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31st July 2006, 6:29 PM
Marquain is one of many made up pokemon made up by other people http://z9.invisionfree.com/The_Tin_Tower/index.php?s=aaababe89a0febe6240ca42bf6bb0b0&act=idx it is in the top banner which you should see when the page loads the other pokemons' names are not there but I will reveal them later. This story takes place in the Hosza Region also made up by other people. The professor for the first time is a woman and is not named after a tree her name is Prof. Moon her description is she has black hair shoulder length and its usually pulled back to keep it out the way. Her are soft and dazzling silver. Normally dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt with a crescent moon on the front covered by a white lab coat. Her father (name unknown) designed the lab building himself. The outside is a simple large white building with a black crescent moon over the door. If you go around the back you find a huge garden that spans miles, this is where all the pokemon live.

Carthenia: Is an energetic and a very friendly creature. It tends to get excited easily and can sometimes be hard to control. Though challenging at times, Carthenia are very loyal Pokemon and the perfect choice for trainers who like challenges.

Marquain: This small water type tends to be a little shy when first meeting people. However they warm up to people quickly and are generally friendly creatures and very good for trainers who like easy-to-train Pokemon.

Fermish: This curious fire type is often mistaken for being dull-witted. But this is far from the truth. They are actually very smart creatures and are very curiousabout the world around them. They like to sleep alot and are sometimes called lazy. But in truth they are strong Pokemon and excellent companions for a new trainer.

Carthenia's main attacks are: At Lv. 5-Scratch and Leer. Lv. 7-Razor Leaf. Lv.11-absorb.Lv. 16(evolution unknown)Sweet Scent.Lv. 23- Quick Attack.Lv. 36- Shadow Claw. Other attacks are of your choice, Normal(like Swagger), Fighting, Poison and other Grass attacks.

Marquain's main attacks are: Pound(Using its tail)at level 5 and Growl. Lv. 7: Water Gun. Lv. 12-Double Team. Lv. 18(evolution unknown)Heart Swap. Lv. 22-Aqua Jet. Lv. 35-Ice Fang. Other attacks are Water, Normal and Ice attacks.

Fermish's main attacks are: Tackle and Focus Energy
-Lv.5, Ember-Lv.7, Quick Attack-Lv. 13, Agility-Lv. 16, Slack Off-Lv. 24, Flame Wheel-Lv.37. Evolution is Blaze, no descrption. Other attacks are Fire, Normal and some Ground type attacks.

Sorry if its too short and the reason I gave the information about the pokemon is if anyone wanted to use them.(Though they're not my ideas).

31st July 2006, 7:03 PM
Where's the story? All I see is random information and advertising