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18th August 2006, 1:19 PM
Just a few tidbits, this fanfic will assume that the pokemon, Lucario is NOT a legendary, and I will also assume that they are not all males, either.

Jemmu is a fictional region which consists of a group of islands, the story begins on Amethyst island, where the two main characters contact.

Other then that, read on, this is my first fanfic and it's a collab between me and a friend, I do the personality of the male character and his pokemon while she plays the role of the female character and her pokemon. It'll have a few PG-13 moments in later chapters, so yeah. :x

"Come on! Just go for it!" crackled a male teenage voice, "We've all done it before!",

Three teenagers were standing outside of a solitary shrine amidst ruins of what appeared to be an ancient hamlet, fragments of foundation were scattered everywhere and only one leg of what once used to be a grand statue remains. The whole area gave off an unpleasant aura; just standing there could make one feel lonely and hopeless.

"Just go in for a few minutes, then come out, there's nothing to it!" added a female voice.

Two of the teenagers were standing behind another and for a minute they remained silent. "He's not budging." hollered the male.

"Gage!" cried the female "Just what are you waiting for? We're not leaving until you go in!"

"Sorry but I really shouldn't, doesn't look too safe..." hesitated the younger teenager, aptly named Gage. The girl swung the doors of the shrine wide open and the boy next to her gave Gage a swift kick causing him to fall down a small flight of stairs.

Gage was now inside the small shrine, he could not see anything around him, he was on his stomach, he wanted to get up but fear had the best of him, his mind was full of worried thoughts. There was nothing else he could do but lie on the ground until he could muster up the courage to crawl up the stairs. Minutes later, he felt his heart stop pounding; his mind was starting to clear up but the sounds he heard coming from the deeper end of the room quickly made him lose all ease once again. Floorboards were creaking and snapping and he quickly saw a glint of large, almond shaped eyes, his heart racing more then ever. Gage could hear the creature's paws cautiously hit the ground with a quiet thumping; he thought this would be his last moment alive.

Confused, the creature muttered out "Jol..?" then a voice softly spoke, "Is somebody there, Jolteon?"

"At last!" thought Gage, feeling relieved, "somebody came!".

A flashlight shone on Gage's head, "Are you alright?" cried a girl.

"Yeah, I'm fine..." he said as he slowly stood up, he quickly noticed the girl's lavender hair and was now feeling more embarrassed then anything. He began to shake the dust off his olive cargo pants and then quickly ran his hands through his large green hair to get all the small rocks out.

"Are you okay?" asked the girl "I heard something fall down the steps."

"Yup." He replied, he was at a loss of words and without thinking he said "Hi, uh, my name is...hi!"
The girl daintily laughed and answered "Hello Hi, I'm Lian!"

Gage was still recovering from what he had just said and then corrected "Actually, I meant to say Gage, my name is Gage! Anyway, thanks for the light, I need to get going now." He climbed the stairs but at the very top flashed a large, red eye; Gage froze and fell back down back first.

"Whoa there, relax bud!" said Lian. "It was probably just a Duskull." Lian helped Gage up and they both headed up the stairs, Lian pushed the door open and they were now back outside, Gage felt eons better. The two other teenagers that were with him earlier were now long gone.

"So, what were you doing down there anyway?" asked Lian.

Gage tried to make up a lie but only came up with, "Uh, I fell."

"Hold on." scorned Lian as she whistled, her pokemon followed suit, she had a fluffy red pok?mon, with a big, bushy, yellow tail and a similar mane, she had long red ears and another yellow tuft on her head, Lian identified her as Flareon. A similarly shaped yellow pokemon darted out while a blue one slowly crawled behind it. The yellow one was very slender and had very spiky fur and the blue one had no fur at all, instead, she seemed very scaly and her head seemed to be crowned with large blue fins, she flicked her fish tail and lied down next to her trainer, they were called Jolteon and Vaporeon respectively. Finally came the last two, they were slender pokemon, one was an odd hue of pinkish purple the other was a cold black, the pink one had a red jewel on forehead, fluffy cheeks and a long forked tail, the black one however had bright glowing rings all over his body, piercing red eyes and a large club-like tail. These were Espeon and Umbreon.

"Now where's Eevee?" asked Lian, the pok?mon in question was brown and fluffy and was sniffing Gage's shoes.

"Is this the one?" asked Gage as he picked up the disgruntled pokemon, it wasn't too happy and let out a quick "Vee!" and jumped out of his hands and into Lian's arms. "Sorry," she said "Eevee doesn't like being handled by anyone else but me."

Gage was shocked over the sheer amount of pokemon Lian had, after all, he didn't even have one pok?mon for his own.

"Those are all very nice, Lian" he said, "You must be a big shot trainer!"

"Well, not really..." she modestly replied "I just got them all during the research I've been doing."

Gage just admitted to her that he had no pokemon and was actually supposed to catch one today, Gage's father wanted him to be a trainer, probably because that is what he was way
back when he lived in Hoenn. "Well Gage, if you're going to run away from the pokemon you see, then you're going to have a hard time with that." teased Lian.

"It startled me is all!" barked Gage. Suddenly that red eye appeared before them and Gage let out a shriek and jerked away from it.

With a sigh, Lian commanded her Eevee to let out a shadow ball upon the pok?mon, the small brown pokemon began to howl as a small ball of dark colored energy was forming near its mouth; it then launched the it with all its might hitting the red eye dead on. The pok?mon revealed itself and tumbled to the ground while letting out a mournful "Dus...".

"Gage!" Lian called out, "now is your chance to catch it!" Gage turned around and handed her a Pokeball and asked her to catch it for him, as he admitted to have terrible aim.

Another short sigh came out of Lian, "This boy is hopeless!" she thought to herself, she threw the ball and the Duskull materialized inside it, without much of a struggle a clear ring emitted from the red and white ball, the Duskull was caught.

Gage took the ball and thanked Lian immensely but it had just dawned on him that he had never seen this girl before, he pretty much knew everyone on the island as it was very small, quite possibly the smallest island of all Jemmu.

"Say, you're not from this place are you, Lian?" he asked. She simply answered "nope!" then began to elaborate,

"My dad sent me here to study this shrine here, I have to take note of everything, bring back things I find and take tons of pictures and I'm supposed to do this for every single shrine, chamber and ruins around Jemmu, you see, they hold information on the religious views on pokemon in the past, it's really interesting, some of the things you can learn are astounding!" Gage had stopped paying attention almost as soon as she began speaking.

"So do you have a place to stay tonight, or something?" He asked.

"Huh? Well, I was going to stay at a pokemon center but I realized you guys don't have one on this island..." she said while kicking a patch of dust.

"If you want, I can get you a room at the pokemon lab, the professor there is really nice and she teaches at my school..." Gage said with one hand on his elbow.

"That'd be great, come on, let's get going then."

The two walked through the desolate forest path, Gage occasionally getting hit with a whiplash branch as Lian was blazing ahead. They didn't really talk much while they were walking and Gage was feeling awkward and tense. Lights from the lab were now in full view, the lab's exterior was an old brick building, not particularly noteworthy, though it did however, have a large garden in the back but the flowers all looked the same hue to the lack of sunshine.

Gage walked up to the lab's door and knocked twice a woman slightly taller then Gage answered the door. "Hi Mrs. Laurales!" said Gage,

"My, my it's late, Gage, what are you doing here at this hour?" she said with a quiet yawn.

"Well, my friend here needs a place for the night." he said, shyly.

"That's not a problem, come on in dear" she said happily.

"Thank you very much ma'am" responded Lian with a slight bow, "Well, goodbye, Gage" she said.

"Yeah...bye" he sputtered with one hand semi-up.

Gage walked back home with his head facing the ground, it was a busy day, he was actually kind of mad at Lian for catching him that Duskull because now that he had a pokemon, his dad would send him on his way to be a trainer the very next day. He sighed and hoped his dad would understand pokemon raising and training is not something he excels at and would rather do something else.

Gage passed by his quaint garden and opened the door to fair sized house, the second the door opened, he was greeted by a tall white and green pokemon, she looked like she was wearing a dress and had long green arms, she was quite slender and looked very frail, she has large eyes with red irises and a green bouffant-like hairstyle. "Gar!" she said, as she handed him a letter,

"Gage", it read, "Your father and I will be back in the morning, so don't forget to shower up and brush your teeth, also I don't want to come home to a mess, love, Mom."

Oddly enough, this pokemon did most of the mothering, she even had a child of her own, a rather rowdy one too.

"Well, Gardevoir, I'm going to bed." Gage said with a sigh. Gardevoir tapped his shoulder and pointed to the bathroom door and shouted "Voir!" which would probably translate to "march!" Gage laughed and told her to bring the pokemon he caught upstairs in his room.

The bathroom was mostly white with some red decor, and lots of gloriously colored fish pokemon figures placed here and there. Gage undressed and hopped into the shower, he is usually afraid to take showers because privacy is something Gardevoir's child does not seem to comprehend.
Surely enough, the door smashed open and a pokemon similar to Gardevoir leaped in and hopped around in her tippy toes and greeted Gage, who in the end gave out a squeak and pulled a towel over his chest, the pokemon giggled and started playing with everything in the bathroom, she pulled one of the fish figurines off the bathroom counter and started to mimic it this was a sign that Gage's shower was now over.

He quickly got dressed into some pajamas and walked out to find the white pokemon on the floor, flopping around on her belly while saying "Kirli, Kirli" in a monotonous way. Gage chose to ignore her and went up the wooden stairs and turned left into his room. He then lied on his bed and slipped the covers, unsure of what will happen when his dad finds out he caught a pokemon.