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Willow's Tara
14th August 2006, 7:02 AM
Here is the information for the RPG, now lets talk, offer your ideas and what you want to do in the RPG. Will you create drama? And will it affect the whole school.

The day is coming, whether you are in year eight or twelve, you know something going to happen today as you step out of the house. Christmas is over, and the 28th January 2006 is here, and as you make your way to school, to the first day of 2006, you have a feeling something very exciting will happen throughout the year. But yet, a swell of darkness and despair as well. This year, it is nothing but excitment, Drama, mystery, horror, sadness, shock and many twists at Wellingtion State High School.
Welcome, to the first day of school.

The Plot: So here is the plot guys, you are packing your things or eating breakfast, or something before you head off to school, The plot will start out as calm and smooth, but it will deepen as many love triangles and drama and horror will arise in the school. The character is in your control, and you can create some twists and turns there and here (But not of all of it). Even death. Since this is High School, I think I will make this PG.

The same old, No spamming.
No bashing or flaming (Unless if it's your character doing it, then it's good).
Post good posts, not one liners or chatspeak, bascially the same rules that are on the top of the RPG forum.
Have fun is the most of them all.
You can have up to a maxium of five characters

Teachers Signups:
Now there can be over 200 people as students if you want, but the teachers and thier jobs are limited. Here it is.
Canteen Ladies/Guys: 4
Special Needs Class Teachers: 6
Modern History Teachers- 3
Drama Teachers-3
Music Teachers- 2
Cleaners: 5
HPE Teachers: 3
Maths Teachers: 3
Science/SOSE Teachers: 4
English Teachers: 3
ICT/BCT Teachers: 3
Principal : 1
Assissant Principal: 1
Art Teachers: 2 (Shadowfaith has the other Art Teacher)
Guidance Officer: 1

Teachers can have more then one subject if you want, but please, if you are going to do a teacher and have them teach in class, aleast know something of that subject.
NOTE: There can only be one Principal and Assissant Principal, and I will decide who gets these two roles. If I don't find you good enough for them or not so well known, then I either say not accepted or sugges toyu choose a student or a teacher. And no, I am not being these two, I want to be a student)

The Uniform: The Uniform, only worn on Mon-Fri.
Females, Junior (Grade 8-10): Green buttoned checkered shirt and a geen skirt, black leather shoes with white shocks. A gray Jumper that can be unzipped or zipped can be worn in winter. All of the grades and genders can wear long pants, either gray or black. Doesn't and can't be tucked in.
Males, Junior (Grade 8-10): A green buttoned shirt with gray shorts or long pants, black leather shoes with gray socks. The jumper applies for all grades. Has to be tucked in.
Females, Senior (11-12): A white buttoned shirt with the school symbol on it and a green and white stripped tie and a green skirt along with black leather shoes and white socks. Doesn't need to be tucked in.
Males, Senior(11-12): Same as the girls shorts, expect it longer and has to be tucked in, either gray shorts or long pants with black leather shoes and gray socks.

Sports Uniform: For Juniors and Grade 11- Both sexes, only worn on Tuesdays. Green shirt with black on the shoulders and black pants, they both have the weelingtion point symbol on it.
Grade 12, Both sexes: Grade 12 can either wear thier new jerseys shirts or the juniors sports clothes.. The New jerseys are green, white and black with long sleeves. On the back is a number 06, above the white number is a name printed in Big white letters, you can have whatever name you desire on it.

School times and days: School goes from Monday to Friday.
Juniors: it 9-3 all days.
Seniors: On Monday, its 9 to 3, but on Tuesday it's 8:15 to 3, and on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday it's 8:15 to 1.
The students go home after 3/1 and do what they usually do, which could range from studying/Homework to Going to clubs.

Clubs/Activites: As a student or a teacher, you can suggest a club for the school, which means going up to the Prunicpal and asking them. Their will be sports, muscials, talent shows and other activities in the school.

Layout of the school: Wellington is not like one big building, It's buildings are seperate and very big, it has two ovals, one of them has a basketball/tennis court. It also had a big Assembly Hall where everyone goes for Assembly every Monday at 9 (Year assemblies are, 11- Tuesdays at 8:15, year 8 at 9, year 12 on Wednesday, 8 :15, year 10 On Thursdays at 9. And Year 9 on Fridays at 9. The school has many paths ways leading to the classes and buildings.

Subjects: The students have subjects, and it's up to you to decide what they can choose, execpt for the year 8 and 9.

Year 8-9- Home Ec, Music, Art, Maths, English, Manual Arts, SOSe and Science, these can be chosen to what they are doing in one half of the year. But Maths, Englis, SOSe and Science stays until year 10.
Year 10- 11- You can choose two subjects of your own, but you don't have to do SOSe or Science in Year 10, Maths and English is a must.
Year 11 and 12- You can choose four subjects, or three if you want and have three spares. Maths and English is a must, but you can choose between English Com or English, and Maths, Maths A (Easier, C is harder), Maths B, Maths C and Numiercal Maths.

Subjects that can be chosen:
Legal Studies
Modern or Ancient History
Home Ec
Hosptialy (I am not sure how to spell that, but its only for year 11 and 12)

There are no Japanese, Religon or French classes, Actually in the sign up, writer the subjects you want and I will approve of them, 6 subjects for year 8-10, up to 5 for year 11-12

For Special needs students or teachers- The same rules apply for them, but it depends on thier handicapped and how well they work, it can be minor like behaviour problems or having a hard time on work to being blind or deaf or something wrong with the brains.

Also when we start the RPG. it will start on a Monday at 8. All students go to school at 9, when the bell goes, they will go to thier Welfare teachers, who will give them newsletters and instruct them to go to Assembly, the prinicpal will address the school then.

Info aabout Welfare- I wasn't totally sur eif I should add this xclass in but I thought, what the hey.. In Welfare, the teachers many teach them about life and getting a living, in year 11 and 12, they get them ready for the future. In year 12, people who do the QCS will go to a seperate class and practice for it, and non-QCS will go to the library and be talked about thier futures and such.

All students go to Welfare on Monday, 9-10:15.
All students go to Welfare on Thursday after morining tea, which is 10:45, to 11,. Students then have second period that goes funtil 12:05, and the third period is shorter and goes until 1:05.

Post any questions you have as well

14th August 2006, 6:08 PM
If we go to school in real life can we just when our parents let us?

Willow's Tara
14th August 2006, 11:47 PM
rw- Okay I am not sure if I understood your post properly, if we could go to school in real life can we just what? when our parents let us, dio you mean just leave the house or what? Sorry, I am confused on that post

15th August 2006, 5:05 PM
Erm i mean to put this in the sign up but my character has a stammer all the time. So most of my posts when she's speaking she will stammer. In my school there's a speach and language therepist for people with stammers or anything that effects the way they speak like they cant say certain words correctly. I know because i have one myself so i just wanted to know is there one in this?

15th August 2006, 6:58 PM
Does the school have a counsellor?
Vending machines?

Where can we go in breaks, and what's the timetable like?

.:Lemon Tea:.
15th August 2006, 8:19 PM
Um..what about our schedules? Like what teachers do we have? I'm confused there. Because as you said there are four English teachers? Could some teachers be NPCs? And well...what teachers do we have our for classes, we need a schedule...?

Should the school have a festival for Halloween, or Saint White's Day(Valentine's Day) or a holiday?

Willow's Tara
16th August 2006, 3:00 AM
CZ- There certinely is, that what's the special needs room is for, my other character who's a teacher is ione of the teacjhers who help the seu people. Of course they still go to normal classes but can get help with the aid of a special needs teacher
SW- It will, once someone signs up as a Gudiance officer, if no one does, then I qwill that my third character
No Vending machines (Do they actually have that in schools?), but there the canteen, either someone can signup as a canteen or they can be NPC's.

Little lunch is at 10:15 and goes until 10:40, and big lunch is 1:05 to 1:50.
Bur seniors can go home on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 1.

The timetables, you have four periods everday, the first period is at 9/8:15 (Depends on the day and what grade you are in) to 1:15, the second period is right after little lunch, the third period follows the second period after at 11:55 to 1:05, and the fourth period is the afternoon at 1:50 to 3.
Once agasin, you can have a spare, or if you are a seinor, you go home o n Wed, thurs and Fri, If you are a junior, it's sports day on Tuesday
ER- Well, it depends, like if four people wanted to be these avabile teachers then they can, but if they aren't filled then they can be NPC's until someone decides to use them.
Hmm, You guys can choose the class and teacher you get first, second, third anf fourth, (Doesn't happen in real life thought)

Australia doesn't celebrate Halloween. But here are some of the stuff that will happen:
Musicial, Talent Show, Sports Day, Swimming Carinval (Will be the the following week of the rpg), Valentine's day (Graxde 12 dressed in cupid goes around handing out roses, explain later), The Formal (Year 12), Gradution (Year 12), Special guests stars coming to talk. Jeans for jeans day, Red Nose day 9I think), 48 hour faminie, Queens birthday and other public hoildays, including show day (The Ekka), Melbourne's club (Sort of optional), and many other stuff that I will remeber as we go long.

16th August 2006, 11:40 AM
I meant can we post we our parents will let us because I have so much homework it will be hard to do a lot of posting.

16th August 2006, 11:59 AM
Australia doesn't celebrate Halloween. But here are some of the stuff that will happen:
Musicial, Talent Show, Sports Day, Swimming Carinval (Will be the the following week of the rpg), Valentine's day (Graxde 12 dressed in cupid goes around handing out roses, explain later), The Formal (Year 12), Gradution (Year 12), Special guests stars coming to talk. Jeans for jeans day, Red Nose day 9I think), 48 hour faminie, Queens birthday and other public hoildays, including show day (The Ekka), Melbourne's club (Sort of optional), and many other stuff that I will remeber as we go long.

Really? I could've sworn I've seen them celebrating Halloween in Ramsay Street. XD
And definitely Easter.

Wow, the Queen's birthday? They don't even do anything like that in England, except something in the paper or on TV.

And my old school had water vending machines, and college had lots of drink and snack vending machines, but they got rid of them all because of this 'healthy eating' stuff :(


Oh, and my character could use a friend if anyone wants one...

16th August 2006, 12:53 PM
How many grade 9 people are there in the RPG becuase all i know is my characters are in grade 9

.:Lemon Tea:.
16th August 2006, 8:00 PM
I need someone to sit by in Welfare class(who isn't a NPC), and the person I sit by could be a friend in the RPG?

And I'm sort of confused Willow. In the RPG you left me to talk to Janie(Kris's character) right?

Willow's Tara
19th August 2006, 1:25 AM
RW- Yeah, that's okay, just mas long as it not too long
SW- Well some do, but my school doesn't.
Ah yes, Christmas and Easyter, we celebrate Christmas more thought, aleast the school I mean. And your school too? My school getti ng rid of the junk food next year too because of thwe heahtly stuff, not that it matters to mme becausre I won't be here next year!
CZ- Over aleast hundred, but they are NPC until otherwise, because it seems weird to ionly have a handful of students in the school wouldn't it;)
ER- Yes it could be, or a NPC, and I think I did, so yeah, because Amber went and sat down in Welfare.

I got an idea, how's this guy? Sometime soon I will make a guy with a gun come into the school, causing a lockdown and all, you know, to spice the RPg, what you think?

~Alexis Laistenna~
19th August 2006, 10:03 AM
Sounds fun. I'll sign up for Damsel in Distress or whatever. Hostage. And get someone to rescue me. Yay. Definitely put the guy in.

Power Shot
20th August 2006, 1:39 AM
I'm a new LSU, so I'll put the character I'll be playing here, so everyone can see it. I hope that is all right with you all.

Name: Dreas Logan

Age: 17

Occupation: Student

Gender: Male

Grade: 12

Description: Tall, and lanky. Dreas is the definition of unique. Due to high metabolism, Dreas eats about twice the regular amount of a healthy human, but gains no weight. He is about 125 lbs. He is over six feet tall, tall enough for basketball if he wanted. He usually wears outside school a dark red shirt, with black jeans and faded dark sneakers. He carries a black bag with him, which conceals the boken, or wooden sword, he is allowed to carry with him at school. He rebels against the student uniform, enjoying exploiting various faults in the code.

Dreas has short, cropped hair, with a small ponytail that extends to halfway along his back. His hair is colored dark brown, and cannot be tamed by any hair gel. Dreas has powerful dark eyes that seem to gaze through a person, and he has a slight problem with staring. He is handsome, but not so that he thinks he is. On his right ear is a small earring with a fang attached to it.

Personality: Dreas is very calm and collected. When in crisis, he will take an analyitical view of the situation, and come up with an answer. He is not emo, but prefers solitude to companionship. Given the choice, he will go alone, because he has been conditioned to be self-sustaining. He is serious, but has a kind heart that he keeps well-hidden. He is known for making funny jokes, and loves a fight when he can get one outside the dojo.

Towards women, he is polite and reserved. He does not seem to exhibit any interest in relationships, that have generated rumors that he may be gay. After those people responsible for the rumors were dealt with, no one has ever accused him of it again. Women generally understand that he is not interested in a physical relationship, though there are still those that try.

History: As a child, Dreas was fascinated by martial arts, leading to his studies in kendo, tae-kwon-do, and karate. His parents, delighted, allowed him to continue his studies at school, under his own tutalige. He is presently a ronin, or a samurai deshi without a sensei.

Dreas is very creative, and has aspirations to be a writer. He writes samurai novels which are sold across from the school at the bookstore under the name of "Steven Adwell." He has not had any bestsellers, but makes enough to not have to work after school. He keeps his writing a secret from his family, believing that they would consider such a practice ignoble for a samurai.

Dreas has no friends, and is a loner. He is, however, known for defending freshman during hazing rituals conducted by the upper classmen.

Other: Dreas is a samurai in training. As a result, he has a high reaction time, and naturally flexible limbs. He is double-jointed. He also has high strength and stamina, and can usually be seen helping a stranger in the school. He is also very smart, and a decent writer. For outside-school, Dreas is street-wise, and can gamble much better than many. He only needs to see a game once to know how to play it.

Dreas speaks many languages, including Japanese and Greek. He also knows how to use multiple accents.

Subjects: English, Drama, Creative Writing, Ancient History, Legal Studies

I was also wondering if I could include him in assisting in the removal of the gun-wielder event that is currently underway.

Willow's Tara
20th August 2006, 1:44 AM
Beautivas- Okay, that would be good, there will be lots of things jhappening, in thwe next post when everyone goes back to class, then it will happen.
PS- See ym Pm

~Alexis Laistenna~
20th August 2006, 9:01 AM
Could you bunny me in that scene? Just me screaming or whatever. I have an excellent idea for why he's got me.

First, she hears someone, because she's given an errand or something. Then, gunshot, she faints. She gets taken. Such sweet sorrow.

And then she gets rescued by Prince Charming and lives happily ever after.

Willow's Tara
20th August 2006, 11:39 PM
Beautivas- I will think about it;), but who says it Prince Charming, who says Miss Benson (Liz) won't find a way to stop him;)

Power Shot
21st August 2006, 1:37 AM
Good point. It's good to have a few things worked out, but planning it all ahead of time is just boring. No sense of surprise from reading the posts.

Willow's Tara
26th August 2006, 3:24 AM
Everybody ia aware I am not posting until everyone has posted right? we are about to get to the drama her,e I give it another few days, but i the others don't catch up thne I am posting it..