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15th August 2006, 6:13 AM
Aloha, all! Here's the first installment of my very first fanfic series; King of the Sea!

Chapter One, Part One; A Rude Awakening

"What is it?"

"Is it alive?"

"Where'd it come from?"

These were many of the questions asked by the curious crowd of people gathered on the powdery sand of the beach, gazing down at the large purple creature that had mysteriously appeared on their shore.

It didn't look like any pokemon that they had seen, yet it couldn't be human. This handful of islanders were stumped.

The creature laying unconscious on the sand was as tall enough to play professional basketball, and had a bodily frame that was thin without being scrawny. It was fairly well muscled, but appeared to have somewhat of a pot belly. As the group around it had noticed, it appeared quite human, especially most of its upper body, but its face was feline, combined with the large cranium of a human. Its hind quarters were muscularly massive in proportion, especially in its thighs and long tail. The short and fine coat of light purple fur which covered its body was damp, but not encrusted with salt or sandy minerals, indicating that it had come by way of the storm and not the sea.

About one third of the population of the sleepy little tropical isle had gathered around this being, which came to a little over 50 people and their pet pokemon. A constant murmur of questions rippled through the crowd until a collective gasp went up as the creature started to awake.

Mewtwo sighed and moaned softly as he rose up on the sand and then opened his eyes. As his vision cleared, he was horrified to see himself surrounded by humans. His head twirled around in almost every direction on his thin neck, his worst nightmare having come true.

In less time than it takes to blink, he stood on his feet and assumed a fighting stance, glancing around furiously at the ring of spectators. He was like a trapped animal, frightened and ready to attack.

The air, already thick with moisture, had become almost solid with the mounting tension of the startled crowd and the snarling creature which they surrounded.

Mewtwo drew back his arm and focused his mental energy into the dark pulsing form of a shadowball, which quickly formed in his palm. He brandished the energy sphere to the already apprehensive crowd, hoping to scare them away and not resort to actually harming them. When the assemblage only partially dispersed, he cocked the ball-weilding limb like a loaded weapon and prepared to fire a warning shot into the sand, when his intentions and concentration were broken by a voice,

"Stop! Don't attack!"

The dark orb in his hand de-materialized and Mewtwo turned around towards the source of the voice to see a young man with an oddly colored bayleef at his side.
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