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29th July 2006, 9:34 AM
Ok hello, I'm Lewdon12no2 as you know.
Over the years, my threads haven't been that successful, so i'm hoping that this thread will be the one to change that.

I am hoping that people can give me sugestions as to how i am going.

Anyway- the thread will be run in series so the Legacy can continue.

In the thread, Officer Jenny has got new information about Team Aqua's new plan- to destroy Saffron City in 12 days.
The only thing that Jenny knows is that there base is hidden in Darque Dungeon, which doesn't seem to be located in Hoenn- but the signal is coming from there.
Will Officer Jenny stop them in time?


'STOP, THEIF' yelled Jenny as she bolted down the streets of the Silph District in Saffron City.
It was a fine day, only a few clouds in the sky, but amazingly no one was on the streets.
Oh yeah, the Hoenn Cup! Jenny thought.
Jenny remembered whatching the news one night and saw a whole flock of people were getting on a ferry bound for Hoenn.
The theif, obviously TR, ran down the street in his almost black suit, except for the red R printed on the front of his T-shirt, carrying a huge bag of Pokeball's that were stolen from the PokeCentre.
Jenny kept running as she pulled out the red and white ball they called PokeBalls.
Jenny threw the ball and out came a Growlithe.
'Growlithe, use Ember on that mans hand!' Jenny ordered, and sure enough the small, orange dog obeyed.
Out of Growlithe's mout came 7 small, but hot balls of fire, all directed at 'Team Rockets' hand.
The balls hit and the man shouted out in pain as he dropped the bag.
Jenny went over to the man.
'You are under arrest for theft,' she said.
Just then, Jenny heared a ringing sound. She ignored it.
As she hand cuffed the man, she heared it again.
'Can you hear that?' she asked the man.
But instead of a voice, came an even louder ring from the mans mouth.
The Jenny woke up, startled.
'Damn!' said Jenny, lying awake in her bed.
Jenny wasn't that successful as her other sisters. She nearly always failed.
This dream made her feel happy.
She knew know it couldn't have been real. Jenny didn't live in Saffron City, she lived in Lillycove City.
Plus, the Hoenn cup wasn't on for another 4 months.
Hang on! Its the Hoenn Championships!
Now it was getting wierd.
The ringing Jenny heard in her dream was none other than the phone.
'Who would ring at this hour?' she asked herself.
It was 2.19a.m.
'Surely I didn't order room service!' she said as she reached, sleepily for the phone.
She held it up to her ears and the Guest Relations Guy started talking.
'Sorry for waking you up Miss Louvre, Please accept a call from Jennifer Hartley,' the guy said, sounding slightly confused by the identical names.
No one ever used any of the Jenny's last names. Even though the main family name wasn't Louvre, it still shocked people to know that Jenny's last name was the name of a famous museum.
'Ok, put her on,' Jenny said, falling back to sleep.
There were a few clicks and beeps, then the excited voice spoke.
"Hey, Jen, sorry for waking you, but get some clothes on and board a but to Rustboro City!' the reciever (Jenny) yelled.
'But the meeting doesn't start for a week, the form says to be in Rustboro City in 2 days, not now!' Jenny replied.
'Were starting it early, we have an urgent issue we need to discuss!' the other Jenny yelled back.
'What is it?' Jenny asked.
'We think Team Aqua is going to use legendary Pokemon to destroy Saffron City!' she yelled back through the phone, now with a hint of fear in her voice.
'Ok, i'll come down, bye,' said Jenny before puting down the phone.
By this stage, Jenny was well and truly awake

Please tell me what you think of the first entry.


Jenny remembered whatching the news one night and saw a whole flock of people were getting on a ferry bound for Hoenn.
This may just happen- but why?

Next Episode:
- Jenny goes on a bus to Rustboro and befriends a guy named Matt.
- Jenny arrived in Rustboro, but Matt heads for Oldale.
- What is going on about Team Aqua giving a threat? All will be revealed next Saturday.

Copyright- Lewdon12no2 and Secrets of the Dungeon 2006- 2007.

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Zephyr Flare
29th July 2006, 11:13 AM
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Ring this by Author's cafe as well, right now it's standing as rushed, basic, lack of description and poor paragraphing and sentancing structure. I'd advise scoot over there before addign to this thread.


30th July 2006, 1:58 AM
Thankyou for the advice- i will do just that and see what i can learn before my next post

If anyone who views this thread has any suggestions, please tell me.

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