View Full Version : Ocean Glitch

27th July 2006, 3:52 AM
Does the glitch work for egg hatching?

I have been hatching Chanseys too get a Bold one, and I have been doing the glitch for a few minutes and got nothing. I still have eggs with me. I don't know if it is just because they take a long time to hatch, or if it doesn't count as steps since im really not moving anywhere..

27th July 2006, 4:49 AM
It should work for hatching since it's considered steps. Chanseys just take over 10,000 steps to hatch.

27th July 2006, 8:31 AM
Yup, the glitch works for anything that uses steps. And it does work on Emerald.

27th July 2006, 10:08 AM
Yeah it works. And this should have just went into the RSE forum, but since the question is answered now, it can just be closed. :p