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4th August 2006, 7:41 PM
I know, I know. This is the third fic I've started, and I haven't even finished the other two. I kept getting lectured for descritpion and storyline and junk like that. Hopefully, this fic won't be like that.

Chapter 1: The beggining

"Many years ago, a group of scientists gathered together for a project now known to us as Project Heiphisus. The scientists hoped to create a new form of Pokemon; a Pokemorph. Sadly, the effort failed and the scientists ended up creating a monster instead of a Pokemorph, let alone a Pokemon. The name of this creature remains unknown, but it's history is very well known. People and Pokemon alike have perished due to the failure of Project Heiphisus, and many more are yet to perish if this creature ever finds its way to us. So, for the lives of all of our people and Pokemon, kill the d*** things!"

Ash Ketchum and Brendan Birch drew back from the man who was speaking to them.

"Um, Prof. Darkwood? Aren't you one of the scientists that created this so- called 'monster'?" Brendan inquired. The man standing in front of him blushed.

"Well, yes, but you still need to get rid of those creatures." he replied. His face turned serious again.

"Creatures?" Ash repeated.

"Yes creatures. The original experiment has reproduced, and now millions of them dwell on the earth." Prof. Darkwood replied. "And it is your job to get rid of them all." He stood to his feet and pulled out two large knapsacks from the table behind him. "Here is your equipment and supplies. Your team will be waiting on you at the site." he said, holding out the knapsacks to the boys. "Now go."


Hours later, the pair found themselves standing on a snowy tundra with six other men standing around them.

"Finally, you made it! You know we can't go anywhere without our commanding officers!" one man said.

"We're not your commanding officers." Ash said for what seemed like the millionth time that week.

Ash Ketchum was a 19 year old boy with black hair and brown eyes. At the moment, he was wearing a silver suit that covered his body from head to toe and large boots to match. The knapsack from before was strapped to his back, and was unusually heavy. He was the youngest male member of the team. There was a girl his age, but we'll go into that later.

Brendan smiled at Ash.

"Hey, as long as they say we are, we are." he said.

Brendan was 21, and had snow white hair and blue eyes. He also wore a silver suit that covered him from head to toe, large boots and a heavy knapsack.

On one of the men's belts, a walkie-talkie crackled and another man yelled something through it.

It sounded sort of like, "Help! We're under attack!" The man snatched the walkie-talkie off his belt and held the button down.

"Jason! Jason, are you there? What's going on? Jason!" he said into it. The only reply was more crackling and screaming. The man turned toward the group.

"Those things are after Jason and the others. We have to go help them!" he said. Ash nodded, but Brendan stopped them.

"We can't just go in there. At least not without knowing what we're doing." he said.

"Brendan, we already know what we're doing. We're supposed to go in there and kill them. And now that Jason and the others have gotten attacked, it makes it more serious than it was. There's no telling what'll happen if they get infected or something. We have to go help them." Ash argued.

"Yeah!" several of the group of men cried in unision.

"I don't know about you, but I'm going in." Ash said. Then, he turned and headed toward the towering building ahead of them. All of the men followed. Brendan sighed.

"Always have to listen to him, don't you?" he mumbled under his breath. "One day, we're all gonna get killed!" He ran toward the building after the others.

None of them had any idea of the dangers that lay ahead.
I know that was a weird start, but bear with me. The chapters'll get better as we go on.

6th August 2006, 12:34 AM
Hmmm. Pretty good. You've got me drawn in. I'd like to see what these "things" are. The beggining paragraph surprised me. You made it sound like a prologue or something, then turned it into a crazed Professor telling a couple of young men what to do and why they had to do it. Nice.

Anyway, keep going. I want to see what happens next. :)