P*DA out of fear and almost dropped it. “No, that wasn’t anybody else…that was my girlfriend, Lovrina!”

“Lovrina just got her reward…do you want to lose yours?”

“No, Nebula leader! I’ll get back there now…” Gorigan threw the P*DA at Terry, who caught it, then the monkey man leaped off the building making wild noises.

Jillian giggled, “Gee, what was that?”

“Hey, your pops dead yet?” taunted Terry. “He better not be, because the Nebula leader would be angry if he was…” Terry began advancing towards Michael.

Jillian got in the way and stretched out her arms. “Hey, stay away from him! He’s really hurt because of the stupid battle you made Jaden go through--”

“Out of my way, you ßitch!” Terry pushed Jillian down and then he was next to Jaden, still bleeding and static-radiating just like Michael.

“Don’t touch my dad…he’s really…really hurt right now…I’ll battle you again… later… just not now…okay…? He needs…medical help…now…”

“From the looks of that battle, looks like you could use some medical help too…but it doesn’t matter, Nebula headquarters will make sure your dad gets a good rest, so hand him over right now before he’s even more hurt than he already is…”

“Really…? There’s a good resting place there?”

Terry nodded. “Yep, so hand him over.”

Jillian sweatdropped. “You’re not serious, are you Jaden…?”

“I could be,” chuckled Jaden. “Here, why don’t you have him then?”

“That’s a good boy…” Terry began to slowly motion his hand towards Michael, ready to grab him with an eager smile, but then…

“Just kidding!” with that, Jaden kicked Terry where he deserved it, knocking him to the other side of the field and holding his place.

“Whoa!” went Garrett. “Great, now he’s gonna get angry…”

Terry began walking, with a vengeance. “You tricked me little kid! Now you’ll pay!”

“Hey, why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” Garrett jumped in the way and unleashed an electrical ice wave at Terry, but…

Terry was no longer there, and for some reason he was where Michael was, snagging him and pressed a button to unleash his rocket packs for an escape.

“Hey, how’d you do that?”

“Teleportation’s a good skill, don’t you think?”

“He’s really hurt right now!” yelled Jillian. “Let him go before it gets worse!”

“Let me think about it…” Terry flew a little high into the air with the rocket, but…

“So do you have the fool yet?” went Terry’s P*DA.

“Yeah, and I got him hurt, just the way you wanted him.”

“You fool! I didn’t request for him to be hurt! Now he won’t answer any of our questions or cooperate in our operations! What method did you use?!”

“I tied him to a lightning rod during a thunderstorm and made his son Jaden battle to his death, and now his dad’s bleeding and unconscious.”

“Do you have any sense of what you just did? This wasn’t supposed to be a dangerous operation or anything of the like- it was supposed to be you telling him to engage in a meeting with me- a private meeting, not one where someone gets hurt. Now since you managed to pull off an idiocy stereotypical evil organization scheme…”

“Hey, can I get my pay now?” about to fall many stories down.

“Look, he won’t answer our questions or participate in the plans, which makes him useless, so drop him now.”

“Whatever you say…” Terry literally dropped him from the opening, and Michael was about to fall many stories down.

“And make sure he doesn’t get hurt!”

“No!” Garrett and Jillian both grabbed him by the shoe before he fell all the way, tugging him back to the top of the tower, still unconscious.

The sun began to quickly raise, the rain and lightning vanishing.

“Hey, I bet you three are happy from getting your pops back, right?” Terry hung up the P*DA, putting it into his backpack.

“He’s not my dad!” informed Jillian.

“Not mines either…” finished Garrett.

Jaden, moaning, “That wasn’t funny…”

“Whatever…the next time we see him, he’s coming with us!” Terry flew out of sight, laughing as the rocket fuel released exhaust amongst those below him.

“Wow, so that was weird…” Jillian walked over to Jaden and Michael, giving them both a hand. “Are you two alright now?”

“I sure am, but my dad needs some medical attention right now.”

“Don’t worry, Jaden! I’m alright…ow!” Michael grabbed himself by the stomach, curling himself down on the metal surface. “Just a little…pain…”

“Don’t move dad…we’ll get you some help soon.”

Above, a pink colored jet was heard and getting ready to descend on the rather large surface, and a white staircase shot out from one of the doors.

Jaden braced his eyes against the wind. “Is it more Nebula…?”

Michael was staring at the jet. “No…it seems familiar, not Nebula…but I think the wind’s just getting to my head this time…”

“Who does that jet belong to?” Garrett was advancing towards it.

A familiar lady walked rode on the escalator down. “Does anybody need a ride?”

“Mom!” Jaden ran over to her.

“Hey, Jaden. Didn’t see you for a couple of days already, so, how’s vacation? I heard you got into a lot of good battles, am I right?”

“Dad’s hurt…seriously…”

“Oh, I see…” Mom walked over to Michael, kneeling down. “Hey, I have a couple of beds and mattresses and such if you wanna take a rest, Michael.”

“So…who are you?” asked Jillian.

“I’m Michael’s wife, but let’s talk more in the jet, alright? Hey, person who loves to wear completely blue over there! Could you lend a helping hand?”

Garrett was the one wearing blue. “Me? Sure.”

“Thanks, just carry my husband into the jet, and make a left, there’s a bed over there.”

“A set of beds in a plane…wow…even I don’t have that…” Garrett carried Michael on his back and led him into the jet, laying him on a bed.

“Hey striper-lady, Jaden, let’s head on in, alright?”

Jaden and Jillian headed inside the jet, and in less than a few moments, the ship took off with dust coming from the bottom.

The inside looked exactly like the average home- in a strange way as in a plane, with furniture here and there, including a station in the middle for cooking and such. The dinner table could be seen across them with chips and dips. The four sat on two couches facing each other with Jaden and his mom in one, Garrett and Jillian on the other.

“Hey, so come on, spill the beans- what happened?”

“I’m part of the Pokémon G-Men.”

“I’m a Contest M.C.”

“I’m a Trainer.”

“You can be so funny when you want to, Jaden. But it looks like you two really did help my son and husband out one way or the other. Thanks for doing the stuff.”

“No problem, even though it was kinda dangerous,” explained Garrett.

“I guess I’ll tell you,” volunteered Jaden. “You know, it would’ve been best from the start if we took this jet in the first place, because what happened on the other plane was so horrible a lot of people got killed, you get what I mean?”

“Actually…I wasn’t with you, so I don’t get what you mean…”

“When we were on that other plane, Mana wandered off and we found out the person piloting it was Lovrina, one of the world criminals. She fought her and tied, but the plane went down either way and a lot of the people went missing or was killed. Luckily Mana, Eldes, dad and myself pretty much survived.”

“So you landed in the middle of nowhere?”

“Something like that- we landed in this huge opening, and dad decided to let me and Mana go to the mall and do stuff. I was battling Miror B. and I won a Bolt Metal there, and I think Mana told me she won a Marine Ribbon. But after the battle, this really weird guy with purple lipstick appeared and destroyed the stadium, and then he battled me. I could’ve beaten him if my Pokémon were healed. I think his name was Snattle.”

“I heard he’s one of the world criminals also, right?”

“I can take it from here!” declared Jillian. “I don’t know what happened on top, but here in our crystal stadium, some weird detonator things appeared and I had to help my friend Miror B. try and disarm them- I heard that weird guy put them all over the mall.”

“Wow…I hope nobody got hurt…”

“Miror B. let me and Jaden use the chopper he had, so we were off to wherever Jaden wanted to go, which was ACDC Town, even though I had no idea why.”

“That’s where Jaden, Mana, and my husband would be living for the summer- you could consider it a vacation for them…I didn’t want to go for some unknown reason…”

“Well anyways, when we were there, these really mean guys began attacking me, and a certain someone came and saved me from getting hurt…yeah, it was this guy in the blue that came to my rescue when something happened!”

“Wow. Guess you were lucky, right?”

“I guess I’ll take it from here…” stated Garrett. “After saving her almost revealed behind from four Heels and a commander, she had this really big thing for me. Then I was in a train headed over to Elec Town when I found out your husband was being terrorized there, which she was attacked again on the train.”

“Only because I wasn’t wearing much! Don’t forget I left all my clothes at the locker room, and I still don’t know what happened there!”

“Anyhoo, she was attacked on the train and I saved her again. Then we were off to some place called Jomon’s, which was a huge electrical compartment and business place having over 20 floors- your husband was kept on top, tied on a lightning rod just when it was about to rain, if you get what I mean.”

“He was really…really?”

“Yeah, then Jaden had to battle this guy named Terry and each time their Pokémon were damaged from the battle, they would feel the shock also. Me and Jillian, we tried to stop the battle, and then that creep made it so…”

“Yeah, I know what happened. Are you alright now Jaden?”

“Yeah, I am. Just hoping dad gets well…”

Jillian finished, “And after the entire thing, you came to help give us a ride and now we’re here, the end! How’d you think of that?”

“It was pretty…unique…and sounded kinda dangerous.”

“So what’s your side of the story?” asked Garrett.

“Well knowing my husband, he would normally go and call me the moment he got there, but he didn’t so I was concerned. After waiting for a few hours, he still didn’t call me so that took the cake, I was about to call him, but then Mana…oops…”

“What happened, mom?”

“Mana called me yesterday and I was supposed to pick her up along with this famous guy named Eldes…I guess I forgot…”

* * *

“We’ve been waiting since yesterday!” complained Mana. “Let’s go now! I’m a really hungry and sleepy and other angry thing!”

“I guess we should go right now.”

“How could mom forget me like this? I was the one that called her first, I think! She better not go and pick up some other person because now I’m angry!”

“I just wish my helicopter wasn’t dead right now…you know what happened earlier at the mall and beach, right? Any ideas up your mind?”

“I think we can use our Pokémon to get outta this jam, right? Besides, we’re gonna have a lotta showmanship while doing so! ”

“Good idea, I can’t forget about Pokémon being helpful out of battle, now can I? You’re pretty smart. Go Flygon!”

“Go Clovescarf!”

Both Pokémon were released, floating high in the air and descending upon them majestically as if asking if they wanted to ride.

“Flygon, use Fly.”

“Clovescarf, let’s dance into an Ice Beam and ride on the trail!”

“Are you serious?”

“Yep, besides, think of how ‘cool’ it would be!”

“Whatever you say…”

“Let’s ride!”

Eldes jumped onto Flygon and was ready to set off, while Clovescarf unleashed an icy bridge in front of it with Mana literally sliding on the trail at the risk she could fall off at any moment, but skillfully she did so giggling and closing her eyes. Flygon took off, and they were both on their way to their destinations.

* * *

“Wow, I guess I did forget Mana…should I go back and get her and that friend she has with her at the moment?”

“Mom, you should know Mana by now- leave her to do things on her own for more than five minutes and she’s bound to go do something crazy that you’ll never guess. Besides, her waiting for you more than an hour should mean she’s either on drugs or she has something to eat, alright? Don’t worry, knowing her, she’s probably having fun.”

“I guess you’re right. Let’s go and check on your dad for now.”

Jillian and Garrett were already in the ‘bedroom’, with Jaden and his mom advancing quickly to check on their loved one. Michael was currently quivering quickly, his teeth gritting against each other.

“I think he’s cold,” stated Jillian. “Let’s get him a blanket.”

Garrett got a blanket from another bed and covered Michael with it. Jaden’s mom got one of those small towels and gently laid it on his forehead.

Michael slowly regained consciousness. “Hey, thanks you people…”

“So, had fun hanging out with Jaden?” asked mom.

“Yeah, it was…nice…pretty shocking though, if you ask me…ow!”

“Don’t talk too much, alright?” informed Garrett. “You’re still a little shaky from midnight, so there. You’ll be getting where you’re supposed to be getting soon.”

“You mean home?” asked Michael. “By the way, how did I get here?”

“You conked out back when we were on the metal surface after you got hit in the head by a lot of things, remember dad? After that, mom arrived and Garrett carried you inside so we could help you- wow, you must’ve really got hit in the head.”

“Hey, if I remember correctly, you were knocked on the head a few times also,” recalled Jillian, “even though you weren’t as hurt as he was, you still was.”

“Yeah, I get the point. But dad, you feeling better right now?”

“Much better, I guess…but my head still does hurt a lot.”

“Hey, I remember when I was getting away from this place with Jillian, I completely forgot about you! What happened before all of this tying up happened?”

“I was battling one of my old foes from back in the day, Cipher Admin Gorigan, except now he takes on the new name as Nebula Mechanic Gorigan. I was battling, then I technically won, but then he took out this DarkChip thing and used it to knockout my Pokémon, then knock me out. When I woke up, I saw myself up there in the rafters, and not so long after I saw you guys. What was in that ‘DarkChip’, I’ll never guess.”

“Did you just say DarkChip?” asked Garrett. “You actually encountered one…?”

“Yeah, I did, and whatever was in that was pretty dangerous, because it knocked out both of my Pokémon and destroyed me as well. It attacked the Trainer.”

“The Trainer having action in the battle on the others isn’t what concerns me, because that’s how the Pokémon Battling and Contest sports of the Tech region, but the fact you encountered a DarkChip is a dangerous fact to know.”

“What do you mean ‘trainers having action on the others’? From the battles I’ve participated in for a few years already, I thought only the Pokémon was supposed to battle, right? Isn’t the act of attacking other trainers directly the work of Shadow Pokémon and dangerous criminals? Unless I’m otherwise wrong…”

“You’re not actually wrong, because I know that in some countries, Trainers and Pokémon attacking other Trainers directly, and Trainers actually targeting the Pokémon is wrong, but here in the Tech region, it’s meant to be organized and bring the bond between Pokémon and Trainer together and even more stronger. What I’m concerned about is that you said someone you met used a DarkChip.”

“What can I call it then? It was a ‘dark’ colored ‘chip’.”

“Those things are weapons of mass destruction, I’ll tell you right here: This chip, known as a DarkChip, has, although powerful, the side effect of slowly destroying the bond between Trainer and Pokémon and tainting the Pokémon and its Trainer that uses it's soul with evil, ultimately drawing it into a place known as MurkLand, where it will forever be a servant of evil. The Trainer and Pokémon will become twisted and never able to be reclaimed from the dark energy. Whatever Gorigan did has brung him into the darkness, and now he can’t turn back. Jaden, I noticed when you were battling, that Terry guy used a couple of chips, but they weren’t the evil kind, so don’t get confused and freak out everytime you see somebody use it, okay? Michael, I can understand why you were defeated unfairly- it’s like using drug enhancers for the battle.”

“I see…for some reason, he looked different when he used them…he had this weird aura behind him and his eyes were red- even through those visors.”

“That’s what you can call the Dark Aura, and it appears whenever someone uses a DarkChip, that way you can tell who’s using it.”

Jaden was amazed. “So using those things could give you more power than you can ever dream in your life? Can I have one?”

“That’s not funny Jaden,” replied Michael, “you heard what Garrett said- if you use them you’ll turn to the side of evil. It’s like a drug- when you use one, you can’t stop.”

“I was just kidding, alright?”

“Hey, I think you should go back to sleep Michael,” suggested mom. “We’re about to be there soon, but I think it’s best you get the most rest you could.”

“Way ahead of you…” Michael was already sleeping.

“By the way mom, who’s the pilot for this joint? After what happened the last time, I’m pretty scared to be riding on one of these.”

“Funny you should ask- it’s actually being piloted by my Blissey!”

“WHAT?!” went Jaden, Jillian and Garrett.

“Yep, and in every sense of the word. Looks like my Blissey’s a nurse and a pilot!”

In the cockpit of the plane was a cute looking Blissey in front of the control panel wearing a blue pilot’s cap. “Blissey!”

“So Garrett, where you’re staying after we get there? You can hang out with us if you want to for the rest of the day, funny that after the battle was a new day, right?”

“Actually, I was thinking of staying back at my mansion for the time, I’m worn out.”

“You have a mansion?!” exclaimed Jaden and Jillian.

“Yeah I do, and I try not to say anything about it- you wanna stay in the guest mansion Jillian? I’m sure I’ll be pretty fun.”

“Sure, and Jaden, you know your little sister Mana won the Marine Harbor Contest, right? Or at least what it used to be. When you see her, tell her there’s gonna be one in the Elec Town Center, alright? And it’s gonna be afternoon today!”

“I won’t forget- looks like everything worked out the way it was supposed to!”

“We’re here everybody!” declared mom.

The jet slowly hovered down to where Jaden, Jillian and Garrett were at earlier in ACDC Town- as a matter of fact, on top of the three story businesslike place. Above they could see the silver squares making up the rooftop. Below they could see…

“Hey mom, hey bro! I’m down here!”

The white escalator already ejected meters before landing, and Jaden along with his mom quickly jumped before the clean finish. Garrett and Jillian were smiling as they jumped off as well, but didn’t know some of the faces.

Jaden ran and hugged Mana. “Hey Mana! Hey Eldes!”

“I was waiting all day for you!” informed Mana.

“This seems like a good time to celebrate- looks like we’re all together again,” said Jaden, “just the way it should be.”

31st July 2006, 6:20 PM
Pure shadowy evil this darkchip can do. God how I plain love the sound of it. Wasn't exactly that boring since I just plain love the work you do.

31st July 2006, 6:27 PM
If you play MMBN4/5, watch Axess/Stream, take a guess of what the DarkChip is other than the information I give in the story itself. Here's the quiz:

1. What kinds of BattleChips can you use after being consumed by the DarkSoul?
2. What do DarkChips do to you physically?
3. What can't you do after using too many DarkChips?

31st July 2006, 7:08 PM
“Hey, so come on, spill the beans- what happened?”

“I’m part of the Pokémon G-Men.”

“I’m a Contest M.C.”

“I’m a Trainer.”

pure genius that was it made me laugh histarically.

dunno why but Mana reminds me ALOT of Jovi

anyway great new chappy part. (my brother is annoying me constantly about his godd**n game)

anyway again... keep up the brilliance.

31st July 2006, 7:18 PM
You know why Mana has a striking resemblance?Oh, and another thing - Mana's the Japanese name for Jovi.Mana's playfulness and infant girl genius is somehow passed onto Mana, without me noticing it.You know how Michael's Jovi's sister right? Mana's his son, meaning Jovi's the aunt?

31st July 2006, 7:33 PM
oh never knew that (yes i did i'm playing wit ya) that's why she is so familiar to me weird?! by the way does the mother appear in the game? cuz i don't even think you posted a name for her although i could've been wrong

31st July 2006, 7:56 PM
Does the mother appear in the game?
Yes, In XD her name's Lily and she owns a Blissey.

Does the mother in my fiction have a name?
Not really, it's supposed to be one of those main character yet nameless people. However, I will supply her with a name, but only when she has to state it.

31st July 2006, 9:50 PM
ok now i know that she has a name cool. Lily... is that one of the people in the ourification chamber rooms? cuz i think it is but i'm not sure. also i think your gonna have a long fic here seeing as you have no hint as to being anywhere near the end of this story yay.

1st August 2006, 12:17 AM
Is Lily one of the scientists in the purification chamber rooms?
Yes, in XD she helped Professor Krane make the machine.

What's Jaden's mom's role in my story?
She gives the others Snag Machines, because you probably already noticed that Jaden's not the only one running into Shadow Pokemon.

1st August 2006, 12:51 AM
cool what are they gonna mass produce shadow pokemon snag machines? that would be pretty funny. so everyone has a snag machine oh and btw is my person gonna be in the next chapter? just curious. this is one of two on my as soon as posted read the next chappie fics.

1st August 2006, 1:40 AM
Snag Machines won't be massed produced, there'll just be enough for the people over there. If you really want me to, then okay, I'll add you to the next episode, even though you'll be complete in chapter 12 while you get a handful of screens in the next one, alright? If there's any questions I need to ask you on your Pokemon, I'll PM you. You're gonna be in a contest, a great honor considering the fact I love Contests. Then you're gonna be a main character, alright?

Helpful Critic
1st August 2006, 3:57 PM
Yay! I get an opponent!(or rival) Possibly a friend. Yay is not going to be in my vocabulary for a while, because I am sad and mad because of betrayel. You trust someone and they blab.

1st August 2006, 4:50 PM
As a matter of fact, here are you and your opponents for the Contest you're about to be in taking place at Elec Town square, and this time Mana's not gonna win:
Garrett, Mana, Jillian, AbyssChildCelebrate UltaFlame!!! You're in my next chapter also!

Moonlight Locust
1st August 2006, 7:10 PM
But you said it was in this order*sniff*:
Posted by HarleyScarow in old thread:Helpful Critic, Moonlight Locust, UltaFlame, Torchic23, TGB, BMX

Ok I'm still reading the latest chapter so no review yet. Ok? I'll review later, ok?
!~Moonlight Locust~!

1st August 2006, 7:57 PM
It is in that order! Don't forget you're not the only one waiting and that I don't have to do this, alright? Torchic23, The Great Butler, Blazemxx just want to be in my story for the sake of being in my story- in other words, if they weren't in there, they wouldn't give a $hit, alright? You're one of the early people, and the reason why you didn't appear yet is because you want a good role, and in order to have a good role, you have to let me adapt to your team! BOOM!

1st August 2006, 8:16 PM
“Hey Jaden, I didn’t see you for a long time, did you have fun?” asked Mana.

“Something like that, even though it was pretty harsh on the way.

Michael was on the top of the escalator, struggling to stand up as he crawled on the ground, trying to sit on the escalator.

“Michael, are you in proper order?” Eldes ran over to Michael, and carried him down the escalator, jumping instead of riding the machine. “What happened?

“Long story,” Michael replied. “I’ll tell you later…”

“So, Mana, glad to see you made it in one piece,” commented Jaden. “How’d you do it?”

“What do you mean?” Mana put her fingers on her chin in an ‘I’m thinking’ matter, then answered, “Oh I get what you mean! The entire place was destroyed and Eldes and me were the only ones that made it outta there, right?”

Jaden’s mom walked by to Eldes. “Sorry I couldn’t pick up you and Mana along the way- when I found out my husband was hurt, I worried and forgot. But in the end, how did you and Mana get here before us? It wouldn’t make sense if you walked…”

“We used the best means of transportation- our Pokémon. By the way, I saw your husband get hurt, what happened?”

“That was pretty much the main reason why I ditched you two- it was a pretty long story, even one on the news I heard. At least everyone’s alright now. But since everyone’s here…WHO WANTS TO GET A GOOD BRUNCH?!”

“ME!” replied all the others.

“Then let’s all head on to the dinner room!”

The party, which consisted of Jaden, Mana, Garrett, Jillian, Eldes, Michael (who managed to begin walking properly again) led by the mom went inside to the dining room, all taking their proper corners on the table. The mom already began working on the food with Mana helping by her side.

“So what do you all want?” asked Mana.


“Coming right up!” Mana began to quickly make food as if she had six arms, and did it at mach speed as well, the others amazed at it. Pots, knives, plates, she managed all of it, and once the both of them were done, they threw lots of food onto the table, closing their eyes but accurately. There were eggs, pancakes, sausages, bacon, ham, fruits, pastries, and the like. Large roasts of meat and poultry, cold seafood like shrimp, smoked fish, salads, vegetable dishes, many types of breadstuffs, and desserts of all sorts.

“Dig in!” exclaimed Mana, which began to take her own direction as she dumped her face into a bowl of ice cream.

“Wow, how’d you make all this food so fast?” asked Jaden. “It’s so good!”

“I think I used magic,” replied Mana.

Jillian, munching, “Jaden…yum-yum…go and tell Mana about the…yum-yum…thing she could enter later today…delicious!”

“Oh yeah, Mana, if you wanna, there’s a Pokémon Contest you can enter later today, and it takes place in the Elec Town plaza, alright?”

“So when’s registration?” asked Garrett. “I wanna enter also.”

“Why Garrett?” wondered Mana.

“Oh yeah, we never met. I’m a Pokémon Coordinator just like you.”

“Registration takes place starting at 9:00AM to 11:00AM; it’s only 8 right now, so head on over there when we’re finished eating, alright?” informed Jillian. “I’m so dumb, I hafta get going now, because I’m participating also! By the way, it takes place directly in the ‘center’, which is also registration, alright? And it’s open Pokémon, meaning you don’t have to worry about any restrictions on what you can enter. I need to go now, so I’ll catch you two later. Best of luck!”

“Bye Jillian!” they all said.

“So, you’re all psyched for the contest Mana?” asked Garrett.

“Yep, I hope that I can beat you, because we’re in the same competition now.”

Mana’s mom walked over. “Looks like you’re pretty excited, but do you have any experience as a Pokémon Coordinator?”

“Yep, and I have a ribbon to show it!” Mana took out a blue ribbon from her pocket and handed it over. “You think it looks nice?”

“It does, you must’ve trained hard to get it, right?”

“Actually for me, it was more about love and friendship than training, even though I hafta say that practice makes perfect! I do miss those long days back when I was so young and training with my Pokémon…those were the days…”

Mom giggled. “Mana, you are young- you’re only eight-years-old!”

“And that’s why I’m in the eighth grade!”

“If you’re only eight years old, doesn’t that mean you’re supposed to be in second or third grade?” wondered Garrett. “Unless my math is wrong…”

“Actually, Mana is in the eighth grade,” corrected mom. “She was skipped year after year for her overwhelming genius. As a matter of fact, even for her young age right now, all of her Pokémon are at high conditions at evolved stages.”

“Except for Chansey,” added Mana. “You gave that to me only a few days ago.”

“Oh yeah, it was last week…”


“Hey mom, I’m kinda tired, and my leg hurts a little.”

“That’s what you get when you try to ride your brother’s rollerblades without a helmet or anything else. Besides, your feet are pretty small compared to his skates.”

“Hey, sorry mom…I guess I made a mistake.”

“Maybe a little one, but it was only because of your curiosity. When I was your age, I used to always touch things that I shouldn’t also, but it ended up fun in the end.”

Mana pulled up her jeans, and it revealed a wound with blood coming from it. “Can you kiss my boo-boo? It really hurts right now.”

“Don’t worry, I have something better with the power to heal that in a second.” She took out a Luxury Ball and threw it in the air, which released Chansey.

“Hey look! It’s a Chansey!”

“Chansey, can you use Softboiled on Mana’s wound?”

“Chansey!” the egg in Chansey’s pouch began to glow, and she took it out to lay on top of the wound. In a matter of seconds, it disappeared.

“Thanks Chansey!” Mana hugged the healer. “Can I play with her more?”

“She’s your friend now. Play with her all you want.”

“Thanks mom! But where’d you meet a Chansey? I’ve never seen one in the Orre region before? You must’ve been really lucky.”


“Well it’s the newborn baby of the Blissey we have here at our home, remember? It’s young, but a quick learner! You two watch out for each other, okay?”

“Sure mom!”


They both left the room to go outside and play again.


“I remember it perfectly,” said Mana. “It was so long ago, right?”

Mom giggled. “It was last week. But remember that even though you have a healing friend with you, don’t do things to get yourself hurt, alright?”

“I know mom.” They gave each other respective kisses.

“Wow, that was quite a story,” said an amazed Garrett.

“But it’s true!” yelled Mana.

“I know it is, I’m just saying it’s great the way you two were brought together. Does this mean you’re choosing Chansey as one of your appealing Pokémon?”

“You know, come to think of it, that might not be a bad idea! It may be only less than a month old, but it’ll do great in a contest. By the way, what’s your Pokémon story?”

“I have a lot of Pokémon stories, probably many for each one. I’ll tell you some of them later, because for now, we better get to registration!”

Mom was already at the door. “We’ll be in the crowd rooting for the both of you alright? Jaden, come so we can get some good seats. Dad and Eldes are already in the car.”

“Alright mom!” Jaden and mom left.

“Wait for us!” alarmed Mana and Garrett, who were then running outside and quickly to the three-rower SUV with a huge trunk. They sat and were relieved.

“So are we all ready to get there or what?” asked the driving mom.

“Yeah!” and they were off.

* * *

20 minutes later…

They could see from above a huge barrier protecting a tower with surging electricity behind the gates of the audience, which if they climbed the gates they would be bleeding from the prickling hard metal wire, even though who would? The place was already as nice as it was with all the rows of seats and enough space in between to breath. Like a clean stadium in a rough alley, with danger and electric signs all over the place as Jillian stood in the middle of the hovering center white stage, and a receptionist table was directly outside next to a metal gate to prevent those who didn’t pay and/or registered yet. Mana’s mom, the tired Michael, Jaden and Eldes were walking through a turnstile to lead to their seats as they walked through like a subway station; Mana and Garrett were on line, waiting for registration, but strangely the most weirdest one was in a robe.

“Hey, you know, there’s this weird person over there in robes,” informed Mana. “Who you think that is? Let’s go and talk to that person.”

“First, we need to register.”

“Okay then. Can I be registered for the Elec Town Contest?” asked Mana.

“Okay, what are your names?”



“Okay, you two are now registered. Mana, you’re #34; Garrett, you’re #35. You have time until your appeal. So why not go and watch some?”

“Sure. Let’s go and see some good things Mana.”

They both went through the turnstile and sat by the contestant seat among many others, waiting for the appeals to come. The seats over there weren’t next to the barbed wire, and there was even more space than the spectators area.

Jillian spun the microphone and began to announce, “Alright people, the 64 contestant requirement isn’t completed yet, but let’s get this show on the road! Welcome to the Elec Town Pokémon Contest, where contestants can appeal with whatever they want and can use the metal surface to adapt to their appealing style! Winners will be awarded with the Elec Ribbon and those who win five ribbons throughout the country can enter the Grand Festival for the chance of their dreams!” she held up a ribbon with a yellow striped pattern like an Electabuzz. “So if you’re all ready…HERE WE…”


“Contestant #1 honor goes to me! I’ll choose yet another Eeveelution, and this one’s gonna shock you in more ways than one! Go Meteon!” She threw a PokéBall high in the air with a flip, and out came a…

“Where is it?” wondered a spectator.

“Let’s show them what we’re made of- I’ll activate Sanctuary!” Jillian slotted in a chip with a picture of glowing pink and white panels, and soon after that the entire field had the same impression, turned from metal to light within seconds. Meteon was seen in the opposite color chain in the middle of the stadium, glowing along with its shiny metal mane in the sunlight, no longer negatively camouflaging.

“What a great entrance!” commented Garrett. “She used contradictory colors! Eeveelutions are so versatile.”

“Let’s make this into a laser show- Camouflage!”

Meteon changed into the colors of sanctuary, blending in with the white and pink again, perfectly but to the sight of nobody now.

“Let’s try this again - I activate Geddon3!” she held up a chip with a mettaur on top of poison panels and activated it, turning the metal field into poison and where she stood.

“Oh no, Jillian and her Meteon are gonna get poisoned!” worried Mana.

“As you can see, my Meteon protects itself and myself from getting poisoned due to the Metal-type advantages. Now time for the end of the appeal- use Metal Reflect!”

Meteon made a barrier surround it, and soon all the colors of the fields it was in: Metal, Holy, Poison- appeared as rays and shot out of it like a laser show, in many different directions and intertwining as they danced in the air with the three colors of silver, pink, purple. The spectators looked up to see the colors going outside the gate, then danced around to form pictures of Pokémon, coming back slowly until they reunited with the Meteon that formed them. Jillian and Meteon were both glowing from the shining attacks and stood in the middle of the stage, the field turning back to the metal from when the appeal began. They both took a bow.

“Now let’s see what the judges think! Oh silly me: Our head judge is Contesta, Sukizo of the Pokémon Fan Club, and Elec Town’s very own Nurse Joy!”

“It was very nice on how you adapted to the field even though there was only one stage, by using various Battlechips to change the field to your advantage. Although I have to say the set-up for the laser show was a bit tedious…”

“Lasers are remarkable!”

“I can see you’re very caring for your Pokémon and yourself, and not many people have the knowledge that Poison panels don’t work on Metal-types.”

“And the overhead score says…85! Yay, at least I got a high score!”

* * *

Many more appeals later…

“We’ve already finished the first half and way into our second, so give a big welcome to the winner of the Marine Harbor Contest…or what it used to be…the young infant but unpredictable…Mana!”

Mana walked onto the field blowing kisses, the audience cheering for her cute entrance and Garrett rooting for her immensely.

“Hey look!” alerted Jaden. “Mana’s on stage! Go Mana!”

“Good luck Mana!” cheered the other three.

“I’ll go…with Raichu!” with a spin and a dazzle, Mana released Raichu. “Let’s start things with a bang! ~We can dance and prance, ~Dazzle Dance!”

Raichu began dancing so wildly stars began to materialize from where it moved, and soon they traveled around the field, causing a mirror ball effect without the night, and soon the entire field was dancing with stars. Raichu was doing the head spin, the robot, and all sorts of hiphop dances together in unison.

Everybody began to stand and dance as if they were at the prom also, beginning to kiss-up to her. “Go Mana! Go Raichu! Go Mana! Go Raichu! Go Mana! Go Raichu! Go Mana! Go Raichu! Go Mana! Go Raichu! Go Mana! Go Raichu!”

“Mana has brung the entire audience into the act! You have to be a really boring person to not wanna dance to that beat!”

There was a person in the crowd not dancing, a mysterious person with a strange aura around them as they wore a cape without their face seen.

“That’s right, Mana!” cheered Garrett. “Show them how to dance!”

“Now Raichu, Light Screen into Rain Dance!”

The entire field began to rain, making the people suddenly worry, but right before the rain actually hit anyone, the entire stadium was protected by a Light Screen to prevent the liquid from coming in. However, the gates behind them, which were blocked out from the Light Screen, began to emit an electric ray that traveled through the entire dome, making a light show appear on the top of the appeal. Music began to play as if the Light Screen was a boom box. Everybody listened to the beat.

“Let’s go everybody!”

~Step to the left!
~Step to the right!
~Right foot one step
~Left foot one step
~One hop this time
~Take it back ya all
~Smooth real slow


The appeal ended, and everyone sat back down, disappointed it wasn’t longer than it already was, but were laughing from the fun they had during the appeal themselves.

“Wow! That was the most fun appeal I’ve seen in a long time! We all managed to have fun AND I don’t need to do my exercise later today! What do our judges think?”

“I think it was a very proactive appeal, since not only did you participate along with your Pokémon, you managed to bring the entire crowd with you also- wonderful.”

“~Dance to the beat, oh yeah…”

“What an appeal to bring the entire audience with you! Maybe someday, you could even open up a dance program for people who want to have exercise, or the obvious- dance!”

“And Mana’s score brings her to a…95! What did she NOT do to get a perfect score? Let’s ask the judges about this:”

Contesta answered, “Too seizure-inducing if you ask me- she lost points in body department, even though it was still good, it could’ve been a little risky to those who couldn’t manage to see the appeals because of other reasons.”

“What an arse!” commented Jaden. “She should’ve gotten 100.”

“Don’t almost-swear, Jaden,” warned mom. “Don’t worry- she’ll make it through.”

“Well, Contesta has been known to see what you can’t see, so good points for the judge themselves, I guess…” she sweatdropped. “Now, let’s welcome contestant #35, a really cool guy who saved me once when I was at Mana’s house, and again when I was riding the subway to get here! Let’s give a hand to…Garrett, of the Pokémon G-Men!”

Out of the air, out of nowhere, Garrett jumped from somewhere and landed on the stage, everyone cheering for the human entrance.

“Hey look, Garrett’s on stage!” yelled Jaden. “Back before we met up together again, he was a really good Pokémon Trainer, knocking out this bad guy in less than a round. I wonder how does he do as a Pokémon Coordinator.”

“I’m sure he’ll do pretty well,” commented Eldes. “I’ve known him for a few years already and I bet he could ace this appeal.”

“How’d you know him Eldes?”

“Eldes is a member of the Pokémon G-Men,” informed Michael. “I believe they were friends with each other for at least five years about now.”

“How’d you know that dad?”

“I’m what you could call…one of those famous people who saved the world in more ways than one, so you get the idea.”

“Lightegg, show them that newborns and the unborn can manage in an appeal!” Garrett released a small egg covered with mystic symbols.

“Whoa…that looks nice.” Jaden took out his P*DA and…

Lightegg, the Light Egg Pokémon; Type is Normal/Light; Lightegg is brung to the world when a Celebi travels through time, although where it got the item in the first place is a complete mystery. They bring good luck and fortune to those in darkness, and can even cure the darkness within a person. If treated well enough, they can even perform in battles and contests as if they already hatched into Dragolight.

“Amazing! Our contestant has just released a legendary Pokémon! But it’s just an egg…let’s see what it can do!”

“Use Wish Force.”

Lightegg’s ancient symbols lit up, then suddenly three rays of stars struck from above and began to twirl around the egg, making it glow bright yellow, along with the stars dancing around it with a burning streak.

“Light Softboiled.”

“I’ve never heard of that attack, but it looks like Garrett wants his Pokémon to be done easy…or over…or I’ll just shut up for now.”

Garrett along with his Lightegg had white and silver rays going through their bodies, making them glow together in the appeal with rays shining from all over. The egg spun in the air above Garrett and soon it began ‘raining’ rainbow glitter all over, making the metal shine with the sun above as it decorated the floor. The spinning stars from Wish Force were high above the stadium, spinning around and soon, they made a fire tornado on the center of the field, melting the metal to their will to the point it looked as if Garrett was about to be burned. But Garrett was…

“Looks like Garrett’s being protected by a blue barrier!”

“Time for the element of the sea and the flames! Water Tornado!” Garrett spun entirely, and soon a water twister with even gaps in the middle, like a spring, appeared and joined with the raging fire, the flames filling in the empty holes of the water. It was like a perfect cylinder as the fire and water kept rising like a whirlpool except it was heading up, and soon the entire thing shattered, raining water and unarming fire onto the crowd.

“What an appeal! That’s my boyfriend-- I mean best friend! Judges…”

“An egg making an appeal, very creative. I don’t know how you got a legendary though, but it was a magnificent combination of fire and water.”

“Watery and fiery remarkable!”

“Nobody got hurt from the fire- how magical.”

Garrett got a 92 as more appeals passed…

“We’re up to our last contestant- #64, and her name is…this is weird…”

There already in the stage stood a young child who has a light blue robe over him.


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Episode 12: Enter the Dark Abyss

It was contestant #64’s turn to appeal, and what came out was a child wrapped in a light blue robe, concealing his face to the wondering of others.

“Garrett, who is that,” asked Mana.

“I don’t know, let’s wait and see...”

Jillian announced, “This is contestant number 64, but we have no idea who it is! Person wrapped in robes, what’s your name?”

The person said in an eerie voice, “Call me Abyss Child…”

“Our last contestant will be Abyss Child, shrouded in wonder and mystery! Let’s see if this person’s appeal will be the same!”

“I choose Abyss Charizard…” the robed person threw a PokéBall, and it released a blue-toned Charizard onto the field, floating with an aura beside the appealer.

“And the chosen Pokémon from the mysterious person is a Charizard, but wait! This one looks like it’s a different color, what can this mean…?”

“I’ve never seen a Charizard like that before!” exclaimed Michael. “It must be some kind of new discovery- either that or artificial.”

“Dad, maybe it’s a shiny Charizard?”

“Actually, shiny Charizard are black,” answered Eldes. “I’ve never seen a blue one before, although I must say it’s interesting.”

Mom smiled, “Well it does look pretty new to me…”

“Charizard, Abyss Flame…”

Charizard made three blue flames with purple auras appear beside him, moving around in an eerie matter to the turning of his eyes. Soon, more appeared and began to move in the same motion, but this time some of them headed towards the crowd, dancing in the air and causing blue sparks to fly down as they did so. It came to a point the flames actually touched the crowd, but strange as they went directly through the spectators. The aura of Charizard glowed the same as the flames, and soon it hovered in the air without a single flap of his wings, allowing the eerie flames to travel around the dragon, in a spiral shape as more and more were added to the ritual of dance, the appealer closing his eyes.

“What an eerie appeal, as Abyss Child causes a dancing of flames onto the field- even stranger was they didn’t hurt anybody, which is a good thing, I think…”

One of the adding flames floated over to Mana, and before she could reach and get ‘hurt’ by it, they redirected themselves as if living over to her heart, going through and making her feel a strange sensation as she gasped. “Whoa, what was that…?”

“The appeal sure is awesome,” commented Garrett. “But are you alright?”

“I think I am, even though this is kind of creepy…”

“”I hope Mana’s okay,” worried mom. “She looks pretty scared.”

“Don’t worry mom, knowing her, she’s having a blast.”

The flames all joined back to the middle of the field, combining themselves into one big flame, with the aura increasing in size along with the positive radiation everyone seemed to be hypnotized by as they gazed at the continuing rotation of flames. Suddenly, the appealer Abyss Child floated with the flames and went to the center of the blaze, having the aura as well to be in the appeal, Charizard right below the strange appealer with his eyes closed. Abyss Child held his hands wide up, and suddenly the flame became bigger, and then grew smaller into Abyss Child’s core, the glow radiating.

“Looks like Abyss Child have decided to bring him or her or whatever into the appeal, glowing as much as the flames and her Charizard!”

“I wonder if that person’s gonna get hurt?”

“Don’t worry Mana, they probably practiced a lot.”

“Use Eternal Abyss…”

The glow between the coordinator and Pokémon turned black, and soon everything on the field starting from the center began to white out, fading away into the darkness with a white noise in the background. In the scene showed the field completely changed, becoming a shadowy world with purple and black gases in the background shaking back and forth like being in a factory’s direct exhaust without the negative part.

“Looks like Abyss Child made the entire field get shrouded with darkness! Either that or we’re really transported somewhere else.”

“Somewhere you’ll never guess…”

“I’ve never seen that attack before,” stated Michael. “It seems so…”

“Evil?” finished Jaden.

“No, evil’s the wrong word. It just feels so strange.”

“This feels funny and bad,” whined Mana. “Help me Garrett!”

“Don’t worry, it’s just an appeal. I’ll be over soon.”

Abyss Child made a humming sound, then ordered, “Abyss Charizard…use Eternal Abyss with a flash…show them the darkness…”

The field they were standing on became submerged with water standing still like a movie screen, with Abyss Child’s hair rising up with sadness, tears bubbling through the water without the face being shown; Charizard was in a blue orb to protect itself from the water, with his eyes closed and meditating. The water began to spin in spirals, and Charizard opened his eyes, a dark aura traveling through the water before the entire pool becomes contaminated with darkness. Not acid water, but rather one of sadness and darkness, what Abyss Child was feeling right now coursing through the skin. Everyone in the stadium was feeling emotions of darkness, but soon the appeal slowly led back to when it began- first the dark background disappeared, followed by the water surrounding; everyone began talking as if they just snapped out of a spell.

“Whoa, that was…different,” muttered Jaden.

“That’s a good thing in contests,” replied mom.

“But who was that girl appealing?”

“I have no idea. Let’s see.”

Jillian announced, “That appeal was something else- not only did this person change the stage, but changed the entire place in general! Let’s see how the judges think of this…”

“Very creative use of not only the stage, but the entire stadium in general, even though I have to say there’s something I might have missed out on. It was a sensation I’ve never felt before in my life…something so horrible yet perfect at the same time…”

“Strangely remarkable…”

“It was wonderful how you managed to get around Charizard’s weakness to water, and able to powerfully work in the appeal itself- very strange as well...”

“And Abyss Child gets a…hundred? Wow, the last appeal was the best! Amazing Abyss Child- let’s this person a hand for a great appeal!”

Everyone clapped without feeling…

“I don’t know why I don’t wanna clap…” said Mana.

“I guess some things are just left off not understood,” replied Garrett. “But for some reason, I kinda feel a little sad on the inside…hope we make it to the next round.”

“Whoa, she got a hundred!” hollered an amazed Jaden. “But that doesn’t make any sense, the appeal was nice, bur it wasn’t beautiful.”

“That’s because when you’re a coordinator on stage, there’s more to the appeal than the regular beauty,” replied mom. “You can’t just like the pretty things.”

“Alright coordinators and spectators!” announced Jillian. “The first round of appeals is over, and all coordinators will have a one-hour break to recharge for the next round while me and our panel of judges decide who are the lucky 16 to make it to the second round!”

The audience and coordinator seats cleared up for the moment to go do whatever they desired until the time to appeal again arrived, while the family walked over to Garrett and Mana, eager to know what the two appealers were thinking.

“Hey, that was pretty good Mana!” complimented Jaden. “Sweet- you managed to bring the entire crowd into the appeal.”

“You know a young lady like me can do whatever I want! Besides, that creepy person’s appeal was the coolest one, even though it was scary…”

“Hey Mana, don’t think you should say that right now, that person’s watching us right now, I think…” he spoke normally, “But it was pretty cool.”

“Nice job on your first appeal Mana!” added mom. “Took me a while before I got the ropes down, hope you do well in the next round too.”

“Mom, this isn’t my first appeal- my first one was in the Marine Harbor and I won a ribbon, in other words this is my second contest.”

“No wonder you seem so experienced! Garrett, I wish you luck too- yours was also good and the like.”

“Thanks, I just hope we make it to the second round,” replied Garrett. “So we have time until the second round- what you wanna do right now?”

“I’m sure the both of you will make it to the second round,” encouraged mom. “Both of your appeals were pretty good. For now, since we have some time before the next round, let’s go and get something to eat- I’m starving and I bet Mana is also.”

“But we had a big brunch this morning, remember?” reminded Jaden. “I don’t know if I can eat anymore…I’m so full from that meal.”

“It’s not always about you Jaden! When you, dad, Garrett and Jillian were eating, we were making a lot of food for you but we didn’t get to eat anything.”

“Hey Jaden, she does have a point there,” stated Garrett. “Besides, I’m hungry again.”

“Alright then, let’s go and get something to eat…but where should we go?”

“What do you guys want to eat?”

“Hot dogs!” they all yelled except for Michael and Eldes.

Michael, voiceover, their breath is gonna be kickin’.

Eldes, voiceover, hot dogs? Not my taste…

Little did the group know was the fact the robed final appealer was following behind them with silent steps and a mysterious aura invisible to anyone around.

* * *

The group was in front of Jomon’s building, with many hot dogs and sodas in their arms, gobbling them all down comically with no chewing of any of them whatsoever, spilling contents all over. Drinks were dropping, and everything else was littered as if garbage cans didn’t exist. There wasn’t any sanitation in the New York-like city anyways.

Mana gobbled down two hot dogs in a row. “Whoa, those are good! Well considering the fact I was hungry from making food since early this morning, it should be!”

Jaden devoured powerfully as well. “I guess you’re right when you said we should’ve gone here- let’s have more hot dogs and hold the pickle!”

Their mom wasn’t rudely eating food, but rather only two at a time. “Hot dogs don’t have pickles. At least I think so- I’ve never tried one with them before.”

“Yeah, I was just kidding,” replied Jaden. “But can we get some more? I’m pretty hungry still…maybe even more hungry than Mana!”

“I bet you are hungrier than me, because you just ate twice the amount that I did! Why do you have to be such an eating machine?”

“I don’t know, but by the way…dad, Eldes, how come you two aren’t eating? There’s plenty more left on the way for you guys if you wanna…”

“No thanks son, I’m not really hungry right now…after all, Mana and your mom’s delicious meal kind of filled me up.”

“I’m not the kind of person to eat hot dogs and such…”

“Oh well, you two don’t know what you’re missing out. But mom, can I get some more?”

“You’re still hungry…? You ate three dozen, and I ran out of cash…”

“Here Jaden,” Mana reached into her cute little pocket and pulled out three golden coins, handing them over to Jaden. “This is worth 3,000P, alright?”

“Thanks, but where’d you get it?” asked Jaden, excepting the coins. “They look like they could fill me up myself!”

“Don’t forget my Pokémon are really generous. I give them love and care and they give me something back in return, even though they don’t have to…”

“Thanks then! I’ll buy like, 30 things with this! Wow Mana, you’re pretty lucky to have such nice Pokémon with you all the time.”

“Hey mom, can I go and explore the city right now? I’m pretty bored and full and have nothing to do right now, so I think walking around might help a little.”

“Alright, but Garrett, I think you should accompany her,” suggested mom. “This city’s pretty big and it’s a good idea to have someone with you in case I get lost.”

“Do I have to…?” moaned Garrett. “I just wanna rest right now…”

“Don’t be lazy! You’re in the same contest after all.”

“Don’t worry mom! I won’t get lost or anything.”

“Alright, but be careful, okay?”

“I know mom, don’t worry so much about me.”

“I’ll wish you luck on your next appeal,” granted Garrett

“Thanks! You too!”

Mana began walking off, but she didn’t notice that a robed figure was following her silently without any notice to the cloak of the figure except for…

“Hey dad, I think I just saw a contestant follow Mana.”

“I don’t see anything; at least I don’t think I do.”

“Must just be my eyes…”

Eldes, voiceover, or maybe not…

* * *

Mana was walking along the streets, with everyone around her twice her size but she was calm and cool, closing her eyes in joy. “Wow, this place sure looks nice! Garrett and Jaden should’ve come along for the sight! It’s so busy!”

Mana jotted over to a toy store, and there were collectable Pokémon plushies/cards/toys, making her eyes glow with joy at the sight of having one of them. She walked inside and went up to a female clerk behind a counter with a cute smile on her face.

“So are you lost?” asked the lady. “You seem pretty young.”

“I’m not young. I’m an eight-year old adult right now!”

“So how may I be of assistance to you?”

“Can I get everything you have in the window I saw from outside?”

“First, I think you should ask your parents or legal guardian to come.”

“Don’t worry! I have money with me!” Mana reached into her pocket and took out some gold coins to the amazement of the clerk. “Here, you can have these!”

“Wow, that’s amazing. Where’d you get those coins…?”

“My friends always give them to me for some reason!”

“Your friends? Who are your friends?” the clerk accepted the coins and held them in the air to see their quality, amazed even more.

“My friends are my Pokémon, and they’re really nice to me!”

“Okay, you can have whatever you want!” the clerk immediately went to the front window, collecting everything she saw and neatly put them in two bags for Mana to carry- very big bags compared to her size. “Here’s the many toys and stuff.”

“Thanks, nice lady!” she carried all of the huge bags and struggled to leave the store considering her size, but managed to do so in the end as she left the store. “Wow, that lady was really, really nice. I have all of these things for three coins? Maybe I should give all of this to Jaden or the others…”

Some familiar looking thugs were walking over with an angry look on their face, making the other pedestrians go the opposite direction in fear…

Hey, I remember those people! thought Mana. they look like bad guys- I better watch out…because they look really mean!

The Heels walked over to Mana. “Ooh look, a little defenseless girl that I can do evil things to, like kidnapping and r@ping. You’re coming with me now.”

“Hey, you’re not supposed to pick on a young lady like me! That’s pretty rude you know, so why don’t you just go away?”

“Because you look like you have a lot on your hands, and we wouldn’t wanna be so rude as to let you carry all that on your arms…but maybe you shouldn’t even have any arms!”

“What? Is that a threat?”

The three Heels made short but sharp blue swords materialize in the place of their hands, and they were about to strike the poor Mana before…

“What?!” exclaimed the Heel.

“Hey, thanks!”

A robed figure dropped in front of the sword, having the blade strike directly through the middle of the person’s body. The robed figure was stabbed through the middle of the unseen heart, but grabbed the sword directly out with blood falling all over, then slashed the heads off the Heels- the skulls falling to the ground with a disgusting crash before a computer voice said out, HEELS, DELETED...

“Hey thanks, whoever you are. What’s your name?”

“Should I tell you…? I think not.”

“Oh, well then what should I call you?”

“Don’t call me anything. I’m just another background person to you…”

“Oh, I remember now! You’re the last appealer from the first round and you pulled off a perfect hundred, and your name is Abyss Child, right?”

“So you have a keen memory…very nice, and hopefully you shall be able to make it to the next round…as a matter of fact, I will win.”

“You will? Well then I guess I’ll wish you the best of luck in your next appeal. I think you’ll make it because you got a hundred, right?”

“No, I don’t think that is the case.”

“I just hope I make it to the next round- everyone was pretty good…”

“I am sure you will make it to the second round. I know I will make it to the next round. Your friends Garrett and Jillian will make it as well, I am certain.”

“How’d you know my friends are Garrett and Jillian?”

“Let’s just say I have my sources. Either I or you will win this contest. Then a fire will develop, I know that fire of the abyss will burn.”

“Okay, then let’s head back to the contest stadium!”

“Way ahead of you…” the robed figure was already gone…

* * *

“The second round of the Elec Town Contest is about to begin, and from the 64 coordinators appealing in the first round, only the lucky 16 can advance to the second. While you people were having that well-deserved recess from the contest, I bet you were all eager to find out who made it and who didn’t, right? The judges and I have come to the choice of the 16 coordinators who will be appealing in the second round already in this electrifying contest, so if you would look in the overhead screen…”

Abyss Child’s robed face was the first to appear, considering the score of a hundred should get you that spot.

“I met her back in the streets and she was nice to save me.”

“She did?” asked Garrett. “Cool.”


“Look mom, she made it!”

“You sound surprised, Jaden.”

[BING, BING, Garrett]

“Hey, lucky me, I made it also.”

“I knew you would.”

Jillian, voiceover, Garrett made it! Now we can win this contest together.


“Hey look, Jillian made it too!” exclaimed Garrett.

“Hey, you seem pretty happy, but this is weird…”

“What’s weird, Mana?”

Jillian, voiceover, 15th place? Eww…but it’s better than nothing…

“Abyss Child was nice and she saved me when I was attacked by these Heels, and she told me who would be making it to the second round- herself, me, you, Jillian. Turns out she was right, or maybe it was just lucky…”

“That sounds strange…oh well; at least we made it like she said!”

“Alright people! These 16 coordinators will be making it to the second round of appeals, and it’ll be even more shocking in the next round for the rest of ya! Let’s have a cheer from the audience for our proud coordinators, okay?”

Everyone clapped their hands and cheered.

“So if you’re all ready…HERE…WE…”


“Let’s all cheer for Mana and Garrett!” encouraged Jaden.

“Don’t forget Jillian,” added Michael.

“Go Mana! Go Garrett! Go Jillian!” they all cheered.

“Let’s start off the second round with our last appealer and first place finisher from the preliminaries. Abyss Child, please make your way--”

Abyss Child was already on stage hovering, with her cape in an aura.


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Episode 13: Lucky Guess...
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“She’s appealing again,” said Mana. “Abyss Child…”

“I know. Let’s hope it won’t be as ‘scary’ as last time.”

“But you’re not scared by anything, Garrett!”

“Of course I’m not. I was just pretending to be scared with you.”

“Our first place finisher from the last round is about to appeal again! Let’s see if she does as well as she does last time! Give her a hand everyone!”

Everyone clapped without emotion, as if they didn’t want to but were forced to, muttering to each other in the crowd like the person on stage just abused them.

“Looks like the crowd didn’t have any rest during the one hour break we had a little while ago! Well let’s just see if Abyss Child managed to have a good rest.”

“You bet I did…go Kicker the Blaziken!” She hovered a PokéBall into the air with a red glow, and then it released her Blaziken onto the field with an abyssal glow.

“Abyss Child released her Blaziken. Now let’s see what it can do!”

“It’s not called Blaziken, lady…it’s called ‘Kicker the Blaziken’. Get it right.”

“What’s the difference?” wondered Jaden.

“I think it may have something to do with emotional ideas?” suggested Eldes. “People tend to be sensitive about aspects of their Pokémon, even small ones.”

“Kicker the Blaziken…time to use Abyss Burn…”

‘Kicker the Blaziken’ began to sprout blue flames from her mouth, along with the blonde hair around her as the flames spread around it like a terror tornado, causing a blue inferno in the middle of the field to blaze and travel around in circles, trapping Abyss Child and her Pokémon in a flame so hot it could incinerate you. The Blaziken began to hover in the air, closing her eyes in grace as her body began to glow a bright red color to contradict the flames created from her beautiful hair, blown in the wind like a curious person looking on top of a moving car or a legendary person in a portrait. Abyss Child was also meditating, robes scattering below, but not enough to show the gender inside, barely a smudge of the slippers worn on a majestic set of feet. Everybody in the stadium had their hair in the wind as if this was a real terror, an offensive appeal to her last one.

“What an elegant yet dangerous and creepy appeal I’m seeing here! Abyss Child gets Blaziken to envelop itself and the coordinator in a flurry of flames…”

“It’s Kicker the Blaziken, not Blaziken…get it through already…”

“Fine then, Kicker the Blaziken, whatever!”

“She seems to be getting that wrong all the time, right?” giggled Mana.

“But Mana, she has a crush on me!” replied Garrett.

“She does? Where’d that come from?”

“Never mind…”

Abyss Child ordered her next move still enveloped in the powerful blaze and wind of the blue flames, “Kicker the Blaziken, use Abyss Wave…”

‘Kicker the Blaziken’ held the blue fire tornado with as much grace as ever, and this time from the top of the twister to the bottom holes began opening in the cylinder, allowing glowing red water to flow out of them like a reservoir and flood the field with what looked like blood, traveling around in circles like a tide out of control in the strange motion as the tornado was going- a strange and wavy motion, the way three-dimensional animation could be played in a cartoon to add a bliss of color to the screen. However, this time the water seemed to be lifting into the air as if many humans were ready to get out of the ocean after a deep dive at the same time. Statues were rising up from the water in slow-motion, and as the liquid slowly fell off, it revealed the colors of the stones- darkness. The water disappeared, and in perfect formation were five standing stones.

“That is so creepy,” commented Jaden. “How did those things appear?”

“Abyss Child sure has a lot to offer,” stated mom.

“That was sure…something creepy…now let’s see what the judges think about this appeal! I hope they don’t give her something high like last round.”

“Hey Jillian!” called Garrett. “You’re not supposed to take sides if you’re an MC. You’re supposed to stay equal and be fair and other stuff like that!”

“Hi, Garrett! Don’t forget that I’m a competing Coordinator here also!”

“Oh yeah…she is…can’t forget that…”

“Okay, back to the judge’s opinions on what we just saw…”

“It was very colorful and you combined the elements of fire and water into one. Very nice, even though I can’t say everything I saw was logical…still nice…”

“Colorfully and elementally remarkable!”

“It’s nice how you were able to participate in the appeal and overcome weaknesses.”

“And Abyss Child’s final score is a…96!” At least she didn’t get a hundred like last round…totally unreasonable if you ask me…

Abyss Child, voiceover, I didn’t get a 100…they must pay…

“She didn’t get a hundred this time, but I think she’ll make it to the next round…”

“Why is that so Mana?” asked Garrett.

“Because earlier today, when we were walking, she told me who’d get to the next round and such. She was right, and I think she’s gonna be right again.”

“For some reason, I think she is…”

* * *

“Now we’re up to contestant number six of the second round, and she’s the one that gave some dance to our steps. Let’s welcome the returning Mana!”

Everybody in the audience cheered as Mana walked to the field with a cute expression on her face, waving and spinning as she approached in an adorable gait.

“She’s up on stage again. Go sis!”

“Thanks, Jaden! I choose Laprax!”

Mana released her mechanical Lapras onto the field with a cute smile, and the laser materialized the mechanical transporter below her as if she was taking a ride.

“What a great entrance, as if Mana was going for a trip around the beach.”

“Laprax, use Surf!”

Laprax made a wave of water from behind it appear frozen in the air, and then created a barrier to wrap Mana from being soaked while the wave splashed down onto the field. The metal below the water was making the water have an even brighter blue as it drifted slowly in the pool. Laprax with the passenger Mana still on began moving around the stadium, spinning and making beautiful patterns with the motorboat stored on Laprax’s body, spinning around in laps quickly and elegantly as they took the gentle ride. Mana was lying down as if she was taking a tan on top of a motorboat.

“Look how cute Mana is!” commented mom. “That’s my daughter people!”

“But how’s she gonna do things if she’s just sleeping off like that?” wondered Jaden. “It seems like a nice place to sleep though…”

“Coordinating is meant to be unexpected, that’s why.”

“Mana the dancing girl starts off with a dance in the pool they made, using the mechanical motorboat powers of Laprax to travel around the water!”

“Hey Laprax, wanna go for a swim? Because I sure wanna!”

Laprax nodded, and with a jolt of the mechanical body, made a hole appear in the middle of its body like a diving hole and dumped Mana inside, however Mana was smiling as she jumped in and began swimming with her eyes closed and making backflip dances in the water without worrying about lack of air. Laprax followed by diving in and then emitted a ray to make the water shine, allowing a better view of what was happening underwater. Mana was holding her hands out while Laprax were holding its fins out, then they connected and were spinning in the water to create a small whirlpool in a motion looking as if they were skydiving. The water began to shake and shiver as they made more motions in the water, causing waves to occur but not hit anybody as the audience was impressed by the girl’s ability to stay underwater for such a long time.

“Oh no, Mana’s running out of breath!” worried mom. “Someone help her!”

“Don’t worry mom. Stop being such a mommy mom.”

In the water, Mana gave her mom thumbs up, showing the worried parent she was okay and was having fun rather than suffering from the lack of air. She wasn’t even halfway done with the air she had left, as her Laprax and she dived even further down and went to the edge of the stage, waving hello to the audience with a charm and going back to the other side. Mana and Laprax both shook their head, and suddenly Laprax made an aquatower slowly rise from the bottom of the pool until it was almost at the top. Eventually, Mana seemed to get on the water pulsing from the bottom and it raised her to the top like a whale’s blowhole. Laprax began to swim also to the surface, and with a loud sound, Mana was carried on the air on top of a water spout, waving at everybody. Laprax was there also, and when the aquatower stopped, the machine caught her.

“Hey mom! I told you I’d be safe!”

“Part of me knew you would!”

“I told you she would,” replied Jaden.

“Hey, that was a pretty good appeal there, right? Mana was able to stay in the water longer than I could, and I’m always wearing a bathing suit, you know!”

“It was surprising to see one as young as you pull off such a dangerous appeal underwater, and the ending was great as you were at the top. You must have put that much trust in your Pokémon to know it would catch you, am I right?”

“Splashing and surprisingly remarkable!”

“I hope you’re okay from the lack of air you had. I know you did a lot of dangerous appeals, especially in the other contest you won. That trust is amazing.”

“Mana’s underwater dance earns her a…93! A solid and wet score!”

Mana sweatdropped, Wet? How cheesy… Mana walked over to where her friends and family were waiting for her, still wet and shaking her drenched clothes off as if she was a dog and got them wet, but to an amusement point.

“Mana, don’t do that!” giggled Jaden. “You’re all wet!”

“Duh! I just got from a wet appeal a little while ago!”

“Oh yeah, my bad…”

“Jaden, get a towel for your sister,” directed Michael. “She could get sick.”

“Don’t worry dad! Of course I won’t!”

“Okay, I believe you.”

Mana found a towel from out of nowhere anyways and began to clean herself from the soaked goodness she was in. When she was done, she threw it somewhere.

“So who’s appealing next?” asked Jaden.

“First it’s gonna be a whole bunch of other coordinators,” informed Garrett. “Then I’ll be back on stage with another appeal. What can we do right now?”

Abyss Child walked over, as mysterious as ever. “Hello, Mana…I see you have gotten a high score as well…you will make it to the next round…”

“I will? Thanks!”

“You will as well Garrett…”

“I’m not sure about that, but--”

Abyss Child twitched a little, showing that a sense of doubt was good enough to stir up some thoughts within her. “You will. I am sure of it.”

“Can you see the future or something?” asked Garrett. “That’s cool.”

“I guess you can say I can.”

“Really?” wondered Mana. “You could?”

“Just call it a hunch…I know a lot of things…”

* * *

“We’ve seen some good appeals with Abyss Child and my good friend Mana, but a lot of stupid other things from the other coordinators!” announced Jillian. “But now let’s lighten up the place with a real appeal – allow me to welcome Garrett to the stage!”

“I wish she’d stop saying I’m all that…”

“But you are good!” complimented Mana. “You got high scores.”

“But still…good luck to the both--”

Abyss Child was gone.

“Where’d she go?”

“I don’t know, but I think it’s time for me to take the stage again!” Garrett left the locker room, advancing back to the stage with Jillian on his trail as if trying to touch him or something; Garrett wondering why on the way.

“Welcome contestant number eight of the second round and number one on my list, Garrett! With another presentation, everybody give him a cheer!”

Everyone applauded.

“Hey everyone! I’m back with another appeal, and this time I’m gonna use my loyal and strong…Dragolight, let’s take the stage!” Garrett threw a Luxury Ball, and out came a dark dragon at the end turning into vivid light at the edge.

“Whoa, so pretty…” said Mana.

“Never seen that before…” Jaden whipped out his P*DA, and…

Dragolight, the Light Dragon Pokémon; Type is Dark/Dragon When Lightegg hatches into Dragolight, they can fly the owner to the moons and the suns, even protecting them from the climates up there. Depending on how a Dragolight feels at the moment, they can even shift the outcome for the darkside of the moon and some sunspots when their emotion builds up enough- which makes them dangerous if ever angered, although it's unlikely.

Jaden put the P*DA away. “Wow that is cool. But I don’t get why he would have both a Lightegg and a Dragolight with him.”

“That’s because in a contest, the stage of the Pokémon you’re using doesn’t have to be high in order for them to be good,” informed mom. “Remember Lightegg? It was that small but it was able to collect a lot of points. Pretty cool how contests work, right?”

“Yeah, I see what you mean! I have another question: why’s Dragolight the Light Dragon Pokémon when the P*DA says it’s a Dark-type?”

“Pretty strange, don’t you think?” replied Michael. “Mysteries, mysteries…”

“Alright Dragolight, use your Dragon Light!”

“What a funny name for a Pokémon with the same name!” giggled Mana.

“It’s not that funny…” muttered Abyss Child.

Dragolight glowed green and yellow at the same time, radiating a brilliant gloss throughout his body at the command, closing his eyes in grace as power buildup inside him grew more and more by the second. The shadows of the light began to glow as if they were real, and suddenly rose in the fear of everyone in the crowd, standing in front of them like uncontrolled puppets there for the sake of doing random things. Jaden was frightened for some reason; Mana was playing with the shadow as if it were a real person, while Abyss Child for some reason didn’t even have a shadow- unimpressed by what the others were seeing as she kneeled down into her cape, waiting for the appeal to be over. Suddenly the shadows began to shake a little, and with the flash of an eye, each one shattered as if they were made of glass, then reformed where they belonged.

“Dad, that was creepy…”

“You’re scared of your own shadow?”

Mana moaned, “Aww…my friend’s gone!”

Abyss Child, voiceover, the shadow is your friend…? How ironic…

“My cute little boyfriend just put on a little scary show for us! Let’s see what his greatness is about to do next! I met my shadow friend for a little while!”

“Use Dragon Wind.”

Dragolight began to spin clockwise, causing blue and white waves of wind to materialize and blow everywhere on the field, but not too offensive everyone would be blown away but rather enough for a breeze, although in the middle it looked intense. The wind began to pick up the shadow shards shattered a little while ago and add them to the twister, blowing around carelessly like grouped up leaves blown all around for the torture of more work, but this time rather cleaning up the shadow shard mess made, but seemingly stealing the shadows of the audience. Suddenly, those shadows began to form again and were all on top of the twister showing the silhouettes of their respective owners, looking down as if they were real in the flash of an eye and a yellow aura emitted at the same time. A little bit later, they were all rejoined with whence they came.

“My shadow is so pretty…” said Mana. “So nice…”

Abyss Child, thinking, I don’t have my own shadow…

“Am I gonna die?” asked Jaden. “My shadow was gone!”

Mom slapped Jaden comically. “Of course you’re not!”

“What a mesmerizing appeal,” commented Eldes. “Very nice.”

“Garrett sure lives up to his name as a member of the Pokémon G-Men,” added Michael.

“Wow! What a shadowy appeal used to purify us! Now let’s see what the judges think!”

“You were able to bring the audience into the crowd and perform with the last thing we could expect- literally our own shadows. Creative use of wind and light.”

“Shadowy and blowing remarkable!”

“You may have scared us a little bit there, stealing our own shadows. I feel as if there was a method you could do with that out of a contest…am I right?”

“Yeah, you’re right! As a matter of fact, if you want me to, I could tell you why I use this during my missions as a Pokémon G-Men, alright?”

Jillian yelled, “You’re a member of the Pokémon G-Men! That’s so cool!”

“Um, Jillian. Don’t you already know that since yesterday…?”

Abyss Child, thinking, What a foolish M.C.

“Oh yeah, I did, I guess I forgot.” Jillian began walking over to Garrett with the microphone in hand, and then gave it over to Garrett for his explanation. “Here you go.”

“Thanks Jillian. Well here: the effect of Dragon Flash decapitates any evil creatures or those turned evil, like the vicious Shadow Pokémon running in the land a long time ago, allowing the heroes to easily snag them since their powers are weakened. But as you can see, when this move is used during an appeal, or in other words not facing another Pokémon, it goes for any living being- or aura able to turn against the person owning it. Even though the chances of a shadow actually appearing in real life turning against you is rare and almost impossible to encounter, you must know there are Pokémon able to do that; in the Tech region, the technology distributed and the special powers even trainers have can allow you to do things like that. The moves my Dragolight used can stop that from happening. Sounds like I’m bragging…sorry for such a long talk…”

Everyone laughed.

“That situation seems so familiar…” muttered Jaden. Shadows turning to life and attacking another person…? I felt as if I encountered that before…

“It does seem familiar, right Jaden?” added Michael. “Remember that horrible situation lasting until midnight? The person you were battling was able to conjure shadows.”

“Oh yeah, I remember…even though I don’t want to remember…”

“Thank you for your explanation, Garrett. Now I know even more about you for the next time we meet! And I know that I will learn even more about you!”

Garrett sweatdropped. She’s trying to learn more about me…? I think I might be in trouble if I don’t do something soon…how annoying.

“Yep, I will learn more about you. And Garrett’s final score is a…98! The highest score in the second round yet! Well that’s to expect from someone like--”

“~That’s getting a little annoying now Jillian. Why don’t you announce the next person while me and my friends get a ~little rest?”

“Okay Garrett. I was just kidding, after all. Next is contestant number nine…”

Garrett walked off the stage with his Dragolight following him back to where Mana and Abyss Child were, with a smile on his face.

“That was something crazy you did there!”

“…not that crazy…” muttered Abyss Child.

“I know it wasn’t that crazy. Did it crazy in a good way as in fun and happy, or as in the weird way, like bad guys want to take over the world?”

“The good way and the Lovrina and the Snattle way!”

“…you met Lovrina and Snattle…?” asked Abyss Child. “Losers…”

“I know, right? I beat the both of them!”

Garrett laughed. “Pretty funny there you made.”

“…why don’t you two follow me…?”

“Okay,” replied Mana and Garrett.

* * *

The three were in the locker room, along with other coordinators wondering if they will make it to the next round with an even bigger batch of rejected ones.

“So why you called us here again?” asked Mana.

“At least we get a rest…”

“So… who else do you want to make it to the top four for the final round?”

“Jillian because she’s a friend!”

“I want Jillian to make it too, even though she’s a little overexcited all the time.”

“And so she shall. Us four, the names: Abyss Child, Garrett, Mana, Jillian…we will make it to the next round…and that will happen.”

“Can you see into the future or something?”

“At least you’re not as happy as Jillian always is.”

“I’m never happy, but I tend to be right. The next round will be one to know…”

Jillian walked to the stage, “Contestant number 15, Jillian is about to enter the stage! That’s me! Time for my appeal again and again! Second to last appeal!”

Abyss Child snickered. “It’s just the way it is…heh…”


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That didn't make very much sense. Where did she find the towel and where did she throw it. On the floor, in a cave, on Mt. Battle, in Aruba WHERE!

“Am I gonna die?” asked Jaden. “My shadow was gone!”

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8. The battle's stopped after an interruption so the Moonlight Locust leaves.
9. They all head back to the Contest, wondering stuff and talking crap.
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Mana, Garrett, Abyss Child, Jillian. The standout characters in this contest.

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Episode 13: Lucky Guess…

“So Jillian’s getting ready to appeal, right?” asked Mana.

“Yes, that is right…but you may be a little shocked,” replied Abyss Child. “But not for what you may think of what it may be.”

“That’s pretty rude,” stated Garrett. “You’re saying she’s not gonna make it to the next round? I mean, sure only four of us get to, but still, you shouldn’t say that.”

“As a matter of fact, you may be shocked that she will get to the next round.”

“So you’re saying we should be impressed if she makes it?” asked Garrett. “If you ask me, I still say that’s pretty rude you know.”

“Just watch her appeal and you’ll see. It’s not her skill I’m concerned about, or that I’m even concerned with anything. But the results for all of us are what you should wait for.”

“Hey, let’s do this, Breezeon!” Jillian threw a PokéBall and released Breezeon, slowly floating way down to the metal field with clouds surrounding and wavering as if there was wind, eyes glowing while wrapped in a robe of white, protective clouds.

“That’s so wrapped goodness…” stated Mana.

“Wrapped goodness…? That’s new…”

“Breezeon, Twister into Sky Attack!”

Breezeon caused a blue and white twister to appear as it rose back high into the clouds, drifting across everything in the way with a fluff and a cute change of emotion for the clouds shifted around the small critter like they were alive, moving and waving around in the same formation as the powerful twister was, crashing onto the center of the field and causing loud reflecting sounds on the tough metal being pierced slowly by the tornado at the moment. In the middle of the blue twister, Breezeon dived down without the opening of clouds for protection with the sifting of clouds rushing through the small flyer and gust blowing through the thick hair she had, slowly rising until getting to the ground with a beautiful yellow glow blazing on it like the heat of a comet breaking into the earth. The twister wavered, with Breezeon making a safe landing at the last second, finished.

“Jillian and her Breezeon must be pretty good because she can do something as quick as that one appeal, don’t you think? That was a pretty close appeal.”

“You’re right, Mana!”

“Pretty dangerous, but it doesn’t matter,” muttered Abyss Child. “She’ll make it, but to me, she’s just another coordinator…no more and no less…”

Jillian, voiceover, Okay, if I wanna get those extra points and gets Garrett’s attention; I better use the metal field to my advantage. Here we go. “Breezeon, show us you’re capable for the elements with a powerful Wind Break!”

“So she wants to use the metal field for something,” muttered Garrett. “She could get extra points if she does this right…”

Breezeon lifted up the huge and beautiful clouds around it and suddenly made a flapping sound, causing slicing wind to travel through the air coming from the gates leading to the inside of the contest hall. The metallic floor was weakening its hold to the ground, slowly budging a little as the nails began to get a little loose one by one, a tiny screech heard from the unscrewing caused by the controlled air like the wind were extra hands created by the appealing Breezeon. The nails were finally loose, and the entire metal field Jillian was standing on began to lift in the air, carrying the girl along with her hovering Breezeon, the flying Eeveelution just centimeters above the stadium by carrying it without hands. Jillian was spinning on top of it and waving at the people. The field suddenly stopped and fell all the way, back down with a bang, ending with a bow.

“That was pretty dangerous,” stated Garrett. “Seriously, she was falling along with that floor and if she wasn’t smart enough, she would’ve gotten hurt.”

“Don’t worry about it,” added Mana. “That nice lady always does things like that. The good thing’s that the nice lady did was that she actually participated in this appeal more than the other ones I saw her do in the last contest, which were only reliant on her pokes.”

“Pokémon coordinating sure is dangerous, right?” asked Jaden. “Damn, if I was all the way up there, I’m sure I would’ve fallen. I don’t know how she didn’t.”

“That’s because if you’re in the contest world, you have to trust in your Pokémon,” replied mom. “Jillian was able to do that because she trusted Breezeon.”

“Contests are much different than battles, right?” added Michael.

“They are,” ended Eldes. “And the bond…I wish I had that…”

“Alright peoples! Let’s see what the judges think of my appeal.”

“The beginning was a regular one, but adding the use of the metal field in the end was spectacular, considering the fact you were in on the appeal made it even better.”

“Metallically remarkable.”

“That made no sense, but it was great to see that you trusted your Pokémon.”

“And my final score’s gonna be a…88! Yay! That’s pretty good and I’m hoping that’s gonna take me to the next round or else I’ll end up sad if I don’t!”

“I hope she does make it to the finals,” stated Mana. “She’s really cool.”

“I hope she does, but doesn’t embarrass me like she does sometimes.”

“Let’s make way for our final contestant, number 16…”

* * *

“How well did you think I did mom?”

“You did pretty well if you ask me. I think you’ll make it.”

“Really? You do? Thanks!”

“Boys and girls! The shocking semi-finals of the Elec Town contest have just ended. Now we’ll have a one-hour break like last time so us super-cool judges can decide who will be the lucky four to make it to the next round! How electrifying, don’t you think?”

“That was quick,” stated Garrett.

“It was, wasn’t it? I hope I make it, then I get to use whatever I was gonna use.”

Abyss Child approached. “I am guessing the fact you two getting your hopes up…?”

“Yeah, I am!” exclaimed Mana. “But I hope I make it.”

“I think I have a fair chance.”

“…it’s not the fairness you think it is, but rather fate that decides who will make it to the next round. What can be decided has not been decided, but will soon.”



“You’ll learn soon it takes more than a good coordinating act and Pokémon to get what you want, and strangely it might take a while, but you will someday…” with those words, Abyss Child teleported away with the swoop of the red cape.

“What was that all about?” asked Jaden.

“Hi Jaden! That’s just a friend I met a little while ago earlier today.”

“He is? That guy seems like someone I read in a book.”

“He? I guess it’s a he. Seems like a girl to me if you ask, though. Oh well, might as well have some more ice cream before the next appeal!”

“Sure…you had ice cream…?”

* * *

On the second block of the Elec Town’s busy streets were counters with people behind them, cards on the table and clueless people betting away with the game to get their money taken away from them. A large silver gate was behind them- the kind you use for prison cells as they had barbed wires on the top with a yellow static going through the top of them like a bird was ready to be shocked by the gate. Garbage bags and more dangerous looking panels were behind the gate, a set of metal staircase leading to a catwalk platform extending further and further until you couldn’t even see it anymore, other than the fact it took you through a metallic gate. On the left and right were regular stores having people coming in and out, not even looking at the dangerous gate as they passed through the path, the usual getting pilfered by the thieves in a New York City style gamble. Signs spelled out dark things, and even though everyone else seemed happy, they didn’t even notice they read out:




A shady looking man having a brown hood over his face walked slowly, past the gambling cheaters with a silver cape behind him and many sets of large guns and swords seen in the cape, a vicious way looking like he was about to be stabbed through if he laid prone on the ground. He kept walking, and you couldn’t even see the first half of his face because it was covered by the shadows, even the feet extended like a cape. He held a gun in his hand, twirling it like he was about to shoot someone.

“Hey you, it’s not Halloween you know!” instigated a cheater.

“Why don’t you go and die somewhere?”

“Wanna fight, dumb*****?”

“Wanna die?” the man stopped the gun after throwing it in the air, then catching it in an experienced matter, holding it at the gambling man in a serious way, ready to release it the moment he clicked the trigger slowly, ready to shoot.

“You’re kidding me, right…?”

“Nah, not this time.” He clicked on the trigger and the environment was in slow-motion.


“Oops, my finger slipped,” the man chuckled.

* * *

“We have a long time, where you wanna go?” asked Jaden.

“I don’t know, but I’m a little hungry!” replied Mana. “Just kidding, I have a little something for you that I picked up a while ago.”

“Really? What?”

“Well back when we had that cute little break, I went to this really cool store and picked up a whole bunch of toys and cool stuff, I even got some for you just in case!”

“Thanks, but I don’t need any toys…I’m grown up now…”

“Yes you do! Have fun playing with cute little toys!” Mana materialized the bags she carried earlier, having many toys stick out of it and threw it down, splattering a barrage of toys all over the floor and sparking excitement in Jaden’s eyes.

“Where’d you get those…” Jaden reached down, and picked up figures looking much like his Elemental Heroes, holding them up in amazement. “But that’s kinda impossible…”

“You like them? Now you have a double set of your friends!”

“Yeah, but the Elemental Heroes I carry with me are revived from cards…I don’t know how it’s possible another guy would know how they look like…thanks, Mana. They’re really cool. I’m a little freaked from seeing something only I have…”

“So you do like them!”

“What did your brother get for you?” asked mom. “Looks like something cool!”

Jaden held up the action figure to his mom, handing it over. “Here, it is cool.”

“I guess you have a double-set of your friends now, right?”

“Hey, that’s what I said!” giggled Mana. “Have fun with them! I’m going to sleep!” Mana comically lay down on the marble floor and slept immediately.

“She’s a quick sleeper,” remarked Garrett.

“Mana’s fast at anything she wants to,” replied mom. “Pretty funny, don’t you think?”

“Better get going now; I feel some crime going on as we speak.”

“Can I come?” asked Jaden. “I wanna see you do your stuff!”

“Sure, I’ll go for a little patrol around the city.”

Mana was muttering in her sleep, “Be back soon…”

* * *

Jaden and Garrett were eventually at the town square, next to where the cheating gamblers were still stealing from the citizens of the town with their dirty tricks. However, a large crowd was looking onto the metal surface, noticing a…

“What’s that?” asked Jaden.

“Who did this?” Garrett walked towards the fallen body with careful steps, looking down at the rotting carcass as he advanced and reached down a little.

“Garrett, that’s gross-- don’t touch it.”

“Somebody around here is dead, and I see you citizens are to feared to call for help to get whoever did this…I better find out what’s going on.”

“Let’s investigate at the scene of the crime then!”

“Sure thing, but we better stay on our toes.” Garrett walked on top of the dead body, kicking away at the blood and guts on the center of the heart when he noticed something, stopping and wondering. “Why is this gate open in the first place?”

“What gate?”

“The metal gate for Elec Town’s always supposed to be locked because if people were to go there, they could be electrocuted by the Elec Tower, but for some reason it’s open.”

“Let’s go in then!”

“You stay here, it might be too dangerous and if one of us should get hurt, I think I rather than you. Whoever did this must’ve probably went through the gate and left it open.”

“Fine, but I wanna go…”

“You’re acting just like Mana.”

“Is that a good thing?”

“Sometimes, I guess.”

Garrett began to walk through the metal gate, pushing the half open entry with a metal screech and advanced. He kept going and noticed a metal set of stairs with gaps in the middle like a fire escape, walking up slowly and cautiously while not holding on to the rusted handrails owning holes in the middle large enough a small baby could fall through; Heading up to the top, and it was a single platform edged to the brick wall on the right where if you weren’t careful you would fall many levels down and break all of your bones, or even stabbed through the middle since there were super sharp steel spikes down on the cemented floor, dumped with many rats crawling all over and smoke exhaust to prevent the viewing of your death if that were to ever happen. Continuing to move, Garrett made a turn and halted to a stop when he looked back and…

“Oh crap, I should’ve known Jaden wouldn’t stay there.”

Ignoring the fact Jaden could have been following him or gotten into trouble, he continued and eventually, he leaped down many levels onto a platform surrounded by thick toxic liquids. It was two metal geared platforms on the left and the right, with a shady looking man over on the other side, appearing to be a little kid.

“What are you doing here, adult?” asked the kid.

“I should be asking you the same thing. It’s dangerous to be hanging out around here.”

“I say you’re dangerous to be around here, because you should’ve fallen a long time ago when you were walking the catwalk, if you get where I’m going at.”

“That made no sense, but you’re coming with me before you get hurt hanging out around here, alright little kid? Dude, don’t go waving on a toxic gas place.”

“Maybe you’re the one about to get hurt!” the kid snapped his fingers, and the toxic gas began to splash a little, almost hitting Garrett directly as part of the cement melted.

“Man, that’s not even cool. Let’s just get outta here nicely, alright dude?”

“Whatever, but the name’s Moonlight Locust.”

“Killer name, alright then, let’s boogie on outta here.”

“Cheesy man, let’s go and beat each other up here. I hate you adults just because you hate hyperactive kids and don’t like our sense of style, so let’s bring it on…NOW!”

Coordinator Garrett vs. Moonlight Locust
[Moonlight Locust seemingly hovers towards the battle as if he had wings, then lands on the surface, sticking a middle finger while growing more and more angry at the second, then releases: Whombus, an obese Wobbuffet with a crown on and a royal dress; Deaxtrix, a creature with a Lucario-like body, only difference is spikes and sword at the back, on the knees, shoulders and elbows and wherever else you choose..]

[Garrett walks out onto the field with his nice sifty hair while his eyes sjpw triue passion, his blazer blowing as if he was a legend in a wind of portraits then releases Vaporeon and Electabuzz] “I’ve never seen those two before…” Garrett took out his sky-blue P*DA, pointing to the two opponents, and then…

Whombus, the Timed Revenge Pokémon; Type is Psychic/Unknown; When a Wobbuffet get the legendary myth stone they evolve into a six foot tall Wobbuffet. They are patient but can use proper attacks.

Deaxtrix, The Spike Pokémon; Type is Sharp/Fighting type; the evolved form of Sharpatine; Deaxtrix like to scare people.

“Deaxtrix sure has a little information known…I’ll end this quick: Vaporeon, Tidal Wave; Electabuzz, Electric Surge. Sweep them away.”

“Your reckless moves won’t work on me, I know what your Pokémon are capable of, and if you ask me, they’re not laying a hand on my Pokémon. Deaxtrix, activate your special ability, then use Knife Edge; Whombus, Cross Defense.”

Electabuzz made electricity come out from the clouds above the field and struck both foes for a chunk of damage. Deaxtrix made a knife stab through him, increasing Attack and Speed while another sickle Vaporeon for little damage.

“What’s your strategy?”

“You’re about to find out.”

Vaporeon made a huge wave appear behind her, but different from Surf since objects were being carried through the water and crashed on both opponents- Whombus took the full hit, but Deaxtrix was spared from a single hit, Moonlight Locust gone.

“You’re like a cheeseburger left uneaten! Destroyed!”

“Hey, don’t compare me to food…”

“What? Where’d you go? That ain’t cool.”

Moonlight Locust was still nowhere to be seen, however there was a swarm of locusts in front of Deaxtrix in the shape of a human body, buzzing together in a three-dimensional animation as they waved and made huge sounds to cause Garrett to cover his ears. They began to slowly glow, and Moonlight Locust appeared after, shielding his Pokémon.

“Because Whombus took the full hit of both moves, which means you’re gonna be struck down. Wobbuffet’s already Uber, but now this skill will destroy you, Cross Defense!”

Whombus glowed golden, then an x-shaped cross appeared in front like the bar on Metagross, beginning to spin and let loose from where it was. With an agility effect, Electabuzz was struck immediately and shattered, fainting from the blast. Garrett looked in terror knowing the fact a single blow managed to do this.

“How’d you do that in…one hit?”

“Whombus is a Pokémon that only I have, and Cross Defense activates when you attack it twice, dealing three times the damage dealt to it in total for the round.”

“That’s a cheap move you did there!”

“From what I read about your battles, your Pokémon are ‘cheap’ as well! Now let’s get this battle going already, so send out something!.”

“As you wish, go Swampert!”

“That’s gonna be your downfall. Whombus, you know what to do! Deaxtrix, Protect! Time for a surprise…Supporter chip: Recovery300, slot in!” Moonlight Locust slot in a chip with a red circle spelling 300 in the middle, having a pink glowing background. Healing lines appeared around Whombus’ body and 300 HP was healed.

“Oh no, now my attacks won’t work! But I can still try this one: Swampert, Water Barrage and Vaporeon, Tidal Wave! Show your power!”

Deaxtrix protected himself with a green shield of light, while Swampert unleashed raging bullets at Whombus while Vaporeon caused a huge wave that crashed onto both opponents- Whombus being the only one to take damage because Deaxtrix was guarded.

“That damage is your downfall!”

“I forgot about the countering skill…”

Whombus materialized a glowing X on the surface, and then released the streak onto the last attacker, Vaporeon to knock her out along with the glow. Garrett was terrified.

“Return Vaporeon, good job.”


“What was--?”

“Looks like I have to get going…” Moonlight Locust transformed into a flock of locusts then flew off, destroying the metal of buildings as he flew away.

“…? Oh my…I better get back there for the contest!”

* * *

“Hey there, Garrett!” called Mana. “You got here just in time, right?”

“Yeah, I did…lucky me because I ran into something back there. Where’s Jaden?”

“I thought he was with you…”

“The final round of the Elec Town Contest is about to begin. What began with 64 coordinators will now be narrowed down to the four who will be appealing for the shot at the ribbon here! The best of the best, well for the contest at least…”

[Abyss Child, Mana, Garrett, Jillian]

Mana was shocked. Abyss Child was right…


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wow. i liked this chapter. btw deathborn i made abysschild for harleyscarow. so no usey my character!

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wow. i liked this chapter. btw deathborn i made abysschild for harleyscarow. so no usey my character! anyway this chapter was good. i can't really post a proper review cuz i found nothing wrong! with this keep it up.Why would Deathborn use my/your character? Isn't AbyssChild from your own story? At least I think so...

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Why would Deathborn use my/your character? Isn't AbyssChild from your own story? At least I think so...

EDIT: Shadowblazer, is that you?

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[Garrett walks out onto the field with his nice sifting hair while closing his eyes in true passion, his blazer blowing as if he was a legend in a wind of portraits, then releases Vaporeon and Electabuzz.]

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[Garrett walks out onto the field with his nice sifty(?) hair while his eyes show true passion, his blazer blowing as if he was a legend in a wind of portraits (ok..., i guess that is ok)then releases Vaporeon and Electabuzz.]

Besides that it was quite interesting, I didn't know anything(besides his pokemon) about moonlight locust's character before this chapter. Supprisingly, you made him a mysterious maniac who is a little "trigger happy".

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1. The group talk about Abyss Child's prediction in the back.
2. Abyss Child's appeal.
3. Mana appeal.
4. Garrett's appeal.
5. Jillian Meridian's appeal.
6. The group is about to find out who wins the contest.

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2nd September 2006, 10:04 PM
Mana walked over to the outside backstage, where her family was waiting for her minus Jaden, with a look on her face to show she was happy yet astonished.

“You made it to the final round!” cheered mom. “Good job there!”

“Thanks mom, but I don’t think I really deserved to get there.”

“Why not? Your work so far was great- you shouldn’t say that.”

“I did try my best, but look at the people that made it through to the next round.”

“I know who they are: You, that strange looking person in robes, Jaden’s friend Garrett, and Jillian, the nice person who has a crush on that guy. Speaking of which, where is Jaden? I thought that he came with you Garrett.”

Garrett scratched his head, nervous. “He did come with me, but he told me that he wanted to…um…hang out in the city a little bit more so that’s why he’s not with me.”

“Are you sure…?” asked mom. “He should be here for his little sister.”

“Yes, I’m sure! He’s probably off for a little hot dog or something.”

“I miss my little brother…I hope he comes back…”

“He’s your little brother? I thought it was the other way around.”

“Mana, he’s your bigger brother and you’re his little sister!” corrected mom. “You’re so funny when you want to be…and Garrett…”

Garrett gulped down. “…yes…?”

“Go and find Jaden and tell him not to wander the city by himself, because that’s really dangerous and he could get raped by some people in the city!”

“Can I come too?”

“You have to appeal right after that nice person in robes, so you should stay,” suggested mom. “But you have a lot of time, so you should go and look for him.”

“But I have to appeal also…right after Mana…”

“After each appeal in the final round, there’s a little break for each coordinator that lasts about ten minutes, so you should be the one to go, alright?” informed mom.

“…Okay…” Garrett began walking away in a very reluctant matter, his arms drooping down showing he didn’t want to do so. I shouldn’t have let him outta my sight…

“Mom, why don’t you head over to the spectator’s stands before the appealing?” asked Mana. “I’ll go to the coordinator’s area first, so get ready to cheer for some people!”

“Alright Mana. Good luck on the appealing again. What Pokémon are you going to use?”

“I’ll tell you later. See you mom!”

* * *

“As we all know, from the huge pool of 64 coordinators, we have the four here on stage who will be appealing it out to see who will win the Metal ribbon! Just about the best we can offer for today, I present you with the coordinators! First up is…the mysterious Abyss Child who has gotten the highest score for every round.”

“…I’m here, and…?”

“Looks like we have someone with a lack of words! We don’t even know the gender of the person in the cape, but let’s move on to the second best in the final round…Mana!”

“Yay!” cheered mom and Michael. “GO Mana!”

“Hi everyone! I’m so happy to be here with my friends…well most of them at least! I promise I’m gonna end things up with a bang! Yay! Yay! Yay!”

“Aww…” went the crowd.

“Next up is the third-place finisher yet number one in my book…Garrett!”


“Where’s Garrett?”

“Where is he?” asked Eldes from the spectator stands. “That’s strange…”

“Apparently Garrett’s not here right now, but I know later he’s gonna come back and make yet another beautiful appeal like he did last time! I miss you…!”

Mana sweatdropped, eww…

“The fourth place finisher is unfortunately me, because the judges hate me…”

Abyss Child, voiceover, Of course they do, especially with all of your stupid flirting during the middle of appeals who wouldn’t hate you…?

“There’s a feeling for a negative wave of energy in the air, so let’s kick off whatever you wanna call it with the first place finisher as I have just introduced…Abyss Child!”

Everybody clapped with a feeling of emptiness as the robed being hovered slowly onto the middle of the metal field, not showing a single grasp of face, walking while silver gloved hands and feet covered. The feeling of the red robe whisked through the stadium. Slowly, the robed being took out some small glowing orb, radiating a fine shine.

“What is that…?” wondered Mana.

“What is what?” asked mom.

“That thing that she’s holding. The really strange yellow little thing…”

“I don’t see anything strange over there. At least I don’t think I do…”

“Don’t worry…I think I’m just going nuts in my head…”

Abyss Child forced a powerful flash, blinding everyone in the stadium for a few moments, and when it slowed down, her Pokémon appeared…

“What in the world is that?!” exclaimed Michael. “That’s hideous!”

“I’ve never seen something like that before!” shouted Eldes. “No…”

“That looks hilarious!” screamed Mana. “It’s so funny to see that weird thing!”

Mom had confusion signs among her. “What’s so weird…?”

The Pokémon that Abyss Child released was the head of a Charizard, tail of Mewtwo, hands and claws of Sandslash, Pidgeotto wings, and body of a Salamence.

“The mysterious coordinator released a very freakish looking Pokémon, and I’ve never seen it even from the thousands of appeals I see everyday in my career!”

“Abyss Burst, then Abyss Partner…”

The strange creature made a purple aura surround it, yet it wasn’t a shadow one along with rising waves glowing around it in a glossy way, shining with white streaks all over the strange body. it had powerful rays hanging down like a powerful arc on top of Abyss Child, radiating with darkness and holes in the center of them ready to entrance everyone on the field of the dome being created by the hanging ray. They began to shift together and everyone in the stadium looked at the arcs, having an empty feeling of fear in their bodies yet so full of what they want, hypnotized by the slowly moving entrancement above them with purple lines and yellow sun blazing through the small holes the arc let go through; The sunlight was going through small holes like when a person wakes up and feels the light of gaps in the middle of their curtains. The glow focused itself back.

“My head hurts, mom…mom?”


“Mom? Dad?”


“What’s happening to everyone?”

Everyone in the entire stadium had the look of emptiness in their eyes as if they were being controlled by the slowly shifting arches above the stadium, their pupils radiating a powerful red as they moved in the shadow of the light. The strange Pokémon proceeded by slowly glowing darker and darker before melting into the shadow it caused, going through the rays of black and yellow on the ground from the gapped surface above the dome created. Soon, the shifting shadow on the ground where Abyss Child was standing began to gradually change little by little, until they divided all together and formed five shadows in the strange formation of a star, making many silhouettes as if they were still connected to one, and began rising up all together. Abyss Child was directly in the middle of the five rising shadows, and everyone in the stadium was still frozen.

“How come everyone’s eyes are so weird?” wondered Mana. “Are they…”

From the darkest lurks of the five shadows on the field rose from the powerful metal in the center, like the shadows of five beings holding their hand together. Out of the pit of shadows raised five Pokémon, and strangely rising one by one happened to be…






They were holding hands, or as close as it got, together forming a circle in unison and radiating with the glow- Abyss Child in the middle of the ritual when the robed person released a yellow streak of light from hands and made all five of them disappear. After the ray hit all of them, everything vanished and the field returned to what it was before.

“What just happened…?” Mana pulled her mom in a concerned manner. “During this thingy something really weird happened and you were out!”

“I was? I did become kinda sleepy earlier before something happened…” mom slanted over to her husband, pulling on his shirt gently to see if he was awake. “You’re right, your father did kinda conk out…are you alright, Michael?”

“Zzz…zzz…zzz…” Michael began to slowly open his eyes with vision blurry from the above sunlight, narrowing his eyes. “Wha…what…?

“Zzz…” went Jillian, then woke up in a rush as she grabbed her microphone before she accidentally dropped it and spoke, “What happened…? Whatever, why don’t you all-seeing judges tell everyone whatever happened and…you get what I’m saying.”

“…it was good?”



“The judges are speechless, and I think this can be in a bad way, or good if you think about it. Because they didn’t get to see the appeal or anything about it, this can only mean one score for Abyss Child…and it turns out to be a…let’s wait…”

“She’s gonna get a zero?” wondered Mana.

“I don’t know, but after all, nobody saw anything,” replied mom.

“And the score is a…hundred?! How can this be? Nobody saw a single thing that happened during the appeal so there’s no way that this can be except for craziness…it’s probably one of the weird things you get for being a judge, but I wonder why!”

“Why’d Abyss Child get that?! Nobody in the entire crowd even saw the appeal Abyss Child did, most of you people had the weird look in your eye during the appeal.”

“Impressive…she got a hundred…” said mom. “Don’t forget an appeal doesn’t matter if you see it or not, but maybe all in general? That’s a possibility…”

“Now judges, why don’t you tell all of us why you gave her that score? There must be some strange reason why Abyss Child managed to get it, after all.”

“I’m speechless…”

“Remarkably speechless…”

“I’m speechless…”

“I see…” muttered Mana with a face of question.

* * *

Abyss Child approached Mana with the usual look, except this time there was an impression like the face was revealed, although nobody in the room needed to see the inside to know how they should set their emotions. “Mana…you’re next…”

“I know, I’m the next one appealing, and yours was pretty cool.”

“Cool isn’t the word I would use…destiny is more like it…”


“Yes, and that will determine if Jaden shall be found by Garrett sooner or later…”

“How’d you know that my friend Garrett was looking for my little brother?”

“I have a way of getting things around, and knowing things I know that other people shouldn’t know, even at a tiny little contest like this one…”

“So when do you think Garrett’s gonna come back with my little brother?”

“Dark forces as night comes slowly shall tell you the answer to that question, but for now you should go where you should and use your beloved Chansey during the appeal.”

“I am going to use my Chansey, but that must have been a lucky guess, right?”

“I guess you can say that…”

“The second rank coordinator for this contest is about to appeal, so may all of you give a big hand to the little baby cutie that you all know and love…Mana!”

Mana walked away from where Abyss Child was, waving her hand before she arrived on the stage in a cute and steady matter while she waved to the rest of the crowd in her usual adorable way, holding a PokéBall in her left hand and throwing it to release the healing Chansey out onto the field.

“Go Mana!” cheered her mom. “That’s my girl out there!”

Mana, voiceover, I know that I always treated you just like I treated my other Pokémon whenever you assisted me in battle and never gave you any other attention except for that. I’m pretty sorry for that, but hopefully you’ll get some showtime here…doesn’t matter if we win or not, okay? Remember that…

Chansey nodded, agreeing as if able to read Mana’s mind.

Abyss Child, voiceover, I see that she has that skill as well...what a waste…

Mana transferred rays of purple above Chansey, speaking without moving her lips, Chansey, Softboiled into Psychic, then Flamethrower…

Chansey began to waggle around the field and do a spin, materializing six white eggs almost cracked around her while she was moving around the metal field, making a dance to shake the floating yellow glowing orbs in the air while they shook a little. After slowing down but still moving quick, Chansey’s body glowed a bluish-purple, followed by the floating eggs one by one as each of them radiated a powerful aura, slowly being controlled by her when they began to circle around Chansey in a beautiful pattern. This caused purple waves to dance like the water on a beach going slowly on and off when moments passed. Soon, Chansey began to have a serious look on her face when she began lifting off the ground herself, the eggs following her into the sky as if they were being raised on an invisible elevator, dancing in the unseen force caused by her.

“I never knew that Chansey could use Psychic…” muttered mom. “Strange.”

“Actually, Chansey could use Psychic considering the fact that Normal-type Pokémon can use a large variety of moves in battle,” added dad. “What’s strange is…”

“Yep, how did her Chansey in particular know how to use it? She barely had her for such a long time, probably about less than a week or maybe even less.”

“She’s full of surprises, as we have seen that happen before.”

The hovering Chansey stood in the air along with her eggs circling around her like a circus act. However, soon after that, the eggs quickly lost their powerful glow and began dropping down onto the stage quickly, and if she didn’t do something quick, they would soon splatter all over the field. Chansey listened to the previous direction and unleashed a large burst of flames from her mouth after gaining a serious gaze, spinning around in the air while releasing the powerful burst of special type; soon the flames were also glowing purple from the previous psychic and began to travel around the field on their own, wrapping around the falling eggs quickly before they landed on the steel surface and preventing them from cracking just mere inches before hitting. The eggs were lying on the stream of purple-glowed fire and were slowly shaking from the heat of the blaze, shaking a little before they began to glow a golden blend and beautiful streak of light.

“How did Mana get all of that to come out without saying commands?” wondered Eldes.

“That’s something I don’t even know!” exclaimed mom. “The funny thing is that she’s my daughter but she doesn’t even tell me much about what she can do!”

Abyss Child, thinking, they’ll never understand the fact directions can be given out in more way than words, or even any motion between others. What fools…

“I have one more surprise for you!” declared Mana, “And this one’s gonna put a very big smile on all of your cute little faces! Chansey, show them the light of happiness!”

Chansey’s eggs began glowing more and more light, until the streaks began shooting out of many directions and traveling through the entire stadium like the way the rays of a lighthouse moves throughout the night, sometimes gently waving on the face of the person before disappearing and moving onto the next. Because of this, the metal field began to sparkle for the steel it was made of, and soon made a huge reflection on the way Chansey was, causing the stage to glow a brilliant yellow and the eggs to slowly crack from the positive signs they were giving out. With slow wonder and cracks from the shells, they erupted with a bang and released pink hearts outside, traveling to where the audience was and popping in front of their faces, releasing confetti all over the place. The glow then blinded everyone before completely stopping, with everything back to normal and the crowd entranced by the love given out by the bowing Mana and happy-giving Chansey. Everyone cheered for her with red hearts in the center of their eyes.

“An appeal from the one stage that has the ability to bring joy and happiness to the eyes of everyone on the field, including the judges here on stage is surely to bring a high score. I don’t even know what to say, it’s like if I was voting for who I would want to win, I’d vote for either my lovely Garrett, or my friend here Mana! Let’s go and see…”

“During the appeal Mana, you made everyone in the audience worry that the eggs would break when Chansey stopped her control on them, but I know from plain sight that you wanted to do that on purpose. Also, you used the happiness pride that Chansey are well known for during the appeal, which made everyone in the audience light up their day.”

“I can happily say that this appeal was remarkable.”

“The joy of a Pokémon like Chansey is unmatchable, but you somehow put a smile on everyone’s face. Comes to show that joy and laughter is the best medicine, especially coming from the famed healing Pokémon! I should know-- I’m Nurse Joy!”

“And the score for this appeal is…let’s see if it was good enough to match up to the previous one, even though that one was a perfect score. The overhead board says…a hundred, which puts Mana on the even level as Abyss Child is! Even though the score is the same, don’t forget that all the voting for which is better goes to you, the audience!”

Mana walked over to her family, who were waiting for her with a smile on her face. Of course, Jaden wasn’t there, but her mom and dad were happy to see her. She ran over and hugged them, excited about the results of the contest but caring less if she won or not.

“You did a good job Mana!” exclaimed her mother and father in unison.

“Did Garrett come back yet? His appeal’s gonna be next.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I sent him so that he can find Jaden,” confessed mom. “Can you tell Jillian to stall things out for a little while? I’ll email him and tell him to come here quick. We don’t have much time, but at least we can try.”

“Alright a person, the last round is getting going…here comes the third-place finisher, but the first one in my book: Presenting the cool, calm, collected…Garrett!”

Mana ran onto the stage and up to Jillian, tugging on her to get attention. “Jillian, Garrett’s not here right now because he’s looking for my little brother Jaden. Can you give him some more time before he gets to appeal?”

“Normally, he’d have five minutes before he would get disqualified, but for someone like him of course I’ll give a little exception. Try to get him back so we can see his greatness, okay? Maybe I should go and look for him myself for the sake of it…”

“Don’t worry-- my mom’s calling him on the P*DA thingy so he can come back.”

* * *

In the dangerous streets of Elec Town where Garrett had a angered look on his face…


Garrett took out his P*DA, and…

Topic: Come Quickly!
From: Mom

Message: Abyss Child and Mana already appealed, and from what Jillian said, you’re the third place finisher, meaning that it’s your turn to get on the stage. I’m sorry for having you find Jaden and all of that stuff without forgetting about the fact you’re in this contest. Mana managed to get the judges to give you a thirty minute time to get here and make your appeal, but you should head back now for the sake of showmanship. Knowing Jaden, he can make it back alone; sorry for ever asking you to do this for me…

“I’m glad she cares, but I have more problems on the way at the present moment…”

The cars driving on the busy road were as quick as ever, most of them red and blue buggies that would punch you for life as they passed by. However, a horrible terror rushed through the sidewalks and roads amounting to worse than the speed limit being broken as many of them crashed into each other and exploded, killing many people in a matter of seconds from the leaking gas being intensified from the sake of fire. The humans around ran with their Pokémon from the scene of terror, noticing a certain young boy on top of the building carrying an advanced ‘cellphone’ in his hand, not even looking at the purple and grey device while he was pressing the buttons. Garrett noticed the person and flew in an unexplainable way; however the robed boy flew down on top of an exploding car, shielding himself with a purple barrier from the blast. The man was…

“Wait…aren’t you the one that I battled over at the--”

“That’s right...”

* * *

*RING! RING! RING!* It was Jillian’s P*DA.

Topic: I can’t make it…
From: Garrett

Message: I’m sorry to say this, but I can’t make it to the contest for my appeal. There is too much at stake from where I’m at right now and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I were to leave for the contest. It’s okay if you disqualify me right now and go on with your appeal so we can find out who wins the contest, just make sure everyone over where you’re at right now doesn’t get hurt, because from where I’m at right now, the damage is huge. Disqualify me now and continue on with the contest, and don’t worry about me.

“I’m afraid that Garrett can’t be in the contest due to some things that he has to do right now. I have to go also and make sure I’m by his side, meaning the mysterious Abyss Child and happy Mana will be the choices for this contest. I’m sorry to say there won’t be a third or fourth appeal for the audience to see. Please everyone; pick your vote to determine who will win this contest because that’s your role in the final round. Mana, make sure nothing really bad happens because I have to get going.”

“WHAT?!” went the audience.


2nd September 2006, 11:47 PM
“Go and find Jaden and tell him not to wander the city by himself, because that’s really dangerous and he could get raped by some people in the city!”

And the chances of that seem to be around......well I don't know, but it's very slim.

Abyss child is now getting very more interseting but since he/she is Ultaflame's character and wasn't a original character for the fic.....well I don't know what to believe.

I'm just gonna say excellent job on this chapter

Remarkable work

And a nice blend of chapter plotline and the cliffhanger.

2nd September 2006, 11:56 PM
Abyss Child's character originated from UltaFlame, but I gave her some more personality that the original character didn't have; soon she's gonna have a selection of Pokemon that even the main creator didn't even make! For the sake of my sense of originality, I gave her the ability to

Read people's minds and tell the future

3rd September 2006, 5:05 AM
i could tell. and yeah i knew you added some more aspects to my person i kinda hoped you would do that. i'm not very god at stuff like that and i didn't want a character i made up completely to be in someone elses work. and again awesomeness. one typo though i found was...

“Why nor? Your work so far was great- you shouldn’t say that.”

4th September 2006, 1:59 AM
Thanks for pointing out the spelling mistake. I can't believe that the spellcheck missed that...for now, here's the summary of the next chapter:

1. The group finds out who wins and they talk about why she won.
2. Garrett comes back and warns about Moonlight Locust's dangerous acts.
3. The S.U.V runs out of gas, so Mana's mom goes out and gets some.
4. The gang explores the stadium, then insects flash out and attack them.
5. Mana's mom comes back with the gas; evil bugs then attack her, all run.
6. The man in the background stalks them as they make way into the night.
7. After finally getting things ready and threat of locusts gone, they drive off.
8. The car gets shot by many locusts and explodes, but they escaped in time.
9. The man appears and Garrett explains who he is and asks why he did this.
10. The battle with Garrett and the stalking man begins.

Helpful Critic
5th September 2006, 3:10 PM
Cool! Yay my(*counts on fingers*)third battle in the fic. Oh and Harley, can you resend me my pokemon party list, so I know I got it right?

5th September 2006, 6:49 PM
Futatsu no Mirai
(Rockman.exe Axess Opening)

Lyrics: Nao
Arrangement: Igarashi "IGAO" Jun'ichi
Vocal: Kuroda Michihiro

Translation By: Izumi & SpicyMarmalade (http://wpp-fansubs.com/)

Hajimari o Tsugeru Kane no Koe
At the beginning, the bell echos to let you know

Toki ga Kawari
That it's just a matter of change

Kinou Uchikeshi Narihibiku yo
From a terrible yesterday

Daijoubu Kimi ga koko ni ireba
It's all right, since you're here next to me

Hitori janai Sore ga Yuuki Okosaseru
I'm not alone, and that's what'll awaken my courage

Fukigenna Sora Mabushii hodo
This sullen sky dazzles so

Terashi Daseru Taiyou ni nareru
It's so bright that I feel as if it's the sun

Kimi to Wakachiau Kibou to Yorokobi
I'll share this with you, the joy of my hopes

Kurosu suru Sono Tabifukamaru Kizuna
This cross holds the deepness of our bond

Mirai to Genzai Pazuru o Awasete
The future and the present join together with this puzzle

Kokoro Tsunagaru Bokura no Yume
Our hearts are connected for our dream

Akashi ni naru
I'll become the proof

7th September 2006, 11:51 PM
I'm only posting this chapter right now because I'm in a good mood. This is my first week at high school and it's hell for me considering the fact everything there is so stupid! Leaving and coming makes me angry because of that crap I have to go through to get home. There's a stupid freshman hunt, and since I'm in the honor's class I have to stay till' 4:00PM. Now all my writing's gonna suck because I do it during midnight. Take a look at this crap:
================================================== ========
Episode 14: Bugging Out

“Sorry but I have to leave!” with those words, Jillian quickly ran out of the stadium having dust in her path like the way they do it in cartoons. Out of the horizon…

The head judge Contesta stood up, holding the microphone in his hands. “We are sorry about the Elec Town Pokémon Contest not being all you spectators expected, considering the fact the amount of appeals were just cut in half, but the show must go on.”

Sukizo moaned, “Not so remarkable at all.”

Nurse Joy took the microphone and announced, “Now as you all know about the Pokémon Contest rules that apply for the Tech region: for the final round in order for us judges not to be biased, you decide who wins the ribbons via votes. Normally it would be a tough decision between four Coordinators, but this time there’s only two to choose.”

“Who should we vote for?” asked Michael.

“What do you think?!” yelled mom. “There’s only Mana and Abyss Child in the final anyways, so we have to choose this for our daughter. You two, Eldes and Garrett…wait, he didn’t come back yet, and that’s why all this crap is happening I forgot…”

All three of them clicked on Mana’s face on the voting screen in front of them, which suddenly lit up after a few seconds of the judges so everyone can choose.”

BEEP! (Mana’s vote from mom)

BEEP! (Mana’s vote from Michael)

BEEP! (Mana’s vote from Eldes)

Destiny can’t be escaped, and they should all know that already, thought Abyss Child. Or maybe I can bend the rules of fate…that can alter the taste to mines…

The eyes of everyone in the entire stadium suddenly became extremely dim and a light of purple glowed in the center of each of them. Mana’s mom, Michael and Eldes were the only ones not being affected by the rays emitted from the caped person, and everyone clicked on the screen in front of them, Abyss Child. The scrollbar above on the overhead screen showing the percentage of how many votes were in at the present moment quickly rose from less than ten percent to a hundred, and the entire panel glowed white, ready to show who would win the entire contest. Soon after a little bit, the glow in the eyes of the audience began to slowly fade away, and they jolted back as if they snapped out of a spell they were in, wondering what happened but still had the fact they chose what they wanted, not changing their vote even if they could. What they chose was permanent.

“And the winner of the Elec Town Pokémon Contest is…” began Nurse Joy.
I really, really, really want to win… thought Mana.

Destiny doesn’t play that way, snickered Abyss Child.

Mana grinned, I heard that!

Abyss Child, voiceover snickering, Of course you can…

“Abyss Child!” finished Sukizo.

“What?!” went Mana’s mom and Michael.

Abyss Child hovered to the center of the stage, where the three judges were waiting for her with a yellow case in Sukizo’s hand and opened it, handing over the robed person the ribbon. Abyss Child accepted the ribbon, and looked at Mana, smiling before teleporting away. The judges and everyone in the audience were questioned on how she did that, but shrugged it off as they began to leave the stadium. Mana was crying a little from losing without a good reason, her parents walking over to her along with Eldes.

“Mana…” began Eldes.

“You did a pretty good job out there and I’m proud of you!” complimented mom. “The show you gave was much more important than a ribbon you could win.”

“Yep, much better than I could ever do!” finished Michael. “Cheer up!”

“Okay…” SNIFFLE* SNIFFLE* “Just kidding! I had a lot of fun in that contest and I can’t wait until I get to enter the next one!” she threw three of her PokéBalls and released Raichu, Laprax and Chansey, hugging all three of them. “You were really good out there today and deserve more than that. Wanna enter more Pokémon Contests?”




* * *

Back at the Elec Town, terror was still being caused, and Garrett was at the scene.
“You must stop this crap that you’re committing!” ordered Garrett.

“Why should I?” smirked Moonlight Locust. “What kind of official says ‘crap’? You have the fists to back up those words? I dare you to try and stop me.”

“I’d punch you in the face right now, but I don’t wanna get my hands dirty. But maybe I can clean your *** with this move!”

Garrett charged up a wave of water and unleashed it, completely wrapping around Moonlight Locust in a powerful surge of water collapsing and putting out the fires of the cars crashed into each other. The waves even crashed and destroyed many of the glass windows and injured many. Moonlight Locust was in the middle of the water and stood there, floating away like he was dead. Soon, the water began to slowly fade away and Moonlight Locust was on the ground, but snickering- no harm done to him whatsoever; as a matter of fact, he was wrapped around in a thick silver and white robe of…

“So you don’t have the fists to back up your words. I guess I should’ve expected empty threats like that from a lame official like you, however, I’m not damaged, not a little.”

“That’s impossible! The wave move I unleashed on you is meant to be powerful enough to destroy houses and put out ten alarm forest fires! What is that defense…?”

“You’re not scared of little bugs, are you? Especially the kind extremely thirsty for your fluids and hungry for your flesh at the same time…they’ll destroy you…”

“Wait, I’ve seen that move before…”


Vaporeon made a huge wave appear behind her, but different from Surf since objects were being carried through the water and crashed on both opponents- Whombus took the full hit, but Deaxtrix was spared from a single hit, Moonlight Locust gone.

“You’re like a cheeseburger left uneaten! Destroyed!”

“Hey, don’t compare me to food…”

“What? Where’d you go? That ain’t cool.”

Moonlight Locust was still nowhere to be seen, however there was a swarm of locusts in front of Deaxtrix in the shape of a human body, buzzing together in a three-dimensional animation as they waved and made huge sounds to cause Garrett to cover his ears. They began to slowly glow, and Moonlight Locust appeared after, shielding his Pokémon.

“When you dare attack me, the power of the locusts shield me in an impenetrable coat of armor, blocking any of your moves. Not only that, but the locusts come back even stronger, because when that wave hit, they didn’t take the blow for me, they devoured your attack- in this case, they got a good sip of your pathetic power. You can’t get to me unless you get past them, and you can’t get past them unless you get past me!”

“That was so lame and made no sense whatsoever…”

“It doesn’t have to make any sense, but considering the fact I can easily set this entire place on fire and bring it to rubbles, I’ll battle you later in a real fight, and then we can see who’s better. The sun’s hurting my eyes, so I’ll see you later.” Moonlight Locust began slowly materializing his body into a swarm of locusts, the way certain vampires can split themselves into an army of bats. They fluttered and made a rainbow effect as they began to fly away, extremely loud buzzing sounds destroyed glass while fluttering.

“I’ll take you on! When ya wanna get beaten?”

“We’ll battle sometime during the night, but I won’t tell you when-- that’ll ruin the surprise…” he flew off, destroying metals as well and was now out of sight.

“And I accept your challenge…Moonlight Locust…”

* * *

“So are you guys ready to go home?” asked mom.

“Yeah!” yelled Jaden and Michael.

“I am afraid I cannot stay with you guys any longer…” stated Eldes. “It is much too dangerous for an official to ‘hang out’ with regular civilians…”

“Don’t you want a ride back to ACDC so you can retrace your steps?” asked mom. “It’s the least I can offer for helping my daughter earlier a few days ago…”

“Stay Eldes!” yelled Mana. “I’ll make you a lot of food when we get back home!”
“Thank you, but I have to refuse.” Eldes flew off with his rocket jet on. “I will come back someday, and I know we’ll meet somewhere more prestigious…good day…”

“Bye cool man!” Mana waved as he disappeared from the horizon.

Garrett waltzed into the Elec Town plaza, his clothes all damaged from the fight he had earlier with Moonlight Locust, but a smile as beautiful as ever. “Hi guys!”

“And where were you during all of the commotion and terror?” asked Mana.

“What’re you talking about? I was the one that had to at least try to save the city from this evil guy named Moonlight Locust. He’s there, and he’s coming to get you!”

“Ahh! The boogeyman…?” Mana ran and hid behind her parents, tugging on their clothes in a forced piggyback position. She peeped out of them with one eye open.

“Not the boogeyman. The idiot that wanted to burn up the city was named Moonlight Locust, and he said he wants to battle me when nightfall hits…scary, eh?”

“Can I battle him?”

“He’s a really dangerous guy, so I’m afraid you’re gonna hafta sit this one out. I think you shouldn’t even come a mile close to him-- he’s really dangerous. By the way, where’d Eldes go? I needed to tell him something before I left to stop Moonlight Locust.”

“He left and told us he had to do something, but he didn’t exactly tell us what he wanted to do,” explained Michael. “Must be something personal if he’d hold it out like that…”

“Eldes is a mysterious person. I should know- I’ve worked with him for many years already. He doesn’t actually have a target he wants to pursue, yet he does at the same time… by the way, where’s Jillian? I hope she didn’t missed me, because that’s…”

“Because you didn’t decide to come back for the contest, Jillian decided to ‘look out’ for you by coming to the scene of the action and watch over you,” explained mom. “Gee…I wonder where she is right now…probably still looking for you…”

* * *

In the mean and evil streets of Elec Town, Jillian was walking in a dark alley, where many rats were singed from the fire caused earlier, and exploded scrap on the ground.
“~Oh where’s my Gary-Terry…? I’m here for you! Come back and kiss my little boo-boo that I got from trying to find you-you!” she walked happily, closing her eyes.

Five minutes later…

“No seriously, where are you?! It’s getting really cold out here and you should be there to give me a hug so that you can warm me up! Where are you, my Gary-Terry…?”

… *buzz*…*buzz*…*buzz*

“What was that…? Was it you…Garrett…?”


The screen becomes like one of those dramatic ones in the movies where something extremely horrifying happens and it shows the skies populated with crows screeching throughout the night, along with the victim girl screaming at the top of her very lungs and nobody around to hear the victim- shows where are the cops when they are needed the most. The screech of both the girl and the birds echoed throughout the night. The sky turned quick from orange sunset to darkness, clouds quickly covering the sun to rush the time of night even more, covering the air in a cloud of darkness. Locusts flew from the dark alley, although the raping action in the dark alley wasn’t shown, except for the aftermath: a man in a cloak making way into the night and a piece of a certain swimming suit on the ground, ripped apart and tears of red falling slowly from the sky…

* * *

Back at the Elec Town square plaza…


“You looked freaked out, Garrett,” said Mana. “Did you see something scary?”

“No…nothing happened. All I know is that we better hurry before someone else gets hurt…I think there’s a certain someone behind this that I want to kill.”

“If you’re that desperate to do whatever you want to do, then hop in and we’ll drive outta here!” suggested mom. “This car has a lotta miles off her and I’m not afraid to bend it.”

“You go wherever you want, I have to settle this by myself.”
“But my car’s ready to go…”

“Sorry…I’ll get there by myself.” Garrett glowed blue like the clothes he wore and teleported away in the blink of an eye, wearing a determined face when he left.

“How’d he…”

“Don’t worry mom. Why don’t you and dad go back home and I’ll just go and follow him there. I can do some pretty cool things when I set my mind at it!”

“Why don’t you just get a ride with your mom and me?”

“Fine…” Mana jumped into the S.U.V., followed by Michael and mom.


“Is the car supposed to make that sound?” asked dad.

“No…” she turned the car key again.




“Why’s it making train sounds, mom?”

“I don’t know. I’ll have a look.” Mom opened the car’s door and left, walking over to the tires to see if they were busted and the other areas of the car. “There’s nothing that I see that’s too bad. Except a little someone scratched my car…now who was it…?”

“Come on!”


“I see you two have a guilty conscience…now who was it?”

“We meant watch out!” Mana and Michael both said in unison.

Mom turned around and noticed many small red eyes staring at her, like a whole bunch of pins with the tip dipped in blood pointing towards her, ready to invade her skin and make sure her blood was theirs. She stood stiff while looking at the small eerie dots, blinking back and forth and freezing everything they stared. Some of them were hanging over where the car was, perched on top of the vehicle and staring down at the lights, charging up a beam to destroy the lights from their beams held like a gun. The others were below the car, next to the wheels and prepared to devour them in a matter of seconds. With that stand, they charged at the car and mom, about to rip them to shreds. Michael and Mana managed to pull her in before they ripped her flesh apart, quickly closing the car’s door but hearing four extremely loud popping sounds, which were the tires. Fear and terror…

“That was close. Are you alright honey?”

“Yeah, I am. But my car’s destroyed! Whoever did this is gonna hafta pay for it before I go all nuts on them! I’m gonna sue whoever made my car go blowzy!”

Mana sweatdropped and had her eyes in a droopy anime position. “I’m just gonna take a guess and say that we’re not getting anywhere soon…”

* * *

A certain someone was walking down the alley enjoying him, his hands in his pocket and a casual look on his face while he closed his eyes, the face revealed in the streetlights flavored for an evil place where someone could get shot. Even though it was at the midst of the night, he was walking and not caring about anything around him, walking through the discarded cards of the earlier scandal gamblers and dealers and their tables, demolished by the fire caused by another certain someone. The same alley Jillian was walking through didn’t seem to have any affect on him only he was enjoying himself. On the side of the cement was a pool of purple toxic, bubbling below the Elec Tower- not so far from where the Elec Town Contest Hall was. A little piece of ripped swimsuit was below him and it appeared to be bitten, but he stepped on it, not noticing it for the bit.

The certain someone sang:
“~A` chillin` out with the crew in the schoolyard
Findin` trouble; neva workin` too hard…”

A black gun appeared with the hand on the trigger, ready to blow the singing man’s head off like the singing wasn’t already bad. It was about to be set off, and was. In slow motion, the bullet flew through the air in a whistling sound the person wearing the red blazer couldn’t hear, slowly homing in on him while he continued to whistle the annoying tune. It went past the garbage can without even trying, and was about to hit him through the brain, but right before that could happen, a certain official came in and…

“Jaden, watch out!”

Garrett pushed Jaden out of the way from the range of the attack and took the hit for the bullet in his left shoulder while covering Jaden, shaking slowly in pain from the force of the weapon piercing through his skin and showing a mark on the other side of his body like when someone punches through another person. This was making water spill out of his skin because of the element of the sea he was composed off, dripping to the ground slowly in place of the blood a regular human would have. The back of his blue blazer was dipped in leaking sweat from the ‘blood’ Garrett was composed off, gaining more and more like when you’re stabbed behind. He was closing his eyes, with Jaden at the wall still being shielded by him. After regaining some of his strength, he walked bit by bit and agonizingly turned around, looking at the person who did this between building rage.

“Garrett, are you okay?”

“Of course I am, dude…I’ve taken more than a huge blunt bullet like that through my body…now just go chill out somewhere while I take care of this…”

“Don’t worry. I’ll stay here and help you with wherever you’re feeling pain.”

“It’s too dangerous for you to stay here. That one bullet would’ve pierced your brain if I didn’t help you dodge it. Go and tell your parents and little sister…that might help…”

“Okay…I guess…”

“What a noble act you did for that stupid little boy!” snickered the man on the top of the building enshrouded with fluttering white creatures, separating himself and floating down on the cement ground before rematerializing into the regular young boy that he was, standing before Garrett with a powerful grin on his face; the fluttering of the locusts he is composed off buzzed in the alley of the night. “You are such a fool to protect an idiot like that, why didn’t you just let him die like the way the other cars exploded earlier today?”

“Because Jaden is one of my friends, and those people that died at your hands will be somehow remembered one way or the other. So we’re here to settle this, right?”

“Of course, as per our agreement we made earlier so the people that you care about don’t die, but to add more to the dramatic effect, why don’t I show you someone you love?”

“Who? I’m too cute to let someone love me.”

“There’s a little person in mind I’m talking about, and her fate is on you.”

Moonlight Locust took out a purple switch with a red button in the middle and a lot of technological waves merging from it, and pressed the button, making the silver brick wall behind him switch over like the way some bookshelves are actually secret doorways, revealing a certain woman wearing a blue swimsuit being held onto the powerful walls with metal cuffs, shaking and unconscious as she bleed slowly into the ground like tears. Moonlight Locust snickered at the sight of the suffering lady, and put the switch away. Garrett was extremely shocked at the sight of the suffering lady, the brick wall behind her scraping on the wounds and making it burn more and more by the second. The streetlight flashed on her similar to the spotlight on stage, and tears of sadness and pain flowed down from her eyes into the puddle of blood secreting from the roughed-up wounds.

“Dude, that’s just messed up. That ain’t cool at all.”

“So do we have a challenge?”

“Whatever…just let go of her before she bleeds herself to death.”

Jaden was hiding behind the three garbage cans and bags on the ground, not listening to Garrett’s directions and was watching the confrontation between the two. He knew he couldn’t move at all right now because if he did so, he would end up having the fate he barely escaped before, taken by his friend Garrett. So Garrett’s gonna have to battle that little tough kid? Hopefully from what I’ve seen him do before he can take on this guy one, two, three. I just hope that Jillian’s gonna be okay after this battle…”

Coordinator Garrett vs. Moonlight Locust
[Moonlight Locust seemingly hovers towards the battle as if he had wings, then lands on the surface, sticking a middle finger while growing more and more angry at the second, then releases: Whombus, an obese Wobbuffet with a crown on and a royal dress; and a Banette snickering in the darkness of the night, the zipper glowing from freakiness.] “The power of the night surges through my body, but you’re the one blocking my view with the light shining on you with all its might. Oh wait, that’s just the streetlight.”

[Garrett walks out onto the field with his nice shifty hair while his eyes showing true passion, his blazer blowing as if he was a legend in a wind of portraits then releases: Vaporeon; Caprinite, a dragon having two light Blue wings, Green eyes, Green belly and chest, long blue tail, and a Bright Green amulet over the chest with a red eye on it] “That Whombus was the same one I battled before, and the one able to take out two of my superpower Pokémon. I better be careful of it if I want to win this battle…for real…”

Jaden, voiceover, Garrett sure has some super-rare Pokémon at his disposal. That Whombus and Banette really gives me the creeps, though. Jaden took out his P*DA, pointing it at the majestic Caprinite without Garrett knowing his presence, and then…

Caprinite, the Cursed Dragon Pokémon; Type is Ice/Dragon; Caprinite is the spirit of a forgotten princess that was captured by an amulet, trapped in a majestic form of power. When certain conditions are fulfilled, she can become her former self during battle.

“Let’s get this battle of ours going! The winner gets the sexy Jillian back with them!”

“Take her if you want her…wait, that came out wrong…I’ll stop you and…whatever!”

Helpful Critic
8th September 2006, 12:21 AM
Lol, at least Garrett showed his true "feelings" about Jillian(notice I didn't use for). Oh and Moonlight Locust was right on one thing. Officals don't cuss infront of someone if they want to maintain a good image. YAY! you used Caprinite. Let the battle...begin!(In a day or two)

Moonlight Locust
8th September 2006, 6:33 PM
I thought I said my character didn't cuss...

Well anyway good chapter. I still say describe things even if they already exist...

8th September 2006, 9:17 PM
he has to work on this at midnight... so thats why this wasn't his best job. man having to work till 4 is tough i get home and don't have anything to do... i'm always bored. yeah i hate having to much work.

anyways this was another good job. of course you have done an excellent job and granted not as best as you could have been but then the timefrane you have to work with is very bad. so i am still eager as ever to see the next chappie.

8th September 2006, 11:09 PM
I decided to give Garrett some more emotion than the obvious so he wouldn't be a Gary Stu, considering the fact that I made him S-rank that Heel Commander a long time ago. The officials stuff about the cursing, I added that only because Garrett isn't a strict official kinda guy- he's more of a released kind of person that says terms like "radical" or "dude". Oh, and about Caprinite and your other Pokemon, I have to dumb them down a little so they won't be broken, alright?

Helpful Critic
8th September 2006, 11:31 PM
Thats fine. I dont completely get what your saying but I get the gist of it. That is fine with me if you tone em down a bit.

EDIT- When I originally made the character I hadn't played pokemon in a year and I don't watch the ones on TV, so i forgot that there are a lot of adult trainers who aren't excellent and quite powerful. Actually in the (TV)series I think the strong ones are quite few. But after I made that character, I got a Pokemon Game again, and I rembered that it can take a while to be quite strong. So I didn't want to make him really weak after he showed he was strong. But...To make it so It works in the story, You could have Moonlight Locust's Pokemon steal some of the power, so i am a bit weaker. Do it as you wish.

8th September 2006, 11:40 PM
yeah when the next chappie is up i'll try to give better reviews but nothing seems to really come to mind to me. anyway i will dissappear fading into the darkness surrounding me...

9th September 2006, 1:12 AM
Sorry but I can't think of much to say but Abyss Child seems to have the possible powers of mind control to me. Just a thought.

Continue with the good work!

10th September 2006, 9:09 PM
Helpful Critic, what I mean is that some of the moves you send to me are overpowered, so if they were in the actual netbattle system, they'd be broken and nobody likes a Gary Stu. Changing part of your character so he can become original was a great idea, but the original format still goes to you. Oh, and if you hint it out from the stuff Abyss Child did in the contest, yes she does have powers beyond the ordinary. But I'll hint to you it's not mind control or psychic.

Here are some spoilers for the next episode. No, I'm not putting them in spoilers because they're only for the surface of the next show, so there:

1. Manas with her parents try and fix the car, getting rid of the stuck locusts on. Abyss Child shows up and claims she can help them get the car back up.

2. The battle between Moonlight Locust and Garrett begins, with Moonlight Locust explaining the terms; what happens when their Pokémon take damage.

3. Jaden moves, and Moonlight Locust notices from the set locust he put over there. Garrett doesn’t, but Moonlight Locust taunts that he’ll snitch in that case.

4. Garrett’s Pokémon take a big hit, and the effect of the battle takes place: Jillian gets stabbed with a needle from Banette for every Pokémon Garrett loses.

5. Jillian finally gets up, and they both explain how this situation came to be. Jaden comes up with a plan to stop Jillian, but gets shocked by the electrical wires. Moonlight Locust’s fainting Pokémon aftereffect results in Jillian’s cuffs released.

6. Moonlight Locust explains why he kidnapped Jillian, about how he idolizes her and all that. A little childhood story of how he got rejected is told when he was little. Garrett explains what he’s doing is wrong and won’t win her.

7. Both trainers are down to their last two Pokémon, and the next round would decide who wins the battle. Oh yeah, and Jaden’s pretty shocked from doing his stupid plans, with Garrett caring less than the health of Jillian, who is that close to dying from the lack of blood taken from the needles. Pain released on both sides.

8. Abyss Child uses the psychic powers to fix the SUV, and the three finally get going. However, Mana goes with Abyss Child to ask questions about the contest.

9. While driving down the city, the two notice destroyed streetlights and stores. Many of the cars were about to crash onto them, but dodged with slick driving.

10. Moonlight Locust wins the battle and Jillian is about to be stabbed in the heart, however he decides to stop because he idolizes her. He also states a certain organization called Nebula is about to make a deal of power with him soon, so that he can get the ones he loves most, and so he can get some attention.

10th September 2006, 10:28 PM
Back at the Elec Town Contest parking lot, Mana and her parents got out of the car and were sitting down on the floor, picking on the S.U.V to see what was going on, for they were stranded there from the previous attack caused by the surprising locusts popping out earlier and attacked her mom. The parking lot was void of all people because most of them were audience members of the previous contest to begin with, which already ended long ago. There were only a few cars there left in the shadow of the night, not even being showered by the broken streetlights thanks to the previous disaster, and the rampaging bugs too ruined them. The windows were shattered, and many of the pieces were shattered on the ground. However, the three family members were only worrying about how they would get out of there before another attack could be placed within them.

“You know, I could just use my Pokémon to get us outta here,” suggested Mana. “You know there’s more than enough space to fly on their back, right?”

“I know that honey, but this S.U.V has a limited warranty and all of that other stuff you little kids shouldn’t know right now!” replied mom. “Don’t worry. Why don’t you go to sleep and let all of the back work go to us? You don’t have to be concerned about this.”

“And where am I gonna sleep? There’s no way I’m gonna lie down here on the floor where all of the funny-looking cars passed by! It’s a little gross if you ask me…the best idea I can think off is that I head on home before you, mom and dad.”

“Alright, but are you sure that you’ll be able to make it home safe?” asked dad. “You may be used to the Orre region but here in the Tech it’s a completely new story.”

“Don’t worry dad! Remember that I got home here before you did, so you don’t have to worry about anything happening to me! Don’t forget that I’m a genius to boot!”

“Alright, now all we have to do is find a way to fix this car so I can return it to the person that sold it to me,” said mom, wiping off some of the sweat she put in so far.

From out of nowhere, the person named Abyss Child walked over from one of the gray pillars holding the place up and came over. There was a lot of dust where the person walked, and the rampaging locusts chewed even some of the pillar out earlier. Strangely, as the mom was bruised from some of the buzzing, this person wasn’t even damaged at all, as if Abyss Child hovered here with a protective shield around her. The three noticed her, and became a little shocked of her being here all of a sudden, robed like the night.

“You’re the winner of the contest they had here earlier, right?” wondered Michael.

“I think she is,” confirmed mom. “You sure look mysterious for a winner.”

“Congratulations on your earlier victory,” greeted Mana. “I don’t know what you did to win that ribbon but whatever effort you put into it was cool.”

“You seem to have some trouble here with your car,” stated Abyss Child. “May I help?”
“You don’t have to if you already have something to do,” said Mana.

“I’m sure that if you let me, I can manage to fix it for you. I have some powers regular people don’t understand, but I hope you three can comprehend those skills.”

“Sure, I guess,” ended Mana.

* * *

Back at the battle between Coordinator Garrett and Moonlight Locust, the battle was just beginning with Caprinite and Vaporeon on his side of the field while the enemy had Banette and Whombus. The stakes of the match were on life threatening – Jillian was on the line for the battle and should Garrett fail, Moonlight Locust would be able to do whatever he desired with her. At the time, the poor lover was bleeding externally and being stained by the metal poking into her skin at a slow and painful rate. The streetlight flashed on her similar to the spotlight on stage, and tears of sadness and pain flowed down from her eyes into the puddle of blood secreting from the roughed-up wounds. Garrett gazed at the woman feeling completely sorry for her about letting an event like this happen, but was certain he would be able to fix the wrongs of his opponent.

The last time I battled his Whombus, it was able to take out both of my Pokémon, so in order to stand a chance against it, I have to take it out right now on the first turn. Vaporeon’s good for support, so I shouldn’t give it up, but Caprinite has the attack of Spiritual Soul, and if used correctly can take out any Pokémon on my opponent’s side of the field. I need to get Vaporeon to attack the Whombus so it can counter the move back to me, however Moonlight Locust’s gonna be surprised on which one is the target. “I know just what to do to stop you-- Caprinite, Spiritual Soul, Vaporeon, Ice Beam on Whombus and make sure this one’s a good one!”

What’s he up to? Doesn’t he know that any attack directed over to my Whombus automatically gets redirected over to the attacker? Sure my Whombus will take some damage, but with the immense HP he has, including the bonus Defense and Special Defense he got from evolving, he should know it can last for at least six attacks…unless whatever he has planned is from that second attack he has planned out for me! “I know what you’re up to, but you’re gonna take a hit from doing that, and once you do you’ll find out why it’s so painful! Whombus, Cross Defense; Banette, Darkness Chant!”

Vaporeon shot out a beam of ice directly at Whombus, the big lug beginning to glow powerfully for the signature move he used last time, and when the beam was right about to hit the large Whombus- and it did for lots of HP worth of damage although the bar didn’t even lower by an eighth, it began to reflect back to Vaporeon quickly, the mermaid-look-alike not able to counter the quick beam. However, by a tiny nose, an icy heart and amulet appeared from Caprinite, luring the attack over to the dragon. The amulet was glowing like the icy heart, showing the emotion given out and how much he means for her partner, with the attack completely being controlled by the spell and hitting Caprinite directly. Caprinite absorbed the attack and redirected it back at Whombus, then the flash led to where Banette was as well, although something strange happened…

Jaden was watching the battle, excited of what he was seeing. “So Garrett got Caprinite to counter a counter. Pretty funny and ironic Whombus is going down by a countering move if you ask me. What’s happening to that Banette over there, though…?”

“My Whombus is supposed to be the best when it comes to countering moves, so how did your Caprinite manage to use his own power against him? That makes no sense at all!”

“You must not know much about the legendary Caprinite I have befriended so many years ago, and this might sound a little cheesy, but the friendship she has formed with the rest of the team has formed Spiritual Soul, allowing me to absorb any attacks that would’ve knocked out an ally Pokémon and redirect it over to you. Fortunately for the scoreboard from your point of view, in order to do this I have to sacrifice my Caprinite, meaning a danger you must face is already gone, but it was worth the cost.”

After the powerful beam completely demolished Whombus, the countering tank was on the ground, making a large earthquake occur because of the weight of the Pokémon. It even resembled much to the fake Wobbuffet Team Rocket used in the anime. Caprinite still had the radiance of energy being released from her onto the opponent’s side of the field, but it was more like leaking power than released energy, continuing to weaken her with every second passing by because of the relentless attack she had to pull off. The light being emitted from her eventually faded away, and she fainted onto the ground, the ally Vaporeon walking over to her defeated friend to see if she was all right. Garrett walked up to his friend dragon, and she opened her eyes and smiled before being transferred back to her Crystal colored ball for a good rest on her own.

“Thank you for doing that move for me, Caprinite. Someday I promise I’ll free you from the binds that hold you…” after slowly putting the PokéBall away, he pointed at Moonlight Locust while looking at Jillian to see if the girl was getting any better. “You told me there were stakes of the battle we’re having right now, right? So since I destroyed one of your Pokémon, there has to be a better condition in for Jillian. What is it?”

“Unfortunately for me, you’re right about that, and just to make sure you feel that much more horrible before you lose, I’ll let you see her cuffs being released one by one until they can’t anymore.” The many metal gates resembling the streets of New York City zapped moonlight Locust, although he didn’t look as if he felt any true pain.

One of the six cuffs binding Jillian to the wall began to release forcefully, releasing a stream of blood the metal was holding back, making the situation even worse.
Jillian getting the small grasp of freedom from one of the binds actually made her bleed more, so I have to make sure they all get released quick. “Alright, now that all of our Pokémon attacked, it’s a new round for the both of us, so let’s go!”

Jaden, voiceover, There has to be something I can do for Jillian before she gets even more hurt than she is right now, even though normally I’m not the kind of person that would…well I would, but for a nice looking girl like her…I just have to save her!

“This round’s not even close to being over, idiot. For one thing, even though both of our Pokémon have fainted in the first round, there’s still a matter of standby to be played. For example, my Banette didn’t even unleash her attack on you yet. Besides, since we’re short one Pokémon each, we better release something to continue this.”

“I know what the rules are, you don’t have to worry. Okay, fine.” Garrett searched in his pocket and took out a PokéBall, but right before he was about to throw it…

“Wait, actually this turn’s a mile from being over. Since I was punished when one of my Pokémon took a fall, it’s only fair that you get punished because one of yours did. You guessed it, but this time it’s something much more worse than what you’ve seen before.”

“That’s not fair! Mines was a tribute while yours conked out!”

“Oh, you’re right, it’s not fair that you should take the hit. Rather, I say Jillian should, so watch as your little girlfriend here feels pain like she’s never seen before. When I was punished, one of her cuffs were taken off; she must feel so naked right now, and I think you know that since that piece of metal was preventing her from bleeding more than she already was, you might want to patch that up. Then again, maybe I should do that for you considering we’re in a battle here! Watch as she’s patched up and punished for you!”

Jillian’s arms were shaking a little before Garrett was shocked intensely from the metal gate suddenly forming from the sky behind him, landing him onto the ground. He didn’t actually care for the pain, but what he saw happen to the lady in binds was much worse than his condition: a dark, metal needle slowly materialized like the way data does and began slowly charging at her, piercing her skin where she was bleeding and stabbed directly into it, causing the stain of blood to rub onto the metal. It slowly made her tears wipe on the floor and scream in more pain than she ever did. Some people like to stab themselves with small needles, but for her was a blunt arrow going through to the other side, causing even more blood to drip down below her. This was on her left leg, and now the struggling seemed to slowly stop like she was halfway to a coma, screeching.

“That’s one of the most sadistic things I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Oh it is? Thanks, dude. Now be nice and send out your Pokémon.”

“Fine…” Garrett angrily threw the PokéBall he held onto and was about to do earlier, releasing his Swampert. “I guess it’s your turn to show something…”
“My pleasure, and I’m sure you’ve seen this one before as well,” Moonlight Locust released Deaxtrix, a new Pokémon Garrett met earlier somewhere…

“I remember when you used that in our first battle.” That’s all I can remember, because the last time he used it, all he did was stall out the battle while protecting the little critter. If I had to say, I think that one’s nothing but a filler Pokémon.

“I know I sent this one out during our first battle, and it didn’t do much. But you’re about to find out what it can really do in the next few rounds. Just watch, but for now it’s time for my unnoticed but adorable Banette to use her attack against you!”

Banette began chanting an evil spell, causing blue flames to surround her and move around slowly, but not releasing onto the opponent like the way Will-o-Wisp would. More so, they became the appearance of a familiar Pokémon Moonlight Locust returned- Whombus was in the face of the flames, glowing slowly and looking at the opposing two angrily for the defeat they gave. The flame grew bigger and bigger for every word of the chant, and soon that one blaze was about to home into Vaporeon for vengeance.

“What is that?”

“For everyone of my Pokémon that you already destroyed, the power of this move increases by sixty. Since there’s only one Pokémon knocked out from my side, this only does the minimum worth, but it’s still nice to see the vengeance Whombus wants for you, he probably can’t wait to beat up your Vaporeon for attacking it earlier.”

The flame kept going, and hit Vaporeon in the face, making flames spread over before disappearing. The fainted Whombus laughed hysterically before going back to where Banette was, still surrounding the ghost as one of the floating flames, while the other five blazes stood there empty. They were the only things illuminating the field other than the faraway streetlights, most of them in the poor condition even before all of this. Banette giggled a little at the fixed sixty damage caused to Vaporeon, and high-five the fire.

Even though Garrett’s in a tough situation right now, I still have to help Jillian from being in any more pain before she gets even more hurt.

Jaden began to sneak behind the battle, where Moonlight Locust didn’t even see although he was right behind. Being the obvious person he was, some of the trashcans sounded like they were knocked over, but the battlers considered that to be the force of the fight of just the wind blowing. He snuck over to where the unconscious Jillian was; ready to untie some of the chains and cuffs holding her there. Picking up a piece of metal on the floor and forming a key, he put it into one of the cuffs, but when he turned…


The scream was what Jaden got for trying to release Jillian, by a large electric conductor from the chains, further harming the girl and knocking out Jaden onto the cemented floor.
“Jaden, are you okay? So that’s where you were…”

“You know who that fool is? Well that’s what he gets for trying to be a little good guy, kinda reminds me of the way you’re trying to stop me. He got what he deserved.”

“You can attack me all you like, but why would you strike down a person that has nothing to do with what we’re doing here? What you did was just cowardly.”

“Actually, I wasn’t even expecting him to do something like that. I wasn’t being a coward at all. He was breaking the rules of the battle, so he got what he deserved.”

“Fine then…” Garrett ran over to Jaden, holding him up and noticing him open his eyes slowly. “Are you okay, Jaden? Why were you hiding for the entire day.”

“When I came along with you earlier today, you told me to go somewhere because it was dangerous. I was looking for you and I noticed that this guy was attacking the city, so I watched and wanted to surprise you and show you I could do something…sorry…”

“Really? I know that you’re a good battler. Just be careful from now on. And Moonlight Locust, Jaden just wanted to save Jillian from a fate she doesn’t deserve. You kidnapped her so that you can lure me here, but why did you do it in the first place?”

“I did it because I wanted revenge on what she did to me, rather for the sake of what her sister rejected me a long time ago. She’d feel the pain of her sibling and come running.”

“Who’d you want revenge on in the first place? I know that Jillian didn’t do anything to you, so you’re doing this for no reason? That’s just sick.”

“I’m a Pokémon Coordinator, just like you, and when I was traveling in the Kanto region, I even made it to the Grand Festival and such. I won last year’s Kanto Grand Festival, and the evil syndicate Team Rocket Gang was attacking Lillian. She was extremely hurt and I had a little soft spot for her, so I decided to help her on that.”

“If you helped Lillian, then why would you want to hurt her sister?”

“Because after I helped take her to the hospital and sat by her side until she recovered, a lot of events went through my mind, of how her beauty and grace affected my heart. That spot was extremely delicate, but even she didn’t notice what I felt for her. I realized if I was gonna hurt her, my chances would be eliminated, so I decided to go and attack a very close sibling of her to get Lillian’s attention, undercover of hers, and that’s where Jillian comes in, which leads us to where we are right now. I’ll also get revenge on you.”

“What did I ever do to you? And don’t you know that if you attack her sister, how would you be able to get Lillian? What a stupid and half-baked plan you have there.”

“It’s a battle that goes far like this, and you probably wouldn’t even understand.”
“Of course I’d understand…I’m older than you.”

“Age doesn’t mean anything, and you wouldn’t expect even the least from someone like me, so let’s continue the battle already! The round’s over, so let’s go and--”

“Actually, what you’ve said earlier about the round not being over is correct, because don’t forget that we’re not in Kanto here, and the rules of the Tech region says battlers can legitimately attack the opponent after their Pokémon have already moved. Time to get a little dip of water, so if your Pokémon’s not a surfing fan, then you better move!”

“I remember the move you did the first time, and I know exactly how to counter it.”

“Then you must be glad to see it again! Feel the power of Water Rage!”

Garrett’s face intensified with rage, supporting from the damaged Jaden and unconscious Jillian, along with the rest of the situation. His veins coursed with energy from the power of his fainted Pokémon, Caprinite, and they exploded, releasing a wave of water onto the opponent’s side of the field, splashing all over Moonlight Locust and his Pokémon. Jaden was also affected by the move, but he woke up from it like when you’re splashed with water while sleeping, Jillian’s blood stain dripping with the water to further power it up as she slowly opened an eye to the water. Everything was completely enveloped in the sea of rage, and Moonlight Locust’s shadow was the only thing to be seen, but it quickly shifted and after the water was gone, he was in front of his Banette, completely protecting her and letting Deaxtrix take the entire blow, fainting from the wave of rage.

“Remember the first time we battled? I’m able to transform into the swarm of locusts originating from my name and protect one of my Pokémon.”

“I remember that perfectly, but according to the rules you made for this battle, every time one of your Pokémon go down, one of the six cuffs that bind Jillian are unlocked.”


Another one of Jillian’s cuffs were released, this one was on her left arm, allowing it to hang down as if she was having a hangover. It was waving down, having no emotion on the stress that was put on it. She was still unconscious though.

“Since it’s a new round, time for some more terror.”

“I took out one of your Pokémon, meaning I have the edge in this fight now.”

“I know that you defeated my Deaxtrix, but it doesn’t really matter, because since it fainted, that means the power of my Banette’s Darkness Chant increases by sixty, for a total of 120. If you think that’s a lot, just wait for what I have in store for you next!”

Moonlight Locust threw a PokéBall, and it released Salamence.
“I never thought you of all people would have an honorable Pokémon like Salamence, guess you are full of surprises. Try and match up to mines, though.”

“It doesn’t matter what you think, but this round I’m gonna activate my special ability early in the game, and target that skill at Banette! What doesn’t kill her can only make her stronger, and I’m about to show you how I’m being literal at that point.”

“What do you mean? You’re gonna attack your own Pokémon?”

“Precisely, but this isn’t a regular kind of Double Battle tactic. I’m literally gonna attack my darling Banette with one of my moves, and the special ability of this little critter is gonna shock you. You see, my Banette is unlike any other one, for it actually goes for what the PokéDex says about it, you’re about to be in a world of pain! Locust Swarm!”

Moonlight Locust opened the coat he was wearing, and many small, red and evil eyes looked at Garrett, as if they were about to attack him. They unleashed themselves from where they were and about to strike Garrett, but right before doing so they tricked him, making a U-turn back to where Moonlight Locust’s side of the field was and all of them hitting Banette directly in the middle. The Ghost-type characteristics of Banette weren’t able to repel this move, although all of them made it through the living doll with a wisp at the end, shattering when they came over to the other side of her body. Banette began to glow with energy and emit a fearful aura, making veins appear all over her body and attack power going off the charts. Her mouth opened and large amounts of energy emitted outside, causing a scream of terror, breaking the nearby glass windows.

“What a surge of power…what did you just do to your Banette?” Garrett’s hair was being forced away and he had to hold on to the ground in order to stay intact with the battle.

“My Banette’s attack stat increases by ten points every time she’s hit by a move, and this ability is exclusive to my Banette and her alone. The last time you tried to attack her, I blocked it because at the cost of this ability, she’s easily destroyed. However, the move I just used was Locust Swarm, unleashing a swarm of locusts that attacked Banette one by one and were destroyed in the process. Each one of those locusts only had one base power, so even my delicate Banette could’ve survived from that. In this case, it was quantity over quality, and since the attack increases by ten for each hit…”

“That would mean your Banette’s about to grow exponentially strong because it was multiple hitting! Damn it, look how powerful she’s getting!”

“Since you officials care about data and junk, I’ll tell you that the number of hits Banette took was a hundred, meaning her attack points are gonna increase by…you do the math and see how devastating the next round’s gonna be…have fun watching the numbers!”

[100 X 10 + 129 = 1,129]

“Damn that’s a lot of Attack you have there. Better be careful with that number.”
“You sound so confident for someone that’s about to lose. Salamence, Dragon Claw on Vaporeon; Banette, Darkness Chant on Swampert!”

One move, and my Vaporeon’s gone, so I better do something…! “Swampert, Sacrificial Heart, and Vaporeon, Ice Beam on Salamence!”

Oh crap, he’s gonna redirect the move back to my Banette. I better do something and quick, because my Banette definitely can’t survive a move backed with 1,129 Attack. I might as well do something for a street fight… “Just try me!”

Salamence did Dragon Claw for little damage; the shredding of nails reflecting off Vaporeon’s tough defensive abilities. Vaporeon used Ice Beam on Salamence, knocking out the dragon quickly from a single strike.

“That doesn’t matter. Go Mooncust!” Moonlight Locust released a 9 foot 1 locust creature that looks like Parugia but more bug like. It has gold lines coming on side. “Now I’ll activate a cheap chip for a Double Battle, Copy Damage, slot in!”

A red circular cursor pointed at Vaporeon.

Moonlight Locust laughed. “If my Banette’s going down, then I’ll take both of yours with me! Whatever damage is done to Swampert is also done for his partner!”

The souls of Whombus, Deaxtrix, and Salamence appeared, then joined in a thousand of dark flames from the background quickly circling Banette, then floating into the air as a ring of souls targeting Swampert. They all quickly homed into the enemy, and soon they were surrounding him, all laughing at the blue beast. Fire shot out from all of the flames onto Swampert after the ones originally targeting Vaporeon were redirected, and a wave of darkness traveled throughout the field, wrapping everything. The wave then redirected itself at Banette, quickly fainting the doll with all of her power. After everything disappeared, the red cursor targeting Vaporeon took on effect, shooting out a beam familiar in appearance and damage of Darkness Chant at the mermaid look-alike and fainted her. Three were fainted after the smoke of battle cleared out.

Because of the of fainting (Banette, Swampert, Vaporeon). One of the another one of the cuffs binding Jillian released, leaving only two left, while two more sharp needles shot at the lady, piercing through her skin and making her bleed even more. They were so blunt and forceful they broke through her to the other side of her body. She screeched.

“You’re pretty good for being able to survive my Pokémon for this long, and this battle would be even better if there wasn’t anything like the life of a lady on the line, don’t you think? Normally if you were a regular trainer I fight, I’ll already be a one-turn kill…”

“I’m not your ordinary trainer…and I’ve faced a lot of things you’d never know the pain of going through…that’s one of the reasons why…but for now…AHH!” Moonlight Locust braced himself, as his skin began to melt a little, smudging to the floor.
“What’s happening to you?!”

Moonlight Locust was screaming in a painful way as his eyes began to show red and evil was dripping away from him. The sunlight was quickly rising like the way certain creatures run away whenever the light comes up, and even the darkness of the alley wasn’t enough to shield Moonlight Locust from the rushing pain he was feeling right now. Jillian’s blood shined in the light revealing it, and the broken half-lit streetlights stayed on to the fact they didn’t even know how to shut off now. Electrical shocking added to the light, as Moonlight Locust was on his knees, grabbing the melting liquid that was his face. Garrett was running over to him because of the nice person he was, even for the enemy making Jillian die slowly, but the boy moved back and braced himself in the shadows, using his last ounce of energy to return Mooncust and the defeated Banette.

* * *

Back at the Elec Town contest garage Abyss Child was unleashing purple waves from his/her white-gloved hand to heal the car, making the metal parts falling off regenerate to the rest of the S.U.V. Mana was sleeping peacefully with her party of Ludicolo, Melodic, Laprax, Raichu, Clovescarf, and Chansey, noticing the gentle sun shine upon her face. She woke up in a cute way and rubbed her eyes, happy to see her Pokémon happily sleeping. Michael and mom were amazed at the job Abyss Child was doing, even looking like a contest appeal without the Pokémon. After a few seconds, the car was completely back the way it was, shining with the hope of a new ride. The engine even turned up to welcome the family back into the car. He/she took off his/her hood, and it was a small and young girl with purple hair and cute eyes, looking at Mana.

* * *

“I’ll get you next time Garrett. And my revenge on you will be carried out.”

The spikes piercing Jillian’s arms disappeared into thin air, and the cuffs were unlocked as well. Garrett ran over to Jillian and carried her in his arms, almost crying.

Jillian opened her eyes, still intensely bleeding. “I knew you’d save me…!”

11th September 2006, 12:17 AM
wow. even though you only have barely any time to write this is awesome... nice way to reveal my characters identity. just one thing you might want to describe the hair style i didn't think of one but maybe you could. you don't have to if you don't want to... but i think it'd be cool if you did.

11th September 2006, 3:22 AM
You're right, because of high school lasting from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, I have to stay up late even later than usual. For the hairstyle of your character, I'll be nice if you could give me one of your own. You can put it directly on the thread to make my life easier. I think I'm getting a little bit better on description, don't you think? Oh, and the next episode is gonna be a VERY IMPORTANT ONE, explaining the battle style of the Tech region for the majority of the fanfiction.

11th September 2006, 7:47 PM
yes description is getting better.

hmm nothing sure but seeing as its always under the robe hood maybe like most of it is flat on the ground seeing as it has something on top of it almost all the time. maybe it should also be long seeing as she never cuts it. but she could have had a pokemon cut it. but you can decide long or short as long as it's down.

sorry not in a very imaginative mood now.

11th September 2006, 10:09 PM
I have absolutely no idea what you just said. Whatever, here's the outline for the next episode to keep you people excited. LOL MMBN Battle System:

1. Garrett takes care of Jillian with his new Pokemon at his own mansion.
2. Dad goes to get something, will Jaden explains what happened.
3. Chansey's a little sad for losing the contest, but Mana cheers her up.
4. Mom scolds Jaden for running off like that; dad comes back with chips.
5. Michael gives Jaden the chips, along with the P.E.T and explains rules.
6. Michael explains the battlechip system to Jaden and offers a netbattle.
7. He accepts, the battle begins and Jaden learns the basics of selection.
8. Jaden learns chip combination and manages to turn the battle around.
9. Jaden learns the value of Full Syncro and wins the battle with focus.
10. Jaden leaves the home, noticing destroyed buildings, and...

11th September 2006, 10:18 PM
hurray! people not understanding me! (non-sarcastically!) anyway yeah i had no idea for a hair style...

oh that seems alot like the opening for just about every single mmbn game... however i will wait to see what happens.

how anout having her hair just be there and having no unique hair style and just being there... i dunno not very creative today.

12th September 2006, 3:45 PM
See I knew I was right when I thought abyss child was a girl and she looks SO CUTE!

This chapter like the others show how you take the time to write this very well. Description could be worked on a bit but other than that, it looks good.

12th September 2006, 10:48 PM
I actually meant the battle style of the MMBN games, you know, the 6 x 3 battlefield and most of the rules. Abyss Child looks cute? Really? PM me a description so she doesn't sound like a background character description if you can. The bad thing is that I'm really slacking off in high school, I was late twice and missed a homework before. Because of that, the chapters are gonna come much slower than usual, but feel free to give me ideas because my head's bad.

13th September 2006, 12:06 AM
why don't you wait till the weekend and do all your writing then? school is stressful and you can get all your work done then and if/when you get homework on the weekends do it first thing when you get home then you have all weekend to writew your fic. just a suggestion.

Helpful Critic
13th September 2006, 3:07 PM
I like that idea. Sure we have to wait. But part of life is learning the virtue(SP) of paitence(SP). Plus I have lots of other things I could do. But if I think I of something I'll Pm you.

Moonlight Locust
13th September 2006, 7:35 PM
I told you my character doesn't swear. When did I get a Salamence? I still think you need to describe existing pokémon. When will Galaxian be in this?

13th September 2006, 11:02 PM
I didn't make you swear in this, and if I did, please point it out so I know what to edit. When did you get a Salamence? When you didn't answer my reply for another Fakemon, and I was too lazy to make something on my own. I don't wanna describe something set in stone. Galaxian? WTF? It can't appear until way later because I'll be dumb for an uber to appear at the beginning, right? Oh, and you're appearing again in the next episode so don't yell me out.

Moonlight Locust
14th September 2006, 6:38 PM
Oh. Ok. It's teh c word. I count it as swearing. I'm not gonna keep buging you about the describe existing pokémon thing until you do. It also makes me not spam!

16th September 2006, 5:17 AM
Here's a preview of the new battle system in the next episode, which is a combination of Pokemon, RockMan, and Duel Monsters.

Jaden: 500 HP
Michael: 1000 HP

Draw Phase
Jaden's Hand: FullCust * ~ Elemental Hero SparkMan E ~ Elemental Hero Burstinatrix E ~ Polymerization * ~ Skyscraper *
Michael's Hand: FastGauge * ~ FireSword P ~ AquaSword P ~ Vulcan1 * ~ Attack+10 *

Standby Phase

Main Phase
Jaden Selects: Elemental Hero SparkMan E ~ Elemental Hero Burstinatrix E ~ Skyscraper * ~ FullCust *
Michael Selects: FastGauge * ~ Vulcan`* ~ Attack +10 ~

Battle Phase
Jaden begins!
1. Jaden summoned Elemental Hero SparkMan E

J = Jaden
S = Elemental Hero SparkMan
M = Michael

2. Michael played FastGauge *
CustomGauge speed is now doubled.

3. Jaden summoned Elemental Hero Burstinatrix.

J = Jaden
S = Elemental Hero SparkMan
B = Elemental Hero Burstinatrix
M = Michael

4. Michael used Vulcan1 * 10 + 10
Hit three times!

Jaden: 440 HP

5. Jaden used Skyscraper.
Field became Skyscraper!

6. Jaden used FullCust *
FullCust automatically refilled!

16th September 2006, 10:35 AM
oh cool i like it. a new system based off all three of the franchises this fic is based off of. this keeps becomin more and more interesting as i read it. and more interesting as you reveal more.

Helpful Critic
16th September 2006, 4:03 PM
I like the idea. Just make sure you can keep up with it in your head. By the way that new avatar of a new D/P pokemon really seems to match your name and if you had a pokemon one of yours would probably be it.

16th September 2006, 6:51 PM
I actually made the battle system specifically for the upcoming tournaments Jaden's about to enter, because making a whole bunch of six on six battles would be pretty repetitive and long. Don't worry, because I'm gonna try my best to stick with this battle system to avoid confusion. The other six on six battles will still exist, but to a lesser extent so I can show something new to the people. If you know how the chip system works, send me a folder sometime.

17th September 2006, 4:00 AM
its ok i like your style of writing i have silently been improving (hopefully) and i hope to be half as good as you. if you like this new style of battling then i will probably too. however i cannot be certain and because of this I may not get a good reaction to the next chapter (if it features the new battle system).

17th September 2006, 5:38 AM
I think you do have a good chance of improving, although if you want people to know that without a doubt, you should capitalize things that need to be once in a while. Oh, and the new style of battling is only for certain occasions, like the tournaments I'm gonna have Jaden enter later, and some boss battles. You don't have to worry about me giving up the good old six on six battles, because the regular style will be for street battles, or Contest Battles Mana will be in.

17th September 2006, 3:45 PM
I could give every post proper capitilization but it takes too long for my tastes... And I've been trying to improve my description with random stories that pop into my head.

Good the six on six thing is something I am used to and something I really am attached to. dunno why but for some reason a fic or the show without the six on six battling is hard to comprehend. I mean even if the battle system is better I could still not imagine it. so good to know you will maintain the original battle system along with a new style! It is something I look forward to seeing (or reading).

Do you have any tips on breaking through writers block? Theres this story i was writitng before i came here and I am at a serious standstill due to writers block.

17th September 2006, 4:53 PM
Here's some tips to break writer's block: whenever I write this fanfiction, I always get into writer's block because there's always something else to do, like homework or food. Because of this distraction, I usually go to a place brimming with new ideas, like the Diamond and Pearl forum, because not only are there new Pokemon ideas, but people always write about the plot ideas and concepts. You could go there and see if anything sweet stirs your writing imagination.

18th September 2006, 11:32 AM
thanks but we should probably stop posting about that so this thread don't get closed due to spam...

anyway are you working on this during the weekends like i suggested? cuz that should work but i am not sure.

20th September 2006, 1:24 AM
I've been giving countless previews about this next chapter, and sorry for the delay, although most of it is due to the amount of schoolwork I have to do. Yeah, I actually made the new battle system appear in this next chapter, and since it's the first time I'm using it in a fanfiction, don't expect it to be perfect. Oh, and the old style of battling is still staying for the most part, so expect many different types of battles for the rest of the fiction, alright?
================================================== ========
Episode 15: Private Tutorial

At the rise of a new day, the group finally made it backs to their home, ready for what they might face. Mana was sleeping away inside her cute room filled with many dolls and pink objects, like the stereotypical adorable member of the family would. Jaden was revitalized of his shock, but as the person he was, he dazed throughout the day looking out the window, knowing there was nothing he could do. Their parents were in their room sleeping as well, and nobody was downstairs. This was after a long day getting back home, when the mother had to go and pick Jaden and Garrett up considering everybody was hurt in more ways than one. At least now they all had the chance to recover from a grueling time, and knowing there was much more threat out there than the one organization they have faced so far, and the Nebula hasn’t yet showed up for a while…

Garrett, although he was driven back by Jaden and Mana’s mom, he wasn’t exactly in the same place, considering he had a place of his own. In the blue mansion located on the top of ACDC hills after Garrett had the strength to take the extremely damaged Jillian there on her own, was a wonderful garden decorated with many water-type Pokémon, dancing in the air like they were real. The hills around were of a town feeling, no city flavor like the previous place they were in. Inside was a large room with a beautiful bed wrapped in a sky blue surface, and Garrett slowly placed Jillian onto the bed, a look of worry showing on his face. Jillian was in a huge ordeal the other day due to a penalty game and couldn’t even move, still bleeding a little, even onto the sheets. Garrett of course didn’t mind because he was caring for a friend of his, even one he thought was annoying.

“Jillian, why did this happen to you in the first place…?”

No answer from the girl, except for harsh breathing.

“I can tell what you’re saying even without you talking. Just take a rest and soon you’ll be back to your annoying self…the one I know…” Garrett put a light blue towel on the top of her forehead. Maybe a friend of mines can help you with your condition… Garrett took out a PokéBall and threw it, releasing…

Cluteria, a Pokémon having the appearance of a tear supported by a small cloud, but the cloud doesn't really support her, two medium size angel wings coming out of her ‘back’.

“My friend…please heal the wounded one…she is in too much pain to move, but perhaps your sensational healing powers can rejuvenate her after this…”

Cluteria caused a blue wave to surround her like an aura, and they began dripping down onto Jillian like the way water washes off a car’s window, washing onto the lady gently like the rain of tears, except Cluteria was closing her eyes while doing so. The water began to glow when they landed on Jillian’s skin in a beautiful matter, melting into her body like a sponge absorbing liquid; her skin began to glow after that. The aura around Cluteria continued to glow, making the cloud Pokémon hover higher and higher in the air and the barrier around it shattering, forcing light rain onto Jillian but not uncomfortable like when you throw water on someone. After a little while, the ‘rain’ began to stop altogether, and Cluteria smiled at the sight of the harmed lady healing by the second. Jillian began to slowly shake before she opened her eyes, noticing Garrett right there.

“Jillian, are you okay…?”

She didn’t say anything, but smiled before having a sleepy look in her eyes.

“Sorry for making you go through all this…”

She slowly put her bandaged and gently wet hands on Garrett’s; in pain as she did so but a little better than what she would have felt if not for the healing water. “You…don’t have to…worry about me…thanks for saving me…I feel…a little…better…”

“You do? I’m happy for that…hope you fully recover…”

“Thanks for saving me again…”

“Don’t worry about it. I didn’t really save you yesterday, not that much…”

“Thanks to whatever you did…”

“Get some rest, you’ll be back to your weird and perky self soon enough.”

* * *

Later that day…

“So, it’s another boring day in the neighborhood, right?” complained a bored Jaden.

“You’re saying bored like we didn’t do anything for days!” added Mana. “Don’t act like nothing happened yesterday because you know a lot of weird things happened.”

“Yeah, I do, but it’s not like it matters to me. Someone was hurt.”

“Who was?”

“Yesterday when I was with Garrett, him and this other guy named Moonlight Locust were battling for her, and it was like every time they got hit, something freaky happened every turn. She’s at Garrett’s place right now, and I hope she’s alright.”

“Next time, don’t wander off like that again, Jaden!” warned mom. “You’re lucky you weren’t seriously hurt, but I don’t want you hanging out in a place you don’t know.”

“Sorry mom…”

“I know you were curious to explore the city just a little, but maybe you were a little too curious. Don’t forget a lot of weird people hang out in the alleys.”

“I’ll try and keep that in mind.”

“Jaden can’t go out and play everyday, but can I wander the city mom?”

“If Jaden can’t, then of course you can’t either. You’re both a little too young for that.”

“I’m not that young…I am a teenager…” muttered Jaden.

“I need to go upstairs and get something for you Jaden,” informed Michael. “I’ll be back in a few minutes, and you’re about to be extremely surprised.”

“What dad?”

“You’ll see…”

Five minutes later…

Michael came back down in a rush, carrying a small green and red cellphone-like device in his hand showing a screen directly in the middle with data transmitting from it, and the ‘H’ symbol on a circle below that. He was also carrying a little pocket scrap you use to carry disks and floppies inside, and many small chip devices were stored within.

“What’s that, dad?”

“You noticed how many people here in the Tech region battle so far, right? I’m sure due to your curiosity, you’ve been in at least one, and I should know, I was at one.”

“Yeah, the Trainers are allowed to attack each other here in a reasonable way along with their Pokémon, and Miror B. told me that increased the bond within Pokémon and Trainer. I don’t know if I have any moves I can use on the battlefield, though.”

“You can use some moves, but I’m sure you just never figured them out yet. Here, take this device I brung down here for you and we can test it out right now.”

“So it’s a Pokémon battle you want, right? Good, because I’m ready for a challenge, and I know there’s gonna be a tournament opening soon in the city-- I can feel it.”

“Not exactly, but you’re close. It’s a little different than what you’re used to.”

“A battle with special conditions, right?”

“Actually, I want you to battle me directly, one on one.”

“WHAT?” went everybody else.

“What do you mean? I don’t wanna hurt you or even think about that!”

“You’re acting like someone’s about to die, but you know how in the movies how sometimes two good guys spar with each other for fun? Think of it like that.”

“Okay, so we’re just gonna have a random fist fight, right?”

“No, you see those chips and that device I just gave to you? I have one of those too, and we’ll use those to virtually battle each other in the cyber world.”

“That sounds like science fiction-- how can we get where we can’t get?”

“Can I come too?” asked Mana.

“You don’t need to go anywhere to watch the battle, because once we battle in the cyber world, the flat-screen TV we have over there can show everything happening.” Michael pointed to the flat-screen TV on the wall a few feet in front of the couch.

“Oh cool! We have a flat-screen TV!” exclaimed Mana, instantly heading over to one of the seats and randomly grabbing a bag of popcorn, beginning to chow down on it.

“Okay, okay, I get it. We’re supposed to have an honorable fight right here and now, but how come you never asked me for one before?”

“Because the majority of the battles here in the Tech region will involve Trainers fighting each other in an organized way, and I want to get used to it.”

“What? You mean I have to beat down everybody that I battle?”

“No! I told you these are supposed to be organized fights! Like the ones you see whenever you watch Pokémon! The Pokémon fight each other, but they never fatally harm each other, because they know they’re doing it for competitive reasons.”

“Alright, but promise me you won’t hit me below the belt.”

“I think that’s a little illegal talk we’re doing there. Don’t worry about getting hurt.”

“You sure seem to know a lot about this. Have you been in one before?”

“Kinda…whatever! Let’s just get the tutorial going already!”

Hero Jaden vs. Professor Michael
Jaden: 500 HP
Michael: 1000 HP

“What’s with the HP, dad?”

“The HP is there to show how much each one of us can take before we’re deleted.”

“DELETED? Does that mean one of us is gonna die?”

“No, because there’s backup data in the device I gave you and the one I have to protect us if one of us ever lost in the battle. Don’t get too freaked out about things.”

Round One

Draw Phase
Jaden’s Chips: Full Custom * ~ Elemental Hero SparkMan E ~ Elemental Hero Burstinatrix E ~ Polymerization * ~ Skyscraper *
Michael’s Chips: Fast Gauge * ~ Fire Sword P ~ Aqua Sword P ~ Vulcan1 * ~ Attack+10 *

“What are these chips used for?”

“They’re used for battling me in this fight, so choose from them wisely. I’ll tell you how to use them. You see those chips with the E-code you have there?”

“Yeah, what about them?”

“Because those happen to be the same codes, you can play both of them. If you have two chips that aren’t the same code, you can’t use the both of them, though.”

“Okay, so I’m supposed to choose both of them, right?”

“Yeah, but you can also choose those *-coded chips. These are like wildcards because you can pair them up with any other chip, like those two you’re about to select.”

“I get it now, it’s as easy as choosing the cards that you want!”

Standby Phase

Main Phase

“During the Main Phase, both of us choose what chips we want to use, so go and select the ones you think will work for you best.”

Jaden’s Selection: Elemental Hero SparkMan E ~ Elemental Hero Burstinatrix E ~ Skyscraper * ~ Full Custom *
Michael Selection: Fast Gauge * ~ Vulcan`* ~ Attack +10 ~

“Now that we’ve both chosen our chips, you know how to use them, right?”

“I guess so…no…”

“Every chip has its own special effect and damage, so be careful when you choose them when battling. Press the A button to use the chip whenever you deem fit. Oh, and you see that Custom Gauge up there? When it fills up again, it means the round is over, and we go to the Custom Screen to choose our chips again. It completes after ten actions occur on the field, so don’t worry about running out of things. Pretty easy so far, right?”

“Okay, can I make my move now?”

“Sure, you should get a feel of what I mean after this.”

“Alright, then get your game on!”

Battle Phase
Jaden begins!

1. Jaden summoned Elemental SparkMan.

[S][_][_][_][_][_] J = Jaden
[_][J][_][_][M][_] S = Elemental Hero SparkMan
[_][_][_][_][_][_] M = Michael

2. Michael played Fast Gauge *
Custom Gauge speed is now doubled.

3. Jaden summoned Elemental Hero Burstinatrix.

[S][_][_][_][_][_] J = Jaden
[_][J][_][_][M][_] S = Elemental Hero SparkMan
[_][_][b][_][_][_] M = Michael
B = Elemental Hero Burstinatrix

“So when can I attack with these two?”

“Not until you get back to the Custom Screen, because before that they don’t have any orders to attack me or anything else I might have on my side of the field. Watch out!”

4. Michael used Vulcan 1 * 10 + 10
Hit three times!

Jaden: 440 HP

“Whoa, what was that?”

“That’s what I meant by an attack.”

4. Jaden played Skyscraper.
Field became Skyscraper.

“Since I didn’t select all of my chips yet, I guess I’ll attack!”

5. Michael attacked with Snagger!
Jaden’s next chip was deleted!

“Whoa, how’d you do that?”

“I was a Snagger once before, and this move evolved from that concept. I can destroy any chip that you have in your arsenal next and use it the next action I have.”

“Okay, what can I do…? I know!”

6. Jaden attacked with Hero Buster!
Hit five times!

Michael: 950 HP

“You’re a quick learner for knowing how to use your attack already.”

“Thanks! I always pretend to destroy the bad guys in my dreams.”

“I’m not a bad guy…”

7. Michael used Full Custom.
Custom Gauge instantly refilled, round end.

“Alright! Let’s go for another round!”

“I think that was enough of a tutorial, well that’s all that’s in the tutorial.”

“But I wanna keep going…”

(Jaden and Michael are sent back into the real world, landing on their backsides on the carpet of the couch where Mana and her mom were watching.

“Are you two alright?” asked Mana.

“Of course I’m alright,” replied Jaden. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Because you, Michael, attacked Jaden like hell and made him really hurt!” scolded mom. “You’d do that to your own son? I’m ashamed at you!”

“But he attacked me back…”

“So? That doesn’t give you the right to and I’m gonna yell at you all night and--”

“Mom, can you stop? We were having a fun fight there, and if anything it was SWEET! I’m gonna be attacking other people in a fun way! I always liked the concept of Pokémon battles, but I’ve never actually been in the fight! GET YOUR GAME ON!”


Everybody sweat dropped at Jaden’s words.

“Okay…back to the subject.” Began Michael. “Here are the contents of your chip folder, with your Elemental Heroes inside of them ready to fight at anytime as well. You can only have four of each chip name, five Mega Chips, and one Giga Chip.”

Elemental Hero Folder

X5 Sword E
X4 Wide Sword E
X4 Long Sword E
X3 Polymerization *
X1 Skyscraper *
X1 Metamorphosis *
X1 Full Custom *
X1 Fast Gauge * [PRESET]

X2 ElementMan *
X1 ElementMan EX E
X1 ElementMan SP E

X1 Elemental Hero Sparkman E
X1 Elemental Hero Burstinatrix E
X1 Elemental Hero Avian E
X1 Elemental Hero Bubbleman E
X1 Elemental Hero Clayman E
X1 Elemental Hero Wildheart E

“So all of these chips are mines?”

“Yeah, you can use them in the upcoming tournaments later.”

“Oh, and there’s one more thing you have to keep in mind when making folders and battling. It’s not much, but I might as well tell you just in case:

1. You can’t Area Grab the back row of the enemy’s side of the field.
2. You can only use one of a certain Program Advance once per battle.
3. You can only use chips to a certain amount, and they are:

No more than five of a 1 - 19 MB chips.
No more than four of a 20 - 29 MB chips
No more than three of a 30 - 39 MB chips.
No more than two of a 40 - 49 MB chips.
No more than one of a 50+ MB chip.”

“That’s a lot to remember there, but it shouldn’t stop me from making a good folder, even though this one seems already great if you ask me. Thanks for everything.”

“Keep battling, because I know you’re an expert at the old style of battling, but the tournament battles will be adjusted to this. Oh, and chip rule limitations change from time to time, so it could be more released for you. Have fun and be safe, okay?”

“So when is the next tournament?”

“It’s around next week, so there’s a lot of time there for you to prepare.”

“Okay, I might as well be going outside right now.”

* * *

Garrett was taking care of Jillian back at his mansion, constantly keeping a watchful eye over the still damaged girl from the blood wounds she suffered from yesterday, barely able to move her hand due to the large amounts of metal stuck in her palm. The blood rushing through her skin like a river earlier wasn’t much of hell as it was a little while ago, however it was still dangerous. Garrett’s helpful Pokémon was there by her side, helping her with the happy tears she constantly rained down on the pained lady, healing with happiness Garrett represented for her. It seemed as if Garrett didn’t mind the red stain being caused on the bed, no matter how expensive the cloth could be. All that mattered to him was if Jillian was healing or not, even though it was a strange sight for him to actually be caring for her more than he should or wants to.

“I’m happy you’re getting better, Jillian.”

“I’m happy that you’re happy for me…”

“I can’t be happy for you considering the state you’re still in. Even though you’re exponentially better than a little while ago, you still need more than this treatment.”

“You’re giving me more than I can ever deserve. I’m sorry about always saying stuff about you during the contest and at other moments. It’s just that…”

“Don’t worry about it. I get those comments from people everyday, although I’m not trying to brag here. I don’t know what is it that makes them say stuff like that…”

“It’s because you care about the welfare of other people at your own cost…you’re one of the few that ever cared about me…that means a lot and you should know why…”

“Now you know that’s not true…many coordinators adore you, Jillian.”

“Not for the right reasons, so thanks for caring about me at least.”

“Don’t mention it…”

* * *

When Jaden left the home he was in, everything outside was the way light should be- happy and sunny with the trees rolling on the ground…the kids on the floor with ketchup scattered all over them. The bumper cars bumping into each other and the plants in a red blaze of glory. All was well and Jaden didn’t want to interrupt the fun nature was bringing towards them, especially the ball of fire about to be thrown at his house by one of those bratty kids with nothing to do but cause mischief. The funny thing’s that the place around him was soaked with gasoline, possibly from the dismantles cars around him. Kids were screaming with enjoyment from the park next to him, and he was ready to go and play with them as well. Oh, and there was also a certain person about to shoot a flaming insect at his house, leaving him in an angry but happy state…

“Wait, you’re the one that…”

“Took you that long to figure it out, right?”

“I have to stop you.”


20th September 2006, 2:24 AM
me thinks moonlight locust makes a return performance. in broad daylight though? didn't he flee when the sun hit him before? confusing. but still a great chapter all the same, oh and I think the new battle system is AWESOME! keep this up and don't stop being an awesome writer!

several times you said 'mines' at times i think you should have said 'mine'. but i might be wrong just tryin' to help.

20th September 2006, 3:06 AM
I am gonna make Moonlight Locust appear in the next episode, due to the fact it's unfair how I've let him outta the thing all this time. I kinda hope he'll forgive me for prolonging the thing for so long. Oh, and the broad daylight thing will be explained in the next episode. He took off his cape in the last episode, remember? That's why he was about to burn down, however this time he has it on to protect him. The rest is OMG new battle system! Did you like it at all?

EDIT: YAY! 200th post! I'm halfway there!

~Alexis Laistenna~
20th September 2006, 6:02 PM
Good chapter. I liked the new battling system. So much, that I made my Chip Folder and Sign-Up early! Will edit with new Pokemon later.

Name: Valentine Rowan
Classification: Cyber Angel
Type: Ice/Steel
Description: Valentine is six feet and four inches tall. She has waist-length brown hair, which has a hairclip of a raindrop in. Her hair goes over her right eye. She has bright blue eyes, which most people think are weird. She wears a black T-shirt, with a white skirt. On her feet she wears tight-fitting high-heeled leather boots. She normally is to be found carrying a book of some sort. On her right cheek, a pink heart is painted. She wears icicle-shaped earrings.
Personality: Valentine is very clever, having been top of the class in all subjects at school. She is very shy, yet kind, and so will always help friends, but not others who she hasn’t gotten to know. She mostly blends into the background, and is often seen daydreaming. She is very lithe and athletic. She doesn't let her guard down easily-she is very protective of herself. She is also very slim. Valentine is a Pokemon Coordinator, and is well known in Shinou for winning the Pokemon Grand Super Contest Trophy.
Side: Good

Height: 6'04"
Weight: 20 kilograms
Gender: Female
Color: White

Habitat: Seashore
Footprint: An ordinary footprint.
Shiny Eye: She has blonde hair and hazel eyes. She wears a black T-shirt and a white skirt.
Wild Item: Angelic Feather-boosts the Attack power of the holder every turn.

PokéPower: Angel Flower- Once per turn, choose one of your foe's Pokemon, and do damage to it equal to half the damage done to both your Pokemon.

PokéBody: Angelic Restoration- Once per turn, choose one of your own Pokemon, and heal it by a quarter of your foe's Pokemon's total HP.

Evolution Chain: N/A
Location: ACDC Town OR Cyber City
Catch Rate: N/A
Base Tameness: N/A
Growth Group: N/A

Base Stats: HP | ATK | DEF | SPD | SPATK | SPDEF | TOTAL
100 60 90 110 130 100 590
Effort Points: 2 Sp. Atk, 1 Speed

Shadow Chamber: Shadow Rush, Shadow Freeze, Shadow Fire, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Panic, Shadow Angel, Shadow Circus
Egg Moves: Smellingsalt, Attract, Charm, Magical Leaf, Psychic, Psycho Boost

Phoenix Harpy | Fire | BA:-- | AC:95 | PP:10
Effect: Sends a flaming phoenix at the enemy, which decreases a random stat down to zero.

Cyber Angel | Light | BA:-- | AC: 100 | PP: 5
Effect: Valentine transforms into an angel, and deals 90 damage to each of the foe's Pokemon. If the foe has only one Pokemon out, that Pokemon takes 180 damage.

Shining Friendship | Light | BA: -- | AC: 85| PP: 3
Effect: Automatically faints both of the foe's Pokemon. Valentine cannot attack again for the whole of the battle.
Cyber Angel Folder
X5 Arrow C- The same as Sword, so does the same damage, etc.
X4 Aqua Tower C- Ingame
X4 Flame Tower C-Ingame
X3 Ritual of Machine Angel*-On the turn that this is used, you can summon one Cyber Angel. This is the only way a Cyber Angel can be summoned.
X1 Church of Blessing-Ritual Church*- Next turn, all your Ritual chips can be used.
X1 Area Grab*(PRESET)-Ingame
X1 White Blizzard*- When one of her foe's summoned Pokemon faints, the foe's HP takes 700 damage
X1 White Veil- Increases her evasiveness, and for the whole of the turn that it is first used, it makes all attacks uneffective.

X2 CircusMan*
X1 CircusMan EX C
X1 CircusMan SP C

X1 Cyber Angel Idaten C
X1 Cyber Angel Dakini C
X1 Cyber Angel Benten C
X1 Cyber Petite Angel C
X1 Cold Enchanter C
X1 Ice Blizzard Master C

Her ordinary Attack is Cyber Angel Arrow, which does 5 damage per hit.

20th September 2006, 9:17 PM
Thanks for reading my fanfiction, I guess...oh, and I see you know that Fakemon/Human system I've put together. That makes my life much easier. I got a PM from you, so read it and you'll get the rest of the details. The only thing I see wrong is that the coding of your Cyber deck should be C rather than E. I see you're a big fan of CircusMan, the UNDERRATED NaviChip. Oh, and if you want to post more, put it in another reply so my life's easier on me, alright?

~Alexis Laistenna~
21st September 2006, 5:38 PM
First, she's gonna be introduced in a Contest. Not before. During. And, CircusMan is hated over at GameFAQS. Seriously. If she can't be, show her beating up someone thoroughly during the new system of battling.

Name: Petitel
Classification: Cyber Petite Angel
Type: Steel/Flying
Description: Petitel has a spherical body. She has stubby arms and legs, like a Jigglypuff. She has metal wings, with each seperate feather made out of silver. She has a shining halo around her head. Her body is pink.
Height: 20 centimetres
Weight: 7 lbs.
Gender Ratio: Female 100%
Color: Regular Pink | Shiny Yellow
Habitat: Mountains
Footprint: A small Jigglypuff's footprint.
Shiny Eye: Her halo is green, her body is yellow, and her feathers are made out of pure gold.
Wild Item: Lucky Halo- Her experience doubles if the opponent shares the same type as her. If she faces a Skarmory an wins, her experience quadruples. OR White Herb.
PokéDex Data: Petitel, the Cyber Petite Angel Pokemon. Petitel are known for their shyness and dislike of busy places. When you capture one, you are said to be extremely lucky, as they bless whoever cares for them. Petitel are renowed by Coordinators, and even a rumour of one will send any Coordinator out to look for it.
PokéPower: Levitate
PokéBody: Angel Body- Once per turn, Petitel heals half of it's HP.
Evolution Chain: Petitel with happiness and high attack- Idaten
Petitel with high happiness and high defense-Benten
Catch Rate: 25
Base Tameness: 35
Growth Group: Easy

Base Stats: HP | ATK | DEF | SPD | SPATK | SPDEF | TOTAL
60 45 60 70 80 70 385
Effort Points 1 Speed

Shadow Chamber: Shadow Rush, Shadow Blitz
Egg Moves: Charm, Attract, Sweet Kiss, Lovely Kiss, Aromatherapy

Cyber Angel Arrow| Light | BA:-- | AC: 100%| PP: 35 |
Effect: Hits one of the foe's Pokemon with arrows that do 20 damage per hit.

Healing Ray | Normal | BA: --| AC:-- | PP: 5|
Effect: Heals the user's HP by 80, at the price of it's Attack and Defense being lowered.

Psyche Halo | Psychic | BA: -- | AC: 95% | PP: 10|
Effect: The user's halo expands, and traps both of the foe's Pokemon in a halo of Psychic energy, which at the start does 50 damage, then 100 on the next turn, and then 200, and so on.

Angel Purification | Type: Light| BA: -- | AC: 70% | PP: 5 |
Effect: Does 120 damage, at the price of halving the user's Special Attack.

Will edit with others tomorrow.

24th September 2006, 2:17 PM
Thanks, ~Alexis Laistenna~. I'll keep all of that information in mind, and don't worry because you are gonna appear in a contest as part of the plot, and it's the easiest way for me anyways. Unforunately the next tournament Jaden's gonna enter's coming soon so you're gonna have to wait a little. Some people are asking how I'm making Mana be too important so I have to give a little spotlight to the growing hero. But it's a sure thing you'll be in there eventually!

Here's the summary spoiler for the next chapter:

1. A certain someone reveals themselves, attacking the city and Jaden.
2. He also attacks the mansion, then explains why for his revenge.
3. Jaden decides to battle the person, realizing it's the only way.
4. After pulling off a hundred-attack-combo, Jaden loses to the man.
5. The man bleeds like hell like the last time and runs off.
6. Many trees are on fire from the battle, so Jaden attempts to rid them.
7. Attempts fail because it's evil fire, Cluteria puts them out with happiness.
8. Jillian's all better, they talk about what happened and conditions.
9. Garrett shows Jaden his folder and hands over one of his chips.
10. A locust comes and flies over, having a message attached to it.

24th September 2006, 6:16 PM
Back right after Jaden left his home, a certain someone was outside causing the terror on the streets, and Jaden was there at the scene, determined to stop the enemy.

“Why are you back?”

“Because there’s a lot of things I’m not finished yet.”

“There’s something strange about you here right now that doesn’t make sense. Something about your sensitivity to something else; I forgot but I know this doesn’t fit!”

“You can find that out later, and I’m not about to tell you anything!”

Hero Jaden vs. Moonlight Locust
“Alright, so it doesn’t matter. I’m still gonna take you out right here! Go Burstinatrix and Sparkman! Show them whose boss!”

“Try me…go Banette and Salamence…”

Burstinatrix LV30 [F]: 140 HP
Sparkman LV30 [M]: 110 HP

Banette LV40 [F]: 140 HP
Salamence LV50 [M]: 202 HP

“What’s with all these numbers?”

“This is the Tecc region, famous for Tecc-nology. You just got a P.E.T, right…?”

“Whatever. Burstinatrix, Burstfire on Banette while Sparkman do a Spark Needle!”

“That won’t work…Banette, Darkness Flame. Salamence, Protect.”

Attack Order:
Salamence 167 SPD: Protect
Burstinatrix 117 SPD: Burstfire
Banette 103 SPD: Darkness Flame
SparkMan 81 SPD: Shining Surge Flash

Salamence used Protect, causing a green shield of light to surround around himself with reflecting particles off it, shielding him for the rest of the turn.

Burstinatrix unleashed a flame bursting from her hands, hitting Banette and making the marionette angry by the second, using the power of the blaze to power herself up. The color in Banette’s eyes increased with rage by the second, and was about to unleash her attack from the flame of pain caused. She suddenly giggled in a creepy matter, making Jaden have a freaked look on his face to what she was doing.

Burstinatrix [105 Special Attack] vs. Banette [103 Special Defense]

Banette: 140 HP - 69 = 71

“WTF?” went Jaden. “Why’s that thing laughing?”

“Any damage done to Banette gets transferred to your Pokémon. This effect applies from my Banette and mines specifically, so too bad for you!”

Burstinatrix: 140 HP - 69 = 71

Banette chanted a curse with the giggles lasting from when her special ability was activated, and this time the same amount of damage she just suffered began to shake around her, about to strike Burstinatrix for a fixed damage, but before that…

“Time to cheat!”


Moonlight Locust giggled at his previous words, and like the last night, he took off his cape entirely, when suddenly the sun began to horribly burn him, but he was chuckling, loving the raging pain he was feeling. The sun revealed the many scars scattered throughout his body, and blood began spilling from the parts the sun shone on the most, vaporizing with each drop that fell to the ground. Before losing any more blood, Moonlight Locust split into a hundred locusts and targeted his own Banette, traveling through her body in a forceful matter to make the voodoo doll scream and giggle in pain, blood falling onto the ground onto Banette’s feet. Banette began to powerfully charge up from the damage she took, and Jaden began to catch on to what was happening. The strange things were the numbers shown on the screen of the PET.

Banette: 1 HP

“Even if your Banette was hit that many times with little damage for each one, each one of those locusts should’ve did at minimum one, so how did she survive?”

“My Banette survives for the rest of the round when she’s knocked down to one. And now her special ability allows her to attack for every millimeter of pain she felt. Do the math and you should know you’re already defeated…”

“Are you okay?”

“I should be asking you the same thing…” Moonlight Locust was holding on his chest, stopping the rush of blood from dripping more than it already was. “Why would you…”

“Because you’re really hurt right now and you should get some help instead of THROWING DOWN like this.”

“THROWING DOWN? That was so cheesy…you really don’t know what an enemy is and you can even ask…? Well too bad because your plan’s not gonna work. My Banette’s move is gonna take all of your Pokémon down in one round, because since she was hit a hundred times, same thing for your team!”

“Oh crap…!”

Banette used Darkness Flame, generating a purple blaze from her eyes transforming from the reds of her pupils slowly, splitting them apart in an eerie matter. The flames she released began to split in two, and they traveled throughout the town in a ritual way pattern, hitting some of the trees of ACDC Town and causing purple flames to be set on the plants, spreading by the second, and eerie laughter coming from the fire. While they were in the air, they began to split from one to two, then four, then eight, then sixteen, then 32, then 64…all of them were homing into Jaden’s Burstinatrix and Sparkman by the second, and the amount of flames in the air would mean impossible to dodge. From high in the sky they descended lower onto the ground, surrounding Jaden and his Pokémon, dark faces were forming on them before they began to…


One of them hit…

Burstinatrix: 71 - 59 = 12 HP

A second one struck her…

Burstinatrix: 12 - 59 = KO!

Burstinatrix fainted!

“Oh crap! Go Avian!”

Avian: 123 HP

The next fire hit Avian…

Avian: 123 - 66 = 62 HP

Another fire struck Avian…

Avian: 62 - 66 = KO!

Jaden returned Avian. “Alright, alright, I give up, okay?”

“Good choice you made there…”

Jaden returned his Sparkman as well. “Sorry guys, I never thought he could pull off a literal one-hundred attack combo…that was undefeatable…”

“See what happens whenever someone challenges me…?”

“Yeah, I get it, don’t brag…”

Moonlight Locust was chuckling a little, with his hands still holding on his chest to prevent the river of blood from flowing out. After a little while, he choked for some unknown reason and spat out a plethora of blood onto the grass, and his hands let go of himself, allowing a flow of blood to spill out and making him suffer. He began to slowly fall onto the grass, where his dropped blood was and stained on his clothes. Before anything else happened, he knew if he were to stay there for any longer, he would become nothing, so using some of the little energy he had left, he stood up and transformed into the swarm of locusts like before, making the silver silhouette made of insects, and flew off, causing the dripping of blood while he was flying as far away from the sun as he could possible. An evil laughter filled the air where he left.

“You’ll soon see what I mean by that…” went the wind.

“WTF? There’s something wrong with that guy…”

The sirens of police cars were heard a few seconds after Moonlight Locust flew away, and they were loud with red and blue on their screeches. They came to a stop in front of the park Jaden was in, noticing the completely damaged ground all around. There were three of the cars in total, and it seemed like they were looking for the same person who did this, and even though they noticed there wasn’t an obvious person who did the damage, they still stopped there all the way anyways. They probably thought Jaden was hurt because he was on the ground, his PokéBalls lying on the grass along with himself surrounded by the strong blood Moonlight Locust left behind. Some of the straps of the strange man’s cape lied on the floor, also covered in the red tears he left behind. One of the policemen came out of the car and approached Jaden, and then he asked…

“Are you okay, kid?”

“Yeah, I am…you came a little too late…”

“I can see that…” the policeman went back into the police car and left, mumbling as he did so. His foot stained on some of the blood Moonlight Locust dripped down when he got to the car, then drove away with the other three enforcements.

Jaden scratched his head before picking up the PokéBalls on the ground, standing up after brushing himself off. “You know, police never get here at the right time…” Alright, who cares about the police? They never get anything right. I met this weird guy and the only one I know that can take care of this is Garrett. The bad thing’s that, I don’t know where he is right now, so I better go wander around a little before I find him…

* * *

After a lot of walking around the damaged town, Jaden stopped by some of the trees on fire, and decided to do something, because that was right next to one of the shops of the place. Because the tree he was staring at happened to be the same one Moonlight Locust’s Banette set on fire, the flames burned with an evil purple as they spread from tree to tree. Some of the kids around there didn’t exactly notice the flames, so they just hung by and played with the tree. The dangers were about to attack them as the tree began to slowly tip over; if they hit not only would they be crushed but their bodies would be burned as well. Jaden was extremely shocked they would be so careless, even if they were kids, so quickly without worrying about his own welfare; he took out a PokéBall and threw it, releasing his Elemental Hero Bubbleman.

“Bubbleman, use your Bubble Blast on the tree to put it out!”

Bubbleman nodded, making a bubble blaster generate from one of his arms. The Elemental Hero charged up the bubble blaster linked on his right arm, and held his left on it to press a button. Quickly after that, a bubble stream was released from it and unleashed on the trees, causing a huge black smoke to appear around the place. The strange reaction was the purple smoke being given out from the tree, and when it finally cleared out the tree was still on purple fire, scarred from what regular fire would do to the bark but still blazing with the glow of evil. Bubbleman released a bigger stream, this time focusing the energy from his left arm as well onto the branch, making the dominant smoke emerge for a second time, and the same thing happened. The flames grew from the liquid, and they were about to drop onto the kids quickly unless…

“Cluteria, use Surf!” ordered a certain person owning her…

Cluteria materialized from a Luxury Ball thrown from out of nowhere, and she appeared in a spinning gaze. The many trees on fire began to spread out, as if the appearance of a new living being in the same area made them spread even more. The appearance of Whombus and Mooncust appeared on the branches for no reason whatsoever, and they began to giggle. However, Cluteria wasn’t fazed by the eerie laughter at all, and unleashed a powerful blue wave of water behind her, crashing onto all of the trees at once. This move looked as if it was going to crash onto Jaden and the other two kids as well, but a yellow barrier formed around them before it did so, destroying all the fire in an unexplainable reason. After the wave stopped, Garrett appeared from the water and walked up to Jaden, wearing a concerned face as he approached.

“Are you okay, Jaden?”

“Yeah, thanks to you…”

Beside Garrett was Jillian, almost as good as new from yesterday, but still hanging onto Garrett because she couldn’t stand on her own, happy to see Jaden as well.

Jaden smiled. “Jillian, you’re better now?”

“Yeah I am. Thanks for asking! Garrett helped me a lot when I was hurt. I feel like I’m as good as new and I can’t wait to be the M.C in another contest!”

“Don’t you think you should wait a little more before you go back to doing your job?” asked Garrett. “You just got better physically, but what about emotionally?”

“Trust me, I think I’m all right again. You did a pretty good job nursing me back!”

“The credit should go to Cluteria, though. She did most of the job. I just gave her some direction while she was helping me. Oh, Jaden, you like my new Pokémon?”

Jaden walked up to Cluteria, and then touched her cloudiness, feeling the gentle fluff she gave out as she made a little squeak. “She’s pretty primo cute, to say the least!”

Clutearia, Healing Cloud; Type: Water/Light; this Pokémon looks like a tear supported by a small cloud, but the cloud doesn't really support it. Clutearia has two medium size angel wings coming out of its "back". This Pokémon is unknown to most, but to who do know it is the master, and legend of healing. Almost named a legendary Pokémon, Clutearia can be caught easily, if it reads its master has a true and pure heart deep inside. The water one can give out is said to be able to heal people.

“You were definitely right about that,” commented Jillian. “I’m all better now, but you look like you could take a little nap Jaden. What happened to you?”

“I met a certain someone that could really throw down , and I mean that literally. He was shedding blood all over the battle after I lost to him.”

“WHAT? He was shedding blood?” replied a shocked Garrett. “Is this certain someone that you were battling the dude that I was…you know…”

“Yeah, it was. His name’s Moonlight Locust. He was really weird. I can’t believe I have to admit this, but he killed me down in less than a round…”

“How did he defeat you in one round…?” asked Garrett. “You’re good…”

“I guess he just really knew how to get his game on . He defeated me with some one hundred Banette attack combo. It was really freaky and put the place on fire. But how’d you know there was a fire here before you got there?”

“I heard some people screaming outside, and they woke up Jillian so I went outside to see what the commotion was all about. Good thing I came when I did, right?”

“Yeah, but I wonder why’d he want to hurt some innocent kids like that.”

“Maybe because he’s a psychopath?” suggested Jillian. “Last night, he was treating me like a voodoo doll. I think I feel a flashback coming on…”


“Oh, you’re right, it’s not fair that you should take the hit. Rather, I say Jillian should, so watch as your little girlfriend here feels pain like she’s never seen before. When I was punished, one of her cuffs were taken off; she must feel so naked right now, and I think you know that since that piece of metal was preventing her from bleeding more than she already was, you might want to patch that up. Then again, maybe I should do that for you considering we’re in a battle here! Watch as she’s patched up and punished for you!”

Jillian’s arms were shaking a little before Garrett was shocked intensely from the metal gate suddenly forming from the sky behind him, landing him onto the ground. He didn’t actually care for the pain, but what he saw happen to the lady in binds was much worse than his condition: a dark, metal needle slowly materialized like the way data does and began slowly charging at her, piercing her skin where she was bleeding and stabbed directly into it, causing the stain of blood to rub onto the metal. It slowly made her tears wipe on the floor and scream in more pain than she ever did. Some people like to stab themselves with small needles, but for her was a blunt arrow going through to the other side, causing even more blood to drip down below her. This was on her left leg, and now the struggling seemed to slowly stop like she was halfway to a coma, screeching.

“That’s one of the most sadistic things I’ve ever seen in my life.”


“How’d you know Moonlight Locust was doing that to you?” wondered Jaden. “You were unconscious during the time! I was watching you though…”

“It doesn’t matter, but I still wanna kill that little brat for what he did…”

“That makes the two of us,” said Jaden and Garrett in unison.

“Oh, and tell Mana there’s gonna be a Pokémon Contest here soon in ACDC Town, all right?” asked Jillian. “I have a good idea who’s gonna be entering.”


Garrett flicked his hair. “Me…”

“I know my sister will, but what about you Jillian?”

“Not this time. I’m pretty tired to do something during the contest except for talk my head out. Maybe some other prodigy will get to the final round instead.”

“There was this weird person I heard from Mana that won the last contest,” considered Garrett. Maybe she will…? She was pretty good, even though I didn’t see her final round appeal. I don’t even know if she was a he or whatever!”

“I wasn’t there either,” stated Jaden.



“Then again, if Jaden didn’t get lost, that would mean the freak that could turn into locusts would’ve taken over the entire city and killed everyone, then you wouldn’t come back to rescue me but instead go back to the stadium. Oh wait, you not being there was what led me to go and get in trouble in the first place!”

Garrett stared with an angry look at the both of them.

“Sorry…” Jaden and Jillian both apologized in unison.

“Eh, who cares? Oh, and Jaden, did you get anything of Moonlight Locust after he left? Last time I was too concerned about a certain curious someone so I didn’t have the time to get it, but did you? He must’ve left something behind.”

“What do you mean ‘left behind’…? Does his blood count?”

“Yeah, he does.”

“Then you better get something really big because he left a lot of it around when he left. I could swear that guy was shedding down or having a major breakdown.”

Garrett took out a test tube from his blue pocket, and then walked over to the pile of blood at the largest puddle. Not all of the blood was at one place, because even as Moonlight Locust was flying away, small drips were heading towards the ground. Garrett didn’t care for the aftermath though, since it could only supply him with the little amount. Walking by the kids area with stained red on some of the equipment, followed by Jaden and Jillian, he reached down and picked the small sample up carefully. The blood was somehow quivering stronger than usual, with fractions of the drop starting to dry up like grapes in the sun. To prevent the bizarre and nippy evaporation, Garrett quickly put the sample into his pocket subsequent to tightening it up. They sauntered away from the area, but noticed the blood on the ground began to shake and dry up into the plants.

“From that rapid shaking, I’m gonna assume the blood’s living,” guessed Jillian. “I never seen samples get that scared when someone touched it.”

“It is living…because of my status as a Pokémon G-Men member, I usually pick up trace samples like this all the time, but I’ve never seen such a hyperactive source like this. Perhaps contact with another living thing or even the aura makes it energetic. This can even explain why he begins to feel the immenseness of pain when his body is sun prone.”

“That only happened when he took off his cape so he could attack himself.” Jaden took out his P.E.T after, showing the hundred-attack combo part of the battle recorded.

“You have a P.E.T device now? You could finally participate in battles. Killer dude!”

“Yeah, but I just got it earlier today, so I’m still a little new.”

“I have something here for you I think you’re gonna like.” Garrett took out a chip with a four elemental color edge on it, holding it out to Jaden. “Here, take it.”

“What is it?” asked Jaden after accepting the gift.

“It’s a Battlechip, I think you know that already.”

“This P.E.T is like a P*DA, right? Radical, dude! That means I should be able to check it out and see what it does!” Jaden slotted in the chip, and…

~~~??? ELEMENT BURST ~~~
-Codes: E
-Damage: 100
-Number of Hits: 1
-Normal Chip: 99MB
-Description: When all four elements are on the field, something happens…
-Range: Hits all panels.

“Okay, that wasn’t really a good description,” stated Jaden. “Something happens? Doesn’t everything make something happen? Help me out here Garrett.”

“Everything does happen whenever you do something, but I found this chip somewhere from a place I don’t even want to tell you. Use it only when you need to.”

“Ooh…this sounds like one of those things where you tell me only to use it as a last resort, and I decide to use it really quick, then I mess up and fall in regret.”

“Yeah, whatever. Just be careful with it-- you’re the only one I know that can pull off that chip without blowing up. Be careful all the way though.”

“Sure. I don’t know what it does, but I’ll add it to my folder.”

Jaden removed Sword E
Jaden added Element Burst E

Jillian took a little peep at the chip folder Jaden was using, amazed at the level of chips for a beginner deck. “Wow, you already know how to use the chip folder…”

“It’s a no-brainer Jillian!”’

The three were standing there in the middle of ACDC Park, with all of the blood shattered earlier from the battle almost already gone. However, little did they know something was heading their way, and in view of the fact there was merely a single entity bearing their direction, they didn’t even notice it. Strangely, the item was a silver little creature having no emotion on its face, with red eyes glowing in the sun and beginning to shed a little. The small device kept its direction with great focus, and eccentrically the glistering teeth made a shine like the way light flashes. It whisked right passed Jillian at such a rate it pierced her skin, knocking down Jaden also when the light-brown part of Jaden’s hair was trimmed a little. Garrett saw it, and he quickly grabbed it with his left hand like a ninja, smashing it. A holographic image spoke out from the broken junk…

From: Moonlight Locust
Topic: OMG Your House Is On Fire!

Message: Remember me? The one that tried to take everything you owned? Well guess what-- I’m back for revenge from what you did yesterday, and if you don’t come quickly, then I’m afraid your house is gonna burn down to the ground. Hey, it’s the least I can do to get revenge for what you did so long ago. I hope nobody else is listening to this…


Helpful Critic
24th September 2006, 11:45 PM
Sorry I wasn't very clear on Clutearia's Pokedex entry, I will just redo it so everyone can understand.
Clutearia, Healing Cloud; Type: Water/Light; this Pokémon looks like a tear that is supported by a small cloud, but the cloud doesn't really support it. Clutearia has two medium size angel wings coming out of the back of its tear shaped body. This Pokémon is unknown to most, but to those who do know about it, it is the master and legend of healing. Almost named a legendary Pokémon, Clutearia can be caught easily, if it reads its the trainer's mind, and sees that they have a true and pure heart inside. The water it uses is said to be able to heal people.

24th September 2006, 11:55 PM
I can't really fix it now, can I? Does it really make that much of a difference to leave mines in like that? I really made the one you gave me so it fits the six line text limit I've set for myself. For the next Pokemon Contest in ACDC Town, you wanna have me enter you in it? I'll use Clutearia, and the fully evolved form of Lightegg. All I need is for you to make me one more Fakemon for the next thing. I can't guarantee you'll win it, because you have three (OMG PLOT HOLE!).

~Alexis Laistenna~
25th September 2006, 5:34 PM
Name: Enchancold
Classification: Cold Enchanter
Type: Ice
Description: Enchancold has blonde hair which goes just past shoulder-length, and blue eyes. It wears blue and purple armor, which has a sapphire in the centre. It carries a sceptre, in the centre of which is a sapphire.
Height: 178 centimetres
Weight: An ordinary person's weight when they are middle-aged.
Gender Ratio: Male 25% Female 75%
Color: Regular Blue | Shiny White
Habitat: Mountain
Footprint: A human female's footprint.
Shiny Eye: Enchancold has brown hair and green eyes. It wears green and pink armor, which has an emerald in the centre. The sceptre has a ruby in the centre.
Wild Item: Cold Sceptre- Powers up all Ice type attacks by 50%.

PokéDex Data: Enchancold, the Cold Enchanter Pokemon. It is not very well-known, being known as a witch's Pokemon in medieval times. Today, it can only be found on the coldest, most remote locations.
PokéPower: Cold Wisdom- Powers up Enchancold if the foe has a type that is strong against ice.
PokéBody: Ice Enchantment- If the foe uses a move that normally induces a status effect of some kind, the status effect is given to the foe's partner, or to the foe in 1-on-1.
Evolution Chain: N/A
Location: Glacial Cave, Desert Island
Catch Rate: 50
Base Tameness: 35
Growth Group: Hard

Base Stats: HP | ATK | DEF | SPD | SPATK | SPDEF | TOTAL
75 35 80 75 135 100 500
Effort Points: 3 Special Attack

Shadow Chamber: Shadow Freeze, Shadow Ice, Shadow Blizzard, Shadow Magic
Egg Moves: Blizzard, Sheer Cold, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump

Cold Death | Ice | BA: -- | AC: 75 | PP: 5 |
Effect: An Ice-type version of Overheat.

Enchantment| Magic | BA: --| AC: 100|PP: 15 |
Effect: Gives both of the foe's Pokemon a random status effect.

Cold Enchantment| Ice| BA: --| AC: 70| PP: 5|
Effect: Freezes both of the foe's Pokemon, and gives them 50 damage per turn.

Ice Power| Magic| BA:--|AC: --| PP: 5|
Effect: Powers up all Ice moves used by the user.

Will edit later.

25th September 2006, 8:21 PM
wonder who's gonna win the contest... not that I wanna know now and not to sound rude or anything but is my character gonna enter this contest as well? I'm fine with it of you aren't putting her in.

26th September 2006, 5:00 AM
Actually UltaFlame, you will be appearing in future episodes, but I don't wanna put you in the next contest considering you just won something. You will be in the episodes of the next contest for plot advancement, but more in the background trying to do something. I can guarentee you'll have a spot in the Majestic Gala, though (Grand Festival for my fanfiction). Oh, and if you have the time, tell me what BattleChips should Abyss Child have (make them up). Thanks!

Zephyr Flare
26th September 2006, 9:57 AM
If you must do the sign up thing, stick it in Pm so it's not constantly thread bumping to people's annoyance. And please, if you're gonna do so and so next "episode", can you at least put it in spoiler if at all?

Plus some of you are devolving this into a chat thread. This is not for what you did last night or whats going on at school, THIS IS A FANFICTION.

Just a heads up as some concerns are arising.


27th September 2006, 2:13 AM
I can't believe I got another warning from Zephyr Flare. She was nice enough to let me off this time unlike the previous mistakes I made with the other problems. I guess I must adhere to her advice before I go down by setting some rules here so something like that doesn't happen again. Don't worry, it was none of your faults because I never said anything about it before, so yeah. Just a little stuff like ground rules, but it shouldn't limit you too much.

~Alexis Laistenna~, I know you've been posting Pokemon by Pokemon in this thread only because I told you it was more easier on me (which it actually isn't as Zephyr Flare pointed out to me). You're still gonna be in a later chapter. Could you do me a favor and bring all of the Pokemon you've created so far and fuse them into a single post, then delete the others? I guess that'll work for the rest of us. Just edit that one whenever you need to, okay?

UltaFlame, I know you like my story and end up giving it more credit than it actually deserves, but from now on can some of them not sound like a conversation? No offense, but it would be a little better if you did some more specific speculation than ask questions that would work for every fanfiction. A long time ago, you gave me critisism, which I like, but then you stopped. If it's okay with you, I'd like to have some more so I can better my story.

Zephyr Flare, I apologize for having you go through my thread to view what I was doing wrong. It's just that on every one of my threads--not just this one, I have the urge to post whenever another person does so. I already sent you a PM earlier and you gracefully replied to it, but if there's anything else I can do so I wouldn't be a bother to you, don't hesitate to get me to do so. Sorry again for the earlier fuss, and good day to all of you. Thanks as well!


28th September 2006, 12:13 AM
This was the first time since the last thread that I got a warning from Zephyr Flare, and hopefully destiny will allow it to be the last time. Hey, where are all of you people? Ever since I posted the last chapter, you seemed to not post here as much as often? Don't think of my thread as something different because of the character addings. Just read it as if it was any other fiction. Enjoy it for the effort I put into it and the other cheesy stuff. Have fun!
================================================== ========
Episode 16: Show Me What You Learned!

After Garrett learns about Moonlight Locust’s threat to take down his mansion…

“Let me just pretend I didn’t see or hear any of that crap happen.”

“Um, it did happen!” reminded Jillian. “I think I feel a flashback coming on…”


The three were standing there in the middle of ACDC Park, with all of the blood shattered earlier from the battle almost already gone. However, little did they know something was heading their way, and in view of the fact there was merely a single entity bearing their direction, they didn’t even notice it. Strangely, the item was a silver little creature having no emotion on its face, with red eyes glowing in the sun and beginning to shed a little. The small device kept its direction with great focus, and eccentrically the glistering teeth made a shine like the way light flashes. It whisked right passed Jillian at such a rate it pierced her skin, knocking down Jaden also when the light-brown part of Jaden’s hair was trimmed a little. Garrett saw it, and he quickly grabbed it with his left hand like a ninja, smashing it. A holographic image spoke out from the broken junk…

From: Moonlight Locust
Topic: OMG Your House Is On Fire!

Message: Remember me? The one that tried to take everything you owned? Well guess what-- I’m back for revenge from what you did yesterday, and if you don’t come quickly, then I’m afraid your house is gonna burn down to the ground. Hey, it’s the least I can do to get revenge for what you did so long ago. I hope nobody else is listening to this…


“Oh crap, it did happen! I better get to my place quick!”

“Let us come with you!” suggested Jaden. “Hey, just because you’re one of those radical people that save everyone doesn’t mean you should leave us outta the fun!”

Jillian grabbed onto one of Garrett’s arms. “Jaden’s right! Besides, I’m your girlfriend. I have to come with you no matter what.”

“Really? You are…? Wait, what am I saying? No you’re not! Fine, come, whatever; just be careful like always.”

“We know that already,” said Jillian and Jaden in unison.

* * *

After a little walking, the three made it to Garrett’s mansion, which was on top of a hill shadowing over ACDC Town in a beautiful sight. The entire place was completely showered in blue and the gardens were as green as ever. Sun shined on the scared Lapras and Dewgong in the pond he had, as many leaves began to shed into the pool. In the blue mansion located on the top of ACDC hills. The opposite side of the hill was a wonderful area of forests, with the faces of Pokémon acting as if they never saw the horrible thing being done to the mansion at the second, running away from the fear of the red shining, ironically to the layers of water surrounding where they were at the present time. White paint of the mansion slowly peeled off as the red grew and grew. Cluteria moved behind Garrett, scared of the blazing contradicting her happy nature.

“We got here too late!” yelled Jillian, stating the obvious. “Garrett, do something quick before your place’s reduced to nothing!

“Maybe you should stop talking and do something!” shouted Jaden. “Let’s stop this fire right here and right now with our Pokémon!”

“Good idea!” nodded Jillian and Garrett.

Jaden threw a PokéBall. “Go Bubbleman!”

Jillian threw a PokéBall as well. “Go Vaporeon!”

“Go Cluteria! Show them the light conquers all evil!”

“Bubbleman, Bubblebeam!”

“Vaporeon, Hydro Pump!”

“This is dark fire, like the last time on the trees. Remember? Cluteria, Healing Tears! I’ll weaken the flames further with Tidal Wave!”

Bubbleman had a buster area of his arm screening out now, and then released a stream of bubbles at the red fire ahead, quickly whirling into purple flames upon contact. Vaporeon made a massive jet of water released from her mouth almost bigger than her total size, targeting at the fire in a rapid rate, but the same area became violet fright. Cluteria risked herself by flying over the fire, then raining all over the flames with glistering liquid, special since it even purified the burning mansion and made most of the purple fire disappear, and restore the location back to what it was before this happened. There was only regular fire now, so Garrett flew overhead with his aquatic powers and unleashed a stream of waters from his arm, along with a tidal wave behind him crashing onto all of the parts of the mansion. The outside fire was finally put out, and the Pokémon returned.

“Okay, we got part of the job done, but we should keep going,” suggested Garrett. “You two don’t have to if you don’t wanna. I could use your help though.”

“Of course me and Jaden are going!”

“I am?” Jaden wondered stupidly. “Oh yeah, I am!”

The outside of the place was completely restored, so they didn’t need to worry about anything else there, or so they thought. All of the Pokémon running away from the flames came back to where they were, even though it was kind of ironic how Water-type Pokémon ran away from fire. Then again, the flames there before were dark flames, meaning they would have destroyed the creatures no matter what type they were in the first place. All three of them headed into the mansion, and unlike the liberated exterior of the location, the inside was burning as much as ever. The parts of the ceiling began to slowly rip up, but the three of them were ready. Bubbleman, Vaporeon, and Cluteria stood there, ready to fight the flames and take out whatever Moonlight Locust set off for them. They prepared their attacks, but just when you thought things couldn’t get worse…

* * *

High above of the Earth’s atmosphere was the usual sight of the planet in the peace it was. However, a silver and evil looking satellite had the mark of the Nebula on it, showing in an eerie matter, glowing with purple as it hovered. It was made of four wings propelling around the space there, slowly reflecting light off from where it came. Inside was a strange man completely wrapped in shadows, and the only detail shown on him was the hair dangling down his face, although the actual mug was covered in shadow. He was a well-fit man, and the uncovered parts of his pants were shown to be dark-red, almost unable to be seen. The creepy bad guy song of the Nebula was playing in the background as it passed, and four compartments of the ship began to open up, showing respective missiles ready to be unleashed into a certain direction.

“But it’s too early to be relieved. The true terror is about to begin…” the man pressed a button to the right of him, and it flashed red, along with the entire satellite.

The part of the satellite, which began opening up, had a mechanical female voice emitting from it, counting down. “Launching Dimensional Area Generators in…






* * *

Back in the Earth’s atmosphere, four beam like devices were heading towards the place where the three were, more specifically the entire mansion and the environment around there, but the three inside didn’t know anything about what was happening. The capsules were blue and white with a futuristic feel on them, because the data lines were coursing through the generators like energy moving around, and it was even as if living data was inside, being used like a battery. They emitted a strange sound from them similar to the satellite as they quickly homed in, causing the sonic wave of wind to rush through the machines like they were about to break even though they were protected. The capsule’s defense opened up a hundred meters above the blue mansion, and they were about to break the ground with a thrust, as each one of the generators…

First generator!

Second generator!

Third generator!

Fourth generator!

After all four of them activated with a glow, a Dimensional Area Generator formed around the entire mansion. Inside of the place, the three were advancing through the fire, putting it out with their Pokémon by the second. However, things were about to get worse, because computer viruses began materializing in the real world, more specifically where they were at the present time. Spikey were blue dogs and Vulgar are living furnaces. Both of the viruses were of the Fire-element, and they worsened the condition.

“WTF?” went Jaden. “We’re trapped in some dome thingy!”

Garrett, voiceover, we’re inside… but that’s impossible. The only technology able to pull off such a feat belongs to the SciLab of downtown, and we’re nowhere near there. Something else must have pulled this off…

Jillian tugged on Garrett. “Okay, I’m gonna take a guess that the situation’s getting worse than it already is, am I right?”

“We’re inside of a Dimensional Area Generator, meaning big trouble for us.”

“Why?” asked Jaden.

“As long as we’re in here, viruses from the cyberworld can generate into the real world and attack us, and you know what that means.”

“Our Pokémon can defend us, right?”

“Yeah, but only to a certain extent. Let’s try and get rid of them!”

“Alright!” they all replied.

“Bubbleman, use Hydro Pump!”

“Vaporeon, use that as well!”

“Cluteria, Surf! I’ll attack with Tidal Wave!”

All of them used their respective attacks to release watery blows on the viruses, some of them dodged but many were hit and flew back onto the walls, then burst into deletion.

“I get the game. Now it’s time to get our game on!”

“Let’s stop being so cheesy Jaden,” recommended Jillian. “We have more to do.”

The Spikey and Vulgar viruses were ready to attack. The blue dog began to charge up by teleporting around the field quickly, then appeared in front of Bubbleman and launched a burst of fire from his mouth, smashing onto Bubbleman directly and caused an impact to the area directly behind him. Jaden was hit on the spot. The Vulgar viruses began to advance as well, and as Vaporeon, Cluteria, and Garrett tried to home into the living furnaces, their pattern of movement was tricky, teleporting away from wherever they made eye contact. They finally stopped at one point, and began to open their mouths, launching a tower of fire directly at the three and making more on the path to the group. Garrett and his Cluteria flew out of the way, carrying Jillian too. Jaden was able to dodge it narrowly along with Bubbleman, who recovered from their earlier blast. Getting back from the strike earlier, Bubbleman released bubbles and destroyed the flaming viruses.

“That was cool, Jaden,” complimented Garrett. “Now let’s keep going.”

“Okay, I bet cooler stuff’s gonna happen on the way!”

The three headed up the large burning staircase, making it to the top before it began to fall apart. The blue on the carpets turned into black burns quicker than ever.

* * *

After climbing a plethora of staircases, they made it to the top of the mansion, which would usually be gorgeous. The space had a placid pool in the heart, perhaps heating up from the clear fire being spread about, so they dangled to the border of the point. Knowing the method Garrett would operate, there were not any safety bars around to shield anyone from falling off the sea-blue, but even Jaden and Jillian weren’t freaked out from the dangers of the location. They walked on the edge, and suddenly some parts of the place fell off, even though the spot wasn’t exactly where they were. After navigating through the roof, they got to the other side of the level, where they climbed a small set of staircases leading to an even higher level outside. There was a battlefield around here, and who would guess the person on the other side, snickering and bleeding as usual?

“You…you’re the one who did this…?”

“Yeah, I did…”

“Moonlight Locust…you die now!” Garrett rushed at him and slammed right into the center of his body, but melted through to the other side.

“I can’t be attacked…especially since I’m already suffering from the light…”

“Why did you do this to my home?”

“I’ll admit I did do the fire, but not the viruses…they came here on their own…”

“Of course you didn’t make the viruses. The technology of making data appear in the real world is only exclusive to a certain laboratory downtown, and I know that you--”

“I could’ve easily done something like that…don’t underestimate me…”

“Okay, maybe you could do somewhat akin to the terror…but now that I’ve gotten you trapped, it’s time for us to settle this. You killed too many people.”

“Is that a Netbattle you want?”

“Since the cyberworld is fused with the real world right now, why not? It can’t get any worse now that someone caused a Dimensional Area to appear, right?”

“Whatever…you shall fall by my power!”

Coordinator Garrett vs. Moonlight Locust
[Garrett walks out onto the field with his nice sifting hair while closing his eyes in true passion, his blazer blowing as if he was a legend in a wind of portraits]

[Moonlight Locust seemingly hovers towards the battle as if he had wings, then lands on the surface, sticking a middle finger while growing more and more angry by the second]

Garrett: 1800 HP
Moonlight Locust: 600 HP

“Oh sweet Garrett has a lot of HP!” yelled Jaden.

“Too little if you ask me…” muttered Moonlight Locust.

Round One

Draw Phase
Garrett’s Chips: Fast Gauge * ~ Gun Del Sol 1 * ~ Gun Del Sol 1 * ~ Thunder * ~ Cold Wave G ~ Cold Wave G ~ Rage Wave G ~ Rage Wave G
Moonlight Locust’s Chips: Full Custom * ~ Buster Up * ~ Buster Up * ~ Banette B ~ Slow Gauge *

“Garrett sure has a lot of chips to choose from!” complimented Jillian.

“I got that program from somewhere. If you have as much money as me, you’d share it with the rest of the world…I do as well.”

“Shut up!” yelled Moonlight Locust.

Standby Phase

Main Phase

“I’ll beat you even with less HP!”

Garrett’s Download: Fast Gauge * ~ Thunder * ~ Gun Del Sol 1 *
Moonlight Locust’s Download: Buster Up * ~ Buster Up * ~ Banette ~ Slow Gauge *

Battle Phase

“Why don’t you go first?”

“Don’t mind if I do…” snickered Moonlight Locust.

1. Moonlight Locust used Buster Up.
+1 to all of his current stats!

2. Garrett used Fast Gauge.
Custom Gauge sped up!

3. Moonlight Locust used Buster Up.
+1 to all of his current stats!

4. Garrett used Thunder.

“This should paralyze you…”

Moonlight Locust: 560 HP

“Sorry, I wasn’t paralyzed, thanks to my special ability.”

Moonlight Locust summoned Banette.

Banette LV40 [F]: 140 HP

5. Garrett used Gun Del Sol 1.
Outside effect +100 damage!

Moonlight Locust: 360 HP

6. Moonlight Locust used Slow Gauge.
Custom Gauge speed half as normal! (Currently 90%)

“My turn to attack!” snickered Moonlight Locust.

7. Moonlight Locust attacked with Locust Swarm!
Each hit 3 HP damage!
Hit 100 times!

Garrett: 1500 HP

8. Garrett attacked with Tidal Wave!
But Moonlight Locust is off the field due to his attack!
Garrett’s attack failed!

Round Two

“Garrett, good luck,” cheered the two of them from the sidelines.

Draw Phase

“Don’t worry! I still have a plan!”

Garrett’s Chips: Gun Del Sol 1 * ~ Cold Wave G ~ Cold Wave G ~ Rage Wave G ~ Rage Wave G ~ Vaporeon ~ Electabuzz ~ Ice Wave G
Moonlight Locust’s Chips: Full Custom * ~ Buster Up * ~ Buster Up * ~ Moonlight Locust M ~ Navi+40 *

Standby Phase

Main Phase

Garrett’s download: Cold Wave G ~ Cold Wave G ~ Rage Wave G ~ Rage Wave G ~ Gun Del Sol 1 *
Moonlight Locust’s download: Moonlight Locust M ~ Navi+40 *

Battle Phase

1. Garrett used Cold Wave.

“This should freeze you!”

Moonlight Locust: 260 HP

“Sorry, but it didn’t. I’m about to show you that my one-turn-kill strategy doesn’t only work for Pokémon battles, as you will now experience!”

Moonlight Locust used Moonlight Locust M [1 + 40]
Hit 100 times!
4100 damage!!!

Garrett: 0 HP

“I’m sorry…my friends…”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I win again!”

“Fine, you beat me. How come you’re not melting like the last time you used that?”

“I used my own Navi Chip, allowing me to use data of myself to attack you.”

“That combo…it’s almost unstoppable…”

“Indeed it is. Now you will feel my wrath!”

A burning board behind Moonlight Locust was about to fall on him, and being the locust implemented into his DNA, that would mean…

“Watch out!” Garrett pushed Moonlight Locust out of the way.

“Why did you save me?”

“Yeah, why did you?” asked Jillian.

“Because if someone’s gonna kill you, I want it to be me. I lost to you again.”

“Whatever. Thanks, I guess.” Moonlight Locust proceeded to transform into many locusts again, not taking off his cape therefore not revealing his perplexing image into the terror of the sunlight. He flew off and was about to his the Dimensional Area, but…

“Hey Moonlight Locust! You’re gonna…” began Jaden.

The Dimensional Area completely disappeared with a data sound, freeing the mansion.

“I’ll get my revenge on you someday, Moonlight Locust…”

* * *

Back at the satellite in space…

“This Moonlight Locust character appears to have a one-turn-kill stratagem. I must have him under my control so I can use his power for myself…LaserMan!”

A certain man able to shoot lasers onto the ceiling to make rocks fall on top of Pokémon appeared before the mysterious man. “Yes, leader of Nebula?”

“Moonlight Locust…that is his name…you know what to do…”

The creepy bad guy music ran in the background as the camera zoomed away…


Helpful Critic
28th September 2006, 3:34 AM
What happened to the other fakemon...? Is he going to come in right after the new chapter starts and be the contest pokemon? Pm me if you need another contest choice. Interesting choice, a Dimensional Area Generator, so (seemingly) soon in the story, but Nebula had to reveal themselves eventually. Thanks for doing Garrett's Chips for me. I don't know much about the chips. I am thinking about making an extra Fakenavi to battle with and a few chips. Pm me if you can help me with ideas as well.

Edit- LOL I just noticed she put better like 4 times. :) I know my name is helpful critic but I prefer to just read them and say somthing, even if it is use less. :)

28th September 2006, 6:03 AM
Don't worry. The Fakemon you PMed me will definitely be in one of the later chapters, because your offering means I must give something back. Anything that you give me, no matter how good or bad it is, I'll use it because that's the moral rule I follow. The chips are easy to make, even though those above there were pretty rushed in blocky. The Dimensional Area Generator actually occured in episode one of RockMan EXE Axess, so using it in Episode 16 is pretty late.

28th September 2006, 9:15 PM
I believe the scene where Jaden takes out the viruses could've been done a bit better maybe made longer and not so rushed. maybe you could have described the scenery a bit better. but still a great read and I understand everything it just could've been better. isn't that true with everything. maybe you could have described the blaster on bubblemans arm a tad instead of not at all.

you might've lengthened it a bit it was a faster read than your other installments.

thats my crit I had hopes it helped.

29th September 2006, 2:37 AM
Thanks for the critisism! That's the UltaFlame I know and whatever! Now, to defend my story, I have well...defense! Such as me describing BubbleMan many times in the past would mean I think the reader's an idiot if I were to say it once more. The length of the story is just like every other chapter: exactly ten pages. The new style of battles I've added made it so I hafta skip a line after each text, so it wastes space. Critisism for you: Don't overuse "better!"

29th September 2006, 9:46 PM
ok and also I se you put 'wtf' as something Jaden says alot problem is you don't spell it out you just put it in as 'wtf' not 'what the [insert f-word here]' so please change this I mean is he saying the letters or is he saying the sentence/phrase they mean?

yeah you did describe bubbleman alot in previous 'sodes so i get that and you don't have to make it ten pages exactly you can go over it. I understand if you put a limit for yourself and all but I am just stating some criticsm.

29th September 2006, 11:09 PM
When I make Jaden say WTF, I purposely make him do that, as in he spells it out. I got that idea from the inspiration of this incredible fandub in Youtube featuring Yugioh GX, and it made me want to give it to Jaden considering he "SPAMs" at life. The limit of ten pages doesn't mean I can go up. It means I must make every time I post exactly ten pages. Two updates make one chapter, which is twenty pages-- an entire episode. I'll tell you more later.

Zero Nexus
8th October 2006, 12:49 PM
good chapter, its getting very intense

9th October 2006, 6:49 AM

Somebody bumped the thread for me. Thanks. If you want to be in a later chapter, don't hesitate to PM me, okay? A lot of people has been in it so far.

Everybody else, sorry for the lack of time to make a chapter. Tommorrow!

9th October 2006, 8:17 PM
A day passed after the attack on Garrett’s mansion, and even though the tremendous flames burning through the entire place yesterday are now completely put out, most of the singes on the walls were still there to mark the terror Moonlight Locust created for the three. Many of the ACDC townspeople came over to the treacherous incident they all avoided yesterday thanks to the danger of the aforementioned villain as well. Jillian was now completely recovered from the torturous events occurring to her a few days ago from the same person, and she was recovered in a great state, reverting to her person she was before she was dragged into all of this mess. Garrett was there in his destroyed mansion, using the water Pokémon he had to put out the many fires created. The strange thing was even with the purpose of reverting everything happening already, he had a little smile on his face, trying to hide his deep down sad image inside. Everyone had the look of feeling sorry for the man, knowing much of what he loved was destroyed in one day.

“Hey people, you don’t really need to come here and bother us!” yelled Jillian. “Garrett and myself are trying to get rid of the bad stuff here, so go away!”

“You can’t make us go away!” yelled a citizen.

“Wanna bet!” Jillian threw a PokéBall. “Go Breezeon! Use Sky Break!”

Breezeon emerged from her PokéBall and flew high into the sky by flapping the cloud flavored wings elegantly but forcefully, then forced herself back down and destroyed the part where all the people were, smashing them into the ground with the force of the sky behind her. After lifting herself back up with a little damage, she flew, releasing cotton while getting to where Jillian was and settling down by her side. Jillian went over to the crowd and kicked all of them away from the scene vigorously and laughing as well.

Jaden was back at home, helping his mom and dad with the rest of the town destroyed by you-know-who. His mom was outside with Mana tending the gardens around, trying to forget what happened. However, Mana didn’t seem to know anything of the events occurring yesterday to lead to the damage, and just laughed while she was helping out in the backyard. The singed people came over to them for help as if there wasn’t a hospital downtown, and Michael pretty much stupidly and generously let most of them inside the large house so they could settle themselves down there for a little while. You could tell by the forceful smile on Jaden’s face he was trying to forget the events yesterday, and greedily attempting to obliterate the one-turn-kill he took from Moonlight Locust. The Pokémon also facilitated with the recovery of the town, and many of the populace was appreciative, but unhelpful, knowing they were too pathetic to do anything worthwhile to fix the town they abandoned yesterday. The useless neighbors now ask for help.

“Jaden, I know you ran into something bad yesterday,” stated mom. “What happened? That forceful smile you’re giving sure isn’t gonna fool me.”

“You know who Garrett is, right?”

“Yeah. He’s that guy you and Mana always hang out with.”

“His mansion was completely blown to the ground, and then some.”

“I can tell by the way he was acting this morning.”


Garrett walked down the streets of ACDC Town slowly, with a sad look worn on his face as he passed the house Jaden was living in for a month. Their mom was out there, tending the gardens and brushing off where the fire was, and she saw Garrett. He just passed by as if she wasn’t there, and soon she was a little angry at the fact he would be ignoring someone he knew like that. At the same time, she felt a little sorry for the man, knowing at least half of what he went through although she wasn’t at the scene of the arson.

“Garrett, what’s the matter?”

“…Nothing…you don’t need to worry about anything…”

“I know what happened to your place. This character named Moonlight Locust, burned it down, right? I know exactly how you feel right now…”

“You wouldn’t know how I felt.”

“Your home was destroyed! I know you’re sad!”

“My home was destroyed? Who gives a damn about my home? I have many other mansions out there I could easily go to right now at any time, and then some!”

”You don’t have to be rude you know.”

“Well then stop rubbing it in! I was actually happy the place was burned down, because I have a feeling god’s been biased to the people around me for long enough. It’s more…”

“Your Pokémon, right…?”

”Yeah…they were much more important to me than some oversized house…”

“I know he’s a pretty troubled little boy there, but you don’t need to fret-- I’ll tell you if I ever find that guy for a second time.”

“I can’t allow you to even see him. He is so dangerous I can’t even describe it. When I find him, I’ll make sure his execution will be as slow as the burning of my Pokémon.”

Garrett walked away without taking a look at the mom, squeezing his fists.

“I hope he’ll be alright…”


“Knowing that optimistic guy, I’m sure he’ll be back on his feet soon.”

“He is on his feet. It’s his Pokémon that lost theirs.”

“That was kinda cheesy.”

”Sorry. It’s the most funny thing I could say today.”

* * *

Moonlight Locust landed himself on the edge of a cliff, transforming himself back to regular form. He had the dark cape on, since it was obviously sunny outside right now.

“I bet everyone’s making fun of me because they think I started the fire and destroyed everything…no, it wasn’t supposed to be like that…I didn’t send down those Dimensional Area Generators so those viruses could appear. That wasn’t what I wanted…someone wants to interfere with my life, and I can’t have that…”

Moonlight Locust took out a Silver Ball, and threw it to release Mevermouse, a little mouse-creature standing upwards with wearing a pink ribbon and a mother’s smock. Mevermouse was a brown mouse with a sharp face, wearing glasses and had her human hair waving all the way to the back because of the wind. She was pretty short and walked with a human gait, up to Moonlight Locust with a smile on her face, showing the charm she had. Her tail moved around as she did so, shaking from the rough rocks.

“Mevermouse…help me…”

“You shouldn’t have did that in the first place.”

“Why do you care…? Everybody I know thinks of you as nothing but a pest.”

“Except for you. From the deliberate attempts everyone puts into swatting you, I sadly assume everyone else thinks of you as a pest from their weak points of view.”

“Help me. I was blamed for what I did yesterday…help me…”

“You did create the inferno and undertake to kill everything breathing there. What else can I say? The only thing you can do is run, and you’ve been doing that all your life.”

“I didn’t send any Dimensional Area Generators to materialize the viruses in the real world, but everyone thinks I stole the technology from SciLab to make that happen.”

“You have any proof you didn’t send them? I was in my Nest Ball, you know.”

“You know I don’t have that kind of technology. We’ve been together for a while, and you know I’m not even interested in polluting technology in the first place. If you want some proof they’re blaming it on me, why don’t you read this?”

Moonlight Locust tossed a rolled up piece of newspaper at Mevermouse, which she caught and opened. She began reading it and had a look of fear on her face.

The newspaper article read:

“Danger strikes again as the DNN newscast have discovered the identity of the boy who attacked Elec Town and destroyed many cars the other day, including the raping of our famous Pokémon Contest MC Jillian, as she has told us. Yesterday, the dangerous criminal who seems to call himself Moonlight Locust was found responsible for the fires around ACDC Town, where many of the kids playing in the central park are scorched and many disabled for the rest of their lives. Those kids are now in the hospital with little hope of getting up, and the only thing visible on their skin is the biting of insects in hundreds. Not only that, but to a shocking discovery was the man is able to transform into locusts and attack during the day at the cost of parts of his body. The fire seems to be able to burn through trees and unable to be put out by the soaking of water, and can only be taken out by someone with a pure heart for all Pokémon.

He was later discovered in one of the large blue mansion Garrett, one of our Pokémon Saviors, owned. After losing much of his body as shown on the grounds of ACDC Town, he took recovery at the place with the most shade and burned it up after a little while--mere moments after the dangerous activity at ACDC Town. Subsequent to arriving, he appeared to use government only technology called Dimensional Area Generators, allowing him to materialize viruses and other sources of data into the real world to worsen the condition even further. Many of the Pokémon there did not know what to do and died in the flames, since Water-type Pokémon could not take out the special fire he caused. Our friend Garrett was about to stop the destruction by confronting the troublemaking young criminal, and after a Netbattle occurring in the real world, he suffered a devastating lost. Much of the area around there was destroyed as well as Moonlight Locust escaped. He is a wanted criminal and must be disposed of.”

“You see what they’re saying about me! Not only that, but I really didn’t want to kill his Pokémon. I just wanted to lure him so I could destroy him for what he has done!”

A mysterious voice in the air… [/I] “Maybe you can…”[/I] little did the two know, a purple bat was watching the conversation they were having. He snickered a little and his eyes glowed red, then took off into the air, strangely being able to stand the sunlight.

“You still never got over what happened yet?”

“Of course not. He took everything away from me…”

The mysterious voice in the air… “And you deserve much more than that…”

“Can’t you forgive and forget? Your family tried to take me away from you yet you still stay with me to the end. There’s more to life than killing, you know.”

“I have nothing else to do but to kill people for my own reasons. But I do have notions behind them at least, unlike him. I’ll get back at him someday, if it’s the last thing I do.”

The mysterious voice said… “And you will!”

“I don’t know who’s saying that, but it’s getting kind of annoying. I’m having a private conversation here with my friend, so go away before I have to kill you.”

A strange looking Navi materialized in the real world, although he was transparent. He was a purple colored Navi with a green pale face, baring fangs sticking out of his mouth and a goatee, adding to his already sharp image; the pointy yellow bat ears were sticking upwards, shaking since he had nerves in them as well; Yellow eyes stared at the both of them in intense fear, and the black eyeliner showed a gothic side of the dark Navi. His purple and black body had yellow spikes pointing out of his shoulders- two on each side in a spear formation, adding to the fear emitting from him; a hole below each respective one. A crisscross was shown on the center of his body, and leading to the middle was his red and purple spiky symbol (showing interconnecting thorns stabbing out). The pale green hands were crossing each other in a fancy motion, and you could see the flaps of his wings hanging out below the arms, forming a webbed black and white pattern on both sides. The sharply three-toed man approached slowly with a dark aura behind him.

“Come with me, and I’ll show you true power…shh!” he mumbled.

“Why should I?”

“Join the Darkloids, and you’ll get all the things you could ever want…shh!”

“I’m my own person. I don’t wanna join a team. If you still don’t get what I’m saying, let me tell you in words you’ll understand: NOT FOR HIRE!”

“Shh! I thought you wanted to get revenge on the man you hate…was I wrong…?”

“No--wait, you were eavesdropping on me? The whole conversation?”

“No…I was watching over you…”

“No you weren’t. You die now!”

Moonlight Locust generated a black spear from out of his hand, in a rushing rage on his face and stabbed the vampire in the middle of his body. Nothing happened. The vampire disappeared and reappeared somewhere else-- behind him!

“How dare you!” yelled the vampire. He grabbed himself onto Moonlight Locust.

“You can’t hold me!”

Moonlight Locust separated into the many locusts he could do at any time, and flew away, along with Mevermouse, and he reformed in the air, hovering and angered.

“You think I can’t get you? Noise Crush!”

“I’ll protect you!”

Mevermouse feared for her friend, so without hesitating she speedily hurdled into the air. The bizarre vampire unfastened up his wings, revealing the purple and red archetype of the body out and the core symbol of his body began to glow, not giving any regard to what Mevermouse was about to do. A green wave of sonic energy set free from the area, and was about to hit Moonlight Locust, as it was a wide area of attack. Mevermouse formed a barricade around herself when she soared into the air, shielding Moonlight Locust from the green blast the vampire released. Moonlight Locust and Mevermouse looked at each other in a reassuring way, then stared at the enemy with a vicious look. However, for some unexplored reason the sound broke through the barrier and directly attacked Moonlight Locust, painfully knocking him onto the ground. The vampire chuckled at the pain he was unleashing on the two of them as he slowly approached, making heavy metallic sounds as he advanced foot by foot.

“You little idiot…shh…my attack pierces guards…shh!”

“I don’t care! Locust Swarm!”

Moonlight Locust opened up his cape, revealing the inner part of his body and causing the sun above to rain sunlight on the part, injecting a powerful pain into him like last time. Many locusts were unleashed from the black cape and homed into the vampire, and the creator was in terrible pain as he bended down, trying his best to cover himself with the cape again. All of the locusts hit the vampire directly, but the big bat shielded himself with the patterned wings, reflecting and destroying all of them.

“You can’t defeat the power of the darkness like that…shh!”

“That’s impossible…nobody could take that attack directly and live…!”

“Here, take this…shh!”

The vampire threw a black colored chip at Moonlight Locust, and using his left hand as his other one was bracing the rest of his body, he caught the device, looking at it.

“How dare you tempt me…curse you!”

“Shh! Use it when you think the time is right…”

“I don’t need to use any combat steroids…”

“If you want to raze him, you will…shh!”

The vampire separated himself into many black and purple bats with red eyes, and flew off with a flapping sound in the air, strangely being able to survive from the radiating sunlight from beyond. He flew across the ocean below the cliff they were on at the present, and a snickering was in the air. After reaching a little bit of distance, he formed himself again and laughed hysterically, then materialized himself away. A computer voice in the air spoke when he teleported: Shademan, logging out.

Mevermouse walked up to Moonlight Locust slowly. “You’re not going to--”

“Of course I won’t. It’s a one-way trip to hell…”

[I] “You have any further destination, Moonlight Locust…?”

“Actually, I have to go to my school’s orientation whatever…”

* * *

In the hills of ACDC…

A robed girl named Abyss Child was walking through the hills, with her long blonde hair rushing down. “There’s a light radiating from her I’ve never seen in anyone else…”

“Hey! You shouldn’t stay around here! Me and Jillian are fixing something right now!”

“Garrett…?” Abyss Child advanced over to the two.

“Wait, aren’t you the winner of the last contest?” asked Garrett.

“Yes…that is true…but the victory wasn’t the important part…”

“Why don’t you come in and we can have some tea?” suggested Jillian.
“…That’s not really funny you know,” muttered Garrett. “Anyways…what are you doing around these parts? It’s kinda bad-- at least the condition around.”

“I’m looking for a certain someone. A girl I met a little while before…”

Jillian took a bottle of cold water and poured it on herself, getting the walking cleavage wet as she approached Abyss Child. “You mean Mana?”

“Yes. Do you know where I can meet her?”

Something painful suddenly sparked in Abyss Child’s beautiful blue eyes, as shining as the crystals she had embedded on her red robe. A random tornado passed as well.

Garrett noticed the change. “There’s that look on your face--something’s up. And knowing you, someone’s gonna die, right?”

“A name of hell is coming…who is it…? That’s what destiny tells me…”

“That sounds almost unbelievable, but I get you…”

“It is unbelievable…whatever’s trying to kill me, can you kill it for me? I have to go somewhere. K thanx.”

“Where are you going?” asked Jillian.

“Somewhere…I’ll meet up with you people later…”

Jillian, voiceover, Oh snap! I have to go to the elementary school in ACDC today for the orientation whatever! I better go there and quick!

Jillian quickly ran off towards the school in a comical matter.

“Is that girl high…?” wondered Abyss Child.

* * *

Back in ACDC Town…

“So mom, what are we gonna do right now?” asked Mana.

“For one thing, we have to go to the orientation for school today.”

“But I want to stay home and play!”

“We can go and play later. We have a long time here left, you know.”

“Oh yeah I forgot. Jaden! Mom’s calling you!”

Jaden came. “No she didn’t!”

“We have to go to your school’s orientation today or else, okay Jaden? You’re coming with Mana too. It’s only gonna be today, so don’t go nuts.”

“Okay. Let’s go then!”

* * *

After a little bit of walking through the town, they made it to the right hand edge of it, which was where the school was. There were black gates opened to let the others in, as many students going there right now for the same intention were entering. The left and right had pointed edges on top for decoration rather than protection. Entering the two gates, you could see a water fountain smack in the middle with some statue pouring out water to welcome the visitors, and below it were many plants scattered all over in roses and dandelions. There was much space there to move in, as people walked from all directions. The school building was adjacent the people once you cross the threshold the gates, and you could see the two level building there shaping a triangle from above, and many plants protected the window area. There were seats on the edge before the windows and trees, along with a garbage can to accompany. The end of the triangle obviously led to the access of the school, which had a blue roof and a clock beyond it.

Mana ran by the many fields of flowers. “This place looks so pretty!”

“Is school gonna be boring?” asked Jaden.

“It depends what you get out,” answered mom.

They entered the school. The floors of the interior of the school were black and white marbled, but separated by many feet so you wouldn’t get dizzy. If you stared straightforward from the moment you entered, there is a red-glassed wall a few feet away, and inside were many more plants placed in a beautiful pattern around the room. The inside of the room also doubled up as a lunchroom for the students, since all of the plants were on the edge of the extent, having the tables neatly organized in the middle. The left side of the entrance had a red exit sign above, but was pretty much blocked out since all of the classes for the day weren’t even there for now. In addition to the walls, which had many patterns of plants and natural life roaming about, there were many more tables laid down on the right side of the place, preventing the access of strangers into constricted places like the teacher’s lounge. A good guess to there were many people trying to get past, but the leading teachers directed them to go upstairs.

On the tables were many different types of food laid out; mostly the stuff people like to eat all day long such as potato chips and dips. Some people entering stopped to eat before they advanced upstairs, and you’d guess Jaden and Mana definitely decided to do so. After munching down a little and sneaking some food with them, they continued.

“Hey mom, where we supposed to go?” asked Jaden.

“Just follow the leading teachers right now. And watch over Mana!”


Jaden looked around…Mana was nowhere to be found! Looking ahead, you could see her going ahead, and into a room. Jaden walked as if he didn’t even see anything.

Later, after getting settled down into the auditorium…

A rather sized lady with brown hair and in a churro shape appeared, having brown hair and a cute face on. Her clothes were blue and purple in a stale way but cute one, covering her ENTIRE body, and took a microphone to speak.

“Thank you everyone, and yeah, this is the school’s orientation! My name is Ms. Mari and I see many students here. Now to kick off some of the festivities, I’ll call out our last year’s valedictorian so she can say a few words. Please give a hand to Valentine Rowan!”

After everyone there applauded for her, she approached the stage in a beautiful matter--a refreshing and elegant way to say the least…Valentine Rowan is six feet and four inches tall. She has waist-length brown hair, which has a hairclip of a raindrop going over her blue eyes on the right, which most people think are weird. She wears a black T-shirt, with a white skirt. On her feet she wears tight-fitting high-heeled leather boots. She normally is to be found carrying a book of some sort. On her right cheek, a pink heart is painted. She wears icicle-shaped earrings. Her sparkling hair showed to the crowd.

“Hi everyone! I’m Valentine Rowan!”

Jaden had hearts in his eyes. “Damn is that girl hot.”

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cool but I thought AbyssChild had purple hair... not much happening in this part so I can't comment on the action or battles, but not every chapter has to have a battle.

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oh ok. yeah the moonlight locust vs shademan thing wasn't in my opinion a battle cuz shademan just stood there and moved not taking any damage it was more of a struggle for moonlight locust than a battle...

oh a plot hole all right I understand [/non-sarcasm]. yeah I wonder what enticed Mana into going into the wrong room (if she did) maybe it was jjust curiousity, she didn't want to to some boring orientation or maybe something else I don't know, only you do.

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Good chapter. I just scanned it briefly. Since ShadeMan is appearing as a Darkloid...... Can I get kidnapped by PlantMan or BubbleMan? But, it's a good improvement from early chapters.

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Episode 17: Harley Hoedown!

1. Previously, on The Shadow Nebula...yeah, new to it.
2. "Futatsu no Mirai" theme music.
3. Valentine Rowan gets a real introduction.
4. Valentine Rowan does her appeal with Petitel.
5. Mana has a crazy introduction after leaving the room she was in.
6. Mana makes her appeal with Melodic.
7. Later that day with filler stuff.
8. Valentine Rowan visits Mana's place, and they introduce each other.
9. The door rings, and a certain Harley Scarow Totemo appears.
10. He sends out Rafflsite... Break Cut! Harley vs. Mana!

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The description YOU gave me had no information at all. I took your barely thought description and made it into something worth visualizing. Besides, I told you I'm gonna make Galaxian appear when the time it's right. Unless you want me to make you into a Gary Stu like Garrett Stuart and be unbeatable. Sure Helpful Critic likes it, but you told me NOT to make him a clone of Garrett. Why don't you actually read some of my PMs before you pretend they don't exist?

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I think you all know this already, but...just because his name is Judai and he has the Elemental Heroes, looks and acts exactly the same as the one from GX, it's not the same one. More like the Pokemon dimension for Jaden. All in all, it is a crossover fiction. You know the banner in my signature with the hot dude in the middle? I found that somewhere, and eventually Jaden can crossfuse to become him. Wanna be on my PM list? It's annoying, but I go through it everyday. LOL.

From now on, Jaden's name will be Judai. At the beginning of the fanfiction, I was wondering why I gave him that name for no freaking reason whatsoever, which is the GX dub name. I was watching some of the original episodes of GX, and I remembered his name. As a matter of fact, I knew his original name has been Judai for a long time, but I was listening to the music while I was writing the story, and then it compared to my fanfiction, thus knocking some sense back into my head. I know changing the main character's name in the middle of a fanfiction is hell to some of you, but I rather change it now than wait till later and confuse you even more. Jaden was always the wrong name, and if I ever have the time, I'll use Microsoft Word to replace all the Jadens with Judai. By the way, Judai actually means "hero" and "heart" while Jaden means nothing whatsoever. Good day.

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I think you all know this already, but...just because his name is Judai and he has the Elemental Heroes, looks and acts exactly the same as the one from GX, it's not the same one. More like the Pokemon dimension for Jaden. All in all, it is a crossover fiction. You know the banner in my signature with the hot dude in the middle? I found that somewhere, and eventually Jaden can crossfuse to become him. Wanna be on my PM list? It's annoying, but I go through it everyday. LOL.

The guy in the middle isn't hot. So the Megaman (or Rockman) part is were the Nebula come from? Sure I'll be on your list. I'm at the part were Gorigan faces Michael. Anyways, sure, I'll copy your work and read it on Microsoft.

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Well the dude in the middle is when Judai-kun crossfuses with his E-Hero Flame Wingman in order to stop some evil dude afterwards. I only called him "hot" because well it's a Flame Wingman, so there. That's right, Nebula came from the franchise of Rockman, isn't that cool? It's practically the main evil team in this fiction, and you can bet there's gonna be a lot of cliches. Who doesn't love criches? They make the flow of the story easy, fun, but unoriginal. LOL>_<

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Sorry for the long update, but I was really depressed the other day when my science teacher moved me to a bad seat and I wanted to hurt her so badly. However, by using up my midnight time after doing homework. Oh, and Valentine Rowan's in this episode again continuing from the last time she was there. Jaden's name is changing in a plothole manner to Judai; I put openings, breakcuts, and previously ons in this chapter for the "anime-style" as well.
Episode 17: Harley Hoedown!

Previously on “Pokémon, The Shadow Nebula”…

A day passed after the attack on Garrett’s mansion, and even though the tremendous flames burning through the entire place yesterday are now completely put out, most of the singes on the walls were still there to mark the terror Moonlight Locust created for the three. Many of the ACDC townspeople came over to the treacherous incident they all avoided yesterday thanks to the danger of the aforementioned villain as well. Jillian was now completely recovered from the torturous events occurring to her a few days ago from the same person, and she was recovered in a great state, reverting to her person she was before she was dragged into all of this mess. Garrett was there in his destroyed mansion, using the water Pokémon he had to put out the many fires created. The strange thing was even with the purpose of reverting everything happening already, he had a little smile on his face, trying to hide his deep down sad image inside. Everyone had the look of feeling sorry for the man, knowing much of what he loved was destroyed in one day.


A strange looking Navi materialized in the real world, although he was transparent. He was a purple colored Navi with a green pale face, baring fangs sticking out of his mouth and a goatee, adding to his already sharp image; the pointy yellow bat ears were sticking upwards, shaking since he had nerves in them as well; Yellow eyes stared at the both of them in intense fear, and the black eyeliner showed a gothic side of the dark Navi. His purple and black body had yellow spikes pointing out of his shoulders- two on each side in a spear formation, adding to the fear emitting from him; a hole below each respective one. A crisscross was shown on the center of his body, and leading to the middle was his red and purple spiky symbol (showing interconnecting thorns stabbing out). The pale green hands were crossing each other in a fancy motion, and you could see the flaps of his wings hanging out below the arms, forming a webbed black and white pattern on both sides. The sharply three-toed man approached slowly with a dark aura behind him.
The vampire threw a black colored chip at Moonlight Locust, and using his left hand as his other one was bracing the rest of his body, he caught the device, looking at it.

* * *

Later, after getting settled down into the auditorium…

After everyone there applauded for her, she approached the stage in a beautiful matter--a refreshing and elegant way to say the least…Valentine Rowan is six feet and four inches tall. She has waist-length brown hair, which has a hairclip of a raindrop going over her blue eyes on the right, which most people think are weird. She wears a black T-shirt, with a white skirt. On her feet she wears tight-fitting high-heeled leather boots. She normally is to be found carrying a book of some sort. On her right cheek, a pink heart is painted. She wears icicle-shaped earrings. Her sparkling hair showed to the crowd.

“Hi everyone! I’m Valentine Rowan!”

* * *

Futatsu no Mirai

Hajimari o Tsugeru Kane no Koe
At the beginning, the bell echoes to let you know

Toki ga Kawari
That it's just a matter of change

Kinou Uchikeshi Narihibiku yo
From a terrible yesterday

Daijoubu Kimi ga koko ni ireba
It’s all right, since you're here next to me

Hitori janai Sore ga Yuuki Okosaseru
I'm not alone, and that's what'll awaken my courage

Fukigenna Sora Mabushii hodo
This sullen sky dazzles so

Terashi Daseru Taiyou ni nareru
It's so bright that I feel as if it's the sun

Kimi to Wakachiau Kibou to Yorokobi
I'll share this with you, the joy of my hopes

Kurosu suru Sono Tabifukamaru Kizuna
This cross holds the deepness of our bond

Mirai to Genzai Pazuru o Awasete
The future and the present join together with this puzzle

Kokoro Tsunagaru Bokura no Yume
Our hearts are connected for our dream

Akashi ni naru
I'll become the proof

* * *

“Okay Judai, that was like, the rudest thing! Not only did you say that here, but you said it out loud, so everyone’s looking at you!” scolded mom.

Nobody was looking at Judai; everyone was looking at mom.

“And why are all you people looking at me?”

Judai stood up and waved his hands in a hurry, with his eyes closed in a comical way, sweatdropping. “Nothing to see here everyone! Look at who’s on stage!”

Everyone resumed looking at the stage, at the beautiful Valentine Rowan.

“Sorry for yelling at you like that…”

“It’s okay. If Mana did something like that, I’d scold her too.”

“Speaking of which, where is Mana?”

“I don’t know…who cares?”

“Okay, so what I wouldn’t?”

“Whatever. Let’s just look on stage.”

Valentine got the microphone Ms. Mari handed over to her, and began speaking. “Thank you everyone for coming here. Yes, I’m the valedictorian of this academy, and even though I prefer not to describe myself, I have to say it’s pretty good here! It doesn’t matter that school lasts a really long time here than others, it’s still fun to Netbattle with our Pokémon, right? Hypothetically speaking, you could have a Pokémon battle here anytime without having the dreadful contemplation of being hurt. In addition to that, there are many Pokémon Contests here for you loving Coordinators to enter, and also classes so ignorant trainers can get up to shape! Be sure to adhere to the school rules, because they’re pretty easy enough to follow, and deliberately keep up with your work while you’re here, because if you can’t do it, nobody else will do it for you. Don’t you ever ponder about what your Pokémon life will be? Well you can make it a great one if you study hard here! I’m running out of mouth so I’ll just stop talking now…”

She gave the microphone to Ms. Mari and began to slowly walk away…

“Thank you Valentine Rowan, and now I’d like to say--”

“Oh wait, I forgot!” Valentine ran back to the center of the stage as if sugar pills just kicked into her, and took back the microphone. “Sorry…I forgot to say something…”

The audience laughed a little, but it was more of an entertainment chuckle.

“Who wants to see one of my contest appeals?”

“WE DO!” roared the audience.

Judai, voiceover, Happy me! More of this nice lady…!

“Yay! Petitel, take the stage!” Valentine did a beautiful spin, showing her hair rushing through her body in a dancing way, and then released Petitel.

Petitel has a spherical body. She has stubby arms and legs, like a Jigglypuff. She has metal wings, with each separate feather made out of silver standing out from the rest. She has a shining halo around her head circling over and over again…

“Petitel, use Healing Ray!”

Petitel jumped into the sky from the hovering state, and began spinning a little, causing the halo above her to go counterclockwise for some unexplored reason. The entire crowd looked at the defying of gravity, since Petitel didn’t have to move anything else in order to continue staying in the air. Slowly, the speed made her glow a little pink from the rush of spinning, and from the little Pokémon’s point of view, she wasn’t even dizzy from the part of the appeal right now. She kept spinning in the air at a steady rate, and soon began to ‘digress’ from the main purpose, going above the stage and hovering herself onto the audience in one of the cutest matters ever. Occasionally, she stopped to look below her loving audience, and some of them waved to her. While midair above the audience, a pink ray with a white edge was released from her, and it grew more and more as it approached the ceiling, and then exploded into four pointed stars, diminishing on the audience to make their happiness grow more from the cuteness they saw of Petitel.

“The happiness…I love it!” exclaimed Ms. Mari. “More! More! More!”

Judai stood up to make a fool out of himself. “Valentine Rowan! I love you!”

Mana took out a hammer, like the way comic relief runs through Animé and Manga, smashing Judai on the head. “You’re not supposed to tell a girl you love them directly!”

“Oh yeah, that’s right…”

“Petitel, use Cyber Angel Halo!”

Petitel was still spinning in the air, but she slowly went to a stop, and once she did so you could see squiggly marks on her eyes, showing she was dizzy from the spinning she did. Valentine Rowan didn’t seem to mind the fact her Pokémon was about to conk out; because deep inside she knew in any state they would pull through for her. Petitel, still dizzy materialized a bow and arrow, and then released many of them randomly on the crowd. The peculiar thing was the fact whenever they were about to skewer somebody, before they actually did so; they flew off in another direction--all the way to the edges of the auditorium for the sake of safety. When ten of them hit the ground, Petitel flew back onto the stage, spinning like she was about to make a crash landing, but at the last second snapped herself out of confusion, making her way onto the shoulder of Valentine Rowan. All of the arrows became halos, and began to glow an intense light. Everyone in the audience looked at the aura on the stage, as if the halos were light generators. After a while, they all went back to Petitel, and the appeal ended with a beautiful glow.

Jillian ran onto the stage, sweating as if she just ran a mile. “Sorry everyone for being late! I was doing something with my friend earlier, and I forgot to come here!”

The continuous clapping overlapped Jillian’s words.

“Whatever. Nobody cares about me right now. Oh, hey Valentine!”

Valentine walked over to Jillian. “What’s up? You look all sweaty.”

“Yep, I ran a mile from Garrett’s place.”

“Isn’t the location of his magnificent mansion all the way atop a hill?”

“Yeah it is, and something really bad happened yesterday, so I stayed there for him, but since I did so, I ended up forgetting everything along the way.”

“I heard a tremendous blaze set terror over there. I’m just hoping everyone’s okay.”

Moonlight Locust was in the crowd, sitting next to his Mevermouse, staring at the stage with increasing anger by the second. “Too bad you’re not dead…”

Abyss Child sat on the left of his Mevermouse. “So you’re the one that…”

“Yes, it was I who killed all of those Pokémon. You have a problem with that?”

“Yes…I’m afraid I do. Unfortunately, I can’t attack you right now, but later…”

“Why not? Show everyone who you really are!” Moonlight Locust began to attack by taking his hand and attempting to lift Abyss Child’s hood, but before he could do so, Mevermouse went in the way and stopped him before everyone looked.

“Why’d you do that? You little pervert…you shall be punished…”

Back on the stage…

“That was a pretty good job, as usual Valentine,” complimented Ms. Mari. “It was a good taste for what this school has to offer. Filler appeal time; who wants to go next?”

“I do!” yelled a voice out of nowhere, not to be seen physically.

Everyone looked around, and there wasn’t even a change on the stage.

“It’s me! The one that loves Pokémon Contests! Mana!” she appeared out of nowhere.

Everybody in the audience went, “Aww…”

“Why not? Mana, show them that even kids like us can make everyone happy!” shouted Valentine. “Let’s give them a show to remember!”

“Okay! Go Melodic, take the stage!”

As she spun and created blue jewels of sparkling around her, she threw the blue and white ball, releasing her Pokémon onto the stage, Melodic has a long and serpentine body just like its previous form, Milotic. Its body is a deep, rich golden color, ending in a long triangular point at its head and a mirrored fin on its tail. Two long, deep green eyebrow-like appendages grow out from above its sky-blue eyes and down to the ground.

Judai, voiceover, so that’s where she went. Hope she doesn’t act weird.

Mom, shouting happily, “Show them whose boss! Give them something to remember!” Voiceover, I’m gonna hurt you later, Judai…

“Melodic, use Safeguard and then I’ll climb onto you for a ride!”

Melodic nodded, and generated a beautiful white glow onto her, beginning to slowly move around the stage. The people on there currently right now: Ms. Mari, Jillian, and Valentine Rowan, were inches away from touching the gorgeous serpent as she elegantly dodged them in a curving matter. The eyes of everyone on the field followed the shining serpent as she went from “swimming” on the stage and slowly levitated herself onto the air; creating a yellow aura below the land she was in. from the touch of light there, the ones on the stage looked up as Melodic slowly flew up into the air, and knew although she was big, they wouldn’t get hurt. Right before getting to the point nobody could reach the shining serpent, Mana jumped onto her with little effort, and began to ride around the entire stadium, enchanting everyone below them. They flew around in many circles, and Mana began to smolder along with the Safeguard caused earlier, into a bond. Mana stood up while many meters above the ground, knowing nothing treacherous would happen.

“Mana! Be careful!” warned mom.

“Don’t worry mom! If I fall, you can catch me! Now, Surf into Psychic!”

Melodic, while above the audience with her passenger Mana, added the glow of blue to her already shining wave, and from the ceiling a wave of ocean began to hover there, not even falling yet. The people in the audience were frightened they would get completely soaked, as they all braced and wondered what could happen after the appeal. Melodic did a small backstroke in the air, and all of the sea began to tumble from the ceiling, at a rate they were all about to get soaked in an even matter of circle. Right before they actually did get wet, Melodic added a purple glow to her skin of already blue and yellow, and her eyes were shining the most, controlling the force of the water all at once. It was as if time froze right before the wave hit the audience; since the water was only a few centimeters away from hitting the tallest person there, some of them braced, but once they found out nobody was getting hurt, they looked up in acts of pondering. Mana and Melodic looked like the shaking waters you could see on the other side of a mirror, smiling. After a few moments passed, some of the people touched the floating water, and noticed psychic and safeguard deliberately stopped it. All of it faded away in a few seconds, and they flew onto the stage in the same position before it all began; Mana jumped off. The audience applauded and they all gave a bow. The air was only shining with a little moist now.

Valentine walked up to Mana. “Pretty good job you did there. You have much potential within your eyes, from the moment I saw you arrive on stage. Wanna be friends?”

“Sure! I already have a lot of friends and you can be just like them!”

“Why don’t I come over to your house later, if it’s okay with your mom.”

Mana looked at her mom, and she nodded back like one of those times where you can tell what a certain person is saying even though you never heard it directly.

“She said yes.”

“Okay, I’ll meet up with you afterwards, alright?”

“Sure!” Yay! I just made another friend!

* * *

Later at 6:00 PM in ACDC Town, back at home…

Mana stared at the overhead clock while lying down on a blue couch, eating potato chips with her Pokémon alongside her. “That nice lady I met earlier should be here by now…”

Michael walked by the couch. “I heard you made quite a show earlier today, am I right?”

“Yep. I made a nice appeal that everyone liked, and I made a new friend!”

“Is that right? What’s her name?”

“She’s really smart cause she’s the valedictorian of her school, and she made a nice appeal also. Her name’s Valentine and she gonna come over soon.”

“Really? I’d like to meet her too.”

“I’m sure you’d like to meet her. Can she stay for a little while?”

“I have nothing to do today, so of course. Except for maybe sleep a little--I had a lot of work to do today and I’m all tuckered out.” Michael yawned and left the room.


You could guess what that was. Mana walked over to the door and reached high, barely approaching the doorknob considering her diminutive size. After some struggling, she managed to do so and opened the door. As promised from earlier, Valentine Rowan was outside the door with her beautiful hair blowing back, except as usual, her right eye was covered; Valentine had the cute Petitel from earlier on her left shoulder. She walked in and they both gave the girls high five before settling themselves onto the couch.

“Sorry for coming a little later than I said I would, Mana.”

“It’s okay. You didn’t really give a set time anyways. So now…let’s have fun!”

“Alright then. What do you want to do? You seem like a pretty imaginative girl.”

“That Petitel of yours is pretty cute. Where’d you get her?”

“Somewhere in a different region. It’s a long story.”

“I think I programmed my PokéDex to have information on those Pokémon, no matter what region they may be from!” Mana took out her P*DA, and…

Petitel, the Cyber Petite Angel; type is Steel/Flying; Petitel are known for their shyness and dislike of busy places. When you capture one, you are said to be extremely lucky, as they bless whoever cares for them. Petitel are renowned by Coordinators, and even a rumor of one will send any Coordinator out to look for it. Since only those with a true heart and a better ambition to win a competition such as the Grand Festival find them, it can seek the ones with bad spirits and settle the precise part down.

“So you have a true heart, right? That’s why you can have one.”

“I guess I do. You seem to have one as well, from first glance, and I can tell it’s true.”

“I don’t know, I guess I do.”

“The marvelous Melodic of yours was extremely appealing to me. There must have been much love put into effort in order to get something as magnificent as her.”

“Thanks! I guess we all have stories behind our Pokémon.”

Judai walked downstairs, and noticed Valentine Rowan. He was blushing a little when approaching her, and even scratched his head a little. “Hi…you’re nice and pretty.”

“Thanks! You seem to be like a nice person as well.”

“Really…? I am…? Thanks…!”


The doorbell rang again, but this time it wasn’t as predictable like the other one, considering Mana wasn’t expecting anybody to come at the time. Nonetheless, she walked over to the door and opened it, struggling like last time. Before the door actually opened, someone pulled it back down, making it locked again. The person who did this was ironically the person outside, willing to play a game with the door. Valentine Rowan and Judai walked over, suspicious of whoever was outside.


“Who’s there?”



“It’s a Harley hoedown, so let me in!”

When she did, what was outside was a person dressed in green with many darker green spikes on them, making the appearance of a cactus. He wore a dark-green pointed hat and had his arms rushed against his face in an adoring matter. His legs were all crouched together in a cute way, and his face was blushing pink in front of the purple hair running through his back. On the outside exterior he was wearing, it was opened up; showing a blue undershirt with a diamond opening for his bellybutton, clear as a thumb.

“Hi mister-I-don’t-know-who-you-are!”

“How could you not know who I am? My name is Harley!”

“Oh, hi Harley, I didn’t see you since yesterday” began Valentine Rowan. “How’d you know I was here? Oh, this is Mana and Judai. Can he come inside?”

“Yeah, I guess,” replied Judai. “I don’t know what dad would say if he saw strangers…”

Harley had a quick offended look. “I’m not a stranger! I’M A FRIEND!”

Judai sweatdropped; waving his hands in front of him in a quick matter. “Okay, okay!”

Harley held out a PokéBall having a cactus spiky pattern on it, and a little bit of a dark aura shined as well. “Anyhoo, since you both seem to have such cool and cute Pokémon, why don’t I show you mines! Then we can have fun looking at each other’s whatever!”

“Okay!” agreed Mana.

“Wait, I think this is a bad idea…why don’t we go outside?” asked Valentine.

“The little girl wants to see my baby, so I’ll show it to her! Go Scarow Ball!”

Harley threw the PokéBall, and it sent out sent out his Rafflsite, the Grass, Poison, and Virus Parasite Pokémon that seemed to be a flat plant with huge purple petals and a face that was in the middle with an empty expression, with stems and roots hanging out below it to make it look like a plant that was dug up carelessly and put on land, except that it was living in dark state. Rafflsite had huge, gothic purple petals with strange patterns on them, with the face in the middle having an expression so terrifying that even by looking at it from a distance would give you the creeps. Being a petal lying down, it didn't have any legs, but did have small, black arms that were on the side of it.

“OMG that thing’s big!” exclaimed Judai. “Let’s take that thing outside!”

“My Rafflsite is not a thing! ‘It’s a she for goodness sake!”

“She’s beautiful--now let’s just get a breath of fresh air out there, alright?”

“Whatever…weird little freaks can’t appreciate the beauty of my Pokémon…”

* * *

The group was now outside, where the rather large Rafflsite could wobble her whips all she wanted without demolishing the furniture like earlier. Harley had a ticked off look.

Judai took a relieved breath of air. “Much better…”

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN MUCH BETTER? What can we do out here that we couldn’t do inside? Are you guys being mean to my cute little Rafflsite?”

“Your Pokémon’s pretty big, Harley,” pointed out Valentine Rowan. “That’s an accomplished thing, because it means your baby’s healthy, am I right?”

Mana was playing with Rafflsite, shaking her hands joyfully and jumping rope.

“ARE YOU GETTING YOUR FILTHY LITTLE HANDS ONTO MY BABY? You may be cute, but she’s still only less than a year old! Be careful with her!”

“Don’t yell at my sister like that!” exclaimed Judai. “You’re acting like she just fed her baby poison or something! They’re just trying to have fun.”

Mana stopped playing and got off. “Sorry Harley, I was just playing…”

Harley, thinking, Urge to kill…rising!

Harley vs. Mana

15th October 2006, 3:09 AM
Garrett gulped down. “…yes…?”

“Go and find Jaden and tell him not to wander the city by himself, because that’s really dangerous and he could get raped by some people in the city!”

^^^^Dude, you made rape seem funny for a sec. you're doing great so far! I'm in enter the da k abyss I think!

15th October 2006, 3:01 PM
It was meant to be one of the moments in a parody where they say it for a flash and nobody else takes any effect from it. You said you're in enter the what abyss? You mean Abyss Child? She's coming back soon after chapter 17, as I promised UltaFlame. Oh, and did everyone else notice the name change I made from Jaden to Judai? I'll spell reverse all of the chapters when I can so it doesn't seem like a plothole whenever I get the time. Better, worse, or both?

16th October 2006, 12:36 AM
good chappie. althouhg you forgot the ending parts, for some reason it seemed shorter than most chappies... dunno why. eh the decription of rafflesite seemed a little lacking but I got the picture.

and my favorite part well I'll quote it...

Moonlight Locust was in the crowd, sitting next to his Mevermouse, staring at the stage with increasing anger by the second. “Too bad you’re not dead…”

Abyss Child sat on the left of his Mevermouse. “So you’re the one that…”

“Yes, it was I who killed all of those Pokémon. You have a problem with that?”

“Yes…I’m afraid I do. Unfortunately, I can’t attack you right now, but later…”

“Why not? Show everyone who you really are!” Moonlight Locust began to attack by taking his hand and attempting to lift Abyss Child’s hood, but before he could do so, Mevermouse went in the way and stopped him before everyone looked.

“Why’d you do that? You little pervert…you shall be punished…”

16th October 2006, 12:59 AM
I didn't forget the ending parts. You know how it says "BREAKCUT!" at the end? That's supposed to be the part in the anime where the commercial break is, and after that shows a screenshot of Mana and Harley staring at each other in a raging appearance. I know it's bad to put that there, but it's actually considered a spoiler of who's gonna be in the battle of the episode. I don't get how you said it's shorter--it's just as long as the chapters before the big change here.

16th October 2006, 8:00 PM
its not shorter just felt shorter... I mean you said you will have a next time thing and an ending song or something I think...

17th October 2006, 12:51 AM
DUDE, I actually caught up!!! HURRAH!!! This stroy is excellent!! Although I could see that your slightly pulling away from pokemon but it's your story after all so that doesn't matter. It seems as though there are more contests then battles? o_O It's your forté though so that's also good. Well, i'll be waiting keenly for your next chapter. IWANNABEINTHEFIC!!!! JK LOL! Yeah I think I ran out of ritilin. KRAP!!!

17th October 2006, 1:02 AM
ok are you hyper? anyway yeah this story is great! true it does seem as though he puts more contests than battles but hey I like the way he does contests so I ain't complaining.

17th October 2006, 7:14 AM
The reason why I put contests in more than battles is because it gives another view to Pokemon other than fighting over and over. In most fanfictions, battles are always there. The Nebula bosses and endgame is obviously going to be battles, so I'd let them slip a little to avoid repetitiveness. Oh, and if you wanna be in the fanfiction, use the same slip ~Alexis Laistenna~ used, then PM me. I forgot to say--one of my best friends from school's gonna appear here soon!

17th October 2006, 3:25 PM
OK?^^I was kidding but okay I'll PM you a character I guess. HS, I totally understand what you mean. I mean you're rite. In fics like mine, there are just battles and no contest. I woul seriously put contest if I knew how to make appeals....o_O. Keep on going dude, and I totally despise that G-Men guy. Garett the ***got the Ferret. LOL!

20th October 2006, 12:05 PM
Sorry about the lag time before I put up another chapter, but one of the visitors to my class the other day was talking to us about drugs, and he pretended to sneeze on us; he actually did that for real, and my mind isn't as affluent as usual now that I'm extremely sick. I'll get a chapter before Friday, but don't expect one tomorrow or the day after, alright? Wish me luck, and keep sending in those character fillouts! Yay for lack of originality for me!

Title:Episode 17: Harley Hoedown!

1. Harley enters house forcefully, messing things up.
2. They talk over dinner; Harley shows ribbons and crap.
3. Harley informs Mana about next contest and Pokemon he has.
4. Harley goes to the bathroom w/ seat down of course, leaves via window.
5. Confused where he is, they go outside and he explains, playing.
6. Harley and Mana show their appeals, and he is very "impressed".
7. Harley steals Chansey's PokeBall and they play tag around here.
8. Still searching, but they find Harley in a pithole as a trap.
9. Team Rocket appears, saying the motto--they are working for Harley.
10. Now Mana & Valentine vs. Harley & Jessie! Begin! Who will win?!

20th October 2006, 7:59 PM
uh-huh very interesting. very interesting indeed. oh and cool your friend is appearing soon! hurray for friends!

anyway the next chappie looks like its gonna be pretty good. however your using canon characters which could be bad if you don't get there personality right... but i am confident you can do it, but just be careful you don't make them out of character ok? just be careful and don't worry I'm sure you can do it!

double battles FTW! really double battles are cool there one of the reasons why the NGC games are my favorite pokemon games to this very day. and expect a (probably horrible attempt at) proper review when ther chapter is up oh and btw where I'm at it is friday so...

21st October 2006, 1:32 PM
Harley vs. Mana

Mana said, “Harley, you look kinda mean right now…”

“Me, mean? Who said I was mean? I was just being nice.”

“Okay. You look a little happier now. I love the happy!”

“That’s nice. Why don’t we show each other our ribbons to set up a plot point for the episode? I’m sure us great coordinators must have a lot, right…? RIGHT?”

“Oh, I have some I’d like you to see,” Valentine Rowan searched in her pocket and took out a pink metallic ribbon case, and opened it. “Here, take a look.”

The others looked at her three ribbons in awe.

“You have three ribbons, but I bet they’re not as cute as these!” Harley took out his ribbon case, which was in the dark green hat, and opened it.

The others looked at the three ribbons (pink, purple, green) he had in awe as well.

“Those are cute! They’re all cute!” exclaimed Mana.

“Of course they’re cute.” Harley bent down, making his butt look bigger than usual. “So Mana, how many ribbons do you have with you?”

“I only have one right now, but I’m planning to enter whatever I can someday.” Mana took out her small ribbon case and showed the blue one to them.

“My, doesn’t that look cute? What about you, Judai?”

“I don’t really have any ribbons with me. I’m entering tournaments, though.”

“Oh that’s just boring. Wanna have a chance to get one?”

“Do I have to go somewhere?”

“No, we can have a little Pokémon Contest of our own right here. Whoever wins out of the four of us gets one ribbon from each of the other losing contestants--why not?”

Valentine walked up to Harley, and whispered in his ear. “Are you sure putting up a vile gamble like this is a good idea? They’re little kids and you know this is illegal.”

“It’s perfectly legal! I’m trying to teach them what real life really is!” Harley comically pushed Valentine out of the way. “Now what do you guys say?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but okay!” shouted Mana. “I’ll be using my Laprax in the preliminary round. What are you guys gonna be using?”

Judai whispered to Mana, “Are you sure we should be doing this? What if mom and dad caught us gambling? We’ll get in trouble, and it’s not like I want to anyways.”

Mana yelled out, “Harley, you said we’re gonna be gambling? That’s really mean? You’re not supposed to put your ribbons on the line for that! You’re supposed to win them nicely! I’m gonna go in and tell mom!”

Before Mana could run inside, Harley grabbed her by the shirt in a gentle yet forceful way at the same time. “We’re not gonna gamble. We’re just gonna have fun!”

“Oh! You should’ve said so then!”

Judai looked with a suspicious look on his face.

* * *

Later that day, in ACDC park. It was at 8:00 PM dawn. Nobody was around there, and most of the damage was gone from a few days ago. Harley was already there, and the other three just arrived with a look of forced excitement on their face.

“Yay! Everyone’s here! Now are we ready to have this fabulous contest?”

“Yay! Let’s go!” screamed Mana.

“Introducing our Pokémon contest host, the one and only…Jillian!”

Jillian walked out from behind the bushes as if she had been waiting there for a while already, with her usual clothes. The strange thing was the fact her skin was a little darker than usual, and it looked like there was an allotment of hair tied behind her back, hidden away from sight. Her eyes were actually dark radiating blue instead of the usual light. Much taller than usual, as if she took height increasing drugs over the last few hours, she walked with much hyperactive as usual, smiling and waving like it was a real contest.

“Alright! Let’s make this into a real contest! The ACDC Pokémon Contest is about to begin. Let’s introduce our coordinators and their Pokémon! First up is…Harley!”

Harley was blowing kisses. “Harley-san! Noctus-chan! Jupetta-chan! Love you!”

“Our second coordinator…is Valentine Rowan!”

“I get the feeling all of this is a trick to get our ribbons, but who cares?”

“The third charm will be…Mana!”

“I want to win ribbons because they’re so cute!”

“And you will! Our we-have-no-idea-who-it-is…what’s your name?” Jillian walked up to Judai, holding the microphone up to his mouth.

“Tell me you’re not serious. You know who I am!”

“Harley Totemo and Valentine Rowan made it to the Grand Festival before. Mana’s been in the news for the cool stuff she did. I never heard of you before.”

“Are you retarded or just dumb? Is your old age getting to you? I’m Judai!”

The words ‘old’ made a rushing of red into Jillian’s face. She trembled her fist and wanted to knock out Judai, but stopped before she did so. “…Judai, is it?” I’ll be sure to keep that name in my head so you end up in the graveyard later…grr!

Harley, voiceover, What that girl thinks she’s doing?

“Alright! Let’s introduce our panel of judges! First is Contesta, leader committee!”

Contesta strangely had blue hair and a face fangirls would go wild over. He spoke in a voice sounding like it came from Eric Stuart. “It’s an honor to be here.”

“Our second judge is Sukizo--head of the Pokémon Fan Club!”

Putting effort into closing his eyes, he was rather short and had white skin, along with a strange mustache. “Happy to be here!”

“Our third judge…Nurse Joy!”

Her face looked like that of a poorly done homunculi. “Wobbuffet!”

“What was that?” wondered Valentine.

“Nothing! Now let’s just get the show on the road…beginning with Harley!”

Harley did a backflip and landed on the top of the slide of the park, and slid down while standing, throwing his green and forest Scarow Ball and releasing… “Go Anglerite! Show them the love we have together!”

With a beam of green and purple light, the Scarow Ball released a long grey body like a Remoraid, but it has a long jaw, which is always open. Its eyes are wide-open and icy blue with no pupil. The top of its mouth has two long sabre-like teeth. Its fins and tail are like spikes of ice. Underneath it there are two spikes that fold backwards. On its back are a series of spikes that get smaller as they go along. It’s teeth were shaking back and forth, and the spikes even caused a dent on the safety rubber surface.

“That Anglerite looks so cute!”

Judai, voiceover, is that girl out of her mind…? It’s hideous!

Anglerite, the Big Jaw Pokémon; Type is Ice; Living under layers of ice, it is very sensitive to light. It has no gills, so instead breaths through its mouth. Because of the way it has been treated by its trainer, it evolved into Anglerite out of hatred and lust to kill. However, the hatred from the evolution isn’t from the Trainer’s behavior towards it, rather the urge to kill all the enemies of the one it’s most loyal to. Being able to suffocate other animals by draining all the air, that deed is done to most of its enemies.

“Ice Beam into the air my sweet honey!”

Anglerite was already looking upwards, so with a freaky twitch of her eye, she unleashed a beam from the opened up mouth up to the mark, allowing a watercourse of brisk to form in the air. Instead of going all the way, eventually the ice stopped going upwards and split into many beams--each having equivalent lengths. They fell back down onto the park and hit the ground with a powerful force at the same time, forming an icy enclosure around Anglerite. Instead of stopping after the cage surrounded it, Anglerite continued to shoot the ray even more, making the cage even taller and unleashing more ice beams to drop onto the ground and fill the gaps up. It was like using a graphic designing program, and instead of filling out the area all at once, slowly making the cage covered with blue. After some time passed, there was an entire dome trapping the Pokémon inside, and the walls of ice reflected the evil teeth snickering inside, laughing dementedly. You could see many bounced reflections of the drooling teeth and dangerous spikes.

“Now use your Spike Cannon!”

Anglerite was lying down in the middle of the dome, not moving a little as the beam of ice from her mouth was still stabbing out, although she didn’t add any force to the beam so no more could grow onto the dome. It looked like her mouth was being stabbed with a spear, except she was laughing hysterically as the reflections of herself even made her cry. Without being mobile for one bit, the many spikes on her body hardened and became metallic quickly, and even growing into immense lengths. Harley jumped on top of the dome with great balance, dancing on top of it and somehow not falling off the dangerously high orb. All of the spikes Anglerite had glowing shot out in many directions, and they all pierced the blue orb, causing an eruption of ice all over the park, although the force of the breaking led upwards, stopping anyone from getting hurt. From the top of the dome Harley fell all the way down, laughing as well. Anglerite was clearly in the opening, and he landed in her mouth. They both danced and gave a bow.

Mana applauded. “That was so scary and gave me the creeps…I love it!”

“Don’t you think that was a little dangerous?” asked Judai.

“When you trust your Pokémon, not at all!” Harley jumped off after riding a little.

“Now what will the team, I mean the judges, think about this appeal?”

“It was a brilliant touch with a powerful sense of danger. I like that in a man. It shows how much you trust your Pokémon even when your privates could get stabbed.”

“It was simply remarkable!”

“Wobbuffet! Mime Jr.!”

Jillian, voiceover, WTF was that…? Stupid idiots can’t get their job done.

* * *

Judai whispered to Mana, “Something seems really suspicious.”

“But it’s fun, right?”

“Next up appealing is the beautiful Valentine Rowan!”

Valentine walked to the center of the park. “Since the field’s already good and icy, I’ll send out the beautiful Enchancold!”

Valentine Rowan threw a Crystal Ball and released Enchancold in a flurry of white snow, showering the field and made the ice on the park from the earlier appeal look like the beautiful aftermath of a gentle snow. Enchancold had blonde hair, which goes just past shoulder-length, and blue eyes. She wore blue and purple armor, which has a sapphire in the center. It carries a scepter, in the center of which is a sapphire. All of the jewelry on her body glowed, making a placid aura emit from the snow to add the color.

Enchancold, the Cold Enchanter Pokémon; Type is Ice; It is not very well known, being known as a witch's Pokémon in medieval times. Today, it can only be found on the coldest, most remote locations. The sparkling beauty from the many gems reflecting on their body can make one that is ever seen--if the time even ever occurs, fall in love with the appearance in an obsessive way. If ever attacked, they unleash various colors to inflict the enemy with a vengeful force depending on the situation they are in-- the climate.

“Use Ice Power!”

The shining jewels on Enchancold glowed even more radiating light, and made a beautiful aura appear not only on the snow, but now showed on the trees like they were dancing in the appeal. The ice all around Enchancold began to glow yellow on the edges, and began to slowly move around, sliding as if they were alive. They got quicker and quicker, and eventually all the pillars of ice lifted into the air and surrounded Enchancold and her coordinator, dancing around. Both Valentine Rowan and her Pokémon had their eyes closed, and the secure coordinator was closing her eyes as well, making sure the ice didn’t hit her even though they came close to the lady, dodging the focused one by mere millimeters. Various went onwards her hair, causing the cold brisk to shake in the wind, but her right eye was still as covered as ever. All of the ice formed into one big heart, and the entire block fell on both Enchancold and Valentine Rowan, but instead of breaking apart, they shattered right before making contact into striking flying glitter, adding a healing effect and getting rid of the earlier ice all at once to clear the field.

“Let’s use Cold Enchantment, and we’ll make this one together!”

Since Enchancold had many colors on her, but they were in separate areas, they began to lift into the air and fuse to create various glowing, making a rainbow around the entire park and the silt in the dirt sparkle as well. The large amount of glitter began to fly into the air, and Enchancold shot a wave of freeze at them, making them become snow and come back down. Instead of being the regular white snow you’d see outside on a winter day, they were in many different colors, and they began to melt onto the ground, causing a dancing of colors on the ground. Valentine Rowan supported the appeal even more by taking out a black umbrella with a picture of her earlier Pokémon out of nowhere, and twirled the umbrella quickly, reflecting much of the snow off and at the small audience and group of judges. However, it wasn’t a bad splash, because they smiled and felt the color shown. Cold enchantment gave out many shining dyes from the glorious colors Enchancold had, and mixed them together to form a creative tornado of blending sight.

“What a fruity and hippie looking appeal! What do the stupid judges think?”

“It was alright, but it hurt my eyes, so I felt like I was on drugs. I liked it because it takes my mind off what you always treated me like for a long time, Jillian.”

“It was very fruity, and it made me hungry. Wait, I mean simply remarkable.”

“Wobbuffet! Mime Jr.!”

“What the f*ck was that supposed to mean Contesta?”

Judai, voiceover, Yep, there’s definitely something wrong here.

* * *

“Now if our head-judge Contesta would stop being an *** to me, I’ll continue on with the contest, and next is the newcomer to contests…Mana!”

“Yay! It’s my turn! Except I’m not a newcomer…who cares, though?” she walked to the center of the park, and jumped onto the top of the mascot squirrel, defying what her body size could do. “Go Laprax! I’m gonna take a risk and not have water in this appeal!”

Mana released Laprax, and it was from the top of the slide in the park, using his slippery body to slide all the way down to the center of the place for an exciting entrance.

“Slide around the field and make an Ice Beam with a twirl!”

Laprax slid around the field, strangely being able to counteract the fiction caused by the safety rubber under him, but being the machine he became, it didn’t actually matter he could defy some of the rules. He set free a blue beam of ice from the horn on his head while twirling around the field, moving around as he spun at a rapid rate. The propellers behind him were at a high speed, as he had the power to alacrity himself up using the energy behind him. Because of this, Laprax was able to deliberately levitate himself while making the circles in the air, and in the end there were many loops of ice in the air, adhering together from the slide to the red turtle play area. From above the playground you could see many light-blue monkey bars connecting the entire park together, sparkling in the dawn. Since nighttime was getting closer, some of the streetlight was now on, but even the glows of the bars were able to beat the light pollution. Laprax quickly moved back down and stopped his back propellers after the first part of the appeal.

“I’ll go surf on the lines while you use a Metal Break Beam!”

Mana jumped from the mascot squirrel onto the hovering tracks, and began to slide throughout the entire park, closing her eyes and making various dances moves while showing a risky part of the act. Laprax listened to the orders like he was a mindless drone, and began to shoot a silver beam of metal from his mouth onto the parts of the ice just before where Mana was, almost getting hurt but knowing she could make through the appeal without worry. Wherever Mana was ‘surfing the waves’, the few centimeters before the area was completely vaporized by the destruction beam, not even showing any remnants of the ice anymore. Laprax accurately made sure none of the edges of the beam he unleashed hit anything except for the ice path, and Mana was almost at the end of the line, which was the red turtle play place. She got there, jumping into the many holes of the red turtle with a huge vault, hanging on to the edge while giggling. Doing a backflip, she landed on top of Laprax--the ice path was no longer there--a great exit.

“A risky appeal from the newcomer! It almost destroyed my hidden hair!”

“Your appeal was very risky, which is a good thing. However, I was acting like the scared sissy I am because you almost hit my blue, I mean old hair.”

“I like the appeal because I’m really short in reality and you couldn’t even touched me if you tried since good guys really suck a lot--I mean, simply remarkable!”

“Wobbuffet! Mime Jr.!”

Jillian walked over to the blobby Nurse Joy and knocked him on the head with a hammer, angry and her hands raging. “You stupid idiot!”

“Wobbuffet! Mime Jr.!”

Judai, thinking, Yep, something’s really up.

Mana walked up to Judai. “You’re up next, good luck!”

“Thanks. I’ll get my game on and bust them out for what they really are…”

* * *

Jillian did a cute little spin before continuing. “It’s time for our fourth appeal, and this will be with another newcomer. I don’t even know his name yet!”

“Yes you do! It’s Judai!” And you’re about to be revealed. “Go Burstinatrix!”

* * *

Hikari Todoku Basho De

Wasurenai yo Kyou mo Ashita mo Hikari todoku Bashou no Naka
Don't forget, today and tomorrow, while in the place filled with light

Shiranakatta koto o Ima Hitotsu Hitotsu Oboeteyukou yo
The things we didn't know are what we're remembering now, one-by-one

Isshonara sou
Since we're together

Mita koto no Nai Basho Kiri Hiraiteyuku
It's becoming clear to us in places we haven't seen before

Chisana Bouken mitai
I want to see us take small risks

Hora, Soko Ni mo Yume ga Ochiteru
Look, there are dreams that are falling

Kimi no Tonari ni
With you beside me

Niji no Mukou ni
We'll go beyond the rainbow

Wasurenai yo Kyou mo Ashita mo Hikari todoku Bashou de
Don't forget, today and tomorrow, in the place filled with light

Itsudemo mata Soba Ni iru kara
Forever and ever, we'll always be together

Kokoro ga Tsuyokunareru yo
And our hearts will grow stronger

* * *

Today’s super badass Pokémon is…Petitel!

Name: Petitel | Owner: Valentine Rowan
Classification: Cyber Petite Angel
Type: Steel/Flying
Description: Petitel has a spherical body, baring stubby arms and legs like a Jigglypuff. Her wings are made of metal, with each separate feather made out of silver, along with a shining halo over her head and body of pink.

Height: 20 cm
Weight: 7 lbs
Gender Ratio: 100% Female
Color: Regular - Pink | Shiny - Yellow

PokéDex Data: Petitel are known for their shyness and dislike of busy places. When you capture one, you are said to be extremely lucky, as they bless whoever cares for them. Petitel are renowned by Coordinators, and even a rumor of one will send any Coordinator out to look for it. Since only those with a true heart and a better ambition to win a competition such as the Grand Festival find them, it can seek the ones with bad spirits and settle the precise part down.

Special Ability 1: Angel Body - Between turns, Petitel heals half of her HP.
Special Ability 2: Levitate

Habitat: Mountain
Wild Item: Lucky Halo - The holder’s experience doubles if the opponent shares the same type. If winning against a Skarmory, her experience quadruples.
Evolution Chain: Petitel -- Happiness and Attack > Idaten;
Petitel -- Happiness and Defense > Idaten
Availability: Rare
Location: Grand Road to Victory
Catch Rate: 25

Base Tameness: 35
Growth Group: Fast
Egg Group: Fairy
Egg Steps: 6,000

Base Stats: 60 HP | 45 ATK | 60 DEF | 70 SPATK | 80 SPDEF | 70 SPD | 385 TOTAL
Effort Points: 1 Speed

Shadow Chamber: Shadow Rush, Shadow Blitz
Egg Moves: Charm, Sweet Kiss, Lovely Kiss, Aromatherapy
Level Moves: Flash, Water Gun, Rock Climb, Peck, Thunder Wave, Attract, Steel Wing

Cyber Angel Arrow | Light | BA: -- | AC: 100% | PP: 35 | Nature: Other
Effect: Hits one of the foe's Pokémon with arrows that do 20 damage per hit.

Healing Ray | Normal | BA: --| AC: -- | PP: 5 | Nature: Other
Effect: Heals the user's HP by 80, at the price of it's Attack and Defense being lowered.

Psyche Halo | Psychic | BA: -- | AC: 95% | PP: 10 | Nature: Other
Effect: The user's halo expands, and traps both of the foe's Pokémon in a halo of Psychic energy, which at the start does 50 damage, then 100 on the next turn, and then 200, etc.

Angel Purification | Type: Light | BA: -- | AC: 70% | PP: 5 | Nature: Other
Effect: Does 120 damage, at the price of halving the user's Special Attack.

* * *

Next time, on Pokémon XD: The Shadow Nebula…

“Use Flame Wing on the judges!”

Burstinatrix unleashed a wave of flames after flying up a little, showing her white yet beautiful pale skin in an ironic matter blazing up with flames and threw them at the three judges. They panicked in an unprofessional way, as ‘Contesta’ was hugging ‘Sukizo’ and ‘Nurse Joy’, screaming like they never did before. They cuddled up with each other as the flames rushed through all of their clothes. It wasn’t over yet, because after being put into flames, they were rolling on the ground in comical pain, rolling like it was a huge fire and struggling to get rid of it. Some parts of their outfit were insolvent, ripping off a little. Burstinatrix proceeded with her attack by swooping down with a cape of flames, attacking them when they finally got rid of the small flames as they attempted to unthinkingly hide behind somewhat flammable--one of ACDC park’s many trees. It was set on fire, and they were hurdled up and down. After a few seconds, they were revealed as a couple along with Meowth, Wobbuffet, and Mime Jr. They hugged each other.
“How dare you attack my love!” screeched Harley. “Honey, let’s show them our love!”
All of them attacked, including Rafflsite, Anglerite, Cacturne, Manyula, and Masukippa, all in an army targeting Valentine, Mana, and Judai with all their force.
“I can’t get my game on against an army!” said Judai. “We better do something!”

“I know what to do!”
Harley, voiceover, Like, I so totally know what you’re gonna do, you stupid broad. A cute dude named Blake gave me this earlier, and maybe I should kill her. Harley took out a Dark Chip, snickering horribly and his eyes going all white out, freaking everyone.

“No Harley!” yelled Valentine. “You’ll become evil…er!”