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The Admiral
16th August 2006, 10:53 PM
Now, the RP has not started yet, but I'm putting this here anyway. This is where you can talk about/plan for and about/ask questions about/flame me over the RP. Obviously, I don't encourage that last one... Unless you're a n00b, in which case, flame away, because the line through your name will look extremely sexy =)

...Okay, I'm just playing around a bit with that last bit, but this IS where you discuss the RP. Asking questions and similar behaviors are encouraged.

First, a chart of who has which doll:

Suigintou: ?Prime Mover?
Suiseiseki: Polyphonica Trance
Hinaichigo: Power Shot
Kirakishou: Jellybeans
Barasuishou: Kazuki Yukimura

For those of you who are not aware, and I'm sure there are some of you out there, the RP sign-ups can be found here (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=138527).

Also, just a quick bit of information for this RP... Timeline 1998-2016:
-Arashi Adolpha born.
-Alice Game 6 starts.
--Barasuishou awakens as Doll 7.
--Souseiseki eliminated
--Hinaichigo eliminated
--Kanaria eliminated
--Suiseiseki eliminated
--Image of "Father" revives Kanaria and Suiseiseki
--Kirakishou appears, destroys Barasuishou
--Devil of Laplace steals Souseiseki's Rosa Mystica from Suigintou
--Kirakishou eliminates Kanaria and Suiseiseki
--Shinku eliminates Kirakishou
--Suigintou eliminates Shinku just after Souseiseki is revived.
--Geddy enters foreign-exchange plan, hailing from Germany, and finds Souseiseki.
--Souseiseki eliminates Suigintou. The bond between Souseiseki and Geddy is the strongest ever observed in the history of the Alice Game, which is ironic, as Geddy is not knowledgeable at all with the Rozen Maidens.
--Geddy is drafted and must return to Germany.
--Souseiseki revives all others after finding out that the Alice Game was a sham.
--All fall asleep.
-Jun killed in car accident.
-World Trade Center attacks - global terror alert.
-Weapons-of-mass-destruction hunts begin in full.
-'Lost' Sidiln-era documents found.
-America declares war on Iraq.
-Kirakishou resurfaces and falls into the hands of a mysterious alchemist.
-Saddam Hussein captured.
-Iranian civil wars develop.
-Pope John Paul II dies.
-Hurricane Katrina wipes out New Orleans.
-America achieves victory over Iraq and extracts oil.
-Israel declares war on Lebanon.
-America declares war on Iran.
-China's population reaches 2 billion.
-Pope Benedict XVI dies.
-Pope Urban VIII is infected with ebola in sleep one day after becoming Pope.
-Pope Pius XIII (current Pope in this timeline) comes into power.
-Britain declares war on France.
-Neo-Nazi spike in Germany.
-America declares war on Germany.
-German neo-Nazis die. Germany attempts to sign a peace treaty with America, but America refuses.
-Adolpha's parents are killed in an insurgency.
-America quells devastating Iraqi uprising.
-U.S. constitutional amendment grants Bush three more terms.
-Russian ruler assassinated by Afghan terrorists. Russia declares war on Afghanistan.
-Russian bomber hits Osama's bunker during a firebombing raid, December 31.
-Americans kill Osama.
-Russia declares war on America.
-Adolpha begins technology work.
-Alchemic engine developed.
-America loses control of Iraq. Saudi Arabia gains control of it.
-America declares war on Saudi Arabia.
-Korea declares war on America.
-Darfur genocide quelled.
-Adolpha begins Alchemist testing.
-Mysterious alchemist completes research on Artifical Spirits and Rosa Mysticae.
-Barasuishou is given a Rosa Mystica and an Artificial Spirit called Krystallnacht.
-First plasma rifle developed. Alchemic engine first harnessed.
-Adolpha becomes State Alchemist under the title Earthshine Alchemist.
-War develops into full-scale World War.
-Barasuishou complete.
2016: RP starts
-Sidiln re-appears as a robot.
-Future-time Homunculi start to attack.
-Adolpha and seven others assigned as a crack team meant to take out Sidiln's forces.
-Sidiln's forces attack the world over.
-Adolpha and co. receive Rozen Maiden dolls. RPG starts.

[--END POST--]


Kazuki Yukimura
18th August 2006, 10:13 PM
Ok, now I really feel like I?m not gonna take a important role on this RP... Well, this is because of the co. thing, but don?t mind me...

Power Shot
19th August 2006, 7:18 PM
I have posted my sign up. My character's initiation into the group will be slightly different than the others.

Kazuki Yukimura
20th August 2006, 6:54 PM
I´ve got a question, is Barasuishou with her eyepatch on this RPG? And, can we be a Medium of more than one Rozen Maiden, like Jun, I mean, he was Medium of three Rozen Maiden.

The Admiral
20th August 2006, 10:28 PM
I´ve got a question, is Barasuishou with her eyepatch on this RPG?

And, can we be a Medium of more than one Rozen Maiden, like Jun, I mean, he was Medium of three Rozen Maiden.
In theory. If we don't get more sign-ups soon, I may allow that.


Power Shot
21st August 2006, 1:39 AM
We have four people, we could branch it out evenly. How long do you plan to keep the sign ups open?

On another note, how should the RPG begin. I know my character is going to attack a military base, how about you guys?

The Admiral
21st August 2006, 1:41 PM
Well, we just got a fifth, which sort of throws a monkey wrench in that one. I figure one more week (maybe two at the most) should give us enough time for 3 people... If we're lucky.


Kazuki Yukimura
23rd August 2006, 9:51 PM
Well, I sincerely think we're not lucky, because of, well, our sign-up is almost dead... And, if we haven´t got anyone on two weeks, the remaining dolls are gonna be given to people that are already on the RPG at random?

Power Shot
27th August 2006, 3:13 AM
I think we should start anyway. You guys can each have another doll, and I'll do with just one. If we postpone it longer, people will forget that are in the RPG.