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14th August 2006, 6:45 PM
*Author's Note*

This story is for mature audience only! It has violence, cursing, slight gay scene, and possibly more. I'll post a chapter a day more or less and I hope you enjoy this story.

Oh, another thing, there MAY be hyperlinks on some of the words just in case you want to know who/what I'm talking about.

I don’t own Pokemon, Rin, or Sesshomaru. The towns aren’t mine, they belong to PP (http://z3.invisionfree.com/_Pokemon_Palace_/index.php?act=idx). I do own the random characters with the exception of Kiro and May (They’re my friends).

Italic = Thoughts
"..." = Talking

Title: In the Beginning


I pant heavily as I struggle to stay up. I grabbed my heavily bleeding shoulder in hopes of stopping the blood from spilling to the floor. My shoulder wasn’t the only part of me that was wounded, my face, ribs, sides, legs, and back was deeply cut. Sweat dripped down my face as I saw my opponent slowly make his way to me.

I suddenly feel something stir at my side; it’s that child and her stupid flower trying to make me stop. I lift up my hurt arm and pat her lovingly on the head; there was nothing she could do to save me now.

A cold, harsh laugh was heard across the room. I turned to him, my eyes burning with hate. The man just laughed and took out another Pokeball. I tensed myself for another round of pain.

“You should have listened to me” He sighed, “Now look at you, hurt, weak, and for what? A stupid dream! Humans and Demons shouldn’t exist with one another; we aren’t the same and never will be! Are you ready to die, you miserable piece of crap?” He pressed the button with his thumb, enlarging the Pokeball.

I smiled sadly as I remembered that day……..

I walk into what appears to be a waiting room. Looks like a Pig's sty to me I snort. I walk calmly to the professor’s office only to have two girls walk right into me.

"HEY! WATCH IT!" I hiss. The girls laugh at me, but one ugly looking one glares at me.

"Isn't it a little too late for Halloween?" She snickers.

"Funny, I was just about to ask you the very same thing! Are you supposed to be Igor or is that just your face?" I growl.

She looks at me stunned. I smirk at the stupid girl and pushed her out of the way.

Inside the office, I see this old fart sleeping on his chair. THIS is supposed to be the Professor? Looks like I walked into a nursing home.... I sigh.

I sneak up to him, kneeled by his ear, and took a deep breath "FIRE!!!!!!!!!" I roar.

The old geezer jumps in alarm and starts to run for the door when I jump in front of him. I easily tower the little man, me being 5'5 and he 4'9. I try not to smile and put on my famous emotionless face.

"What are you doing?!?! THERE'S A FIRE!!" He panics. He makes a grab for the Pokeballs when I pull him by his shirt.

"It was me, ya old fart!" I snorted. His face was priceless; he was so stunned that he couldn't speak.

"It's me, Fluffy (http://www.fanart-central.net/pic-113250.html), remember? Or do ya have Alzheimer too? I'm here for my Pokemon." I sigh again. He looks confused, and then nods. What a moron I growl.

He takes out three Pokeballs and calls out a 1 ½ ft flower (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-rs/411.shtml), a 1 ft rat (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-rs/412.shtml), and a weird purple (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-rs/410.shtml) thing that was twice my size. This is IT? I came all the way here for THIS?!?!?! I snarled. The three Pokemon looked at me fearfully, I smiled.

"Are you sure you’re Fluffy? You, uh, you...." He trailed off. I snorted in disgust So what if I'm a Demon? He's lucky to be alive that stupid old human.

"What? Are you racist or something?!?!? Don't just stand there like an idiot, I want that purple one" I hissed and pointed to the rock thingy. The old man nodded and recalled the other two Pokemon. Stupid human! I hissed.

After giving me my supplies, I was on my way. I wonder what I'll call you. You're all purple, rocky, and look dangerous. I think I'll call you Fushigi. Yeah, I like that name I smirked.

Suddenly, something caught my attention. I rush to it only to find........

14th August 2006, 7:16 PM
Title: Big Bad Wolf

I couldn't believe my eyes, there, just half a meter away from me was a little girl (http://sesshoumaru.owarinai.net/rin.php) no taller than my knee, surrounded by wild Chikoritas! She was obviously scared to death 'cuz she was chocking the living daylights out of that stupid flower thing I saw at the professor’s office.

I didn't know whether to save her or laugh, but I knew I had to do SOMETHING. I grabbed my Pokeball and was about to press the button with my thumb when an idea popped in my head Those dumb little green freaks weren't fast, but they're faster than my Fushigi! I can easily out run those little bas-

"HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!" The girl screeched. My sensitive ears couldn't take such a loud thing! I quickly made up my mind, jumped at the girl, grabbed her and the dumb flower, jumped to the nearest tree, and made a quick escape.

Thank GOD that little siren was quiet! If she were so much as squeak, I'd drop her little self right then and there! I was right about those Chikoritas; they were as slow as an old man compared to me.

I gently set her down and was about to walk away when I felt a small tug on my tail. I quickly turned around only to see...Nothing! I glanced left and right, but nothing was there. I turned around only to trip over the little girl!

I fell face first to the ground while the child laughed at my misfortune. Why that little.. I dug my claws into the ground and quickly got back up. I glared angrily at the little brat ready to bite her toes off when she gave me the most innocent look. '............'

Then all hell broke loose. Not only was the little brat following me, she kept on asking me questions and pulled my tail 'til I finally looked at her.

"Hey mister! Why do your clothes look funny?" Why? Why was this stupid little girl following me!?!?!?!!?

"MISTER!! What's your name? My name is Rin!" My name is touch me and you die!

"Hey mister! What's that white thing around your arm? Don't you shave?" I nearly fell over by the sudden rise in stupidity! Don't you EVER hush up!!?!?!?!?!?

"Hey MMMMMMIIIIIISSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR!! Why do your eyes look funny?" In a moment you won't see anything if you don't SHUT UP!!!

"Hey mister! Why do your ears look funny?" The better to....Wait a minute, I think I've heard something like this before!

"Hey mister! Why do your hands look weird?" I want to hurt her.....SO.....BAD!

"Hey mister!! Why is your hair silver?" I'll strangle her, dump her somewhere along with that DUMB flower and BE RID OF HER!!

"Hey mister....." If she doesn't SHUT UP so help me.......

"You know what you remind me of?" Death? Pain? Something that will make you go away??

"The BIG BAD WOLF!!" With that, my anger and patience hit their limit! I turned around, picked her and that STUPID flower up, and glared at her.

"Why don't you be quiet?" I hissed. She smiled and petted me! WHAT AM I??? A PET!?!?!?!

"I like you mister!" She giggled. I was shocked that I didn't crush her with all the anger I had in me.

"My name is Fluffy!" I growled. She looked confused for a moment, and then smiled. Suddenly, her little smile turned into a giggle, then into a full hearted laugh!

My cheeks turned red with embarrassment and pure rage. I closed my eyes and prepared myself to throw her across a large pond when she suddenly kissed me on the forehead. What the?

"I like you Fluffy! Can I stay with you for a while? At least until we reach my house?" I was silent. Half stunned by her sudden actions and request. She looked at me with puppy dog eyes. I sighed heavily Why me?

I then set her down and started walking. She quickly jogged to my side and held my hand. I remained emotionless Oh well; at least it'll be for a little while.....

14th August 2006, 7:29 PM
First, try not to write in a bright color, perferably no color. Some of the other members can't handle that.

Second, try to make your words better. What I mean is try to describe without ruining the flow. For example:

He takes out three Pokeballs and calls out a 1 ½ ft flower, a 1 ft rat, and a weird purple thing that was twice my size. This is IT? I came all the way here for THIS?!?!?! I snarled. The three Pokemon looked at me fearfully, I smiled.

It should be

He took out three red and white ball shaped items, called Pokeballs and called out various creatures. One being a pink Flower-like creature, a white and blue squirrel Pokemon, and a large scorpion like creature. I got more annoyed at the choices I was given and was very angry.

"This is it?" I said in a nasty tone. "I came all the way here for this?!"

The Pokemon looked at me in fear, and I gave them a smile, as if I wanted to kill them.


Just take my advice and make your chapters longer.

EDIT: oh, and the starters were already revealed, so there's no need for these guys, and I doubt someone would let Dorapion be a starter, considering he'll probably be a final evo or something like that. And that is a BIG no-no

15th August 2006, 12:36 AM
Thanks for the Info. The problem is I can't see the words unless they're bright. And it's my first time doing this, so it's not going to be pretty. My wording and what not eventually gets better as the story progresses.

Oh, the starters are from a site, so that's why they're there. I won't change that. It's not like I'm going to use him anyway. He's just......There.

15th August 2006, 5:15 AM
Title: RIN!!

I yawn so hard that tears fell down my face. That little brat had asked questions all through the night! Now, she was sleeping on my tail! MY TAIL!! What am I? A pillow!?!?!? I growled.

I rubbed my throbbing temples I need sleep! I yawned. I tugged my tail off my shoulder and moved it behind my head. I relaxed and closed my eyes Stupid brat better not wake me up I snarled.

Suddenly, I hear a horse galloping towards me. What now?!?!? I groaned and opened my eyes. I saw a castle! What the f...? I quickly got up only to notice that the girl was gone! Well, nothing wrong with that! I grinned.

I looked to my left and saw a human riding a brown horse stop six feet from me. A BROWN horse? What happened to Rapidash? I snorted. The human jumped down from his horse and kneeled before me.

"Lord Fluffy!" Wow, my name sounds stupid! I snorted. I just stared dumbfounded as the human continued to look at me.

"What?" I finally answer. The human then tells me that my lady has been captured and that I must save her. Lady? Does he mean my mom? I wondered. No one will lay a finger on MY mother and gets away with it! I snarled and nodded to the human.

He then takes me to the battle field. I smile with pure joy as I easily slay my enemies left and right. I licked the blood from my blade with satisfaction These stupid humans never had the chance I grunted.

Suddenly, I see this horse made out of flowers! What the?!?!?! On the horse was the little pest! What the hell is she doing here?!?!?! I snarled and jumped to her side.

"LIN! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOIN HERE?!?!?!" I thundered. The girl looked at me confused and frowned. Stupid girl! I hissed.

"Fluffy! Rin's name is Rin!" She shouts. I cover my ears in agony Why the HELL does that little brat have to YELL!?!?!?! I grinded my teeth.

"Whatever! Let's get out of here Fin!" The little girl frowns again, but follows me. Stupid little brat! Why do I have to take care of her?!?!?!

"Bin!" I shout. The girl glares at me "Rin!" she screams. I cover my ears "Whatever! What are you doing here!?!?!?"

"Rin is here because Fluffy is dreaming!" What??? This is a DREAM! She suddenly pours water over my face and I jump awake. I look around expecting to see a castle. Nothing! Huh, I guess it WAS a dream. I sighed and relaxed again.

Eventually, the little brat woke up and tugged at my hair. I snarled and glared at her. She smiled and hugged my arm. Stupid pest....

"Hin" I sighed. The girl looked at me "Rin" she corrected. I snarled "Whatever! Let's get going" She nods and gets off my tail.

I sigh as we make our way to the deeper part of the forest. That was a freaky dream! I shuddered. I glance at Rin; she looked at me and smiled. I smiled for a moment then turned away. I wonder if that flower will turn into a horse. I sighed.

"Fluffy?" I looked at her, "Why do you call Rin Hin? Rin's name is Rin" she frowned. Stupid brat and her stupid questions!! I growled.

"I'll call you Rin if you stop yelling" I mumbled. She looked confused for a moment, then smiled and nodded. I smirked Well that was easy. Now, if only she would drop dead for me..... She squeezed my hand and hummed as we walked to the dark forest.

15th August 2006, 5:27 AM
Title: Never again

*Author's Note*

This was my first time doing a battle scene. I know it sucks, but just bare with me....

I growled, this was the hundredth time that little brat had to stop! Does she have a bladder the size of an ant?!?!?! I snorted when she jumped out of the bushes smiling. I don’t understand why she doesn’t just hold it ‘til we find a Pokemon Center... I sighed.

“Are you ready?” I mumble. She smiles and takes out baby wipes. I wrinkled my nose at the strong sent. Sure it smelled nice, but it got annoying after a while. She wipes her small hands and throws the wipe in the trash can. If they have the smarts to put trash cans out here, WHY don’t they put a stupid Poke Center??? I hissed.

We continued walking when I heard a cry. It wasn’t a battle cry that’s for sure; it was a cry of pain. Did a Pokemon get hurt? I rushed over to the source of the cry and stopped behind a tree. I told the pest to stay behind the tree no matter what. She looked scared but nodded.

I slowly poked my head out to get a better look when I saw the most horrible thing! It was a trainer battling against a wild Chikorita! The poor thing was beaten so badly that you couldn’t tell if it was strange looking Ditto or a pile of trash. I growled as the trainers Pokemon, a Totodile who was equally injured, prepared to finish it off!

My eyes literally turned red (http://www.fanart-central.net/pic-80746.html) with rage as the trainer smiled when the badly hurt Chikorita fell to the ground, unable to fight. I felt my pupils turn into thin slits (http://www.fanart-central.net/pic-359003.html) when the trainer told the gasping Totodile to finish it. I quickly jumped in front of the bleeding creature and glared at the human.

The trainer jumped back in alarm while the Totodile looked somewhat relieved. I balled my hands into fists as the trainer got back up and recalled his Totodile. He took out another Pokeball and called out a Hopip to his aid.

“Hopip! Get rid of that thing!” The human squeaked. I snarled so menacingly that the little red ball was frozen with fear. “HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO A LIVING THING!!!!!!” I roared. The human fell back with fear as I took several steps to him and his red thing.

He put his hands to his face in a pitiful attempt to block my blows. I hissed and raised my sharp claw to the air. The human’s fear was so strong I could taste it. I smiled with joy and swung my clawed hand to his face with such force that it knocked him and his red Pokemon to a tree six feet away.

I walked slowly to the moaning human and his Pokemon. I kicked the red thing to the tree that Rin was hiding behind and picked up the bloody human by the neck. The human gasped for air as I slowly squeezed his neck. My claws pierced his skin causing blood to trickle down my fingers. I smiled and wiped blood from his face with my free hand. He shivered as I licked his blood from my fingers. Mmmmmmmmmm, human blood mixed with fear! I never knew it tasted so good!

I brought the humans face to mine and grinned. The human shivered and trembled as I opened my jaws revealing my sharp fangs. I was about to take a bite when I felt a sharp tug. I snarled and quickly turned around. It was Rin! She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

“FLUFFY, STOP!!” She cried. She pulled and pulled at my kimono as if she had the power to shake the human from my grasp. I looked at her shocked When did she…? She cried harder and harder when I didn’t let the human go. What’s this that I’m feeling? Is it….Pity? She fell to her knees crying What’s wrong with me? Her feelings shouldn’t matter to me!

“FLUFFYYYYYYYY!!!” She gasped and cried on my tail. I trembled Why? Why does she matter to me? WHY!?!?!?! I felt my fingers loosen their grip, I herd the human gasp for sweet air Why? I let him fall to the floor. He gasped and slowly curled into a protective ball Why? The human fainted. I reached into his belt containing the Pokeballs and released his Pokemon.

His Totodile looked at me confused. I frowned and took out my healing sword (http://sesshoumaru.owarinai.net/tenseiga.php). The blue lizard trembled and tried to run, but it was too wounded to move. I slashed the lizard; its small body was surrounded with blue light as it healed. The Totodile looked at itself then its master.

“Go, go and be free” I told it. It gulped and nodded. I wrapped my tail around the girl, walked to the Hopip and slashed it too. The Totodile picked up the Hopip and ran into the woods. I turned to the Chikorita. It trembled with fear as I approached it. I raised my sword and slashed it. The Chikorita wobbled and fainted. I snorted and sheathed my blade.

After picking up the unconscious plant, I walked over to the human. He trembled and tried to move away from me. I put my foot on him and snarled.

“Listen human and listen well, the next time I see you do that to another innocent creature, I’ll finish what I started” I growled. The human shuddered and nodded. I took my foot of him and walked away, leaving him to tend his own wounds.

After several hours of walking, Rin got off my tail and walked by my side. I looked at her and she looked at me.

“Fluffy, Rin knows what you were doing. You were trying to protect those Pokemon” I nodded, “Rin doesn’t hate you, Fluffy” I smirk and grabed her hand. She smiles back and starts to skip.

16th August 2006, 2:28 AM
White Rose (Part 1)

The green plant eventually woke up. It was eerily calm and stayed put when I grabbed it. What a weird little thing I grunted. I set it down and walked away. The green thing looked at me for a moment, and then took off.

The brat frowned when the plan left, but quickly smiled with joy when the stupid flower stared dancing. Hnh, what a simpleton…… I mused. I signaled the two of them to follow me and headed for the clearing.

We were suddenly surrounded by houses. I groaned as I realized that they looked exactly the same. This brat BETTER know where her house is I snarled. As if on cue, the brat starts running randomly through the streets. I sigh, pick up the flower, and followed her.

After many twists and turns, we finally reached a house surrounded by flowers. How original I snorted. The brat and her flower somehow found a concrete path in the jungle of flowers and ran to the door. Yep, this is her house.

The pest bangs on the door and steps back. After several minutes, I decide to grab the brat. I was half way to the door when it suddenly opened. I couldn’t see who opened the door ‘cuz it was so dark, but the pest seemed fine and walked in.

I frowned when the door suddenly slams closed once the flower got in. Bunch of racist freaks! I growl. I slowly walked away from that house and made my way to the next town.

After several hours of getting through the maze of houses, I finally reached the end. FINALLY! I’m rid of that pest and her STUPID flower! I sighed with relief and sat on an empty bench. I relaxed and closed my eyes AAAAAaaahhhhh! This is the life…. I smiled.Heh, no more brat to pull my hair and wake me up! I chuckled.

Suddenly, I hear a small creature gasping for air right next to me. Me eyes snap open and I quickly turned to see what it was. It was the flower! It was horribly wounded and couldn’t catch its breath. I quickly took out my healing sword and slashed the thing. I picked up the flower and sheathed my blade without a word and ran as fast as I could to the brats’ house.

Once I got there, the flowers were gone. Someone had literally pulled them from the ground! The door was hanging and the windows were broken. Everything was silent.

I would have stayed rooted to the spot if the flower hadn’t cried. I pulled myself together and made my way to the door. I was about to put my free hand to the door knob when I stepped on something. I looked down only to see a white flower covered in blood…….

16th August 2006, 2:31 AM
White Rose (Part 2)

My hand trembled making my nails click on the door knob. I couldn’t believe it! Blood! Not her! OH GOD, NOT HER!! I squeeze the door knob so hard I crushed it. I couldn’t look at that flower. Visions of her dead or dying body filled my mind. I squeezed my eyes shut and opened the door.

The smell of blood and death was so strong that it made my head spin. I opened my eyes and saw two children, a man, and a woman literally torn apart by Wolves! Not just wolves, Mightyeana’s! I looked at the two children with tears in my eyes I’m stupid….SO STUPID! Why? Why did I leave? I could have DONE SOMETHIG!! I grinded my teeth and felt my eyes change.

I suddenly hear footsteps No, paws! I quickly turned around and saw a pack of twenty Mightyeana’s glaring menacingly at me. I saw blood all over their faces, paws, and in their teeth. I inhaled It’s their blood! Those mutts killed those humans! The largest wolf had something in its mouth. My jaw dropped as I recognized what it was Her backpack… That’s when I lost it.

I felt my pupils turn into tiny slits, my strips on my face and hands grow, my power increased, and my rage, my rage rose with every breath I took. I glared at the pack of wolves and roared.

The wolves jumped at me, I snarled and quickly put the plant and my swords to the ground.

I quickly zigzagged my way to the largest wolf and ripped the backpack from its jaws. It seemed surprised, and died with that expression as I grabbed its face and crushed it with all my might. I then picked up its body and tore it in half.

The other wolves seemed confused that their leader died, so I took advantage of their shock and summoned a strong poison to my clawed hands.

Three brave wolves snarled and jumped at me. I jumped at two of the wolves and slashed at their bodies with my poison. The mangy mutts were cut in half without them noticing. I finished them by slicing them into nothingness by making a whip out of the poison. I then jumped to the third wolf, pinned it to the ground belly down, put the other foot under its neck, and kicked as hard as I could. Its neck was sent flying out the window leaving a trail of blood in its wake.

I threw the back pack to the flower and prepared myself for more. The other wolves seemed scared now and started running for the door.

I snarled and jumped to the front of the pack and started slashing at anything that moved. I ended up killing the majority of the pack by cutting them in half. I glared at the last four mutts whimpering in a corner.

I slowly made my way to them. One of them got the courage to jump at me. I rewarded it by catching it by the scruff of the neck and tore out its neck with my jaws. I threw the twitching thing aside with its neck still in my mouth.

Another wolf tried to escape by jumping out the window. I grabbed it by the tail and swung it around until the tail snapped off. It landed with a yelp. I jumped to the stunned mutt and tore out its spine. When it didn’t die, I grabbed the head and turned it a full three hundred and sixty degrees, crushing the head in the process.

I glared at the other two and grabbed the nearest one. I ripped off its legs and gutted it until I was sure there was nothing left and tossed it aside. I spit out the piece of flesh in my mouth and snarled with satisfaction.

The last one just stood there frozen with fear. It sank to the floor when I stepped in front of it. It whimpered and trembled when I kneeled and put a gentle hand to its head. I could feel its hopelessness, fear, sadness, and regret. I slid my hand down its head and halfway down its spine. It twitched and whined when I firmly grabbed its flesh. I smiled and moved my hand from its back to a forepaw, grabbed it, and pulled it gently to my head. With my other hand, I gently rubbed its bare belly, chest, neck, and jaw.

The flower had seen what I was doing and wobbled to my side. I glanced at it and snorted as it fell back with surprise at my facial transformation. It ran to my tail and nestled itself away from the danger.

I turned back to my prey when I felt it swallow hard. It had its eyes closed ready for death. I smiled and snapped my fingers. Suddenly, the places where I touched the wolf started to melt. It jumped and yelped as its flesh was slowly and painfully dissolved.

Once it was over, the flower started to act weird. It jumped, ran around me, and started to pull my tail to a door. This dumb plant is lucky I don’t melt it I snarled and followed it.

It started to bang on the door in an attempt to knock it down. I sighed, picked up the flower, and turned the knob………