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1st August 2006, 7:13 PM
I haven't played Yugioh for about two years now, yet I still have my old deck. I could use the cash, and I was wondering how much money I could get for the following cards at a local card shop. All the cards have been kept in protective sleeves and are in great condition. Also, I know that some of these cards can be found in starter decks, but all of these were found in packs.

Exodia set (All Ultra Rare)
Emissary of the Afterlife x2 (Super Rare)
Injection Fairy Lily (Secret Rare)
Witch of the Black Forest (Rare)
Magician of Faith (Rare)
Sangan (Rare)
Reflect Bounder (Ultra Rare)
Pot of Greed (Rare)
Dark Hole (Super Rare)
Imperial Order (Secret Rare)
Torrential Tribute (Ultra Rare)
Heavy Storm (Super Rare)
Painful Choice (Super Rare)
Call of the Haunted (Ultra Rare)
Swords of Revealing Light (Super Rare)
Butterfly Dagger Elma (Super Rare)
Change of Heart (Ultra Rare)
Ring of Destruction (Secret Rare)
Graceful Charity (Super Rare)
Mirror Force (Ultra Rare)
Raigeki (Super Rare)
Scapegoat x2 (Super Rare)
Harpies Feather Duster (Secret Rare?)
Premature Burial (Ultra Rare)
Magic Cylinder (Secret Rare)
Monster Reborn (Ultra Rare)
Spear Dragon x2 (Super Rare)
Exiled Force (Super Rare)

Thanks in advance. :)

Judai Yuki
2nd August 2006, 8:56 AM
Exodia set (All Ultra Rare)-100$ (Min.)
Emissary of the Afterlife x2 (Super Rare)-3$
Injection Fairy Lily (Secret Rare)-10$
Witch of the Black Forest (Rare)-Not even a 1$
Magician of Faith (Rare)-1$
Sangan (Rare)-1$
Reflect Bounder (Ultra Rare)-10$
Pot of Greed (Rare)-1$
Dark Hole (Super Rare)-2$
Imperial Order (Secret Rare)-3$
Torrential Tribute (Ultra Rare)-6$
Heavy Storm (Super Rare)-5$
Painful Choice (Super Rare)-2$
Call of the Haunted (Ultra Rare)=5$
Swords of Revealing Light (Super Rare)-5$
Butterfly Dagger Elma (Super Rare)-1$
Change of Heart (Ultra Rare)-1$
Ring of Destruction (Secret Rare)-3$
Graceful Charity (Super Rare)-2$
Mirror Force (Ultra Rare)-20$(I want this card <_<)
Raigeki (Super Rare)-2$
Scapegoat x2 (Super Rare)-2$
Harpies Feather Duster (Promo)2$
Premature Burial (Ultra Rare)5$
Magic Cylinder (Secret Rare)5$
Monster Reborn (Ultra Rare)2$
Spear Dragon x2 (Super Rare)3$
Exiled Force (Super Rare)4$


3rd August 2006, 8:27 PM
woah u have a lot of rare cards O.o