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28th July 2006, 2:40 AM
Hi, guys this is my first thread in these forums. Earlier this week I posted up my cloning method up on Gamefaqs. No one really took interest so I'd thought I'd try here. I hope to turn this into a FAQ that will help players that do not have the most time on there hands. Check it out!

I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned something like this before but I've discovered a way to make copys of pokemon as well as create a file that lets you take your pokes to level 100 really quick. I use a 4M memory stick to do it. What you can do with the file saves so much time and makes getting your ultimate team even easier. Best of all it does not require a cheat device so your Pokemon will be legal and obey. This could really help those that have little time to actually raise pokemon to level 100 the hard way. All you need is a friend, a weekend or two of time, and 4M memory stick (goes for about 5 bucks on ebay). Like I said though I'm not sure if this is already common knowledge amoung people here. I don't read the forums much. But if I have discovered something new, that might help a few people I'll write up a small FAQ and post it. Here's a sample from the FAQ:

Basically with the help of the Memory Stick Iíve created an Easy Access Master File. It contains 1 of every TM, HM, Move Tutor, 30 PP-ups, 10 of each vitamin, and 100 Rare Candies. By accessing this file you can have a level 100 Pokemon with the desired move set in minutes. All you have to do is breed for your desired IVís and EV train toward your desired stats in another game file. Once that is done send the Pokemon to your master file and apply the desired TMís, Items, Move Tutors, PP-ups, and Rare Candies. Once you have your Pokemon ready to battle, send it back to its original game and re-load the Master file from your memory stick. There you have it all your items are replenished and ready for you next Pokemon.

Here is an example:

I want to breed a Timid Golduck with Calm mind, Surf, Ice beam, and Hypnosis. The EV Spread is 129 spatk, 129 spdf, and 252 spd. I breed to get this Golduck in my Emerald Game. I get lucky and hatch a Golduck with some pretty Good IVís *I use an online calculator to determine IVís* I decided to raise this one. I then send the Golduck to my Fire Red Master File. In this file I give my Golduck 10 of the desired vitamins raising the EVís for spatk, spdf, and spd to 100. I do the remaining EVís the normal way with a macho brace. My EVís are now filled and use the TM for Calm Mind, Ice Beam, and HM for Surf. My Golduck now has his desired EVís and move set. Now I use rare candies to bring him to level 100. I check to make sure these are my desired states and attach an item such as leftovers or whatever. Now I trade my Golduck back to Emerald File. Once Iíve done that I re-load the Fire Red Master File, using the Memory Stick, and there you have it my items are replenished and ready for the next Pokemon.

Cloning is done by creating a back up file, trading the desired Pokemon to another game and reloading the file. Here's an example:

I have a rare Celebi, I create a back up file with my Mem. Stick. I trade the Celebi to a friend of mine. He now has Celebi. I reload the backed up file form the Mem. Stick, My file is retrieved with the traded Celebi intact. I now have a clone Celebi. Imagine being able to trade those rare shinies to your friends. Cloning is Fun!

These are just a couple of the many applications I have found for the Memory stick. I want to create a FAQ but before I do I want to see if this old news or if Iíve come across something new that might help a few people. I hope that helps clear things up. I need feedback, Please post!

Galatica Phantom
28th July 2006, 2:46 AM
No one will do this. It's takes the fun out of Poke'mon and no one is going to buy extra stuuf to do it.

All in all, Unless it's a glitch in the game, no.

28th July 2006, 2:54 AM
Galatica Phantom: People pay what $30 something bucks for Action Replay and Gameshark to do this exact thing. The Memory Stick costs about $5-8 and it's a lot easier to use. Also if I'm correct majority of the fun in Pokemon comes from batteling with friends. Some of us do not have the time sit and raise pokemon for days on end. This is just an option though, not an end all method.

Galatica Phantom
28th July 2006, 3:11 AM
Then why not EV train, using the Poke'mon Encounter code, then when you get the right EVs, Use Rare Candies.

28th July 2006, 3:22 AM
I don't have a cheat device. Using one may corrupt your game file and from what I've read some pokemon enhanced by cheat devices can be detected as such. My method avoids cheating, is cheaper, and you still get the fun of breeding and doing your own EV's.

28th July 2006, 4:16 AM
4M Memory Stick? What 4M Memory Stick is available for GBA?

I have my own cloning trick, it involves Pokemon Box and a USB 1019 Gamecube Memory Card. I put the pokemon onto the Memory card, then connect it to the USB and save it to my computer. Then take back the pokemon, reload the save from the computer, then finally taking the pokemon again. USB Memory Card costs 40 in play-asia.

28th July 2006, 4:33 AM
You can find them on Ebay just search GBA Memory Stick. I haven't seen them anywhere else. Your trick is pretty cool, unfornatly Pokemon Box is very expensive now. Someone mentioned another trick using the Gamecube games, I haven't looked into it though.

29th July 2006, 5:14 AM
You can also do it with Colosseum and XD, but that will be much harder.

29th July 2006, 5:17 AM
cant you just copy pkmn colloseum data on to a spare memory card and get twice the pkmn?

29th July 2006, 6:17 AM
No, I tried it wont allow it

29th July 2006, 6:46 AM
No, I tried it wont allow it
oh well then use this link just keep scanning for the cloning cheat http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=33596&page=51