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Gideon Ferrell
14th August 2006, 8:22 AM
Author's Notes: this has mild bad language and mild violence. I hope you enjoy.

Also, a special thanks to Zephyr Flare.


Lives, many say, begin in this small, quant town called Pallet. At the one-hundred acre laboratory belonging to beloved Professor Samuel Oak, lights still shone brightly through the thick glass windows. However this particular evening, the rest of the citizens of Pallet Town chose to stay inside tonight and sleep, with rain falling from above. Lighting filled the heavens, traveling from cloud to cloud as it illuminated the sky. A cool breeze ran through the town, grabbing branches and leaves and carrying them through the air.

Sitting comfortably in his leather desk chair, Professor Oak glanced out his window and into the frantic weather outside. He brushed his hand through his light gray hair as he turned his attention towards his laptop that sat in front of him, his green eyes staring at the screen. It’s been a hard day for Professor Oak, still wearing his long white lab coat. Underneath was a plain red tee shirt and some long khaki pants, both were a little dirty from all his work today. Nervously tapping his feet against his mahogany computer desk, Professor Oak’s black loafers were leaving small dark marks on the desk’s legs. All the work the Professor has done in his years have really shown on his face, easily able to tell that he was well in his 60’s. Though he was very pale, he had a build that didn’t make you think twice about his skin color.

Professor Oak sat sleepily at his chair, startled when a sudden knock came from behind him. Turning his body towards the direction of the noise, the professor looked into the blue eyes of his assistant, Tracey Sketchit, as he brushed his black hair out of his pale face. It was parted down the middle of his head, sending hair straight down the sides.

“Professor, I’ve locked all the doors and checked on the Pokémon,” Tracey announced, his light green tee shirt ripped and wet, “I’m just gonna feed Venonat and the others and then go to bed.”

Professor Oak nodded, watching small drops of water fall from Tracey’s khaki shorts. He knew that look his young assistant was giving him from the doorway. He was worried. Don’t worry about me, child, worry about the world if my theory is correct, Professor Oak thought to himself, forcing a smile to his face.

“Thank you, Tracey,” Professor Oak said, turning back towards his laptop, “I’m just waiting on an e-mail, and then I’ll be in bed as well.” Professor Oak could feel the skeptical look Tracey was giving him from the other side of the room, his pale skin even paler since he was wet. Slowly, the door creaked closed behind him, leaving the professor alone in the room once again. Professor Oak was a world renowned Pokémon expert, specializing in the relationship between humans and Pokémon. As all in this magical world knew, Pokémon were creatures ranging in all shapes and sizes, both friendly and dangerous. People often pitted these creatures in battle, as some just kept them as pets. Professor Oak chose to study Pokémon instead of battle against them.

Slightly dozing off, Professor Oak’s computer finally started to beep. It had arrived. The message he had been waiting all night for had finally arrived. The moment of truth. Grabbing hold of his mouse, Professor Oak moved towards the blinking envelope at the bottom left hand side of the screen, clicking it twice. Waiting patently for it to pop up, Professor Oak thought back to his assistant, hoping he wasn’t rude to him. He was glad to have his young assistant. Tracey was in his late teens and could do things that he himself couldn’t do anymore. I’ll explain everything to him in the morning.

The message finally popped up. Professor Oak read it quickly, it was short and sweet. His worst fears had been confirmed. If they didn’t act quickly, their world was in trouble. He immediately printed out the message. I have to tell everyone at once. I have to tell-


“What in the world was that?” Professor Oak said to himself, standing from his computer and pushing his chair away nervously.


Professor Oak heard the noise again, now waiting anxiously for the letter to print. Hurry up!


He looked at the letter slowly printing out, often looking over his shoulder at the closed door. He knew it wasn’t Tracey making that noise because he would have immediately come back and apologized.

Someone else was in the lab.

The letter had finally finished printing and Professor Oak quickly snatched it and shoved it into his pocket. Careful not to make any noise, Professor Oak slowly moved to the door. He had to be careful, but quick. Surely Tracey had heard this too, and he didn’t want his young assistant to get into harms way. Professor Oak slowly turned the knob, the door sliding open.
Bad idea.

Professor Oak was now looking into the barrel of a gun, his attacker covered in black.

“Don’t move a ****in’ muscle,” his attacker said, a black hood covering his face, “Put both your hands up and slowly exit the room.”
Professor Oak did what he said, his hoarse voice echoing in his mind. Step after step, Professor Oak was walking in front of this man, as three more hooded men joined them. Now they all had guns pointed to his face, with very little about them distinguishable in the darkness.

“Where’s Alpha 5?” the cloaked man behind him asked forcefully.

“He’s taking care of the loose end,” one of the men answered, putting out his gun and taking out a cigarette, “The young kid with the head band.” As the cigarette lit, Professor Oak was able to make out a black ‘D’ on the chest of each of his assailants.

“Put that goddamn thing out!” yelled the leader of the group, who was obviously the man with the gun to the back of his head. Sweat trickled down his face as he saw the man get rid of the cigarette.

“Wh…what do want with me?” Professor Oak asked, forcing himself to be brave.

“We don’t want anything to do with you. Our boss wants you alive, don’t ask me why,” one of the other men answered this time, as they approached a window, opening it quickly. Professor Oak knew what he had to do. He elbowed the man behind him and stuck both hands in his pockets, running back towards his office. He didn’t make it very far though as one of the men tackled him, forcing both his arms outward to protect his face from smacking the ground. They quickly lifted him up and dragged him back to the window. As they pushed him up and outside, he saw a small helicopter sitting there, and looking up at the sky, hoped that Tracey was alright.


Running through the wet streets of Pallet Town, Tracey Sketchit could barely hear a thing over the howling winds and pouring rain. He ran down the dark road towards the heart of the town, cursing himself for not grabbing one of his pokéballs as he jumped out of bed and out his window. He could see the town. The local police station. Getting closer. However, nature was not his friend tonight. A puddle got the best of him, forcing him to slip and fall flat on the ground. He struggled to get up, but slipped again. And just like that, he knew it was over. He turned his head to see the man that had been chasing him for a little more than a mile now. The man lifted a gun to Tracey, as the young boy closed his eyes in terror.

In the morning, people would go to Oak’s laboratory, but nobody would answer. In the morning, people would talk of a loud Pokémon flying above them, but nobody would have seen it. In the morning, people will talk about a gunshot they thought they heard last night. They would talk about this…because the body of a boy was found…

Pikki Zuka
16th August 2006, 8:20 AM
Hey, posting this over here, too? That's convenient for me, since I'm starting to get active in fanfic.

Gideon Ferrell
18th August 2006, 1:34 PM
Yeah, I wanted to see if I could get any kind of positive response here too, but nothing so far. I'm thinking people think it's too long to read.

Pikki Zuka
20th August 2006, 4:56 AM
It seems pretty short to me. I think the key is to update as often as you can, so the thread reappears on the first page many times. At least, that's what I would imagine... ^^; A lot of people are "closet readers" too.

Gideon Ferrell
28th August 2006, 5:44 AM
I figure while I'm waiting to finish the second chapter, I'll post this one.

Author's Notes: Minimal violence and a few curse words. Sorry it's pretty long, but I hope you enjoy!

Chapter I

How could I let this happen? Officer Jennifer Betta thought, running her soft right hand through her aqua blue hair, the other hand rubbing the closed eyelids that hid her beautiful blue eyes from the room. The lipstick on her lips was rose colored, accenting the tanned color of her face. On top of her head was a blue officer’s hat, with a bright yellow star in the middle, a red bar at the top, and a black lid extending over her gorgeous face. Jenny’s aquatic colored hair went down to her shoulders then immediately flattened out and protruded both left and right. Her top was also blue, with a light blue triangle beginning from where her red outlined collar ends, curving gently downward over her sultry breasts, and ending at her black belt. On each breast was a small pocket, and on each sleeve was a red border, identical to the one on her hat and collar. Jenny was also wearing black heels and a small blue mini-skirt, which added one more reason for men across Kanto to stare and gawk.

She paced around her small police station office, looking over to her glass table and seeing her white gloves and black leather purse, quickly glancing away from the objects as her long, sexy legs continued their path around the room.

He was just a boy.

She vividly remembers everything that happened last night, to the pouring rain, the muffled scream, and the body…she wouldn’t forget that body.

This is my fault. I should have done something differently. If I would have, then that boy…oh that boy, that poor boy…

She winced as she thought about the graphic details of the body. Luckily, she wouldn’t have any time to think about it. A knock on the door revealed Peter Gouramis, a man about Jenny’s age (Mid 20’s), standing in the open doorway, leaning up against it. The young man was in the same uniform as Jenny, but long blue pants were in the place of her skirt. He too had tanned skin and blue eyes, but his green hair stuck into the air, rather than to the sides.

“Officer Jenny, Captain Cat wants to see you in her office immediately,” Peter said, smiling at the mention of his superior’s name, “I’m sure you know what it’s about. If she wasn’t *****y enough before this whole catastrophe, she sure as hell is now. I think I see claws and a furry tail forming on the *****.” Jenny smiled softly as she walked over to her desk, shoving her gloves into her purse and lifting it from the table, refusing to make eye contact with Peter.

“Thanks for the heads up,” she said quietly, placing her bag over her shoulder and walking towards the door, Peter blocking any further movement. She looked down as she stopped in front of her partner, his eyes warmly looking up and down her body.

Officer Jennifer Betta has worked at the Pallet Town Police Department, or PTPD, for a little over six years now, waiting only a week after turning eighteen to sign up. She was the only child, but had more cousins than she could count, all joining the police departments in different cities. It was in their blood. Things in Pallet Town had always gone smoothly for her, handling everything from robberies to illegal Pokémon doping. Pokèmon doping became popular just last year, when teenagers everywhere began taking Stun Spore or other related status attacks from Pokèmon and mixing them with illegal drugs. Most people just wanted to get high, but one man, whom Officer Jenny remembered vividly, was using this illegal substance to paralyze women and rape them. Their were six victims, one of them murdered, before he was captured.

“Jenny, listen to me, their isn’t a thing that you could have done differently,” Peter said, beginning loudly as to knock Jenny from her thoughts, “You did what any other officer would have done. Even the captain, though she’d never admit, knows that you did the right thing.”

“I know, Peter,” she replied softly, putting her hand on his shoulder, “I’ve been told by everyone in this department.”

With her hand on his shoulder, Officer Jenny slightly forced him over a few inches, allowing her to walk out of the office. She could feel his eyes on her *** as she walked from the room, but that was a feeling she always got. Everyone stared at her as she walked away from Peter and towards the captain’s office. Luckily, her destination was only yards away from her own office.

She knocked while opening the door, peering inside and seeing Captain Mary Ann Cat, or CMAC as the officers called her behind her back, sitting at her desk with the phone to her ear.

“So you’ll take care of this?” she asked forcefully, with the receiver to her ear, “Thank you, Gio. I owe you one. I want him found immediately and this whole situation contained as soon as possible.” The Captain had a deep voice for a woman, her curly brown hair and brown eyes not what you’d expect to go along with that voice. Jenny stared down at the Captain’s maroon dress, with it showing how well endowed she was. Her breasts were almost popping out of the skin tight outfit. Fortunately for everyone, men especially, the Captain had the thin body to pull it off. She looks more like she’s going out on a date, Jenny thought to herself as she looked at the red lipsticks and blush on her face. She also looked down to the captain’s red heels on her feet, hearing the conversation end and the phone set down.

“Officer Jenny, we have a lot to talk about,” Captain Cat said, standing from her chair and walking over to Jenny, “But something has come up and I don’t have the time for this. I know how you feel and I understand…well, I’m just gonna get to the point.”

Captain Cat leaned back on her desk, turning her head and grabbing a stack of papers that lay on top. Slowly, she turns back to Jenny and hands her the papers.

“Gary Oak, Professor Oak’s grandson, has gotten wind of what happened here last night. He’s completely disappeared since he found out and it is a top priority that he is found soon. We don’t know what his immediate intentions are, but we need to make sure he doesn’t tell anyone what happened, specifically a boy his age named Ash Ketchum” Jenny listened to the Captain as she looked down at the papers in her hands, seeing files on many children, such as Ash, Gary, Misty, Rex, and many others, “This child seems to enjoy getting himself into trouble and I would appreciate him staying out of this. However, we have reason to believe that he may have information on the kidnappers.”

“What makes you think he has any information?” Jenny asked, still looking thoroughly at the papers.

“A source,” Captain Cat replied angrily, “And I don’t need to share anything beyond that with you. I need you to go to Oak’s lab and stay there, just in case he tries to contact anybody. Is that understood?”

Jenny was quite annoyed by the Captain, but knew she had to do as she was told. Following the Captain out of the office, Jenny left immediately for Oak’s lab. Everything seemed weird to her. Like their was something going on that she wasn’t being told. Walking down the long dirt path towards the laboratory, she began to wonder. Why was Captain Cat dressed like a stripper in the middle of the day? Surely with everything that’s going on she couldn’t be going on a date. And who is this mysterious source that told her to find Ash Ketchum? Why is this kid so important? Finally reaching the lab, she saw four armed police officers outside the front door, knowing that their would be more inside and all around the estate.

She smiled at the guards and walked by them, opening the door and stepping inside. Slowly she walked through the well lit hallway and into the computer room, where the kidnapping had started. The back of Professor Oak’s large leather chair was facing her, unable for her to make out exactly who was sitting in it, though she had an idea.

“How are you feeling?” she asked confidently, standing by the door and waiting for a response.

“How am I…feeling?” a familiar voice said softly, obvious to Officer Jenny that this person had just finished crying, “I feel like a complete failure…” the persons voice trailed off as the chair slowly turned towards Jenny and revealed none other than…Tracey Sketchit. However, seeing him brought back painful memories for Officer Jenny. She remembered exactly what had happened…


It was late and she was the only one in the office. Everyone else had gone home for the night except her. She was working the graveyard shift, and hating every miserable second of it. She sat at her desk drinking a cup of Juan Joe’s famous Colombian coffee, trying to rejuvenate herself. As she took small sips from her ‘World’s Greatest Officer’ mug, she overhead a howling noise. At first she coughed it up to just being a Pokèmon, but then she recognized the noise as something else…a helicopter.

Officer Jenny thought to herself that it was rare to find a helicopter of any strength flying in these conditions. Slowly she used her long legs to walk over to the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of it.

She saw nothing.

As she turned her body to walk away, she paused at yet another familiar noise. This noise sounded like screaming that was being muffled due to the weather. Quickly Officer Jenny turned back to the window, peering outward into the harsh downpour. She scanned everywhere, but found no one. Pulling her gun from its holster, Jenny moved towards the door and turned the knob, walking out into the rain. In a matter of seconds she was soaking wet, cursing herself for wearing a new blouse underneath her uniform. Squinting due to the water in her eyes, Jenny heard the noise again and turned in the direction of the screaming, this time seeing a young man running towards the police station. She then looked behind him to see him being chased by someone in a dark black cloak.

Officer Jenny yelled freeze several times, but neither one had heard her. They were still running forward. And that’s when it happened…

The young man fell face first into a puddle, allowing the hooded figure to catch up to him. The mysterious character slowly pulled out a gun and pointed it to the young man’s head. Jenny had little time to react, pointing her gun forward and calling out. Just then, the figure glanced over to Jenny, and she had no other choice but to pull the trigger.

The bullet flew from her gun and went straight through the cloaked figure’s eye, cracking the skull, pushing through the brain, and finally breaking through on the back of his head. The attacker dropped his gun abruptly and fell to the wet ground next to Tracey. Jenny darted over to the two figures, the young man on the floor sobbing gently. She recognized him immediately as Professor Oak’s assistant. Slowly, Jenny knelt next to the lifeless figure, pulling the hood off and revealing the last thing Jenny expected to see…a fifteen year old boy. Blood was all over his face, as well as other things Jenny dared not think about. Immediately she pulled out her phone and called for backup.


She snapped out of her daze as Tracey was now standing behind her, shutting the door quietly so that no one would overhear them.

“Listen Jenny, I need to know that I can trust you. I feel like I can, but I need to know that you wont tell anyone what I’m about to tell you. Promise?” Jenny nodded quickly, liking the fact that someone actually trusted her enough to tell her something important. But what he was about to tell her was something that she never expected to hear.

“I know who kidnapped Professor Oak,” Tracey said quickly and gently, leaning in close to Jenny’s face, “But that’s not even the bad part.”

“What!” Jenny shouted, quickly covering her mouth with her hands. Tracey looked shocked at her outburst, but Jenny nodded softly and leaned in towards Tracey, “What could be worse than knowing who kidnapped the Professor?”

A frightened look came to Tracey’s face, his eyes shaking nervously. “Knowing that the group that took him has been gone for hundreds of years. Last time this group was around…they almost destroyed the world."

Jenny’s mouth opened wide as she looked into Tracey’s eyes, because now, she too knew who had taken Professor Oak, and she knew that getting him back alive would now take a miracle…


Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a lonely woman sat in her living room with a gun positioned only inches from her head. This is the chair she used to hold her son in when he was younger. But now he’s gone. She’s the mother of Ash Ketchum and just moments ago has become suicidal. Her sweaty hand on the trigger, tears dripping down her face, she looks at a picture of her son and makes her decision…she’s going to kill herself. With the tears still pouring from her face, she does what she needs to do…

She pulls the trigger.