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Being Book one of the


A/N: This is the first ever Pokémon fanfiction that I attempted. I wrote, and rewrote it until I came up with this. I have planned over and over again to post this fanfiction, but have never gotten around to it. It may seem boring and slow at first, but trust me, it gets much better the more you read. I would like it if you could post any comments, or crtisisms that you have. But please don't say "ZOMFG! IT SUX" or "IT ROX". Please give reasons, so I can improve my writting, thanks.

– Synopsis –

The loss of a hero is often the worst possible blow upon society that can the withstood. Heroes are thought of as all-powerful and never will someone think that a hero could be lost. Heroes are thought to be the protectors of the place that they live, and if one is lost, it can often leave the world around in pain so sharp that it is almost unbearable. However, there is one thing worse than losing a hero to the icy claws of death.

And that is losing the hero to the enemy.

The worst possible feeling for any member of any army is seeing a former mentor on the enemy army. Especially if that hero was the only hope of survival for the people around. The only hero who was believed in betrayed his own people, and deserves to be burnt alive. Yes, it was:

Ash Ketchum.

– Prologue –
The Twins

The two creatures were intertwined as they spiralled further and further downward, in a constant frenzy.

The two fought fiercely, desperate to get the upper hand, and move back upward, but instead, both of them flew downward, succumbing to the force of gravity. They were fighting for the protection of humankind. Although they both had the same intentions, one of them would have to eventually give up, or be defeated. It was the way of life for the Twins, and if it was not fulfilled, the world would be thrust into utter disaster.

One of them was an iridescent green in colour, and glowed brightly as it flew into the depths of darkness. Its body was shaped in the same pattern as that of a large lizard, with short and stubby legs, that bent outward before inward. Sharp and yellowing claws were at the end of the four legs, and digging into the opponent. From its bottom jaw, one large canine jutted out dangerously. Its tail was long, and powerful, continuously brandishing the enemies body with deliberate strength.

The other one was just as prepared for the fight. It was a deep purple in colour, and shaped very much like a large bird. It’s eyes were glowing crimson, the very same colour of the blood that was flowing out of the two creature’s wounds. Each wing was twice the size of its body, and curves at the end. Its talons were visible, and they were just as sharp as the opponents claws. Its underbelly was a pale blue in colour, and seemed to emanate a sense of power as the two powerful beasts went at each other.

It seemed like there would never be a victor out of this fight, but it was the creature’s instincts to fight until desperate exhaustion. The Twins had no choice but to kill each other, every time the previous loser awakens from its hibernation. For the Twins can never really be killed, but can be sent into a millennium long hibernation, or encased in a substance called anti-matter. Without these two, they can never be defeated in a battle.

Thus was the life of the Twins.

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I'm guessing that one of the twins is a flygon, But i can't figutre the other one out.

but about the story..

this story is very well written, and I really couldn't find any mistakes in it.

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A/N: Yay! A review! Thanks for the kind words. As for the twins, you'll just have to wait and see. The first Chapter should be up within th next three days, so hold on tight to your seats...XD


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Let's see.......

No language errors, which lifts up the grade a few notches. Description was pretty impressive, but it really had me guessing what the both of them were. The length, though, was a bit short even for a prologue. it could do with a little more length in my opinion.

It's really a bit early to tell how this is going to turn out, so I'll just have to wait for your first chapter. Good luck with the rest of them.

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– Chapter One –
Enter Vermillion

Ash Ketchum’s Point of View

Standing at the edge of Vermillion City, I let the breeze play with my hair.

It had been ages ago that I had last felt anything even close to comfort, and being within walking distance of a city was one of them. I looked at the sparkling lights of Vermillion, and memories rushed into my brain, reminding me of the fun times I spent as a teenager. But those times were long gone. I now knew the true meaning of life, and I wasn’t going to take it for granted. Ever since Master Apocalypse explained to me my most recent job, I knew that I had to carry it out, no matter what the cost.

Slung over my shoulder was a small brown rucksack. It wasn’t very big, no larger than a normal school bag. But it was special in one way that no school bag would permit. Inside it, was my trusty partner, who willingly got inside the rucksack to keep me company while I went on this mission. Yes, my Pikachu was curled up in a small ball inside the bag, in an extremely uncomfortable position.

Be patient. We are almost there.

Pikachu and I had developed a telepathic connection between each other, to such an extent that our minds were connected as one, and we could sense each other’s feelings. Because of this, by simply thinking, we could tell each other private things that would normally only be told in the absence of people. It was a very useful thing to have, especially when we were fighting.

Easier said than done, he replied, squirming around.

I smiled, and walked down southward, towards Vermillion. I had been walking for almost a week on end, from Saffron City, headquarters of the League of Shadows. The League of Shadows was created by someone, who goes by the name of Lord Apocalypse, determined on making the world a better place. He believes in having one all-powerful-leader take control of the world, and stop wars and other such atrocities from happening. However, many people believe differently, and think that Master Apocalypse wishes ill.

I recently joined the League of Shadows, and was promoted to master Apocalypse’s right hand man after a successful mission that had previously failed three times. After that, I was given control over a sector of the League of Shadow’s armed forces to aid me in any missions, but I rather to them myself. I find it more challenging.

As I closed in on Vermillion City, I lowered my head, and allowed my hair to fall in front of my golden-brown eyes, giving myself an artificial stoop. Master Apocalypse had recommended that I grew a beard for this mission, because people would recognise me, had I not. Also, I was a wanted man amongst the police, for no fault of my own. I knew that if I was captured, Master Apocalypse had no chance of completing his mission.

Where are we? asked Pikachu.

Just outside Vermillion, I replied.

Moving slowly, I walked towards the guards, who protected Vermillion City from the outside. The two of them were armed with two longs spears, which they lowered as I neared, blocking off my path . Master Apocalypse had warned me about these guards. They needed passports before allowing anyone in. Apparently, they only began this practice once the League of Shadows came into the open.

I slipped my hand into the pocket of my thick brown travelling cloak, and pulled out a Vermillion City inhabitant passport. Master Apocalypse had created a false passport for this mission, with a picture that looked like my current self. The guards eyed me warily, and nodded, heaving the spears upward so that I could pass.

Phase one complete, I said to Pikachu.

The guards opened the heavy metal door, and one of them said, “You’ve come in jus’ a’ the righ’ time. Ga’es close in a cou’le of minu’es.”

I gave both of them a warm smile, and walked through the gate, as the guards closed them behind me. There was a heavy bang from behind me, which signalled that I was in Vermillion now, and that I would have no legal way of getting out. But then again, who said what I was doing was legal?

* * *

Vermillion City was a city that went to sleep very early, and woke up just as early. By seven o’clock, even the teenagers were heading home, to have a nice family dinner, and then off to bed. Life like this was almost unheard of to me, but I knew that it was the best place to conduct the mission because of this characteristic. Especially since I had a room in the Pokèmon Centre.

The Pokèmon Centre was open twenty-four-seven and didn’t have any cut off times for people to go in and out. This was very helpful, because I could spend as much time as I wanted on the mission, and the Pokèmon Centre would not suspect a thing. Of course, I needed it to be as dark as it could get, so as to not be sighted by any late sleepers, because if I blew my cover, then it was good-bye to the League of Shadows.

At eight o’clock, I left the Pokèmon Centre, telling the nurse that I would be out training an Eevee to evolve it into an Umbreon. She bought the story, and let me out. Explaining to her that my Eevee wasn’t very well trained, and that it would take a while for Eevee to evolve. She gave me one of those typical Nurse Joy understanding looks, and told me to give it my best.

The cool Vermillion night calmed dow my pounding heart as I headed south, towards the shoreline. I had been looking forward to this mission for a long time, mainly because I would get to be near the sea, something which always calmed me when I became worried or stressed out by anything around me.

Vermillion truly was a peaceful and tranquil city, especially, seeing as it was neighbours with the dreaded Saffron City. Even though the League of Shadows operates there, that city has always kept me afraid and fearful of theft and even worse criminal acts. I had had previous incidents that included that city, and t made me even more scared remembering those things…

But I was on a mission, and no stupid city was going to stop me. I hoped.

The gates to the Vermillion harbour were kept open all the time, because Vermillion was a trading city, and sometimes, ships came late at night, or early in the morning, so the gates could not be closed if traders came along. It was ideal for me, as the mission relied solely on the sea near Vermillion. If I could not access the sea, then the entire mission was a failure fortunately, Master Apocalypse made me go through several stories to use if I was caught. I needed one of them now.

“Halt! Who goes there?”

The voice was gruff, and definitely belonged to a male, unless it was a very masculine female. The firm hand caught me on my shoulder, and my instincts wanted me to attack this person, but logic and the mission held me back. I had more important things to worry apart from respect. For instance, if Pikachu made any move inside the backpack, I was a goner. I turned around to face the person who had gotten hold of me.

“Yes?” I asked, taking in the details of the person. He was tall, taller than me, with an unshaven beard, and a muscle encrusted forearm. His nails were far from clean, but then again, neither was any other part of his body. No doubt he was a guard, because an appearance like this would surely intimidate most people. Most people…

“Who are you, and what are you doing here? It’s past hours,” grunted the guard.

“I’m Samuel Redwood. See, I have a Charizard, that is quite powerful, however, it has a terrible weakness to water types. I know that Vermillion City harbour is best known for its Krabbies and Shellders. I thought it would be a good start for Charizard to get better by battling these weak water Pokèmon, and getting used to them, before taking on stringer ones. Besides, I believe that the Nurse Joy told me that the gates to the harbour are open twenty-four-seven. What happened to that?” I asked, jerking my shoulder from his grip, and turning to face him.

“You don’t seem like a normal trainer. Why the hell are you wearing a fricking cloak?”

I sighed, and smiled, shaking my head slowly and deliberately. “It’s called a travel-cloak, it helps to keep your clothes clean while travelling long distances, and keeps you warm, as well.”

The guard grunted, and nodded, letting me pass. I walked quickly, trying hard to not seem like I was in a hurry. Truth be told, I had already used up half and hour, ad I didn’t have much time before the sun rose again. Pikachu climbed onto my shoulder once we were out of sight of the guard, placing his small yellow paws on my shoulder.

“It is time,” I whispered to him, reaching into the depths of my travelling cloak.

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Hum.....interesting...yeah....ok. GOOD

8th August 2006, 6:24 PM
Hum.....interesting...yeah....ok. GOOD

Uuhh yeah, thanks. XD.


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– Chapter One –
Enter Vermillion

I recently joined the League of Shadows, and was promoted to master Apocalypse’s right hand man after a successful mission that had previously failed three times. After that, I was given control over a sector of the League of Shadow’s armed forces to aid me in any missions, but I rather to them myself. I find it more challenging.
HOW could u make ash evil?!??!, it makes a twist, but a kind that makes me feel insecure

Truth be told, I had already used up half an hour, and I didn’t have much time before the sun rose again.

“It is time,” I whispered to him, reaching into the depths of my travelling cloak.

I underlined the errors i saw, and changed them, but this story is really intresting

Mimori Kiryu
8th August 2006, 7:12 PM
I thought I'd check out your story, since I'm in your RPG and it's amazing. I love this story plot that you have going and I like it that Ash has seemed to turn to the evil side, makes for an interesting story plot line up!

I saw some dialogue mistakes and spelling, but the stories so good that I didn't see them right away. Your story is really great, nice job! I'll be waiting for the next chapters! =D

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A/N: Thanks for the comments people. It really helps. Oh, and I have more surprises coming your way, and trust me, Ash being evil, is far from the most interesting. In my eyes, ayway. Right, as I promised, the next Chapter. Expect new Chapters within three days of the previous one, as they are not all that long.

– Chapter Two –

Jacob Saviour’s Point of View

Even though the hurricane had long gone, its presence still lingered, in more than one way.

The high wind speeds were still present, and every now and then, I could see people’s property flying about in the wind. It was sad to see my home, Fuchsia like this, unable to live, because they were literally besieged in underground chambers by the terrible storm. Without the dedication of Master Koga, Fuchsia would have lost most of its population. Master Koga was the person in charge of building the system underground tunnels that linked to people’s houses.

A leaf flew into my face, and I brushed it off wearily. This was the first time in my entire life that I had witnessed a hurricane, and it tore my heart apart. I saw people, refusing to leave their homes, and being swept away by the hurricane’s cold fingers of death. It was almost unbearable to hear Master Koga tell us to leave the poor souls who would not leave their property, not with a look at their tear strewn faces.

I scowled, stamping on a piece of twig, and crunching it between my boot and the hard earth, Far from easing my pain, it made me even angrier, and worse, still, nauseous. Keeping my thick brown trench coat tightly wrapped around myself, I wandered the streets of Fuchsia. I made my way up Road Number 67, and turned left, facing east.

Rays of purples, and pink light were peeping from behind the horizon, as if wondering if it was the correct time to come out. Somehow, this calmed me. The sunrise always had that effect on me, and at times when I felt really depressed at night, I would stay awake until the sunrise, just to get calmed down. I looked down at my watch. It was a wonder it was still working. I looked around the street until I saw a small wooden trapdoor in the middle of some rubble. I walked over it, knocking on it.

“Who’s there?” came a gruff voice from within.

“It’s me, Jake, open up,” I replied, standing back as the trapdoor swung open. I turned my back, and began to descend down the step-ladder. I reached the bottom, and found myself in a dark chamber, lit by a single oil lantern hanging from one of the walls.

“Finally, I was getting worried,” came that gruff voice. I knew who t was without even looking.

“No need to worry about me, Chester. I’m perfectly alright. Fuchsia is my home, I cannot get lost there. You on the other hand…” I trailed off.

“But Fuchsia’s my home too…oh,” it took him a while, but he soon realized that he was being insulted, and began to throw punches at me. Fake punches of course, if they had been real, he would have knocked me out in a matter of seconds. His muscles were well toned, and he was trained in seven disciplines of martial arts, being in third Dan black belt in all of them, except Kalaripaytu which was extremely taxing on the body.

“Okay Mister Bigfist, Master Koga told me that he wanted a council with me, do you know where he is?” I asked, dodging Chester’s most recent punch, after all, he wasn’t the only one trained in martial arts.

He beckoned with his finger, and turned, walking through a small doorway, his blonde hair shimmering in the dim light. I followed, envious of his easy to take-care hair. Mine was so silky, that it never stayed where I wanted it to, so I just let it fall in front of my eyes. Chester led me through a long corridor, with black doors on either side. Some of those doors led to actual rooms, others led to places like a guardroom, and other still weren’t even doors, just pieces of wood on the rock. Finally, Chester reached a door (God knows how he knew it was this one), and opened it, pointing for me to go in. I obliged.

Inside, it was lit by a couple of lanterns, and after the darkness of the corridor, it was almost blinding. I closed my eyes, and opened them again, only to see Master Koga sitting on a chair, with a desk in front of him. He was dressed in a tight-fitting purple robe, which he had taken to wearing ever since he had heard that The League of Shadows was open. Apparently, he knew who the leader was, but he wasn’t going to tell me. Not now, anyway. His looked at me when I entered, and nodded for me to sit down.

“I’m glad you came,” he began once Chester had closed the door.

“I can’t say the same,” I replied, looking around warily at the dark room, as if expecting some evil enforcer to jump out and kill Master Koga.

Master Koga was the man who trained me. Ever since I was five, he had begun to train me in various forms of martial arts, to protect me against anybody who would try to kill me. When I had asked him why anybody would want to kill me, he kept silent. I always wondered if there was something he wasn’t telling me. I suppose you could say it was because of him that I was wary of the room. He had trained me to be ever vigilant, even in a place that I thought was friendly.

“I’m glad you feel the same way I do,” he replied ironically, “but I’m not here to chat idle talk with you. There has been a serious breach in security somewhere west of here. We need –”

I cut him off, expecting this the minute that Chester had called to say that Master Koga wanted to see me. “Let me guess. The hurricane wasn’t natural?”

It was Master Koga’s turn to eye me warily. “And what gave you that assumption?”

“Master Koga, you’re talking to the boy you raised like a son. You taught me everything you knew, and without knowing it, producing someone who is alike you in many ways. Whatever you see, I see too. The hurricane was much too wide spread to be natural. I heard that it even hit Cinnabar. Something that ranges form Fuchsia all the way to Cinnabar cannot be natural.”

Master Koga smiled in the semi-darkness. “I’m glad we think on the same level, it makes things much easier to explain. But I have some bad news. Fuchsia wasn’t the extent of it. It even reached Lavender, although it only rained heavily there. I have my ideas, but I need yours.”

I sighed heavily. “No one ever calls to say hi anymore. What is it that I can do?”

Master Koga grinned uncharacteristically. It wasn’t normal to see him smile. Normally, he had heavy frown marks above his eyes, and his mouth was twisted downward. In fact, smiling was so unnatural to him, that it looked a lot more like an ugly grimace than a smile.

“Listen, Jake. I have my reasons to believe that the storm originated in Vermillion. If you look carefully,” he explained, pulling a large map from inside one of the drawers of his desk and laying down in front of me, “almost exactly in the middle of Cinnabar and Lavender is Vermillion. So it would make sense that the storm is from Vermillion.”

I looked at the map, and noticed that what he was saying made complete sense. “But why would it begin in Vermillion. To create a hurricane at such a magnitude one would need a piece of machinery as big as a Snorlax. There’s no way that the people in Vermillion didn’t notice that, unless it was them who did it.”

“Correct. Or almost correct. You see, you would need a powerful piece of machinery, or a powerful Pokémon.”

That last word caught me by surprise. I hadn’t expected a Pokémon to be behind this. It wouldn’t make sense. By nature Pokémon were peaceful creatures, and wouldn’t summon a large hurricane like that without a reason. Besides, even a Pokémon with the power of a legendary Rayquazza wouldn’t be able to create such a big hurricane, and sustain it for nearly three hours. I explained my doubts to Master Koga.

“Essentially you are correct. No Pokémon that we know of has the capability of being able to cast such a big hurricane. But what about the Pokémon we don’t know about? There are still many Pokémon that we don’t know,” explained Master Koga, as he pulled open yet another drawer, rummaging around in it. “Now where did I put that thing?”

“What thing Master Koga,” I asked, now extremely confused.

Master Koga looked up at me, and then glanced at the door. The beckoned me closer, and whispered, “I have recently been taking up projects which involves the past of Pokémon. In a way, the mythology and history of Pokémon, how they believed the world to be brought about, and so on. It has been extremely taxing work, as it is not easy to find such records. And they are written in an ancient language long forgotten. It was believed that both Pokémon and humans used to know the language and were able to converse in it. For months on end, I worked tirelessly, and to no avail. It was then, when me and my team were about to give up that we found what he wanted. It was carved on a stone, but the constant rubbing of earth on it had almost levelled out the stone. We had to use laser X-Ray technology to uncover what it said. We finally managed it, and I managed to convert the ancient language to a language closer to Shakespearean English,” he explained, finally pulling something out of his drawer. “Ah, here it is. Now listen carefully What I am about to read to you is the Pokémon’s version of how the earth formed, and the tragedies that happened on earth in its early years of creation. It goes like this…”

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A/N: Meh, I'm not too happy the way the legend turned out, but I'll leave it at this. I redid it three times already. If anyone wants this in plain English, drop me a PM, and I'll explain. This is very important for the story, so it will be good if you understood it.

– Branch Off –
How the Earth Formed: A Pokémon Legend

’Twas in the black sky
That Mother Earth first formed
Amogs’t many a star and sun
She was rack’d by and storm’d

From the nether world did come
A fiery spirit of evil and spite
And agains’t Mother Earth he fought
To gain control over her and right

For many a year did Mother Earth perish
Clutch’d beneath the evil spirit
For it seem’d like no saviour would come
Until Mother Earth’s path was lit

When Mother Earth believeth that her time had come
Did brave souls two appear
To fight agains’t the spirit of the netherworld
And cleanse Mother Earth’s heart of destruction and fear

And thus they fought from night and day
And rid they did the evil spirit
Back to his homage in the netherworld
And sealed up the entrance to what they say fit

Mother Earth gave each of them a wish
That she would grant with all her power
They both wished homage on Mother earth
And she gave it to them lest they made her cower

And ever since did they slumber
And they shall only be woken up
When evil returns to their land
And they shall rid the world from evil’s cup

Brian Random
11th August 2006, 5:17 PM
I've read the prologue and chapter 1 so far and here is my review.

It’s interesting so far. I like how things are going with the description, the flow and such. Although, you could improve with the description. Plus, there are some errors I’ve spotted. There are a number of them but I’ll show you a few...

Where are we? asked Pikachu.

Just outside Vermillion, I replied.
The words in italics, should they be placed between speech marks(“”)?

continuously brandishing the enemies body with deliberate strength.

The cool Vermillion night calmed dow my pounding heart as I headed south,

and getting used to them, before taking on stringer ones

She bought the story, and let me out. Explaining to her that my Eevee wasn’t very well trained, and that it would take a while for Eevee to evolve.
That didn’t make sense on first viewing. Try this...

I explained to her that my Eevee wasn’t very well trained, and that it would take a while for Eevee to evolve. She bought the story, and let me out.

Overall, good story, but grammar and spelling needs improving. Improve on that and others and maybe you’ll go a long way.

Overall score: 3/5

12th August 2006, 11:28 AM
A/N: Thanks for the review, people. It maes me feel all warm and fuzzy... :p ...My spelling is the worst possible enemy of mine, partly because of typos. If asked to spell a word, I can spell it correctly, but when I type, and am engrossed in the story, I tend to make plenty of mistakes. I'll try harder from now on.

– Chapter Three –

Ash Ketchum’s Point of View

It was almost four hours since I had begun the process, and still they had not appeared. You’re probably wondering what I am talking about, so let me give you a little information. Master Apocalypse had recently heard of some discoveries by the Fuchsia Archaeological Institute involving the mythology of Pokémon. Naturally, the Institute had stored their information on a computer, with a C.D. as backup. But they were smarter than your normal company. They also rented a large amount of internet space, so they could access their information from any computer with internet access. Naturally the information was heavily coded and encrypted.

But Master Apocalypse had one hell of a team back in Saffron, and they managed to crack the code. After that was done, it was a simple matter to run the Shakespearean-English document through a translator, and there we had information far more valuable than all the treasures on the earth. But I hadn’t expected them to take so long to come. When I say they I mean the legendary twin beasts of the Pokémon Legend. Master Apocalypse did some research of his own, and found out more.

The beasts could only be destroyed by each other, or encased in anti-matter. But everyone knows that it is practically impossible to encase anything in anti-matter, let alone allow anti-matter to come into contact with matter. So Master Apocalypse did even more research, and came up with another answer. There were two swords that the twins made so that when the time came, they could go inside those swords, and empower whoever was welding the sword to almost limitless power. They had wanted only people worth of saving the world to wield the sword, but no one listened to jargon like that anymore.

I had one of the swords in my hand.

It was long and thin, sharp on both edges. The blade was made from a metal that the scientists at Saffron could not identify. It was not the normal silvery sheen that a blades should be, but when it was turned in certain directions, it seemed to sine black, or a dark blue. The hilt was made from the same metal, and right at the bottom was a black jewel, again something that the scientists could not identify. Carved onto the blade was a black bird of sorts, although it was difficult to see because of how lightly the carving had been made.

Not many people knew it, but the storm that had been summoned was actually because of me. When I had drawn the sword, the beast that belonged to the sword was eager to come up, out of the depths of the water, for that was where it lived. But the other twin did not want it to go, because it sensed that I was not a worthy enough person to use the blade. The storm had been caused by the twins fighting beneath the ocean. Most of the people of Vermillion thought I was crazy to stand there, in the eye of the storm. But then again, none of them knew that I had conjured the storm. All of a sudden, the sword began to tremble, and a words wafted into my mind.


And all of a sudden, just like that, I knew the name of the beast that was supposed to be inside this sword. And just as suddenly, it broke the surface of the water. The creature rose out of the deep waters of the ocean, and spread its regal wings. It was a dark purple hue with crimson eyes. Those eyes bore into mine as I stood there, the swords raised above my head. Its body was glittering with droplets of water, and it seemed to float there, for it was not using its wings to keep aloft. It suddenly bent forward, and dived towards the sword. I have no idea how I knew, but I knew that I should stand still, and let it come. It was coming closer, and closer. Soon it would crash into me, and I would be squashed under its magnificently huge body. Just as I though it was going to crash, it stopped.

I opened the eyes that I had closed without knowing, and looked to see what was happening. It was the other twin. Its bright emerald body, in the pathway of Aforan and me. It seemed to be shaped rather like a crocodile, with stubby legs that jutted out, and a tail that seemed to posses more muscles than three of me put together. Its claws dug into Aforan’s feathered skin, and using its tail as a balance, began to push Aforan away from me. It finally managed to do so, and Aforan was flung backwards, into the water.

The green twin grunted satisfied, only to be hit straight in the stomach by a bolt of black energy that had flown out of the water, from the point where Aforan had been submerged. I felt a joy like no other when I saw Aforan rise from beneath the water, like an angel, but black in colour. Pikachu, likewise felt the same way. We both felt an anger well up inside us, against the green twin of Aforan. We hated him for hurting our Aforan. We hated him from stopping Aforan from coming inside its sword.

“Show that green monster what we’re made of Pikachu. Thunderbolt!” I yelled, channelling all of my anger into that statement.

Pikachu nodded, and closed his eyes, beginning to summon upon the power that evolution had gifted him with. He reached further within his mind than ever before, and his entire body began to crackle with electricity. He charged up as much as he could, and then let it rip. The electricity all formed into a bolt of lightning, that flew towards the green twin. The electricity hit the green twin, and dissipated almost immediately. The green twin grunted, and swung its tail backwards.

The tail came into contact with Pikachu and he was thrown towards me. He hit me in the stomach, and the force of the blow caused me to literally fly backwards and hit the wall behind me. I blinked, and tried to see what the beasts were doing. But I couldn’t, because my vision was blurred. When I had hit the wall, I had hit my spine, and it was only now that I felt the throbbing pain in my back. I bent over, writhing in pain, as spasms shot through my body.

I felt the reassuring hands of someone on my back, and all of a sudden, I was lifted into the air, and placed on a softer ground, stomach down. I felt odd things happening to my back…odd thing…back…nothing…

* * *

I woke up, staring at a dark and festered sky, clouds moving about restlessly, as if they were restrained from raining by some invisible force. Slowly, things began to return to me. I had been on the pier where ships were moored in Vermillion. The green twin had hit Pikachu, who in turn hit me, causing me to fly backwards. The green twin!

I jerked up, only to be pushed by down by a firm and gentle hand. I looked up at the face, and recognised it from my days as a happy youth. Those caring blue eyes, full of love and happiness. That soft gentle skin that would heal my Pikachu. Those pink pigtails on either side of her head. It was Nurse Joy, no doubt. I recognised her, but did she recognise me?

“Come on sir, that was no place for you to be. Maybe I should call professor Oak, he would certainly be interested in happenings like there, but it’s unlikely that he will come. He’s become stuck to that wheelchair recently. Sir, what is your name?” she asked.

Apparently not.

“Samuel Redwood, ma’am. Do you know where my Pikachu is?” I asked, putting on my fake accent that Master Apocalypse had insisted that I did.

“Over here, sir. You should not have attacked that Pokémon with your Pikachu. It’s obvious that it is a legendary,” she explained, as she helped me get up, and took my to another spot on the pier where Pikachu was resting, unconscious. I immediately broke out of Nurse Joy’s grip, and dropped to the floor, placing my head against his heart. I heard a pulses, and the steady up and don rhythm of his chest was indicating that he was breathing. I sighed.

“Thank you for taking care of my Pikachu. That hit form the beats was really…” I broke off, remembering the beast. Instantly I was on my feet, and looking at the sea.

And there they were, still locked in close combat, firing bolts of energy from their mouths, and lashing out with claws, talons, tails, wings, mouth and beak. It was a magnificent show of power, strategy and grace combined. But I wasn’t interested in things like that. I was interested in where the sword was. I felt for it at my waist, but it was not there. I then scanned the ground, and there it was. It was near the feet of several sailors, who had come to see the fight between Aforan and his twin. I dived for the sword, and grabbed it, yelling:

“Aforan, to me! To your sword! To me!”

The black bird turned its beak towards me, and squawked loudly, before dodging one of the green bolts from his twin, and heading towards me and my sword. Only to be knocked aside by his twin, a hurtling green blur. Swearing, I tried to slash the green twin with my sword, but he dodged it, and hit me with his clawed paw, sending my skidding across the floor of the pier, to the feet of the very same guard who had stopped me the previous night.

“That’s one hell of a Krabby, aye?” he muttered to me, his eyes still fixed on the battle royal above our heads.

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– Chapter Four –

Jacob Saviour’s Point of View

It took several readings before I could comprehend the magnitude of what was written down in that legend.

If we agreed that this was true, then Pokémon would have to bee looked upon in a whole new light. They would have to be seen as creatures that were even smarter than we humans were. I had heard of the ancient language that Master Koga had spoken of, and it was supposed to have been spoken in cavemen times. And if Pokémon could come up with a legend like this when we humans were barely talking, then they must have an intelligence that far outstrips us even now. I would have liked to say that I already treated Pokémon as equals, but it was difficult to do so, as we all grow up in a world where Pokémon are used as no more than weapons in a fight. The legend also mentioned two legendary beasts, and beasts of a Pokémon legend are usually alive and well. It would be worth more than all the treasure on this planet to have one of them under your control.

“Master Koga, do you realise what this means? It could turn our entire world upside down,” I said, standing up from the chair I was sitting in, and beginning to pace up and down. “It’s all very well to read this legend, but to read it when a phenomenon like this storm is about is a whole new thing. And now you’re saying that it’s one of these legends that caused the storm. It’s all very difficult to understand.”

Master Koga nodded sympathetically, and stood up, placing his hand on my shoulder. “You do notice that the legend says the beasts only appear when the world is in ‘evil’s cup‘. But right now, as far as I can see, we are not in ‘evil’s cup‘. The only other explanation is that they have been disturbed during their hibernation.”

“How so?” I asked. “Surely creatures like these would take more than a yell and a shove to wake up, not to mention that they are probably hidden away, if we have not seen them until now.”

“There’s more to the legend than we have managed to decipher,” explained Master Koga, “but it goes somewhat along the lines of this: there were two weapons made, two swords made, that the two beasts could reside in, when the time came for them to wake up, and rid evil from the world. The swords would only appear before one worthy enough, and one who did not know of the legend. If the person did know of the legend, then that person would be searching for the sword, and that could be disastrous.”

I laughed lightly, “Well, at last we know that none of us are going to get the sword.”

Master Koga’s eyes darkened, and he looked me carefully in the eye. “There’s something I should have told you a long time ago. Something more important than learning the arts of Pokémon battling, as well as fighting by yourself. But I was afraid. Afraid that you would not be able to handle it. But now is the time to tell you. You are almost sixteen, the age of manhood, and you deserve to know this knowledge.”

I stood transfixed, as Master Koga said all of this, then turned his back, and opened a door behind his desk. This was it. This was the thing that he had not told me. This was the reason that many people would try to kill me.

“Follow me,” he said, beckoning with his finger, and drawing me into the room behind his office.

I followed, ducking under the low doorway, and into the room beyond. It was dark. There were no lanterns or candles anywhere. But somehow, there was a green tinge to the little light that was in the room. Master Koga closed the door behind me, and he walked in front of me, turning to face me. I blinked a couple of times, to speed up the change from light to dark in my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I saw Master Koga’s face, and that, more than anything, scared me. Etched on his face, was the one emotion I never thought I would see my Master wear. Fear.

“Listen, Jake. You are probably wondering were your parents are. Let me explain. Your mother and father were both great people. Your mother was a member of the League’s Council, and an extremely wise, and ambitious person. You father, likewise, was a high member of the League’s Army. He was an aristocrat by birth, born under two of the League’s nobles. He was a passionate, strong and smart man. They had a child, and they were happy, and lived together. But then your mother became pregnant again, and had another child. And that’s second child was you. Your parents were afraid. The League had suddenly given out orders that anybody with more than one child, must hand over the second child to the League. There was war on the horizon, and they wanted to train as many people from birth as possible. But neither of your parents wanted that. So, they went their own ways, leaving the first born with your mother, and leaving you with your father. Your father came straight here, as this was his birth-town. On his way here, something happened. While he was riding his steed, the earth began to tremble, and out of the earth, rose a sword. It was a magnificent sword, of breathtaking beauty. He reached out to touch it, but when he did, he got a shock. Instead, the sword wafted down, and landed in your hands. You were barely six months old at the time and you could not hold onto the hilt, but your father understood. The sword belonged to you. He then rode here, and hid the sword in his house. But one evening, he was attacked. He was fatally wounded. When he was found outside the Fuchsia borders, and bleeding, he was brought straight to the hospital here, where he called for me, for we were friends ever since childhood. I went, and he asked me to keep the sword carefully, explaining everything in detail. He then also made me promise that I would raise you as a son. I have tried my very best to fulfil his wishes. Then, he passed away, and is buried in the Fuchsia cemetery.”

I was breathing heavily, and my knees began to tremble. I clutched against the wall, and shivered horribly. Without warning, my legs gave in, and I collapsed to the hard earth floor, trembling with sobs, and anger. Anger towards the people who caused my parents to separate. Anger towards the people who attacked my father. But most importantly, anger towards Master Koga, for not telling me this. I tried to yell, but my mouth was trembling too much. I sat on the ground, weeping to my heart’s content. Master Koga dropped down beside me, his arm over my shoulder, whispering soothing comments. He sat there, with me for what seemed like almost half an hour. Slowly I looked at him, and stood up.

“And you want to give me the sword now?” I asked.

Master Koga nodded, and he groped around in the darkness for a while, before finding a large black case. He then turned to me, opened the lid, and fell to his knees, holding the box up above his head, as if in offering. I looked inside, and saw a sight that made my heart fly. There, before me was the most magnificent of swords. The hilt seemed to be made from a metal, that glinted green, when looked at from different angles. There was a large green jewel of sorts, also on the hilt. The sheath, which was what the sword was in, was made from the same metal. I reached down and grabbed the hilt in my right hand. With my left hand I held the sheath, and tugged, drawing the blade. I gasped as I saw the long blade in my hand. It was long, sharp on both sides, and made from the sae metal that the hilt and sheath was. It was also extremely light for its size. On the blade seemed to be engraved an alligator of sorts, although it was difficult to tell, as it was engraved rather lightly.

“Wow.” It just about summed up the sword.

“Come, Jake. Come into my office, we can talk more over there,” said Master Koga, and he opened the door, and walked through. I followed him into his office, and sat in front of his desk, while he sat behind it. He opened his mouth to speak, but I cut him off.

“Before we say anything else, I want a certain someone to see this sword, and tell me if it is okay. I think we both know who that someone is. I feel that she has as much right as I do to touch this sword,” I explained, while Master Koga nodded.

I drew my hand back, and reached for my belt, while simultaneously placing the sword on the ground in front of me. I then plucked a poké-ball from my belt, and unlocked it, throwing it into the air. It burst open, and light flooded into the room from a split second. Once the light cleared, a small purple cat stood before me, with a red jewel, of sorts on her head. Her tail was split neatly in two. This was my life-long partner and companion. My Espeon.

“Go on, Reinart. What do you think about the sword?” I asked, pointing out the sword to her.

She casually walked up to the sword, and bent low, sniffing at it cautiously, her gentle nose twitching up and down. She then pushed at it experimentally. After that, she drew back, and closed her eyes, focussing upon her psychic powers. The sword glowed blue for a minute, before reverting to normal. Espeon opened her eyes, her ears now erect, and she smiled at me.

“Good enough for me,” I said, as I picked it up, belting it, with Reinart by my feet.

“Jake, we need a name for the sword,” explained Master Koga. “You cannot have a sword, and not have a name for it.”

I nodded, thinking hard about all of the swords in mythology. Finally, I found one. It was the sword that belonged to a young farmer boy, who turned out to be the son of a king. Sounded somewhat like what had happened to me, and I liked it.


And for the first time since I remember Master Koga, he smiled. A proper smile.

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– Chapter Five –
A Plan

Jacob Saviour’s Point of View

“What now, Master Koga?”

After a short but reasonable ceremony where I was officially gifted Isq’fal, Master Koga called together several of his most trusted friends and assistants. I was there, of course, Isq’fal’s sheath, strapped to my belt, and Reinart curled up on my lap. Chester was there too, his hard face quiet, and unreadable. He was looking down at his lap, waiting for Master Koga to begin. Next to him, sat Master Koga’s sister: Aya. She was tall and slender, like her brother, but there was something very prominent that distinguished the two separately. While Master Koga was always focussed at some obscure task, never happy, and always thinking, Aya, on the other hand, loved to have fun. Unlike her brother, there was a lively and joyful beast within her breast, that longed to be free, and play amongst tall flowers in the eventide sun.

Next to Aya, sat Mistress Erika. Mistress Erika was actually the Pokémon League’s official in Celadon city, as well as being the former Gym Leader, when the trend of badge-collection was in fashion. Her short black hair was combed neatly, and she wore her traditional kimono, and sandals. But beneath this pleasant appearance, I knew that she was a force to be reckoned with. It was because of her, that Celadon was still free from the League of Shadow’s grasp. But while she was not fighting off evil forces, Mistress Koga was extremely fun, as well as interesting, to talk to. When she made her trips to Fuchsia when I was younger, I would often go up to her after she had talked with Master Koga, and ask her all kinds of irrelevant questions. All of which she justified with an answer, which turned out to be right.

And next to her, was her current apprentice. I had heard rumours about her strength when it came to battling with her Pokémon. She didn’t seem strong to me. She had dark blonde hair, which fell to her shoulders. It was normally straight, but had a tendency to curl slightly at the tips. Her eyes were a hazel-brown colour, and they seemed to be wide, and fully alert. Her build, was nothing short of small and thin. But that didn’t worry me. Sometimes the most dangerous people, were short people, with something to prove. She was dressed normally, and not in a traditional kimono like Mistress Erika. Something else about Mistress Erika that I liked, was her forward-looking personality. It was this girl, who had asked Master Koga what was going to happen.

Master Koga looked at her long and hard, his cold black eyes boring into hers. But she glared back, unblinkingly, with just as fierce a fire burning in her eyes. Master Koga nodded and turned to the rest of us at large. “As I am sure all of you have been briefed, the recent hurricane that struck us was no natural hurricane. It was something man-made, or Pokémon-made. As I would like to believe, it was the work of the legendary twins. I’m sure I told all of you about that Legend?”

There was a general nod around the table. I rolled my eyes. Typical Master Koga. Tell everyone else, and then tell me. But it doesn’t matter. The point is that we all know, and that I have a sword with the power to quell one of the two beasts.

“Good,” he continued, “I’m glad I don’t have to repeat myself again. Anyway, enough about the Legend. Our task at the moment, is to see what we can do about it. Now, I have my reasons to believe, that the League of Shadows has a hand in this. The Legend sates, that the beasts only appear when the word is in danger. But when you think about the swords, they might appear to one who has a sword. I also have my reasons to believe, that the League of Shadows knows something about it. Now – Yes Jake, what is it?”

I had raised my hand, a question buzzing inside my skull like a hornet. “Where did you get the information that indicates that the League of Shadows knows of the legend?” I grinned. The longer and more complicated the words were; the more likely Master Koga would answer.

He sighed. “You see, I have certain informers, which would appreciate not being mentioned, for their own safety. I shall tell you who they are, only if you need to know. May I continue?”

I nodded. I was unsatisfied with the answer, but Master Koga was the wrong person to argue with. He could cut you to pieces with whispered words if he had to. That’s how powerful he was.

“As I was saying, I believe that the League of Shadows has one of the swords. Do not ask me how, for the answer would only confuse you. If they don’t, the it’s my fault, and you are all free to blame me. But if they do, and we take no measures to remove the sword from their reaches, then the results could be disastrous. I propose a reconnaissance crew to go to Vermillion, and report back to Fuchsia. Any question?”

Almost immediately, Aya piped up. It was typical of her to disagree with whatever her brother said. Master Koga had been reluctant to allow Aya to participate in this discussion, but she seemed to always find the flaws in Master Koga’s plan, and fix them. She was vital if Master Koga wished to succeed.

“Well, I have a question, or rather several questions. You see, I’m sure that it’s all good to speak about this, but even if the reconnaissance reports back here, what can we do. The hurricane has completely destroyed our city, and wiped out all of our defence faculties. We still have the Fuchsia Army, but without their headquarters, what can we do?”

Mistress Erika answered Aya’s question. “You’re not alone in this war against the League of Shadows. You have Celadon backing you up, and not much of Celadon was destroyed by the hurricane. The southern parts were, but not badly. Our death toll barely reaches twenty.” She smiled softly as she saw Aya open her mouth to argue. Mistress Erika already had an answer. “I know what you’re going to ask, but it’s not only Celadon backing you up. You have Lavender and Cerulean. Even Giovanni despises the League of Shadows, and is willing to help—”

“Giovanni?” I interrupted. “Viridian City was razed to the ground by the League of Shadows. How’s he going to help us?”

“Giovanni took a leaf out of my book,” explained Master Koga as I turned to look at him for the answer. “He built an underground honeycomb of passageways, and quarters, allowing almost nil to die from the League of Shadows’ attack.”

“But the he’s like us,” argued Chester, raising his head for the first time, “with no headquarters to train in.”

“He has Pallet just south of him. And they still have their buildings standing,” countered Erika.

“So Fuchsia, Celadon, Cerulean, Lavender, Viridian and Pallet are all going into this war?” Chester asked.

“Yes. That’s basically all the cities that aren’t under the League of Shadow’s control, apart from Vermillion, which is where the hurricane originated, and no doubt they won’t be much of a help, and Indigo, which is where the old Pokémon League resides. But they have almost no power, and only Lance and Bruno are willing to fight. We might just find those two with us.”

So there were all of our questions answered. Well, almost all. I still had one last question. “Who is going to be part of the reconnaissance team? And even if you do choose people, how will we manage to get inside Vermillion? The League of Shadows is probably just waiting for people like us to turn up at the gates of Vermillion.”

Master Koga nodded. “That’s a fair question. Let me answer it as fully as possible. All of us present can fight, and have been trained since birth. I say we’ll make a good reconnaissance team. And to answer your other question. I wasn’t planning on going by land. I was planning on going by sea. Even the League of Shadows isn’t stupid enough to close off the harbour. They’ll need resources, and the best way to get resources to Vermillion is by ship.”

“And how do you plan on getting us there by sea. I doubt any of us can pilot a ship.”

“A couple of friends are willing to help. I contacted them, and they’ve agreed on taking us there by submarine.”

Mistress Erika rose her hand, as a small child would do when he or she want to ask a question. “I just have one tiny problem with that plan, Koga. If all of us go, then both the guardian of Fuchsia, and Celadon will be gone, and that’s practically inviting the League of Shadows to come and take over. I suggest that I stay here. Kirsty can be my representative.”

So that was her name, I thought.

“Agreed. I thank you for volunteering to stay.”

Mistress Erika curtseyed and Master Koga bowed. I’d never seen either of then do so, and was amazed at how much they respected each other. It was possible that they respected each other more, than I respected both of them put together.

“Now, I beg your leave, Koga. I need to go and prepare a route between Celadon and Fuchsia, so that I can freely come and go when I please. Preferably under the protection of the forest.”

Master Koga nodded, and Mistress Erika left. Master Koga turned to the remaining four of us and said. “It’s time to get ready to go out on a journey that could result in all of us dead. But it is for the good of all Kanto.”

Aya sighed, shaking her head. “Always have to draw it out, don’t you?”

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Its tail was long, and powerful, continuously brandishing the enemies body with deliberate strength.

Mmkay...so it 'brandished' its twin with its tail? As in, holding its twin up with its tail and shaking the twin at someone else? Dunno, it looked like a mistake. And 'enemies' should be 'enemy's.'

It seemed like there would never be a victor out of this fight, but it was the creature’s instincts to fight until desperate exhaustion.

That would be 'creatures',' would it not?

And so on. Errors are baaaad.

Otherwise, an interesting story, if slightly bland. It is for me, anyway. I like a bit of action. But all to their own, eh?