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Lady Myuu
9th August 2006, 9:00 PM
The Information for the Awaken Gods

Sign Up (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=137230)

Update: I am thinking of allowing players to have ONE extra character. Meaning they can have two characters. If they are not interested that is fine. The rpg will start once I fix some things with it and get my writing groove back. If you have any questions please ask.

You are allowed to use Pokemon NPC’s to help with your character.

List of taken Legends

Moltres - reservation
Mew – Missing/taken
Lugia - Taken
Latias - Taken
Latios - Taken
Rayquaza – pending/still need sample
Deoxys – Taken


MasterWannabe/Rei I am still waiting for your sample
Yami Ryu/Drake
Cdra1617 still waiting for signup
Raposa Dalua/Nana


The Mountains: A mountain range far north in Orre, the remains of a human city can be found near the shrine to Celebi. Supplies may be found here but much is damaged and rusted from flooding.

The Plains: Most of Orre is now Plains and Valleys, with new rich soil covering thickly over the once desert country, it is growing thick tall grass and small trees. Large boulders are scattered about the land are the remnants of once large desert rocks.

Rock Valleys: Nothing really grows here, as its covered in rocks and pebbles, making it a hard place to walk and seems to have active volcano as there are many hot springs about.

The Beach: Far south in Orre, even though most of it is high above sea level thus most of it is a cliff around it, is where the land starts to slant down to the sea, where a warm cozy beach is. Sadly since the invasion of Super Clones, the beach is a dangerous place to be.

Ruin Cities: Scattered all over Orre are the remains of human cities, here is where clothing is found though it is always in ruin thanks to the flooding. Pokemon that can remember humans know that they are modest creatures and wear clothing and so the families raising the human gods tend to have to ransack the cities for supplies.

Things to watch out for:

Abnormally large Pokemon compared to there species. Pokemon with over powerful attacks that are just not normal, strange markings on the pokemon.

25th August 2006, 1:09 AM
Loving the abnormally large Pokemon idea, by the way.

I thought I'd give my opinion on the question in the RPG thread here, because I dont have a post prepared to reply in an OOC note.

Anyway, personally, although having a second character is a very tempting idea, I'll have to say I dont think its a great idea, not at the moment at least. I mean, with the lack of posts at the moment, its pretty obvious that some people are struggling to write one, for some reason or another, and I think bringing the pressure of another character to RP would only slow the RPG a lot.

Though if everyone disagrees with me, I'm obviously out-voted, so =P.

Looking forward to the RPGs future ^^.

Lady Myuu
25th August 2006, 1:34 AM
Thanks for the insight Tale. *throws him at her mewtwo fic*

I actually agree with you, I am not so sure about a second character for this rpg. Though I do know that Yami Ryu did have a decent idea for one. I have three characters myself but two are just cuz I just wanted both Latis and the other is plot purposes.

The problem I first ran into was that, well if all the legenderies were made into these children... did I have to play the ones that no one else signed up for? and that really overwhelmed me. But now that I have twicked the plot a bit, I figure that the less characters running about the better. So I figured out how I can fix it.

I may allow Yami to have a second character, only cuz she is my muse and inspires me greatly, so the more the merrier when it comes ot her. But otherwise I am pretty much against the idea now.

Unless peopel really really really want it.

another thing:

I want to move the plot rather fast, make people get caught up in things quickly as I find that keeps intrest easier. If people don't post because they are rather busy or something, it really isn't something I want to deal with waiting for posts... I want people to be able to reply at least three times a week if not more.

I want active people. Thats what I want.

25th August 2006, 6:03 AM
Active people huh? Oh dear, this may be a challenge for me. *cracks knuckles... ow...* But I'll try it!

Anywho, just 'cuz I want people to know who my character is, I'm posting her here (easy refrence, I figure).

Name: Ka

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Legend: Entei

Description: Of all her features, one of the most striking of Ka is her height at a daunting six feet even. All of her muscles, except her thighs, haven’t really compensated for her height just yet, giving her a lean, almost gangly appearance. The rest of her body retains a long, thin appearance, straight to her fingers and feet. She wears a crummy jerkin made out of Taurus hide, which she made herself through the guidance of her pack’s elder, Kitsune. She doesn’t really like wearing the jerkin, but Kitsune tells her that having her wear it reminds her of her trainer, Mitsumi, so she‘ll wear the jerkin to make Kitsune happy.

Ka’s hair also attracts a lot of attention from people who haven’t seen her, with three big bangs hanging over her forehead, red hair flipped in front of her ear, a brown broom head going down to her shoulders, and her personal favorite, a fluffy plume of grey hair draped all the way down to her calves. Underneath her bangs are deep brown eyes that seem to absorb everything they see.

Personality: Ka appears possess a quiet and noble demeanor, standing tall and not saying much with the exception of a particular few people. While Ka does possess some of these qualities, her demeanor tends to be very unsure and dependent. She has many questions about who she is, where she came from, and why she couldn’t be born like the normal Vulpix in her pack, and this form of thought tends to make her feel lonely. Despite this uncertainty, Ka’s loyalty extends to everybody (except a potential meal) and she will gallantly protect and defend the helpless by catching the antagonist off guard with an Ember attack and running away. Lastly, being the incarnation of Entei, she loves to run just about everywhere and feels an exhilaration of freedom and peace as the wind bellows against her face.

Pokemon pride/pack/herd: Predominately Vulpix, but has a Ninetails as the alpha. The Ninetails is an old Pokemon who once had a trainer, and has a vast amount of knowledge of human traits, habits, and skills (like knitting). Kitsune has taken care of Ka and taught her (or tried to teach her, in some instances) to teach Ka how to behave as a human.

Ability: Ember and Agility


“I don’t see why I have to go to this thing.” Ka grumbled as she lay between two taller thatches of grass, staring up at the stars.

Another girl, older, dressed much fancier and clearly Japanese, though only she would know of the land’s existence, lay next to her and looked up at the stars as well. She closed her eyes and let out a pained sigh. “We’ve discussed this many times before, Ka, our group has decided that the best way to keep you safe is to bring all of the ones like you together in one place…”

“Yes, but why?” Ka asked, hoping to break the other girl’s concentration but knowing that would never happen.

“Again, we told you many times before as well. There is a great and powerful evil in this world. My power alone would be insufficient to protect you. It is our hope that your combined strength would shield you from the evil that rules over this world.”

“Its…” the young girl clenched her fists and turned her head to side, exasperated. “Its not fair! I love you and I love my pack. Why should I go and do this? Why do I have to leave?”

“Please, Ka.” The Japanese girl turned her head to look at her as sadness clenched her throat. “Please don’t make it harder then it is. It won’t be all bad, think of the good! You’ll be with others like you… and I’m sure they’ll care for you for the same reasons I do.”

“But you are like me! When I’m with you like this, I don’t feel weird at all!”

“I know, child, I know. But you must realize this form isn’t me. Its just foxfire, its just a memory of a girl who died long ago. I have protected, sheltered and tended to you with all the care and attention she gave me when I was a baby. Later, when I grew older, I had to go out on my own from her. So to, must you. This is nature’s way, and though you may be scared now, there are many adventures and mysteries for you to discover that you would never be able if you were to stay here. You will grow into a fine adult, Ka, and you though you’ve made me very proud, you will surely make me even prouder yet.”

There was a long silence as the two looked over the stars. They were perhaps the most unusual-looking pair in the whole world. Two human girls staring up at the stars as the cool evening air brushed among the reeds. Finally, the young girl said. “I will miss you so very much.”

“I want to tell you something that my friend told me once, long ago. ‘Though we may never see each other in this world,’ she said, ‘I will always be with you so long as you keep me in your mind every now and then and in your heart forever. Just as you have given me a bit of yourself, I have given you a bit of myself. Never forget what we learned and experienced, and you will never be far from me.’”

“Thank you, Kitsune,” Ka whispered as she reached over and hugged her companion. The illusion disappeared as soon as the girl’s fingers touched the Ninetails soft pelt.

“I will always keep you in my mind occasionally and in my heart forever, child. I love you and am proud to say you are family.” The Ninetails said assuredly, as she nuzzled the young girl’s cheek.