View Full Version : King of the Seas (Prelude; Suitable for All Audiences)

7th August 2006, 5:49 AM
Greetings, everone!

This is a prelude to a series of fan fics which follow the adventures of Mewtwo as he begrudgingly befreinds a small island community. What follows after you'll have to read for yourself, but I will say that surfing, aliens and swashbuckling pirate adventures will be involved.

So without further ado, here's the prelude;


The ocean has long been recognized as a tremendous force of nature by humans and pokemon alike. It has been seen as a venue for life, or a tremendous destructive power which can destroy life. Also, many of both human and pokemon have turned to this massive liquid being to find themselves, as if asking it to devulge its deepest secrets which would, inturn, solve their own mysteries.

No different is the case of one pokemon, in fact the most powerful of them all.

This creature is unlike any other, being the result of numerous cloning and gene splicing experiments performed on the fossilized DNA of a Mew. As such, the name that his creators gave him was, Mewtwo. Because of his artificial birth and tremendous powers, he distances himself from all humans and most other pokemon. He feels too different to socialize with his fellow wild monsters, and he deeply mistrusts humans for how they regarded him as a experimental object or living weapon in the past.

He wanders under the cloak of night, staring off into the eternity of space, as if asking the stars for answers to the questions that he has harbored since his life began. One of his nocturnal meanders has taken him to a coastal town, where he sits on the edge of a derelict fishing pier, the access to it by foot blocked by typhoon damage. He stares out at the horizon, watching the moonlight move across the surface of the ocean like thousands of fluidly moving opals.

~Why?~ He wonders to himself. ~What is the reason that I exist? Was I truly only put here to serve the purposes of humans? But if that was true, why am I free?~

As his eyes remain fixed on the horizon, slowly he begins to see a sliver of pale gold forming where the sea and sky meet. He knows that this heralds the approach of dawn, and like a spectre or vampire, he must seek refuge from the light. However, such seculsion cannot be found in such a small town where every inch is well known to the locals. So, he launches himself by psychic force into the air and flies over the ocean until he finds an island which appears devoid of any human activty. Here, he finds an accomodating patch of moss beneath a small cluster of palm trees just past the dune of a sugar white beach, and drifts off to a comfortable sleep.

Unfortunately, he is not to remain entirely undisturbed, for while he sleeps a very small but powerful typhoon materializes and the gail force winds scoop him up and drops him onto an entirely different island, where fate shall take him on a most marvelous journey of life.