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8th August 2006, 10:23 PM
Right, my name's >Treecko< and this is my first fan-fic on this forum. I've been throwing the ideas for this fic around in my head for a while now, and I've finally decided to write it to a fic.

Fic infomation
Type: First person Pokecentric/Adventure.
Rating: G (Sutible for all).
Language: None.
Blood/Gore: None.
Violence: Lots of Pokemon battles, but other than that, none.
Other: None.

Chapter dictionary
Chapter 1: An eggceptional beginning. (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=3972905&postcount=7)
Chapter 2: What makes a team? (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=4037685&postcount=8) New!

Good, now that thats out of the way, shall we begin?




It was that time of year again. I absolutely hated it, but there wasn't anything I could do about it. It was my duty to attend. And when duty calls for me, well...I can't get out of it.

You see, every year on July the 31st (This date was decided on because it was during the summer. I personaly despise the summer, but I was out voted)
all the legendaries gather on Legend mountain in the Terra region (We gather here because it was the highest mountain in the region. the lack of a Human population in the reigon helped too) to hold a meeting.

At these meetings, we discuss important matters and the current events happening on the Earth and in the rest of the universe. If there are any important things happening, we would vote if the legandaries would step in to sort it out and witch one of us would do it.

It was here that it was decided that Rayquaza would be the one that would stop Groudon and Kyogre from fighting. It was also here that we determined that we would let the Human race go about catching other Pokemon in balls and using them to fight each other without us interfering. (I'm not sure why we approved of that, but it seemed to have worked out well in the end.).

However, these decisions were not brought about peacefully, we almost always broke out into an argument on every subject that was brought up. It wasn't easy, but we always compremised in the end.

This was why I dreaded these meetings, and I hoped as I flew towards Legend mountain that day, that just for once we could have an argument free meeting.

However, I heard something much worse.

I landed softly and looked around to see if everyone was here. Most of us had shown up and more were arriving by the minute. I survyed the scene slowly. I noticed Moltres and Zapdos chatting to each other about how nice Kanto was at this time of year compared to the other regions.

They hadn't noticed me yet. I didn't feel in a hurry to let them know. I didn't feel like talking right at that moment.

Next, I noticed Diagura and Piruka. I always got a little frightened when I looked at them. If only because they looked so imtimidating.

I then noticed Lugia nd Ho-oh, the other two legendary birds. I always had held them in high regard, mainly because I took my orders from them.

I felt myself being jogged and looked to my side to see Zapdos sitting there.
"Best get ready" He said "Almost everyone's here. Mew's about to start."

"Thanks" I replied, and mentally went over my subjects to bring up. I was in charge of gaurding the southeast part of the Kanto region. I look after everything from the Seafoam islands up to Pewter city. Zapdos was in charge of the northwest side, while Moltres handled the Sevill island chain.

After mentally finishing going through my notes, I turned my attention to Mew, who was just begining.

"Right", He started, "Hi everyone, how's it going. Are you all here?" He asked.

"No not quite". Suicune pointed out. "Groudon and Kyrogre haven't arrived yet."

"well," Mew said, "can anbody see them?" He asked.

"Hang on, I'll go and check." Replied Rayquaza, as he flew up into the sky to see better.

"Yep, I can see them. They're coming up the mountain now. They should be here in a few minutes."

Sure enough, Groudon arrived at the summit a few minutes later. We were suprised to see that he was carrying Kyrogre on his back.

"That's the last time I ever carry you up here." He said. He sounded very annoyed.

"Thanks for the lift anyway, Magmer butt". Kyroger replied.

"Don't make me start on you again bubble brain, you won't win this time." Groudon mocked, making slashing gesters with his claws at him.

"Stop you two please," Mew said, sounding slightly annoyed. "We have a meeting to get on with."

"Fine." they both sighed, eyeing each other wearily.

"Right, our first point of today is the survalence on the human's master ball project. Mewtwo, if you please." Mew gestered to Mewtwo, who then stepped foward.

"Okay," He began "I regret to inform you all that the master ball project has been a success."

A slight, worried murmor sprung up through us. The master ball project was a Human plan to build a Poke ball that would be unescapeable. The news that such a device now exsisted worryed us, because if just one of us was caught, it would effect the entire balence of the planet.

"Thankfully," Mewtwo continued, "The company that makes the balls have decided not to mass produce it. So we should be safe."

A few of us sighed with relife on hearing this. I knew there would be a catch however.

"However," Mewtwo began again, "A few working prototypes. do exsist, so I suggest that I keep an eye on this matter a little longer. Thank you." He finished, and went back to his place.

"Right, thank you Mewtwo." Mew said. "Now, Latias has something she wishes to talk about. Latias." He gestered to Latias, who hovered foward a bit.

"Yes, I do have somthing to say, but it is rather worrying," she began. " I was out exploring the other day when I ran into an Aridos. He looked normal at first, but when I looked closer, I saw that his eyes were full of hatred and sorrow, like a shadow pokemon."

"It then attacked me with what looked like a Shadow rush. I managed to faint it with my mist ball attack. I felt sorry for it and stayed there until it woke up."

"The odd thing was that once it was awake, it was like it was a normal pokemon again. It scurried away like nothing had happend. Mew, do you have any idea what it was?"

"Probrobly just a odd event." Mew said. "Nothing to worry about. thank you Latias. Does anyone else have anything to talk about?"

The meeting went on without anything major happening. (Kyrogre and Groundon had a berief argument, but they always did that, so it dosent count.) However, I coudn't help but worry about this odd Pokemon Latias had discribed. It didn't feel like an odd event. What could it have been?

I stayed on the mountaintop for a long time after the meeting was over thinking the problem over. I didn't notice Moltres land next to me until he started speaking to me.

"Articuno," He asked. "Is eveything alright?"

"No." I replied. "After hearing about that strange Pokemon, I just have a very nasty feeling."

"What is it?" he asked.

"I think," I replied, "That somthing very bad is about to happen. Something even us legendarys can't prevent."

End of Prolouge

Comments? Questions? I'll be happy to answer them. I hope you enjoy this fic. It should be fun.

See ya.

Yami Ryu
8th August 2006, 10:56 PM
Eh ... have to say while in theory your idea is good- with how you wrote it out is .. not. The legendaries- half of them seem to come off as childish. I doubt Arti, Zap and Moltres would really be in the same room together without fighting- they strike me as something that would always clash. Like Kyogre and Groudon.

And Kyogre out of the water, wtf. It's not like Suicune. It'd die- ever see a beached whale? :/ Kyogre is a whale.

A slight, worried murmor sprung up through us. The master ball project was a Human plan to build a Poke ball that would be unescapeable. The news that such a device now exsisted worryed us, because if just one of us was caught, it would effect the entire balence of the planet.

Even though technically Mewtwo invented the Master Ball?- and anyways why/how did the legends accept Mewtwo so readily, and why is he with them? I understand this isn't game/manga/anime verse but still...

Overall your story seems iffy. It doesn't help it's done in bad first person, or that your 'legendaries' (and btw that's how the correct spelling goes), have shallow personalities, the grammar/spelling errors also get a little ... old.

Some things you have in your story also seem off- Rayquaza naturally would have been the only one fit to stop Groudon and Kyogre from destroying the world. (he negates their abilities). And why shouldn't things come to blows? They might be intellegent but in the end they're still pokemon and they still might attack one another- maybe not seriously but not everything is a saint.

And Mew brushing off a supposed 'Shadow Pokemon'? Would think Ho-oh and Celebi would jump at the fact it could possibly be another shadow pokemon- and Lugia even as he/she was captured and turned.

Sorry but in the end I have to say this doesn't seem really thought out, the characters are bland and just overall meh.

9th August 2006, 5:12 AM
I enjoyed your story although it is littered with spelling errors, too many to pick out for me (I'm lazy)

I thought this was definatly one of the better prolouges that I have seen it makes me want to continue reading so Kudos for that

Grammar needs to be worked on though (try spellcheck)

Idea is well thought

I would like to see this prolouge being used for an OT story not just constantly from Articuno's p.o.v (although that idea was a good prolouge idea)

I would like to see how this progresses however, because I don't like the idea of being constantly in Articuno's p.o.v.I can all give this story a 3.5/5

But because the prolouge was excellent I'll give it a 4 if you can fix all the spelling mistakes.

9th August 2006, 11:54 AM
Right, my first bit of critisisum. (<- Darn! my spelling is not good these days.)
Here we go.

First, I know about all my spelling. I would have done somthing about it, but the posting interface on this forum dosen't have a spell checker. I also coudn't load up word and use it's spell checker because it takes too long for my computer to start it up, and I was short on time. (A note to all aspiring fic writers, don't start writing just before your bedtime).

Second, this fic sticks more to the game's canon then to the show's canon. Silph invented the masterball in the games.

About the legendaries accepting Mewtwo, I was going to write a bit where Mew introduced Mewtwo and Deoxis (Sp, I know...) to the group, but again, I had to cut it out due to time.

Also, the legendaries aren't the main characters, you haven't seen the main cast yet, I'll introduce a few of them in the next chapter. I'm pretty sure you'll like them.

Thanks for reviewing HB5squared and Yami Ryu. I'll try and make my fic better.

See ya.

Yami Ryu
9th August 2006, 12:08 PM
First, I know about all my spelling. I would have done somthing about it, but the posting interface on this forum dosen't have a spell checker. I also coudn't load up word and use it's spell checker because it takes too long for my computer to start it up, and I was short on time. (A note to all aspiring fic writers, don't start writing just before your bedtime).

If you have 'Notepad' you can write it up in that, and if you have a yahoo email account, it has spellchecker. :/ cause writing in the reply box is a biiiiiig nono. And the 'Short on time' dealie. That's why replying in the reply box is AGAINST THE RULES, ohnoes.

And it's Deoxys*. If you're unsure how to spell a pokemon's name ... you can just look it up.

Frost Nova
9th August 2006, 12:31 PM
I quite liked the idea of using Legendaries in council, and it was a good prologue: congratulations on getting a decent length for the prologue, keep it up. People here like a lot to read. The only thing is, SPELLING ERRORS. Not really something you'd like to see in a fic.

Try typing up your entire fic in Microsoft Word once you've finished making a draft and editing it. It'll help you look for any spelling errors and overall makes the fic look nicer.

If in doubt, use the pokedex to look up names.

12th August 2006, 10:00 PM
Thanks for reviewing everyone.

The next chapter is here! Don't worry about spelling errors this time. I wrote this in notepad. It should be fine.

So Frost nova, you say the people here like to read a lot. This chapter is Five pages long. Hope that's good enough.

Okay, here we go!

Pokemon: Team adventure!

Chapter 1: An eggceptional Beginning




"Darn alarm clock..."

I felt around on my bedside table to find my clock. I felt out it shape with my fingers, and then brought my fist down on it's top. Not hard enough to damage it, but enough to stop it from making it's ear-splitting noise.

I sat up in bed groggily and looked at the time. Nine o'clock. I had slept in again. I usually got up at seven o'clock, but I was up rather late last night, working on something.

After deciding that the extra rest probably had done me good, I got up, made my bed, and then went into the kitchen to get some berries to eat. After a eating a big bowl of Oran berries (Keeps your Stamina up.) I headed towards the basement.

I opened the door to the basement and was met with darkness. My house was built in a tree, and after I had purchased it, I had hollowed out the middle of the tree to use as a basement. I had to had stairs put in so I could reach it though.

I had, unfortunately, put the light switch for the basement light at the bottom of the stairs, so I always had to go down the stairs in pitch blackness. I always regretted this decision. Today wasn’t any different.







Rats, I had fallen down the stairs. I checked to see if I was hurt. I was a little sore, but otherwise, I was fine, nothing a few Oran berries couldn’t fix anyway. I flicked the light on and opened the door to my work area.

The familiar humming of my ageing Nintendo 99 computer greeted me. You may be wondering why a lowly Pokemon like me has access to such good technology. I'll explain, a few years ago, a group of Pokemon infiltrated a Human city. When they returned, they brought back with them a few examples of human technology (Computers, televisions, etc).

Some of the Region's best minds went about reworking these examples so that they work more efficiently and to run on power sources that wouldn’t cause pollution. They were successful, so they massed produced duplicates by hand and distributed them to the public.

My Nintendo 99 computer however, wasn’t built by a Pokemon, though. I had retrieved it from a rubbish dump on one of my trips to the Hoenn region, and restored it myself. It took a while, but I was quite successful, but it did crash from time to time, sometimes right when I was in the middle of some important work.

It had not crashed during the night however, and was keeping the incubator it was hooked up to running, which contained something that -to me- was very precious.

A Pokemon egg was sitting in it, taking in the heat provided by the incubator. It was blue with orange spots, and roughly about the same size at me. I had found the egg after a hard night of training by fighting wild Pokemon. I was on my way back to my house when I noticed it sitting in the village pond.

I didn’t know what to make of it at first, but I decided to take it back to my house and think about it there. I couldn’t decide what to do with it, so I put it in my bedroom closet. A few days later I suddenly felt rather sorry for the Pokemon inside that egg. If nobody kept it warm, It wouldn’t hatch, and the poor Pokemon inside would never know what the world was like. I didn’t know why I got those feelings, I guess it was just instinct.

I realized that if I wanted the egg to hatch, I would have to do it myself. So, I ordered a top of a line incubator from a magazine (Cost me a lot. And that doesn’t include the shipping and handling. I also had to have it shipped to a house in Hoenn. It took me a while to get there) and put the egg in it. I then started monitoring it, making sure it was warm enough among other things.

I had been spending most of the past few weeks looking after the egg. The other Pokemon in the village where I live were getting worried about me. When they did ask me what I had been doing, I just told them I was working on a secret project. They didn’t ask anymore questions.

As I opened up the incubation monitoring program on my computer, I wondered how long it would be before my egg would hatch . My question was answered when I looked at the eggs status. It read:

Status of egg: It’s making sounds, it’s about to hatch!

I was rather excited at this, mainly because I wouldn’t have to spend most of my time in the basement anymore, but also the possibility that I could have a new friend to live with me. Living on my own was nice, but I did get lonely sometimes.

I was jerked from my thoughts when I heard a knock on my front door. I’m a polite person, so I went to see who it was.

I opened the front door to find Torchic, my best friend standing there, she looked a little flustered, like she had seen a ghost type Pokemon or something.

“Hello Torchic, you look flustered. Would you mind telling me what happened?” I asked.

“Yeah, okay.” She said. “Can I come in?”

“Of course.” I said as I let her inside, we made our way to the lounge and sat down on the leafy furniture (I made it myself out of wood and the leaves on my tree.).

“Right,” She began, “I was practicing my Ember attack earlier when I set my bed on fire accidentally.”


“The fire spread to the rest of the top floor of my house. Seeing as I’m a fire type, I managed to get out of my house okay, but my house isn’t equally as fire proof. Take a look.” She said as she gestured for me to come and look out the front window.

I looked towards the spot where Torchic’s house was, or rather, where it used to be. All that was left was a smoking pile of rubble. A few water types were keeping a few small fires left burning under control. Asides from the rubble, there didn’t appear to be anything left.

“Oh dear…” I started. “I know.” Torchic said. “Horrible isn’t it?”

“Anyway,” She started, “I need to ask you something.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“Well, since my house is nothing more than a smoking wreck, I now don’t have anywhere to live. So I was wondering -if it‘s not too much trouble- would you mind if I stayed with you?”

I took a few seconds to think about the question. Torchic was a good friend, but I was a little worried about her living here. What if she burnt down my house as well? I didn’t really want to take that risk. On the other hand, I would never forgive myself if I turned her out onto the street. And I wouldn’t mind a bit of company.

“Yeah,” I answered, “you can stay with me.”

“Thank you Treecko!” She replied “You’re a good friend.” She said as she gave me hug. You know how they say when you hug a Torchic, you can feel it glowing with warmth? It’s completely true. It felt rather nice really.

“However, I’ll only let you stay here under one condition.” I told her.

“What?” She asked.

“That you don’t practice your attacks in the house. Okay?” I said.

“Okay.” She replied. “Well, now that that’s of the way, I need to ask you something. What is this “secret project” you’ve been working on then?” She asked.

I didn’t expect to ask me that as soon as she had moved in. But she was going to be living with me now, so there was no point keeping it a secret from her.

“Alright, come on then, I’ll show you.” I said as I lead her down to my work area in the basement.

“Okay,” I started you see that Pokemon egg sitting in the incubator?” I said.

“What egg?” Torchic asked.

“That egg. The blue one with orange-” I turned to look where my incubator was “-spots.”

My egg was gone! There was nothing there! However, when I looked closer, I found a few blue shards lying on the floor. I put two and two together, and realized that my egg must of hatched while I was talking to Torchic. However, there was a problem. I didn’t know what kind of Pokemon had hatched from the egg. What if it was something dangerous? Like a Carvanha? Or a Tentacool?

“Okay Torchic, don’t panic, but there is a very real possibility that there is dangerous Pokemon loose in the house.” I said, my voice quavering slightly.

“Dangerous Pokemon?” She asked. “Treecko, is there something your not telling me?”

I quickly explained everything to her. How I found the egg , how I had been looking after it, and how it had hatched while I was gone and I didn’t know what Pokemon was in it.

“So, your saying that there could be a vicious, probably bloodthirsty Pokemon in the house right now?” Torchic asked.

“Yes.” I confirmed.

There was an awkward silence. Then, Torchic exploded.


“I didn’t know!” I explained. “We wouldn’t be in this mess if I had seen the Pokemon hatching. I guess the only thing we can do is find this mystery Pokemon and see if it’s dangerous or not.”

“But how are we going to find it? It could be anywhere!” Torchic said. “And it might attack us on sight! A freshly hatched Pokemon might not be that strong, but it could still be dangerous!”
“We’ll have to check the whole house.” I said, making my way back up the stairs onto the ground floor. “It’s not too big, so it won’t be too hard to find our mystery Pokemon.”

“And if it does attack us?” Torchic asked.

“Well…I just hope your good at battling.” I replied


My house has three floors (Including the basement.), but even though my house wasn’t very big, it was impossible to find this Pokemon. We looked in every closet, cranny and chest of drawers we could find. But we had no luck.

Me and Torchic took a small break in the living room. Trying to think of what to do.

“I have an idea.” said Torchic.

“What is it?” I asked.

“We set the house on fire and wait outside. When the mystery Pokemon finds out the house is burning down, it’ll run outside to us! Do you like it?”

I gave Torchic a quick glare. She got the message.

“Wait, I have an idea,” I said, we’ll set a trap, and leave a few berries under it. When the Pokemon comes along we’ll spring it on him! How does that sound?” I asked.

“It’s better than my idea.” she said “Lets do it.”


It didn’t take long to set the trap. I had found an old cage in my basement and Torchic had found some rope in one of my closets. The trap worked like this. The cage hung from the ceiling by the rope. A plate of berries was positioned on the floor so that the target couldn’t reach them without tripping part of the rope, which was stretched across the hallway where the trap was. As soon as the target trips the rope, the cage comes down on it, trapping it inside. Simple but effective.

“It’s ready.” I said.

“Good.” Torchic replied. “Quick, get out of site, I hear something coming.”

We sprinted around the corner and waited. Sure enough, I could hear something coming down the corridor. I then heard a squeak of joy from whatever it was. Obviously, it had spotted the berries. Then, I heard the sound of a rope being tugged and a cage falling down.

The trap had worked!

“Alright! We did it!” Torchic said. “Shall we go and check what kind of Pokemon we’ve caught then?” She asked.

“No time like the present,” I replied. “Let’s go.”

Me and Torchic cautiously moved towards the cage. Seeing as we didn’t know what kind of Pokemon was trapped under it, we had to be careful. If we frightened it, it could break free and attack us.

“Alright, on three I’ll lift the cage up and see what we’ve caught.” I said.

“Here we go…One…”



I didn’t lift it.

“You chicken!” Torchic said. “You didn’t check! Are you scared?”

“No! I’m not scared.” I replied. “I promise I’ll lift it this time.”




I lifted it this time. I took a look at the Pokemon we had caught. It was small and blue, and had a large fin sticking out of it’s head. It had a short light blue tail and orange protrusions on it’s cheeks that were probably gills. It stood on four small legs, had small eyes and a large mouth.

It had it’s eyes closed and it’s front legs over it’s head. The trap had obviously scared it. Slowly, it opened it’s eyes and looked up at me. It’s eyes were black and had small white pupils. It was the first one of us to speak.

“A-are you going to hurt me?” the Mudkip asked (Baby Pokemon are very intelligent, and it isn’t uncommon for the more intelligent ones to start talking as soon as they hatch.) judging by it’s voice, it was obviously male.

“No,” I replied “I’m the one that looked after you while you were in the egg. I’m Sorry I had to trap you in that cage, it was the only way to find you.”

“Oh…that’s alright,” Mudkip replied. “Thanks for making sure I hatched. I don’t know how I can repay you.” He looked around for something, noticed the bowl of berries that we had used as bait, and offered me one.

“Thanks, that’s good enough.” I said, taking the berry and eating it. “I’m a Treecko by the way and my name’s…Treecko.”

“Oh? Nice to meet you Treecko!” He said. “I’m a Mudkip and my name’s… Mudkip. Who’s she?” He asked, gesturing towards Torchic, who had been silent up to this point.

“Why don’t you introduce yourself Torchic?” I asked.



“…YOU GOT ME ALL WORRIED OVER A MUDKIP???!!!” She yelled, so loud that it blew me and Mudkip into the wall.

“Is she always like this?” Mudkip asked.

“I don’t know, she only just moved in today. I hope not.” I replied.

“Anyone for dinner?” Torchic asked, apparently calming down.

“A big meal? Count me in!” Mudkip exclaimed, racing off to the kitchen.

“Aaww…He’s so cute when he’s hungry.. Wait up Mudkip!” Torchic said as she raced off after Mudkip. I shrugged and followed them.


That night, I lied awake in bed recapping the events of the day. I was happy that I had invited Torchic to live with me, and I had made a new friend in the form of Mudkip. I liked living on my own, but I was happy that I had two friends living with me now. It would certainly make the days more interesting.

“Hey, Treecko.”


“Thanks for letting me sleep in your room.”

Torchic didn’t want to sleep in the same room as Mudkip, so I had found an old sleeping bag in the basement and let Mudkip sleep on the floor in my room.

“Thanks, it was nothing” I replied.

“Anyway, if I’ve learnt something about life today it’s this: Life is good if you have friends.” Mudkip mused.

“Yeah,” I replied “Having friends is always better than being alone.”

“Sheesh Treecko, (Yawn) what a corny line.”

I was just about to hit Mudkip with my pillow, when I noticed he had fallen asleep. Thinking I’d better do the same, I curled up in bed and went to sleep…


I hope you enjoyed chapter 1! I'll try and post one chapter a week.

See ya

22nd August 2006, 9:43 PM
No posts at all? Do you not like my fic? Please post guys (If you want to.), I wont do this if nobody replies.

Anyway, here's chapter 2.

Chapter 2: What makes a team?




“What’s the opposite of being exited?”

“Being bored.”

“Oh…Okay, I’m bored.”

That was typical of Mudkip, he was only a day old so he was always asking questions. The day before had been exciting, I had accidentally burnt my house down (That was actually more scary then exciting, but it was better then being bored.), so Treecko allowed me to move in with him.

Then, Treecko went and told me that he had been looking after a Pokemon egg and it had hatched without him being there, so there was the possibility that a very dangerous Pokemon was loose in the house. It later turned out to be a Mudkip, which we then made friends with.

Compared to Today, yesterday was the most exciting thing ever. Today was dull.

“I don’t know guys, what do you want to do?” Treecko asked. Don’t tell Treecko I said this, but I rather like him. He had been very nice to me by letting me live with him. I also liked how he had looked after Mudkip before he hatched. That was sweet.

“We could play on your Gamecube Treecko.” I suggested.

“Gamecube?” Mudkip wondered. “What’s that?”

“It’s a games console Mudkip, I’ll explain it to you another time, anyway, we can’t play it, it’s broken.” Treecko replied.

“Why is it broken?” I asked.

“I invited a few friends round the other day, one them suggested that we play Pokemon smash. Things got pretty ugly after that and, well…”

“They smashed it?” Mudkip asked.

“Actually, one of my friends threw it out the window.” Treecko continued. “Needless to say, I won’t be inviting them round again.” He finished.

“How annoying. Alright, any other ideas?” I asked.

“No, I’ve got nothing.” Mudkip replied.

“Me neither. Shall we just watch TV?” Treecko suggested.

“Fine, nothing else to do.” I said, as Treecko switched the T.V on.

“So, what do you guys want to watch?” Treecko asked, as he flicked through the channels.

“How about the battling channel?” I suggested. “It’s the big match today, Skamory V Raichu. Everyone’s been talking about it!.”

“Nah, I don’t feel like watching a battle right now.” Treecko said. “How about the strategy channel?” He asked. “It shows you great strategies to use in battle and how to use your moves more effectively. ”

“No thanks.” Mudkip said. “I may be young and taking in facts at an incredible rate, but it all sounds a bit too much for me, and I thought you said you didn’t want to watch any battles?” He asked.

“They don’t actually show the battles, they use in depth diagrams instead.” Treecko responded.

“As I said, it‘s a bit too much.” Mudkip replied. “Oh! How about the Anime channel? I heard that in the latest episode of the Kanto trio, Bulbasaur slaps Squirtle with his vines! How funny does that sound?”

“No thanks Mudkip,” I replied “I don’t feel like watching cartoons right now.”

“Aww…” Mudkip said, disappointed.

“How about the news channel?” Treecko suggested.

“Fine, there isn’t anything else on.” I replied.

“Sounds alright, I’d liked to know what else is going on in the world right now.” Mudkip said.

“The news it is then.” Treecko said, as he flicked it to the news channel, where the Psyduck host was in the middle of a report.

“…When asked why he had been sitting on top of the mountain staring in to space, Articuno simply replied with a simple “I’m thinking.” Will bring you more on this story as it develops.” Psyduck finished.

“In other news, a Pokemon rescue team called team Thunder has successfully managed to ward of a gang of poachers from stealing a bunch of rare Pokemon from the safari zone in Hoenn. The leader of the team, an Ampharos, claimed that rescuing the Pokemon and fending off the poachers was “Easier than Thundershocking magikarp in a barrel.” The Pokemon that were being…Poached…Included a…Zzzzzzzz…” Psyduck didn’t finish. He had fallen asleep.

“Darn Psyduck, I wish they would replace him it’s kind of annoying when he falls asleep in the middle of a story.” I said.

“Yes how annoying. Anyway, I’d liked to be on a rescue team.” Mudkip said. “It would be so cool. Making our way through dungeons, battling or helping other Pokemon, exploring new lands, Maybe even meeting the legendaries! I wish we could form a team.”

“It would probably be fun Mudkip,” I said, “But it is rather dangerous being on a rescue team. There are some very strong Pokemon out there, with attacks so powerful, they could probably faint us in one hit. Also, this region is rather large, and full of dangerous terrain like deserts and volcanoes. It’s just to dangerous to start a rescue force. You agree with me right Treecko?”


“Oh no…”

I like Treecko a lot, but he does have a small problem. You see, Treecko has a very determined attitude. That means that whenever he starts something, he usually doesn’t give up until he’s done. This does have its advantages sometimes. Mudkip is a living example of this.

But whenever he has a crazy idea, things don’t go so well. This rescue force idea looked like a good example. It’s not that I didn’t want to be on a team. I was just afraid of how dangerous it could be. I didn’t like the idea of crossing dangerous terrain or fighting Pokemon that could take me out in one hit.

“We probably could form a team. We could make a good team together and it does sound like fun.” Treecko said.

“I don’t really want to do it Treecko.” I said.

“What? Why?” He asked.

“I don’t really like the sound of crossing dangerous terrain and fighting tough Pokemon.” I explained.

“Hmm. We should be pretty strong as a group if we do a bit of training. So as long as we travel together, I wouldn’t worry about it Torchic” Treecko said.

“Yeah, You don’t need to worry about that Torchic, you’ve got us!” Mudkip said. “And we don’t have to go to dangerous places. Come on Torchic, it’ll be fun! Please?”

I took a moment to think about it. Treecko and Mudkip were good friends, and they had assured me that it would be fine. And if I did a bit of training, I could get stronger and be able to take on other Pokemon more easily. And it did sound like fun. So…

“Alright then,” I said “Lets do it.”

“YAY!” Mudkip shouted, and started jumping up and down happily.

“Alright! This could be fun.” Treecko said. “But before we start there are a few things we need to do.”

“What?” Mudkip asked.

“Well, we need to turn the house into a make-shift base, and we need to do a bit of training. We also need to advertise our rescue force so that the other Pokemon in the village know what that they know that they can call on us if they ever get in trouble.” Treecko explained.

“Well, no time like the present.” I said. “Lets get started!”


It didn’t take long to turn our house into a base. Treecko had moved his Nintendo 99 computer upstairs so he could use it to assign us missions, check the team’s status and things like that. I had turned the front room into a reception area so people could wait in our house while we were out on a mission for them.

“Well, it’s nearly done” Treecko pointed out. “We just need to put a sign on the roof. Now, we need a name for our team so I can put it on the sign. Any ideas?”

“How about…Team star?” I suggested.

“Nah, I don’t like that much.” Mudkip said. “How about team Hydro?”

“No, too watery.” I replied. “How about team Rainbow?”

“Nah, too girly. Team Wave?”

“Hang on guys, I have an idea.” Treecko said. “How about team element?”

“Team element?” I said. “Hmm…I like it, it sounds colourful.”

“I like it too.” Mudkip said. “Good one Treecko.”

“So team element then?” Treecko asked.

“Yeah.” Me and Mudkip confirmed.

“Alright, now lets get the sign up…”


It didn’t take long to put the sign up. We had put it on the roof of Treecko’s house so that people could see it easily. Mudkip had painted the sign himself. (With a little help from me and Treecko.) He had done it in bright colours so that it look nice and stand out. I thought the end result was good.

“Good, now that that’s out of the way we get to do my favourite part, the training.” Treecko said, with a glint in his eyes.

We were in Treecko’s back garden, which was reached by going down a rope ladder through a trapdoor at the back of the house. It was a small clearing in a forest. Trees lined the perimeter of the garden acting as a barrier to keep large Pokemon out. Although smaller ones could squeeze through.

At the back of the garden were quite a few berry trees that Treecko had grown himself. A sweet aroma was coming from them, it smelled pleasant, but it was distracting so I ignored it.

I was standing at one end of a large rectangle marked on the grass in white chalk. At the other end of the rectangle stood Mudkip, who had assumed a fighting stance. We were about to do a practice battle against each other to see how good Mudkip was at fighting. Treecko was acting as the referee.

“Alright, I want a good clean match. The first person to faint loses. Alright, ready?”

“Ready.” Mudkip said.

“Ready” I confirmed.


“Alright Torchic, here I come!” Mudkip exclaimed, as he rushed towards me, However, I saw his Tackle coming and easily dodged. I then countered with a Peck attack.

“Hmm, this isn’t easy as I thought. Alright, dodge this!” Mudkip said. He then started wagging his tail at me. I was completely overcome by how cute that was, so I couldn’t see his next attack coming. I came back to my senses after he had tackled me.

“Not bad for a beginner” I said, as I got back up. “Alright, I’m going all out now, take this!”

I brought some fire up into my mouth and started spraying beads of it at Mudkip. He was hit full on by the ember attack, but he didn’t appear to be hurt to badly, most likely because as a water type, he wouldn’t be hurt much by fire attacks.

“Nice attack Torchic!” Mudkip shouted. “But if your not going to hold back, then I’ll have to go all out as well. I hope you like water!” With that, he squirted a small jet of water at me. I didn’t have time to dodge, so the jet hit me fall on, doing a high amount of damage to me.

I still had some energy left though, so I managed to get back up. I then rushed towards him to try and Peck him again, but he manged to dodge and Tackle me from behind. We then turned round to face each other. I shot an ember at him while he squirted a water gun at me. Our attacks met in mid air, but Mudkip’s water gun was stronger than my ember. The attack hit me hard. I couldn’t take any more, so I collapsed.

“And the winner is Mudkip!” Treecko announced, officaly ending the battle. He then came over to help me up. I felt a little defeated.

“Here, eat this.” he said, giving me a Wiki berry. I ate the dry berry quickly, and felt my strength return.

“Thanks.” I said. “Your welcome. That was a great battle by the way. You were pretty good.” Treecko replied.

“Really?” I asked, cheering up a little.

“Sure, I think your going to be great against other Pokemon.” He awnsered. “And you only lost against Mudkip because you had a type disadvantage.”

“Thanks Treecko,” I replied.

“Good battle Torchic!” Mudkip said, walking up to us.

“Thanks, your weren’t bad for a recently hatched Pokemon.” I replied.

“Your welcome. I guess my parents must have been great at battling if I‘m so good.” He mused.
“How about you and me have a battle Treecko?” Mudkip asked.

“Really? Are you sure? I have a type advantage, and I do know a grass type move.” He said.

“Come on! Please?” Mudkip begged.

“Fine then, just don’t start crying if you get thrashed okay?” Treecko responded.

“Yay! I promise I wont cry alright?”

“Okay, lets go then.”

Treecko and Mudkip took their positions at the oppsite side of the field. I was acting as the referee this time. I had never seen Treecko fight before, so this would be an intresting match.

“Okay, same rules as before. Ready?” I asked.

“Ready!” Mudkip said.

“Ready.” Treecko confirmed.

“Alright, GO!” I signalled.

Treecko made the first move. He charged Mudkip at a blinding speed and smashed onto him hard. Mudkip was thrown back a little bit, but quickly got back up again.

“Wow! That move was awesome! What was it?” Mudkip asked enthusiastically.

“Quick attack.” Treecko responded. “My personal favorite move. Shall we continue?”

“Yes please.” Mudkip responded, he then charged towards Treecko to try and Tackle him, but Treecko easily dodged. He then countered by leering at Mudkip. Mudkip suddenly looked very scared, and Treecko -taking advantage of his lowed defences,- used quick attack on him again.

Mudkip then made a rather serious face. It was obvious that he was about to go all out. He squirted the ground with a water gun, and then kicked the mud into Treecko’s face. I was just about tell Mudkip not to play dirty when I relized that he had just used a mud slap attack.

Treecko tried to counter by using Quick attack again, but he missed, probrobly due to Mud slap’s secondary effect of lowing the opponent’s accuracy. Treecko then tried to quick attack again, he missed, and Mudkip countered with another water gun.

I observed Treecko and Mudkip. They both looked tired out. The match could go either way. Mudkip threw another mud slap at Treecko. It hit it’s mark and Treecko got more mud on his face. It would be very hard for him to hit anything now.

Treecko looked like he had had enough, he then fired some small roots out his arms at Mudkip. They latched onto him and started draining energy. When Treecko was done, he looked a little better, but Mudkip had gotten noticeably weaker.
I figured it must have been and absorb attack, and the reason Mudkip looked noticeably weaker was that it had done high damage due to his weakness. It only took one more quick attack from Treecko to finish him off.

“And the winner is Treecko!” I declared, ending the match.

Treecko then walked up to Mudkip and gave him a Wiki berry. Mudkip ate it (with a look of minor disgust on his face, most likely due to the berry’s dry flavor) and instantly looked better.

“Wow Treecko, your awesome a battling.” Mudkip said.

“Well, I do practice a lot.” Treecko replied, with a confident look on his face. “You put up a pretty good fight though. I think you’ll grow up to be a great fighter Mudkip.”

“Really? Aw thanks.” Mudkip replied, blushing slightly. “Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starving! Can we have dinner now?” He asked.

“Okay, lets have dinner, I’m feeling a little peckish myself.” Treecko responded.

“Same here,” I said “that battle took a lot out of me.”

“Wait! We didn’t do anything to advertise our rescue force!” I remembered.

“Great, more work.” Mudkip said, disappointed.

“It’s too late to worry about that now. I’ll put some posters up around the village tomorrow.

“Great!” Mudkip exclaimed, cheering up. “Last one to the kitchen is a rotten Exeggcute!” Mudkip exclaimed. Before we could react, he had dashed off up the rope ladder and into the house.

“Wow, he can really move when food is at stake.” I pointed out.

“Yeah. You know Torchic, I think your going to be a great member of the team.” Treecko said.

“Aww, thanks Treecko.” I replied, turning a bright shade of red.

“No problem. Now, I belive there’s the matter of which one off us is a rotton Exeggcute.” Treecko mused. “Well, I’m defenitly not going to be. See ya!” With that, Treecko made a dash for the rope ladder.

“Hey, wait up!” I shouted after him, and made my way back into the house. Before I got into the house, I stopped and looked at the setting sun, and woundered what kind of adventure’s would await us, before going into the house to make dinner.

Actully,before I stop writing, I have to admit that this chapter was a little bit to sweet.. And I just have to say that before yous lot start spredding rumors that I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH TREECKO. I do like him a lot though…OKAY! That’s enough writing now…


Sorry that took a while to write. I hope I get some fans now. Remember to post! (If you feel like it.)

See ya.

22nd August 2006, 11:06 PM
It's pretty good but there was a few things wrong with the two chapters.
When Torchic knocked on Treecko's front door she told him her house had burnt down and then just acted fine. Most people would be mortified if their house burnt down and they lost all of their possesions. Also when you write about battles you don't have to write like the games. Don't keep saying Treecko used Quick Attack, Mudkip used Mud Slap. Add some more depth to your battles. Also you've got to start checking your spelling! If you don't trust yourself to catch all of the mistakes then get a friend or someone on the forums to pre-read you chapters before you post them.
Otherwise it's pretty good and you should continue with it. Sorry if I seemed a little harsh

23rd August 2006, 11:44 AM
Eh, don't worry about being harsh, it's the only way I'll get better. I don't seem to be very good at this.

And Torchic wasn't mortified because fire types aren't hurt that much by fire you see, so she easily got out. And she didn't have anything that couldn't be easily replaced. And she has good home insurance, and she's not planning to get her own house anytime soon.

Here's what she told me: "Ka-ching!"

I don't know...