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Lady Myuu
3rd August 2006, 9:04 AM
Meh, was all yay lets make a weird confusing oneshot that no one will get and see what happens mood :D I don't really care about grammar, its a oneshot. I plan on making NO edits what-so-ever. Unless I do then I did and thats that... o.o what? DUN LOOK AT ME I WAS BORED ;;

Warning, death and Gore and gore and death and well, its not really happy.

The Insanity
The Thing We Had

Everything they had gone through, everything they had done… was almost over. And it was an empty feeling, a very terrible lonely feeling of incompleteness. They had taken everything, given everything.

They had given their form.

Their mind.

Their immortality.

And now… they had forgotten one very important thing. Each other.

He was a handsome man, a thin build with limber arms and legs. He slouched back slightly, his orange eyes slightly faded as he held his slightly muscular hand over his stomach, the hand was coated in a shade of crimson read, the blood was trickling down from the wound in his stomach down his slightly blue gray pant leg.

“So this is how it is.” Whispered the young man, turning her head up and looking at his opponent. The blue hair fell over his eyes slightly as he stared with a bit of sadness in his gaze.

“I won’t let you…” The voice was deep, mature compared to the other. This man was taller, bigger build with strong shoulders. His hair was a soft gray shade with a strange hint of purple. His deep-violate shade of eyes glared openly at his old friend. He wore a white muscle shirt, torn and stained with dirt and grim. Blood trickled down his lip.

“Won’t let me what?” The dangerously injured man laugh dryly. “Love?”

“I… I deserve love more then you!” He cried as he stepped a few feet forward, as if about to attack again.

They seemed oblivious to this fight was a woman, a girl almost. She was short and gentle looking; her pale skin in contrast with her pink hair seemed to make her stand out from any crowd. Her hands were cupped over her mouth as her blue eyes continually filled with tears and escaped down her cheeks.

“Love? You? Don’t make me laugh, you were born to kill us all. Just because you had a change of heart doesn’t mean anything! We gave up our immortal souls to stop what you started, I am allowed to feel what I want.” The blue haired man glared back now. Something seemed to stir in the air as the woman bit back a sob. The two seemed to have forgotten her all together.

“Shut up. I have been forgiven and the evil stopped. YOU TOOK AWAY WHAT I LONGED FOR!” with that, the man bolted forward throwing his fists forward and attacking the all ready injured opponent. The blue haired man reacted swiftly with speed unnatural to humanity. Throwing his good hand up he began to block every punch thrown.

“You weren’t built for man to man combat! But I was!” The blue haired man swung his leg up and slammed it into the much larger man’s side. The force knocked the violate eyed man to the side and the ground. Taking his chance the injured man slammed yet another kick into the fallen one’s side.

Muffled screams escaped the woman as she turned her blue eyes away. She hugged herself, as she felt so powerless to stop the two. She had ordered them so many times to stop, to listen reason… to stop trying to kill each other. She felt at fault and there was nothing she could do.

Returning to the fight, it seemed the injured blue haired man had the advantage at first, but it was apparent the other man was just warming up as his hand snapped a hold of an ankle and a jerk and the bloody man was knocked down. The better-built purple haired man stood, his eyes narrowed as he wiped the blood from his lip and spit out the rest.

“I am not completely powerless.” Raising his hand a small gentle glow glazed over the man’s eyes as the fingers shimmered in the psychic light. The blue hair man was raised several feet off the ground and flung like a rag doll, his body hitting the opposite wall with a sickening thud.

The fight seeming over the victorious man turned to the pink haired young woman. She stared with a look of horror at him before taking a few steps back. She took deep breaths as her body was in quite the shock.

“Don’t look me like that.” He said after a second, “I am doing this for us.”

“Are… are you doing this for us… or for you?” she replied was tears once more raced down her cheeks. “…Mewtwo!” she screamed as the opponent seemed no where near dead as he kicked the man now known as Mewtwo in the back.

The startled man was flung to the floor as the bloody almost broken looking form of his enemy stood. He looked at the woman with a tired longing look and she knew he hadn’t a chance against this power… but she didn’t want to do anything… hurt anyone.

Raising up slowly, the blue haired man at first made no move.

“She doesn’t love you… not that way.” The blue haired man said, “Think of someone for once, Mewtwo. Stop thinking of your damn self!”

“SHUTUP LUCARIO!” Throwing his hands forward the psychic blast sent the blue haired man flying and sliding across the floor. The building was vas and all around the corpses of monsters and hybrids of creatures lay dead. A graveyard for the freaks Mewtwo had created.
“Its true!” The woman cried out, holding her hands out to Mewtwo. “I do love you! But you’re more… more a son to me! Mewtwo please, don’t kill him! We worked so hard… giving up our mortality, our pokemon forms to stop this Armageddon and now we fight among each other?”

“No… no, no, no.” Mewtwo shook his head, rubbing his human face. He seemed so unstable, so broken. They had learned to love him, to accept him as something and now… he was proving the others right.

He really was a mad creature.

“Listen to her, Mew can only speak the truth, you know even if we are no longer immortal gods… we still must obey the laws we set for ourselves.” Lucario gasped out, his bloody body limped forward. He was making his way towards the girl now known as Mew. She instinctively held her hands out for him, horrified at his condition.

“No longer bound by our roles as Gods…” Mewtwo mumbled to himself looking at Lucario and Mew. The two now humans came together as she took his hands and squeezed them, “Are allowed to love in ways they never should.” He finished as he glared openly.

Mew looked exposed as she sighed. “Oh Mewtwo… I have always loved Lucario.” She looked at him, tears still in her eyes. “But I can love you, as my son. As it should be.”

“NO!” he roared, “Love me like a lover, show me what it’s like to have a life long companion!” The psychic powered swirled, even though they held some of the abilities they once had. Neither had their full power… but Mewtwo once being the most powerful pokemon… even having an ounce of the power he once had made him a god in human flesh.

Mew flinched as she felt the power tug at her arms, her legs. Lucario felt it too and latched onto the woman with what little energy he had left. Coating her in his own life substance, blood.

Mew shut her eyes, using what little she had left of her once amazing powers to shield her and Lucario from the insanity that was Mewtwo. But it just wasn’t enough as the pair was separated quickly, the purple haired woman flung to the ground but the poor damaged man was sent farther and slammed with a deadly force into the wall. Mew screamed in horror as she watched Lucario’s body slump to the ground.

Mewtwo watched his once close friend’s life slowly begin to fade before looking over at Mew. “I will make sure you are happy.” He held his hand out to her, the insane look in his eyes evident as the denial remained.

“You… you…” Mew sobbed out as she attempted to get to her feet. “He helped you. Saved you… not even I could reach that part of you that was good.” She sobbed out as she pulled away from the man and made her way to Lucario. “He found that part, made you… oh by the heavens.” She said as she fell to her lover’s side and clung to his bloody fading body.

“I am still good.” He growled out, “I just see a different truth. I never wanted to control the world… I just wanted love, your love.” He said as he Mewtwo began to make his way over to the two.

“Stay away!” she shouted as she clung to Lucario. “He gave you a chance and you stabbed him in the back! How can I love you now? YOU KILLED MY MATE!”

“SILENCE!” His scream was followed by a psychic blast that slammed the woman into the wall. Lucario groaned in what little life he had left before finally, his body stilled and was silent forever. Mew turned into a sobbing mess, trying to become one with her now dead mate’s body as the terrifying human Mewtwo approached.

“Don’t touch me.” She seethed out as she felt his presence over her. Mewtwo ignored her as he grabbed the blood-covered arm and pulled the woman to her feet. Her blue eyes shot up and looked right at his purple. He gave her a longing look as he brought his other hand up, moving the hair away.

“You are covered in blood.” He said, “It doesn’t suit an innocent being such as you.”

“I am no longer innocent.” She whispered. “In my mortal womb, the womb I was denied as a god… is a token of my love for Lucario.”

She saw his eyes widen, and she knew she had won one thing. No matter what happened now, she belonged to Lucario. Never allowed to love, to have intimacy as long as she was the pure god Mew… but now for the worlds freedom she had taken the form of a woman, her immortality gone… but a new sort of immortality was in its place… procreation.

“You… no.” he growled deep, his grip on her shaking. “You didn’t!”

“We had lost hope, when we could not access the castle in our human forms… it led to desperation then despair. Forced us to confront feelings we kept hidden.” She smiled, tears falling freely but she no longer cared. “Oh Mewtwo… I love you like a do the child in my womb. You are my son, created from my blood, just like this one.”

The insanity seemed to grow stronger, he didn’t want this, and this wasn’t fair! He wanted her in every way; he wanted her to love her like a mate. Like she loved Lucario. But now… she would never. This child would steal her love!

“… What… what are you thinking.” Her smile faded. “Don’t you touch it! By harming it you will harm me! MEWTWO!” She screamed and tried to jerk away, “Don’t you understand!”

But he didn’t, his insanity, the insanity all creatures have if they are born from man’s false means. He wanted things that he couldn’t understand, ever… and by not being able to understand them led him to insanity. She screamed as he held her tight, a hand dropping to her belly. Another scream more of pain and horror as she never expected him to attack such innocent life… she had known him so long, loved him like a son… why didn’t he understand!

She screamed in pain, as his hand was now bloody with her blood. She sobbed bitterly as her body bled uncontrollably. Mewtwo let her go, looking at his hands with a wicked smile.

“I fixed you.” He said, “Now you can love me… your not tied to Lucario anymore! No longer tainted!”

His hands faded, turning and changing, growing together as he looked down at the three fingers. His body was pained slightly as it shifted and grew his legs bent awkwardly and his neck shortened. His nose grew long and his ears faded and were replaced with horns.

'… I am a pokemon?' his psychic voice boomed before he looked down at the dead bodies… bodies? 'Mew…? MEW!'

He picked up the form, the pink creature lay limp, her belly opened and destroyed in his mad haste to rid her of the embryo. The child she had used as her last result to bring Mewtwo back from the edge was long dead. Three lives lost so easily. They had saved the world from his creations… and in return he killed them. Tears stun his eyes as he realized for some reason their immortal bodies had returned. He looked at the bloody dead form of Lucario and then back to the pink cat in his arms.

'I’m not bad.' He said looking up the tears streaming down his face. 'I’m not the bad one!'


But there was no one to answer him.

The End

Yami Ryu
3rd August 2006, 9:13 AM
Saw a few typos such as 'read' instead of 'red' in the first paragraph I think. And now I know it's a paragraph- just the screen has too large a resolution and anything smaller looks SMUDGED.

Anyways, the emotion, the depth, the description, it was never overboard, but always just enough to set the mood and get you drawn and sucked into the fic. And I almost shed a few tears at the ending. Congrats Myuu.

Anyways, I want to pester you for a sequal :x but I won't. I WILL DEMAND COOKIES INSTEAD :O

Lady Myuu
3rd August 2006, 9:16 AM
o.O well there really isn't much for a sequel anyway, Mew, Lucario and the baby is dead and Mewtwo is left to be a emo insane idiot. :D joy. So yeah, this is really all there is. Just a random idea I got inspired by an anime and csi :D


5th August 2006, 6:48 PM

That was a dark little oneshot...

I really enjoyed it! Especially the way you conveyed their feelings. Very nice, very nice... =D

Keep up the good work! =D

8th August 2006, 3:34 AM
Very good! I got hooked...