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Pokemon Master Hani
28th July 2006, 2:56 PM
How do you sort your pokemon in the pc? I sort them by level.

28th July 2006, 3:01 PM
On Ruby I store them randomly (though I do try to put the evo chains together), and on my other games I store them by number, which is an option I think you missed on the Poll.

28th July 2006, 3:13 PM
You should've made the Poll Multiple Choice.

I voted Level, but I do Level and Type.

28th July 2006, 3:31 PM
I put them in my pokemon box, and I place them al numerique. First a Bulbasaur, then an Ivysaur, ... The ones who left (a lot) are random.

water types rule
28th July 2006, 3:45 PM
I have mine organized by type, Grass is for Grass and Bug, Water for Water, and so on.

28th July 2006, 3:53 PM
Usually rarity and level in one box, and anything else in the other boxes.

Contest Fan
28th July 2006, 3:56 PM
Mine is completly random because I don't want to waste time sorting

28th July 2006, 4:13 PM
Mine is sorted by when they are caught thats where they go. Nothing special its not worth wasting time to do that.

28th July 2006, 5:19 PM
One Box called 'BF-Team' , Rest of boxes type sorted

28th July 2006, 5:22 PM
I sort them by type and number.

I also use some boxes for organizing the Pokemon that I want to train, or Extra parties. I also use them for the Pokemon that I normally breed, and sometimes I use them for Getting more of Pokemon that aren't found often, such as Articuno. AND, I use them for creating my Army of gengars, so I guess I'll chose random...

28th July 2006, 5:24 PM
I have it sorted by type,cause in Ruby I'm going to vs.Winona(sp?)and I go to the Electric box and Rock box and take out most of those pokemon(It makes it easier to find them that way)

28th July 2006, 5:31 PM
i sort my pokemon by colour mostly. i have a box for my lv100 pokemon as well. i might start sorting them into number for d/p.

28th July 2006, 7:58 PM
National Pokedex order makes Pokemon easiest to find, especially if I've been busy looking at a strategy guide and want to check out the stats on one of my Pokemon. Then I have an extra box for those worthless Unowns.

28th July 2006, 9:18 PM
I usually sort them by Type, Legendary, and Pokemon that I want to Train/HM Slaves.

In my Emerald, I traded over so many Pokemon from other games that I had like more than one box for normal pokemon, and more than one for water, and it started to get to cramped. I just decided to jumble them all together, and put all higher level pokemon in one box. I mainly have boxes like .. Pokemon I train, Legendaries, then like 4-5 Boxes of Pokemon that I have bred to have amazing movesets/natures that people might want from me, and the rest are just garbage.

28th July 2006, 10:35 PM
I have a weird way of sorting my Pokemon. o_o I have a box for my party, I have box of Pokemon from other games like FR/LG, Colisseum and XD and then I have 4 boxes of random Pokemon from Emerald. XD I really need to sort my Pokemon. I'd like to sort them by type, but's there's not enough boxes. *should buy Pokemon box*

28th July 2006, 10:36 PM
Boxes for types, one for former team members in case I decide to bring them back, one for legendaries and a last one for things I have more than one of.

28th July 2006, 11:34 PM
Poke'dex order (1-386).

2Percent Miltank
29th July 2006, 1:48 AM
I sort them...by the way they're caught. o_o I've never taken the time to sit there and organise them. XD;

Sapphire Phoenix
29th July 2006, 2:03 AM
I just leave them where they where placed, unless its pokemon for the BF or pokemon that I need to train, then I organized them like that...

29th July 2006, 3:34 AM
I organize my pokemon in National Pokedex order.

29th July 2006, 4:44 PM
Sneasels first, then Pokemon I have nicknamed, then the non-nicknamed ones. All in alphabetical order.

29th July 2006, 6:07 PM
Level on Emerald and type on Pokemon Box.

29th July 2006, 7:44 PM
By number, which despite being the most obvious choice, is not an option in the poll.

29th July 2006, 8:24 PM
I don't really organize my boxes. I just let them fill up however the Pokemon get in, like when I catch something, I leave it where it ends up, unless I withdraw it or something.

29th July 2006, 9:16 PM
Team - like 4 boxes :3

Random - Everything else.

30th July 2006, 4:34 AM
type, but i have a specials box too where i keep legends

30th July 2006, 4:46 AM

Some of course have to be dual type boxes. I put together Steel/Poison (on Emerald), Rock/Bug, Grass/Poison (on ruby), and other odd type combos.

Pokemon Master Hani
30th July 2006, 12:19 PM
By number, which despite being the most obvious choice, is not an option in the poll.
I forgot to add it.

30th July 2006, 2:15 PM
I first separate all the Pokemon (in Ruby) that you can catch from the game from the ones you can't (from FR and LG). Then I combine two or three types and put them in the same box for Pokemon you can catch in the game. I sort the imported Pokemon by level and I also have some miscellaneous boxes for optional team Pokemon, Pokemon that have their pictures in the museum, and Pokemon I need to trade to others.

30th July 2006, 4:42 PM
The only arrangement I do is with eggs and teams.

30th July 2006, 9:12 PM
Here my boxes name , you will understand how i class my PKMNs ....

-Favorite (the ones i love the more)
-Catched3 ect ... to 9

I know its a kind of weird ... but effective.

4 8 15 16 23 42
30th July 2006, 9:21 PM
I sort them by number, but i chose species in the poll since they're the same thing.

1st August 2006, 1:31 AM
They are in there randomly,however I will sort and releash them when I'm bored.

1st August 2006, 2:02 AM
i sort them by type

legendary master Jose
1st August 2006, 2:24 AM
i organise them by originla region so i have a kanto johto and hoenn box

1st August 2006, 2:25 AM
Usually randomly but sometimes by levle or type.

1st August 2006, 3:42 AM
By Type

Grass, Bug in one box. Fighting, Ground, Rock in another, Waters in another...so on and so forth..

I try to get the wallpaper to match...like the Grass box has a forest backround, and the Water box has an ocean backround.

Arena Tycoon Slaking
1st August 2006, 7:40 AM
I Used to do it By Type and Then i started making it By number But never Finished. Now Its Just random

1st August 2006, 10:09 AM
randomly, one here, one there, but I've got some boxes with eggs ;)

Walking Contradiction
2nd August 2006, 11:17 AM
I used to organize by type in my sapphire but I recently changed it to level system. I have always organized my FR boxes by level. I have eXtra boxes full of my lvl5 breeding pokemon (I only save the best ones of them)

2nd August 2006, 1:25 PM
one box is for the pokemons I use and it is arranged by level while the rest are random lol

2nd August 2006, 1:43 PM
I always sort them on Type...

3rd August 2006, 10:54 AM
I try to sort them by level but they usually end up randomly

3rd August 2006, 2:40 PM
I sorted the Pokemon boxes by level so I voted for it.

SucKa XD
3rd August 2006, 5:08 PM
i organize by the type of the pokemon

4th August 2006, 12:41 AM
I don't sort, unless I've caught a bucnh of the same thing looking for a nature, at wich point I'll put them all together so I can scan them easier.

4th August 2006, 3:02 AM
Box 1: Pokemon who are on my main team or who I'll want to train eventually.
Box 2-7: In a secondary game (Fire Red, Ruby), these will be unsorted. In a primary game (Sapphire, Leaf Green, Emerald), they'll be filled with various Pokemon I'm breeding for the right stats, nature, gender, etc.
Box 8-11: "Junk Pokemon" that I can get rid of any time I want to do something like help people trade their Kadabra/Machoke whatever back and forth with themselves.
Box 12: Pokemon I got from trades (either in-game or with friends). Basically, it's a warehouse for extra ID numbers so I can benefit at the Lilycove lottery.
Box 13: Dittos for breeding.
Box 14: Pokemon who aren't on my main team, but who I could probably include if I really wanted to. (e.g. level 85+ Pokemon that I could get to level 100 any time.)

4th August 2006, 3:16 AM
Type. I have two other boxes. One is for the types that won't fit, and the second is for cloning.

Bonsly is pimp
4th August 2006, 5:32 AM
dude u dont have number up there neway obviously i sort by number

4th August 2006, 6:15 PM
Shouldve had # as an option

4th August 2006, 11:38 PM
I always sort by type. So that is what I chose.

Golden Egg
4th August 2006, 11:58 PM
I store the highest evolution of the family and they're sorted in National-Dex order

5th August 2006, 4:16 PM
My boxes are really screwed up:

The pokemon I use: Box 9

The ones I dont use: Stuffed together in the other boxes.


6th August 2006, 5:35 PM
i organise my pokemon by their pokedex number
i have 373 pokemon on my ruby

7th August 2006, 4:29 PM
I also order them by National Pokedex Number.

7th August 2006, 4:31 PM
Originally I tried organizing them by type but that became annoying. For instance, there are only a few Ghost-type Pokémon, so that box is pretty much empty. Then I'd combine it with another type that has few Pokémon like dark. In the end I just do random stuff and leave 1 or 2 boxes for my single/double battle main teams.

Dragon trainer
7th August 2006, 4:41 PM

got to sort them out though lol

16th February 2009, 9:57 AM
I think if i sort by type is the best way.

16th February 2009, 11:15 AM
I sort by type, I always have and I always will.

suicune lover
16th February 2009, 11:44 AM
I sort mine by type but my friend does this:
Eggs (She has millions of unhatched ones)
Baby (Basic pokemon)
Children (Stage 1)
Adults (Stage 2)
She only has a handfull of pokemon anyway.

16th February 2009, 4:55 PM
I sort my Pokémon on Level. Currently my strongest and fully evolved Pokémon in Box 1, the rest in Box 2 while the weakest are at the bottom. Kinda sorted until now. The rest of my boxes are empty...

18th February 2009, 12:41 PM
I order them based on when I catch them. There is no "time caught" option, so I picked "others."

However, I do put specific traded Pokemon in Box 1.

21st February 2009, 5:35 PM
i sort them by national dex nr so i had to choose other, it's quite easy to find things like that.

21st February 2009, 7:32 PM
I sort by habitat/type but mainly habitat it just makes sense to me...yet sorting takes time so it rarely happans