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Clash of the Planets

This is my fic. I would provide some description or something here, but I don't feel like it.

For your convinience I will put a chapter index here when I find out how

Author’s Opening Note: Uh… yeah this is the prologue. It’s a kinda violent prologue… Before anyone asks this is not a Star Wars/Pokemon crossover. If you don't understand what a craft is... it's basically a spaceship. This won’t make any sense until WAY later in the story so it’s best just to put it out of your mind for a while.


The stars were bright that night. The stars were always bright here. There was nothing else to compare with them, except for an expanse of infinite black. A void of darkness clustered with glowing stars. This was outer space.

Some people thought it was lonely, traveling for days in a craft, the only scenery a lonely black landscape of nothing that left an empty feeling in your stomach. Other people thought it was exhilarating, exploring uncharted territory, seeing for billion of light years, all around you the everlasting magic of outer space. Everything was the same in space. Everything was lonely, but a nice kind of lonely, like there was something behind the loneliness waiting to be discovered.

Suddenly out of the black reaches of space the loneliness was shattered in a nanosecond. An enormous sleek silver craft sped through the emptiness, with all its blazing black engines on full blast. It was so fast it was gone by the time it was there, but the silence, the magic loneliness was forever interrupted by the astonishing power of this craft. Space was not a magical place anymore, for today it was a battlefield.

Aboard the craft were hundreds of people. Families of all kinds were aboard the ship, playing, reading magazines, eating in a large room that expanded the entire craft. Children as young as three years old were sitting around on the ship among the fray of unsuspecting people. Many goods that were being transported to somewhere far away were in stacked up boxes in the corners of the room, next to the gray walls and on the cold steel floor. Many pokemon were playing around amid all the people, mostly fire types such as Vulpix, Cyndaquil, and Numel. From the relaxed atmosphere inside the craft, you’d think it was going at five miles per hour, or not going at all. But the craft was shooting along at over 60 miles per second and they were hurtling through the empty void of space, where anything could go wrong at any time.

The pilot of the craft was a man in his thirties, fascinated by space. He was the pilot of many large crafts like this one. He was one of those people that thought outer space was magical. His young son was by his side, sitting on the metal dashboard giggling and clapping his hands. He also thought space was magical. The pilot sank down in his soft black chair and put both hands on the steering wheel, feeling at home in the void of space, in his cramped cockpit, with his son by his side. And then he saw something.

Could it really be? It was so far off in the distance he couldn’t tell, but it did appear to be that legendary pokemon, the shape-shifting enigma, the Space Virus, the DNA pokemon, Deoxys. He peered closer in his telescope attached to the dashboard. To his surprise and delight, it did appear to be the amazing Deoxys. This was a rare sighting indeed; Deoxys was one of the most elusive legendaries, seeing that it lurked in outer space. He was transfixed. Deoxys was, and always had been, the pilot’s favorite legendary pokemon. Its grace, its ability to change shape… everything about it was amazing. If this was a true Deoxys sighting he could die a happy man. As he got closer, he could see through the telescope its shiny orange exterior, the purple orb in its chest, its dark grace and beauty. He was transfixed. Then, he saw an even rarer sight. Deoxys was changing shape. It was nothing like a pokemon evolving. It was more like playing with a Transformer like his son frequently did, all its parts slid back to make new parts and acquire a different shape. Amazing. Simply amazing.

But wait… it looked like something he had seen before… this was the pilot’s favorite speed form. And it was rushing right at the craft. Its amazing speed struck him like a bullet, faster than anything else in the world he had ever seen or could hope to see. It blazing speed was so incredible that he barely had time to think that this Deoxys was much larger than it was supposed to be and its eyes glowed red instead of white.

He just stared more, and in seconds it was so close he could tell… no, this was definitely not Deoxys. It shadowed the entire craft with its hugeness, and it was still rushing toward the craft. His son squealed and covered his eyes. As it hit the craft transformed in seconds. It was now in its attack form. Its huge strips of iron it had for a left arm swung around slammed right into the left side of the craft. With a horrible crunch the entire craft lost all its stability, its power. It spun uncontrollably out of the sky like a Spinda with a seizure.

In seconds the craft was upside down and rotating more. The crack of the pilot’s skull hitting the iron rod holding the pilot’s chair to the floor was heard, and his head was full of pain… horrible pain. His child. He couldn’t see him. He could hear screams, horrible screams. That was all he could hear. His head hit the floor every time the craft rotated. The child’s screams were horrible. Everything was pain… the world was pain as the Deoxys prepared for another strike. This set the craft right side up, but the entire steel buckled under the enormous Deoxys’ arms. A horrible smashing noise, the sound of breaking glass… more earsplitting screams… Holes gaped wide in the side of the ship, more screaming people. By now the pilot knew what was happening.

He was an idiot for not noticing sooner. He had heard about this. The Roboxys. It was a craft, but it was more like a trap. It was the enemy’s greatest weapon. It was perfectly designed. The subject would be drawn in to be meeting a legendary. The subject would see it in space where there is no way to judge perspective and they wouldn’t see that it was bigger than normal. Deoxys is already a very robotic looking pokemon so no one would notice the difference. And the pilot had fallen for it hook, line, and sinker.

More screams were heard around the ship, everything was falling apart. The Roboxys would not stop. Each resounding hit made the pilot’s head hurt even more, more screams. The cockpit was shattered and dented, the glass hard broken, the controls were busted. The pilot could barely move… everything was collapsing. He heard his son… he would give anything to stop this. But no. The Roboxys hit one more time. Through the pilot’s horrible position sprawled on the floor he could see it rearing up for another blow. The entire left side of the craft smashed open with the sleek silver fragments hurtling off into empty voids. The side of the cockpit was no more. The contents of the cockpit slipped and slip around, and the pilot found himself sliding toward the edge uncontrollably. Everything in the room, books… food… was hurtling out of the edge to never be seen again. His son! The pilot found the energy to turn his head. It was too late. With one horrible pitiful scream his son hurtled out into the darkness of space. The pilot screamed, a horrible anguished scream. Everything was horrible… the ship was slipping and spinning and he was falling toward the edge.

The creak of his backside falling down to the void contributed even more to the soundtrack of dying screams and anguished yells. His body almost hurtled over the edge, but he managed to reach one hand over the edge and grasp on. His head was throbbing so hard. He was going to die and he knew it. His fingers were slipping. The world was spinning. The giant Roboxys was rearing up for one final attack at the pilots cockpit with its giant spinning limbs. It was all over. The pilot’s last coherent thought was that space wasn’t so magical after all.

All was silent in the empty void of outer space.

The only thing that could stop this horrible war, this unspeakable terror…

were the Mega Hunters.

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