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26th July 2006, 5:08 AM
A/N: Yay... I couldn't think of a better title...

Anyway... if you don't play the games, you won't get it at all...

While this applies to all the games, it does hint at being set in Johto, 'cause Johto's just cool.

Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!



It was something I didn't get at first
I would see him out of the corner of my eye
And he would see me
Our eyes would meet
And he'd think I knew what was going on

The next thing I knew, he'd be pulling a Ball from his belt
I'd pull one from my pocket
And it would happen, just like that

I learned quickly enough
I began to avoid others

Back then, it wasn't a good thing
It was an old tradition
A dumb rule
Because I didn't get it
That was back when all I wanted was fame

But then, I began to get a hang of things
Training wasn't boring
Battles weren't an obstacle
I loved the feel of the wind against my face
I loved the feel of the grass scratching against my legs
The Balls on my belt
The pack strapped onto my waist and shoulders
I loved to be able to call myself a Trainer

And suddenly, I understood
Sometimes, I would be the first to draw his PokeBall
I did it without thinking
And I no longer avoid others' gaze

Now I see why no one told me
Why only observers mention it
Because it's not tradition
It's not a rule
It's an instinct
A mutual understanding between two Trainers
When you're hungry, you eat
When you're tired, you sleep
And when you lock eyes, you battle
You battle because you and the other Trainer are rivals
And yet, you remain united
Whether you win or lose
You are the same

There's a kid over there
She has only one Ball on her belt
She must be new
And she just noticed me

She looks bewildered as I release Togetic from his ball
I motion to her, and she reluctantly releases a small Totodile
It brings back memories

“My first Pokemon was a Totodile, too!”
Those are the only words I say
And she's confused

But I won't tell her what's going on
If she wants to fit in this community
She'll have to learn for herself
And someday...
She'll be the first to draw her PokeBall

The battle has come to a close
I won
We have a short conversation
It's her first battle
I tell her she's good for a beginner, and she tells me she has to go
She's meeting her friend at the Pokemon Center

I'm sure she still thinks I'm strange
I thought my first challenger was, too
But someday, she'll understand
Not know, not learn
Just understand
She'll understand that she's a Trainer now
No matter how different she and I may be
We're the same

It's something special

Something that...





26th July 2006, 5:38 AM
? if you knew anything about pokemon you would understand this alot. what do you mean hinted at johto i thought it could be anywhere? it was nice really nice but i didn't get a rythym to match it ah well thats jus' me bein' me i guess i am totlly clueless about what i am saying. anyway on topic and not random now. good real good it's a poem though and i don't understand it really. you could make this a fic if you tried but then it's already a poem. if you make it a fic whatever if not whatever but i suggest against it cuz its a poem but i liked it.

5/10 (i'm hard to impress)

26th July 2006, 6:02 AM
Thanks for the review. ^.^

It hinted at Johto because the narrator and the rookie started with a Totodile. That's all.

This isn't the kind of poem that has a rhythm(sp?)... 'cause I really stink at writing that kind.

Hmm... why don't you understand it? Do you not play the games? In the games, you battle whoever you lock eyes with... but I don't know if that's it or not.

I couldn't really see it as a fic... it's just feelings, not a real story... the story that it has would be boring by itself...

Thanks though! ^.^

26th July 2006, 6:15 AM
i understand it and you don't have to play the games to understand (but i do beat every single one i ever played) hehe well i said you shouldn't o a fic in the end notice it notice!

26th July 2006, 6:34 AM
Oh, now I get what you meant...