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13th August 2006, 10:39 AM
A Fighter's Dream
by Br26

(a-n:this is a short 3-part story involving a setting i might use in a long-term story. If you all like it I will continue it. It sort of combines Pokemon battling with some wrestling aspects involved. There's a nice WWE community here on the forums so I think a lot of you will like it. Also, the Pokemon here talk to humans..so think of it as a Meowth sort of thing, or something.)

Being a pre-evolved Pokemon stinks..especially if you're in the biggest Pokemon fighting league in the world.

I'm a male Tyrouge; my trainer named me Ty. Since the moment I was hatched, my trainer wanted me to become a star in the PFL. Right from the beginning he had me fighting wild Mankeys and Machops, and it eventually evolved to fighting Machokes and Primeapes. The road each day was a tough one; I'd wake up at 5 in the morning and fight all day..I'd only take breaks during breakfast, lunch, and dinner..most Pokemon never endure that kind of schedule. Not even those Gym challenge Pokemon I see every day as I run laps around Cerulean City.

One day I was practicing against a good friend of mine, a Golduck named Goldrush, when I noticed a unfamiliar human walking into the dojo. He appeared to be middle aged with graying hair and a solid build. My trainer, a guy by the name of Marshall, saw him right away, and he seemed to know who he was. He walked over to the guy and shook hands with him. He told us to take a break, which of course, was highly unusual.

"You know that guy?" Goldush said, crouching under a ringpost. "Marshall seems to know him a bit."

"Not a clue, man."

After a few minutes of talking, Marshall called me over to where the two were conversing. I walked over there, and I shook hands with the middle aged guy.

"Ty, this is Chip Starlight, the owner of a PFL in Johto."

I nodded.

"Ty, I am very interested in you to be a part of Johto Fighting Entertainment, or JFE to be short. Have you heard of it?"

"No sir, I don't watch TV that often, to be honest" I replied.

"Well, that's fine. How about you and your trainer come with me over to Johto, and you can see what to expect from our Pokestars."

"Pokestars, sir?"

"Yes, thats right."

I was pretty unsure if I wanted to see what this JFE thing was about. I never even heard of such a thing until right now.

"We'll do it!" Marshall replied, shaking Chip's hand. "We'll be on a flight tomorrow to see your Pokestars in action."

"Excellent. I'll make sure security lets you in. Nice chatting with you again Marshall, but I must get going, we have finalize plans for tomorrow's show."

"No problem. See you later!"

As Chip walked out, I immediately started to express concern to Marshall over this whole thing.

"Marshall, I don't know about this, man. I've never been out of Kanto in my life."

"Everything is cool, Ty, trust me" Marshall said, patting me on the shoulder. "He told me that you had a great look and might have a chance to become a great athlete over in the JFE."

You see, I'm a shiny Tyrouge, so most people are more impressed over my color rather than my abilities. It sort of makes me mad sometimes, but I tend to ignore a lot of the staring from pedestrians I run across. I decided to trust Marshall, and next day me and him flew over to Goldenrod City, where that nights JFE event was being held.

Immediately, I noticed that the environment was pretty hectic. There were nothing but HUGE, hulking Pokemon who were preparing for their own respective matches. I saw one Pokemon, a Hitmonlee, carrying a huge, shiny championship belt across his shoulder. I was amazed by the size of the belt; it was beautiful. The inscription on the belt said "PFE Johto Regional Championship". Curious, I walked over to the champion and began a conversation with him.

"Hello. My name is Ty."

"Hey kid. What do you want?"

"Well..I just wanted to introduce myself. This looks like a very interesting company."

"Heh. Yeah. We're the number two promotion in the world. When you join here it'll be a tough road for ya."


"Look kid, you seem alright. Just watch your head, you know? Who knows what will come about in here."

The champion walked past me and into what was seemingly his locker room. I was sort of taken aback by his comments. Was this place dangerous? He knew he'd always have a challenge, but never expected to face another one once he walked to the back. He started to walk over to Marshall, wanting to leave, but Marshall was the first one to talk.

"Hey Ty, you have a match tonight."


"Yeah. Chip fitted you into their B-show to face a Meowth. Think you can do it?"

"Uh..no?!" I replied, shocked. "I was just here to see what it was like here, not to actually compete!"

Marshall frowned. "Well yeah, but the only way you will get the full experience is if you actually compete in a match."

He had a point. I should at least put my training to the test to see if I would win my first professional fight...after all, it's what I had been training for all my life..I didn't think it would come so soon, though..

"Okay, I'll do it."

"Awesome. You're up next, so head over there toward the entrance...good luck, buddy!"

"Thanks, I'll try my best."

I walked over to the entranceway, where I saw my opponent, a Meowth, stretching his limbs. He saw me, smiled, and extended his paw.

"Hey kid, you new here?"

"I have a tryout tonight..I wanna see how it feels to be in a professional fight."

"There's nothing better than the rush you get walking to that ring, to be honest" the Meowth said, hopping in place. "You'll love it the minute you experience it."

I was pretty unsure if I'd like it. But giving it worth a shot wouldn't hurt me. Some unfamiliar music played, then Meowth patted me on the back and started to head out.

"Good luck kid, you'll need it."


He went through the curtain and immediately I heard the crowd cheer for the Meowth. I then heard the announcer shouting.

"The following is a singles fight scheduled for one fall! First, from Olivine City, The MEOWTH"

The crowd continued to cheer as The Meowth made his way into the ring.

"And from Cerulean City, Kanto..making his PFE debut, TY!"

I made it past the curtain as well. The crowd wasn't really that receptive towards me; I guess they didn't know me that well. I entered the ring and I stood there as the bell rang.

Meowth went for a tackle; I dodged it and went for a Hi Jump Kick. He ducked, sending me outside of the ring. That knocked me up pretty badly as I struggled to my feet and went back into the ring. He tackled me, sending me to the floor again. I hit my counter attack, and that sent him down to the floor as well. As I did that, the crowd cheered. I guessed they liked that move...as Meowth got up, I tried for a Hi Jump Kick again, this time nailing it. It took even longer for the Meowth to get up from that one, but I had to finish the job. I hit my Rapid Spin maneuver, and i covered the Meowth as the referee counted to three. I won my first match!

"Here is your winner, TY!"

The crowd cheered for me; not as big as The Meowth got, but still was a pretty good one. I felt a certain rush that I can't really explain, but it felt good. To see the crowd cheering for me felt great. As I got to the back, I saw Marshall and Chip talking to each other. They looked at me and immediately applauded.

"You did awesome, Ty! You knocked him out in seconds!"

"Yeah..I feel good."

"You should!" Chip said, patting me on the shoulder. "You got the crowd behind you due to your amazing performance. I'd love for you to join the JFE. What do you say?

I had to think about it for a while. The Hitmonlee I saw earlier sort of scared me, but yet that reception I got from the crowd was pretty awesome.

"I'll give it a try."

"Great! I'll have Marshall here sign your papers. Welcome to JFE, Ty!"


As the two left, I couldn't help feeling anything but optimistic. I had finally made it to the big leagues..but now I have to succeed more to prove to everyone what I am really about.

14th August 2006, 2:53 PM
would really like some feedback, if possible..

The True Champion
14th August 2006, 7:20 PM
Well i found it interesting and like the idea of the story and i will probaly keep on reading but i am not good at reviewing these types of fics so i would wait for someone else to review too. Now to the story i like the idea as but i think you need to throw in a lot of plot twists because what i read sounds simliar to something i know not pokemon the danger in the fighting thing but besides that its great. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.