View Full Version : Ho hum, is this deck balanced?

14th August 2006, 12:05 AM
Ok, I know I made this deck on that Pokemon Trading card GBC game, but it's still a deck... and I'd like to get it rated, even through it features the older cards, like the Base set for example.

I tried to make it balanced, and I've just tested it out. Now I just need ideas from others, to know what to add or remove.

Element Fury Deck:
Weedle(base): 3
Kakuna (base): 2
Breedrill(base): 1
Oddish(jungle): 2
Gloom(jungle): 1
Eevee(jungle): 3
Flareon(GB): 1
Vaporeon(GB): 1
Jolteon(jungle): 1
Lapras(fossil): 1
Pikachu(jungle): 2
Raichu(base): 1 (May try to hopefully get another fossil Raichu, I used it.)
Magnemite(base): 2
Magneton(base): 1
Mysterious Fossil(fossil): 2
Kabuto(fossil): 1
Omanyte(fossil): 1

Professor Oak(base): 1
Bill(base): 2
Pokemon Trader(base): 1
Pokeball(jungle): 2
Computer Search(base): 1
Pluspower(base): 1
Potion(base): 2

Grass energy: 9
Thunder energy: 7
Water energy: 4
Fire energy: 2

Even if this does suck, I will still be happy that I made this through pratice and that I beat Amanda with it.

14th August 2006, 5:11 AM
Too many lines. And too many energy.

16th August 2006, 1:10 AM
I actually needed the energy because once I was battling and it was like I had used all the energy and needed more. There's nothing wrong with having too much energy.

And I don't get the 'lines' part.