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14th August 2006, 1:59 AM

ninja of shinou

chapter 1: meet manafi, prince of the seas!

One morning on a beach house, a young boy named Rikamaru awoke from his sleep. There had been a horrible storm last night. He got out of bed and got dressed. "That was quite a storm last night!" He mumbled. But all of a sudden, a little blue head poked out of the tan sand! "What! Is that a pokemon! Rikamaru was 10 years old and lived with his mother. His mother always said: "You cannot have a pokemon till you are 13!"
His mother had a milktank as big as the lunch lady at his school! So he ran out of the house onto the hot sand and the creature made a noise: Manafi!


14th August 2006, 2:09 AM
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Read them well..

Chaos Rush
14th August 2006, 2:11 AM
Please read the stickies okay? And a chapter is not ONE paragraph. And also, you can't do anything about a Manafi fic, because it doesn't have an english name yet...and please read the stickies!!:
This is very short, and um.....not good.

14th August 2006, 12:29 PM
well manafi does have an english name because his japanese name is manaphy.

Leon Phelps
14th August 2006, 12:41 PM
No it doesn't. Now hit the links your reviewers posted and don't spam up the thread with irrelavent info. This is the FAN FICTION area. If you want to talk about D/P so to that section.