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intergalactic platypus
14th August 2006, 1:57 AM
I fidgeted a little. The uniform felt out of place on me. The blue bandanna clashed with my firey orange hair. The whole ensemble felt like it didn’t fit my athletic frame. Of course I knew better. My father had fitted it for me. Being a part of the family I was, I had to wear it.

I suppose most people would consider me a bad person for what my family does and for what I do. We’re all over the headlines as the “Environmental Fanatics”, those nutcases who are trying to flood the world. People just don’t understand my father’s intentions.

For a while I tried to hide from it. I ran off to travel with Ash hoping I could avoid my fathers dream. But you can’t avoid your fate. These things catch up with you over time. I was destined to be a part of this and no amount of hiding from it could change that.

I knew it was time when my sisters called me back to the gym. My father was finally going to try it. I was resentful at the time. I didn’t want to leave the life I had built for myself in exchange for the life my father had always wanted me to have.

My mother of course had taken the opposite view. Whether it was out of true conviction or spite I was not sure, but something had convinced her to become the mortal enemy of my father. It was almost like her way of throwing his status as a bad husband back in his face.

I played with the bandanna that was part of the uniform. I couldn’t take it off, but a part of me wanted to. I felt like I was playing a ridiculous game of dress up, and needed to get out and try on a new costume.

But it was serious business. I was on a mission, and if I succeeded I might win my father back to me and our family.

Choosing whether to go with my mother or father was one of the hardest decisions I had ever had to make. When my father asked me to join, I knew it would alienate my mother forever. My family was in two pieces, and I would have to take a side.

Lily, Violet and Daisy sided with my mother. They had all known her well, better then I had, and decided to go against their status as water trainers to go and help her fulfill her dream.

My loyalties shifted more towards my father. I was always seen as Daddy’s Little Girl when I was a kid and my family was still intact. He used to say that someday he knew I would be the world’s greatest water Pokemon trainer, even better then my sisters. He said he could feel it in me.

He guided me in how to become a trainer. He had shown me the strategies to take down electric and grass types, how to utilize the aquatic environment of our battlefield, gave me the Goldeen and Staryu that I would take on my journey years after he left and I fled the gym.

My mother on the other hand had always favored my sisters. She saw some of the beauty and glamour she had been missing out on as a young girl in them, and she lived voraciously through their performances. She taught them how to be charming, how to be beautiful, how to be superstars. That’s what separated us really.

I remember the day my father left. He had found a book shortly before. It contained the old legends of the far away Hoenn region. It had a magnificent story about Groudon and Kyogre raging the war between the land and the sea.

I had thought it was a nice fairy tale, something to read to your kids at night. Dad had always taken it far more seriously then that. He began to see Kyogre as a savior of sorts. He felt if only this war could wage again maybe the sea could finally conquer the land instead of a draw.

He became obsessed after that. His whole life was dedicated to Kyogre and the lore surrounding that story. Shortly after, he left on a journey.

He left a note just for me. I still remember to this day exactly what it said. I had kept it under my pillow as a girl. The tears I had shed over losing my father had stained the paper. Droplets of water seemed like cruel irony to me.

As you know, I have always seen something special in you. The last thing on Earth I want you to feel is that I’ve abandoned you. I haven’t at all. I’ve gone off to pursue my dream, that’s all. If I awaken Kyogre water might finally take over the land. It could be a paradise for us Misty. It could be the perfect world! Unfortunately, the way that I must go about this might be seen as fanatical, even immoral to most people. I beg you that you don’t resent me for this Misty. You know that I would never do anything bad. Promise me that in later years no matter what they say you will still stand beside me. I know your mother and sisters might not, but I’m counting on you to understand my purpose. I feel like this is what I should do with my life. Maybe someday when you're older and are capable of fully understanding you can join me. until then, hold my memory close and remember that even if it doesn’t seem it I am doing the right thing. I love you and I’ll miss you every day. Take care

For the next few weeks I carried the note everywhere like another appendage. I ignored my mother and sisters in favor of mourning the loss of my father. I remembered all the times we had experienced together, all he had taught me and all that I had lost.

I started checking everywhere I could for my father’s name. Newspapers, magazines, even obituaries. When I was ten, I gave up for good. There was no point in searching for a phantom name. Made me question if my father had ever been real, or if he had just been the result of my imagination.

When I was eleven, 3 years after my father’s departure, my mother slipped into a deep depression. I suspected it was because of something she had received from my father or heard about him.

Shortly after that, she went off to start her own organization. It was the polar opposite of my fathers dream. She wanted to expand the land rather then the sea. I wondered if she was just trying to battle him, trying to fight back for all the ways that he had hurt her.

When my mother disappeared too I fled from home. I didn’t want to stay with my sisters who constantly ridiculed me. They resented me I suppose. Maybe they thought I made my mother flee, or maybe they simply felt alienated from me and dad. My family had been in two for quite a while anyway.

When I left home by chance I met the two best friends I’ve ever had. Ash and Brock made my life something close to normal. With them around, I almost forgot about my father. They took care of me and I helped them. They were all I needed. I left my family to lurk in the back of my mind until I started to see him in the paper.

The articles started to trickle in all the way from Hoenn. I would see my fathers name on the front page with all the trouble he seems to be causing in Hoenn. I tried to tell myself I shouldn’t be looking it up but I couldn’t resist the compulsion. It was like magnetism. His story pulled me in.

Sometimes I would lay awake and wonder what would happen if he had never left and formed his organization. If things would be different if he had stayed. I wish for it until I looked beside me and saw Ash and Brock sleeping. Then I realized that if it meant I hadn’t met them, maybe my father never leaving wouldn’t be so bad.

I spent the next few years with them. The best times of my life. I almost thought I would be able to live that way forever until I got a call from Daisy. She said our father had sent a letter to the gym requesting me. I knew I had to go.

Saying goodbye to Ash and Brock was the hardest thing I had ever done. I wanted to tell them the truth so badly about my father. I wanted to stop pretending and finally reveal my deepest secret to them. Secrets have a way of hiding under your skin until you feel like tearing yourself open.

Instead, I made up a story about needing to take care of the gym and left for good. When I was walking away I could have sworn my back was breaking from my heavy heart. But some things needed to be done for my family. Those were just things I couldn’t run away from.

I stayed at the gym for a while. I was hiding in the shadows from a life that was calling my name. But then I received a piece of mail that changed my mind forever.

A simple note was all it took. A piece of paper showed up at the gym with no return address. I opened it apprehensively. It’s almost like I knew what it was going to say.

You can’t hide from your fate forever Misty. Eventually you have to face up whether or not it’s what you want for yourself.

I thought about that for a while. Just sat and thought. I wanted to cut my ties to it, but I realized I couldn’t. Family isn’t like friends or even a marriage. With your family it’s truly for better or for worse, forever and ever, till death do us part.

I knew with what I was about to do I was making my father my only family. My mother and sisters would hate me forever. Not that I needed them.

I showed up one day in Sootopolis City in Hoenn. That’s where I had last heard of his activity. I walked past his grunts, all of whom seemed to recognize me. They looked at me warily, but knowingly. I wondered if my father had told them about me.

Finally I reached the bulky, muscular man I recognized as my father Archie. His cap of red hair was hidden under his blue bandanna with the logo. Tears filled my eyes at seeing him again. He looked at me long and hard. “Misty”, he whispered.

I ran up and embraced him like a little girl. I hugged him fiercely, feeling the strong resolve of his muscles under his shirt. I smelled his smell, the smell of the sea. It didn’t matter what he had done in the past few years. I was with my father again.

He stroked my hair as I embraced him. “You don’t know how much I’ve missed you Misty. You’re my little girl. I didn’t want to leave you, but now that you’ve finally returned to me I need you to do something for me.”

I looked at him quizzically through my tears. A catch?

“Misty, Team Aqua needs you for our most important mission yet. Help us. You are after all my little girl, and after all I’ve done for you I need you to do something for me.”

I nodded tearfully. At that moment, I would have done anything for him.

Now I stood here in full uniform, feeling like I had turned on everything I believed it for my father’s sake. I was now prepared to help carry out the action that would doom my mothers plans forever. I had turned on her I felt. It was just part of being in a torn family.

I fingered the pistol in my pocket nervously. I hoped to God no one would show up in Kyogre’s layer. If they did, I was instructed by my father to kill without mercy.

He had explained it to me without emotion. He would personally go with the Red Orb that he would steal to awaken Kyogre. He knew my mother was awaking Groudon. He knew that if he woke Kyogre this would turn into a war between the two.

“I know this will turn into a battle between me and your mother. Understand Misty that this is not the way I wanted it to turn out at all.”

I could have sworn I saw a glint of regret in his aqua eyes. Regret is like that; constantly hiding below the surface, there although your unable to change. Sadness at where our family had gone, what we had turned to. Using two legendary Pokemon to fight each other for pride, and for the far more important revenge, though my mother will never admit it.

I closed my eyes and thought of Ash and Brock. They would be able to help me right now. They always stood by me regardless of how sticky a situation it was. I began singing softly to myself, trying to drown out my fear. That’s maybe why I didn’t hear the footsteps approaching fast.

“Stop right there! You guys have taken Pikachu and I wont let you go any further!” shouted a voice so familiar it was like a dagger through my heart.

I looked up deeply in shock. It was just as I thought. Ash and his friends had come to stop us. To save the day again.

A look of horror spread over Ashes face. “Misty? But how could you?”

I had so many things I wanted to explain. I wanted to tell him I had no choice. I was bound to my father because in the end family is the true tie that can never be broken. I wanted to tell him I was so sorry for not turning out to be what he thought I was. But I couldn’t.

All I could say was “leave now guys. Please. You have no idea how dangerous this is, just please leave.” My voice had a note of pleading desperation. I didn’t want to have to do this.

Ash had a look of steely resolve. What ultimately brought him down every time.

The moments when I reached for my pistol seemed to stretch on forever.

My father taking me for a ride on Dewgong

Me fishing Ash out of the lake

My father picking me up and jumping into the pool with me

Me pulling Ash out of the raging ocean during the storm in the Orange Islands

My father trying to teach me how to hold my breath for five minutes at a time

Ash finally giving me my bike back

My father telling me a story before he tucks me in at night

Me giving Ash a handkerchief before we said our last goodbye

My father fulfilling his promise and finding me again

I’m so sorry Ash
**** it and pull it

There was a cataclysmic bang. Then red.

A crimson river spouted out of a hole in Ashes head. His lifeless body fell to the ground. I didn’t even notice how the others reacted.

It continued to flow right into the sea of Kygore’s layer. It formed red blossoms in the water. Flowers.

I looked on in a dazed detachedness and noticed blood really is thicker then water.

Sike Saner
14th August 2006, 3:22 AM
Wow. First of all, you get points for using Team Aqua, which is my favorite team. But Misty as a Team Aqua member (and Archie's daughter, no less!) - now that was really cool. That's something I always like to see - a fic that asks "What if?" What if Misty found herself having to betray old friends in the name of a greater loyalty, in this case to her father and his team? And the answer to that question that this fic also provides - damn. O_O That was one hell of an ending there - I loved it. ^^


Secrets have a way of hiding under your skin until you feel like tearing yourself open.

Indeed. Keeping things bottled up inside – that’s definitely a special kind of pain.

There was a cataclysmic bang. Then red.

A crimson river spouted out of a hole in Ashes head. His lifeless body fell to the ground. I didn’t even notice how the others reacted.

It continued to flow right into the sea of Kygore’s layer. It formed red blossoms in the water. Flowers.

Tragedy and bloodshed in text makes me smile; I won’t deny it. I like the way you delivered Ash’s demise, the language you used, especially in those last three lines, which I bolded there.

Nice work here; I thoroughly enjoyed this. ^^

intergalactic platypus
14th August 2006, 5:26 AM
Of course. Team Aqua owns Team Magma. Just so you guys know. The only thing I fear is Misty bashers will come in and say "lolz its soo obious shes ebil!!11". As a disclaimer, I love Misty's character to bits. This is just an idea thats been floating around for a while

Sike Saner
14th August 2006, 5:58 AM
Oh, an addendum to my review that I can't believe I forgot - I really liked the part with the counting and the flashbacks. Especially since there was a line from a Fall Out Boy song at the very end of it. =D

Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
14th August 2006, 6:04 AM
Wow. I saw this earler today and went "I'll read it later" but forgot about it untill my friend used the same expression in an RP over IM.

I love this. Realy, the way you worked with every thing, the words you used. The end almost brought tears to my eyes. I need to remember to subscribe to this. Keep it up, I want to see what happens now that Kasumi has done, what would probly be her worst nightmare.

I noticed a mistake in 2 places.

[/i]Me giving Ash a handkerchief before we said our last goodbye[/i]


You forgot to Italasise under Eight, and theres an exta i infront of the Nine, but i didnt see anything else.

15th August 2006, 2:49 AM
Firstly, I'd like to say that your title, while cliche, was an excellent choice. With almost the entire list of authors I used to review fics for, seemingly, dissapearing from this from forum I only occasionaly check in to see and your title did a great job of drawing me in.

There were no glaring errors that I saw, so my review shall be, for the most part, useless- but I'll try.

I, like Ms. Saner, definitely loved the use of Team Aqua in conjunction with Misty if for no reason than I hadn't seen it done before. The idea of her not only turning on, but killing Ash; who was her best friend, though there's decent argument for her feeling more, was the type of issue I've thought about a few times myself back when I still watched the anime. You did a great job at bringing that musing to life as a story.

I especially liked the countdown, though. Definitely a good way to capture the weight of the situation. I wonder though, was the extra space between five and six intentional? It has nothing on the story, just something that distracted me.

Anyways, you did a good job and I feel I picked a good story to start making my return to these parts on.

intergalactic platypus
15th August 2006, 4:26 AM
Ah thank you people. I hope I did a good job keeping shipping out of the story; I didn't wanna make the ending seem all tragic AAML (I've been down that road before with AIDS Ash)

Brian Random
15th August 2006, 3:48 PM
I liked this one-shot... a lot. I enjoyed how you described the relationship between Misty and Archie and the blood flowing moment at the end. I also enjoyed the ‘counting memories part’ too, adds more to the dramatic moment there because Misty had to choose between her closest friend and her father.

Unlike your other one-shot, I think your ‘short sentence’ writing style works here.

One spelling mistake though. Easy mistake to make when you’re making some italics.


Overall score: 4.5/5

Twisted Star
16th August 2006, 2:22 AM
Wow. Compared to this, my piece of crap is self explanatory. Everything to be said has been said, and so I am left to gawk at this again... and again... and again...

intergalactic platypus
21st August 2006, 4:17 PM
I feel like no one gets the reference to water in the title. Water=Team Aqua. A recurring theme. Get it?

21st August 2006, 4:38 PM
until then, hold my memory close and remember that even if it doesnít seem it I am doing the right thing. I love you and Iíll miss you every day. Take care

Until should have a capital. Just wanted to point that out.

Usually I don't really like stories that dip into the Tv show but this one grabbed my attention as I read on. I thought it was magnificent, how you made Misty Archies daughter, how she had been instructed to kill anyone who interfered. The suspense filled moments as she reached for the gun had me wondering whether she'd do it or not. Either way I would have been shocked, and I liked how you made that a possibility. I think putting only a few lines after she had killed Ash was effective; if you had started putting millions of emotions in I feel it would have ruined it slightly.

This is very good, I loved it. Emotional, but not too emotional, and a sound plot. The title is also very clever.

intergalactic platypus
22nd August 2006, 2:00 AM
Thank you. I thought of both the title and the countdown at my lame summer job, which was somewhat inspiring in its boredom